The first weekend of the off-season


No hockey, beautiful weather, and a June weekend.

And I’m pretty busy with the “other job” and, when I can, watching some of the national championship of golf.

So I’ve got nothing, and well, I guess I’d better get used to saying that, and you’d better get used to reading it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean youse won’t come up with your own conversations, so here’s your blank canvas for today. Have at it.

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  1. Good morning, ‘heads!

    So Carp got nothing? Good. I got a research paper due July 1st. Haven’t done carcillo, so I’m not here. Later….Unless we get news, of course :-)

  2. Woke up at 5 this morning (to beat the heat) and biked for 3 hours uphill. about 50 km. Burned 1500 calories. Finished in 35 Celsius weather. Kill me. Expected to be 38 in Jerusalem today…

  3. Interesting article there, ilb. If it really will take either Anisimov or Dubinsky + MDZ + a prospect + 1st round pick then they have to do it in my opinion. Id feel bad for Anisimov getting shipped to Columbus though, but id be over it relatively quickly.

  4. “Dubinsky would probably be sent the other way though because of $$$$.”

    The Rangers do not need to clear his cap hit until AFTER this upcoming season. Dubi’s trade value is at it’s lowest point probably ever, so it makes no sense to trade him.

    You keep Dubinsky and hope he rebounds so when the season is over, his value is much higher than it is now, and if he doesn’t well he’s still better than most 3rd liners.

  5. Anybody have any insight or speculation on what affect the subtractions from a “tight” team or the addition of Nash would have on the Ranger locker room? I wonder if team chemistry plays any part in the organization’s decision when moving several players as this deal would surely require?

  6. Heave Ho!

    Team Chemistry is a load of crap. Winning teams have good chemistry and losing teams have bad chemistry. Sure, the Rangers seemed to all be friends, but it’s part of the game.

    The players are sharp guys, they know they are close, but they need more firepower. Rick Nash, or any other top player, would be a welcomed addition by the guys inside…

  7. I have a feeling that Nash is one of 2 players in the plans this offseason, the other is Shea Weber whom Nashville knows will not sign there long term and whom they would have to move to get value for him while they still can.

  8. Oleo, I’m tempted to agree with you but adding a talented player who doesn’t subscribe to this team’s identity could set the team back instead of moving it forward. I’m wondering if Nash with all his “chips” would go “all in” if he calls MSG home in October?

  9. Heave Ho, that is a very interesting point. How many guys can come here after being in another place as a team captain, top player, and do well here? There really haven’t been many that stepped right in. The ole Edmonton boys in the 1990’s came here, BUT they knew other guys. That made the transition easier. Drury and Gomez were never ‘comfortable’. Was that because they were not the same players, or they just couldn’t do it because it ‘felt’ different? Richard, for all the talk, to me, was ‘ok’, but more of a disappointment to me. The talk was that he ‘needs’ people around him. I realize it was his first year. Perhaps next year he is more ‘at home’. More a ‘New Yorker”.

    Whenever you take the rise with an FA, you don’t know how they will adjust. Nash has been in Columbus, the focal point of the team, for 8 years. Does that mean he will spring forward and enjoy a new opportunity to flourish in a new culture? Or he will be a ‘fish out of water’?

    It’s a crapshoot. But he is a damn gifted player that hasn’t ever had a chance, while in the pro’s, to show what he’s got. I will take that risk for the right price.

    He’s only 28. He’s huge. I’ll take both.

  10. Heave Ho!

    The Rangers “identity” was only in place because the team lacked the talent to win any other way. The hope is that adding Nash and let’s say Ray Whitney and moving the other guys down a line will allow the Rangers to play a more open style.

    Torts has been pretty clear on that…

  11. If Rick Nash were a UFA, $7.8MM per year wouldn’t be a no brained. Add in DZ and … c’mon. Dumb.

  12. (You want to make a deal like that for younger/cheaper/better Bobby Ryan, sure. Absolutely. But Nash at those costs is terrible economics.)

  13. Going to see 10,000 Maniacs sans Natalie Merchant tonight. Thinking it’s a huge mistake. Oh well.

    LGR! Have a great weekend, all.

  14. Johnny LaRue on

    Tiger Woods in contention at the Open is like the Devils being in the finals. Really puts a damper on my desire to watch.

  15. Mister D

    if he were on the FA market, 7.8 mil for 6 years would actually be a great deal especially since he only has a NMC for the first 4 years. To me the contract is not a problem, whatsoever.

    I agree with you on the second point, about having to give up players on top of that which is why is why Parise was such a better choice.

    Personally, I would rather sign Ray Whitney on a 1 year deal and make a play for a less touted forward…

  16. HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


    KatieStrangESPN #NYR Rangers have extended qualifying offers to restricted free agents Zuccarello, Stralman, and Del Zotto

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nash is a great player, player playing on a really bad team. He has excelled when he played for Canada in the Olympics. And at only 28, he is still in his prime for at least another 5 seasons. We would be lucky to get him. But it has to be for the right price. Glenn Sather makes good trades. That’s one thing he has always done well. I am confident that come next week, if Rick Nash is a Ranger, it won’t come at the expense of McD,Stepan,Cally,Kreider,or the King. Anyone else is expendable.

  18. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Zuccarello signed KHL deal with Metallurg a few weeks back, but he does have NHL out clause and Rangers retain his rights

  19. Matty, yep, NY is a tough town to feel comfortable in the first year regardless of which sport you’re considering. I also thought Richie was just “ok” and hope he can have more of an impact on a more consistent basis. Same could be hoped for with some of our younger, still developing players like Artie and Step among others. I suspect we may see more turnover during this offseason then many of us would speculate as the organization retools for next season. The front office hopefully hasn’t fallen in love with certain players and will be making moves with dispassionate precision. Nash is a risk with equally high upside and downside.

    Oleo, not sure I agree since Torts has stated that the team’s identity and the way they play (i.e. blocking shots etc.) is not going to change. Would the Devils have given themselves a better chance to raise the Cup if they played more like us in their defensive zone. Undoubtedly, yes.

  20. Yes Ray Whitney is 40…so what? 77 points last year and played in every single game. Nothing but class. Would be great on this team. Would take him in a heartbeat but doubt he’d leave Phoenix.

  21. Heave Ho!

    blocking shots is one thing, but Torts has stated the overall grinding system is eventually going to be weeded out, when the team is talented enough to win with a more open system. You don’t want Marian Gaborik or Brad Richards blocking shots all the time.

    As for Ray Whitney, the Rangers do not have a single offensive prospect ready to make the jump to the NHL (other than Kreider), so there is no spot he is taking from a younger player.

    youth for the sake of youth is silly and his age should not be a concern when is going to give you 50+ points with absolutely no risk involved given that this season is essentially an uncapped year.

  22. “And at only 28, he is still in his prime for at least another 5 seasons…”

    Don’t make CTB get his “numbers” and “stats” out again.

  23. Need that big scoring winger. Nash is the guy. Anismov or Dubi, DZ, Prospect and a number 1 would be a great deal to land Nash.

    However, still need that elite #1 center. Was reading tha the Marios might be shopping Staal. That would be a good fit.

  24. LW3H, for the sake of argument, I believe any numbers for Nash are erroneous. Tell me something, did Jeff Carter play a “tad” better when surrounded by the right players, by talented players, in both Philadelphia and LA?????

    BAM!! BOOM!! GOTCHA!!!

    Nash, when lifted from a low-life, no talent, second-rate, bush league team, might get a similar lift.
    Stats are good for looking at. They are good for helping your case when you’re a GM for trading. Dubie, because of his stats (a bad year/an off year) would get less if on the ‘block’. Next year, that could be very different. Dubie had an off year. Nash has had, statistically ‘off’ years because of who he’s been surrounded by. Period.

  25. Oleo, having more offensive talent will have us spending less time in our defensive zone and consequently all our boys will be putting themselves at risk less often. However, even the most talented offensive players need to contribute in the defensive zone for any team to be successful. So where is the line defining “unreasonable risk”?

  26. If anything, I hope that Zuccarello plays in the NHL next season. He is a joy to watch. I would prefer to see him grow on the Rangers but I would have no problem if he was moved to another team (as part of a trade package that helps us), allowing Zucc to have an opportunity to be a regular NHL player.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on


    CTB can pull out all the stats he wants. The bottom line is this. If you put Nash in Ptt,Philly,LA,Det
    Etc., he would light it up. If you put Parise,Giroux,anyone that you can think of on that horrid CBJ team, their stats would look like crap.

    Matty makes a great point on Carter. How good was he in Philly? And did he not help LA big time in the playoffs?

    Getting Nash the player is a no brainer! The cost of acquiring him is the issue. And if it costs too much, it isn’t worth it. That’s why I said earlier, other than McD,Stepan,Kreider,Cally,Hags,and the King, everyone else is expendable.

  28. Carter was a very good player in Philly…Holmgren wanted to shake his team up….

    Holmgren is more aggressive than Slats. He is ready to deal JVR. Can we compete with that?

    Holmgren will overpay for Nash before we do…

  29. Not sure a supposedly disinterested and mostly injured Carter for half a season bears much relation to Nash’s nine seasons in Columbus, however bad they’ve been.

    Which are Nash’s statistically “off” years anyway? Ignoring his rookie year, he’s scored between 57 and 69 points in six out of the seven fullish seasons. The two outliers are arguably the 54 points in 54 games in 05/06 (discuss amongst yourselves whether stats were inflated league-wide that season…) and the 79 in 78 in 08/09.

    I wouldn’t totally disregard the argument that he’d score a lot more on a better team, but it’s hardly a slam dunk and no comparable examples come to mind.

  30. One comparable, age aside (and just for a joke):

    02/03 36+29=65
    03/04 26+32=58
    05/06 38+51=89
    06/07 39+52=91
    07/08 34+37=71
    08/09 29+28=57
    09/10 15+35=50
    10/11 17+37=54
    11/12 23+38=61

    Only made the playoffs once in his career, losing in the first round. Great record in international play. Big body.

    Name that player…

  31. I don’t know about the players, but some of the fans have bought into Torts’ system a little too strongly. See where that got us? See where the Kings got after signing two talented guys who were exiled from the Flyers for partying? Yeah, the Rangers need to get some more heavy talent and adjust the system to them. The tail can’t wag the cup. We need goals. Period.

  32. LW3H….

    And the same people making the argument that Nash only got to one playoffs and played poorly in it, and has average regular seasons, can also make the same arguments that Henry never won in PO OT’s before either, and had a good, but not great W-L record in NY in regular season. And that he has a horrible PO record.

    Think of the teams Hank has played with until this year. Think of the teams Nash has played with. Let’s be real!!!

    One man, like Nash in CB, like Henrik in NY (for most of his early years with a crapola team), does not make a team. Uplifted by some real players, both could be better. Hank had a better year, a VEZINA year this year. I guess he did it all on his own.

    THink of where Nash could go from the basement. Up, up, and away……!!!!

  33. Carter wasn’t that impressive. 8 goals in 20 games, 3 of those in one game, another 2 in the final game. So that leaves 3 goals in 18 games. He did score a few big goals, I’ll give him that.

    Even Richards. Offensively, he wasn’t that good, just like in the regular season. At least he’s a solid defensive player, so he has that to fall back on.

    In my opinion, I think the Kings could have won the Cup without one or two of those guys.

  34. You did a truly great job all season, Carp. I wish you an albatross, six eagles, and a ton of birds.

  35. Not making the argument that Nash should carry a team by himself. And his stats are clearly not “average”. It’s just not a _fait accompli_ that he becomes a regular 40-goal, 80-point man the moment he gets on another team.

    Players do get points on bad, non playoff teams sometimes, so it’s over simplistic to assume anyone’s production will just shoot up 25% on a better team.

  36. Yeah, Richards had a tough year offensively. But, I think he definitely brought *intagibles* and defense. I don’t think they win without him…

  37. I’m on the fence with Richards, but I really think they win it without Carter. Now they’re going to have to deal with his contract for another 10 years. Fuggin nightmare! Unless he gets it together and scores some goals.

    But I’ve said it lots of times. Trading Richards & Carter was a great move by Holmgren.

  38. Yeah, great move by Philly.

    Carter worked this year for LA; he did score when it mattered in the playoffs. Will it work out over 10 years? LOL….I have doubts…

  39. What aboot Ryan Smyth? He plays a few seasons with LA, then asks to be traded, and they win the Cup. How’s that for depressing?

    Speaking of Tiger Woods. Did anyone see the headline the other day? It was something like “Tiger stuns crowd with 69”

    They removed the 69 an hour or two later. Hahaha!

  40. David Amber ?@DavidAmber
    If #Rangers make a run at Rick Nash – wonder if package of Kreider, Del Zotto, Stephan + draft pick gets it done? #NHL #bluejackets

    LOL! @Stephan@

    What an idiot….no way Sather makes that deal….right?

  41. David Amber ?@DavidAmber
    Have to wonder if all the #Rangers fans who are saying all their kids are untouchable would feel same way if nyr had lost in 7th gm to OTT?

    This guy needs a visit from Pruster…

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    To David Amber

    If if if.

    If your grandmother had balls, she’d be your grandfather!

  43. “wonder if package of Kreider, Del Zotto, Stephan + draft pick gets it done?”

    Are they getting Nash or Stamkos?

  44. Lol, sounds like he is delusional. Also goes to show how the fans tend to overvalue their own players.

  45. Paul in sunrise on

    I know lots of you want evander Kane. Appears a report says while likely qualified he wants out.

    Can rangers take on both Nash and WWEber?

    Would you rather have top five draft pick or proven NHLer?

  46. So if our kids are not so good (according to that d-nuzzle) then why is everyone asking for them?

    No way I’m trading Step-fun and Cry-der for Nash! Cry-der and Step-fun could be part of one of the best first lines in the NHL for years to come!

  47. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I would send both AA and dubi in the deal and try to keep or first rounder.

    Nash slots in on the first line you would think and then you have a slot at forward to sign konopka or gaustad.

  48. Paul in sunrise June 16th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Can Prust play center?


    Can a dog lick its own butt? ;)

  49. >>So if our kids are not so good (according to that d-nuzzle) then why is everyone asking for them?

    Um, so they can make those kids better?

  50. •Andy Strickland via twitter: Justin Schultz is expected to sign with a Canadian team, the Maple Leafs, Canucks or Oilers. Cory Pronman via twitter: If Schultz sign with the Maple Leafs or Canucks, he’d become their best prospect. He likely wouldn’t be for the Oilers, if they draft Ryan Murray, it would be debatable.

  51. Phil Kessel 37 G, 45 A, 82 PTS
    Rick Nash 30 G, 29 A, 59 PTS

    Both played on a line with about the same talent. Who would you rather have?

  52. >>Czech Republic scores!! wow Russia embarrassed themselves

    That’s so typical of the Russian football team. They’re probably still hung over from partying after their win over the Czechs.

  53. I step in to see many greetings ayer. I also see someone say why I love rangers viviendo in argentina. We have has family in new york areas, asi visitamos many years. Now we move family busyniss to the great manzana. this not too raro, no? good evenings to knew friends!

  54. Czechthemout!!! on

    Who is expecting Schultz to sign with a Canadian team? Andy Strickland? Who is he? And why should I care what he thinks?

  55. Czechthemout!!! on

    Jeff CT

    Phil Kessel played with Joffrey Lupul and Grabovski at times. Who did Nash play with? I bet you can’t even name his line mates of the top of your head.

    To answer your question of who I would rather have, Rick Nash without a doubt.

  56. I’d rather have Nash, too. Bigger, stronger, nastier.

    CCCP, is a Smurf’s butt blue?

    Good afternoon, Sally! *snail mail.*

  57. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Id rather have Nash!

    Umm I assuming that you and carp knew those stats were Nash’s. As far as konopka goes I thought most here wanted him or gaustad, my apologies my Ukrainian friend!

  58. wow… Russia… what an embarrassment! I have no words! well i do have words but those words are not suited for this worst blog in the internet! just horrible… i agree…typical Russian way to crap the bed.

  59. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    That is not the right attitude to have, did you crap the bed at Stalingrad? Hell no!!!

  60. wicky

    i do not want Konopka… and my opinion is the most important one on here! :P


    Does the Pillsbury boy get poked? ;)

  61. It was Russian pansies against Greek daisies.
    Now, all together: Eurosissies flowers’ war.

  62. wicky

    those were different Russians with a lot more at stake!


    yes you did…yes you did. Last hope – Ukraine. *MUST WIN* against the fish & chips squad!

  63. wicki.
    please, don’t trivialize The War and marginalize “those” people.

  64. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on


    What do you mean those people (channeling my inner tropic thunder)

  65. I read that the Toronto Star reported that Patrick Kane may be available for trade. Who would you ratherhave Patrick Kane or Nash?

    ” TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox reports expensive, accomplished players like Nash, Patrick Kane, Jay Bouwmeester and Roberto Luongo could be available for trade.”

  66. I meant people, who was fighting for Stalingrad…(by needless and improper comparisson)

  67. I would too Carp. After seeing what he did in the playoffs in the faceoff circle, I was sold.

  68. Kane would be a tremendous pick up, but not going to happen for obvious reasons.

  69. the thing about Konopka is that if you sign him it forces one of Boyle, Prust or Rupp to play in the top 9, which you don’t want to happen.

    Unless they alternate Rupp and Konopka, or lose Prust, I think you have to pass for the sake of the offense…

  70. bull dog line on

    I agree. seems like the Rangers have a team of 3rd and 4th liners, and people on here want to add more 3rd, and 4th liners. Konopka, and Gausted to name 2.

  71. I wouldn’t start my retooling for the 12-13 season with Konopka, but if some players are traded and some don’t resign, he is not a bad candidate whatsoever. We are trying to strengthen areas of weakness. Scoring, depth on D, faceoffs, and PP are 4 areas that need help. I also believe that if we fix and strengthen our faceoffs that our PP will get better. How many times did we lose a faceoff on the PP this year that could have lead to a goal or at least a scoring chance? Same thing to be said on the penalty kill or even just a faceoff deep in our own zone.

  72. Konopka on team Torts = 4 minutes a game IF dressed at all.

    Konopka was a healthy scratch for most of the season.

  73. Bull dog – if you can upgrade your 3rd and 4th line with better players, doesn’t that make your team better?

  74. Papa Bear

    signing Konopka might make the 4th line better, but it simultaneously makes the 3rd line worse because you now have a player like Boyle on a higher line than he should be.

    you make your lower lines better by signing a top 6 player then having the weakest player on each line drop down until John Mitchell is no longer playing. Trickle down economics!

  75. bull dog line on

    Papa Bear,
    they are still 3rd and 4th liners, which the Rangers have a team full of. if you can make your first and 2nd lines better, then you have something.

  76. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Can we have one post where parise is not mentioned?

    he basically ridiculed the entire ranger organization with his comment!!

    forget the bum and move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he is not made to play in the greatest arena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Oleo

    I am not arguing hypotheticals about who is coming, who is staying, who is going. My point is only this – if you improve your 3rd & 4th lines and everything else stays the same, logically you are an improvd team.

    Bull Dog – your assessment that the team is comprised of only 3rd & 4th line players is certainly debatable.

  78. Papa Bear

    technically you are correct, but the Rangers would still suffer from the same deficiencies as last season. Adding a top line player makes all 4 lines better which is better than just one line being better…

  79. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I know this is going to be an odd occurrence here, but what if you both are correct?

    Parise saying

  80. Oleo – I am I’m favor of any move which “improves the team”. So if you can IMPROVE THE TEAM by acquiring a 1st line player, I vote yes. If you can IMPROVE THE TEAM by signing a 4th line center, I vote yes. If you can IMPROVE THE TEAM by trading, cutting or demoting a player from the current roster, I vote yes.

  81. bull dog line on

    top 6 type forwards on the Rangers. Richards, Gabby (hurt and will miss first month) Cally, and maybe Stepan. the rest are 3rd and 4th line types. while we would all like to think Kreider is a top 6 forward, that has yet to be proved.

  82. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    This type of statement always amuses me regarding this particular event..

    No2Semen • 19 minutes ago
    Does anyone remember Semin fighting (slapping silly) Staal from a few years back. No way we need a sissy like that on this team

    So my question is, if he slapped staal silly (which he technically won that fight IMHO….I hate to even call that a fight), what does that make staal if semin is the sissy? Uber sissy??

    parise saying

  83. bull dog line on

    if the Rangers were to sign Parise, and put Parise on the first line. who would be on the 2nd line behind Parise. would Parise play left wing, or would Parise play right wing. I dont think Parise has ever played center, but if Parise did play center, Parise could be the number 2 center. Parise could also help on the power play, but I don’t think Parise plays the point on the power play. Parise!

  84. So Bull Dog you agree – they are more than a team with only 3rd and 4th liners.

    And while Kreider hasn’t proved it yet, he certainly possesses top six skills

  85. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Bull dog
    You bring up a great point, but what about parise? Where would he play?

  86. Player A

    2009-10 78GP 15G 20A 35PTS 30PIM
    2010–11 75GP 21G 19A 40PTS 35PIM
    2011–12 43GP 11G 13A 24PTS 24PIM

    Player B

    2009-10 82GP 12 G 16A 28PTS 32PIM
    2010–11 82GP 18 G 26 A 44PTS 20PIM
    2011–12 79GP 16 G 20 A 36OTS 34PIM

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