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I know, this is dull. But at least we don’t shut down completely like the other blogs.

See youse in a few days.


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  1. Nothing worse than the dog days of June for Uncle Glennie – his pen and Dolan’s checkbook are struggling to be contained in the drawer next to his stash of Cubans. No doubt he will be there 00:01 waving Dolan’s $$ in front of messrs Parise, at the same time no doubt texting pictures of him and Zach to Scott Howson at the same time

  2. Ott is an intriguing option. Much better than Prust. And he can fight Peter Laviolette if the need ever arises. Isn’t Jamie Benn a RFA? If the NYR sign Justin Schultz I would consider moving MDZ+ for Benn & Ott. What the NYR would have to add is up for debate.

  3. Am trying to entertain the quiet hockey days up till Sunday, by browsing cap geek looking for potential winger trade options, and still chuckling about the Isles offer to Howson on draft day!

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    I dont think they hate Pruster they offered him a Million dollar raise. Pruster is getting greedy. If Prust is going to walk after $1.8M for three years let him. Only NY is going to offer that to a 4th liner checking winger. This could be the biggest mistake Prust has made in his hockey career. Walking out on the Rangers and his chance to win a cup!!!

  5. Here’s a tweet Tiki and eric will like

    HLundqvist30 Still on Euro time, might as well get an early start.. Morning walk in Central park with my dog. Then work out time..

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I hope some of these motivated growing young propsects make the team this year (McIlrath, Miller, St. Croix, ) and I hope Sauer makes it back all the way to where he was before he got phlatenned by Phaneuf.

  7. Hahaha. Great one, Lev. I hope that makes Tiki feel better today. Hopefully Hank can follow that up with a tweet about what he did during the workout.

  8. except their is one acception hank will tweet once a day de zaster tweets every time he does something or is bored

  9. next del zaster tweet

    “took a morning crap and then watched gionta ride me off the puck in game 5 for gw goal. have to get stronger back to video games”

  10. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Has anyone ever gone on the Rangers Harbor Cruise/Is anyone going on the cruise tonight?

  11. doodie

    would love to go. seems cool just too much money. its like $270 bucks for one night

  12. So today is the Justin Schultz Free Agent Frenzy day!

    Slats will be getting out the Dolan checkbook a few days earlier than normal. Any thoughts on his final destination?
    I know us and one other (Leafs?) have former team-mates, but really this kid should be looking at his best chance to play 2nd pair defense and run a powerplay – on a winning team.
    GM’s must be loving the fact that his salary and bonuses are capped, so its no longer how much you can (or are willing to) offer him in terms of $$, its about what can you give him in terms of his role and chances to win. I’d say we have a good chance, better than many other teams in the league – however, with Lidstrom’s retirement i would put Detroit favourites as i think they will be for Ryan Suter also.

  13. Parise and suter. One goes to penguins the other red wings. I have never been so sure.

  14. The key to Schultz signing is a chance to play in NHL right away. Of all teams, no one needs a Right Dman more than the NYR. The Nyr have a track record of giving kids a chance (DelZotto, Hags, Kreider, etc.) right away.

    If Schultz really wants a chance to play right away, the NYR are the answer.

  15. Is anybody else getting a request for a password for site tracking when they reload this page?

  16. Just making sure my work isn’t tracking me or something since I relentlessly look for other jobs on here.

  17. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    cw, Philly needs one more than the Rangers. Schenn makes one unless you count the player who used to be Pavel Kubina. And Toronto just traded Schenn away.

    And don’t forget Detroit. I think White is the only right-shooting D they have now. In fact, I think he is one of only two right handed shots on the entire team.

  18. “…Cirella, Driver, Holik, Gomez…”

    LOL….I’ll take my chances on Parise….

  19. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    So nobody has ever been on one of these team cruises?

  20. At July,2 Sather will be fired for professional incompetence, Parise, Nash and Bobby Ryan will create a 1st line in Edmonton Oilers and our blogfather will be promoted to blog Grandfather.
    I have never been so sure.

  21. Schultz – it comes down to whether or not the kid wants to play in NY or would prefer to stay ib Canada. Money is not a deciding factor, nor is the oppurtunity to win ( as the Canucks are also on the cusp and Edmonton may be a powerhouse in years to come.) Playing time should have some influence, but if he isaa goods advertised, he should not be concerned about playing time as it will take care of itself. My gut (which has about a 25% track record)- he stays north of the border Vancouver or Edmonton.

    Sather will respond by offering the largest contract to Suter – who in turn will accept less to play with either the Pens or Detroit.

    Our options: We are left hoping MDZ improves ( if he stays), Sauer returns to 100% (not likely as he has proven to be injury prone in his brief professional career), Strallman or Bickel progress to a top four ( even more unlikely – at best they are 5 or 6 caliber), Erixon or Mcilrath surprise and crack the line-up ( based on a small sample, I am not impressed with Erixon – IMO he is a marginal prospect and McIlrath will not make a jump from juniors to NHL).

    Does Sather compete for Shea Weber? If he does and is successful, be prepared because he will need to gut the organization of prospects, draft picks and young NHL talent. I remember the 79 team and the notion that trading for Barry Beck was going to put them over the top. Well, that didn’t quite work out – so I would caution against Weber, although I think the current team is closer than the 79 team.

    This may be the time when patience and self control on the part of Sather is critical to the future. If this season past taught us anything, championships are not guaranteed to the best teams on paper and in season moves can be a vital component of play-off success. In season moves by the Devils and Kings were key in their play-off runs to the finals.

    So Not only does Sather have to factor in whether or not a particular move improves the team now, he must also consider if holding on to assets now will afford him the oppurtunity to improve the team to a greater degree in season as well.

    These are not easy choices. Sather’s track record is to usually act in the short term ( although he apparently showed admirable restraint at the trading deadline when he refused to mortgage the future for Nash). I believe there is more pressure on management now, as risk increases and it becomes much more difficult to take a team that is on the cusp to the Stanely Cup. The Rangers were on the cusp in 79 and didn’t get back to the finals for 15 years.

  22. How good is this Schultz kid and how much is he actually going to get? What would he be on our team? a #5 D-Man?

  23. A question for those of you knowledgeable about the technical issues of contracts… I read that Justin Schultz’s salary is fixed but there are bonuses available that could possibly bring his salary up to $3 million. Are these options or automatically built in? Also, what other “perks” could the Rangers offer to persuade him to sign here? Regardless, it will be interesting to see where he lands and how quickly it happens.

  24. Manny – he is capped in what hcan get $$wise. They project him to be a McDonough type, perhaps not as defensively solid but more polished offensively and on the power play. Most say he is the third best FA available Behring Pariseand Suter.

  25. Wow. That’s pretty amazing, Papa. Thanks. If that is true then I would make a huge run at the kid. Pepper him with free WiFi and unlimited OJ.

  26. I cringe every year when free agency starts since sather’s been the GM of the rangers. I rather see the rangers stay the course and not do anything stupid. Unfortunately with sather as GM you never know. I do believe Sather has better people working for him now, therefore is less likely sather will do something stupid but one never knows.

  27. Heave ho – he will probably receive maximum salary and bonus offers from several teams including the Rangers and from what I’ve read, your figures are correct. The perks theRangers can offer, McDonough,Stepan, ( we think they get along well) playing for a original 6, although that may mean diddly to him, playing with a competitive team, playing for Tortorella ( For some a perk, for some not), playing in the big apple ( see previous) , playing on the power play.

  28. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Morning ILB, manny, and all

    I thought Schultz was going to be on an elc so no one can just open the checkbook with the guy?

  29. Manny – remember how Gilroy was highly touted as a FA coming out of college? You never know until you put the kid in the professional environment and they are challenged by the world’s greatest players night after night. The financially commitment is relatively low, so most teams are willing to assume the associated risk.

    All reports are Schultz blows Gilroy out of the water.

  30. Lol lev/manny. Except the 1 minute it took that heinous human being to tweet that, he couldve already started on his day and had 1 extra minute of workout. Ugh. ;)

    Back to bed.

  31. He’s on an ELC which i think is max $925k per year, but they can give performance bonuses of up to $3m – everyone will offer the max and the kid and his advisors will have to choose who he plays for – you’ll have Edmonton and their potential, Detroit and the big hole opened up by Lidstrom retiring (and them being a perennial playoff team), Toronto and it being hockey central and one or two others.

    I think we have plenty of selling points: young, winning team, opening on Right side of defense, great city, facilities, MSG, 2 ex-team-mates.

    Will be an interesting decision. Is it on ESPN?

  32. If the Rangers can land Schultz, it creates the oppurtunity for subsequent moves to improve other areas of the team without the effect of depleting your assets to a lower level.

    They need to win this auction…but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

  33. “Only NY is going to offer that to a 4th liner checking winger.”

    Derek Dorsett is pretty much the same guy as Prust. He played more minutes, but that’s because he’s in Columbus. Dorsett got a 3x raise to $1.633MM. This is one of the cleanest comps you’re ever going to see inside the same free agent season.

  34. I have a feeling the rangers are going to come up empty with the top free agents on the market in this years free agency. I hope sather doesn’t sign the lower level free agents to a stupid contract.

  35. I don’t know enough about him to judge good or bad. I would hesitate to pay Prust $1.6m per year for 3 years. If he can get it ( which he may certainly well) than he may be an ex Ranger for me. He is scary in the defensive zone and may be the worst winger the Rangers had at getting the puck out along the boards. However, having said that, I do love his heart and spirit. Just not to the tune of more the $ 4M for 3 years.

  36. Thanks Papa and others who’ve added info on Schultz. I hope McD and Step have reached out to their friend and done a good job selling our team, coaching staff and city. Anyone know a way to get the RR link to this hot prospect or even better his twitter or FB acct.? We could make all sorts of offers to him. We’re not restricted by the CBA!

  37. “I hope sather doesn’t sign the lower level free agents to a stupid contract.”

    Its weird, this is the first free agency year that I’m actually confident that won’t happen. No idea why, maybe because it seems like the options are either superstar or guys that aren’t all that much better than what we have now. Plus the 2013 class is far, far, far better than this one.

  38. Tomb – key word “stupid” contracts. I couldn’t agree more. Please don’t hamstring future flexibility with “stupid” contracts for tier 2 and 3 players. Though, I am not oppossed to picking up a Konopka or Gaustad or Carter for the right price. There is nothing wrong with improving the quality of your depth for the right $ investment.

  39. Heave Ho – I love it, “Boneheads take an active part in the recruitment of top College FA Defenseman” – although if he read us regularly I am not so sure he would be incline to join this asylum.

    I think a strategy of Sathers has been to leak out that both Stepan and McDonough are “untouchable” in an attempt to further influence Schultz. Not a bad ploy if it is intentional.

  40. Sorry TOMG! Oh cursed fat finger!! The rumor of your demise has been greatly exagerrated.

  41. since I’ve noticed some fellow bloggers confusing me with tomb I’ve changed my name.

  42. This is a funniest time of the offseason – last days before July,1.
    Nothing, but a quasi -intelligent attempts to look through blurred crystal ball on a gypsy lady, guessing on a coffee thick.
    (Starring role of gypsy lady, of course belongs to immortal Sather, doubtfully even noticing surrounding spectators and bored, eager posters as unpaid “extras”).
    Patients, SOBs, patients! …and get in line with your opinions and “I told you so..” statements after 07/01/2012.

  43. Even though Sather is being heralded for not trading away youth for washed up vets any more keep in mind that the signings of guys like Kotalik and Kalinin weren’t that long ago. I don’t know why Sather has been good at trades, but stupid when it comes to signing free agents. Don’t be stupid this year, Glen. That’s all we ask.

    I know nothing about this Schultz kid except what I’ve read in the papers, but wasn’t Erixon supposed to be NHL ready? Somebody mentioned Gilroy. Yeah, him too. This guy could be the next best thing or he could end up being another Sanguinetti.

  44. Formerly tomg, mistakenly tomb, , I feel responsible. Please accept my sincere regret.

  45. Papa Bear,
    it’s no big deal. I was due for a name change. I’ve been using that name since I starting posting on here when Sam Weissmen was the blog father.

  46. 4 ever, Let’s face it. Every and all possible transactions have been suggested, mentioned , demanded in this space for the last 6 weeks. Somebody is bound to get it right.

    I propose we have a contest for all the bonehead arm chair GM’s. Submit the Rangers opening night roster – 20 skaters and 2 goalies who will dress for the opening night of the season. Must be submitted prior to the start of free agency on June 30. This is the only true way to judge who is the most accurate arm chair GM among us!!!

  47. Papa Bear: Maybe we need a google doc to track this?

    (Erixon probably was NHL ready in a general sense, just not as a lefty on a conference winning team.)

  48. Cross Check – Schultz could be all of those busts rapped up into one. However, the investment of assets to acquire him is only $$$$ ( in fact capped $$$$) No draft picks, no players in trades, no surrending any current assets except for a portion of salary-cap room ( maybe 3M per- if he makes all the bonuses). The cost therefore is insignificant and well worth the risk that he bombs out.

  49. What was Erixon supposed to have done in his 230 minutes of NHL experience to not be now seen as a “marginal prospect”?

  50. Thanks 4 ever. Mister D – pardon my IT ignorance – not sure what is meant by google trac?

  51. Oh. Google docs is just their version of an Excel file. Saved on the web, available for anyone to access and edit.

  52. Papa – I hear ya, but some people are posting like this kid is going to come in and change the whole dynamic of the defense – like he’ll be a superstar from his first game. Even if the Rangers sign the kid, I’m more hoping that Sauer gets well than counting on this kid to be a game changer.

  53. LW – regarding Erixon…. I prefaced my statement by indicating that it was a “small sample”. And I referred to him as “a marginal prospect “. So I do see as a marginal prospect.

    But since you asked – he needs to get stronger, play much more physical, improve his quickness, speed and strength on his skates, improve his lateral skating, improve his front of the net defensive zone play. On the plus side, he has good vision and hockey sense. I guess the upside for him IMO, is he still has value in a trade package at this stage of his development. I just don’t believe he will become a top 4 defenseman on a championship caliber team. But, as I mentioned earlier, my batting average is about .250 on these matters.

  54. I don’t know why but I have a feeling the free agent market isn’t going to end up like people think it will end up. Somehow, parise ends up resigning with the devils, suter goes to the redwings. Weber resigns with the predators and nash gets traded to the penguins and the penguins don’t give up anymore than what the rangers offered. This is my opinion, probably far off than what will happen, just a feeling.

  55. Cross Check: He really could come in and change the entire dynamic of our defense, not by being a superstar, but by taking over Stralman’s role on the 2nd pairing and PP QB. Which would be impressive.

  56. Mister D


    We would need the blessing of Carp to initiate the opening night roster contest and I am not sure he is available. Daylightis fading and we are running out of time with Saturday being June 30th.

    But, I agree, it would be an interesting exercise and competition.

  57. Mister D – yes, he could, but I’m not counting on it. The point I’m trying to make is that some people are counting on him being good from the get-go. He might be, but damn, they’d better have a contingency plan.

  58. Cross check – sometimes I think it is better for the player when they are less known and don’t have all the hype to live up too. Look at Rafalski, unknown college FA signs with little fanfare and goes on to have a great career as a signifigant contributor to several Stanley Cup winning teams. The Rangers I’m sure hoped for another Rafalski in signing Gilroy – didn’t come close to happening. You just never know how a player will react to the challenges of playing at a higher level. Pavel Brendl was the next Jari Kurri, until he played in the NHL.

  59. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I would actually consider trading our Staal to Carolina!

    John carter?

  60. Manny,

    Good choice for Caps. Great choice for Ovie. Oates who played with Hull, knows the value of an elite superstar sniper. Backstrom will be better for it as well.

  61. Solid move by McPhee….

    Definite loss for the Devils…

    Always like Oates, class guy…should be in the Hall of Fame….

  62. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Re-sign Prust, M. Staal for Jeff Skinner in 2015 straight up so Carolina can have all 4 Staals on the same squad, Get Bobby Ryan or Parise this summer…. and win the cup in 2013!

    Countdown to July 1st…..

  63. I can’t wait until the MSG fire sale on player apparel this season. Since Prust is gone we can all clean up on Prust t-shirts.

  64. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Manny, when is that?

    Also, nobody for the cruise tonight or in the past?

  65. I don’t remember, Doodie. I know it was really hot when I went so maybe some time in July? They had tons of Zuccarello shirts then. This time they will have lots of Prust stuff and maybe some other guys that we trade.

  66. According to some hockey board I was just reading, the sale won’t be happening this year because of Renovations to MSG.

  67. “Joe Sakic, Adam Oates, Mats Sundin and Pavel Bure have been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.”

    YAY for Bure! LOL @ Shanny not making it as a first ballot!!!

  68. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Wow, can’t believe Shanahan didn’t make it.

  69. “Hi, I’m Brendan Shanahan, the National Hockey League’s Senior Vice President of Player Safety. Tuesday afternoon, in my downtown condo, an incident occurred after the 2012 NHL Hall of Fame voting results were released.”

  70. Haha. Yea he’s probably going to suspend the HOF, those who didn’t vote for him and then Ban all visitors that go there.

  71. shanny thats what you get for your ridiculous suspensions or non suspensions. not sheading a tear for you haha

    carl hagelin 3 games laughable

  72. Don’t worry about it @CCCP@ we all make mistakes. I think you, like Holmgren, have earned the right to make a mistake once in a while.

  73. In any action it could be the only one mistake, its repetition is already a choice.

  74. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Good to be back… i can’t post during the day, but I still monitor you guys to make sure everyone is behaving ;)

    Can anyone guess what Crosby spelled backwards is?

    I’ll give a hint… is starts with Dive……..

    and ends with r.

  75. …Can anyone guess what Crosby spelled backwards is?

    Yeah, – Y(Why) b(be) a jerk?

  76. bull dog line on

    Lowe, Tikkanen, Mac T, Anderson. the only other 2 I can think of are Buek, and Graves, but I dont think they won 6.

  77. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    onecup, it’s funny you question Bure and Oates, while giving Sundin an OK. I had Sundin 7th on my list behind Sakic, Shanahan, Bure, Lowe, Andreychuk, and Oates.

  78. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    After Sundin I have Lindros, and then a bunch of nostalgia guys like Turgeon, Mogilny, and Verbeek that I don’t think should be in, but can probably be convinced that they should if you catch me on the right day.

    And nobody else warrants any consideration.

    Also, shame that Shero and Burns are again shut out. Ridiculous.

  79. bull dog line on

    I do not there STATS off the top of my head, but having watched both play, there is no way Sundin was a better player than Shanahan.

  80. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  81. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Shanahan blows Sundin away in stats, too. There is just no explanation for him over Shanahan, other than politics (Toronto bias/Shanahan making enemies as Sheriff).

  82. okay
    since it’s a slow day
    here’s a couple thoughts to (hopefully) get conversation started….

    SNY brought up the idea of signing Peter Mueller since the avs let him go.
    don’t know how deep his concussion problems are and he’s not exactly a Torts type
    player but he’s 24 and could be molded into something suitable and he does score
    and would be much cheaper.

  83. also
    with all the talk about Prust and ott and konopka
    here’s one that’s out there…..
    would it be worth it
    to have Bickel as a 4th line winger
    and dman in case of emergency?

    (just throwing things out there for the helluva or halibut, if you appreciate bad puns)

  84. now, on a more serious note for any Tech Heads out there.

    i don’t know if my laptop’s soundcard burned out (fan wasn’t working right
    which was causing laptop to shut so i bought a cooling fan to run underneath it and all has been well)

    anyway, any time audio runs it usually goes out after 10-20 seconds. sometimes i hear a crackling in speakers
    i thought i could away with using headphones but NO sound then either.

    thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  85. here you go bull dog line:

    Molson Cup – who is the only Russian player and ex-Ranger who won this trophy?

  86. sorry i worded the question wrong… he isnt the only Russian player to ever win the Molson Cup (there are 3 of them). But he is the only Russian ex-Ranger.

    should be relatively easy to guess

  87. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    CCCP, your question is flawed: Kovalev and Bure both won.

  88. Regardless of our collective and justified anger with Shanny for his actions in new career, it is a shame, in my opinion, to skip him from this year HOF for his main, previous. He absolutely deserves this OBJECTIVELY. It is very interesting to know, what was behind the decision of not to include him (particularly, when he is now one of theirs’, – a clerk in League’s “inner circle”). Thoughts?

  89. Wolski is a free agent!

    mentioned he was traded for a 3rd round pick
    and Mike Vernace………….
    anyone know ANYTHING who this is?

  90. jpg,
    I don’t think Mueller is an answer – totally unRangers type of player. Besides, if I remember correctly had a “deep”, long concussion and I believe, Avs got rid of him because of that, which, of course, sounds cynically, but truth nevertheless. Another “red flag” – he started very well in Phoenix, but was traded to Avalanche. Why? Too many questions for a real consideration, IMO.

  91. “Another “red flag” – he started very well in Phoenix, but was traded to Avalanche. Why?”

    Because you just don’t pass up the chance to acquire Wolski.

  92. funny how Rozy was viewed quite well during coyotes playoff series.
    didn’t get to watch much of ’em during season.
    would be amazing if he was talking into coming back here.
    doubt it.

    just stirring things up today folks with Mueller talk and other stuff
    but computer thing is REAL
    so any thoughts is much appreciated.

  93. alright
    unlike MDZ who last tweeted that he finished off his second bag of doritos
    and made it to the second level of some video game
    i’m going for a walk

    see youse later!

  94. What is it – quiz /competition for speed googling, or kind of “hockeying bee” for brainaction challenged? Satanic ###? Cult?

  95. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I would think Nabokov hasn’t played enough and Khabibulin has played too many. And nobody else is close.

  96. cCCp, I gave you a Prust face wash and you have no response? You think youre better than me… :)

  97. If Rozsival were available on an Eminger/Strålman type deal, you could do a lot worse as a bottom pair D-man, despite his immense popularity at MSG.

    But that’s not especially realistic, if he was still playing 20 minutes in Phoenix.

  98. MichaelDelZotto profile

    MichaelDelZotto Who’s free tonight?

    eric will not be happy

  99. Who’s free tonight??? Well, obviously you are, so why dont you hit the gym and build your conditioning. Ugh.

  100. Irbe lol

    that is the name you dont hear every day.

    No, not Irbe…

    the answer is much easier than you guys think.

  101. Tiki, Does MDZ really think we give a Carcillo about what he is doing? This guy needs to grow up a little bit. Talk about self absorbed!

  102. Papa, Im only kidding around. But sure, he’s gotta mature, he’s just a kid. I do think that he should be spending a good portion of offseason time watching tape of himself, of power plays, seeing what he can do better. Conditioning himself, working out, be ready to come to training camp at the proper weight.

  103. Would love to see how any of you would react if MDZ constantly tell you what you should or shouldnt do with your time off lol

  104. Tiki – my bad. I meant Eric. Just trying to boil the blood a little. I’m not even sure what it means to tweet – unless we are talking about a bird ;-)

  105. CCCP, these guys get paid millions of dollars. They have an obligation to their employers to work to get better. You can never be perfect, there’s always room for improvement. Even ilb isnt perfect, possibly.

  106. no player repping… IT’S JUNE FER CAKES SAKE!

    Maybe they’re already working out… they just don’t tweet about it!


  107. Czechthemout!!! on

    So Sny is saying hat Shane Doan will test free agency. Remember, he is 35 so anything more than a one year deal continues to count if he bombs. So, any takers?

    I say one year deal at best. But would rather pass.

  108. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Doan for a 2-3 year deal. Get it done.

  109. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on


    I would be more than happy with this lineup. Obviously Dubi/Kreider/Doan could switch to any of the top 3 spots.

  110. Paul in sunrise on

    If rangers don’t get scoring help I bet Zucc gets a contract. One way. To play right wing behind Cally.

  111. Paul in sunrise on

    Then Zucc moves to left wing or trade. But I predict he earns every dollar.

  112. Paul in sunrise on

    I think he has 20 goals in him and 35 assists. He just needs 18 minutes and lots of pp time.

  113. Paul in sunrise on

    not NHL. But khl.
    I think for spurts and for short while he could be gap filler for gabby. Never to be confused with top line scorer at this stage but productive.

  114. Latona June 26th, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    True Blue,

    Where’s Cally?


    Cally’s will take over for Torts next season.

  115. I haven’t seen him play enough to know what kind of player he is, but if the Rangers can’t strike a deal with Ryan or Nash, then adding Mueller and someone like Doan would be a nice consolation prize…

    He does have talent and playing on a line with Richards might be the boost he needs…

  116. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I am perfectly fine. Are you ok?

    I didn’t think Irbe was Russian. I thought he was Latvian?

  117. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    how the hell funny would it be if eric staal requested a trade from the canes now??

  118. “I think he has 20 goals in him and 35 assists. He just needs 18 minutes and lots of pp time”

    Paul, couldn’t agree more on Zucc. Especially, with Gabby out. He also needs to STAY HEALTHY!

  119. Doan is testing free agency because he wants a pay day. I don’t blame him….

    I just don’t like the idea of the Rangers locking up a veteran that age….1 or 2 year deal is fine….anything more is not a prudent move….

  120. 79 games 22 goals 28 assists 50 points 48 pims

    Doan’s season was not exactly “elite”. He’s much more of a glue guy than an offensive force…

    Is he really a 1st liner at this point in his career?

    Very good player, though. Wears his heart on his sleeve every shift. Plays a Torts-style game.

    But, he’s 35 and wants a raise.

    Thanks, but no thanks!!

  121. MDZ just tweeted. He is about to have warm milk and cookies before his mommy tucks him in.

  122. the person who said Mats Zuccarello could put up 55 points was kidding, right

    unless he was talking about playing in the KHL – but even so, he was kidding, right

  123. Id take Doan for sure, no questions asked. Would MUCH rather have him in the lineup than Dubinsky or Anisimov.

  124. Doan’s been a 50+ forward with grit and power play skills basically since he became a full-time player. However he’ll be 36 years old around the scheduled start of the season. For the right price, he’s worth a one year deal. The same goes for Ray Whitney who I’m pretty sure just turned 70. Both would have to sign for less than they were paid last year, too.

  125. Just want to say that it pretty pathetic that Shanny isn’t going in the Hall this year….

    His incompetence as a disciplinarian shouldn’t matter….he’s one of the greats….

  126. there is ZERO risk to signing a player to a 1 year deal. There is no reasonable argument for not wanting Shane Doan on a 1 year deal. If he wants 2 years then no way, but on a 1 year deal, it’s a no brainer.

  127. Oleo, reasonable argument # 1 – what if he wants $8m for the year?. Reasonable argument # 2 – what if he wants $7M and so on and so on. Cost is a reasonable argument.

  128. If Shanahan is found to be betting early on games then suspending key players, he shouldn’t make the Hall. In fact, I bet that’s the reason he didn’t. Scandal!

  129. I just don’t see many teams offer multiple year contract to a player who’s 35 years old. He ain’t getting more than 1 year at 4 mill

    I have never been so sure.

  130. Reasonable argument #2: Why would Doan take a one year deal at less than $4.55MM when he’s still a productive player?

  131. according to the price i don’t think signing Doan
    for 2 or 3 years would be a bad thing.
    he’s a gritty type of player that would fit right in
    and if he depletes at all as the years go by
    he’d should still be a good fit on 3rd line
    i’m seeing 2nd or 1st if we got him

  132. Papa Bear

    no team would sign Doan for 1 year 7-8 mil so your example is certainly not reasonable, but yes I would give him 1 year 5 million (even though he is not worth 5 mil a year), since it is essentially an uncapped year for our perspective.

  133. 1 year at 5 is reasonable. Pretty sure Elias is the only 36-year old forward in the league making more than that and that’s purely because he’s getting nostalgia money.

  134. “Pretty sure Elias is the only 36-year old forward in the league making more than that and that’s purely because he’s getting nostalgia money.”

    St. Louis.

  135. can’t see Doan going anywhere other than phoenix
    for only one year.
    he seems to be the type that wants some degree of
    it’s possible that he would sign for less or a reasonable price
    but at more than 1 year (2 to 4 maybe?)

  136. they’re paying St. Louis $5.5 million, a guy who won a Stanley Cup and has been under 70 points once in the last 9 seasons. also, there’s nostalgia involved.

    even if Doan has sway in Phoenix, he’s not worth that kind of money elsewhere.

  137. Meuller got his last concussion from a stick to the helmet.

    His brain is about like mine. mush.

    save a roster spot for someone else.

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