Hank’s F-bomb highlights dreadful show; contest winners determined


The last person in all of the NHL I ever would have expected to drop an F-bomb on national (international, really) television was Henrik Lundqvist. I thought it was funny, because Hank looked legitimately nervous and excited when he let it fly.

Too bad, though, that people (like me) will think about what he said, and not that he won an award he so richly deserved. Good for him.

The rest of the show? Where to start? Not funny. Not entertaining. The whole Vegas thing. C-list celebs. Just awful. Embarrassing. The worst of a long list of bad NHL awards shows. The kind of two hours you’ll wish you had back when you’re on your deathbed. Or right now.

Anyway, it appears that Evrockriser was the only entrant to correctly name 10 award winners, and therefore is the contest winner. Dan had nine and the first tiebreaker, the Selke winner Patrice Bergeron, so he’s the runnerup. Sioux-per-man, jpg, Greecian and Jimmah also had nine but lost out on the first tiebreaker.

Congrats to our winner(s) … pending the usual 24-hour appeal process, and thank you all for playing. If anybody thinks these calculations are incorrect, you have 24 hours to send me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com. In the meantime, Evrockriser and Dan, please email me your mailing addresses.


AP photo, above.


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  1. pah! 7 out of 10.
    Well done Hank – easily the best goalie in the reg season, which is how the awards should be voted on. Quick had a great playoffs which will always raise a players profile, but Hank stole so many games for us during the reg season – lets hope he does again next year.

    Did we trade for Bobby Nash yet?

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congrats to Hank! I’m sure this means a lot to him. He takes winning, and especially losing, so hard. This is his 4th nomination, no? He earned it.
    Well, it appears I won’t be watching the DVR’d show today, as was planned, after all. Sounds like it was bush-league, eh?

  3. Beyond second-rate, Ilb. Another black eye for this great sport. How they cannot rate real, quality entertainers or human beings is beyond comprehension. Who writes this stuff.

    Out of all the reviews Shanahan’s office did all year, they should review this and permanently suspend anyone involved in this crapola for life. Period.

    But, yes, Hank WON! He has very few honors left to win in his career. I’m only thinking the crowning moment will be when…not if…when…he wins the CUP!!!

  4. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Congrats Hank Lunqvist – a well deserved win.

    Now it’s time to win the Stanley Cup.

    Paging Rick Nash – paging Dr. Nash…

  5. “bush-league” … “second-rate” … all WITH the hyphens?

    You guys are getting me teary-eyed this morning …

  6. Carp, I am glad that i wasn’t the only regretting the day the NHL went “Vegas”. They have turned the awards into “Must-Miss TV”. Thankfully I was spared the first hour or so because Cablevision was out. C-List celebs was being kind and even those with big names (Ray Liotta and Vince Vaughn) looked like they were being forced at gunpoint to participate.

    I wonder if Hank’s f-bomb was an homage to Jonathan Quick and his barrage of f-bombs at the Kings celebration?

  7. Bettman should hang his little head…..pathetic show to showcase the NHL brand.

    Bettman actually is as exciting as this pitiful show!

    Bettman needs to find a basketball to play with and get some quality leader as NHL Commissioner. Anyone who in his chair would let the officiating fall apart during the playoffs, select the wrong guy for fines and support this type of a show (awful) for showcase the great NHL…………….needs either theraphy or “the boot”!

  8. I think the NHL might want to go the way of MLB and just give out the awards in the pre-game during the following season. That show was dreadfully slow.

  9. It’s nothing new that Buttman has ruined the nhl. I can’t wait to see Buttman go against Fehr, that should be amusing, buttman is nothing but a little rat and fehr is the big cat. Looking at the bright side, Gaborik won’t miss to many regular season games if any because there will be a strike, count on it.

  10. So close :(

    The F-bomb was great. It got me almost excited as him winning the trophy. He deserved it.

  11. From various tweets etc it’s starting to look like Flyers going hard for Nash. Can’t wait to face Giroux, Nash and Hartnell.

  12. “schedule day i love this day.”

    Spoiler alert: We’re going to play everyone

  13. Don’t worry about it Matteau! They will still have Bryzgalov, the “Yoda of Hockey”, in goal. Phlyers are going the way of the Capitals. It doesn’t work well.

  14. thanks mister d.

    gut feeling since rangers will be opening out west for lengthy roadtrip for garden renovations and no europr involved the rangers will be the kings opponent on banner night.

  15. It makes zero sense for the flyers to trade for Nash. The flyers have plenty of offense. The flyers are lacking at the blueline, that’s where they need to improve and also the flyers are up against the cap. Don’t believe every rumor you read.

  16. I’ve stated this before and i believe Howson really doesn’t want to trade Nash, hence why the asking price is off the charts. Nash makes 7.8 million a year for a guy who is a 60 point player. To me, Nash is overrated.

  17. Manny they were one of the top teams in the reg season and knocked off the team that was lots of people’s cup favorites. And if Bryz starts off bad Holmgren wont hesitate to Redden him and find a capable replacement. Would not dismiss the Flyers next yr– with or without Nash.

  18. tomg just because you’re strong in one area doesn;t mean there’s no room to improve and doesn’t mean you can’t do both. Holmgren has shown that he can make multiple moves.

  19. The award show (as are all of them that I can remember) was so embarrassingly bad anyone who doesn’t know anything about hockey would think this is something to stay far away from. It’s amazing to me that the NHL can put on a show like this and do it every year. For one, it amazes me how bad it is. For another, it amazes me how embarrassingly bad it is (I realize I’m saying this point twice). And lastly, this isn’t at all the personality of the NHL players or otherwise. Just do the awards straight, be cool about it. If I was watching the show at a bar I’d be afraid to tell anyone I was an NHL fan.

  20. Matteau,
    no, I think they will be a one line team that still is weak at the blueline and goalending.

  21. I watched the show. I thought Nickelback was horrendous. Had I paid 5 cents to see them. I would have wanted my nickel back. The only redeeming quality of the show was the Shannahan scenes, not that they were terribly funny, but to see Brendan’s reaction and genuine embarassment was worth the extra day Hagelin got. They only got his first reaction and then the camera stayed away from his reactions after that–smart camerman or producer–clearly did not work the actual games for NBC channels this spring.

  22. I didn’t see Nickelback’s first song, but I thought their second performance was good and sounded close to the studio version — what more could you ask for? I understand it’s Nickelback, so there’s an inherent need to depreciate, and I’m no fan either, but the lead singer’s voice is legitimate for that particular genre (whatever that might be).

  23. All award shows are horrible. Honestly, go watch the Tony’s and you will come back to the NHL awards thinking it is the cats meow

  24. This show was a game lost in a first period (with Hank relieving, genuine and natural act of dropping F-bomb on sleeping town, exception). So, enough about that forgettable, pathetic performance. Looking forward for a real action Friday night.

  25. czechthemout!!!! on

    No way the Flyers trade for Nash as he has already vetoed that deal. Although Holmgren has denied it . I would be more worried about the Flyers signing Ryan Suter or worse, trading for Shea Weber. Holngren has shown that he is not afraid to make bold moves. A trade of JVR and Braden Coburn to Nashville, gets you Shea Weber. Remember, Holmgren has a long history dealing with Poile. Shea Weber and Ryan Suter makes the Flyers slit better than if they had Rick Nash.

  26. Whether it’s music, movies, sports, I don’t care for award shows; I don’t watch them.

  27. If Nash went to the Phlyers, who are in serious need of defensive help, they would have to give up a lot. I imagine many of their youngsters (Coturier, etc.) so the team would look much different on Offense. Also, with the contracts they already have wouldn’t Nash be an albataross for them? I doubt it happens but wouldn’t be upset if it did.

  28. I thought the awards show was entertaining. Listening to Henrik and Malkin was hilarious.

  29. I am not into “Awards” shows but I do attend an Oscar party where I make persistent and annoying yet hilarious observational comedy about the goings on of said awards show. Thus, I have seen a bunch of them. The NHL show was miserable. So slow and choppy and poorly -done- slapped together.

  30. Most award shows are crap anyway. I can’t believe I sat through 2 hours of it last night. LOL

  31. What are the chances for Slats to make some big, bold trade moves at the draft night?

  32. King thanked Guitar Jimmy who pays him, his team that plays in front of him and Benoit Allaire who coaches him. Didn’t thank Torts. (I even thought during some of Hank’s post-game comments in the playoffs that he’s not a big fan of Torts’ anger issues).

    You wouldn’t like Torts when he’s angry…Biron may be starting next season.

  33. HockeymanRangers on

    Yea I agree Carp, the whole show was pitifull. The Shanahan thing was the worst, maybe if they did that skit ONCE it might have been Ok. But to just keep doing it was ridiculous. The NHL needs to hire somebody that can actually make a show of it. Yea and I really wished Henrik did not lay out the f bomb.

  34. Jokingly serious questions:
    Carp, are you going to be physically presented at draft or, like the rest of us just watching TV? Does the home town (Pissburg) have any privileges or advantages at the draft? Can we expect something unexpected at draft night and if so, what could it be? Will you plan to arrange audio Q/A meeting with boneheads immediately after draft?

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