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Just so youse don’t get worried, I will definitely be back in the chair at blog HQ by the weekend and free agency.

Until then, it’s all yours.


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  1. Howson is currently on the phone to Zach Parise – not to sign him, but to make sure he wasnt joking about not signing with the Rangers!

    When i see some of the names banded around in trade scenarios with other teams, i cant believe Nash is not a Ranger yet! Going to be an interesting Sunday!

  2. The Pans have 11f, 5d & 2g and $15m in cap space so in theory if they could get Suter and Parise for $7.5m less each then they will have their full complement of skaters. I cant see that happening personally, i reckon Suter could go to Detroit and Parise probably stay in NJ – but you never know, Parise may like the look of playing with Skid and Malkinstein and He and Suter would make them a formidable perennial playoff contender

  3. But then again – we have enough cap space to add both too? Slats is quoted as saying he’s going to be aggressive in free agency – and in other news water is wet!

  4. I wouldn’t rule Parise out just yet. His father said he was a good fit on this team. Why would a hated ex-Islander say that the current Devils captain would be a great fit in NYR? Maybe because it is true? I think Zach will be conflicted, and I would say odds are he signs out west (Detroit) to avoid the personal conflict, but do not rule out Sather upping the ante and luring Zach across the river.

    I think the Devils are in real trouble. Zach has to know this.

  5. Looks Like I have to shut down, hearing frequent thunder and lights are blinking on and off, live on eastern LI. I can’t wait till the free agent market to see who goes where.

  6. Per Djoos ("Pear Juice") on

    I’m tired of the friggin Penguins.

    Skids, Igor, Fluery, Letang, etc… how do they afford all this talent?

    Ahh… no Drury and Redden to pay!

  7. Leetchhalloffame on

    Sather should be fired for this dismal draft alone and his non-involvement overall in everything.

  8. Who wants to bet Scott Johnston (John Scott) ends up on the Islandorks / Devils next season?

  9. Good morning, boneheads! Quiet on hockey front, eh? Before the storm, that is…

    Pens have $15M to spend? Good luck spending it on Parise and Suter and resigning Crosby in 2013, and Malkin year after. Salary cap change with the new CBA, anyone?

  10. The least Sather can do is to get into bidding war and drive Parise’s value way up. Let someone sign him to 10-12 year, $8.5M contract.

  11. Crosby has already said that he is willing to take a team-friendly deal long term. Crosby and Malkin arent going anywhere. As much as we hate other teams it’s ok to acknowledge good moves. And if they get Parise + Suter or just one of the two, they deservedly should be considered as favorites.

  12. From NYPOST:

    Read more:

    “The closer to the top you are, you have to be a little more aggressive if you want to get better,” the GM said. “If you trade, you have to give away assets, *but in free agency you’re just giving away money* and [taking] the chance the cap might shrink.” – Glen Sather

    oh oh! Slats is checkbook happy! Eager to spend the “Dolans”! Watch out, now!


  13. If the Penguins get anything resembling an acceptable Defense they are going to win many, many of Lord Stanley’s Cups.

  14. A team friendly discount is unlikely to be less than Parise’s amount. Ditto Malkin. Add Suter, Neil, MAF to that, and they may not have enough to sign any wingers. But, yes, if they can pull it off, they deserve a credit.

  15. Manny, yep. Suter + Letang plus some average 2nd pair d-men and theyre in business. Sather being checkbook happy kind of makes me happy and nervous at the same time

  16. I hope MalKING wont resign with the Pen()s… he needs to break away from Crosby esp. when his production is always better when Crosby is out. He needs to find a new home and establish himself as the best player in the world.

    MalKING >>> CryPunk

  17. the one thing that continues to bug me about del zaster is he tweets so often aboiut stupid crap. hit the gym pput your nose to the grind and get STRONGER. if not dont let the door hit you on the way out

  18. That’s right, Lev. And imagine if Flower plays like he is capable of. Maybe even half of what he is capable of!

  19. by trading staal and michalek the cap space is there. there is no doubt in my mind parise or suter will be a penguin. one of them will not turn down the chance of playing with skid and malkin. can they afford both yes but it will be prob too much to fill other pieces.

    prediction pens get parise or suter wings get the other one

  20. Garrison apparently wants 5 years at $5 million per year. Holy carcillo. From 800K to $5 million. Good luck with that.

  21. Garrison is out of his mind. I would definitely sign him for 2 Years at $2M. How about that Jay?

  22. LMAO @ $5M for 5 years. If they sign him here, he becomes the highest paid defenseman on the team. Pass.

  23. I promise not to say at July, 1: “I told you so all along, since speculations began…”, when devil’s version of Drury,- Minnesotan Parisian will sign with his adoptive-native swamp team, – cupless, but playful Debbies. Hope it will be as devastating for Debbies as today’s tropical storm Debby.

  24. hey Manny…what firm do you work for? “Do we cheat them and How?” LOL

    heard that joke on one of the episodes of the “Friends” last night :)

  25. They probably couldn’t afford to sign so many players so they thought they would just pour it all into a #2.

  26. Howson is *beyond* stupid. He won’t deal Nash and he is insistent on rebuilding. So to rebuild he trades away all of his picks and doesn’t take 800 picks from the Islanders.

  27. “…in free agency you’re just giving away money and [taking] the chance the cap might shrink.” ? Glen Sather

    If there’s one thing Sather is truly brilliant at, it’s giving away money. That, and looking confused with a cigar in his face.

    Now slightly nervous that Ryan Smyth’s corpse will be heading down the Oilers old boy network.

  28. How is the trade for Bobrovsky anything more than a “dear god i hope a change of scenery and him having the #1 starter’s job over the other imbeciles on my team playing goal” kind of thing? Also they drafted a bunch of goalies this draft. Doesnt exactly say they have a bunch of confidence in the lazy Russian.

  29. Sather is enjoying his biggest brake in years (as a most hated, “stupidest” and despised GM) with a Howson character raising from relative obscurity by his action (or lack of thereof), to highest rank of “dumbest talking tree stump” in a forest of F – rated GMs.

  30. Yes how does Garth Snow or Howson still have a job? Garth for being stupid enough to offer his whole draft (ala Mike Ditka for Ricky Williams) and Howson for being even dumber to reject it.

    If I was the owner of either of these franchises these two clown would be long gone. What a mockery they are making of their franchises.

  31. Another mistake by Howson- since the Islanders were so much after this player that they were willing to give up their entire draft, he should’ve immediately realized he was a bust and stayed away.

  32. After the past several years of team building Sather is nowhere near as bad as Howson and Snow.

  33. Howson is a total fool. I heard an interview with him where he said that he was so glad Edmonton took Nail Yakupov and that Ryan Murray fell to him at number two. I clearly remember Columbus being dejected that they didn’t get the 1st overall pick and missed out on Yakupov right after the lottery. This guy is a total joke and cannot be taken seriously.

    Also, Columbus fired 4 scouts AFTER the draft. I mean who does that? Is that an admission that they made some sort of a mistake?

    This guy will either end up fired or will trade Nash for a bag of pucks. Who can take this clown seriously? Where the hell is Columbus ownership to clean up this mess?

  34. and Howson and Snow (and whoever were before them) have been picking in the top 5-10 for years now! And still can’t figure it out!

    Sather = BEAST! LOL

  35. Lev:

    You’re exactly right re: the Bobrovsky trade. Bringing in another backup and then drafting a whole bunch of goalies says he doesn’t believe he’s got a starter at the pro level.

  36. its not like drafting a goalie today makes him a starter tomorrow…

    drafting now = building for the future

    i though this was a pretty easy concept.

  37. Lloyd following up from yesterday, can you explain- without sarcasm if at all possible- why you dismiss Prust’s season before last?

  38. I saw the majority of those games. And I’ve seen the vast majority of the games he’s played as a Ranger. There’s just not enough there to warrant the money he wants. At around what Rupp is making? Sure. They’ve already committed to having to pay in that neighborhood by giving that complete bum too much money. But you don’t spend $2 million+ on a 4th liner.

  39. “no one said a word about that”

    true, but why jump to conclusions based on who they drafted and who they brought in as a goalie NOW?

  40. Hoser sucks as a GM. Him still having a job is a joke. The NHL allowing that team to be run into the ground is just annoying for hockey fans everywhere and probably offensive to towns that don’t have a hockey team.

    I can’t wait to see how badly he mishandles the entire Nash situation and how long Nash is forced to play angry for the BJ’s.

  41. They picked a goalie in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to back up a very average Bobrovsky. Doesnt sound like a very confident team

  42. that’s all valid. he had to have completely alienated Nash three months ago with his comments and his nonsensical tactics have also suggested that while he’s content to screw around with his best player, he’s also not committed to moving him. amateur hour.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© "Free Agents are NOT free!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Things to change next year :

    Need to get a number one line that actually has chemistry.

    Need to stop blocking shots all the time when it really doesn’t matter . No Gaborik or Richie Rich. If Hank gets scored on from a non block shot , whos fault is it really?

    Need to beef up Cally. If hes gonna hit everything that moves and block every single shot that comes towards him , he needs to put on extra padding or something.

    Need a heart and soul BIG GUY , Boogaard not being there last year soured my season.

    Need a back up Goalie , Biron kinda sucks.

    Need Kreider!!!

    Need Prust!!!

    Need better ice , plain and simple. If I was paying billions of bucks to fix MSG , the ice would be TOP priority.

    Need more youth to make it out of Camp. Need to get younger. Guys like Feds and other journey men have to go.

    Need a HUGE year from Dubinsky , like 30 goals!!!

    Need more fans and less naysayers on here. Fans who love the Rangers don’t love Sather or Dolan more then the ones who bash them. WE just love the TEAM . That’s it . We don’t support Sather who looks like a moron with that long hair of his. Cut it off or something? Sather is NOT who we stand for . It more the coach. The coach owns this team and will bench everyone encluding Gaborik and Richie Rich. Hank gets a free pass , hes in a world of his own really. Yeah Hank is out there and could go down as the greatest Ranger ever . Crazy to think but yeah . Hanks going up and he could get a lot higher.We are witnessing the greatest goalie in ranger history and it doesn’t look like hes done. No Ranger goalie owned his team like Hank does. Our team is Hank and he should have won the Stanley and the Hart trophy . He will . We will . Next year will be better. If that can be possible?

  44. Dyadya Vasya on

    Hello from Columbus. Looks like you guys are getting your wish.

    Hearing rumors that Anisimov, Hagelin, McIlrath and first and second rounder next year to CBJ for Nash. Almost done deal.

  45. Mike Richter was a bigger reason for the Rangers making the conference final in 1997 than was Lundqvist in 2012.

  46. I wouldn’t cry over that package but it fails to move Dubinsky’s Cap Hit so……..

  47. yeah but I think I’d rather have Dubinsky than Aninismov when it comes right down to it

  48. That’s a pretty good package actually. Id do it. Of course that would mean another trade would happen where Dubinsky would go the other way.

  49. That’s what scares me, Lev. I don’t know what else we have to deal along with Dubinsky for an adequate return.

  50. Could you flipping imagine that roster? Get Sauer back, add Schultz, Nash and Bobby Ryan? Insanity.

  51. Im hoping that is a real post, that would be a great deal. And we will still trade Dubi so don’t get too exicted about him not being part of it.

  52. the thing is, it’s so hard to imagine bringing in a 21-year old with zero NHL experience and geting him to give you the offense you got from Del Zotto last year.

  53. “Anisimov, Hagelin, McIlrath and first and second rounder”

    That would mean Howson has come way way way way down on his demands. Would be real surprised if anything happens prior to July 1.

  54. Lloyd, still trying to get your take on the season before last, do you consider him a 4th liner that season?

  55. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB, manny, and all!!

    Happy anniversary to the pantless pair!!!

    Nash deserves a medal for just deal with that doofus hoser this long!

  56. Saw that post but wasn’t clear if you think the season before last he was a 4th liner

  57. Jerk boy #30 of the Rangers was busy having a grand time at a Calvin Klein fashion show in the past couple days. Glad youre having fun jerko.

  58. Letting go Strahlman must mean that either, Schultz is definitely coming to the Rangers or that Sauer is close to being a sure thing for the next season. Right?

  59. 4th among forwards in hits, 4th in blocked shots, 3rd in PK minutes, team leader in fights but … he’s just a 4th liner. Easily replaced. Just bring back Freddy Sjostrom and turn him into a guy who can drop the gloves 20 times per year and we’re all set. Saves us a full $400,000!

  60. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    possibly, could also mean they are giving mcilrath a spot to lose and using bickel again if that doesn’t pan out (Not what I think, but just saying it is possible).

    Something else in the works perhaps…maybe going after sarich or o brien as a signing on 01july to add grit especially if prust leaves.

    could be resigning john scott to give him regular playing time…LOL

    maybe they were not overly impressed with stralman as a whole and decided to move on….perhaps he wanted to go back to sweden for personal reasons and it is a mutual decision

    maybe he went all semenov on us

  61. Afternoon all,

    Manny – no sure thing on Schultz or Sauer. Lots of uncertainty on both players being Rangers next season.

    And the whole Nash thing is beyond ridiculous.

    He is a 30-goal scorer – not a 60-goal scorer.

    The Rangers should never give up so many assets for this type of player. Remember – only 4 playoff games in 9 seasons.

  62. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Mister D
    you are looking at this all wrong, you sign 4 guys to replace him. Each one can earn 500k and then you don’t pay one guy 2mil. That way you have four 4th line guys on your team and…oh wait, isn’t that what some people are always complaining about? Too many 3rd/4th line guys…

  63. Stralman sounded like he wanted to return to Sweden. A family decision probably. Ill miss him. He was one of the better players in the playoffs and seemed to get progressively better as the year went on.

  64. a forward who can’t score (and is for all intents and purposes an offensive liability) but likes to fight and hit is a 4th line forward

  65. Lev, best of luck to your family. Nice win last night. It aint so easy when youre facing an AL lineup.

  66. “4th line forwards can kill penalties, too”

    A lot of 4th liners fight. A lot of 4th liners kill penalties. Very few do both effectively like Prust does. The only guy in the league with 10+ fights and more PK time per game than Prust just got his salary tripled for 3 years.

  67. you’re just going to have get over your Brandon Prust obsession

    trust me, once he winds up elsewhere, you’ll never hear from him again

  68. No way. I trusted you when you said Dubinsky had an ultimate points ceiling in the 40s and then someone (maybe Manny?) told me that just one year prior he had 54. And I said “no way, that’s not possible, Lloyd said his ultimate ceiling was in the 40s”. And he (Manny?) was like “Dubinsky’s career stats are available for anyone to look up”. And I still wouldn’t believe him; I wouldn’t even look up the stats because I trusted you so. Then he said “are you sure Lloyd actually understands that the phrase ‘ultimate ceiling’ has a very literal and absolute meaning” and I got really offended on your behalf and told him of course you knew what it meant. But you didn’t, because Dubinsky had 54 points just one year prior. So now, when you imply that Prust is some interchangeable 4th liner rather than a guy who fills two unique roles with just one roster spot, I can’t just blindly trust you. I want to, but I can’t. And that’s your fault, not mine. (And not Manny’s, either.)

  69. One could only wish that package for Nash was feasible. I doubt Schultz comes here. Step and Mac are our only hope. I believe he goes to oilers or nucks.

  70. You are not winning this one, MisterD. One thing that supports your evaluation, as opposed to Lloyd’s is that the team already offered him much more than most of laptop GMs ever would. He is worth much more to this team than just a 4th line player, whatever that means. How much more, remains to be seen.

  71. ILB, I feel like I’ve already won. I’ve given stats and comps and even a fun little narrative. If that’s not a win, what is?

  72. Not sure why everyone’s so itchy to trade Dubinsky. His expensive contract and bad year, production wise, makes him a very low value in terms of trade. We do not need his contract to come off the books this year, no matter who they sign. I’d wait and see what he does next year and decide whether to keep or trade, hoping his value goes up.

  73. Personally im just a bit tired of Dubinsky and would like to see him on another team and put up his 40-50 points so that it’l show that that is his ceiling. He’s worn out his welcome for me.

  74. Same here, Lev. Dubinsky has worn out his welcome for me too. But ilb right. If we dont need to get rid of him bc of salary cap purposes, then theres no need to just dump him, his value is at its lowest point. Id trade him to a team for a guy like Nash if that team is stupid enough to take him instead of some other real asset of ours.

  75. worn out his welcome?! how the fugg? what the hell did he do?

    and Tiki is on some Rangers players hate-streak… starting with Hank who is btw on his vacation now.

  76. another classic del zaster tweet above. can we trade this del zaster of a kid already. please i hope we get schultz so Mdz becomes expendable

  77. CCCP, what the hell did Dubinsky do? Nothing. Thats the problem.

    Please just let me vent, CCCP, about that guy that wears #30. I work all year long for my teams, and when they fail, I blame myself. When in reality, I should be and am now blaming #30. He’s the one that plays the games. He’s the one thats enjoying his off season rather than trying to get better in another facet of his game, like handling the puck. While Im working for another team now.

  78. Tiki are you being serious? Don’t we all get “weekends” to enjoy our lives? You know that obsession can lead to insanity. Everybody has to have a LIFE to be able to be good at their JOB.

  79. This used to be a really enjoyable environment for me, a place where I could get away from things for a bit.

    Now it’s just sad. Later, everyone.

  80. how about dont tweet every freaking minute about crap. wear jeans or shorts no one cares what u wear.

  81. CCCP, how about Del Zotto not tweet… how about he works on his game and tries to get better? Build muscle, become more conditioned so he can better function playing 25+ minutes a game without fatiguing. Instead, he’d rather tweet.

  82. Maybe there’s your answer, Manny. Did your favorite coworker go home at night and only show up 5 out of the 7 days of the week?

  83. too much hype not enough production. that’s basically it for me. cant fight either.

  84. Hahaha. Good one, The Doctor. You’re right. That son of a ….. has been working here for 7 months and although I thought he has taken ZERO Vacation Days I forgot about the weekends! He’s weak-sauce, eurosoft not working Saturday and Sunday. What a joke. Our boss probably read his Twitter feed…

  85. I think Del Zotto is a dummy (see his “Hen-ry, Hen-ry” tweets) but it’s friggin’ June 25. Let the guy use Twitter if he wants to.

  86. Tiki you have to calm down. These guys, including 21 year old Michael Del Zaster, got to the Eastern Conference Finals and were 6 wins away from a Stanley Cup. He’s younger than we are. Technology and communication and socialization mean different things to him.

    He didn’t get to the position he is in at age what, 19?, by slacking off. I am pretty sure Del Zaster has some “get up and go” in his personality and that is why he ended up an NHL caliber player at age 19.

  87. Former coworker tweet: “Just put in a 12 hour day but I feel great about the project I just finished!”

    Boss (to self): “He’s done on Monday.”

  88. I blame Richards for MDZ tweeting. Isnt Richards his role model or something like that. Richards isnt leading by example tweeting about golf. Why should we expect MDZ to know when to tweet and when not to tweet. (/sarcasm) I dont really have a problem whasoever with any of the tweets. Except Prusts. Still pissed off about that.

  89. That is pretty much exactly how it happened The Doctor. He’s been a “lame duck” for a while. Ever since that day he came in at 9:04.

  90. Manny, Im just venting. Not having a good day. But like I said the other night, Im so tired of #30’s act. His perfect looks and perfect life and failure to put a team good enough to win it all on his back makes me sick. I refuse to even say his name or type his name anymore. Even his name is perfect, it makes me sick. 7 years in the league and he hasnt bettered his stick handling one iota.

  91. CCCP, this is the first NY superstar Ive ever really gotten on. Cut me some slack. And mainly its his perfect name, perfect looks, perfect voice, and lack of carrying a team on his back that make me angry.

  92. Tiki – you mean Vezina Trophy winner, #30. Who has the ability to make his hair look _that_ good and still focuses enough to win games. The guy that breaks sticks when he loses. The guy that carries this team when they only feel like scoring 1 or 2 goals a week.

    Who cares about stick handling? His poor stick never leads to goals, like the much better puck handlers Mike Smith and Jonathan Quick. Hank is SOLID. Solid as Iraq.

  93. Tiki:

    I still don’t get this “lack of carrying a team on his back” thing when the guy carried the team from October to April. Would imagine his slight decline in the postseason has something to do with a seriously sore back.

  94. If it were up to me, Del Zaster would be doing push ups from dawn til dusk, everyday, all summer long….

    Twitter? What is this? 5th grade recess?

  95. Alright, guys. Just needed to vent. Im sure Ill be over it by the start of the new season. Lloyd, you make your name by winning in the regular season, you make your fame by winning in the postseason.

  96. AGrossRecord Re: Stralman. Rangers just clarified. They have (repeat, have) qualified Stralman.There was some confusion in communicating with them.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© "Free Agents are NOT free!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Let Tiki vent. We all know Hank is KING. Hank can’t score goals and last time I looked we STANK IT UP in the first periods . Probally because of fatigue. Hank was awsome , our team in front were just tired. Thats all. Hurt too , some guys were hurt. We are not done yet . Rangers will be back!! Beast in the east. We did kick azz last year.

  98. Thought they did qualify him too. Why wouldn’t they? Even if he plays in Europe, he remains their property.

  99. Nope, not worried, Lloyd. But if he ever comes back, he will be Rangers property. Who knows, he may have some value then.

  100. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    I am ok with losing a #7 defenseman. Stralman played ok for us. HIS talent can be replaced.

    Prust’s talent? Not as easy. It can be done if he insists on $2.2M and we need to let him go. But, even Sather’s offer of $1.8M per, if true, tells you that Slather wants him to stay and that he has some intangibles.

    Does Stralman high five and shake MDZ’s and Boyler’s hands after games? Does he beat up anyone that looks the wrong way at our guys. THose are intangibles. Replacable intangibles, but harder to replace.

  101. Maybe the Rangers should just sign Derek Jeter. He is known for having many intangible qualities.

  102. Im just a little hard on the guy. I know what he’s capable of, so I expect more out of him. Same with myself, I know what Im capable of, thats why Im so hard on myself.

  103. bull dog line on

    other Ranger seasons you could get on Hank for letting the team down in big spots, not this season. as CCCP says, Hank was ELITE this season.

  104. bull dog line on

    I think Sather is playing this right this summer. go free agency. the core of this team was 6 wins from the cup. breaking them up would be a mistake. are there a few expendable players (Anisimov) ? sure because you have some prospects (Miller) knocking on the door to take there jobs.

  105. Lloyd you again did not directly answer the question so I’ll give it a 4th try. You say a guy who can’t score but fights is a 4th liner. The year before last Prust scored 13 goals, 5 of them shorthanded. So please answer why are you dismissing the year before last?

  106. I already answered the question. If you believe Brandon Prust is a scoring forward, that’s your prerogative. I’ve seen nothing from that suggested his 29 points were anything more than a fluke. My eyes tell me he’s a 4th line forward. Sean Avery has had a better offensive output than Brandon Prust every time he’s been a member of the Ranger roster. He also put up roughly the same (usually more) penalty minutes. Were you here demanding Sean Avery receive time anywhere other than the 4th line?

  107. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I’d like to see the bahama bomba get a shot at a regular sport next season, regardless of who stays or goes!

  108. Yea, Avery stinks at PK. All the people that think any old AHL player can kill penalties, you’re wrong. The Devils had a TERRIBLE time of it in the Final.

    Bel Biv Deveaux actually might be a decent replacement for a guy like Mitchell, Rupp or ……. something like that.

  109. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Manny – totally agree with you about the Islanders offering all their picks for the CBJ #2 in round one. Howson is a jabroni who thinks he knows it but doesnt. Amazing they still have fans in Ohio.

  110. Bel Biv Deveaux actually really wasnt that bad. His suspension basically was his only blemish and ended a nice story

  111. We should bring up Bel Biv Deveaux to replace John Scott. Seriously. He’s 28 right? What more development is he going to go through?

  112. No one has said Prust is a scoring forward. So you dismiss his 13G (5 SHG) season as a fluke even though during his time with the Rangers the year beofre that he scored at the same pace (4G in 24)?

  113. Wow, Fehr stating today that he hopes the NHL doesn’t lock out the players and feels the season might start without a new CBA. Let the games begin.

  114. Czechthemout!!! on

    Steve Ott anyone? He is available according to Sny. Much better player than Prust in all categories. Scores more, great face off man,great pk,one of the best fighters in the league, good speed. He was a former 1 round pick so there is talent there. He is making 750 k more than Prust is asking for but he clearly is worth it. Would love to get him and Ericsson or Jamie Benn for Dubi/AA and MdZ. Do it Glen, get it done. Joe N is the fool GM who traded Neal and Niskanen for Goligoski. As bad a trade as the Gomez trade was for Montreal,the Neal trade was just as bad a deal for Dallas. Come on Glen. He even has Gainey back in the orginization advising him.

  115. oh, i would very much like Ott

    just sayin’ without all the what would give up info
    i think an Ott type would be a good fit here

  116. For the record, I really like Steve Ott. All jokes aside (except for jokes about his name being the abbreviation for Ottawa) he is a great player that would work really well on our roster and he already hates the Phlyers and Lavi-eau-de-toilette.

  117. Id definitely like Ott but im concerned about the $$. The production is not much better than Prusts but I would take Ott over Prust probably 6 days of the week 23 hours of the day.

  118. czech

    you’re confusing a gm making a trade with the pens
    making a trade with the Rangers.

    it seems as if the pens always hand over little more than nothing
    and receive a pot o’ gold
    for their troubles
    Slats has to offer something of significance and then some
    in order to make a deal

  119. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yup. Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out one day that the league nudged Dallas into that trade. All kidding aside. Shero made a brilliant trade because it’s not just drafting and developing players that matters. What also matters is having the foresight to project what a players ceiling might be. Goligoski had a season Ptt mgmnt thought was more than he was capable of doing consistently. So, they used that to their advantage and promptly traded him and stole Neal and Niskanen. The Flyers’ Holmgren has that ability to project where a players ceiling is and than use that a reason to trade a player when his trade value is at its highest. One position where they don’t have that ability is in goal. Not since the first go round with Hextall have they had a real goalie.

  120. sadly i agree with both assessments of both pens/flyers gm
    i thought all that pens got was neal (even more ugh!!!!)
    isn’t interesting that Larry “Inside Information” Brooks
    hasn’t said a word as far as what Slats was willing to give up
    in order to get jordan staal?

    ex-cane sutter was good but i thought he was also scratched (if it wasn’t last year then i believe it was the previous year) for games
    it’s hard to imagine that even a slight deal of a good prospect or 2 plus picks and someone from our lineup — Dubi as an example because he’d be good in the 3rd spot as center or wing
    wouldn’t have been enough to get jordan in a Blueshirt

  121. Holmgren has that ability to project where a players ceiling is and then -use that a reason to trade a player when his trade value is at its highest- ignore that projected ceiling and give the player a 9-year $51m deal.

  122. LW
    good one
    i wouldn’t totally rule out bryz completely
    ya never know……just hope it doesn’t hurt us in the process

  123. Czechthemout!!! on


    You did read the rest of my post right? I said that the only position that Holmgren can’t get right is in goal. But is universe’s contract worse than Redden’s or Drury’s or even Richards will be in about two maybe three seasons? Fact is the Flyers are an incredibly talented team without a goalie once again. But if they had a decent goalie, not great but decent, they would win the cup easily in my opinion.

  124. Signing Pronger to a 7 year deal at $5M per as a 35+ contract, while not reading the CBA properly and thinking he was signing a 34 year old player shouldn’t be filed under brilliant management either.

  125. I agree tomg. They need a lot of help back there. What really, really scares me is the idea of the Penguins getting any reasonably serviceable D-Man to pair with LeTang.

  126. okay okay okay
    you have all found chinks in the armour of holmgren’s gm duties
    but i believe czech’s point was that he’s made good trades
    ala pens’ shero

    at the time we were discussing pens getting neal
    and i brought up how they gave up little and look what happened
    wishing that same would happen with our gm in his dealings

  127. jpg- Gomez/McD

    I have no doubts that if Sather misunderstood the CBA and made the same mistake giving a 35+ contract until a player turns 42, while his cap hit can not come off the books no matter where a said player is (even, god forbid, in heaven), people on this board would be asking for his kidneys. That’s plural.

  128. czechthemout!!!! on


    Hey, every gm makes mistakes including Holmgren. My point is he has made a lot of good trades and so has Shero. The larger long I am trying to make is that I hope Sather doesn’t hang on too long to some prospects . Not everyone of them is going to reach their potential and I hope their trade value doesn’t become too stale. Again, not everyone.

  129. czechthemout!!!! on

    My original post was not meant as a critique. I am just hoping he can get us the player needed to take us to the next step. I don’t need to remind you or anyone else on this blog how horrid a gm Sather has been in his time here. Yes , he has been Smarter latley but he has a ways to go still to redeem himself in my and many others eyes.

  130. Manny – inferring that Letang actually plays defense is being quite charitable, no?

  131. windy night for golf for del zaster.. can we get him off please. his tweets are just beyond pathetic

  132. Shero hasn’t always been the best with his signings (see him pulling a Sather-lite and trading away Michalek) and let’s be honest he walked into a pretty ideal situation with Crosby and Malkin already being there when he took over.

  133. Has my favorite Ranger Dan Girardi tweeted at all since the end of the season?

  134. Add letting Rob Skuderi go in 2009 after they won the Cup, and deciding to spend money on other D-men instead to one of Shero’s big mistakes. Their defense has never been steady since. Skuderi just won another Cup with LA

  135. Maybe Ranger management should be looking at youth hockey for the next Crosbey, Malkin and Fluery coming out in consecutive drafts so they can throw a couple or three seasons and get to draft franchise / generation type superstars like the Penguins have done TWICE in their storied franchise history. I vote for a complete lottery system in the first round – every team gets a shot every year at the first pick!!!!!

  136. Paul in sunrise on

    Sather only has one kidney. The other one was stolen in the leetch trade

  137. Haha Joey Crabb. I don’t eve care how he plays. His name RULES. He just has to play in New England with that name. Let the Bruins have him

  138. “I have no doubts that if Sather misunderstood the CBA and made the same mistake giving a 35+ contract until a player turns 42, while his cap hit can not come off the books no matter where a said player is (even, god forbid, in heaven), people on this board would be asking for his kidneys.”

    Put me in the “calling for kidneys” camp. Bad trades or signings I can learn to live with if there’s some plausible logic, but not taking the time to understand cap and contract rules is unforgivable. The Pronger deal was bad, Tallon not properly qualifying his RFAs was worse.

  139. agree TOTALLY with Papa Bear’s assessment
    of how pens were able to get franchise players.

    don’t forget the lottery system in the nhl came about because it was
    believe that the pens purposely tanked their season in order to draft mario

  140. leetchhalloffame on

    Any chance the Rangers throw an offer to a restricted free agent (Evander Kane comes to mind)?

  141. I don’t think there’s a chance of an offer sheet.

    And, if there was ever a time for an offer sheet, it was last year, with Stamkos.

    Trade would be the only way….

    Hmmm….Dubinsky and a 1st in ’13 to Winnipeg?

  142. really??!?!


    saw Avengers again last night
    and told jpg’s sister
    after the film was over
    there’s where he got
    Wicky SMASH!!

  143. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Ott is not superior in all aspects of the game to prust, no way he is close to the fighter prust is, no way.

    I also think prust is a better penalty killer.

    If ott played for the rangers he would be a 3rd liner getting 10 to 12 minutes a night which is pretty much what prust is

  144. i’m not saying that i don’t want Prust around (but don’t overpay)
    i wanted ott at trade deadline
    i don’t think ott fights as much as Prust
    because ….
    just checked stats they’re basically the same size.
    always thought Prust was a little smaller, under 6′
    and ott a little bigger….6′ something”
    ott just has more of a psycho aggression element to him
    that gets in people’s faces and, i think, scares some off
    we were to lose Prust i wouldn’t mind ott here (based on what we give away)
    i still wouldn’t mind ott here IF we kept Prust

  145. but thinking about it
    probably couldn’t have both
    since i think ott’s salary is
    2 plus million (close to 3?)

    i can dream, can’t I?

  146. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone else think that Shanahan should be banned from the Hall of Fame just due to his incompetence.

  147. “Ott is not superior in all aspects of the game to prust, no way he is close to the fighter prust is, no way.”

    I’m not even sure Prust won a fight this year, so does that mean Ott was knocked cold every time he dropped the gloves?

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