Rounds 2 through 7 of the NHL entry draft today


Here’s  your blank canvas.

Go to it.

Hope there are some trades and things for you to discuss. And please try to remember that these kids selected today aren’t going to be in the lineup, or on your make-believe line combos, for a few years.


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  1. Carp, good morning. While I accept that it was probably preordained, did NYR do anything to try and land Staal before he agreed with CAR? Do you have an opinion on why he would/wouldn’t be a great pickup? Do you know NYR’s thoughts on that?

  2. According to Darren Dreger, the NYR were negotiating a deal for Jordan Staal. He was right next to the NYR table. Dreger said the Hurricanes added Sutter to the deal and that was that. I also imagine Pitt was eager to move Staal out of the division…assuming the Pens and Hurricanes are in different divisions now.

  3. I can’t blame Prust for trying to make his payday. He deserves it. Watch the Devils or Islanders snatch him up. Ugh.

  4. Brooks always seems to portray these negotiations as high ball-low ball contests, so not sure I’d read too much into this yet. But I wouldn’t re-sign Prust at $2.2m per.

  5. Morning all

    Thats a bummer about prust. Maybe they will split the difference. He will be missed, thats for sure.

  6. cw, I don’t disagree with you. Unfortunately, he is a heart and should player and his loss will be felt. The intangibles he brings are important to team chemistry. Protection of key players is an important thing. That silly handshake is important. He and Boyle had a PK persona that was special. Bring in another guy without his on and off ice personality and, trust me, the team will be a different team.

    Does that mean you overpay? The fact that he was earning $800k per year, frankly was a steal. BB is in the $1.7M range. So, for Prusty, $1.7-1.9 is the range (this is over a year beyond BB’s contract and they are at a relatively similar level) to me. It’s not as if Sather has overpaid before. He’s got a number on his roster he did so for. However, when Prust said he wants to stay here because he loves it, I figured then and now Sather would try to play hardball.

    He usually loses when he does that, but there must be something to his personality that makes him enjoy doing it.

    Odds are we have lost a part of our team chemistry to FA. Not so easy to rebuild.

  7. I’d sign Prust at $2.2MM for 3 years. Whale Rupp if you need to find some cash.

  8. Paul in sunrise on

    Prust is a great guy teammate and heart and soul type player but let not lose sight that he is a bottom six and more suited for bottom three. He has value as a pk but the rangers will probably break in Kreider on pk this year. You cannot pay him over 1.7-1.8 to play mostly fourth line and pk. I say fourth line because the rangers need more balance which means that there should not be a dedicated checking line. If you all want Boyle on fourth line then that’s where prust belongs. There should be some kids making te team to get third line minutes. Heck in hope they can get MZA in the fold for third line right wing or to play extra minutes with gabby out. He has an NHL out clause. Prust is great and jut like with Avery someone will over pay. But he won’t be the guy that comes back to haunt the team as a stud who got away.

  9. if we lose prust, i wonder if slats will try and replace him with Zenon Konopka

  10. I don’t think you’re going to find a skilled PK guy who can drop the gloves 15 times per year and put up 20 goals. Prust and a scorer make for the best team; it’s not an either / or scenario.

  11. Good morning everyone. Definitely one of the strangest past 72 hours for me. Caught a flight to NY from Israel to deal with the tough news, and came back here the very next day. Jet lag is an understatement. I think we did well last night. Unfortunately Buffalo, Washington and Pittsburgh in particular did better. Shero is a smart guy. And all this $$ being cleared means another big name is coming. Parise, Ryan, Suter? Someone else? They certainly will be better next year and if MAF plays as he has in the past and not like he did in these playoffs, id be worried. Prust at 2.2 is overpaying… Maybe not for the Prust of 2 years ago where he was a factor in every game, but that wasnt evident this past season. Heart and soul guy, we all love him. How can we not? But we cannot continue to overpay for 3rd-4th liners. Just because we gave Rupp the kind of money doesnt mean it’s ok to do it with Prust. Prust and Boyle are roommates, apparently very good friends, and are worth about the same to the Rangers. Same contract or cut the ties. He will be missed and I hope he doesnt go to Philly/NJD/Pens. Anywhere else and Id cheer for him.

  12. Paul in sunrise on

    Prust is not a 20 goal scorer but don’t think that is what you meant. Rupp will have to fight more. Dubi can drop the gloves. The team is team tough. I like prust but at some point it has to be enough to love NYR.

  13. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    What is with all the konopka talk? The guy is only good at faceoffs and fighting. He is a waste on our team

  14. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    Pitsburgh is not better at all. They lost staal. And michalek. They are stuck with martin and still have no defense to speak of. Vokoun sucks now and fluery was always over rated. How did they get better? They will not get parise and if they tradefor nash or ryan they will need to give up more assets that will shallow out whatever depth that they have left.

  15. Paul in sunrise on

    I think AA dubi Thomas is a good start to a third line. I expect dubi to be way better this year.

  16. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    I don’t disagree that $6.6 is high. If you allow it to get beyond friendly negotiations and both sides take a stance, it goes to FA. Once that happens, he’s lost. In this case, he’s lost. Someone will overpay for him.

    Since we are void of players like him in our system, unlike a Berniere-type, we have to pay for it. As good as Konopka was on face offs and fighting, there IS an intangible that Prust brings. His personality helps, big time. The big smile, handshake, jump. Konopka is another flat personality, that’s all. Actually, few players stir up your mojo more than Prust on this team.

    You can’t overpay. And the difference, being over $500k is a lot, and not something that can be negotiatied. So, it does look like bye-bye. Very sad.

    How does a smartly run team stay in contention year after year? Just look across the river. Lou has drafted well deep into rounds. They have great development system. SO, their fourth line can be young and cheap. We will spend up to $5m just on the fourth line. What do the Debbies pay? Who’s is better? Just one of the areas where overall team and system depth is important.

    In 13 years of you-know-who, we are finally, but step by step, getting there. This process has taken way, way too long.

  17. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    It would be nice to see Dubie back at center where he seems to feel more comfortable. Perhaps that might boost his play.

  18. Konopka should be signed regardless if Prust. I hope we have them both next year.

    Eric, did we sign Gaustad yet?

    Lev: good luck brother.

  19. Pittsburgh is better because they got something for Staal instead of losing him for nothing. And that something is pretty special in Brendan Sutter, a guy that will flourish on the 3rd line in Pittsburgh, plus they got to draft the guy they wanted early in yesterday’s round. They traded Michalek, a guy with 24 points last year and a guy that missed 20 games. That cleared another $4 million. Why wouldnt Parise sign there now? They have the cap room now, more than enough (14 million i believe) and he and Crosby and best friends apparently. And like it or not Fleury is one of the better goalies in the league. His glove saves are extremely exagerrated, and he is overrated, but he is certainly one of the best in the league.

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    I don’t think they’re that far apart with Prust. If he wants to stay, they’ll get it done. LB is always dramatic about negotiations. I think the Pens did what they had to. It was obvious that they are losing him for nothing next year, and no team would give up any assets for Staal unless he was sure to sign there. The only teams he’d sign with were Carolina and NY. Carolina was willing to give more, plus 8th pick is a bit different than 28th. Can’t blame Sather for not making that one.

  21. Matty

    Not sure you can credit the Devils’ development system for their (over) vaunted 4th line. Bernier was an outcast who started the year in the minors, Gionta has been in the minors six years and played one regular season game and Carter was picked up on waivers mid-season.

    Even higher up the line-up, depth players like Zubrus, Ponikarovsky and Sykora (v2.0) have been around half the league.

  22. No we didn’t get Jordan. But can you imagine him coming here & throwing his face in front pucks like Tort’s makes this team do ? do you really see B. Ryan, R. Nash coming here to be shot blockers . These guys are not defensemen & Tort’s is going to try to make them that or they won’t get ice time . We need offense ! look at the kids in our system , when we talk about them we talk about thier goals & assists , not thier blocked shots. Tort’s has got to cut the leash on our offensive guys , and we do have some. we need scoring
    Lets go Rangers.

    Larry Brooks has an article out on our Shot blocking team

  23. Ralph and Co.: I am pretty sure that an infusion of talent, skill and scoring ability would greatly change the way the top two lines on this team play.

  24. I have to agree with The Doctor. The Boyle comparisons are tough because Boyle is a value right now. When he re-negotiates we will be having the same conversation about -Prust- Boyle. If Prust wants $2M you just suck it up and do it. Get rid of Rupper.

  25. Also, there are plenty of Brandon Prust type players in this league making WELL over $3M.

  26. Paul in sunrise on

    Agreed with manny on post about shot blocking. Prust not worth $2m
    Let’s not forget that the rangers made prust. He was seldom used and only a fighter in Calgary. Torts made him a player. He should give a home town discount.

  27. Paul in sunrise on

    If prust can get himself a better deal then great for him. I do like him. Just over the over paying to play for the rangers. My feeling is he works here but won’t elsewhere. Him going somewhere else won’t come back as the one who got away. It’s not a Montreal McD situation.

  28. Also need to remember with a guy like Prust and the way he plays he should be willing to take less for a longer deal because he easily might not have 3 years left.

  29. no way staal was coming here so lets move past that. another thing prust at 2.2 is bit too much. meet in middle and give him 2 mil.

    also for those knocking pens lets see how the next two weeks play out. if they get parise or suter after freeing up all this cap space by moving staal michalek and potentially martin moved they will be MUCH BETTER TEAM AND THE TEAM TO BEAT. so give this 2 weeks on there end and then we could evaluate

  30. “Also, there are plenty of Brandon Prust type players in this league making WELL over $3M.”

    Good point. Prust might actually suffer a bit from embracing the type of player he is rather than masquerading as a guy who might provide 3rd line offense. Which he actually did 2 years back. Seems implausible we’d be willing to go $1.5MM+ on one dimensional goons 4 straight offseasons and then make a stand the 5th year against a guy who has already contributed and fills an actual non-punching hockey role.

  31. Losing Prust would make me sad. Can we at least retire his number? (#sarcasm)

    If he ends up in say, Ottawa, I think he will be a very valuable piece of that team. What about a team having issues even getting to the Cap Floor? They might pay him a bunch to make the floor and get a fan favourite.

    Also, why aren’t the Lightning interested in Luongo? I don’t get it.

  32. guy who has already contributed and fills an actual *non-punching hockey role.*


    Pure Genius, The Doctor. It’s a good point. He is much more valuable than Rupper at this point.

  33. “If prust can get himself a better deal then great for him. I do like him. Just over the over paying to play for the rangers.”

    If you’re matching the open market, it’s not overpaying, it’s paying market value. Which seems fair to me.

  34. Prust should max out at $1.5m-$1.6m with the security of 3 years – i dont know the details but i’m betting he’s been on a year by year contract up till now. If Prust scored more then i would say pay him $2m but he is a grinder who fights and plays good PK and we need the cash to buy or trade for a scorer.

    Shame we didnt get Jordan – i can see him and Eric making the Canes relevant again very soon.

    Not sure about the new boy, but then it will be another year or two before he’s even Whaling it so good luck to him.

    Is Howson still in a job?

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    Prust is a good guy and great teammate. But he is not worth 2.2 million a year,sorry. Sather offered him a good contract and Prust should take it if he loves being here like he says. Just because we over paid for the abortion that is Mike Rupp on the ice doesn’t mean we should compound that error with another one. Lets not lose sight of the fact that Prust is a fourth line player and is replaceable. I mean if we can’t replace a Brandon Prust, we really are not a good team then.

    What concerns me more is finding goal scoring. The players out there may cost more than we can afford which is a problem since it means we may not be able to get the scoring we need to take the next step and win the Stanley Cup.

  36. just checked capgeek. pens have almost 15 mil in cap space enough for parise or suter

  37. eric – don’t be surprised if they get Parise *and* Suter. Hey at least that leaves Gaustad for us!

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    We have more cap space than Pittsburg. But I bet if we landed Suter and Parise, all we would here how hamstrung this team is now. Suter is overvalued and thus will be overpaid. Parise is a very good but not great player who will also be an albatross around which ever team signs him. No way would I want a 10 – 12 year 80-85 million dollar contract around this franchise neck.

  39. czech i agree with that. on the Pens however those two would be ridiculous combined with Malkin Crosby Neal and Letang.

  40. oh i knows its possibel pens can get both parise and suter i just figured wings will grab one. but parise and suter are close friends and maybe they decide to play with skid. if so the rangers best chance to win cup just passed. the road to the top will seem distant

  41. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    There should be a law against Pens signing Parise, and Suter. So, now Parise and Crosby and Suter are close friends? Wow, they get around!

  42. matty

    not sure yet would like to move back seven eight rows and save money from $73 to $50 per seat

  43. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    they should be able to help you with that provided you have had seats for a few years. They really try to keep people at the same level or more costly seats. Can be pretty pushy.

  44. Czechthemout!!! on

    Poor comparison! Nieves can skate really well. Huge Bustaman could skate at all. He wasn’t even able to stand on is skates . I watched play games where he would just fall down without being touched. How anyone could have drafted him is beyond me.

  45. “Cristoval is a very gifted and talented player who may still be exploring the limits of his potential. He does things from an athletic point of view with extreme ease. His skating is almost flawless in terms of stride and feet work. He moves with a confidence and assuredness that makes you take notice of his command. He has very good puck skills and is able to handle the puck under very challenging circumstances and he is an excellent passer. He may be accused of passing too much and being too unselfish but he makes plays that help his team for the most part. He has the size and body that appears to be ‘tailor made’ for hockey and while he doesn’t play a physical game, he uses his size very effectively to gain advantages and hold off defenders which gives him the necessary time and space to make plays. He’s a player that may not realize how good he can be. Given his skill, when that part comes to fruition, there may be the case of teams asking ‘how did they get him there.’ A player with excellent upside and that is a big variable but one that can pay off.”

  46. In four years we are going to be really mad at this Nieves kid when he can’t crack the lineup after an early November call up.

  47. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    the fact we could not trade round 1 or 2 probably means that no big deal is coming for us. While it means we are not selling out and losing our youth, we also are going with what we have in the NHL and down below. This upcoming year, bar FA signings, could be less than we expected. Have to hope our core continues to improve. Have to hope we find scoring from somewhere. Is pretty scary to see what Pitt has done/will do. Is pretty scary to think that we cant seem to find a body or two that can flip some pucks in the net.

    Hank must be so bummed. “oh my, I’ll need to hold the opposition to 0-2 goals a game again”. Speak of a guy that has a ton of pressure on him all the time…..

  48. Czechthemout!!! on


    He won’t be Bustaman cause he can skate. And UMich isn’t Dartmouth.

    I am hoping for Nick Ebert in the third. He is from Livingston NJ. And played in Hackensack as a kid. Was touted as a top ten pick coming into the season. Got injured and it affected his play. Kid has good wheels and a great shot from the point.

  49. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Czech, I was wondering about him. If he is sound, that’d be an awesome pick!!!

  50. Czechthemout!!! on


    My daughter is a competitive ice dancer and hopefully will compete in the 2018 Olympics for Israel. She trains in Hackensck. The Ebert kid is like royalty there. He was all the talk ther this week.

  51. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Wow, Czech!! Good luck with your daughter! That is a ton of hard work, but awesome to be in a position to be hoping!!

    I am out by Mennon and Wayne. We hear about him out by us. What I hear sounds impressive.

  52. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks. It is awesome, but also very expensive. It’s like having another mortgage.

  53. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Hmmm interesting. I guess the Rangers didn’t like many guys in this draft class.

  54. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Don’t know. Last thing I wanted to see is another 185 pounder on this team. Can’t we be thinking size? It just won the cup. This is 2012, not 1980.

  55. Leetchhalloffame on

    This draft is a BUST for NYR. Every time I see Stefan Matteau on the ice for the Devils I will be saying: Fire Sather!

  56. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    To be fair, we didn’t have great picks, either. Not too sure this draft will go down in our history as a great draft.

    Let us keep our fingers crossed, toes, eyes, hair, anything, that some depth, some scoring, can be added in the off season. Perhaps July 1.

    I feel like Eric.

  57. Czechthemout!!! on

    We got next years third round. Wow, I guess Clark didn’t like anyone at all this round enough to draft. But still seems like we didn’t get enough there.

  58. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Leetch, I feel the same way. Wish it could happen. He is the worst. He has more tenure than all the teachers in the world combined. I guess when you win a cup 30 years ago, it still glows for some people.

    For it to take 13 years for this is so sad. Remember, were it not for a great job by Torts, this team was only slighly above average on paper. Torts bailed his assen out. Or, the “Fire Sather’s” from the rafters would have been raining down again this year.

    JD come back!!!!!!

  59. Leetchhalloffame on

    Yes genius Lev – Yakupov would have been great with 28. Matteau should have been the pick.

  60. I don’t buy assigning the time value of money theory to draft picks, but a current 3rd for a future 3rd (from a solid team) is a weird trade.

  61. Czechthemout!!! on

    If its for next years second round, it’s a good trade. They are saying next two years, draft is supposed to be great. But that’s what they said about this draft last year.

  62. Why? because his dad did one good thing against the devils 18 years ago and simply to prevent him from going to the devils?

  63. Yakupov was too *fatigued* to come to us, Manny. Sorry. We drafted a bust. No matter the name, it’s a bust.

  64. i like what the Rangers are doing. Not going for the overpay and hype nonsense and sticking to the plan.

    that plan is value.. Prust is a nice player, but he is not worth $2.2, or even $2.0 per year.

    $1.2 is fair…..

    the rangers are only getting better, if they cannot get a fair trade, or sign a FA at a somewhat reasonable price go with adding miller, or thomas, or st croix, etc and the younger guys on the roster will need to continue to improve…….

    they finally have a plan so relax…buying or trading for every toy does not work. the cindies are going to be good for a while, they have the 2 best forwards in hockey, so them being good is not exactly a shocker.

    michalek, a signing praised by all the experts how did that 1 work out? Not so good. How is the old NJ d man doing for the Cindies also???? not so good also…..

  65. Leetch- can you explain to us why you think Matteau should’ve been picked instead?

  66. rangers love the north american guys. they like the toughness etc….

    whoever pays prust #$2 mill will be dissapointed….

  67. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    6 more picks until the Rangers and the dam Panthers take a time out.

  68. AND we missed out on Boyle’s younger brother “Timmie”. This is the kind of ticky-tacky, amateur-hour, bush-league management of this team by the execs that is going to cost us Cup after Cup!

  69. To paraphrase Matteau! (not that one..or that one), this isn’t the NFL. How declaring one 18-year-old is a bust at #28 compared to another at #29 is possible right now is beyond me…

  70. Losing Prust has nothing to do with the fact that the Rangers signed Rupp. They just don’t want to pay that much.

    This is basically and uncapped year for the Rangers, so if the cap became a concern, they would just get rid of Rupp in his final year and problem solved. The issue is they don’t want to pay a 4th liner over 2 mil a year and I can’t disagree with that.

  71. Did anyone see that Matt Duchene signed at 1AM last night?

    2 years $7mill….for a #1 center…….thats a $3.5m cap hit…has to be a hometown discount…

    And people think Prust, will get $3m/per on the open market? WOW!

  72. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Apparently a decent two way defensemen that is getting better and has a strong but not flashy game.

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    Prust will wear a different uniform if he gets 2 million per because it won’t be from the Rangers.

  74. I heard Parise is going to have a sit down decision making event on ESPN where it will be narrowed down to 3 teams, and he will look at Edzo and say, “I’ve decided to take my talents over to Steel town, and play with the Penguins.”

    All jokes aside, it has been reported that ZP was a little disappointed when NJ brought Kovy in, as he wants to be the face of the franchise and the “Man” on the team. If that is even a little true, why would go there when they already have the big two in Cindy and Malkenstein? He would end up being the Bosch of the Pens, which is what Staal just escaped from. LOL

  75. “All jokes aside, it has been reported that ZP was a little disappointed when NJ brought Kovy in”

    There is no doubt in my mind that Parise is looking for a contract that rivals Kovachuk’s and the Devils simply cannot afford to give it to him…

  76. went out for an hour. someone fill me in whats all talk about stepan cousin boyle brother. did i miss any nhl trades.

  77. ilb, you ignored my attempt at comedy u punk!!!

    These drafts are usually all the same. We 99% of the time dont know what any of these kids are going to turn into. The picks like Sidney Crosby and Tavares are the exception, you know what youre getting. Who knew what we were getting when we drafted that guy that wears #30 for the Rangers? Nobody.

  78. It doesn’t mean much, Orr. Posturing. Sather said he didn’t think they’d get it done. Prust answers with “I wish the management wanted me”. They already offered (according to LB) $1.8M. He wants $2.2M. Which makes one think he believes he can get even more in open market. Sometimes it’s best to see what you’re really worth. I don’t think they’re that far apart.

  79. Prust will be missed, but he’s not worth over 2 million a year. Tanner Glass or maybe even Ryan Bourque can do the same thing at less than 1 mil.

  80. I watched a really good movie the other day, Drive, with Ryan Gosling. Excellent movie. Anyone else seen it?

  81. It’s tough to say goodbye to players who give it their all, have heart, and love playing in NY…

    Prust is a great Ranger….but sadly, we can’t waste cap space, and anything more than $2m isn’t really warranted for NYR to spend on a 4th liner…

    Rupper’s contract was clearly a mistake if Brandon Prust walks next week….you can’t tell me for a second that Rupp means more to this team than Prust….

  82. ‘Rupper’s contract was clearly a mistake if Brandon Prust walks next week….you can’t tell me for a second that Rupp means more to this team than Prust”

    While 100% true, it’s irrelevant in regards to Prust

  83. No, its not irrelevant in regards to Prust. If Rupp werent here or signed for less money, there’d be more cap space available for Prust.

  84. sather

    we are going to be fairly aggresive in ufa market. here comes penner and semin yippy

  85. Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie
    Sather today: “I think we’re going to be fairly aggressive in free agent market.”

    LOL! Hold on to your butts!

  86. “No, its not irrelevant in regards to Prust. If Rupp werent here or signed for less money, there’d be more cap space available for Prust.”

    So by that argument couldn’t the Rangers simply Redden him to the Whale, get the cap hit off the books and use that space to sign Prust???

    It really has less to do with cap space and more to do with value. The Rangers don’t want to give someone they view has a 4th liner over 2 mil a year for multiple seasons, especially when they believe he can be replaced at half the cost.

    Again, this has nothing to do with Rupp and everything to do with principle

  87. penner sucks. stay away from the loafer underachiever..

    semin is as soft as it gets unless slapping in a fight is considered cool.

    Colin Fraser for the Kings got 2 years $800k per… Prust is better but not that much..

    stall for the Kings got $3 and change, he is a much better player then Prust. Great on faceoffs and shootouts…

  88. rupp was and is overpaid, true. so does that mean they need to overpay Prust?

    Rupp was a continuation of the getting an enforcer mistakeville. Brashear, Boogard, and the nRupp. 3 overpay stupid moves.. Got it…

    They should just have 4th liners with toughness who can skate and stay away from the designated tough guy BS… Mcilrath will fit the role sooner versus later.

  89. God. Getting Sauer back would be like signing a TERRIFIC D-Man on the Free Agent market but he costs $0.

    Aggressive = Konopka, Gaustad and someone old like Sami Salo or Joey Corvo.

  90. I see your point and agree oleo. I wasnt, nor was NYR fan, saying Prust negotiations had to do with Rupp’s contract. Yes, the Rangers are negotiating based on that principle that a 4th liner isnt worth what his demands are.

    Also, Rupp could be Whaled, but we dont know how the new CBA is going to deal with sending down large contracts to the AHL. Ive read over the past year that the league has a problem with teams “Whaling” their players for cap space. Surprise, surprise, another rule that the league wants to institute to screw New York. The Rangers are among the few teams that can afford to have a $35+ million player sitting in the AHL

  91. Can we please stop comparing Prust and Rupp. One guy is in his 20’s (28) the other is, what appears to be, an “old” 33. They are not the same player. Not even similar. Rupp wasn’t signed to be a 4th line player with 3rd line potential.

  92. Joey Corvo and Salo both have BOMBS from the point. But, they are getting up there in age, and could be pretty slow….

    Caber 2.0?

  93. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB, manny, and all!!

    Did someone just post bjork can do the same things as Prust?? What is wrong with people? I seriously question the hockey knowledge at times here by some.

    I don’t think it had to do with whose son it was, matteau’s kid and ulfie’s kid for that matter had size and grit (and in the case of matteau’s kid pretty decent skating and a decent scoring touch). While I liked both players fathers when they played, I would have wanted the rangers to pick one of them regardless of who their dad was or is because of the way they play the game.

    Personally, I wanted wilson out of everyone in the first round (also would have been happy with collberg).

    Prust is worth 2 maybe 2.2 for everything he brings, but not 3 or 4 mil.

    So here is my question for all of those who are “happy” with no moves being made and the drafting of the players we have and the direction that we are moving..

    If you thought at the beginning of the season that the rangers would be one of the final four teams playing I would be shocked. I picked them 5-6 at best in the east. So if it is safe to say they over achieved to get where they did, why would you be “happy” with no moves? You absolutely do not trade kreider, mcdonut, hank, and cally for nash (and I’m not saying that), but unless you want this team to have less success (based on the premise of over achieving this past season), you have to improve the club and more than likely from outside the organization from someone NOT named parise and probably through a trade.

    This is all (IMHO) based on the premise you want the rangers to WIN the cup, not just slide in to the playoffs as the #8 seed on a yearly basis!

  94. That is exactly what I am talking about NYR. Just please get Garrison and stop worrying about 39 year old defenseman that were good in the 80’s.

  95. keep in mind all prob 2 season from now they will go with that ridiculous re alignment where pitt phil wash rangers devs isles carolina will be in same div and then play first 2 rounds of playoffs in div. essentially those are the only teams we should be concerned about as the rest of the east now wont have same impact anymore.

    if parise and suter or just one go to pitt phil gets ryan and you have both staal in carolina and wash gets better the rangers road to a cup final will only get tougher having to play two of those teams before east conf final or whatver they call it then

  96. could it be any more obvious how biased the league is toward Pittsburgh after this weekend??

    all we have heard all weekend is how great the pens are, how great the players they got back are, how they now have cap room to pursue Parise, Suter, Bobby Orr and Gretzky

    but nary a word about the Canes, who got the best player in the deal, and that was supposed to be the defining key to any trade, who gets the best player, and that was Carolina, but you would never know it listening to the NHL(all Pens all the time) Network.

  97. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I’m glad to here sauer is doing better from a health standpoint! Good for him, hope he makes a full recovery!

    I am not overly enthralled with him as a player, he is good but nothing special…the Prust of ranger d-men if you will, a dime a dozen player that every team has plenty of and is certainly over paid. We have someone in the system cheaper and better. We are just saving him in the system for the day when we play all of our “core” guys we are stockpiling at a massive rate that address every single need and position that makes every other NHL team drool, but we never should trade any of them because we NEVER need a player outside this organization to win infinite cups!!!!!!

  98. “Surprise, surprise, another rule that the league wants to institute to screw New York.”

    Edmonton did the same thing with Souray, didn’t they? I don’t think it’s about screwing NY at all. It’s about making it a truly “hard” cap system….right now, it is almost like a “soft” cap….

  99. First, this team gets better by adding Kreider. And by adding one more year of experience ( including the deep playoffs run) to Stepan, McD, MDZ and Co. And while there is no denial an outside help via trade should, and is being explored, one needs to be careful not to give up too much and take a step back.

  100. The Pens got a pretty good haul for Staal though and there as a Sutter involved and they got one of the best d-men in the NCAA and the draft is in Pittsburgh and they freed up cap space.

    That said look for Jordan to have a career year with the bump in ice-time and playing with his brother and the figure skater…

  101. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Prust is NOT just a fourth liner. Please recognize:

    1. our number one fighter and, at least, regular season, defended anyone
    2. excellent on PP and SH goals and gets lots of minutes there
    3. a great guy in the locker room
    4. he and Boyle have ‘karma’
    5. Torts calls him ‘heart and soul’
    6. we had a good record in games he ‘sparked’ with a fight

    It’s not like you look at him as a Konopka and offer $1.6 and move on. What is his replacement value, like for like? He’s not some spare part. He can play a lot of minutes. Is the difference between ‘a fourth line player (Konpka/$1.6M or so) and him (about $400k) really worth to lose when you are talking team chemistry, et. al?

    He offers a lot, and is more important to this team than just an 8 minute a game fourth liner. That being said, there is a top end, and that is around $2M. If he wants to be here, which he said he did, he needs to come down and Sather needs to come up.

    Hope it happens.

  102. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Pens made a really good move with Staal. Helps both teams, but had they waited, they get less. Smart all the way around.

  103. Usually i am with you, eric but I don’t think Gaustad can replace Prust. I think Konopka is the replacement but he’s a downgrade in overall play. I think Gaustad more like…Boyle but better at fighting.

  104. Gaustad is already making $2.5M, Eric. I’d rather have Prust. Again, I believe we are overanalyzing the situation. If LB is right and they already offered him &1.8 per, I fully expect it to be done shortly after July 1st, if not earlier. At just a little short of $6M over three years.

  105. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Prust is a better fighter than konopka and gaustad and konopka is a better fighter than gaustad. Yes, gaustad is a better fighter than boyle, but that honestly is not saying much.

    Whoever said dubi is a good fighter should NOT be allowed to comment on fighting EVER again on this blog.

  106. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I agree with ILB re the over analyzing!

    I say trade every “core” prospect and player we have for 2nd round picks and over 35 contracts!!

  107. Happy to get a breadcrumb of news regarding Sauer and overjoyed that it’s positive, first and foremost in relation to his personal well being and secondly regarding his pro career which is still in it’s infancy. Wonder how this impacts the organization’s plan as July 1st approaches?

    I believe that there are significant changes coming that will leave our core intact. Of course, players that we may consider core players may be not be the same in the NYR war room. Torts stated at season end that the team’s focus would continue to be on developing our youth and “getting younger” which is curious since we’re one of the younger teams in the entire league. I’m prepared to be surprised and hopefully, amazed.

  108. $5.975M. Make Slats happy he *didn’t* give him $2M per year. :-)

    Wicky, trading prospects for 2nd rounders isn’t working on this blog. Whoever was the genius who suggested it last year was banned by Carp shortly. :-)

  109. NYR, Im sure most other teams have “Whaled” a player or two, but no team has the financial strength to whale as many players as the Rangers can and already have. And I understand your point about hard and soft caps, and about the NHL wanting to make it a true hard cap, but the primary victim of a hard cap is New York. Ive said it a million times, Ill say it again, the only advantage New York has over other teams in each sport is the ability to flex their financial muscle, and each league continues to try take that away from us. Salary caps, luxury tax, revenue sharing. If the ability to Whale players to save cap room is taken away, itll be just another example.

  110. Czechthemout!!! on

    Outside of Parise and Suter, this is a pretty poor ufa class. There is no need to go out and overpay for bodies and try to pretend that you’ve gone a long way to solving your problems. The plan should be to do the best you can to try and sign Schultz. Than continue to explore potential trades for high end talent that improves your team and allows them to take the next step.

  111. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I said it last night, and I will repeat myself (not saying I am advocating this), but if penner is available 01JUL12, he will be a ranger!

  112. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Have fun folks, I’m off to run an errand before the France game….

    Later aasens!

  113. Czechthemout!!! on

    They also should continue to infuse young talent into the lineup like Torts always says. This year, we could see JT Miller and or Oscar Lindburg join the team. Perhaps even Andrew Yogan at some point and even Mcilrath if he shows something. That is all a good thing.

    The one issue is that we are now probably in the win now window or close to it. Perhaps one more season away from it at most.

  114. Michael Sauer is a “stud”? In the same league that MZA is a first line 100 point producer. A good 2nd-3rd pair D man who wont score much but will not back down from anyone. To call him a stud is just absurd.

  115. Are you saying he’s better than Girardi, Staal, Mcdonagh, and MDZ? He’s our 5th best D-man.

  116. Any of you guys hear anything about dealing Marc Staal to Carolina for Skinner? Just curious. Also lousy tweet from Prusty – would have loved to keep him.

  117. I think the Rangers were very fortunate this year with the blossoming of McD and MDZ. That’s probably the best story of the season. They have two kids that aren’t even 24 years old that cracked the top 15 in the Norris voting…

    Sauer’s absence wasn’t as detrimental to the team’s success as it otherwise would have been if those two guys didn’t step up and have great seasons….

  118. Some people put Bickel and Sauer in the same category. To me, that is ABSURD.

    I thought at the end of 2010-11 :

    1) Staal

    2) Sauer

    3) Girardi

    4) McDonagh

    5) MDZ

    Now, I think’s more along the lines of what you wrote, simply because Sauer is still an unknown until he comes back and proves he can return to the level he used to play at….

  119. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sauer is an outstanding defensive defenseman. Who ever played with him became a better player for it. Last year it was McD,this year it was MdZ before Sauer’s injury. In my opinion, our top defensemen are:

    1- McD clear cut number one. Top ten in the NHL.

    2- Dan Girardi steady strong tough player with an underrated offensive game.

    3- Marc Staal would be number two if not for so so regular season. Hot better in the playoffs. Would trade him for Jeff Skinner in a heartbeat straight up. Don’t think Canes would. Too bad.

    4- Mike Sauer second best defensive dman on the team behind McD.

    5- MdZ inconsistent with decent offensive game and SOS defensive game. That said, he did improve this year and hope that will continue. Not a great skater which limits his offensive game.

    6- Tim Erixon should surpass MdZ this season or next.

    7- Stu Bickel pleasent surprise who tops out as a number six

    8- Dylan Mcilrath no offensive game. Poor skater but can lay down the hammer. Will never justify being the 10 pick in a strong draft.

    9- Brady Skjei is a good skater and big and has a good shot. Will be a better pick than Mcilrath.

  120. Paul in Sunrise on


    I did not say dubi is a good fighter – i said he was willing and could drop the gloves – point I am trying to make is that this team is way better if it slots it assets appropriately instead of over their heads. Prust is a good player and has those intangibles but he is a fourth line energy and pk guy nothing more than that.

    As it stands now:

    Hagelin – BRich – Gabby???
    Kreider – Step – Cally
    AA – Dubi – ???
    Rupp – Boyle – ???

    see the holes – fill them in – Nash/RYan/MZA/Thomas etc…

    Sauer was a second round pick same draft as staal – got injured and then injured and then injured – he has the potential to be a solid 3/4 dman and we saw that potential late last year and earlier this year – would prefer he come back to that form which would help shore up the d

    Lets talk about Jessiman – yes he was a HUGE bust, but he was still a projected first rounder and if not taken by NYR still would have been a 1st rounder- turns out he shattered an ankle and never really was able to recover to find his potential – injuries happen and there is no telling who or what he would be if not injured so early in development. so lets not label any current draftee a “Jessiman” just yet

  121. If they are really just 500k apart they will get it done. Rangers would be beyond insane to let him go.

    FIVE shorthanded goals just a season ago. Proved he can score a big skill level goal in playoffs vs devils. Sorry that doesn’t just go away at age 28.

    The real Prust is somewhere between this year and last year, and that player with everything he brings is easily worth 2m.

  122. Sauer is a very good d man if he can play.

    prust is not worth $2 mill, no friggin way. Fraser got $800k….

    $1.2 mill per yr is a fair deal 3 years $3.6..

  123. Completely disagree. If he hits July 1 you can bet the Flyers, Pens and pretty much every other team will line up for him and 2m will seem like a bargain.

    And what on earth does Fraser have to do with it. Unless you consider Prust purely a 4th line grinder, and maybe that’s the disconnect, I don’t agree w that at all.

    You can trace the emergence of the Rangers black and blue identity to the addition of Prust.

    Beyond lunacy to let him go over a coupe of hundred grand. Beyond.

  124. Not if that couple hundred grand is the difference between getting 1 or 2 or 3 big time offensive pieces. Going away from the plan to add more offense this offseason in order to keep Prust’s 3rd-4th line services is not smart and rightfully thats not what the organization is doing. They like the guy, but let’s be real.

  125. I will rank them like this: McBust, Girardi, Stawl/Sauer-Pauer, Del Zaster, Strahlman, Anyone else.

  126. For me it’s Girardi McDonagh (a close second) Stall MDZ Sauer Stralman Eminger Bickel

  127. “Positionally Correct”


    That one is going to get a lot of use by ORR come offseason…

  128. It’s a good problem to have really, the whole “which of our Top 3 Defenseman is the best?” That’s a great problem. I would rank Eminger below Erixon, Mc-Kill-Wrath, Behind the hard-to-pronounce-kid we just drafted, behind Leetch (if he were to suit up right now) and behing WoyWhatever.

  129. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I just shouldn’t watch anything to do with any of the few teams I root for this weekend, what a Ranger/France let down of a weekend.

    I’m going to go mow the yard

  130. I know they don’t play the same position. Just rumored that Read would be dealt by the Phlyers yesterday and….#badjoke

  131. Czechthemout!!! on


    Better than Read? Isn’t Read a forward and Schenn a dman?

    Meanwhile, another family reunion thing with the Schenn brothers now in Philly.

  132. Schenn is a big big move for Philly. JVR was as much a goner as Dubinsky seems like he is. They addressed their weakness and got a guy who models his play after Pronger.

  133. looks like the theme around the NHL is brotherly reunions…Bye bye Prust, hello Joel Lundqvist

  134. definitely a good trade for Burke and co. but though the flyers lose some O they gain a lot of D, their weakness.

  135. Sauer=kloucek

    Kloucek was an amazing hitter, way harder than Sauer. But Sauer is a much better player/defenseman by more than a country mile.

    The first round pick of Skjei seems like a good/solid pick. I think there were some forwards they could have taken to try and fill the top six holes in the system right now. Same with the Anderson pick. But overall they all seem like decent picks. I think there’s some real potential in Spelling and Nieves. Even if they are not desperate for D, Skjei looks like a pretty good picks with high potential. If Nieves becomes a top six, he will be a real steal. Time will tell.

    I hope Prust is back. I know Brooks has to be right sometimes. But I hope this is more indicative of his usual incorrectness.

  136. hmm on the flyers blog theyre not too happy about this deal…. granted flyers fans arent exactly einsteins but….am i missing something?

  137. wow just got home from pool and see schenn for jvr . if jvr stays healthy leafs win this trade hands down. anyone know contracts of both so i dont have to look it up

  138. I’ll be honest, I don’t know all that much aboot Luke Schenn, but from what I’m reading, he’s basically the Del Z of the Leaves. The fans are pretty happy he’s gone.

    They’ll probably sign Schultz to replace him.

    Schenn’s still young though. Only 22. Good chance to take.

  139. czechthemout!!!! on


    Yeah. Schenn is mediocre and has reached hiss ceiling. JVR still might have some.

  140. Wow, JVR is a much better player. Luke Schenn turned out to be less than what was expected for a 5th pick. Not an offensive d-man, and his defensive skills aren’t what was expected for his size. He was rumored in any possible deal Toronto was involved in.

  141. Still young though, so maybe Holmgren is banking on him getting better in a different system.

  142. schenn still has 4 yrs at 3.6 per jvr 6 years at 4.25. flyers save 600k on contracts

  143. McDonagh will win himself a Norris Trophy if he can manage 10 goals and 40 assists in a season.

  144. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good afternoon all, I think….

    Been otherwise occupied and trying to catch up….cliff notes please..

    did we lose Prust???? is Staal (not ours) a Penguin??? WTB is going on????????

  145. James van Riemsdyk ?@JVReemer21

    Gotta be a pretty cool feeling for 2 of the 4 staal brothers to play on the same team ?#dreamcometrue? @BVR_17 @TvanRiemsdyk6

    LOL! Maybe the Schenns will let him know how it feels too.

  146. Prust is probably gonners, 2 of the Staals are with the Canes,Scott Johnston is a Ranger.

  147. another good move for both sides. Philly needs D and Toronto needs well a lot, but JVR is certainly expendable given how much offense Philly has.

    The Rangers need to follow this reasoning and trade one of their many prospects to a team that lacks prospects, but has a player they are trying to move (Anaheim anyone?)

  148. LOVE Brandon Prust! He is not even close to being worth $2 million a year. I would offer $3.5 for three years. He gets a raise and he gets to stay with a team he claims to love. Will never happen because it is all about $$$. Oh well, by Brandon, good luck!

  149. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Thanks Lev. If we lose Prust, I am gonna cry, boudreau, carcillo and scream Hartnell. I will also never be able to watch a game between us and whoever he (hopefully doesn’t) play for. I need to comfort Boyle.

  150. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    and also, a Matteau with the Debbies? This summer is turning out not so great so far….cripes!!!

  151. Yev Kassem

    I agree 100%. You can’t give a 4th liner 2+ million for 4 years, when the Rangers are going to need as much cap space as possible for at least the last two years. He’s been a great Ranger, but you can’t give him that kind of money when ideally, he would be playing limited minutes 5X5

    That’s why Rupp’s contract is a non-issue. The Rangers don’t need that cap space until his final year so they can just dump him or trade him.

    It’s going to be impossible to pay our higher priced guys with Prust making 2+ million. There are loads of guys that can give us what Prust does at half the cost. Can we say the same about Richards or McDonagh?

  152. The Matteau is BIG, but slow. Glad we passed.

    Prust is a bust if we don’t find a way to settle. While there is at top end, and that may b 1.9/2.0/2.1 or something like that, he is NOT an $800k player. Different time, different place 2 years ago. He has matured and is a solid part of our identity.

    Yev? I respectfully disagree. $1.2 when Boogard (may he RIP) was GIVEN $1.6 for 4 years is comedy central material. How much MORE is Prust worth than Boo?? How close to what Boyle is worth is Prusty? Therein lies your magical number. Around $1.8-1.99.

    He needs to give some back to stay here, but we have to be real.

  153. It is erroneous to call Prust JUST a fourth liner. He adds MUCH more to a team than a 6 minute a night guy. If he leaves, we will need a lot of guys to fill in the gaps. Who will shake hands at the game’s end with MDZ and Boyler?????

  154. when Boogard (may he RIP) was GIVEN $1.6 for 4 years is comedy central material. How much MORE is Prust worth than Boo?

    so by that logic, the Rangers should have given Gaborik 15 million a year, because Gomez was given 7.5

  155. Oleo, some role players are important because of the spell they give the other players. Do you want Richards, or Gabby spending time on the PK? Who’s gonna fill Prust’s time?

    Do you want Dubie sparking fights? Who will defend our non-fighters and spark fights when needed?

    Nope, I want to afford Richards (I think. If he plays a full season and playoffs) and certainly the very talented McD. But an extra few hundred K for Prust, I am good with.

    To a point.

  156. Yup…Jordan, Eric and Jared Stahll all play for the Hurricanes…in three years Marc can join his bros there too

  157. Love the draft spelling will be a steal watch and see. I still don’t get the method to sathers method though. A lot of teams calling in on dubi but sather won’t deal?

  158. Matty

    there are guys that can kill penalties that are veterans like Fedotenko or rookies like Ryan Bourque that can do a similar job, but for a substantially lower amount.

    That is why guys like Gaborik get paid so much and role players get paid so little. Grit and heart are a lot easier to find, then world class skill…

  159. maybe when we lose prust we can go after steve ott. dallas may be looking to move more salary

  160. LOL @ apologize for mixing up names. It’s ok Rod, we forgive you. Come back here right after a move is made to give us the latest.

  161. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I meant sauer is just like kloucek, which is injury prone, they are both the anti prust.

    I agree with orr, I think sgt schultz is going to toronto.

    back to the yard

  162. Sather says he will be “aggressive” in the free agent market. He also says Prust is probably not coming back. Factor in that the top 3 free agents (Parise, Suter and Schultz) are not signing with the Rangers, I interpret his “aggressiveness” to mean he plans to revamp the 3rd and 4th lines and ad Jason Garrison to the “d”.

  163. From TSN:

    “Just the tradition they have there, the city, the fans it’s all unbelievable and growing up a big-time Yankees fans, a good analogy for me is that it’s like playing for the New York Yankees of the NHL.”

  164. Some of you have short memories, this wasn’t Prust’s best year but his body of work as a Ranger says valuable player. Letting him go over a couple hundred grand is crazy talk. Just nuts. He would be a Flyer minutes after midnight July 1 for more than 2m.

    Can’t help but think Sather is negotiating through the media. I see him signed at 5.9m for 3 years so the Arrogant One can feel as though he won by getting him in under 6.

    If he wants to set an example after his ill advised contacts to Dubi and Rupp this is not the place to do it.

  165. Jason Garrison makes no sense. He’s a one trick pony and will cost way too much.

    and by aggressive that means 1 year deal for Ray Whitney the second free agency opens. Just makes way too much sense not to bring him in…

  166. what is a wensday? I sorry (lo siento) if i be rude, pero inglesh not first language. O sea, querias decir miercoles? Hay un manny aqui? Ok, let us go rangers.

    saludos desde argentina,

    ella correo

  167. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    What???? He’s married???? WTB?????

    MDZ….I always loved him, now I just learned another reason why……

  168. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “if the rangers do not resign Prust, its reconclusive of any consternation”

  169. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “has winning the cup been ostentatious ?”

    Coach sutter “hubby tubby wubby woo”

  170. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “have you thinked about your draft picks?”

    Coach sutter – dippy hippy tippy doo doo Dah”

  171. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “torts, have you thinked about any of your picks?”

    Torts ” go byfuglien yourself, you mindless moron”

  172. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I don’t think the organization views whitney as part of the plan. If they don’t think prust is, surely they wouldn’t think whitney is. Just a guess on my part though.

    I think there is a lot of posturing going on in a lot of places.

    I think I’m going to take off the 2nd of July from work…just to avoid collateral damage of some random person there.

  173. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    timbits (I guess technically NOT a donut) so I would say a swiss chocolate filled donut from dunkin!

  174. JimboWoodside on

    >>>”a good analogy for me is that it’s like playing for the New York Yankees of the NHL.”

    Errrrr….JVR, the *correct* analogy would be the Montreal Canadiens, as much as I disike them, that is the truth..

  175. What the hell is Dubi wearing in that linked pic? If he thinks that’s fashion, he’s nuttier than squirrel.

  176. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think mtl and wash had the best drafts (especially the first couple of rounds)

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