To Nash, or not to Nash


So, after a few hours of work, then a few hours of yard work, I settled into my chair to watch golf. God, I love the U.S. Open.

Then I finally opened the Sunday papers (yes, kids, those are actually made of paper, and you turn the pages to read more stories), and I read Larry Brooks’ column about the Rangers’ pursuit of Rick Nash.

Now, Larry’s got some good sources, and he’s not always right, and I’m definitely not about to argue what is or isn’t fact in there, especially since only Glen Sather’s inner circle really know, and that inner circle doesn’t really give out a lot of  info on stuff like this.

The point is, I don’t know that Columbus GM Scott Howson will change his crazy demands for Nash, but if he really has a little auction going and several teams involved, why would he want less than he wanted on Feb. 27?

And if he won’t take less, then I agree with Brooks’ story in that, if Howson insists on Chris Kreider or Ryan McDonagh being part of the deal, then there’s not going to be a deal.  I don’t know that, but I do know how the Rangers feel about those two kids, and that there are too many good, smart hockey people in the organization to make the mistake of sending either of those two promising players, plus a lot of other stuff, to take on a 30-goal scorer with an enormous salary-cap hit ($7.8 million).

Look, I like Nash. I think he’s big, young (28) just nasty enough, a good skater and a sniper despite some decline in his stats. I think he is exactly what the Rangers need. I don’t worry about busting up any chemistry. The Rangers aren’t worried about the cap hit. If they can get him without losing Kreider or McDonagh, they’re a better team next season

Brooks speculated that the Rangers won’t even be willing to include Derek Stepan in that package, and I’m not sure about that one. I mean, no doubt they’d rather get it done without Stepan (and they’d rather not give up Michael Del Zotto, too). Yet I don’t think at the drop-dead midnight moment of Columbus’ trade of Nash, Stepan or Del Zotto would be a deal-breaker for the Rangers. Maybe they would.

Yet I don’t believe at all that Brandon Dubinsky, a first-round pick and a prospect like JT Miller or Tim Erixon (or both), and, say, Artem Anisimov or Carl Hagelin, will get Nash here. I don’t.

So the question is, do the Rangers go Dubinsky, Anisimov/Hagelin, Del Zotto, Miller/Erixon and a first? Is that crazy? (IMO, Del Zotto’s just starting to scratch the surface on his potential). Would that even be enough?

My point is, I don’t think Rick Nash is going to be a Ranger unless a lot of other teams drop out and Howson’s price comes down a lot. And for that to happen, I expect this will drag on for a while.

Gun to my head: no Rick Nash for the Rangers.



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  1. Those trades are suicide. Stepan and Dubi? Maybe……………….. Not sure how much more growing stepan will do. Del Zotto is a no go IMO.

    Why not put 7.8 for Parise on the table and lose nothing?

  2. the reason we can deal for nash is because we would be trading players like duby that make 4 mill and then his 7.8 mill hit easier to deal with

  3. Jagr (twice), Heatley, Thornton, etc. were all better players than Nash. They were all traded for far lower value than what Howson is allegedly asking for. Nash may have NARROWED his list for all we know. His agent alluded to that back in February. Nash will be traded for peanuts, after he gets his GM fired.

    Howson is dead man walking

  4. Oh. And another thing. Remember the $30 mil the Devils made on this playoff run? Like I said last week, not a drop in the bucket compared to their debts. The NHL may have to take them over. There is no money for Parise. Hell, there is money for Kolalchuk. Parise could be a NYR after all.

  5. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    And what if … ? Kreider becomes a 30+ goal scorer.. like Nash .

  6. I agree with Carp…got t believe Slats is not so enamored with Nash as to trade a boat load of talent–needs will change as Slats gets a feel for free agents willing to join the Blueshirts…which will then allow him a clearer view on what assets he can live with…and more importantly…live without. I feel confident we will emerge with a stronger team….and one capable of winning two more rounds of playoff hockey!

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    It’ll will an interesting week. I don’t know about that little auction involving several teams, Carp. There is still a little issue involving NMC for Nash. Howson may talk to many teams, but there is no guarantee Nash makes his wish list bigger. Why should he? Howson almost made sure their relationship are at the point of no return after the deadline. And I do not believe Nash’s price went up since then either. The teams are less desperate to add him for tge SC run now, and probably more careful because of uncertainty of the new CBA. Two roster players, two solid prospects and a pick is a framework. But to me, the combination of those is crucial. While I agree with Carp that neither Stepan or MDZ would be a deal breaker, giving up both would be a mistake too.

  8. right on carp!

    i would never give up kreider or McMonster for nash. i wouldn’t be surprised if kreider turns into a younger version of nash.

    having said that, i would love to see nash on the wing with richards and gabby followed up by kreider on the second line wing with cally. thats a 1-2 punch to rival any top lines in the league.

    i would draw the line in the sand at:

    dubi, artie, erixon, and JT Miller, maybe a draft pick

    no MDZ! if stepan goes the other way then take AA and or JT miller out of the offer

  9. If Nash is gonna waive his NMC, is he going to waive it to a team that is gonna empty the cupboard for him? Didn’t Richards void a trade from Dallas for the same reason?

    Nash will be had for peanuts.

  10. “So the question is, do the Rangers go Dubinsky, Anisimov/Hagelin, Del Zotto, Miller/Erixon and a first? Is that crazy?”

    And the answer is: You’re damned right that’s crazy.

    I think Nash is what the Rangers need, but he isn’t the savior of the franchise that should demand four players and a first round pick. I mean, come on! He isn’t Gretzky or Lemieux. He scored one more goal than Callahan. Would Callahan get that much in a trade?

  11. By no means should Stepan and MDZ be a deal breaker for Nash. McDonagh and Kreider absolutely yes.

  12. CCC, no he wouldnt. They play 2 different types of games… Again that’s like comparing Gaborik to Crosby. Callahan got a bunch of his goals off of deflections and doing the dirty work. Callahan had a great season but by no means do I expect 30 goals from him every year now. Dubinsky goes in any trade that brings back lots of $$. Anisimov is replaceable. Id keep Hagelin over Anisimov at this point simply because of speed. If Anisimov goes to columbus im pretty sure youll never hear about him again. Out of all our top D, MDZ is most tradeable. He has a lot of promise and a lot of worth but we are pretty deep on D… And then a prospect. It’s really not like youre blowing up the team…

  13. Isn’t Howson the one with the gun to his head? His comments from the beginning of this ordeal have made moving Nash an absolute necessity and that coupled with the NMC clause limiting his trading partners has put a ticking bomb around his neck. I would expect every GM to use this to their advantage and be willing to let the clock wind down until Howson’s demands become more reasonable. Yes, all the possible trading partners also have time considerations with July 1st looming but they also have the luxury of stirring other pots to improve their teams. I don’t think Slats is sweating this one out. He’s got other options, assets other teams want and a team on the rise that UFAs will view as a possibility to win the Cup within the near future. When it comes to this deal, Glen is reaching for another cigar as he ponders other offers.

  14. Dubi, artie, Erixon and a 1st is pricy but as high as i would go. Its not like losing Dubi and Artie wouldn’t hurt. Both a solid and complete 2 way players. If they let thouse two go we will need miller to fill the void in the coming years that was left by them. Dubi is a beast down low and on the boards. Which makes me want to keep him. Artie is a 2 way player very good in his own end and just needs consistency in the offensive end, which i believe is coming. Nash, while a good offensive player, is not known for playing in his own end at all and has been part of a losing culture for a long time. That alone makes him not worth the amount of pieces that would have to go the other way.

  15. Tyree- that won’t get it done.

    Looks like that elusive investor the Devils found to help them with their financial issues isn’t a sure thing after all.

  16. Four players and a first round pick is nuts, especially when one of the players is Del Zotto. If the Rangers get rid of Del Zotto they will regret it in the near future.

  17. CCC – Totally agree. If the Rangers were trading for Nash two years ago before he signed his crazy contract, I’d say maybe. But the fact is Nash will continue costing the Rangers long after the trade is done and is his production over the next six years going to be worth that cost? Not unless he takes a gigantic leap from where his stats are with the Jackets. This is a guy who has scored an average of 35 goals and 31 points per year. Since when is a 66-point average worth Dubinsky, Anisimov or Hagelin, Del Zotto, Miller or Erixon and a first? Maybe in Howson’s wet dreams, but not in any other rational hockey mind.

  18. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    HOLY Jesus –

    Dubi, Anisimov, Erixon, and a 1st IS pricey.. for Rick Nash

  19. That *WILL NOT* get it done. One has to be realistic. His contract is much less of an issue than Parise’s will be for any team. It’s amount, and quality of players going to Columbus. The good news- Sather walked away from bad deals before, he will again if it comes to that.

  20. 2 average NHL players, a minor league D-man who did not impress when he came up last year (oh and btw he kind of screwed Calgary with that whole contract issue, wanting to be guaranteed a spot or else he wouldnt sign….he was their #1 prospect. kind of radulovish dont ya think?) and a late 1st round pick.

  21. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    Howson is doing the right thing – assuming Rick Nash doesnt tie the GM’s hands too much with the NMC. Howson’s responsibility is to move Rick Nash while getting the most in return for him. If there are other teams in the mix, other than the Rangers, and I’m sure there are, Howson must play these teams against each other in order to get the best package for Columbus.

    It is Glen Sather’s role to assess where his team is at, and how badly it needs Rick Nash in order to win a Stanley Cup, and if possible, to remain in contention for years after winning.

    I for one, do not feel the addition of Nash for any of the combinations of existing Rangers players mentioned thus far in this blog improves the Rangers enough to win the Stanley Cup. Therefore, I agree with Mr. Carp in that if the Rangers were to aquire Nash, it would be later in the Summer than July 1st, if at all. And if I’m a betting man, they do NOT get Nash at all.

  22. Yea. That’s a pretty decent deal and if that was the case Nash would have been helping us try to win a Stanley Cup and we would all be slamming him for not being “clutch” by now.

    No trading Kreider or McBust. Ever.

    Can’t we trade for Luongo? Hasn’t Hank proved he isn’t a winner! (/sarcasm)

  23. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    I agree Lev, Dubi/AA/Erixon/1st was a steal in February and would’ve been great for the Rangers…

    But its NOT February. There are other options available now, and perhaps much less costly.

    Rick Nash does not change the Rangers into the LA Kings, or Bruins, or Pens.

  24. Can anyone think of another player traded for the amount that Howson is asking for?? I’m just interested because I think this guy is talking out his Howson. Not that ever player on the Rangers is going to be a top guy at their position, but they do at least appear to have great potential.

  25. Who are these less costly options? Less costly option that can compare is Radulov. And he’s gone now. Parise certainly isnt less costly and he’s not coming here. Bobby Ryan isnt less costly. Perry and Getzlaf arent less costly. Only less costly options that I see are: Doan who isnt leaving Phoenix, Whitney who id love to have but again probably wont leave Phoenix, and a trade for Iginla which Id do in a heartbeat.

  26. I think they mean less costly as in “It doesn’t take good players to make a contract offer to a free agent!!”

  27. Whether or not that deal is fair/enough/whatever, it’s hardly accurate to just label Erixon as “a minor league D-man” when he’s one of the more highly rated prospects around the league.

    And if Erixon screwed the Flames, isn’t the much-coveted Justin Schultz screwing the Ducks too?

  28. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Music to my ears.
    While Nash is a very good player, he is not among the top 10-15 and the cap hit is quite large.

    We could have a Nash-like player in Krieder…
    Hags has a great ability to create. Ridiculous speed.
    Stepan, in his second season, had Nash like point production. He is still learning.
    MDZ also will get better, and had a great bounce back season.
    I don’t understand why you trade 3-4 good to very good young players plus draft picks to land another good to very good who is older.
    I see a Nash trade as the organization taking a step back.

  29. Screw Nash: Let’s just put the money and resources into making Kreider an Uber-Nash. Get him to hang with Barb Underhill and Mr. T over the off season and get huge and get faster.

  30. I’ve said no to nash from day one and since we all know now what Howson wants for Nash it’s an easy call, no Nash.

  31. OK. Then we need to get Kreider to an even better skater. Kristi Yamaguchi maybe? That little Jewish figure skater?

    Mr. T is a must though. Don’t tell me he’s been signed already, CT.

  32. Sounds like I have a long week or two of sweating out every text hoping Sather doesn’t blow this whole thing up. Parise option 1, Ryan option 2 (if he’s even available) and Nash becomes an option only if he gets valued as he should, as a partial salary dump. All of this talk of Stepan and MDZ being included, even if they’re the single headliner, is ridiculous. You don’t swap young, undervalued assets for older, overvalued assets. That should be so simple and yet it seems to not be.

    (I love Dubinsky, but I’d trade him for Webb Simpson’s wife.)

  33. Yamaguchi’s husband was a pretty good skater.

    I still think they should sign Bill James.

  34. I thought the Ryan rumor was centered around him and Carlyle not getting along. Now that Carlyle is gone I’d imagine they’d keep Ryan, considering he’s under contract for a few more years whereas MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) Getzlaf and Corey Perry are only under contract for 1 more year. Wouldn’t make sense to trade away their best secured asset. Also, they’re another team that desperately needs to cut down on goals against, so I’d expect McD to be the centerpiece of a trade with the Quacks.

  35. “Wouldn’t make sense to trade away their best secured asset.”

    Probably right, unless they want to extend both Getzlaf and Perry and know that moving Ryan can free up money and pull in some cheaper talent. Wouldn’t be a bad way to build.

  36. I don’t care what the papers say, and I think Carp is absolutely right. Parise may have said jokingly he wouldn’t become a blueshirt, and the papers blew it out of proportion is more like it. I bet anything that his agent was in the back round doing damage control because Parise is about to make big money, and why oh why would you take out one of the more freely spending teams in the league and make a statement like that. The Rangers WILL make a huge effort to sign Parise and for him to take them out of the equation is just pure stupidity. If he wants big money or at least someone who will drive up his price the Rangers are one of those teams. You can bet his agent called Sather and told him the Rangers are still a team he will go to.

  37. Good morning, Sally!

    LMAO, air chewing.

    I think Parise would come here, and that he was joking, but I also think he plans on staying in NJ and they plan on making that happen. How? I have no idea.

    Bill James? Don’t you mean Jim Corsi?

  38. The New Jersey Devils are BROKE!!! Not saying Parise is gonna be a NYR, but he WILL NOT BE A DEVIL!!! The Devils are in so much trouble, they will be another NHL foster child. Zach needs to lock up a deal with a bona fide NHL franchise. NJD is not that. Detroit or NYR. Those are the two Parise choices.

    Like I said earlier, Thornton, Jagr, Kovalchuk, and even GRETZKY went for less than the speculative Nash bounty. All better players too. In hindsight, the Lindros from Quebec deal is the only one that netted a fair return for a disgruntled superstar. And I know Philly would like that one back!!!

  39. The trade I was thinking that compares to this Nash scenario: The Barry Beck trade. And I still insist that if Beck hadn’t wrecked his shoulder, that was a good deal. A lot of Rangers from the ’78-79 team that kind of fluked into the finals and was a bunch of buddies, would argue that they sent too much to Colorado. I’d argue that they traded good players, not great players or prospects, for Beck, and that it was the right deal at the time.

  40. Erixon will not be traded. He will just bolt to Sweden reather than play in Columbus. Arty Anisimov is worthless in trade. Del Zotto and Stepan are probably the only VALUABLE chips the Rangers could afford to part with.

  41. Sather vs. Howson = touché for Slats. My money on him here,
    But Slats vs. Rangers’ fans = touché for fans. Just 2 things are certain – 1. Death, 2. Sather at fault – Nash or not Nash, he will be blamed.
    (tax – I’m not so sure is certain thing, comes next year).

  42. czechthemout!!!! on

    Luke Schenn And Nazim Kadri= crap garbage! Leafs will not trade the fifth pick in the draft because Burke wants to use it to move higher.

    Dubi AA and Mdz should BR Sathers final offer. If not, than move on. Nash will not accept a trade to anyone. other than the Rangers or Sharks. Howson is wasting his time if he is even trying to negotiate with other teams

    The Flyers need defense and goaltending,not scoring. They are being used as a tool to hike up the price for Nash.

  43. what is more, cw, most of GM themselves, believe he the best in the League, when comes to trades.

  44. 4ever,
    I am not trying to say Glen is awesome. I am just saying he has a similar track record to most GMs.

  45. cw – the converse/inverse of you statement: “No other GM in the league is worse than Sather.”

    I don’t believe either statement.

  46. no doubt in my mind nash is a ranger come friday night. who goes the other way remains to be seen. dubi our number one pick are GIVENS. del zaster stepan arty and miller erixon are the names to go over.

  47. czechthemout!!!! on

    I would argue that AA and Dubi become the second and thrift best forwards on the Jackets the minute they put on their uniform. Mdz becomes their second best defensemen. To us, all three players are easily replacable. Kreider over Dubi,Nash over AA, and Erixon or Schultz if they sign him, over Mdz.

  48. If Sather signs Schultz, then MDZ is expendable. I almost feel like Schultz would be a precursor to a Nash deal, but I think Columbus wants to pull this off before July 1st. If Shultz gets his rights traded to NYR, then fait accompli…

  49. “Luke Schenn And Nazim Kadri= crap garbage!”

    Tell it to the Leaves fans on the internet! They’ve been musing trade since they thought they were getting Mats Sundin!

  50. *musing that trade

    Just kidding, anyway….

    If we get Rick Nash, I’m selling my tickets and becoming a BJ fan… :)

  51. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB, Manny, and all!!

    You got some props in this article…

    If kreider turns in “another Nash”, then we have 2 Nash’s…so why is that a bad thing? 2 30+ goal scorers with size and that play with a bit of an edge.

    7.8 is not ideal, but seriously folks? Not out of the ball park and less than parise would cost per season and less than parise terms and more size and every bit the equal if not a bit better goal scoring ability than zac the mac has.

  52. Let’s start a contest:


    Whoever guesses the deal in advance, to whichever team it may be, with the closest personnel and picks going the other way, gets to take over Eklund’s title and create their own website.

    Who’s first?

  53. Carp,
    I have no idea if the NYR are getting Schultz. I would say if Sather traded for his rights this week, that would lead me to believe that MDZ is on his way out. A right handed Dman is high on the NYR list. Schultz wants to step in right away (one way deal). It is a good match if you ask me.

  54. czechthemout!!!! on

    The leads fans are nuts! They think every player that’s out there is going to be a leaf. They are also the opposite of many of our fans. We tend to under value our prospects/players. They tend to over value their’s.

    But you can’t blame them to a point. They have a maniac gm who let’s it be known in any trade possiblities,that he is willing to offer Kadri and Matt Frattin as if they are some great combo of prospects. In reality, both players stink and will never be anything more than career borderline NHL players.

    They also are convinced that Schultz signs there because Jake Gardner was his d partner for one year. If that’s the case, than we have as good a chance as any since McD also played

  55. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think it is a mistake to not go for nash when there is not anyone head and shoulders above him as a player (that is currently available) and wait to see if anyone “becomes” available on 01 JULY.

    Nothing like not having a chair when the music stops!

    A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

  56. Sioux-per-man on

    The question for me is woudl you part with Del Zotto for Nash? Yes or No?
    Straight up the answer would be yes. But what are the other assets they would want. Would they still take Dubi ???? or would they take Anisimov???? as the other NHL Ready player.
    Either one I would think would be an asset I would trade for a Nash power forward.

    Then the expendable assets to throw in would be the 1st rounder, and Miller/Thomas/Bourque. Personally I think Miller is the only one to Make the Rangers in 2-3 years, and if he does it will not be as a top 6 forward.

    That is alot of NHL talent for 1 player. Is this Win/Win for both sides? Is it enough for Columbus to deal their top player? 4 for 1?

  57. And by “see “ya” I mean see them later. This team needs scoring and Slats knows it.

  58. Gardner was Schultz’ partner on D. MacD and Stepan were older. So if there is any Wisconsin influence, Gardner’s would maybe be stronger. But if it comes down to giving Schultz a chance to play as a rookie, the NYR may be a better fit for Schultz. The Rangers did it with MDZ, why wouldn’t they give Schultz a chance?

  59. I am with you NYR. Let’s become CBJ fans and move there as well. I hear it’s a better quality of life given our salaries.

  60. Disgruntled superstars NEVER get a fair return in trade. Never. That is what I would keep in mind.

  61. If Schultz signs somewhere because his buddy is on a team, then he’s getting bad advice and he’s an idiot.

    But didn’t I read somewhere that he’s going to a Canadian team? or is that wishful thinking in Canada?

    Chris, you’d give up both of them, plus Dubinsky and a first, plus more? that’s organizational suicide. Nash is really good, a monster, but he’s not Stamkos.

  62. ilb,
    Thank you for that info. But I believe that Schultz wants to go to a team that is gonna give him NHL ice right away. I believe his agent said that in an interview. I will look for the quote on twitter.

  63. Don’t rule out Parise either. New Jersey is in serious trouble. Hell, Kovalchuk could come into play soon.

  64. I also think Slats is a far better poker player than Howser (who worked for Slats in Edmonton). Sather will make him wait and wait and blink, unless there really are other teams heavily involved. Howser howsoned the whole thing last time. He has to trade Nash now.

    Also, on the NMC, I think Nash will expand his list of teams just to get the holy hell out of there, but he’ll want to go to a team with a shot.

  65. Schultz may go to Toronto because Brian Burke drafted him, and may pursue him as a UFA. I am convinced that the team that fast tracks him to the NHL ice is the team that will sign him.

  66. He can be promised to have a spot in starting line up, but it can’t be guaranteed.
    ELCs are pretty straightforward these days and will, most likely, become more restrictive within next CBA.

    Both Stepan and MDZ should not be included in that deal, regardless who the other pieces might be. Sather will not do that.

  67. I think Nash is gonna pull a Brad Richards, and he could veto a trade based on what is coming back to CBJ. If a team has to empty the cupboard, Nash would just stay in Columbus and have Howson fired. Which is gonna happen anyway.

  68. ilb,
    A lot of scouts say Schultz is NHL ready now. If that is true, he has Bickel’s spot tomorrow. I can’t say that Schultz will end up here, but it is a good fit. Hell, Schultz can handle Bickel’s 3 minutes a night come playoff time. I am sure of it.

  69. “Both Stepan and MDZ should not be included in that deal, regardless who the other pieces might be.”

    I couldn’t agree more, ilb.

  70. Unless there is another R handed D-man the Rangers are pursuing somewhere, Schultz has as good a chance to be in starting lineup in NY as anywhere else. Behind Girardi, they have Stralman and Bickel. They did qualify Stralman though…..

  71. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I wouldn’t part with miller if possible..if (big IF) he is what the scouts say and like mrich, then you try and hang on to him. I still think AA/Dubi/(MDZ or Erixon)/and (thomas or bjork) is the way to go. I would try and hold on to our current pick in the 1st round as well.

    I also think something else may come back from CBJ besides nash, not sure what though.

    I do not think that deal would cripple our organization in the least.

    Of course, whether or not CBJ takes that deal is obviously a completely different story!

  72. Strahlman was quite good in the playoffs. He deserves a look. Unless there is a better option of course….

  73. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think they qualified stralman just in case other things don’t work out as opposed to letting someone else sign him and not having that fall back..right??

  74. Sioux-per-man on

    If Nash is traded it will be to the Rangers. Nash wanted to be a Ranger at the dead line in Feb.

    I still think the Rangers have better Prospects that would give CBJ the best return. I don’t see McD/Kreider in ANY deal as tradeable, for any player out there.

    DZ/Dubi/Anisimov and or Stepan could be in a monster deal if they would give up their first round pick in the deal along with Nash.

    Nash > Parise …… only because it could get done before July 1st. Then flip a coin who comes in.

  75. ilb,
    Again, I have no idea if Schultz is even considering NYR. I am trying to think from his perspective. Good young team, a chance to play and win right away. The timing is a little goofy. I could see Sather giving Schultz a sweet deal knowing he has to part with MDZ to get Nash. But I think the Nash deal will go down before Sather can get Schultz.

  76. but Del Zotto is a left-shooting D who can and has played the right side, could very well play right side with a Stahl or Staal or Stall.

  77. It didn’t cost much to qualify him, Wicky. He was pretty good in the payoffs, especially on the offensive side. Still young too.

  78. I don’t think Torts is crazy about playing MDZ on the R, Carp…He’s had issues holding the puck in against the boards in a few games he played there.

  79. Carp,
    I am assuming MDZ would be the expendable piece to get Nash.

    Geez, if Parise wasn’t such a brat, and would just take the damned money Sather has given all the other New Jersey castoffs I wouldn’t be wasting my whole day trying to figure how the hell Rick Nash and Justin Schultz are gonna be on the Rangers!!!

  80. cw- because of ELC restrictions by CBA, Schultz will get the same deal from any team he signs. It’s pretty straightforward.

  81. I would trade Dubi, AA and Del Z for Nash and come 7/1 sign Weideman, Feds and Prust for 2 seasons and that’s my team.

    Defense: Staal, McD, Girardi, Erixon, Bickel, Weideman and Eminger/Woywitka

    Hags, Richards, Gabby
    Cally, Stepan, Nash
    Kreider, Boyle, Feds
    Rupp, Prust,

  82. ilb,
    Even if Schultz is a UFA? It seems like you are mentioning a lot of restrictions. Isn’t a UFA “unrestricted”?

  83. I will say this: This is the first time in recent memory that we have no idea what the heck the NYR are gonna do regarding signing/trading people.

  84. I wouldn’t give up much of value for anyone making 7.8 million against the cap. To me, Del Zotto and Stepan off limits in this deal- if he wants Dubi Artie pick prospect that is as far as I’m willing to go.

    Also, I think that Tortorella’s comments about fitting other types of players in here to get more talent, etc was speaking directly to Semin. I think he will be a big target of ours come 7/1.

  85. czechthemout!!!! on

    McD and Kreider are players you only consider moving for all world type players like Mess in his prime or Bobby Orr in his prime.

    McD is already one of the ten best dmen in the league, if not top eight.

    Kreider is a can’t miss player.

    Schultz would be a fool not to come here. His agent said that they are looking for a good young team that is close to contending for the cup and that he has a chance to play right away. If that doesn’t describe the Rangers I don’t know what does.

  86. no one from Columbus has actually said they’re expecting to get McDonagh and Kreider for Nash, right

    that’s got to be some internet fantasy hockey b.s. because if it’s not, Columbus has zero intention of trading Nash to the Rangers (or anywhere for that matter).

  87. FLY, I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Tortorella was talking about Semin. I would be floored if they ever took a softie like that here. The whole idea is that they needed more scoring in the playoffs, and they got an up-close, first-row view of that guy for seven of the softest playoff games in NHL history. Made Mike Green look like Chara.

  88. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    OMG, are any of you listening to that link?

    The kubina story was LMFAO?, I’m still laughing

  89. “I wouldn’t give up much of value for anyone making 7.8 million against the cap.”

    x 1,000,000,000

  90. I don’t see Alexander Semin blocking any shots nor sacrificing for the good of the team. Frankly, I see Semin not being in the NHL next season.

    I do not want to trade MDZ, but if it can get us Nash and if we can sign Weideman, do it.

  91. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    Brandon Bollig ?@Bollig87
    Thank you all so much for the support!!! I’m beyond excited to be a punching bag in the @NHLBlackhawks org for the next two years. #MadHouse

  92. for my money once ryan suter bolts to detroit for the money and years shea weber will want to test ufa next year and bolt as well.

    weber is the guy to get hands down. do it before wednesday night awards because he will win the NORRIS trophy over karlsonn and the price will go up.

  93. I miss you guys. We’re all powerful New Yorkers – can’t we petition the league to start early so I’ll have something to talk about here?

  94. yeah Weber is the only FA I’d want, too. you can keep the rest of these overpriced humps.

  95. if only semin tried. for my money he has the most lethal wrist shot i see in the nhl. scares the heck out of me very time he unleahes the wrist shot.


  96. barrett jackman 3 yrs 9.5 mil extension in st louis. vet d man crease clearer. heard lof good things plays right side.

  97. trade for weber sign jagr and semin wait for gabby to come back and we are all set. lol

    imagine jagr and semin on the same line. torts would freak

  98. Certainly hear all of the Semin detractors, but he would give us an infusion of talent that you have to worry about. I know I’m always scared when he is on the ice against us (though I do admit he was very soft against us in the playoffs). Other than Parise he is the best free agent available at putting the puck in the net and it allows us to just pay $.

    If I have one side with Semin Dubi, Del Zotto, Anisimov and a couple of pieces and another side with Rick Nash (who I love) give me the first side every day of the week.

    My first choice is to not upset the apple cart too much and give up a 1 for 1 year of Iginla to give it a shot. If it doesnt work- we still have this deep core moving forward.

  99. and if they get Semin and he scores 35, you guys will all still want him shot, tattooed and scalped during and after the playoffs next year.

  100. Wow Carp you are dead on with the Nash write up today.

    And we’re vibing on the Barry Beck analogy, I brought that up here a couple weeks ago- it was the right deal at the time and the early 80s Ranger team could have won 1 or 2 cups if not for the Islanders dynasty.

  101. As far as predicting the Nash trade I say: Dubinsky, MDZ, Erixon, 1st Rounder. If you replace MDZ with Stepan do you guys like the trade more or less?

  102. Love some of the trade ideas here for Nash. And the comments from baseball fans who judge Nash on his numbers.

  103. czechthemout!!!! on


    I would not trade Stepan because I think he ark has upside. He improved his point total from his rookie season and I think he can be a 70+ point player. It would also create a huge home in the middle for us. So no, I wouldn’t trade Stepan but I have no problem with trading Mdz AA,Dubi and a pick or prospect. Also wouldn’t trade Erixon and Mdz.

  104. Would be nice if we could make the deal without both Stepan and MDZ but if push comes to shove you do both to get Nash.

    No Kreider or McD.

    Before people start with the “dont give up” on Stepan or McD hysteria, remember you have to give to get and we have assets to make it happen. Think the Kings care if Simmonds and Schenn end up being good?

  105. What about baseball fans who just judge him as a very good player with an elite player’s contract?

  106. “…we could make the deal without both Stepan and MDZ but if push comes to shove you do both….”

    Are we trading for Stamkos or Malkin? Or both?

  107. Dont expect Sather to outsmart Howson since Howser has Craig Patrick at his side. Certainly didn’t at the deadline. Howson/Patrick have just as much leverage now with more teams in on it and Nash likely to open his list up a bit.

    Sadly if I had to bet I also say we probably won’t get him bc they will insist on McD or Kredier.

  108. Also, NYR. Please stop *copying* stuff. You could have said that in your own words but you decided to just *copy* it.

  109. Lol you think we can get Stamkos or Malkin for Stepan and MDZ? Please answer this.

  110. I think, and I don’t want to speak for him, NYR was saying that those guys would be movable in any trade for an ELITE player. But let’s not lose one of both of them in a deal for Nash (as well as other parts).

  111. We should have traded Sergei Zubov in the nineties for a perennial “can’t miss” 30-goal scorer!!!


  112. Manny Nash is an elite player. There’s a reason every GM wants him. For what it’s worth an NHL hall of famer who played with him told me this as well.

  113. Stepan as a 70 point scorer. prime example of a rangers fan overvaluing a player. you have to give to get. Having said that, trade mdz before stepan. Having them as deal breakers for a guy like Nash is ridiculous.

  114. Maybe Dubinsky will cash in on his potential of 2 years ago and put up 70-80 next year too.

  115. Seriously some people have their Ranger colored glasses on too tight, affecting circulation. If you have a rebuilding team you don’t trade MDZ and Stepan for Nash. If you have a team that is close, and you have young assets, and you have scoring trouble….you DO it.

  116. Nash did not score more than 40 goals this year and, in fact, has only done so twice, 40 (’08) and 41 (’03) in (Parise once just FYI).

  117. Nash has had no one to play with. Ever. His best center was a 72 year old Fedorov. That can work in baseball not hockey.

  118. Just saying……. The idea of trading Dubinsky, Anisimov, Del Zaster, Stepan and a pick for Nash is absolute insanity.

  119. czechthemout!!!! on

    I am not over valuing Stepan. He improved his point total from last year. He will again this year, especially playing with Kreider and Cally for most of the year. Also, you can’t fill one hole by creating another one. Mdz,Erixon are replacable. As is AA and Dubi. Stepan is not. There is not one center in the system that can replace Stepan. Going outside for Whitney is a mistake. He is 40 years old we don’t need to go that rout.

  120. CTO you fill the Stepan hole in 2 seconds by signing Whitney. No you dont do that if you’re rebuilding. Ggoing for the cup yes.

  121. “If you have a team that is close, and you have young assets, and you have scoring trouble….you DO it.”

    That’s where I think Rangers fans have the biggest arguments/disagreements.

    I want a perennial contender. Not “one Cup and done” . Some fans want to win the Cup now and don’t care about tomorrow or beyond that.

  122. Yes ilb the one I spoke to and who told me Nash was awesome. Not taking anything away from a great guy but he ws like 70 when he played for Columbus.

  123. Dubinsky goes either way because of $$. Then I think it is either one of MDZ/Stepan and then maybe if Columbus insists you give Anisimov as well. Maybe not. Definitely not trading all 4. Definitely 2, maybe 3.

  124. Ray Whitney is 40 years old but plays so much younger than that. He’d be an awesome part of this team. 77 points last year.

  125. czechthemout!!!! on


    Whitney will get killed in the eastern conference. He is too old. I still believe that Nash will not cost anything near what is being reported by the blitz. Anything more than AA,Dubi,Mdz,and a pick or prospect is lunacy. I will reiterate what I wrote earlier. AA and Dubi immediately become the second and third best players on the Jackets the minute they put on the uniform. Mdz becomes the second best dman behind Jack Johnson.

  126. CTO I would love to see us get it done for that package I just don’t think Columbus does it.

  127. I hate the idea of having Nash and Richards on this team at high cap hits forever. We have people we need to re-sign!

  128. I know you guys are fooling around, but let’s not for a second put Del Zotto and Zubov in the same sentence. Through three seasons (two full seasons and half of another season), Del Zotto has a career point total equal to Zubov’s point total in the 93-94 season. Everyone knew the Zubov trade was insanity the second it happened. The dude was a power play monster and changed the entire complexion of games with his skills. He was somewhere around 1 point per game in the strike shortened season. Then Neil Smith decided the Rangers had to have Luc Robitaille.

  129. czechthemout!!!! on


    I just believe that you can’t solve a problem by creating another one. If you look at what SJ trade for Dan Heatley, what we are talking about is far superior. They trade Michalek who didn’t do much in SJ and Cheechoo who was finished and a second round pick for Heatley and a 5th. Not much for a player at the time considered at least as good as Nash is now. I think Sather is offering less than even we think he is. Howson is trying to get more by saying he has other dance partners. Remember, Nash holds more cards than Howson so Sather should just hold firm and not overpay for him. With all the ufa’s coming next year, there will be averal players available during the course of the year.

  130. I love all this piling on Mike Green. It’s pretty hilarious. He was always labeled as the, “guy that makes the Capitals go!”

  131. Nah, Carp, I didn’t mean both, or not both with extras. But I’d be super willing to part with one of them and Dubi, plus. This team needs Nash’s type of scoring. It’s that simple. The Kings understood that, they understood that you use the regular season to build the talent you have into a coherent system, not to mold the talent you have into a predetermined system, then entered the post-season finally coming together and they had the talent to finish. Nash may not be the answer, but he probably offers a better shot than Step and Dubi and AA and Hags in some mix.

  132. czechthemout!!!! on


    I remember the day that trade went down. One of the worst trades in team history. A day or two later, I had dinner at a Russian restaurant called Gambrinus on Ocean parkway in Brooklyn with Alex Kovalev who I had just met through a mutual friend. Is was there with my wife and he was with his girlfriend and his mom who was over from Russia. He told me that we would regret badly ever trading Zubi, and he was dead on.

  133. bull dog line on

    Whitney is a winger, not a center. would not trade MDZ. to 40 pt seasons, and he is just 21. only if you can replace Stepan, do you trade him. you do not create a hole to fill a hole.

  134. Tell ya what, I would consider Jagr for nothing. Depth scoring. Exactly what we need.

  135. Whitney can play center. By the way so can Kreider, so can Nash. Not their first positions but I wouldnt get caught up in that.

  136. i would take jagr back in a heartbeat. jagr brought repsectability back to this team. play jagr and gaustad together and here comes the cup. you in manny?

  137. bull dog line on

    I can play center too, Matteau,
    Whitney is a wing, Nash is a wing, Kreider is a wing.

  138. Dont know how I feel about Jagr. He looked like he ran out of gas come playoff time.

  139. Vy khotite skazat?, Yagr ustal ?



    Don’t get mad but I *copied* and pasted that! (Sorry, LW)

  140. Hahahah Manny. Yagr viglyadil otchen ustalim. I wouldnt mind Jagr on the team but not as the primary move. Nash/Iginla/Ryan/Weber and then Whitney/Doan or somebody else and then maybe Jagr. But that wont happen because of $$$.

  141. Can the Rangers sign Guastad, trade or sign for a Nash/Ryan/Parise player and still be okay under the cap and resign the pending RFAs and UFAs over the next few years?

    Also, the Rangers have a really good D, but can they afford to trade MDZ? Will Shultz play with the same hint of Claude Lemieux? MDZ is not Dave Manson but he is physical and can agitate. Shultz has zero NHL experience. He may be a great player but however unlikely he may never be a legit NHL’er. Nobody will know 100% until he plays.

    I would like to see the Rangers sign Guastad.

    Parise Richards Gabs
    Kreider Stepan Cally
    Hags Boyle youth/UFA/Feds
    Prust Guastad Rupp/UFA/youth/Feds

    I thought Rupp was alright. Not great or worth the money but not a disgrace or anything.

  142. nyr fan…they did get a 47 goal scorer for zubov….24 one year,23 the next…..didn’t quite work out the way neil envisioned it

  143. Stranger Nation on

    Aged like a fine wine…great blurb about the trade of the century (or not…)

    In a continued and perhaps desperate quest for another Stanley Cup championship before the end of the Mark Messier era, the Rangers made a major multiplayer trade yesterday. They filled two of their biggest present needs while *gambling with their future and increasing their payroll.*

    The Rangers sent two talented young players, Sergei Zubov and Petr Nedved, to the Pittsburgh Penguins. In exchange, they got two talented older players, Ulf Samuelsson and Luc Robitaille.

    Zubov and Nedved were frequently blamed for the team’s disappointing performance last season; Samuelsson and Robitaille are well-known stars with clearly defined reputations and strong personalities.

    One key theme is age. Samuelsson is 31 years old and Robitaille turns 30 on Feb. 17. Other key additions to the Rangers this summer have been Ray Ferraro, 31; Bruce Driver, 33, and Wayne Presley, 30. They join Messier, the 34-year-old captain, on a roster that is likely to include at least six other players at least 30 years old.

  144. i see Manny brought up about Jagr
    i’ve been wondering about that as well.
    he showed that he’s still has something left
    but if Torts thinks he’s going to block any shots
    then he has a better chance of putting Gordie Howe
    on our first line

    anyway, it’s only money. so, if he comes to us for 3 mil or less

  145. Stranger, please tell me that’s not my story. … and please tell us whose story it is.

    CCCP, LMAO at Wicky’s favorite player.

  146. No way would I include MDZ in any trade. Dubi, Artie plus picks and prospects and if that’s not enough then so be it. If we include Step too then we need to also find a centre from somewhere, so I don’t see both Artie and Step being included.

    Things will get clearer after the draft and should be as plain as day after National Slats day. I’d rather we spent money without giving up the farm but if we didnt get Nash then we’ll need more than 60goals from Hags, Dubi and Kreider

  147. Pitts special dive bombing my house right now! Should I take a couple of shots at ’em? So low = easy to hit.

  148. Nash-4everanger wannabe on

    “Give to Columbus all your tired, poor,
    Your Tortsed masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the teamless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my NMC beside the board door!”

  149. the ranger should just resign petr nedved and kovalev and jagr call it an offseason

  150. Stranger Nation on

    Carp –

    LaPointe from NYT in ’95 – should have put the attribution in

    only 50% of the article with Ulfie saying that he was ‘happy to going to the Rangers because they were spending a lot of money so they must be serious about winning’

    too funny…

  151. Carp

    You liked my Jagr post for wicky? lol

    Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog reference in that post..funniest dog on the planet!

  152. Is there a manny here?

    Cw, is you trying to say the Glen Sather is a great general gerente? OK, i talk soon to me. Ciao bellos!

  153. Joe LaPointe loved the Europansies. I think he was heart-broken when they traded Zubov and Nedved, and especially Kovalev.

  154. Johnny LaRue on

    How about that Ceausescu, he was not shy about dictating. He must have been dictating first thing in the morning, “I want a cup of coffee and a muffin!”

  155. Bull Dog just because you google them and it comes up winger doesn’t mean that’s what they are. Would you say Dubinsky is a winger? I’d say he plays wing under Torts but the fact is another coach could just as soon have him center. Same thing with Whitney and Kreider who have played center and I believe Nash has as well.

  156. just throwing the Jagr out there
    ’cause i’m tired of talking about Nash
    don’t want to think too much
    about the ransom howson wants for him
    (if it’s ONLY him)

    looked alright last year with philly.
    other than not blocking shots
    and it only costing $$
    what does anyone think?

  157. he was pretty much banged up all year, I don’t think he fits what the Rangers do, nor do I think he’d want to come here other than to get a big payday.

  158. It is simple Nash is the answer and here’s how to get it done. Trade a 5th for radulov’s rights get him signed. Trade radulov, anisimov, dubinsky, miller and del zotto of course the 1st rd pick as well. That will get it done, but call in on Ryan and Kane don’t look so desperate let Columbus know you have options.

  159. ooooooooooooooooooh yeah!!
    i forgot about the bumps and bruises on the body.
    thanks for the reminder.

  160. I don’t see Glenn getting into a bidding war for Nash…forget Nash, forget Parise. Nash will be good for another rebuilding team with some young talent, with talented veterans to send back in return. Howson wants to trade from a position of weakness as if he has leverage. He does have a desirable commodity, but everyone knows where he is coming from, and I don’t think anyone out there will be willing to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from him. I don’t think Glenn would acquire a player whom has said he doesn’t want to play for the Blueshirts. I’m thinking a shrewd black horse deal that’s under the radar right now.

  161. To all ranger fans get it through your heads Nash hasn’t played with a top 100 scorer in any year. Yet the man has put up 30-40 goal seasons every year. And stop stepan’s hit his ceiling, Dubinsky c’mon man, anismov a joke, Jt miller projects as a 3rd line center. What talent is sather offering? Del zotto? Anyone see the playoffs the guy was afraid to play the puck when it was dumped in. What the rangers are offering maybe scored 4 more goals then Nash alone last year. So please stop crying we were a less then a 500 team in the second half when teams stars came back. And Boston never got one of their stars back. What we have isn’t enough and to wake into a battle using the same weapon you lost with is stupid

  162. If we are going to go the trade route and not a FA signing…. I would much rather go after Bobby Ryan than Rick Nash!


  163. The Rangers’ youth sucks. Rick Nash is awesome. Our young guys hit their ceilings a long time ago. We have to trade all of them, if you can still get anything. Especially, Artie Anismov, he’s a joke.

    Rick Nash had great numbers and terrible teammates for 8 years. That’s why the Rangers need him. Who cares if he makes more than 99% of the league, including players that are leaps and bounds better than him….no big deal…We need Rick Nash, that is all that is important…everything else will fall into place….

    We need Rick Nash and we need him NOW.

  164. “To all ranger fans get it through your heads Nash hasn’t played with a top 100 scorer in any year.”

    Sure, but don’t elite scorers often create other top 100 scorers where they don’t exist on talent alone?

    (see: Parenteau, P.A.)

  165. “So please stop crying we were a less then a 500 team in the second half when teams stars came back.”


  166. Which teams had stars coming back anyway, aside from Pittsburgh? And shouldn’t these teams have equally been feasting on the team that had their #1 D-man from the previous year out for the first half?

  167. bull dog line on

    you are only right on Dubi. but of course he came up as a center and was moved to wing. the 3 players you keep mentioning are wings, not centers! what would be the point of getting Nash and moving him to center? why would the Rangers move Kreider to center? Whitney is 40, and been a wing his whole career. none of this makes any sense at all.

  168. Just to be pedantic, the immortal David Vyborny, Nik Zherdev, Kristian Huselius and R.J. Umberger have all finished in the top 100 scorers while in Columbus.

  169. bull dog line on

    don’t love the idea of trading Dubi. understand it, just don’t like it.

  170. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Anyone know where I can watch tv shows online?

  171. jBeck, how can you base Del Zotto’s season, even his playoffs, on what he did at the end? ridiculous. The kid is one reason why they won both of the first two rounds. And … 21.

  172. I don’t like the idea of trading anyone. This team needs a two year bridge to get Erixon, Thomas, McIlrath and ESPECIALLY JT Miller. Parise was the best move the NYR could make until then.

  173. Bull Dog- just for the fun of debating, Kreider was drafted as a center. Whitney played center though admittedly I cant recall during which of his many stints. And my hockey-knowledgeable friend who lives in Columbus said Nash occasionally played center.

  174. I think the real question is how much of Dubi’s contract will the Rangers pay when they ship him? 2 mil annually?

  175. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I dont want Nash playing center if he comes here. I am with you Carp. Unless we are getting Stamkos, Ovi, Malkin, Giroux etc Del Zotto shouldn’t move

  176. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    That’s bs Matteau. Plenty of teams would take Dubinsky for a 7th round pick but Sather would never do it.

  177. no, they will not give him away … not unless they get desperate for cap space, which shouldn’t happen.

  178. Ok True Blue I guess you know better. Just remember the same guy who told me this told me about Gabby shoulder before it was announced. I posted about Gabby and Dubi that night. He is gone if anyone will take him and his 4m.

  179. Obviously “give away” is hyperbole and no they wont do it for a 7th round pick. But if any value at all he is gone, Dont be surprised if Columbus wants nothing to do w his 4m and thats holding up a Nash deal. Im speculating on my own about the last part.

  180. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Okay Matteau thats better. I wouldn’t be all that mad if the Rangers get a 2nd round pick for Dubinsky. Not saying I want it to get done but I wouldn’t be that mad.

  181. Czechthemout!!! on


    Hey so since they are aggressively shopping Dubi, maybe they go to the Montreal well one more time and trade him and the 28 pick in the draft or the Habs first round(3) pick and draft Galyenchuk. Than they can move Stepan and MdZ for Nash. Don’t laugh at the first part of my thought. Remember, this is the team that took Gomez and “threw” in McD to sweeten it or us. I know Gainey is no longer there but hey, why not?

  182. bull dog line on

    i though the Rangers traded Hagelin for a 2nd round pick. how many 2nd rounders do they need?

  183. i want to thank dubi for his hard work. in about 48-72 hours you will be centering rj umberger and vinny prospal.

    carp according to me sather will have a conf call late friday afternoon before draft. get your golf done early

  184. CTO somehow I get the feeling the Habs wont go anywhere near Sather!

    And yes they have a new GM Marc Bergevin and he’s sharp.

  185. I’d love to see us get equal or better value for Dubinsky….but the idea that he can be a centerpiece for Nash?

    If I’m Howser….I’ll take JVR before Dubi…Bigger, younger, more offensive upside….

    I also think that Holmgren will be more aggressive than Slats…

  186. I agree with what cw said above about better players having been traded for far less. Geez, what this guy (Howson) seems to be asking for kind of reminds me of what the Quebec GM wanted for Eric Lindros back in ’92. You’d think Nash were some kind of 18-year-old phenom. He’s not.

    Sounds to me like the Rangers might have to go the way of multiple good goal scorers rather than one elite goal scorer (Hudler, etc.).

    PS. I know that Howson is also talking to Philly about a deal that would involve JVR. Why not just ask them to throw in Claude Giroux as well?

  187. i think this was posted earlier
    but since we’re deep into the talk of
    post-season trades and ufa’s
    besides parise
    what ufa’s
    are available that make some sense
    financially and what we need?

  188. whoa! slim pickings
    particularly for what we need
    only thing i saw available
    of minor interest is Dominic Moore
    as a 3rd or 4th liner
    particularly if Prust leaves (HOPE NOT!!!! IF HE’S READING THIS!!!!)

    Stoll stands out mainly from being on Cup winner but i don’t know enough
    about him.

  189. JimboWoodside on

    Jpg, I think the Oiler fans were happy to see Stoll go when Edmonton finally gave up on him – and now he’s a cup winner!

  190. Quote from Holmgren today on JVR trade rumors:

    “He should maybe take that as a compliment –that he keeps hearing his name like that,” Holmgren said. “I like James. I think he has a tremendous future in the league, and he’s one of our most gifted goal scorers — and he’s 6-foot-3 or 6-4. He’s our player right now.”

  191. Wow. did Holmgren really say that? not exactly a denial, huh?

    eric, I hope you’re wrong … just a little advance warning. I may not be on the blog at all for the draft. Might be entirely done via the widget ———-> and your discussion.

    frankly, I don’t see how or why the Rangers would rush into a Nash deal by the draft anyway. As I said up top, if they’re in it, it will last well into the summer, IMO. But I’ve been wrong (once) before.

  192. Good morning, good afternoon, good night Boneheads,

    I agree that dubie would def have to for nash because of the cap hit. Ill give up artie, erixon and either thomas or a pick too. But thats it. Howson wil get greedy. It aint gonna happen.

    Off the baltimore for work. Check back in later this week.

    G’night all

  193. Carp….and this:

    Holmgren denied an Internet report that Columbus’ Rick Nash had vetoed a trade to the Flyers. “I don’t know anything about that,” he said……

  194. Anyone here have issues in dealing with season subscriber office at MSG? I am, after 25+ years, getting the biggest runaround since….uh..since I signed up for Cablevision services.

    Seriously, I am quite possibly giving up my long held tickets because of the lack of service and concern in the season subscriber office.

    Anyone else had issues???

  195. Occupy Columbus! Nash is just 1%, we are 99%. Don’t make Rich richer! Equality now! Let him pay my tax (I didn’t this year, btw). 1 Nash for 2 half- nashies and 2 quarter-nashies. All others – get in line.

  196. Paul in sunrise on

    I was a no WWEber guy. But now I think he should be the target. I think McD based on his skating ability plays the right side to WWEber.

  197. Czechthemout!!! on

    So you can scratch the Flyers off of the so called several teams that horseshite thinks he is going to have to trade Nash to. As I said before, Nash is the guy holding all the cards, not Howson. Nash wants to come here. It is just a matter of Howson becoming reasonable and deal in reality.

    AA/Dubi/MdZ and Thomas is reasonable. Anything more than that to me is a deal breaker.

  198. If Philly gets Nash I’ll lose it. Imagine this year’s team upgrading Jagr to Nash. First line of Giroux, Nash and Hartnell???

  199. Paul in sunrise on

    2 years at just over $7m left.
    30 goals. Speedy.
    Won’t cost nearly as much as the monster Nash as far as assets
    What do youse think?

  200. JimboWoodside on

    I guess Philly feels that they need a team loaded with 40 goal scorers because they don’t have a goalie or a good defense…

  201. Paul in sunrise June 18th, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    I like pizza steve


    Multiplicity! Love that movie! Michael Keaton is the man!

  202. Has anyone else noticed that both kanes evander and Patrick could be had in a trade. Rumors are kessel could be had as well Jordan stall as well. So stop with jagr the man was hurt every other game. Forget Zach P he doesn’t want to be a ranger and just check the last two devil forwards the rangers signed oh wait the last 3 forgot sykora. And who ever put their lines up before and had krieder on the third line don’t quit your day job. And please stop with cally I love him as a player but let’s be honest he’s a 3rd line player on 90% of NHL teams. Ranger fans really do believe everything the announcers and coach’s say about this guy. Why wasn’t he benched when he failed to clear the puck in the cap series that lead to the GWG? Yet gabby, krieder, del zotto do well everyone but cally, Boyle and feds? If your not those three you will find yourself getting benched way to hold your words of “ACCOUNTABILITY” and btw glad torts decided that they didn’t need anymore goal scoring looked like it in the playoffs “go big Jon Scott” to predictable in their own end to soft in the offensive end won’t win anything that matters until that system is gone. Way to play your 2nd best goal scorer “krieder” 8 mins a game. Torts system isn’t made to win games or put games away it’s there to keep teams in games

  203. You are correct carp but the times MDZ came up big were on offense his is lost in the defensive zone doesn’t like to get hit and let’s be honest if you wanna put it that way “all hail AS” he came up clutch on many occasion

  204. Yes mister they do, am I correct in saying that umberger was cut by both the flyers and rangers before going to Columbus? Put Nash on the flyers, sharks, Blackhawks or redwings and what does he do? My post was to someone that stated Nash wasn’t that good and threw out names like heatly, thorton JVR, kovalchuck and others who have all played with top 25 scorers. You don’t want the guy that’s fine but don’t say he’s not a good hockey player. Don’t compare him to guys playing on much better offensive lines and teams. He’s a very good “goal scorer” which is what this team needs. And most of all he wants to play in new york

  205. BTW god bless his soul but wouldn’t cheraponov have looked good on the wing with krieder and stepan.

  206. listen. this is the time we all get to play GM. so my take with Nash is good lick in Toronto or Sanjse. as for NYR, here it goes. i would like to trade the following players to the Ducks.
    Delzotto, Stepan, AA, Thomas and the 28th pick for Bobby Ryan and the 6th pick.
    Trade Dubi and our second 2nd pick to San Jose for Ryan Clowe
    Sign Justin Schultz
    Sign Paul Gaustad
    Sign Dustin Penner
    the season will start like this
    Richards, Kreider, Ryan
    JT Miller, Cally, Penner
    Gaustad, Haglin, Clowe
    Boyle, Rupp, Prust
    Girardi, MCD
    Staal, Schultz
    Erxion, Bickel, Strallman. when Gabby returns we’ll make the necessary adjsutments. oh yea, sign Biron.
    what do ya’ll hink?

  207. Players i wouldn’t mind on the Rangers next year Gustead,Phaneauf , Lupal , Kessell , Getzlaf , Ryan Weber .Shultz , Parise ,Suter , Semin , Greene , Let go Dubie ,Feder, Mitch ,Stralman , Eminger , Bickel Thomas ,Borguer , Yogan , TJ Miller and draft picks for the needed help we can get

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