Some mock drafts (to mock)


I don’t put a lot of stock in mock drafts because so much can happen and one team doing the unexpected, or one trade, can upset the whole applecart. Plus it’s a whole lot of guessing.

Still, they make for some fun reading, I guess.

Here are a couple:

One, with a slideshow, by Kevin Allen, our hockey columnist for USA Today.

And one by Kyle Woodlief, of the Red Line Report, via USA Today.

Here’s what Allen said about the Rangers’ pick at No. 28:

28. D Matthew Finn (6-0, 195, Guelph, OHL): The read on him is that he’s a smart player who gets the job done on a regular basis.

Here’s what Woodlief said:

28. New York Rangers — Tim Bozon. Call this one a hunch. He seems like the type of speed-and-skills winger with upside that Gordie Clark likes, and the Rangers are certainly on the prowl to find some secondary scoring.

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  1. If the rangers can get another number 2 Nash is there’s. And another rumor is del zotto to Dallas for benn. All I can tell you, no promise you is there is going to be something special for ranger fans on draft night. Also they plan on making a big push for kenopka and gaustad. And hanzal will be a new york ranger.

  2. The line about Callahan being a 3rd liner on 90% of NHL teams was a good one though. Just pips the one about a 50-win team playing a system that just doesn’t win games, I think.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    What about Callahan being a 3rd liner on 90% of the teams? Who said that? I guess I have to go and read previous post before I post “LMAO”. Brb.

  4. Sorry, but Callie is a third liner, possibly second on some. But that shows how little depth we really do have. He and Dubie were ‘fake’ second liners two years ago.

    With his style of play, he could be very injury prone over the years ahead.

    Were he to be traded, Richards could step in seamlessly as captain. Torts would not shed a tear, would he?

  5. Why..oh why….can’t Tom Poti get more votes than 4 —————->>>>>>>>>

    Best D-man ever on NYR. Sather pulled a fast one to get this ‘future Brian Leetch’. C’mon boneheads, vote with your brains, not with your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Even if 29 goals is an outlier, at his worst Callahan is a 20-goal, 40-point man, who plays 20 minutes a game in all situations, often against the toughest competition.

    3rd liner?

  7. Matty, I may be wrong, but Callahan seems to embody everything that Torts preaches. He’s a hustler. He’s physical. He’s defensively accountable. He can play the power play. He can play the penalty kill. He scores goals. He’s a good teammate.

    Torts wouldn’t shed a tear if he’s traded? I think Torts would kill Sather if he traded Callahan!

  8. If Callahan is forced by our depth to play a third line winger position and continues to produce at 20-40 pace that he is capable of producing at the very least, we are winning the Cup every other year from now and until he is 35.

  9. Cally is a 25-30 goals, 50-60 points a year man, captain, penalty killer, hits, blocks shots and never takes a shift off – if thats the definition of 3rd liner then yes he is – but most people will tell you thats a 2nd line player. He is the managers philosophy on skates, thats why he’s captain, that and Torts would be scared of Cally’s Gran if he had to explain taking the C off him!

    I voted Messi. But we’d have to grass over the ice at MSG – shouldnt be a problem right?

  10. the second mock draft is ridiculous. The Isles will target a scoring forward like Grigorenko, Galchenyuk or grab Dumba who looks like a Phanuef clone the way he plays. Dumba adds excitement to the dull d corps when he makes it. And the Panthers will certainly not draft a goalie. They have Markstrom ready to make the jump and another kid to compete with him. Florida will take the best skater available. Carolina never takes d men in the first especially when there are so many to go around. many of his picks don’t make much sense.

  11. We all do, Pimp but you can’t deny that Torts *hates* Redden and has mired the clearly messianic D-Man in the AHL for personal reasons.

  12. every summer, every NHL team blog has reams and reams of multiple trades/signings that guarantee that team’s parade the next season…ours is no different. No one of these moves is easy to pull off, and certainly not a given, let alone all of them…if it was easy, we could just sign Barry Bonds to man the point on the PP

  13. Manny – I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but from all reports (and games) I’ve seen over the past couple years, it has nothing to do with Tortorella. Redden is simply no longer a viable defenseman in the NHL. I don’t know why his ability fell off so quickly, but I saw nothing in his game to suggest a team would play him even on third pairing. Even if they would, he wouldn’t even get a sixth of the salary he’s getting with the Whale. Also with Reds, it’s a numbers game. He’s a lefty and the minute both Del Zotto and McDonagh passed him on the depth chart, he was doomed to play in either Hartford or overseas if he decided to walk on his contract. But for what it’s worth, I’ve persistently read that he’s been an incredible tutor for the young guys down there and is almost like a player-coach. Granted, he’s an expensive player-coach, but he could have easily done what Avery did.

  14. “Also they plan on making a big push for kenopka and gaustad. And hanzal will be a new york ranger.”

    So you’re saying the Rangers are going dumpster diving? Well, isn’t that special. Hanzal would be a nice add though.

  15. Richards will have to play wing once they have the offence-laden Hanzal, Boyle, Gaustad and Konopka down the middle.

  16. I was, in fact, being Sarcastic. Sorry, phil. Just making fun of idiot posters who claim Torts uses personal vendettas to choose the lineup.

  17. Secondary scoring out of the draft?? I’d prefer they found some future PRIMARY scorers there.

  18. Yeah LW, a 3rd liner on that pseudo-Canadian Olympic team roster the Rangers are assembling to properly showcase Nash’s abilities. Also, the NHL season will be condensed to a round robin stage among the Atlantic Division and the playoffs will be single elimination.

  19. Agreed Manny. At a salary like his current one, Konopka to the 4th line over Mitchell would be a nice, cost effective bump.

  20. Amen. Vibin’ . Konopka can dominate in the faceoff circle, take some of the fisticuffs responsibility away from Prust and really just provide a nice, cost-effective option on the Fourth Line Center and possible PP Faceoffs in the offensive zone, which Mitchell was out for in the post-season.

  21. You mean the same Konopka who tends to be on the ice for a negative on ice goal differential of over 1.25 goals/60 mins at even strength? He might be a beast in the face off circle but I have my doubts that he ever actually leaves the dot as the play continues.

  22. “Recent activity: Rangers sign Arnason | Rangers Report”

    Whoa. What’s next? Ales Kotalik? Vinny Prospal? Man, I really hope they resign Paul Mara.

  23. A great big *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to +LATONA+ on this, his 26th anniversary of his birth. For he is the Lunch @Czar@ and he shall be *praised* until the end of time.

    “Happy birthday, to you. Happy birthday to you.” – The Ramones

  24. Ugh i just had a nauseating feeling that Prust will go to the Flyers if the Rangers dont resign him.

  25. saw a tweet from dallas beat writer that schedule for 2012-13 was going to be released today.

    carp you know anything about that. he also listed dallas playing rangers 2x next year.

    i checked to see some sites but couldnt find any more info

  26. Unless they are willing to alternate Rupp and Konopka or let Prust go, they can’t bring him in.

    You can’t have Boyle or Prust on your 3rd line as they simply don’t produce enough offensively, considering their production in the 10-11 season was likely a fluke. Having Boyle or Prust on the 3rd line brings down the scoring of the other players on the line as well.

    They are fantastic 4th liners and PK, but should be limited to that role…

  27. Knopopka would be riveted to Tortorella’s bench the first time he took one of his classic offensive-zone penalties and he’d be hung from the rafters after the next 10. If Avery didn’t last here because of his dumb penalties, Konopka wouldn’t fare much better.

  28. Hm, Sharks retain McLellan as coach. Note to self bet the field against the Sharks for 2012-13 NHL season.

  29. except, by all accounts, Konopka is a great teammate … also can kill penalties.

    Happy 26th, Latona, you trouble-maker.

    Good morning, Sally!

  30. Right, I forgot to add that, if Konopka isn’t in the Penalty Box he can kill penalties. With Fedotenko’s return uncertain that is a valuable skill.

  31. Some dumb comments lately:

    Callahan is a third liner? Holy crap.

    Can’t win with Boyle on the third line? (Um, again, won 61 games with Boyle on the third line).

    Del Zotto doesn’t like to get hit? What are you watching?

  32. I +have+ been on the Konopka train, @CCCP@ . Since people around here like to take credit for things I think I started that train. Either by shoveling the coal or being the guy yelling, “all aboard!”

  33. ps, most of Del Zotto’s mistakes are him trying to make great plays, risky passes. Not saying that’s OK. Just saying that it’s kind of his job. And that Brian Leetch went from good young defenseman to Norris Trophy when a certain captain convinced him to not be afraid to make a mistake instead of playing safe. Not saying Del Zotto’s any kind of Leetch by any stretch, but if he’s going to reach his potential, he’s going to get burned sometimes with risk/reward plays.

    To suggest he’s weak or cowardly is idiotic.

  34. “You can’t have Boyle or Prust on your 3rd line as they simply don’t produce enough offensively, considering their production in the 10-11 season was likely a fluke.”

    Boyle, who spent the season matching up against other teams’ top lines and taking defensive zone faceoffs, gets a demotion? Not sure how I see that helping us.

  35. czechthemout!!!! on


    So, we are bringing in Hanzal. For what? And Why? We already have Boyle. Pass!

    And you think Dallas would be dumb enough to do another Goligoski for Neal trade by sending us Jamie Benn for Mdz? I would personally pay for Mdz’s plane ticket of that trade went down. And Falls should fire their gm for that. But before they do that, maybe the will also throw in Steve OTT while they are busy destroying that franchise?

  36. How soon before we have what I imagine will be a massive debate over Dubinsky’s point scoring versus all of the advanced metrics on Dubinsky?

  37. czechthemout!!!! on

    Leetch was already great before Mess ever got here. And I don’t say that to diminish in any way what Mess did here for all the players who had the honor of having Mark Messier lead them as their captain.

    You can describe it or call it any way you like but Mdz most times will not take a hit to make a play. He does deliver checks so he can dish it out but he can’t take it.

  38. oh you have been on that train Manny…sorry…guess i mixed you with someone else. But keep shoveling the coal, my friend! ;)

  39. as long as Sather is either signing or trading for every established NHL star, he may as well also sign Barry Bonds to man the point on PPs

  40. Are we still on “Callahan a third-liner” discussion? I suggest we switch to “Roger Clemens not guilty” topic. It may have more merit.

  41. “Are we still on “Callahan a third-liner” discussion?”

    This really might be the dumbest thing we’ve come up with here yet. 73rd in the league in points, when scoring isn’t even his top attribute, means 3rd line player. Mmmhmm.

  42. Callahan is a perfect PERFECT 2nd liner. Nothing more, certainly nothing less. Selanne back in Anaheim. Good for him. Helm Detroit 4 years.

  43. I think I’ve mentally prepared myself, as much as possible, for Dubinsky getting tra(i)ded. As long as ONE of the Brandons sticks around, I’ll live.

  44. Schedule usually out in July, isn’t it, Eric? I think a few teams are releasing pre-season schedules -for games that won’t get played due to the lockout- though, so might just be that you read about.

    And even the NHL is probably smart enough not to release the schedule in the same week as the awards show and the draft.

  45. why the rolling stones? Once, someone tried that. Once!

    Why not Bieber or someone silly?

  46. Just a Simpsons line, Hipbone. No need to call the Hell’s Angels for defense of Mick.

  47. Konopka had some good games v. rangers, and as you all know, Slats only watches Rangers games. So if you play well against the ranges, slats covets you and if there’s any chance you are available you become a ranger becasue slats has the first and final say.

    I know they need to win face-offs but isn’t there a younger, better solution than that guy? I’d rather see them gamble on someone less prone to idiocy. Or fire Mess as FO coach.

    Pass on Nash, get Iginla. Trade Dubi, and uh, Erixon for him, ha ha. Right back at ya!

  48. czechthemout!!!! on

    Carp / mister D

    I try to ignore dopey posts like Cally is a third line player because the people who make those posts either don’t watch the games or just don’t understand them. But hey, they can post what they want . Whatever.


    Are you hearing anything from your sources with regards to any move that we are either close to making or is nothing of substance happening so far as you know.

  49. I’m definitely not a total slave to advanced stats (unlike Carp), but the player usage charts here: (click on “Player Usage Charts” on the left…)

    are interesting and easy enough to understand. The Rangers summary will be music to the ears of all the many Dubinsky (and Avery) fans here anyway.

  50. “The Rangers summary will be music to the ears of all the many Dubinsky (and Avery) fans here anyway.”

    Dubinsky especially. 4th among forwards in defensive zone percentage, 3rd in quality of competition faced (although that can be a bit misleading; blocking a shot lowers your number relative to letting it get through). Which, admitting I’m hugely biased, confirms what I thought I saw all year. A guy who very obviously isn’t living up to his scoring potential but was still contributing in all other facets. Three more seasons like that at $4.2MM would be bad, but it wasn’t a matter of his entire game falling apart. Tack on some points and he’s the guy we thought he was 12 months ago when Dubinsky debates centered around whether he earned an “A” versus who hates him and wants to dump him most.

  51. “It’s almost laughable how some Ranger fans believe that the team could be better off without Dubinsky, who in reality was one of the best NYR forwards despite his poor shooting luck.”

    “Although Mike Rupp does bring non-corsi positives to the team, it pains me to see that Tortorella doesn’t trust Avery who has a career track record of moving the puck forward and actually drawing more penalties than he takes (along with a scoring touch). /RL”


  52. ok, i know not much of mocking draft players, but I deseo que los rangers escogen player rapido..ok? ciao for now. Tambien, hay un Manny aqui?

  53. Ella Correo: Quiero saludar a usted en este foro. Estoy muy de usted aprecia saludar a mí en una base diaria. Manny esta Presente!

  54. Ellacorreo – Manny es en el bano.

    The hockeyabstract is pretty cool, but it shouldn’t be used as the only evaluation tool. To say that Avery was an effective player due to his hockeyabstract stats is like only taking into account plus-minus stats.

  55. not much to comment on so far today.
    the Cally hating is too stupid for words
    and i don’t feel like swimming in the rumor pool.
    later aasens

  56. Schedule out sometime this week, most likely, but not today, is what I’m being told.

    they did it draft week last year … which, of course, makes no sense with the awards coming up, too. but that’s the NHL.

    not hearing anything czech, but then again, been busy with the “other job” and not really paying close attention. i do believe Avery will be back :)

  57. I’ve got a little awards contest drawn up … not sure how many prizes or what … but stay tuned tomorrow.

  58. I’m with Carp on the whole MDZ thing. He is a good young Dman who is learning as he goes. What is he, 21 years old? He takes and dishes hits, has some real good offensive instincts and plays hard. Is he inconsistent? Yes but he is 21 and playing D in the NHL. Plus everyone naturally will compare him to the other D men on this team in their own zone which is unfair. He is not as good in the d zone as Staal, McD and Girardi, but then again there aren’t many D men in the league that are as good as them in their own zone. The kid is not Brian Leetch but he could be another James Patrick. Who i remember as being a really good defenseman.

  59. Staal was a turnover machine this year. Hope and feel that he will improve next year.

  60. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    morning ILB, manny, and all!!

    I am just going to watch France go on in the Euro!!

    allez les bleus!

  61. LW3H Cally is a good player no one is denying that. Thanks to torts he see’s first line minutes, power play time and penalty kill. He is not a sniper or goal scorer he is not considered a playmaker he is considered a blue collar guy a banger a hard worker you mention those qualities to a GM and they’ll tell you 3rd liner. He plays 2nd line because there is nothing else there if you get Nash your lines are of course when gabby gets back. Hagelin, Richards, gaborik then krieder, stepan, Nash sorry cally don’t belong in that top six

  62. Callahan is not a scorer? Callahan is tied for 31st with Franzen, Toews and Hossa. One goal behind the immortal and elite Rick Nash. That’s pretty darn good. Dustin Brown scored 22 on a Stanley Cup Winning Team playing top 6 minutes and David Backes scored 24 on a terrific St. Louis Blues team. I thought both those guys were considered “better” than Ryan Callahan (who scored 29).

  63. jpg's sister on

    Manny, my brother, jpg wants to get Konopka, too

    ilb, yes to Callie comment, cups until he’s 35

    also weighing in on Nash, from yesterday, no Nash, he doesn’t have playoff experience and asking price is TOO high

  64. you are sinking fast JBeck.

    give our boys some credit.

    we almost made it to the finals.

  65. jpg’s sister…if I am your brother and you are jpg’s sister, am I jpg’s brother?

  66. There is a happy medium between being a first line star and a third line grinder. If we’re dealing in such pejorative terms, let’s call it a “second liner”, shall we?

    If being a scorer, playmaker, sniper is the mark of being a “not third liner”, then Hagelin, who is none of these and appreciably not as good as Callahan (yet, possibly longer) is a bit out of place on your first line, no?

    Not that Hagelin or anyone else can’t fit on a top line (since putting your best three forwards on it is clearly not always the answer), but I still can’t see there being 90% of other teams so stacked that Callahan wouldn’t make their top six.

  67. Callahan’s 29 goals makes him a top 3 goal scorer on just about every team in the league (the one exception from a quick scan at the goal leaders is the Devils (Kovalchuk, Parise and Clarkson all had 30 or more). So maybe he wouldn’t be a 1st line player on every team in the league but any team not playing him in at least their top 6 forwards probably hates to win hockey games.

  68. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Bad news everyone, trevor gillies signed with a KHL team…

    now back to footy

  69. jpg's sister on

    sure, Manny you can be jpg’s brother :) we don’t have an “official” brother just a like a brother

  70. bull dog line on

    everybody is allowed there opinion here thats what makes this place fun. having said that, the Cally 3rd line comments cannot be taken seriously.

  71. jpg's sister on

    Just keep Cally

    why do you say that bulldog? i think it was a hypothetical comment

  72. Well let’s start with this if you get Nash cally is a 3rd liner! Secondly kenopka has played wing kenopka, gaustad, rupp 4th line. They want hanzal because of the height, meaness, skill he posses oh and Phoenix plays same system rangers do. Forget Prust he’s headed out west rumors here in the PA offices at MSG is cal, van, stl and Ottawa all have been in touch with his agent. And carp I have front row seats to every game my job is as a assistant PA and have even sat in that room while they have discussed players and trades and signings. While the org loves MDZ’s offensive game and upside none feel his defensive game will get much better. Btw another name to watch out for is garrison. And whoever asked about the Benny trade Dallas wants MDZ and stepan in return. Since everyone here is good with stats how many goals cally have last year how many games did he miss? How many goals this year how many games missed? Where was he offensively in the playoffs last year and this? Didn’t a kid who never played a regular season game outshine him? Oh wait but cally played great defense (sure did) just what I want from a 2nd liner great defense and a no show on offense.

  73. So which center out of Boyle, Hanzal and Gaustad is giving you the offense you want on the second line?

  74. Also, JBeck, many of us already love Garrison and his $800K’ish price tag and BOMB-aroo from the point.

  75. jpg

    I agree with you.Cross check…that was really funny…I did find myself laughing aloud at this…”The Geriatrics line”..funny stuff.

  76. MD Ranger Fan on

    Carp, great call on James Patrick. One of my all-time favorite Rangers. Not all that flashy but got the job done.

  77. MD Ranger Fan on

    I hope they hang on to MDZ. So young and plenty of upside. He is still learning the game, as many d-men at that age are.

  78. There were 297 defenseman to play a game in the NHL last year, 268 of them were older than Del Zotto.

    He’s not going to be Leetch, but the vast majority of NHL D never will be. At the very least why not hold onto him while he’s still under team control. Even if Erixon bumps him out of the top 4 D, would you rather have Del Zotto as your 5th best D or the likes of Stralman/Bickel/Eminger?

  79. bull dog line on

    Erixon could not bump his way into the top 6 this year. don’t see him bumping MDZ out of top 4. getting Nash makes Hagelin a 3rd liner. not Cally.

  80. bull dog line on

    no, getting Kreider made AA a 3rd liner. Nash makes Hagelin a 3rd liner. I am not sure what happens to everybody if the get Iginla.

  81. Who’s Kenopka? I guess they don’t teach spelling in the assistant PA schools these days…..

  82. Agree, bull dog, Hagelin becomes 3rd liner if they acquire Nash, so does AA. Iginla can play L wing, he is a R handed shot.

  83. Your all missing what I’m saying. If Nash becomes a ranger cally has to play ready for this “3rd line” skills don’t fit with krieder and stepan like nash’s does. In no way am I dropping krieder down. And callys attributes would only extend a deep two offensive lines. And no he is not known as a goal scorer. Nash, gabby, kovalchuck these guys are known as goal scorers. Cally produces but not known as a goal scorer. My point is with a healthy gaborik and a Nash cally is a 3rd liner.

  84. TSNBobMcKenzie profile

    TSNBobMcKenzie Hearing ANA’s Bobby Ryan is “available” again after being taken off trade market after Randy Carlyle’s Duck departure.

  85. Again your not looking at whose skills fit best with what line. Hags skill set fits better with first line speed, can create offense for himself cally cannot. Most of all cally does play against other teams top lines if you watched at all last most of the play was in the rangers end I want my 3rd line matching up against top lines not my first. All to many reasons to put cally on your 3rd line

  86. if Hagelin is playing on the first line come opening night next season, it is clear that the team did not improve in the offseason.

  87. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Sorry for any stupid posts by me for the next week or so. Have been having huge battle with season subscription office and decided, today, to leave my section 115’s and move upstairs to 222. The move involves a $100.00 per ticket SAVINGS, but was so poorly handled by the season subscription office that my feelings towards the team are embittered.

    Don’t anyone tell me this is a first class organization. It may have been. I don’t consider that now.

    I have had seats for 27 years and have literally been shoved out with no concern whatsoever.

  88. Lw3h simple for that reason alone would you agree callys defensive attributes are what most coaches see in cally, his grit, hard work and shot blocking make a prime target to go up against top lines in trap era of the NHL? And let’s not forget third line players produce all I have to do is give 1 name Jordan stall

  89. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Why would Bobby Ryan want to come here? Perhaps they would move him upstairs and not care, either?

  90. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    My thoughts: Go after Nash, Ryan, Radulov, Konopka. Once you have them, put them upstairs in the blue seats. Show them loyalty means nothing. Just like your seasons subscriptions office.

  91. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Wow. That’s surprising, Lev. In jail. Judges ruling. Surprising.

  92. Matty the person you should be pissed at is James Dolan team has nothing to do with tickets. And quick question why whenever Knicks and rangers are on who rangers have been better of 2 teams by far now for years do the Knicks get MSG. Tired of Dolan treating the rangers like shit. Oh and to me it’s kenopka he looks exactly like my little bro Ken (whoever tried to correct my spelling)

  93. so i was away for few hours… can anybody clue me in on who is still on this team and who was traded? thanks.

  94. LW3H while I work with the GM coach and scouts at the draft you can enjoy your opinions and blogs. And while I sit front row at practices and games I’ll think of inviting you so maybe you can see what I do maybe carp can join to. And no not being sarcastic. Until that day you got your opinion I got mine. I don’t have time to be a fan and I’m still waiting for you or the many others to tell me how many goals cally had the year before this. And where was cally in the playoffs? 2 or 3 goals don’t remember and 1 was an empty netter. Everyone points out the goals he scored this year what did he score the year before

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Bobby Ryan available? Forget Nash and get him. NJ kid. Big, sick skills, signed at $5MM for 3 more years. Anaheim needs forwards. Send Dubi, Anisimov and a couple #1’s. At the very least, it will bring Howson back into the ballpark.

  96. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    He scored about 23 the year before and he was injured for a good amount of time.

  97. Sounds like the Sens just got into the Nash sweepstakes. Offerring Zibanejad (6th overall pick last year) Nick Foligno and goalie Ben Bishop. That’s a pretty damn good offer.

  98. Callahan scored 23 goals and 25 assists in 60 games a year before. Good for 0.8 ppg. Typical third liner. I suppose they do not distribute statistics for the front row seats. Although one would think that assistant PA would know that anyway….

  99. Right, and Jordan Staal (coincidentally, a player who has never scored more than 29 goals and faces tough competition…) is basically a second line player on a team without Crosby and Malkin ahead of him on the depth chart, so what’s the comparison?

  100. 54 points is a career high he had 23 goals 48 points last year and 19 the year before. Low average for a 2nd line player. I love callys game but for his effectiveness to show he needs to be placed in the right spot. And that is the 3rd line. BTW you may not like me but just for you rangers are checking in on Bobby Ryan
    even asked about both Ryan and getzlaf. Asked if Ana would be interested in dubi the answer was a flat out no. They like AA and del zotto both would have to be in a package for ryan. While stepan and MDZ would be the beginning of the package for getzlaf. Duck love Jasper fasth.

  101. Oops, missed the later post.

    Interesting way to resign from your “job”, stating on a public forum that your “boss” treats the team like fecal matter (true or not).

    Should we be worried that the Rangers “employ” somebody who can’t find out for himself how many goals the team captain scored a year ago?

  102. Ha! Does anyone wonder what the Associate PA may think if she finds out his assistant PA (who sits in THAT room) spills the beans like that all over internet. And what if, heaven forbid, he tells the main PA about it? Will carcillo hit the MSG’s newly constructed bridge up there?

  103. Matty what happened? I have seats in 110 and I know that if you want to upgrade, that’s easy, but downgrading for whatever reason is much harder. It used to be the prices were competitive enough that you’d pay a little extra to be closer, but now its crazy and you are stuck paying through the nose or moving out. Is that what happened in a nutshell?

  104. My comparison is simple adding that extra player like cally to the 3rd line doesn’t mean he can’t be productive like staal is for the penguins. It adds much needed depth allows cally to play what is really his best part of his game defense and work dump and chase which let’s be real is not gabby or Richards strong suit. And for thOse who can’t read I didn’t say he sucked offensively what I said was his game is better suited for the 3rd line when gaborik is healthy and if nash is a ranger cally is better suited for the 3rd line

  105. Apparently, from a hockeyy insiderr, the asking price for Nash is: Dubinsky, Kreider, the Rangers #1 pick AND either MDZ or McD:

    Hockeyy Insiderr ?@HockeyyInsiderr

    The asking price is HIGH from #CBJ: they want Dubinsky, Kreider and either #NYRangers 1st rounder OR MDZ OR McDonag

    Also from this dude, Dubinsky has a drug problem and is in rehab right now:

    Hockeyy Insiderr ?@HockeyyInsiderr

    I rarely tweet about players’ personal lives, but I can confirm that Dubinsky has been in rehab in the off season. Minor drug problem.

    God, I love how the anonymity of twitter can make ANYONE pretend to be an ‘insider’.

  106. A gross oversimplification (but that seems to be the level we’re working on…) but if we assume the forwards ranked 91 to 180 in scoring are “second liners”:

    #91 – 50 points
    #180 – 32 points

    Below average?

  107. Actually if you look I posted lol children resort to sarcasm real men have discussions.

  108. Wait, JBeck. If you’re an assistant PA why don’t you come on here in more of an authorotative role? Wouldn’t Carp know who you are and ask you to do a guest post or something?

    I do however like your comparison of Callahan to Jordan Staal.

  109. My boss loves me because I do my job and I do it better then anyone else. Sorry I hurt feelings to where people need to take shots at someones personal life on a sports blog lol

  110. Bwahahahha! Dubinsky has a drug problem! Oh no! That’s why he picks his nose so much! *SALLY!!!!*

    I LOVE that it’s Del Zaster *OR* McBust because they are *so* comparable.

  111. Mickey, Lev, don’t you EVER disrespect Rod like that. He needs to learn some manners, and, perhaps should stay away from trade rumors, but he *KNOWS* hockey. _NO SARCASM_

  112. Also, JBeck. You might be terrific at your job, which is awesome, and I commend you because I hate mine and my work product suffers….anywho. We don’t swear on this blog.

    The word $#!T could better be said by using the terms “Carcillo” or “Cooke”

    Don’t forget to use “Hartnell”, “Byfuglien”, “Carkner”, etc…

  113. My thoughts exactly, Manny!

    ilb, but I LIKE disrespecting Rod, it’s like a past time for me. *SARCASM INTENDED*

  114. Not much, wicky…The blog has been “clinically dead” and someone just revived it….Oh, wait that was Mubarak…

  115. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i dont mind rod……why cant we all just get along?

  116. matty, hola this is ella-correo…maybe the office of the ticket bursar de los rangers see the retardo commentario que hiciste sobre el senor callahan y now they no want you there..sorry for english is good not so much.

  117. My apologies manny and would come on anytime to prove lev’s glazed hole, wrong I mean he likes rod so much it must be glazed. And by the way Mickey it was the teams idea dubi go into rehab after what happened with boog they didn’t want to chance it.

  118. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ella – my english, maybe, not so good (i mean well) either…..remember, cuba inherits their cigars from Him.

  119. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    my brutha from anutha, hubba hubba…….dubi in rehab? praytell, what because?

  120. The people that inhabit this blog are horrible.

    A person joins the conversation with insight and educated opinions and you harass the fellow.

    Welcome aboard Jbecks. Thanks for sharing time out of your busy schedule with us.

    I too think the team would be better if Callahan is a third liner. He produces like an average second liner. His attributes and production would make him an excellent third liner. The Rangers need to add someone better than him at his position for him to be moved to the third line, though.

  121. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ella – hola amigo…….

    JR – “if 3 more rounds were added to the playoffs, we would be enthrilled by hockey this more into the season”

  122. nyr_fan, this ‘El Bernank’ you speak is like rock star in my native argentina …lol @ david Dubisnky…how you know it me?

  123. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    my brutha – only two people can kill inside this establishment….me and the FED, (ding dong), that’s the FED…….

  124. JBeck – since I haven’t heard of you before….Don’t be mean to LEV! I stick up for m’boy.

  125. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    gatorade? – you can kick that habit…i was afraid it far worse….

  126. Chris G = JBeck ?

    It’s a decent point though. I guess we should be more welcoming. I can only do that for myself. Welcome Aboard! No swearing and please try to not get dragged into petty squabbles with others.

  127. “I too think the team would be better if Callahan is a third liner. He produces like an average second liner. His attributes and production would make him an excellent third liner.”

    Completely agree, Chris. A good second line player would make an excellent third line player.

    As they presumably are on the 90% of other teams that have third lines full of second liners.

    (Hope that fell short of harassment.)

  128. Ugh, NYR. I had tons of those. I just gave a Troll Doll (about the size of a cabbage patch doll) to my 9 year old Boston Terrier who is still INSANE.

  129. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    clearly my day went south and actually watched the France game live (way to back into the knock out round…fugg) and the great Nash banter the other day was replaced with…meh


    how goes it girl??

    So cccp and carp
    my keyboard was burning last night…were you guys talking about jagr??

  130. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Perhaps cally should go to the 4th line. It would balance out the TOI and he while he makes a terrific 3rd liner…he would be an amazing 4th liner

  131. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think carp should buy a case of those dolls and send them to the addresses of the IPs that are trolls!!

  132. jBeck, I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care who you are, but we don’t swear here. So if you do it again, you’re out just like your buddy Rod.

    and if you really are involved at the management level (I doubt it, since there is no “first row” at practice) I would like to know who you really are.

    But it’s asinine to say Callahan’s a third-liner. He’s closer to a first than a third.

  133. I referred to Callahan as an average second liner.

    Allow me to further clarify, Callahan’s attributes and production best suit both him and the team for him to be a third liner.

    The team must acquire a player better than Callahan at his position for that to happen, though.

  134. Lundqvist would probably be the best -looking- backup in the league if the Rangers acquired someone better.

  135. Gee, JBeck, for someone who has all the ‘in’s’ to the team and is beloved by ‘their boss’, your English could sure use some work. I’m positive the team would send you for some lessons if you are SO important. And if you are such an insider, then name Dubinsky’s addiction. I DARE YOU.

  136. I’m doing good wicky. Spent a week feeling like crap cause of the concussion/vertigo thing, but since then things have been good. You?

  137. Thank you chris, as I saidbefore if Nash is added then cally should be on the third line. I agree though if nothing is added that is better then how can you change.

    Manny I can’t respect someone who is disrespecting me and he has been on me all day. Wether he is your friend or not I won’t stand for it. Nor would you if it was done to you. I was taught respect and I respect everyone until I’m disrespected.

    Now I’m off to the hard rock cafe for some grub goodnight all

  138. Again, Chris, if we’re solely talking “production” – which I’m sure we’d agree is barely the foundation of Callahan’s game anyway – 25 goals and 45 to 55 points just isn’t third line production, any way you slice it. It’s no longer 1993.

  139. Lundqvist is the best goaltender in the NHL, or for sake of argument, in the top three.

    There is no need to acquire a better goaltender.

    Callahan is an average second liner.

    It benefits the Rangers to acquire a player better than Callahan at his position.

    That would give the Rangers more production, place Callahan where he is best suited, and provides depth at the position.

  140. I don’t know, it’s hard for me, a Rangers fan, to say that Cally is “average” at his position. And, I don’t think many hockey fans, around the world, who have seen Cally play, would think he is an average second liner. He’s usually one of the best players on the ice. The game isn’t all about production.

  141. Fine, and nobody is saying that the Rangers don’t have a general need to improve the scoring forward depth, despite what Mr Beck seems to think.

    I’ve only been engaging in the pointless discussion about what level of production constitutes a third liner and whether 90% of the league possesses forward depth that Callahan wouldn’t break into.

  142. Boston Terrier? Aha, Aha, I like it!

    Risky move trading Bobby Ryan when Perry & Getzlaf are UFA’s next summer. I’m surprised Selanne is returning. You’d think *now* is the time to retire, or sign with another team.

  143. I wouldn’t even see “average second liner” as being a term of criticism.

    It’s just fairly clearly supportable by the numbers that a player in the 25 goal, 50 point range doesn’t fall in what is being described as below average production for an “average second liner”.

  144. That is the point.

    Production is not the foundation of Callahan’s game.

    Hard work, leadership, defense, shot blocking, and strong physical play is the foundation of Callahan’s game.

    On the third line, Callahan and his linemates would primarily be facing and attempting to shut down the top two lines of other teams.

  145. 90% of the league does not possess forward depth that would make Callahan a third liner.

    That is quite a gross exaggeration.

  146. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Cally, KRIEDER, and step would make the best 4th line in the game…

  147. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    on the 1-10 scale, Cally is solid 10 as 4th line winger

  148. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Chris G – on the other hand, the foundation of Cally’s play is production

  149. The 90% claim was Jbeck’s opening gambit, Chris. So excuse me if I take his insight and divulging of -fabricated- alleged player medical issues with a Brodeur sized grain of salt.

  150. Carp front row is with the big boy sather. Can’t get more front row then that. I apologized for cursing before won’t again. But just because you spell it a different way doesn’t change it from what it really is. I enjoyed your blog but don’t contradict yourself it is unbecoming. And c’mon C I’d be an idiot to give you my real name over the Internet. Just keep doing what your doing and you’ll help this org. Maybe then we can celebrate a title together.

  151. And the original arguments were more of the “Callahan is always injured, doesn’t show up in the playoffs and produces like a third liner” variety than the quite different and less controversial “I love Callahan but the Rangers would be a better team with more top six scoring forwards on it” that it has morphed into.

  152. Jbeck, if you had a clue you’d know that I will be the last person to “celebrate a title” or have any desire to “help this org.” And everybody in the organization knows that I have zero interest in either.

    If you really work for the Rangers, drop me an email at I don’t believe for a second that you do.

    Because I don’t believe for a second that anybody in the organization thinks Callahan is a third-line player.

    Big boy Sather doesn’t sit front row, either, not at the games or at practices. In fact, he sits last row.

    And when did I contradict myself, yo?

  153. LW3H listen what was meant by that is this cally is on 90% of teams 3rd lines a hard working defensive forward, who hits that if you moved up their point totals would jump up but do to that cally fits 3rd line responsibilities now cally cannot create for himself and has stone hands. Which is why dump and chase fits him. Yet he can score which will make the lineup deeper as well as put your best shutdown forward against teams 1st lines

  154. The thing with Selanne is that he loves California…he’s going be 42 and he’s still a great player….why leave?

  155. wow step away for a few hours and j beck has cally has 3rd liner. causing a raucous.

    did we get ryan yet. screw nash BOBBY RYAN THE WAY TO GO

  156. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Would everyone love cally the same if he was a 3rd/4th liner on our team or would he suffer the same detractors as rupp and prust and boyle and feds (no I am not camparing any of them as players, just hypothetical or actual 3rd/4th liners)??

  157. Wow….just read this on SNY…

    “The Senators are prepared to offer Mika Zibanejad (2011-6th overall), Nick Foligno and goalie Ben Bishop…for Rick Nash.”

    That’s a damn good offer…

  158. The Ottawa Senators agreed to a seven-year contract extension worth $45.5 million US with Erik Karlsson.

    that is one hell of a raise! why didn’t my mom tell me not to quit playing sports?!

  159. Brad Richards ?@BRichards_1991
    Played Shenecosset today outside New London!!! Hidden gem!

    Yeah, why don’t you work on your passing instead?!?

  160. So we’re agreed, he’s a hard working defensive forward who because he plays on a second line, scores like a second liner. Next topic.

    Dubinsky is now suffering from second degree Gatoradophobia by proxy, I hear.

  161. I can’t believe you, guys, keep going and helping this Jbeck to chew this senseless and morose carsillo.

  162. Czechthemout!!! on

    Did you also read that there won’t be a trade for Nash by the Sens posted at 7:44 pm?

    If the Sens made that offer and Nash accepted going there, he would already be an Ottawa Senator. I call bullcrap on that rumor. I bet Howson responded to Sather who floated the Ryan rumor. All a bunch of misinformation. If Nash isn’t traded to us by Friday, he won’t be at all. I bet Sather trades for someone no one is even talking about.

  163. @incarceratedbob …’s #hockeyinsider tweeting that dubinskys been in rehab for drug related…..#IBN had that back in #2011…
    Retweeted by Incarcerated Bob

  164. Carp I will repeat again front row is not seats it is the people you work with. Let me jump on my computer and I’ll send you an email. And LW3H my points are still that I believe a better second line player can be had. Cally has been hurt through his career. And he hasn’t produced in the playoffs. Am I wrong? I believe he is asked to do more then he can. I also believe he scores more because he get’s more ice time then your first line does. More time more opportunity, Nash would put up 70 to 80 points just on skill alone. So moving callys 40 to 48 points back makes you a better team ( and yes we agree that he is a third liner made better by playing with the second line)

  165. Wicky

    you wouldn’t want Ryan over Nash?
    i would
    because i think Ryan is more of a hard-nosed player
    that would fit in Torts style and eastern conference
    no matter if there’s a trade for Ryan or for Nash
    it all depends on who we’re sending the other way.
    (don’t know what happened with me using so many capital letters. it won’t happen again.)

  166. “Pentangeli is a dead man”, to which Roth replies “he’s small potatoes”.

  167. Yeah, not that I want Ryan….but if I have to choose I would prefer to see Ryan over Nash because that means we probably keep Kreider and McDonagh

  168. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    it was just a question, never said who I preferred (you did not have to SHOUT!!!;))

    3 yrs younger and for the next few years cheaper.

  169. the only way Sather is gonna have things done his way in regards to nash
    is if nash tells howson
    that he wants to go to the Rangers
    and won’t play for bluejackets EVER again. “make it happen.”
    howson’s hands are really tied up.

  170. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I agree on the younger (can’t argue that if anyone wanted to), but he is 5 mil plus now and the term is a lot shorter so if you give up a lot (similar to nash I’m sure) then you lose him in 3 years potentially or his contract is then probably a lot closer to what nash will make.

  171. wicky!

    just you asking the question blew my mind straight off my shoulders
    i would think you’d be a ryan person over nash
    due to size and willingness to use it.
    haven’t watched a ton of ducks games but he’s big and strong and
    is willing to go in the hotspots.

  172. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    that is my point about this all along, if nash says he wants to come to the rangers period, the price may be more in our favor (still a significant price though).

    of the big three ducks (howard, donald, and daffy) I’d rather have Howard.

    You can’t understand a damn thing donald says and he has a short fuse so he will take a lot of penalties.

    Daffy just keeps getting his aasen kicked by a skinny rabbit all the time so he must lack some serious JAM and torts would never play him.

    Howard on the other hand seems to communicate a little better and seems to step up at the right times to defend teammates, he would be an instant addition to torts core of players.

  173. what do you suppose would have to happen for Nash to waive his NMC to Ottawa?

    I’m waiting for that email, Jbeck.

  174. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    i’d prefer perry over getzlaf or ryan. I’m just not sure about the size and grit they both play with (every damn site I look at has them at different weights and heights), nash has had 6 NHL fights and ryan has had 4 (not that the fight stat is the end all with toughness in the NHL, because it isn’t).

    The one thing that separates them to me is Nash has a lot more pure goal scoring “potential” than ryan IMHO, not sure if that is worth the $$$$ difference for the next few years or not.

  175. Put me in the Ryan camp. He’s younger, cheaper and is the right handed shot this team could use.

  176. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Ok, RLMFAO….

    Matt Kassian ?@kassassination
    Easy Dwyane… Laying down on the floor like you broke your back and have nothin actually wrong with you… Silly basketball players….

  177. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe we’ll get some actual hockey news to talk about soon – I sure hope so!!

    “Go Time” seems so far away at this point.

  178. JimboWoodside on

    >>>what do you suppose would have to happen for Nash to waive his NMC to Ottawa?

    Hell to freeze over? Pigs flying around the Empire State Building?

  179. Both Nash and Ryan are nice you can make make cases for both. Nash may make 7.8 but you get more years. Ryan is cheaper but less years and who’s to say he doesn’t want 7 million when his contract runs out. My opinion is no big names they’ll sign two too three mediocre players to try to get the scoring. I’m no beat writer or anything but it makes the most sense. No need weakening yourself defensively by trading del zotto if you don’t know if you can replace what he gives.

  180. Sorry I have to agree with the guy ryan’s a third line player helped out by lack of depth. More minutes and playing with better talent makes the point total jump up. So I don’t want to hear about stats. Many third line players past and present have benefited from this. Yet on opening day I’ll be at the game with my winter classic 24 jersey on. As a Callahan fan I won’t be blinded to what he really is a hard working, gritty leader that plays the game right.

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