The 2012-13 schedule


The schedules are out:

The 2012-13 NHL schedule.

Here is the Rangers’ schedule, via the team’s web site.

Ya boys open in L.A. with the ring ceremony and the raising of the Stanley Cup banner, etc., I assume.


Official announcement from the NYR:

Home Opener on November 1 vs. Dallas

NEW YORK, June 21, 2012 – The New York Rangers will open the 2012-13 season on the road against the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings on Friday, October 12.  This will mark the second consecutive season New York will open their regular season campaign against Los Angeles, having done so last season at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the 2011 Compuware NHL Premiere™.  This will be the fifth consecutive season New York begins on the road.

Following a season-high, eight-game road trip to begin the season, the Rangers’ home opener at MSG will be on Thursday, November 1, against the Dallas Stars.

The Rangers will face each NHL team at least one time over the course of the season.  New York will face Atlantic Division foes New Jersey, NY Islanders, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh six times each.  The Blueshirts will face all other Eastern Conference opponents a total of four times apiece.

The schedule also features 18 games against Western Conference opponents, with nine of those contests taking place at MSG.  The Rangers will host each team from the Northwest Division – Calgary, Colorado, Edmonton, Minnesota and Vancouver – as well as Anaheim, Dallas and Los Angeles from the Pacific Division, and St. Louis from the Central Division.  Meanwhile, the Blueshirts will travel to meet four teams from the Central and Pacific Divisions – Chicago, Columbus, Detroit and Nashville from the Central, and Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Jose from the Pacific – along with Colorado from the Northwest Division.  New York will face three Western Conference teams twice – Colorado, Dallas and Los Angeles.

The Rangers will play three Saturday contests at MSG, and nine Sunday contests at home.  In addition, the Blueshirts are scheduled to play 14 back-to-back sets, including one back-to-back home set on February 17 and 18 vs. Philadelphia and Buffalo.

The team will have three separate homestands of four games – November 1 vs. Dallas to November 8 vs. Minnesota, December 6 vs. Colorado to December 12 vs. Montreal, and February 14 vs. NY Islanders to February 20 vs. Montreal.  The Blueshirts’ busiest month is March, featuring 15 games, and the busiest night on the Rangers’ home schedule is Thursday, with 10 dates.
In addition, the Rangers will play five home games on Mondays, eight on Tuesdays, five on Wednesdays, and one on Fridays during the season.

Starting times for all games at MSG will be 7:00 PM, except for the following 10 dates: Wednesday, November 14 vs. Washington (7:30 PM); Saturday, November 24 vs. Philadelphia (1:00 PM); Saturday, December 8 vs. St. Louis (12:00 PM); Sunday, January 13 vs. Boston (7:30 PM); Sunday, February 17 vs. Philadelphia (TBD); Monday, February 18 vs. Buffalo (7:30 PM); Sunday, March 10 vs. Edmonton (3:00 PM); Sunday, March 24 vs. Washington (TBD); Wednesday, April 3 vs. Pittsburgh (7:30 PM); Wednesday, April 10 vs. Toronto (7:30 PM).  Please note that starting times for all games marked TBD will be confirmed 13 days prior to the date of the game.  Visit for details.

Single-game tickets will be put on-sale to the public in September.  No date has been set at this time.  For 2012-13 season tickets visit


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  1. HockeymanRangers on

    Regarding the award ceremony, Yea I agree Carp, the whole show was pitifull. The Shanahan thing was the worst, maybe if they did that skit ONCE it might have been Ok. But to just keep doing it was ridiculous. The NHL needs to hire somebody that can actually make a show of it. Yea and I really wished Henrik did not lay out the f bomb.

  2. Eight-game trip to open the season, though they will be able to come home after the first two games and practice at their facility, then have a semi-home game at NJ.

  3. Ugh second game is against the Sharks. They better not miss any games due to lockout or else I won’t be able to go to that game :(

  4. Jokingly serious questions:
    Carp, are you going to be physically presented at draft or, like the rest of us just watching TV? Does the home town (Pissburg) have any privileges or advantages at the draft? Can we expect something unexpected at draft night and if so, what could it be? Will you plan to arrange audio Q/A meeting with boneheads immediately after draft?

  5. we started 3-2-2 on seven game road trip last year to start.

    home opener vs dallas nov 1st

    hate being team on banner night

  6. Leetchhalloffame on

    Idiots at NHL’s schedule makers should have made the Devils endure the opening night banner/ring cemetery, not the Rangers.

  7. breakdown by days for home games

    5 on monday
    8 on tuesday
    5 on wed
    10 on thurs
    1 on friday
    3 on sat
    9 on sunday

    total 41

  8. >>and of course, we open the season in LA… cup banner!

    It’s the NHL’s way of telling us they really wanted Rangers in the Finals.

  9. Hopefully the opener will serve as motivation to the players to be in the same spot the following year.

    Is Nash a Ranger yet?

  10. new years eve in florida

    thanksgiving weekend home sat game vs phil the day after we are in boston for black friday 1pm game

  11. Continuing the trend of atleast one of the games in Boston being at a time when I’m away. Standard.

  12. so Brian Boyle is yet another idiot who doesn’t realize the Garden crowd is chanting “Hen-rik”

  13. maybe if the Garden crowd had better pronunciation
    and stressed the ‘k’ in “Hen-riK”

  14. 4ever, I don’t think I’m going to be involved in the draft at all. Got some other stuff tying me up until next Friday. Probably going to be all twitter widget coverage and Boneheads discussion, though I’ll drop by in the comments fairly frequently.

  15. Carp, did the rangers really think it was necessary to have John Rosasco planted right next to Torts during the awards show?

  16. I hope we trade our first round pick
    I hope we don’t trade for a Rick
    I hope we get a younger guy
    Whose alias is Bobby Ry …

    (… an)

  17. 2nd time in 4 years the Rangers open the season facing the defending Stanley Cup champs on banner night.

  18. Thanks, Carp. Understood. I guess Torts’ relationship (or lack thereof) with the media has really hit bottom.

  19. DarrenDreger Nash’s agent, Joe Resnick will meet with CBJ gm Scott Howson this afternoon. Have to think he encourages a trade.

    Dublowsky, Thomas, Erixon, 1st round pick! It works in NHL12 then it should work in real life!

  20. Sioux-per-man on

    Bummed NO game in Minnesota :( There goes that Father / Son game tradition.

    Another trip to NY might be in order :)

    Looks like I saved two hours of my life NOT watching the awards last night. Nice to read that Hank won. I almost picked Patrice Bergeron for the Selke, changed my answer at the last review. Why do I feel like I just took a test, changed my answer, and got it wrong.

    Nothing like having a perfect test score!!! Congrats to Evrockriser job well done.

    Next the draft…. who are the Rangers trading their draft pick for?

    Carp – who would you like to see become a Ranger if you could sign ONE guy this year?

  21. to Mister D,
    I’ll trying answer to you quick.
    Like you, I’m also getting sick,
    From empty hopes and drear cry,
    That we can sign your pipedream’s guy.

  22. cant make any wednesdy home game there are 4 of them

    nov 14th vs wash
    dec 12th vs montreal
    feb 20th vs montreal
    april 3rd vs pitt

    anyone want all 4 face value my seats are $73 dollars a seat but i am in talks with garden about moving back 7 rows and paying either $50 or $53 a seat

    email me

  23. Sorry incorrect. Should be: … I’m trying answer….
    or I’ll try to answer…etc.

  24. Sioux-per-man on

    Banner night in LA on opening night doesn’t bother me one bit. The Rangers should have been playing the Kings for the Cup in the first place. Nice to have the boys watch a banner being raised, it that doesn’t set the goal in stone on the first game of the season – what will?

    Who nows maybe Hank and Quick can swap hardware next year???

    So who is the new Rangers going to be Nash, Ryan, Kane, Parise?

    Will the Rangers trade Del Zotto or Erixon to bring in an elite forward?

    If it doesn’t happen today – does it happen tomorrow? Something tells me its Nash….. thoughts…..

  25. Schedule-shmedule…Who cares now? Whatever. Too distant…Trades, Drafts and Acquisitions are different story. But after that – 101 days nights of emptiness, torturous uncertainness and separation anxiety from your beloved team. That’s deep. Oh-ho-ho.

  26. You guys are deluding yourselves if you dont think flyers improve themselves getting Nash for JVR (that’s the rumor). Not sure why anyone thinks that stops them from getting a dman also.

    Multiple years of Giroux, Nash, Hartnell?

    Nash => Flyers = Disaster

  27. Do you really think Holmgren is going to tolerate another season like that before he Reddens Bryz? It would be grossly underestimating him to think they don’t have a back up plan. By the way even with Bryz they had a better record against the rest of the league than we did last year, and they knocked off the team many thought would win the cup. So let’s be ojective.

  28. See? The Doctor agrees with me. Go get Nash, Philly. Have fun. You still haven’t filled any of your needs.

  29. Why credit Holmgren for being smart enough to have a back-up plan to replace Bryzgalov but not credit him for being stupid enough to sign him to that deal in the first place?

  30. Objectively, there is no question – Philties were very impressive this season. If they will learn a right lesson from mistakes and do some moves to improve D (it was a mess in panic in PO against Debbies) and Universe Briz will stabilize his galaxy, they will be #1 Cup contender by content of team’s play. Hate aside, from pure hockey sense, I can’t help, but say it is exciting to watch them in attack mode.

  31. Debbies I HATE unconditionally.(which addmitedely covers my so called “objectivity” by thick cloud of nasty smoke).

  32. Holmgren has made good moves and bad moves. Overall I like what he’s done for his team, he has that word Torts uses for guts and done in 3 years what it has taken Sather 12.

    Good point about Bryz contract, still have to believe there is a back up plan which could include a buy out. Or they just wont play him.

    Either way, again, they did pretty well with Bryz and he can’t get any worse (can he?). They will be even better with Nash. They can still pursue a dman.

  33. Flyers were impressive at scoring. They were unimpressive at preventing. The biggest reason is a problem that cannot easily be fixed.

  34. Yup. The Doctor is right., The Phlyers are on their way to becoming the Capitals of slightly further West and North.

  35. MD they will have years of Giroux-Nash and plenty of time to solve the goalie problem if it continues to be one.

  36. czechthemout!!!! on

    So there is a rumor out there that the Flyers put an offer on the table of JVR, Matt Read,and Bobrovsky for Nash and there is some talk that CBJ is willing to accept it if Nash reconsiders and acceptance going to Philly.

    What’s amazing about that offer is how totaly crappy it is. JVR has not score more than 40 pts in a season. He has had at least two concussions. And Read is a 26 year old rookie who may just be a flash in the pan along the lines of Warren Young among many others. Bobrovsky is terrible in goal. No better than the garbage that plays goal for the Jackets now.

    If we offered AA,Dubi, and Mdz and Howson the idiot turned it down in favor of this joke of an offer, it explains why his team is in such poor shape and why he will soon be fired!

    Anyway, if Holmgren pulls off this trade as is currently rumored than he would have once again fleeced Howson.
    Holmgren has made a career by robbing Nashville and Columbus over and over shaving.

  37. I’m going going back back to Cali Cali….

    to San Jose and LA to see my Blueshirts! Then, I will hit up my brutha E3!! Awesome way to stat the season!

  38. It’s fine czech: “over-shaving” is s huge problem. I think it’s cryptic. Maybe you mean he has to cut his playoff beard too soon season after season

  39. czechthemout!!!! on


    It’s crazy. I wouldn’t trade Dubi straight up for JVR. Dubi had an off year. So what. Many players do and come back strong later. AA us by far better than JVR and Matt Read because I bet if AA was offered to the Flyers straight up, Holmgren would make that deal in a heartbeat.

    Again, if Howson takes this deal, he should be fired the next day. And he has Craig Patrick “helping” him. The same Craig Patrick who traded Jagr to Washington for a bag of pucks just to spite the Rangers. Real smart ownership they have there in Columbus.

  40. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good afternoon all! Really, opening in LA!? That’s a major salt shaker on a gaping wound. Id rather fly to Sweden again.

  41. Ilya Bryzgalov buyout from
    2013-14: -$690,476
    2014-15: $1,309,524
    2015-16: $1,309,524
    2016-17: $1,809,524
    2017-18: $1,809,524
    2018-19: $5,059,524
    2019-20: $6,059,524
    2020-21: $1,642,857
    2021-22: $1,642,857
    2022-23: $1,642,857
    2023-24: $1,642,857
    2024-25: $1,642,857
    2025-26: $1,642,857
    2026-27: $1,642,857

  42. Carp, assuming there is a lockout, do you feel they will be back playing by mid December? Especially, since the league may be afraid to lose the Winter Classic?

  43. if nash gets traded for jvr read and bob then howson should be lynched and fed to wolves

  44. There will be a lockout, why? Few months ago Buttman was on Fat man’s show (francessa) and stated that he wants the cap to go down considerably and you know that with Fehr leading the players association that’s not going to happen. This schedule that came out today will mean nothing by October.

  45. a month or two lockout would be IDEAL for rangers.

    1. no 8 game road trip to start 10 of 14 away to start
    2. gabby misses almost ZERO time.
    3. since they are tired more rest for girardi and mcdonagh

  46. eric, I agree, it will be a blessing in disguise. Renovations will get done and Gaborik won’t miss any games.

  47. I hope that Nash trade to Philadelphia does happen. Makes a mess of their cap with him and Sievgalov getting like $13MM per year for a long time.

  48. I don’t know where that rumor started about the philthies getting Nash but I don’t believe it for one second.

  49. LW given those numbers do you think for a second they wont buy him out if he is terrible again?

  50. I know one thing. I rather see the philthies get Nash than weber or suter, that’s for sure.

  51. Carp, you didn’t think the Tracy Morgan skit was funny? I didn’t watch the show at all, just youtubed things after reading your critique. The Will Arness skit with Shanahan doling out punishment on Dustin Brown started out pretty funny but then, like an SNL skit after midnight, it floundered and went on too long. But Tracy MOrgan’s skit was funny!!! I guess I’m just a TM fan!

  52. I really like the Shanahan video about Ovechkin parking his car in an annoying manner. I thought it got a bit over the top at points but, then again, that is Will Arnett’s humour.

  53. Maybe I should start a blog. I know I’ll be lucky if 3 people actually read anything close to a third of my post, let alone comment on it. lol

  54. With the Flyers, Matteau, who knows? But paying a guy tens of millions (significantly more than Redden, for comparison) to not play for you and committing to dead cap space for 13 years, including $5m plus for a couple of years well into the future, is not exactly something I’d file under “No Brainer”.

  55. “So there is a rumor out there that the Flyers put an offer on the table of JVR, Matt Read,and Bobrovsky for Nash and there is some talk that CBJ is willing to accept it if Nash reconsiders and acceptance going to Philly.”

    Highway robbery. And Sather is utterly incompetent if he can’t put a deal together as good as that.

  56. I have no idea how Kings fans can keep coming up with the notion that Darryl Sutter should’ve been nominated for the Adams. You’ve really gotta appreciate idiocy.

  57. What I really enjoy, is the talks about actions before these actions. It is the shortest and nicest way to expose one’s stupidity without insults… It tops only, blaming someone, for action never happened and/or even thought to be committed.

  58. Btw, the NHL Network left the Lundqvist F-Bomb in for their recap show. That probably tops the decision to not use wind screens on their mics for after-awards interviews in the “Wonderful Planning” department.

  59. LW if you have a major market team that is otherwise a contender and your most important positional player is hurting their chances then Id say it’s absolutely a no brainer to pay him off and deal with the 1.6m per year less of cap space. Again, assuming his play is he is hurting the team. Not a pleasant decision, but an easy one because the alternative is unacceptable.

  60. czechthemout!!!! on

    Patrick traded Jagr from Pittsburgh to Washington for a bag of pucks . The Caps gm was McPhee.

  61. anyone read this interview Gordie Clark did with Andrew Gross the other day.
    (it’s the second entry)

    ““The (other picks) needed somebody who could take care of them,” Clark said of McIlrath. “It’s not too often…a lot of guys that can take care of themselves as a fighter, physically, not many guys are mobile enough to play defense and do the scrapping. Other than that, most times we did take the best player available.””

    Makes it sound like they traded up to take a guy no one else would have taken in that spot and also makes McIlrath sound like a slightly better Stu Bickel.

  62. And Holmgren just flicks a switch and gets the right goalie next time, like his organisation has done for the last 25 years?

  63. czechthemout!!!! on

    So now , according to Pierre LeBrun of Espn all trade talk is at a standstill. There is a lack of traction and gm’s are frustrated. So all this talk is bullcrap. Non of these guys know a damn thing. Last year, there wasn’t much talk but a lot of action . This year, it will all be talk and no action.

  64. “Makes it sound like they traded up to take a guy no one else would have taken in that spot and also makes McIlrath sound like a slightly better Stu Bickel.”

    Hasn’t it been confirmed that someone (Anaheim?) was prepared to pick McIlrath in front of us?

  65. McIlrath could certainly be a mistake, only time will tell…but Gordie’s picks have been outstanding, IMO….can’t really complain…

  66. Here’s the results of the awards voting including the all-star team but not including the Masterton (who cares).

    The Rangers had 3 defensemen in the top 10 of the Norris voting with Girardi highest at number 6. Yet somehow he was 8th in all-star team voting. As far as I’m concerned the Vezina and Norris voting should just trickle down as the all-star team. They don’t differentiate between the left and right side like they do for forwards. The forwards all-star voting is hilarious. Claude Giroux finished 3rd at right wing AND center, effectively keeping him off both squads. Hah! Gabby came in 16th in LW voting. Somehow some numbskull gave Gabby a first place vote, meaning they thought he was the best LW that played this year. How does that even make any sense? Carp, can you explain this one?

  67. LW not sure what overall point you’re making but the Flyers are a top team and I think it’s a mistake to think the organization will stand pat on their goaltender situation if it doesn’t improve.

    Beyond that they will be an offensive force for years to come if they add Nash to team up w Giroux. And they can pursue a defenseman at the same time, none of this is mutually exclusive.

    I do hope the Nash to Flyers rumors are nonsense.

  68. czechthemout!!!! on


    That’s why at the time of the draft I was so upset that they used the 10th pick in a strong draft on a goon who can at best develop into a number 5-6 dman. Jared Tinordi, Cam Fowler,Nick Bjugstadt , Derek Forbert are just a few of the players we should have drafted.

  69. Evrockriser, thank you for posting that link. will be interesting to sift through.

    btw., I’m no fan of DeBoer, but it’s an absolute joke that he finished behind Bylsma in the voting.

  70. for the poll —->

    You’re all way off. This team needs Rosie LaRose from Strange Brew, and then 2013 is a lock.

  71. I’m totally fine with letting Prust walk if he won’t sign for around $1.2 million. Anything significantly more than that is a waste of money.

  72. czechthemout!!!! on

    Mister D

    It rumored to be Dallas. Again, rumored to be. So what? Dallas hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire with their drafting.

    I am told over and over again about the need to be patient with defensemen in general. So I will give it one more year before I start calling him a bust.

    Clark has done a good job running the draft by sticking to drafting the best player availa. Here though, by his own admission he went against that philosophy and as of now it could come back to bite him and us. We will see in about a year.

  73. Flyers cap situation is not great to begin with. Voracek needs a raise, Hartnell will require a new contract next year, Giroux in a couple. Ditto Simonds and Couturier. Getting Nash and buying out Bryzgalov will be a cap suicide. They will simply have no money for any decent D-man and another goaltender. Trying to score more than you let in isn’t working these days.

  74. Disagree on that number, Lloyd. Expect close to Rupp’s figure, perhaps for more years.

  75. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Great trade btw!

    I’m fine with letting prust walk…right over to Lloyd’s house and punching him right in the face for being nothing significantly more than annoying!!

  76. Not saying anything more than buying out a player you’ve just made a $51m, nine-year commitment to just isn’t a no-brainer, however dubious the original decision was. And the Flyers have been trying and mostly failing to improve their goaltending situation for 25 years.

  77. $5M per year for Pronger through 2017 is another brilliant move by Flyers. Barring significant changes in new CBA, that number isn’t going anywhere even if Pronger retires.

  78. That’s what we BEEN saying, ilb. Phlyers = Joke = Must win now or suffer long time.


    I <3 You Wickster!


    iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" June 21st, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Great trade btw!

    I’m fine with letting prust walk…right over to Lloyd’s house and punching him right in the face for being nothing significantly more than annoying!!

  80. But Pronger can just stay on LTIR until his contract expires, like the Flyers have already done with Rathje, Betts and Laperriere. No real harm assuming they are always a cap team.

  81. I’ll check with Jbeck, but Pronger’s is a 35+ deal (another Holmgren screw up), so cap hit stays even in retirement.

  82. ilb:

    you may very well be right and that just makes both of those contracts that much more absurd. like I said weeks ago, if I’m Prust’s agent, all I’d do is show Sather a photocopy of Rupp’s contract.

  83. Thinking Prust will easily get 2.3m on the market. Question is will he take 2m to stay and will the Rangers pay that much.

  84. Pronger and the Flyers agreed to the contract in 2010 at the time Pronger was 34 years old. Does that apply to the 35+ deal?

  85. Yes, because Pronger was 35 when the extension kicked in. Holmgren was reportedly under the misapprehension about it being the age at signing that counted.

  86. Can someone call Pronger’s agent, please?

    If I am Prust’s agent I get a petition of how much people love him here and then I show them Ruppers contract and Wolski’s.

  87. Pronger’s contract is registered as 35+ since it was signed starting with the season during which he turned 35. On the books. LTIR is helpful, but they need to be at the cap like LW said.

  88. Wolski is (allegedly) a scoring forward. Mike Rupp is a 4th line bum who’s making $4.5 million over 3 years to be an assistant coach who gets 6 minutes a night. You don’t fix that by overpaying another 4th-line player.

  89. I agree, Lloyd. I was saying this yesterday that the Cap is supposed to create balance and if 4th line players want to get 2nd line money without that production they will effectively price themselves out of the NHL. Teams will just use AHL players for the 4th line because they are cheap.

  90. What does Prust do that makes him worth $2 million?

    What does Rupp do that makes him worth his price tag?

    Does Prust score?

    Is Prust an excellent defensive forward?

    Does Prust set up scoring plays?

    Is penalty killing and fighting worth $2 million?

  91. I think the Devils pretty effectively dispelled any notion that 4th-line forwards should contribute beyond running 5-6 minutes off the clock per game. That being said, the Rangers have no 4th-lines on their pro roster right now who are capable of more than that.

  92. The big question on Prust is whether he is a 4th liner or 3rd liner. Is he 2011-12 or 2010-11. I definitiely pay 2.3m for the Prust 2 yrs ago w several shorthanded goals. Last year’s I pay 1.7m. So 2m for next years Prust?

  93. Brandon Prust is a 4th-liner and penalty killer on a lineup with an iota of depth. I think he’d be that much better if he wasn’t being hamfisted into roles he has no business occupying.

  94. Last season (meaning the season before this one) Prust scored a lot of goals (for him) and that was a fluke. I think he’s better than he was this past season. And man oh man I LOVE the guy.

  95. He does much more for this team than what you mentioned, Chris…We’ve discussed that before, let’s settle on “agree do disagree”. I have a feeling that once he goes and tests the FA market, Prust may come back and do what Neil did in Ottawa- take less money to stay here. Probably at similar numbers. I can live with that.

  96. Since you guys are working on demeaning Prust:

    PRUSTY #8
    • Everything is Brandon Prust’s Sloppy Seconds.
    • Brandon Prust could knock out that Guardian.
    • India has offered a trade: it’s 1 Billion citizens in exchange for Brandon Prust.
    • Most of us choose right or wrong. Brandon Prust chooses right or left.
    • Brandon Prust ended the last episode of The Sopranos.
    • *On the Seventh Day Brandon Prust Created God.*
    • *Brandon Prust’s blood type is TK-O-positive.*
    • After the filming of Pulp Fiction was completed… Samuel L. Jackson gave Brandon Prust back his wallet. Remember? It was the one that said Bad Motha———-.
    • Brandon Prust doesn’t cough… impurities dare not enter his lungs.
    • Mathmatically…Area= BasexHeight; Prust= FistxFist; Prust + Fist x anger + opponent, divided by refs = 5 minutes for fighting.
    • When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object… Brandon Prust moves that object.
    • Prust once played a game of Russian Roulette. The Gun lost.
    • When trucks want to commit suicide they jump in front of a Prust.
    • Mother Nature is Brandon Prust’s Bitch.
    • Why did dinosaurs become extinct… Brandon Prust got hungry.
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    o So the ‘S’ on Supermans chest actually stands for second place?
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    Prust – How do you think earth spins?
    • Witness Protection Program- Saving NHL players from Prust for years.
    • Prust fought a cold when he was young… that cold hasn’t been seen since.
    • Prust was once called for Jury duty. The accused immediately pled guilty. Which is good, because Prust jumped out of the jury box after 5 minutes.
    • No joke, Prust trims his beard with a chainsaw.

  97. “I think the Devils pretty effectively dispelled any notion that 4th-line forwards shouldn’t contribute beyond running 5-6 minutes off the clock per game.”

    just wanted to fix that

    and if anyone genuinely believes Brandon Prust is worth $2.3 million per year, you’d better gear up for making Ryan McDonagh the highest paid defenseman in the league.

  98. No problem, Lloyd. That voting results list has some interesting bits to it. Worth at least a 5 or 10 minute look. It’ll have you shaking your head a lot.
    I agree with you wholheartedly on that one, Chris. I love the guy and he brings those intangibles but, unfortunately those intangibles aren’t intangible enough to put such a high price tag on. Would really hate to see him walk though. Especially remembering the fact that he was a product of the Gomez to Montreal rip-off.
    Can’t believe I won something. Last thing I won was Donkey Kong shoelaces from Donkey Kong cereal in the early ’80s. lol And, yes, there really was a Donkey Kong cereal.

  99. LW3H:

    You’re guzzling a particularly potent version of Tortorella-aid if you think 3rd lines are irrelevant now, too.

  100. Now that I think about it and considering the ridiculous salaries of some of the lesser players in the league I think just around or slightly over 2 mil. might not be so out of the question.

  101. Takes some extrapolating to read “3rd lines are irrelevant” from that post, Lloyd.

    I don’t think Prust is more than a $1.5m player either, though I accept there’ll be a UFA premium. But a third line defensive role (which he was hardly terrible in and wasn’t even there all year) isn’t what I’d call being completely hamfisted somewhere he shouldn’t be.

    Or do you still think he played on the PP?

  102. Brandon Prust 2010-11 had 13 goals and 16 assists. FIVE shorhanded goals. Put that together with his relentless hitting and defensive play, sticking up for his teammates. That’s a 3rd liner on any team.

    Question is why was last year’s production down, can it be explained by injury?

    He scored a big one against the Devils. He is a huge part of what defines this team.

    They have to come up w 2m to keep him, question is if it’s enough.

  103. oh, we’re using stats from previous years to justify overpaying a player. I see.

    then let’s put Brandon Dubinsky on the first line, give Prust whatever he wants and we’ll be raising the Stanley Cup banner in about 15 months.

  104. Question is why was last year’s production down, can it be explained by injury?




  105. I’d prefer to use the same explanation I’d apply to Brandon Dubinsky and Brian Boyle…


  106. I think we have all seen that, on this team, or any Tortarella team, 3rd and 4th line is the same because you can play yourself onto, or off of, either of those lines at will. 1st and 2nd liners are sometimes 4th liners on these teams.

    Thus, it’s about the *team* and if Prust is a big part of it, which he is, then I hope they work something out.

  107. It’s too bad “Gift of Gab-orik” isn’t around becase he came up with some great lines about Prust

    *Brandon Prust’s blood type is TK-O-positive.*

  108. I agree on that figure, Matteau. Around 4 years. Exactly what Neil got in Ottawa. He will, most likely receive a better offer from someone else, the question is at what number will the Rangers walk away. I don’t think they want to walk away at the moment.

  109. until Tortorella wins a Stanley Cup with a Ranger team with a first line, most of a 2nd line, and interchangeable 3rd and 4th lines, I’m going to go ahead and say I’d rather see a balanced scoring attack like the team that knocked them out in 6 games had.

  110. Might as well give Mike Rupp a raise, too. Guy is the fabric of the the team, clearly. Sure that doesn’t translate in any tangible way, but where would they be without him.

  111. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Join us Manny, make it a quatre’vibin

    Boyle should get more than 1.7…Prust saying.

  112. I’d like to know which goaltender the Flyers would be targeting if they decide to buy out Bryzgalov?

  113. Mama is right. If Gaustad and Co. make what they make then Boyle deserves a raise. Thus, it’s not fair to say Prust can’t get more than Boyle. I think Boyle is worth more than he makes and Prust is worth about what Boyle makes.

  114. wow, the buzz on tweeter is Jordan Staal turned down a 10 year extension from Pittsburg and told the organization he will not sign a extension.

  115. By the way for those saying Prust was a fluke 2 yrs ago, his rate of production in the 26 games he joined the Rangers 3 yrs ago was the same as 2 yrs ago (9 in 26).

    It’s possible last year was the fluke.

  116. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Manny, thank you! People need to say that more often…..

    I’m not crying over someone who make nearly 2 mil…..however, fair being fair in the wacky wide wide world of sports….I think somewhere in the Dolan’s bank they have a tad extra for two guys who earned it, and deserve it. I CAN NOT watch Boyle and Prust on another team. What will become of the game-ending elbow dealio….!!!!! And MDZ needs them….

    Oh, I hate this time of hockey year!!!!

  117. No surprise there, tomg…Did they think he’d happy to continue his career as a third line center until he retires?

  118. I am surprised that Jo-Jo Staal wants to leave. I assume he will go play in Carolina with his Bro-Ham rather than NY with his other Bro-Ham even though he really, really should.

  119. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of Rangers in my life, especially from this team. And Prust is just the prustest…..I will have to be coma induced for a while if we lose him.

  120. Someone mentioned Gaustad. He signed his current contract 4 years ago, when he was 26, with escalating salaries making $2.5M last three years. Cap hit $2.3M per. Does Prust deserve similar contract?

  121. ilb is mastering the use of Diaper Genie Elite at the moment, mama. Gotta get ready for July. Apparently, it’s a forgotten skill. Especially if it’s been 28 years in between. Of, wait there was no diapers then…..

  122. ilb,
    it will come naturally and easy, so don’t worry about this part. To have enough sleep is another story…lovely preparations anyway.

  123. Also, ilb, I was using Gaustad as a marker for *Boyle* not for Prust. Just showing that Boyle is underpaid and thus a poor marker for Prust’s future contract. Not saying Prust should make what Boyle is worth but it’s not fair to judge him on a Contract that has been outgrown.

  124. oh, ilb,
    …and BTW, timing is perfect. Nothing is happening in a hockey world at this time anyway and (barring lockout) at the time of actions restarts, baby already about 3 month+ . Totally manageable and able to follow fast moving

  125. The comparison is because Prust is 28 and is an UFA. It isn’t unreasonable for him to use Gaustad’s contract as a benchmark. Whether the Rangers agree or not is a different story. But both Neil and Gaustad play similar role as Prust on their respective teams, more or less. So using those numbers isn’t far-fetched…As opposed to $1.2M number that seemed to come from nowhere.

  126. Gaustad was signed (and overpaid) after three straight 20+ point says and coming off a 36-point season. He turned into a running gag among Sabres fans and was eventually run out of town. That ludicrous contract was a big part of why. If you’d like to see the same thing happen to 4th-line forward with a mediocre skill set, by all means, overpay Brandon Prust.

  127. Boyle was signed as an RFA so his 1.7m is not a true comparison to Prust. I think they are equal in value to the Rangers but because Prust is UFA it is not out of whack for him to get more than Boyle. Around 2m is the right number for Prust but I bet there are teams that will pay him higher.

  128. Gaustad, actually, was very well liked in Buffalo, Lloyd. By both teammates and the fans. So “run out of town” isn’t substantiated. He returned a first rounder, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs with Buffalo again.

  129. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Prust can play 3rd line. Do you pay prust 5 mil per season? No, of course not. Would 2 mil be overboard for him? Not really.

    Guy plays through injuries as well as the other things everyone else has posted.

    Is the d man jackman that stl resigned for 3 mil per worth that? Does he do a lot more on d than what prust does at a forward?

  130. ilb:

    that’s completely inaccurate but if you want to just argue over whether a guy was liked, I’m not going to bother.

    either way, Gaustad was overpaid. Brandon Prust is a 4th-line player. If you’re going to pay a 4th-liner over $2 million dollars, you’re going to start pushing the contracts of young players facing free agency considerably higher than they should be. the Rangers made a mistake in paying Mike Rupp as much as they did; and they’ve made the same mistake many times in the past with middle-of-the-road 4th line players. there’s no reason to make the same mistake again albeit for even more money when you’ve got important young pieces to sign in the immediate future and expect to lure free agents.

  131. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Btw, not saying we should pay prust 3 mil, just trying to say that guys are sometimes contractually compensated for things other than stats.

    Thankfully, this isn’t baseball we are talking about.

  132. You can have a team filled with high priced skill players, it won’t go anywhere without appropriate support players. I believe this organization feels that Prust turned out to be one if those very important support players. He does what he is asked, some of it is a painful and dirty work that no one else is willing, or capable of doing. And he is effective in PP and other areas. No one on this blog can put a real number that goes with his value. It’s up to the management. But low balling him isn’t the way to go. Nor is overpaying. They will decide. But I believe the number will to be very high for them to walk away. And he, certainly, will laugh off a $1.2M offer.

  133. Clowe and Pavelski for Nash to go to SJ? Rangers have no chance getting Nash (unless he doesn’t want to go anywhere else but here)

  134. ilb:

    $1.2 million doubles his current salary. If you want to give him an increase – and pay him more than Mike Rupp who is robbing the team blind – bump him to $1.6 or $1.7 million. More than that is overpaying and if another team is willing to crack $2 million for a 4th-line forward, let them do it. Rangers have been burned too many times by that sort of thing.

  135. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Geez, two pediatricians should be able to figure out the diapers……besides, similar to a belly band :)

  136. Pavelski, Clowe, Demers and 1st….Lol, let them have him for that price. Doug Wilson may be a “free agent” before Howson if he makes that deal.

  137. GM Scott Howson, asked if he was close to a deal for Nash:

    “Uh no, not at all. A lot of things can happen between now and when the draft is over. I’m not counting on anything. Obviously our goal is to do what’s best for team and that’s how we’ll continue to operate.”

    That’s from an hour ago

  138. That statement won’t preclude him from making a deal over the next hour either….

  139. I never heard of Konopka. Then some here advocating signing here. now this………

    Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
    In three full seasons in the NHL, Zenon Konopka has certainly left his mark both in the penalty minute leaders list and on opposing players he has checked or punched.

    Twice Konopka has led the league in penalty minutes. In his other year in the NHL, he finished third.

    There is more to Konopka’s game besides dropping the gloves. He is one of the NHL’s best faceoff men, is responsible defensively and provides leadership in the locker room as well.

    It’s still early in Konopka’s career, but he is fast establishing himself as a tough guy and could climb higher on this list before his playing days are over.

  140. Not unless Wilson lost it…..Pavelsky himself is 2 years younger than Nash and had more goals and points last year too….

  141. Konopka is 31 years old and I’ll let CTB explain how responsible defensively he might be.

    Other than that, I’m sure Bleacher Report has nailed it.

  142. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    interesting captain…..”Pavelsky himself is 2 years younger than Nash and had more goals and points last year too….”

    No to Konopka, and no offense to him….not what we need.

  143. We need someone who sits in the first row, LW….Too bad Carp flushed him down the drain. Dammit.

  144. When you hear all these trade rumors is it possible that some of you are underestimating Nash’s value and that the NHL GMs are not?

    I can feel it, here come the baseball posters pointing out how Nash is a 60 point player.

  145. Bleacher Report has come up with some gems before, lol. A “defensively responsible” player is yet to register a + season. So I guess the first season he is +1 would qualify as him “climbing higher”

  146. Forget Nash. They want way too much, we dont even know how well he would fit in NY or with Tortorella, forget it.

    What would people be willing to part with for Jordan Staal? Now that opens up a world of possibilities. Stepan, the #1, and a prospect? Does Pittsburgh need defense?

  147. I tend to agree, I think we try to look at real defensive depth. Then we are hoping Kreider is truly the Calder candidate he appeared to be in the playoffs, and that Dubi and Stepan and Boyle really rebound.

  148. I’m bored…for entertaiment,- the First portion of Last Rumors from Rod’s Digest:
    Sidney Crosby signing autographs, accidentally singed 5 years contract with “Siberia”. Will play and do his time in a high security Boarding Arena.

    Brendon Dubinsky endorsed Agricultural Advertizing Agency slogan ““Image is nothing, thirst is everything!”, where he is throwing Gatorade bucket again and again, in attempt to reach bottle of Milk from hands of baby, on a first raw.

    Asked in a last Award show, what is his beef with Larry Brook, Tortorella made a mistake, saying “If you are arguing with an idiot, chances are he is doing the same”. At this point Lundqvist dropped his infamous F-bomb.

    We heard, Brendon Prust, using his time off this summer, with a quality help of ghost writer Rick Carpiniello is completing his Doctorate Theses: “Detention (in penalty box) – is just limitation of space in exchange for time”, convincingly argue, with solid body of proof, that brains and fists connects directly only if belongs to the different individuals and not in the same body. He will be ready to defend it in any time, against anybody who dares.(for free).

    “Target determines a caliber”.
    Sather, targeting big fish Nash, took in Columbus special made .458 Winchester Magnum,- elephants’ rifle with engraving “For dear friend Howson…second is yours.”

  149. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    NYR just traded Lundqvist for Luongo! Only kidding stay calm. This whole Staal thing is very interesting. No team is going to pay a premium to get him because there is no guarantee he will sign. You would have to think the Rangers and Carolina have the upper hand here because I am sure one of the brothers would let the GM know Jordan’s intentions. My guess Staal is traded at the deadline either as a rental to a team not named the Rangers/Hurricanes for a first rounder and maybe a prospect or he is traded to the Rangers or Carolina for a little more. Erixon/Anisimov and a 1st.

  150. don’t see the rangers trading for staal because he wants to become a UFA. There is no reason to give up valuable draft picks/prospects for a rental.

  151. I would take Jordan Staal over most free agents on the market. I would also give up more for him than most people. I would think that we have a slight edge over most teams (save Carolina).

  152. Honestly, I think, we have to collect ALL Staaals together. Rename team – “The Stalingers”, Torts – Torturella, MSG – Most Severe Gulag,(or Must Serve Gulag), pre-season camp, for Forced Labor Correction Camp and everybody fight for Tin Bucket of vodka in the end.

  153. As for The Prustie, our heralded Hero…We thought he wanted a lifetime career with the Rangers; turns out he just wanted pay checks. What an unexpected twist in love saga. C’mon guys…He will stay.

  154. If Brandon Prust did not have hockey as an outlet, he would be a serial killer.

  155. How come B. Richards didn’t tweet a congrats to Hank on the Vezina – he’s been tweeting non-stop since the season ended. Show some love for the King Bradley!

  156. in that same realm Papa
    why didn’t Hank
    thanks Torts in his speech as well as Benoit?

  157. I think he mentioned management & teammates without naming names (other than his goalie coach). Ownership Mr. Dolan???? – well I guess he mentioned him because they both play guitar???

  158. “I would take Jordan Staal over most free agents on the market. I would also give up more for him than most people. I would think that we have a slight edge over most teams (save Carolina).”

    Why is that, Manny?

  159. in theory, I’d take Jordan Staal over Parise and Nash, too

    let’s pretend Shero actually wants to trade him. the problem is that he’s making $4 million now and according to the supposed terms of the offer he declined, he’s looking for a hefty increase. You’re going to have to move bodies and take on another big contract, possibly not far off from what Nash is making now. The guy is big and he’ll be 24 if and when the season starts. But at this point he’s yet another 50+ point forward. Does his scoring dramatically improve if he’s on a team that gives him a featured role? Who knows. you can bet if he ends up staying and has a year comparable to the one he just had, he’s going to be looking for $7 million per easily and at this point, that seems way too steep.

  160. Parise would make the most sense of those three, for a number of reasons…

    The first and foremost being that he only costs the Rangers a career contract, just dollars, no picks, no trades, nothing else but money….

    The second being that he is a perennial 40 goal scorer.

    ….you can probably get Parise’s cap hit down to about $6.2m to $6.5m if you make the term 12-15 years….

    I have no problem with that….It is my preference, actually…

  161. Czechthemout!!! on


    The more this goes on, the more I inclined to believe nothing will happen tomorrow other than an outside chance that Luongo gets traded. Sellers want too much, and the buyers don’t want to pay it. Therefore, Sather should go into free agency with the goal of signing Justin Schultz and perhaps that’s all. Screw it. Give the kids like JT Miller a chance. Go after Staal in free agency next year.

  162. Czechthemout!!! on

    Why dont we offer him 40 year contract so that his cap hit can be only 2,000,000 per year.

  163. why can’t Sather ask Mark to ask Jordan if he’ll sign with us next year ;-)

  164. bull dog line on

    Tanner Pearson makes a lot of sense for the Rangers. especially if they trade some prospects for Nash. Pearson will be 20 when the season starts, so he will be with the Whale and be NHL ready sooner then most draft picks.

  165. “a guy who’s scored 40 goals once is a perennial 40-goal scorer now?”

    Ok, well, not exactly.

    Nash and Parise both average about the same goals, points, and assists per game…..

    Zach 502 games played 0.39 goals per 0.43 assists per 0.82 points per

    Rick 674 games played 0.43 goals per 0.38assists per 0.81 points per

  166. in regards to the Hank videos (link posted earlier)
    notice the pat on Torts’ back when taking pictures
    i wonder who those guys are with Hank in the after awards video

  167. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I wonder why everyone reports jordan wants to join his brother, but is always only eric?

    Did something happen on the sod farm no one is talking about?

  168. Honestly, aside from the Rangers and Detroit, what teams have the financial wherewithal to give Parise a lifetime contract close to $90 million….taking into account that he won’t go to the Leaves….

    Let me know if you have an answer to that one….

  169. So it looks like the Heat and LeBum James will be the next NBA Champions…played only half a season…not a legit championship

  170. I have to say this… now that the real King has won his first title.

    I know #30 is our best player, and with an average replacement goalie such as Bryzgalov or Biron starting 70+ games for us, we likely dont even make the playoffs….

    I am so disappointed in that guy. He doesnt need to win the Cup bad enough. Simple as that. The Kings didnt have a better team than the Rangers, or they might have finished above 8th in the Western Conference. They just had a better postseason goaltender.

    Ive never been one to use clutch or not clutch to describe an athlete. I never jumped on ARod prior to him leading the Yankees offensively to the 2009 World Series.

    This is the first star that I can ever remember jumping on. Im tired of his act. Im tired of his perfect looks. Im tired of his guitar playing and fashion interests.

    I needed both Giants Super Bowl wins over the Patriots more than anything in life, more than I needed my animals, more than I needed my girlfriend or my family, more than I needed my own life.

    That guy that wears #30 just doesnt need it that badly. He’s got his comfortable life. He’s got a wife and a child on the way. To him and most athletes, in the end, it is just a game.

    To some fans, like myself, it is more than just a game. It is life. And death.

    As Walt Clyde Frazier once said, you make your name by winning in the regular season, you make your fame by winning championships. Quick, Tim Thomas, and countless other goalies have led their teams to Stanley Cups, teams with much less talent than this year’s Rangers.

    That guy that wears #30 has only had about 4 or 5 opportunities to lead his team, and he hasnt. He’s still got plenty of time, probably another 7 years at least.

    I wont give up hope on him, but I am disappointed him. And disappointed that he’s called the King. He’s the best goalie in the regular season for the last 4 years. He just isnt a King.

    Lebron is now King.

  171. Interesting stat. Out of 20 top defensemen voted for Norris, NYR had 3. Girardi( 6 th place), McDonagh (11th), and MDZ (12th). The only other team with 3 within top 20 was Vancouver. Hamhius ( 10th), Edler (15th), and Bieksa ( 18th)

  172. There isn’t a goalie better in the world and he still has the chance to be the on of the very best goalies to ever play….

  173. Im always high, 3C!

    NYR, I apologize for attacking u that night of the Heat beating the Celtics. You’re right, he has the opportunity to be among the best goalies ever. But his regular season stats wont mean a pile of carcillo unless he wins at least one Stanley Cup. And he’ll have plenty of chances over the rest of this decade to win at least one. But for right now, he’s no King.

  174. Yeah LeBum is the real king of pansys…he had to run away to an all-star filled Miami team to win his championship in a season that wasn’t even full. Yeah he’s the king…in your wet dreams ;)

  175. Oh look…they gave the MVP to LeBum…shocker! Careful LeBum, don’t cramp up and drop that shiny trophy…on the other hand tho, you can drop it if you want…they’ll make another one just like that

  176. LOL 3C! The King knocked out Boston 2 consecutive playoffs. This year, down 3-2, backs against the wall, he waltzed into Boston for Game 6 and demolished them. He did what I wish I could literally do, rip their hearts out. A real King!


    It’s ok, Tik. Don’t worry about it…

    He needs an improved offense in front of him…no doubt he has all the tools himself….

  178. Czechthemout!!! on

    I don’t have too. You and your pal do a good job embarrassing your selves almost every time you post.

  179. No, its not ok. You just played along with Orr and I was completely out of line.

    That guy that wears #30 has the tools, I just dont think he has the need to win. He has too much other stuff in life, most importantly, the adulation of the fans. At this point, every Rangers fan is in love with him and he knows it. He’s beloved, and for what, for being the best regular season goalie for 4 straight years?

    If you just heard the King, he said this is the best day of his life. Not the birth of his child, not the day he got engaged to his fiance. He said that he craved this all offseason after essentially going to sleep in the Finals last year. He needed this.

  180. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    So no one thinks the rodent makes any interesting points? Just curious here.

  181. Look, can we can just admit Lundqvist didn’t play as well in the postseason as Quick and be done with it?

    No matter how dedicated to winning you believe Lundqvist is, he’s one of the top three best goalies in the sport (if not the best) and his success is the only way the Rangers, as presently constituted, have a shot at winning anything.

  182. Agreed, Lloyd. But as Ive thought for a while now, if our playoff success continues to be mainly dependent on #30’s success, then we’re in real trouble.

    We need to add more skill and put a better team in front of #30, because IMO, he cant put a team on his back in the postseason and carry them. Just not who he is. He loves winning, he just doesnt need it.

  183. LOL @ QFT!

    This Lundqvist topic should be great for morning discussion…But if you look at the overall playoff performance…Quick didn’t have to be Kings best player for them to win games but Lundqvist did in almost very single game…even in those they lost.

  184. No need for discussion. It’s a discussion I cant win. As I said, that guy that wears #30 for the Rangers has the adulation of every single Rangers fan… except me.

  185. Tiki, calm down with a Hank stuff, will ya…The mistakes free God he is not, but team cornerstone is, and the last guy to blame for anything. This is Objective, not just blind fan’s adoration. He is undisputed envy of most other’s hockey clubs and their fans.In this season in particular, which was not only obvious, but also notised leaguewise.

  186. Wicky

    I just read that rodent article…so is he trying to say that the Rangers are *fatigued?!* ;)

    I guess rodent hasn’t been reading this blog lol

  187. lol…In parentheses it was couple rough words, starting with “G” in Russian, which is loosely like “Used Condom” and “carsillo”, but not so light. So, good night.

  188. Tony from AZTony from AZ on

    Rose and I spent our 45th wedding Anniversary in Rehab on Monday, not what we had planned, we were supposed to be at Niagria Falls and in Buffalo and visiting Sally.I guess we have to wait until next year on our 46th.

  189. Tony from AZTony from AZ on

    What would happen if I just got up and left this place. Would they call the police
    I nneed someone to drive the get away car. Anyone. Z?….”..?. Plese

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