So, how did you like the draft?


Here’s your blank canvas for today’s conversation.

Wish I had more time to be here. Back soon.


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  1. I like to party ya know what I’m sayinnnn’ chris drury llws celebration style.

  2. My thoughts on the Rangers’ picks:

    1. Michael Busto
    2. Jessiman v2.0
    3. We needed another son-of-ex-Ranger Swedopånsy D-man to be a minor leaguer?
    4. Danopånsy?

  3. Who cares about the draft…did we grt nash or ryan yet…philly is already makibg more trades…we better grt the jump on them…

  4. Per Djoos ("Pear Juice") on

    Im getting nervous, as Philly and Pittsburgh are wheelin and dealin…

    The thought of Pittsburgh clearing cap space in order to make a run at Parise is a little scary, or at least disconcerting.

  5. Per Djoos ("Pear Juice") on

    I dont see how Prust is worth anything more than 1.4 million per year..

    He’s a nice piece for a team, as a fourth liner/PK man. Great in the locker room.

    But how much is he really worth beyond the 800,000 he made this season?

  6. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Happy Sunday. Since Gabby is out for around 6 months, we will need to sign someone, who will fit into that role. Sather is not going to make a move just to make one. Be patient, and good things will come. Good day gents.

  7. bull dog line on

    want Prust back as much as the next fan, but at the Rangers price. you cant overpay for a role player. he is a real good role player, but still a role player. this sort of reminds me of when Avery went free agent. the Rangers have a price there willing to go to, anything over that price, they let him walk. someone will overpay him, then waive him, and the Rangers reclaim in 2 years.

  8. Hopefully Parise doesn’t sign with the Penguins and as far as Nash goes, as long as Howson is the GM I don’t see Nash getting traded unless Nash changes his mind and expands his list of teams to go to.

  9. I think too many are overreacting to the Sather words about the Prust negotiations. Sather is notorious for letting things like that ‘slip’ into his media talks.

    It’s a ploy – either to let Prust know they thing his demands are too high or part of the game he and Prust’s agent have already agreed to because the Rangers want to keep as much salary available to pursue Parise and Suter.

    Remember, Redden’s stupid salary comes back on the cap in the summer and you can only go over the ceiling by a small percent. That’s why they took so long to sign Dubinsky last year.

  10. Avery got $4MM per. I’d bet the Rangers were offering him more than $6.6MM over 3 years.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    I am surprised that the Ducks have put Ryan on the market. He played very well after Carlyle was fired. The only way I can understand it is if it is solely a cap move. They are going to have to find big bucks for Getzlaf and Perry. They got rid of Visnovsky and his salary.

  12. 1. Good draft. All boom or bust types. The talent is there. Time will tell. Rangers may not be the best in the league,but they certainly will be the fastest.

    2. Prust may be great in the room and a heart and soul guy on the ice but he’s a mediocre hockey player with no puck skill whatsoever. His marginal worth declines even more in the playoffs since there’s no fighting and who knows how motivated he’ll be once he gets his big contract. = Dubi.

    3. Does the Leafs drafting a offensive Dman in the first round mean that they don’t think they land Schultz and does the Ranger interest in Yandle suggest the same thing? If the Rangers get Schultz, it could be huge. This guy is a consensus stud and there is little likelihood of him being a Gilroy. The Stepan ,McD factor and the opportunity to step in and run the power play could be pivotal. But does he want to play in the US and for the Rangers.

    4. I wonder what the Rangers offered for J. Staal. Carolina really didn’t give that much for a young guy with so much talent and such a big upside.

  13. Lowell: I think the Leafs used their 1st 2 picks on D-men because they were shopping Schenn and knew sooner or later they’d find a willing trade partner.

  14. Personally, I’m a tad leery of Ryan. Why is such a seemingly good player being consistently shopped by the Ducks? If he was 30, I’d understand – that team is rebuilding. But, he’s not. He’s 25.

    The trouble all started there with the previous coach – Ryan and Randy Carlyle couldn’t get along. Carlyle, BTW, has a coaching style similar to Tortorella: He demands hard work, commitment to team play and is quick to administer discipline for those who don’t conform.

    It’s not unreasonable, therefore, to wonder if a similar fall-out could happen in RangerLand.

    Is this kid a malcontent perhaps?

  15. Slather said yesterday after draft:

    “What we really don’t want to do is dismantle the core of our organization. We’ve got a lot of good young kids, and we want to let them grow and develop.”

    He added, “The organization is still developing.”

    Arthur Staple writes in Newsday, “It took Sather nearly a decade running the Rangers to realize there are no quick fixes. Now that his team has gotten closer to the top, it may be time to remember that maxim once more.”

    Congratulations to Mr. Slather. It took a decade (or more) but he (with the help of other people that actually know hockey) has developed a good core. Now the hard part are the finishing touches.

    Glen, let the OTHER people make the decisions.

  16. That Sauer news, if it means he could be back, would be incredible. He was so solid defensively, allowing more offensive partner (s) play a different style. The last half of the season, and especially the playoffs, the depth we lost with the Phaneuff hit, we never recovered. The extra d-man, was so needed to give the top 4 some rest.

    IF Sauer comes back and it is to where he was, we are a much stronger team, all of a sudden, with serious defensive depth. Good luck to him, personally. Good luck to the Rangers as an organization.

    Of course, there will always be questions about his durability.

  17. Rob C June 24th, 2012 at 6:39 am
    Who cares about the draft…did we grt nash or ryan yet…philly is already makibg more trades…we better grt the jump on them…


    Rob – that is exactly the way I hope Sather is *not* thinking. I don’t want to waste trades just for the sake of making a splash and scaring other teams or showing other teams we are serious. Remember, we get Kreider for the entire season. Realistically he can score 30. I don’t think that is asking too much from him. So he’s your Parise.

  18. Matty is spot on, getting Sauer back is better than anyone we could sign or trade for.

  19. Not sure where these numbers of $1.2-$1.4M are coming from when it’s been reported the Rangers offered Prust $1.8M per year for 3 years. I guess they value him higher than some.

  20. Thanks for those numbers, ilb. That’s pretty interesting actually. I thought he was worth a tad north of $1.8M. I think, as some people have said, the Rangers need to figure out who the replacement would be and then determine if Prust is $X amount of dollars better than that replacement and if so just pay him.

  21. Sumner cap is 10% over the actual number. If the reported cap is really around $70M, 10% is pretty much taken up by Redden’s $6.5M. Either way, the Rangers don’t seem to have any cap issues at the moment, they can add anyone, or almost anyone, they want.

  22. I mentioned at the time he re-signed a couple of weeks ago, that Gregory Campbell’s contract wasn’t a bad comparable for Prust. He got $4.8m over three years.

    Prust will get more, especially if he tests the market, but difficult to justify much more.

  23. If a lot of players are being traded for cap reasons then the new CBA should have some sort of cap relief for resigning your own players. It’s kind of tough to try to build a winning team, but have to get rid of a player just because his contract is up the following year. I don’t know, but I think somebody could think of a system that allows for some cap relief.

    Re: Redden – When is his contract up? I thought this was the last year and that July 1 he would be a FA. Is it next year?

  24. Two more years, CCC. This year, and next, he is only making miserly $5M while his cap hit remains $6.5M

  25. It’ll be hard for the league to sell to the union that the revenue sharing for the players should decrease substantially from current 57% while reporting $3.3B revenue this year. As well as decreasing the cap and, accordingly asking for rollback. Especially with Fehr representing the players this time. It’ll be an interesting summer. On the other hand, a bunch of teams currently on life support may not be able to sustain themselves at all if there is no games played next season. I don’t think the league wants a lockout.

  26. Anybody see these Bobby Ryan quotes? Got it from SNY….

    “I gotta be honest with you. At this point, I don’t care. Move me … because it’s just tough going to the rink every day knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re going to be the guy moved.”

    LOL! I don’t blame him. Why is his name always coming up?

  27. If am not mistaken Reddens salary is not counted toward the cap since he was whaled. While the Rangers are poaying him there is no cap hit.

  28. Correct, John. Except it comes back and counts against the cap during each summer until he is sent down again at the beginning of training camp. However, since every team is allowed to be 10% over the cap each summer, it’s a wash.

  29. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB, Manny, and all!

    I agree with ILB and his 12noon post!


    Draft was not quite as good as recent ones IMHO (no one that jumps out anyhow and the 2nd guy scares the jessiman out of me), but time will tell if it was a good one or not. Ask me again in 3 or 4 years. Wish there would have been a bit more movement on the trade front.

  30. Why is it that other players take home-town discounts to stay with a certain team but here in New York everyone is trying to take home-team by the gills and shake the bank out while pretending to be proud to wear Rangers sweater. Bullsh!t. Go play your role somewhere else.

  31. Haha!! I like this already…

    Cristoval Nieves ?@boonieves
    Ok @KimKardashian, i just got drafted, possible retweet… maybe even a follow? #callmemaybe #butseriously

  32. Cool thanks for the clarification. Bottom line for next season is taht we ned a couple of guys who can put the puck in the net. While I really like Prust and what he does for the team he is easily replaceable. We have enough 3rd and 4th lineers who can replace him. How about John Mitchell. I think he came a lng way later part of the season and he has soem puck savvy.

  33. Gotta say this about Ryan: Why is a 25 year old kid (star?) playing on a team (line?) with 2 other stars, Getzlaf and Perry (not to mention the ageless wonder Selanne), constantly in trade rumors? He was at odds with Carlyle, a very demanding Torts-like coach. Ok. They fired Carlyle. The drama in Anaheim continues. Why? How are we sure that he wont be at odds with Tortorella? Or is this kind of stuff only limited to Russians such as Radulov who go out for one drink and suddenly the entire universe hates them and theres no way they would survive in NY and play for Tortorella.

  34. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    that is a great point and myself and a few other have brought that up a couple of times before here!

  35. I thought it was Ryan’s relatively low cap hit and his potential is what made him so trade attractive

  36. iirc, Ryan was pretty demanding and insisting not to be sent back to minors when he just broke into their lineup a few years back. He turned out to right and played great next year, but I recall that created some rumbling in Anaheim.

  37. Ryan won the Cup in Anaheim and has been a pretty good player for them…if Ducks management still holds the grudge for what happened years ago then i don’t blame Ryan for wanting out.

  38. Surprisingly, haven’t heard any news of Semin receiving an astronomical offer to play in KHL yet. Anyone?

  39. Ryan started a year after they won. One of tge reasons they prefer to retain Perry and Getzlaf. Both will demand a huge raise next year.

  40. oh he wasnt? Thanks, Latona… regardless… holding grudge against one of your top players for years is immature…if that is indeed the case.

  41. John Scott was pretty close to becoming an astronaut….

    His teachers and counselors always told him to stick to what he was good at: taking up space….

  42. I don’t think we have anything available to the Ducks for Ryan….LB is saying that they want Stepan and Rangers say he isn’t going anywhere….

    Parise or BUST!!!

  43. He can’t sign with anyone until July 1st. I think it’s all posturing on both parts. They’ll get it done.

  44. This draft can’t be judged for at least 3-5 years. Seems like the 1st and 2nd pick have potential to play in the NHL, but to what level or degree, at this point, who really knows. On the positive side, both are going to tremendous college programs at Minnesota and Michigan. Hopefully, they will will develop their games like McDonough, Stepan, Hagelin and Kreider did in college.

  45. Next year we kick —- in the draft. If we don’t trade em all.

    we only had 4 picks in a weak draft.

    Next year is supposed to be better. we have what? seven picks? three in the third?

  46. Prust? You can’t break the bank for him. You can replace his skill ( or lack of skill) very easily. But, what will be difficult to replace are the intangibles he brings to the team and the fact that he is a very popular teammate to both the players and coaching staff. Let’s be honest though, we’re you ever confident while the puck was coming up his boards on the breakout? Other than the penalty kill, his play in the defensive zone was scary. I want him on the team-but will not go higher than 2 years 1.5 per or 3 years 1.33 per, other wise there are other options.

  47. LMAO!!!

    Down Goes Brown ?@DownGoesBrown
    Dear Rick Nash: I live in Ottawa. It’s a wonderful city, and you should absolutely not hesitate to waive your NTC to come here.

  48. I wonder what Howson would be demanding from Ottawa. Another astronaut. He lives on a space shuttle.

  49. I kind of take offense at the Prust tweet, ” @BrandonPrust8@ I wish management wanted me back as much as the fans.. Thanks for the love everyone.”

    That’s kind of … I don’t know but it rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s pandering a bit? I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just not right to put it in that context.

  50. That was his response to Sather’s “I don’t think we’re going to get this one done” statement. He’s got bigger than building, remember.

  51. Manny, as usual, I agree with you…. Vibin’.

    Rangers management and coaching staff made Prust the player that he is today. To say that they dont want him is wrong. They clearly do. As much as, if not more than, the fans. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way too. Because the Rangers arent willing to pay 2.2 per year does not mean they dont want you Pruster.

  52. He may have bigger than the building but he’s apparently got the brain the size of a *insert small object here*.

  53. It may very well be negotiations but dont take it on social media and make it sound like the organization is the “bad guy” because theyre not writing you a check for 2.2 per year.

  54. Another example of a pro athlete thinking he’s worth more than he really is! So, he goes from making 800K to asking 2.2 mil? For a penalty killer/fighter who can score 5 goals a year? Damn. Hope it’s the agent talking and Pruster shows the fans the love back by negotiating down to about 1.5mil.

  55. The fans like you Brandon. But none of them are going to $2.2 mil/year for 3 years either. the Rangers did reportedly offer you a big raise.

    I bet he wishes he could take that tweet back.

  56. as they used to say in Soviet Russia…

    “U nas ne zamenimih net”

    “There are no irreplaceable among us” (my best English translation)

    but you all get the point.

  57. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I can see how this plays out now…

    Parise signs with the wild on opening day of free agency…

    Suter signs with the red wings on the same day…

    schultz, after repeatedly stating he wants to sign with a canadian team, signs with toronto…(slats realizes after the signing he isn’t in edmonton…a canadian city)

    The flyers, missing out on suter, trade for WWeber, continually showing you have to give to get and doing it “the right way”. They play WWeber in goal.

    Bobby Ryan is dealt to the pens, happily extending his contract right away at the same cap hit for 8 more years to set in stone he is always the 3rd amigo.

    Prust likes new york, signs 1,800,008.99 per year contract for 3 years with the islanders. (In first game against rangers prust puts brich out for season with concussion)…no one on rangers steps up to retaliate..rupp has already got his 3 minutes of ice time and no one else know how to fight except guastad, well he kind of does (I’ll get to him in a minute), but he will wait until the rematch

    konopka resigns with sens

    Doan resigns with yotes, yandle is NOT traded

    penner resigns with Kings and slats is crestfallen, begins to panic

    Slats refuses to give up “core” young assets that may or may not ever improve or see NHL ice and Nash goes to the sharks in a trade on the 3rd of July

    Slats signs gaustad to a Holik like contract. With his increased role, gaustad scores 19 goals, gets in and loses 9 fights, is way too tired getting 21 minutes per games and faceoff winning percentage drops below 50% for the season.

    realizing that the offense has not been addressed, but the magical “core” is still intact, slats signs semin and jagr to one year deals at 5 mil per.

    AA plays centre between semin and jagr and scores 85 points that season while being a -27. Slats resigns him to a 6 year deal at 7.8 mil per at the end of the season. Jagr leaves via free agency and sign with pens for one day to retire a penguin. Semin goes to KHL.

    AA scores 41 points the following season and is a +19, traded with his huge contract to mtl for a young centre named galchenyuk

    Rangers finish 11th in the east and everyone wonders why we didn’t try to get frolov from the KHL

    sorry, long hot day here

  58. CCCP

    in America we say, “no one is irreplacaeble.”

    you got the idea though. I agree.

  59. The Calgary Flames powered by Olli Jokinen win the West in your scenarios right wicky?

  60. see tomb… i knew that would be the right way to say it the way you did but it kinda takes away the true meaning of the phrase… saying “among us, everyone is replaceable” takes on a deeper meaning since in Soviet Russia everyone was the same (yeah right) so i tried to bring that meaning but it did not come out right… sigh

  61. I spent a weekend in Lenningrad a number of years ago.

    Thought I had you guys all figured out. ha ha.

    I have some great stories about girls, cab rides, night clubs, getting lost on buses, buying Stolis in two lines, great experience.

    Oh yea and thinking I was going to the Gulag with all my loot after the bus driver ahead of us got busted with stolen art.

  62. oh yea the Hermitage “museum” and” Nevsky Prospekt. ”

    OK enough of that. I am sorry.

    Nice Draft. Go Rangers!!!!

  63. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Thanks guys, just trying to add a bit of levity on a slow (and hot as hell here) day.

    Off to the lake for the afternoon, later aasens!!

  64. I know I am late getting back on this but…..if Prust is negotiating he should realize that the fans don’t make the decisions or write the checks. Why not get himself an incentive laden contract. Score 10 goals a season get another $400K.

  65. What’s the scenario in this match? Does someone get eliminated if they don’t *win* ?

  66. For a country that claims to have the best domestic league in the world, England sure looks pathetic. The sad thing is [for the game], it might end up winning it on a free/corner kick or in penalties.

  67. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good afternoon all! All the grooviest people have today as their birthday. Prust saying. Thanks guys!

  68. Man FIFA should get rid of Offsides. What a waste. The low scoring is ruining the fan base. Is Soccer even popular?

  69. Hahaha. Good one, NYR. I was just going to make a joke about going from Eurosoft 2012 futbol with men diving all over and now I can watch the women try it.

  70. LOL.!! Manny, we should at least have a interesting baseball game tonight….Dickey may strike out all 27 tonight….

  71. Leslie Treff ?@HFNYRangers
    Dane Fox, the non-drafted late 93, was the highest ranked player not to be drafted. Fox will be attending the Rangers Development Camp…

    Dane Fox….awesome name.

  72. As a Yankee fan I hope the Yanks put a nice number on Dickey earlier. You dont give out CY Young awards in June. Having said that it is a nice story. Like Jeremy Lin however it is being overhyped right now.

  73. “I really liked the way he looked when he came back up,” Sather said of Zuccarello who recorded 26 points (eight goals, 18 assists) in 52 games over two seasons with the Rangers. “He was stronger, he was smart, he helped us on the power play.
    “I’d like to see him come back.”

    Sather = Genius

  74. “If only Erik Christensen were English.”

    or Wolski LOL

    England lost! That’s what they get for knocking Ukraine out and for paying the ref to not count the obvious goal that was over the line! Group loss or quarter-final loss? No difference… result is the same… nobody will remember you.

  75. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    anyone notice the first forward listed on the developmental roster??

    I thought he was penguin property?

  76. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allen Panzeri reports the Senators aren’t on Rick Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations, but that could change as the Senators appear to be the only serious bidders. The San Jose Sharks are believed to have dropped out of the bidding, while the NY Rangers turn their focus toward New Jersey Devils pending UFA Zach Parise.

  77. Prust made an unfortunate comment. I’ll give him a pass. But most players don’t get it. We are loyal first and foremost to the sweater, the team we have rooted for all pf our rooting lives. I don’t hold it against him for trying to get the best contract. I hope he get’s it – but not with us.

  78. Hoser is an insane person. Honestly. He would rather keep a miserable player, with a huge Cap Hit, than get anything reasonable? I can’t imagine that these teams are making unreasonable offers across the board when they know other teams are bidding. Nash should get the Player’s Assoc. to force a mediation session and get all the suitors in a room and take the best offer. Auction the poor guy off.

  79. Isn’t “Bathgate” a character in Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece, “Blood Meridian”? Doesn’t he have no ears? Maybe I am confusing him with “Toadvine” or something like that…

  80. bull dog line on

    steroids, he misremembers, send dad to get HGH. Stanton, 2000 team with 12 users. Arod. more HGH.

  81. Yeah, I know, Parise pulled back on the “no way” comments. Whatever the quote was, this is what he said:

    “I realize it was moronic of me to tell the one team that would definitely drive my price up so I can get max cash out of Detroit, Pitt or even Minnesota, to go Byfuglien themselves. So I’m gonna take that back so the Rangers will drive my price up. But in reality, the New York Byfuglien Rangers can eat my Carcillo.”

    No way does Parise come here the Rangers are just posturing because Nash will say no to Ottawa and then Columbus will have to trade him here for whatever we are selling.

  82. It looks as if Brandon Prust has unfortunately bought into the hype of Rangers fans who’ve overrated him. If he genuinely believes he’s worth $2 million or more per year, let him seek his money elsewhere. If he thinks management doesn’t want him back because they’re not willing to get robbed blind, then he’s even dumber than I already thought he was. He’s a 4th line forward with barely average skills. Not worth the trouble and definitely not worth the money.

  83. You can’t be one season removed from one where you scored 5 shorthanded goals and have “barely average skills”.

  84. I love it. Turn on Prust because he doesn’t simply accept NY’s pre-UFA offer. Despite the fact that this is the same team that has routinely shown they *will* pay for grit and punch. Just tremendous. If you can imply that Prust is selfish, you have to be willing to say that about anyone. Sign or you’re greedy and that’s it. Even the guy who keeps playing and fighting through a smashed up hand.

  85. they offer Sather made was more than enough. if you feel differently, start a charity collection.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on


    Rupp is great in the lockeroom. That alone is worth the 1.7 million per year he makes.

  87. Rupp, among the many other albatross qualities he brings, can be cited as one of the reasons Brandon Prust will likely not be re-signed.

  88. Czechthemout!!! on

    I love Prust. But Sather offered him 1.8 million per year for 5 goals and 12 assists. I know he does other things that are laudable, that’s why he was offered 1.8 million not 850k. The offer is more than fair and he should except it and move on.

  89. but he had 5 shorthanded goals two years ago so clearly he’s an all-timer and should be paid comparably

  90. “The offer is more than fair” because I said so, despite the fact that it will very likely get topped on the open market.

  91. as I said, if you believe it’s unfair, by all means, start up a collection. and if you think a 4th line forward is worth $2 million+ per year, you and the GM dumb enough to write that check may wish to seek psychiatric help.

  92. can I assume you know why your statements about overpaying Brandon Prust are dumb, too

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