Sorry, Zach: But it’s a headline now: “No way” to Rangers


Andrew Gross just tweeted that Zach Parise said there’s “no way” he could see himself signing with the Rangers as a free agent this summer:

Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord

Asked three different times, Devils captain Zach Parise said he can’t see himself playing for Rangers, doesn’t want to consider it.

Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord

After saying he wouldn’t consider Rangers, Zach Parise sheepishly says “Don’t make a headline out of it.”

Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord

Direct quote from Zach Parise on Rangers: “No way.”


So there you have it. Rick Nash, anybody?


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  1. For Doodie in regards to his Legal Forum idea:

    Also a discussion area without the peons and boneheads on this blog with the lowest IQ’s I have ever witnessed would be much appreciated. I just can’t take these completely ridiculous folks. Wicky, Sally, Latona, Carp, Doodie, CT, ORR, Pimp, @CCCP@ …… You know who you are guys. I just can’t take the pea-brained no-talent clown-like statements from them day after day. Please get me a refuge from this idiocy!

  2. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    So I finally have a day off and open up the mac book and the ABSOLUTE AWESOME NEWS that parise WILL NOT be a ranger!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

    Now, let’s get some size on the wings!!!

    (this of course is all based upon if the info is accurate and not a smoke screen yada yada)

  3. thank you zach for confirming what we all should of known. he was NEVER coming here. not once did i allow my self to think he would jump across. hes in a diff breed then holik gomez and driver.

    call anaheim and get one of the big three. ryan getzlaf perry. perry getzlaf ufa next summer

  4. Once again, this is why twitter is so stupid. OK, it works in terms of breaking news fast. But does anybody care that Andrew is working his butt off at Devils breakup day and I’m sitting here in my boxers and it’s on my blog and being discussed way before it’s on his blog?

    Or that he’s pretty much giving me and you this info for free?

    See what I’m saying? And my company makes money (I don’t know if it’s much) off my blog. Does anybody make money off twitter?

  5. I give Parise credit. He could have kept his mouth shut and used the Rangers as leverage to squeeze every last dollar out of whoever he wound up signing with.

    He also could have jerked Sather & Co. around just for the hell of it, thereby taking some of their attention away from players who actually do want to play for the Rangers.

    I figured he wasn’t going to want to come here. Like eric said, unlike Driver, Holik and Gomez, there’s no animosity between him and Lou. Plus he seems to care about the Devil fans way more than any of those other guys.

  6. I don’t know, ilb. But he’s a pretty honest kid, and I don’t think he’d be willing to make a fool of himself by going back on his word July 1.

    At least he didn’t say, “It’s not about the money.”

  7. as good as parise is, he is not the end all be all. If anything, I respect the fact that he wouldnt want to go the chief rival of the only team he has ever known. We just have to have faith that Sather will make the right moves to get another scoring winger and some depth on D. and thank G-D the Devils didnt win this year!



    Ball is in your court Zach.

  9. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, I think once Vanderbeek got those new equity partners lined up, Parise resigning was pretty much guaranteed unless he had his heart set on a different location (read: Minnesota).

  10. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Just a repost since the Parise news broke right afterwards:

    While these Europansies play ball with their feet (seriously, why don’t they just pick it up), I thought I would bring up something I mentioned yesterday to gauge interest:

    I was thinking about starting my own blog that would focus on legal issues in hockey. Some examples:

    1) Coyotes sale
    2) impending lockout
    3) probable Devils’ bankruptcy
    4) Steve Moore trial
    5) supplemental discipline process and revisions
    6) the junior coach who was just suspended for a year
    7) Intellectual property/licensing issues

    Would any of you be interested in reading something like that?

  11. Yup, there is apparently a sure investor (some company located in Ontario), that is pretty much waiting to announce his/their involvement right after the Devils go through bankruptcy. the current owner will remain in charge.

  12. The thing that should irritate all of us is, if the Rangers had simply drafted Parise in 2003, instead of byfuglien Hugh Jessiman, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Also, the Rangers might very well have won the Cup this year. Yes, I am still bitter about the ’03 draft.

  13. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Wow, brilliant near post run and finish. Pure class.

  14. Seriously, If I am Zach I am looking to a team in the West. I would rate suitors:

    1. Detroit
    2. L.A. (if you can’t beat ’em join ’em)
    3. San Jose (they are rumored in on Nash. Why pay when Zach is free)
    4. NJD (Dump with serious $$$ issues)
    5. NYR

  15. Seriously, Jersey can’t even guarantee that they will have the money to pay him. Their goalie situation seems rather “in flux” and they aren’t going to be able to make their team any better.

  16. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Marz, yes we would, because Sather would have traded him for Enver Lisin.

  17. That’s why I didn’t include you in the list of idiots, eric.

    Did we sign Gaustad yet?

  18. If it were 2003, we would still be looking for a behemoth that could clutch and grab, and drive people into the 3rd row. If you remember the roster of that team, and the rules of the league, they needed a guy like Jessiman.

    Keep it in perspective.

  19. no parise means more money for guastad bickel and stralman. lol

    god we need another winger with size who could score. where will he come from.


  20. Let’s see what happens on July 1….What do you expect Parise to say?

    “Yes, I love the Rangers.” “Torts is my hero.”

  21. Thanks, eric, you rule too. All of youse help make this “RR worst internet blog” according to Rod and his ghost front-office buddies.

  22. Looks like Radulov is out of the picture. Go hard for Schultz, trade/ or sign lesser UFA’s to fill holes. We need a scorer (maybe two now), but there are too many kids that need a year or two to make the jump.

  23. Johnny LaRue on

    Carp, besides sitting around in your boxers, are you also eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery?

  24. czechthemout!!!! on

    So future Ranger Zach Parise says there is no way he comes to the Rangers. Won’t even consider it. Well that’s fine by me. I don’t want any stinking devils on my team. Certainly not for 8+million for 10-12 years. Or for any money quite frankly. Time for Slats to get creative and add a scorer through a shrewd trade or t

  25. Especially with Gaborik out for a couple of months, and considering that his shoulder may not be a 100% for a month or so after, looks like Sather may have to postpone his fishing trips this summer. Unless he decides to stay put.

  26. “No way” to the Rangers? Good. F#ck you. See ya next year and keep your head up.

  27. cw, Jessiman was a project. A huge project (no pun intended). Obviously just about every 18-year old who gets drafted is a project in some way. But he was an off the charts project. There was probably only one franchise who saw him as being anywhere close to a first-round pick. Unfortunately, the Rangers were that franchise.

  28. Dennis Reynolds: “How much cheese have you eaten today?”
    Charlie Kelly: “How much cheese is too much cheese?”
    Dennis Reynolds: “Any amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!”
    Charlie Kelly: “I had a lot of cheese, I had a block of cheese.”
    Mac: “You had a block of cheese?”
    Charlie Kelly: “I got really, really nervous I just started eating cheese”
    Mac: “Does that calm you down? “

  29. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Manny, I saw both, and that’s why you’re the best.

    eric, you can have both. I don’t intend to abandon the bonehead blog by any means.

    cw, thanks for the support.

    Carp, I don’t know what legal seafood is. Sounds arguably delicious.

  30. Move on- Other than two open net goals and a Gimme from Quick, What did Parise really do in the last two rounds???? I really think he’s Callahan with a little more polished goal scoring ability. We need some Size in front. Parise was neutralized by both the Rangers and the Kings. I’m not crying. We could better use the 8-9 million he’s gonna want IMO.


  31. it took us 15 yrs to get back to conf finals from 97 six wins shy of the prize. this may have been out shot and no one will know if we will get back anytime soon. still hurts

  32. The Parise “statement” is for Devils fans to feel better about what just happened. I think Andrew knows that.

    Do you guys think that Zach wants to admit that the Devils are probably the last team on his list? On breakup day to the media?

  33. nyrmessier011 on

    just sounds like he’s started negotiating already to me. If all things were equal I would prefer Nash or Weber, but obviously have to trade for those two, rather than just throw money at Parise.

  34. Anybody know the FA class for the summer of 2013? Wonder if we should wait until the in-season trade deadline to see if we can pick up a pending UFA as a rental on the cheap.

  35. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Johnny, is that what Puck Daddy is? Copying other hockey blogs’ stories and then writing about it?

  36. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I (predictably) am with ILB and manny re your “proposed” blog. I also agree with carp on the seafood!

  37. Call Cosmo Kramer or Bob Sacamano. He tried to steal some of it in the Hamptons once.

  38. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Parise is a nice 80 game player , once he’s in the playoffs its another thing..

    The rangers aren’t a Parise away from the finals..

  39. Interestingly, I am beginning to think Nash is a better way to go than Parise. I think the NYR have to deal some $$$ away. Especially considering the length of the deal Zach is sure to get. As I said earlier, my preference is to keep the off season deals small. Jordan Staal is a UFA next year. Maybe next year is the time to make the big splash.

  40. “I would still be scared carcillo-less about Nash’s $7.8M hit and declining production.”

    Carp is brilliant. It’s no wonder that I agree with him….

  41. Glad Zach announced what was obvious and inevitable. This enables a clean pursuit of Nash without the impending free agency distraction.

  42. Thanks Eric, I checked it out, big list, one name among others-Corey Perry a UFA in 2013, hmmm.

  43. and how stupid will Zach look IF he ends up here?! What a clown…

    and if he doesnt…i can hear it now…new chant at MSG “ZAAACHY!!! ZAAAACHYYY!!!”

  44. Zach Parise’s statement beautifully sums up my desire to ever see him in a Ranger uniform

  45. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yeah, but that assumes Perry will hit the market, and I don’t think the Ducks let that happen.

  46. Matteau- not shocker at all. But I’ll talk to you after the whole thing settles.

  47. good for parise to say he’s not going to come here to kill most of the mindless debate that would have went on…

    def still need that top line winger though… nash is just too expensive

  48. HELLO ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m back in a “foreign” land.
    my home
    after 7 days gone
    camping/covering Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
    for 4 days and travel to and from tennessee (or the Land of Radulov….sometimes)

    wifi was sketching for media and i usually had just enough energy to complete work
    and send it off (also had a great deal of back pain but i got a massage and got my lower back cracked by a chiropractor who was camping nearby!!)

  49. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Really, other than Crosby (who will be resigned), Staal (who will be resigned or traded this summer where he will be resigned), Perry (who will be resigned), and Getzlaf, all of the top-end 2013 forwards are just old guys.

  50. Would not worry about declining production. Posted this before but I have a friend I used to play hockey with, very knowledgeable, who lives in Columbus and he said Nash continues to be a force. Sergei Fedorov once told me Nash is awesome.

    Trade anything non-Kreider or McD, get it done.

    Sadly there will be a lot of competition from Philly, Boston, San Jose, Wings, etc. They are willing to move real players not make stupid lowballs like Sather did. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

  51. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Time to start draft scouting! At pick 28, there are a lot of options!

  52. as far as parise
    i’m not surprised (never went with the Future Ranger business for some reason)
    it’s pretty stupid of him to openly say that.
    his agent’s is probably still throwing things around his office
    while an assistant is texting and/or calling zac

    of course, he could always change his mind
    i’d be more interested in the BIG forwards from the ducks
    but ONLY if the price is right

  53. oh yeah, Doodie
    i’d be interested in that blog
    would hope that you put matters in a language that
    regular humans can read

    i didn’t know that there’s a Steven Moore trial
    did bertuzzi/crawford get charged?

  54. ilb it was you who basically ridiculed my posts when I said Zach seems honorable and not the type of player to sign with his team’s hated rival. Wasn’t it?

  55. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    jpg, civil trial. Moore suing them and Vancouver Canucks.

    I would do my best to put everything in laymen’s terms.

  56. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Honestly, the Moore trial would be the hardest thing for me to follow since it is in Canada.

  57. Until he signs with someone else or resigns with the Devils, I won’t believe the Rangers are out of contention. We have seen this too much, both in hockey and elsewhere. Everyone is in it until he signs his name on the dotted line somewhere else.

    As much as I want him here, unless he really wants to be here, I hope he goes elsewhere. However, I will be surprised if the Devils can sign him. There is loyalty and then there is stupidity.

  58. Let’s see how this all settles. It’s a bit naive to take it as it was said. Unless he was assured NJ is resigning him very soon, he may make another statement to soften it up. And does anyone really think this means the Rangers will not go after him anyway? Think again.

  59. This could be interesting. Do the Rangers panic and try to trade away too much for extra scoring only to ruin the current depth and mortgage some of the future?

    I would stick to my guns. Find some budget scoring help and bank on the improvement of your younger players (AA “should” at least score 20 next year, as well as Step). If trading, wait for a trade that gets what you need without giving up too much. Patient shrewdness.

    If all of these other teams are in on Nash, the price will be way too high.

  60. sure parise can always change his mind
    and give a bunch of excuses — money, years, team concept, devils ownership/rebuild….
    it sure was a dumb statement.
    at the very least
    he should have said
    i’d love to be back here and hope something gets done before
    july 1st. if not, we’ll see….

    maybe he should hire me as his p.r. person
    he can just pay me in full on july 2nd

  61. bull dog line on

    I am not for the trade market. I would prefer a free agent signing to help upfront. having said that, would anybody consider an Anismov for Luke Schenn trade. Schenn has fallen out of favor in Toronto, and they do have many young Dmen, so he could be expendable. right shooting Dman with some bite to his game. I think he fits.

  62. Neither Parise nor Nash are the game-breaking, elite level players that the Rangers could justifiable pony money up for. Neither has really won anything, nor have they put up league leading amounts of points. Remember how dominant Malkin was this year when he was in beast-mode, just knocking people senseless? Yeah, Parise and Nash can’t do that. So while neither will hurt a team they’re on, they’re also not going to be 100 pt players either

  63. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    i honestly think iggy is the way to go (if he is or will even be available). He would be the absolute perfect mentor for kreider as a power forward. he has every bit the character that parise has and more IMHO.

    He has one year left and can re-sign at that point if both sides want that. If not, you then have the “potential” UFA crop of next summer.

    I would certainly inquire into the possibility of perry (my choice of the 3), getzlaf (girardi’s long lost twin), or ryan (why is he the one always mentioned of the 3 in trade speculation?)

    I would be fine with staal as well, as long as whoever goes to the pens in the exchange doesn’t just kill us every time (we do have a trade history with the pens).

    Nash is hands down my second choice behind Iggy. His contract will not be any more than most of the above mentioned players (except iggy’s if he resigned next summer), and may in fact be less than some after they sign new contracts. Good or bad he has been in columbus with questionable linemates for his career and has put up good numbers. I would be willing to give him some leeway and see what he could do on a line with a centre like brich for a season or two before I say he is on a downslide. Like his size on the wing.

    For the right price I would still add radulov with Nash, Iggy, a duck, etc.

    I think Konopka is an almost must and I would look into tootoo or gaustad as well.

  64. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    matteau, wilson, or slow of foot samuelsson at that spot!

    If we still have that pick…in a way I hope we do and in a way I hope we don’t

  65. bull dog line on

    I like all of those players. its the price that it is going to cost in the trade market that concerns me. the Rangers have built a team that should contend for many years. the second you trade away players from your core, prospects, and picks to go with it, the clock starts ticking faster and the window starts to close on winning.

  66. agree with just about all you said Wicky

    here’s to hoping that Torts and Messier have Sather’s ear
    and stop him from getting another enforcer bust
    and get
    someone who is gritty and can fight
    in konopka’s case win faceoffs, heads to the front of the net and occasionally scores.

  67. Wade Boggs said he would never play for the Yankees. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    If he actually means this, then I expect Sather to pull off another steal of a trade as well as another signing. Remember the Rangers basically have unlimited cap space for this upcoming season so 1 year deals for guy like Ray Whitney coupled with a trade for Iginla would be ideal…

    The Rangers need to have the players so that Hagelin and Anisimov are not expect to be in a top 6 role…

  68. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Correct me if I am wrong here, but doesn’t nash have a full NMC or NTC? So unless he approves the deal (read team he is going to) the deal is a NO GO!! So what difference would it make if 29 other teams want him, if he only is willing to go to 2 or 3 teams? I would think the price would not be higher in the least bit.


  69. czechthemout!!!! on


    Totaly agree. 99% of the time, the players that are on the 2013 list never get to free agency. Only way to get them if at all is through a trade. Those guys are just too valuable to alike to walk for nothing that’s why Jordan Staal might be traded as soon as draft day.

    I highly doubt that the Rangers go after Parise. We have all heard Torts say over and over again about building pride and loyalty to this team and how important it is. Begging Parise to join after such a public rebuke is lunacy.

    The right move is to go after Schultz in free agency and look to make a deal for a top scorer. We have the assets do do it now without giving up key pieces of the future. In my opinion, the only untouchable players on this team should be McD,Kreider,Cally,Lundquist,and to a lesser extent,Stepan.

  70. bull dog line on

    depends on what you consider a high price. how many players from the Ranger roster are you willing to give up. are you willing to give up your top prospects (Miller,and Erixon). how many draft picks are to many?

  71. Don’t know if Anisimov gets Schenn.

    And if I’m the Leaves and are routinely a bottom 5 team in the league in defense I’d try to get other defenders and upgrade on goaltending.

  72. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    thanks and agree.

    Bull dog
    I think a package with dubi (I don’t hate the guy, but he makes 4+ mil so you have to clear some salary and I think he still has enough potential that he is of interest to teams), thomas, mdz or erixon (could be mcilrath, I just hope not), and a first rounder (next year’s would be better) and maybe a mid round this year would not really adversely impact our core or our future.

    My opinion only of course. We would also get more than just Nash back from them i’m guessing.

  73. bull dog line on

    I think Staal has played himself into almost being untouchable, and 21 year old Dman with two 40 point seasons under his belt should have high value. be very careful about how much you would trade, and the age of the players you are trading for.

  74. Every team has prospects like Miller and Erixon they are worth very little on the trade market and I wish we’d get real and stop thinking they are going to fetch anything meaningful. Doesn’t mean they won’t be good players but from a trade value perspective they are the floor mats the dealership throws in.

  75. bull dog line on

    I would probably do that trade wicky. although I would not be thrilled with trading MDZ. I just don’t think Columbus would.

  76. czechthemout!!!! on


    Correct. Nash can decide where he ends up . I read that his agent has said that there are two teams on his wish list and we are at the top of it followed by the Sharks. That’s it.

    Kerdiles is a kid I would be like to look at. And also the Wilson kid.

  77. ilb apologies if I have the wrong bonehead, but someone was saying it was all about money and ridiculous for me to say that Zach won’t sign because of honor and the rivalry.

  78. I think the Rangers are going to need both MDZ and Erixon next year. They can’t exactly count on Sauer being ready and I think we saw how much faith they have in the likes of Bickel and Eminger.

  79. Again, the Rangers DO NOT have to trade Dubinsky to make room for Nash or any other player for this season. The Rangers have essentially an uncapped year for the 2012-13.

    The Salary Cap is about 6 million higher than last season, at the minimum…

  80. Again, Nash is under contract. So while he can control where he is traded, if he doesn’t play ball with mgmt he is going to end up in Columbus training camp. There will be more bidders and Howson/Patrick will go for the best offer and work with Nash to get him to agree.

  81. “Wade Boggs said he would never play for the Yankees. I’ll believe it when I see it.”


  82. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Bull dog
    other than thomas (who I am not that enamored with) I would not necessarily be happy giving up any of the other players/picks I listed, but you have to give to get I guess (unless you are Montreal, then you just give)

  83. dustin penner and paul guastad will be rangers book it. at least we get bigger still wont score though

  84. Paul in sunrise on

    Truth is by Zach saying no to rangers right now means that slats does not have the specter of a ufa parise to use in negotiating a deal for a Nash or Ryan. Slats could have bluffed by saying why give up these assets when it’s money for parise. So devils and parise could have screwed slats leverage on any traded by coming out today. I fully expected Zach to stay in jersey and never considered him. I still like Radulov and Nash or Ryan.

  85. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I no longer want Parise…..

    I think Toronto has not won a Stanley Cup longer than teams that have never won one….

    Nash is only 27 years old,,,declining production ? Carp, pa=lease !

    just sayin…..

  86. czechthemout!!!! on

    Dreger is saying that Parise wasn’t as high on the teams must as many thought . He also said they have the assets needed to add talent . And that they will add talent like Weber, Nash or even Suter.

  87. 4generations 4 cups on

    Dustin Penner is the most off-and-on player in the entire world. If he were to come the the Rangers I’m hoping the price wouldn’t be like his last 4.25m contract that was ridiculous.

    He deserve 3.5, and will get 5 if he’s a UFA.

    Jones got 4m.

  88. bull dog line on

    Erixon is the 17th rated NHL prospect, Milleris 29th. not every team as good as the Rangers have prospects like that, and good prospects have good value.

  89. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    not trying to be contrary here, but if you do not trade dubi in the “nash deal” (or some other deal for a top 6 forward), he then becomes avery in a way (talking salary ONLY).

    You have a 4 million + player on your third or fourth line. Everyone (myself included) thought that avery made too much money (even pro rated) to be on the 4th line (among other things).

    I’m just not sure if that is the best use of a 4mil+ asset IMHO.

    Just musing here of course.

  90. i hope u all know im joking with penner but sather wouldnt shock me by throwing millions at him off another championship.

    my wish list is this


  91. bull dog line on

    it would not make me happy to see Dubi traded. he with Cally were the first 2 to break through, and there style is the style the Rangers play today.

  92. ?@DarrenDreger
    NYR went hard after Nash at the deadline knowing it would take them out of Parise running. If CBJ are realistic,Nash will be a target again.

    10m Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    NYR have assets to acquire Nash, Suter, Weber, etc. They will add talent. Maybe Parise isn’t as high on the Rangers list as some think?

    Based on the above seems like Dreger is looking at the situation from the NYR point of view. Dare I say someone is on our side?

  93. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Penner would be an interesting addition. Saying he is streaky is a drastic understatement, but interesting for sure

  94. if Jarome Iginla is available you have to go after him. He embodies this team perfectly and can score with the best of them.

    You then sign the ageless wonder Ray Whitney to a 1 year deal and you now have an offensive powerhouse to go along with the young core, grit, defensive system and the best goalie in the world…

    And you stay away from any potential cap problems…

  95. don’t know why Thomas is being thrown overboard so quickly
    as far as a trade
    or as far as he’d mean little to another team in a trade
    Torts during his Media Tour
    mentioned Thomas as one of the young player he had hoped would
    make it on the team from camp.
    i believe he had a pretty good junior season despite suspension
    Torts is pushing Thomas’s buttons to get it together this september
    if you wanna play that game
    he’s talking him up in order to get other teams’ interested

  96. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Parise is basically a higher paid version of cally (I’m simplifying the comparison a bit here). No thanks. I’ll just have miller make the big club if I want another version of cally.

  97. Dennis: Alright, what are some of your likes?
    Charlie: Uh, ghouls.
    Mac: Son of a bitch. What are you talking about now?
    Charlie: You know, funny little green ghouls.
    Dennis: Wh-what? Like in movies, in cartoons?
    Charlie: Little green ghouls, buddy!

  98. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I agree with you 100% on Iggy…but I thought you said earlier we didn’t have to worry about cap issues?? ;)

  99. just cant see jay feaster bringing in a new coach in bob hartley in calgary then turning around and trading iginla.

  100. czechthemout!!!! on

    No to Penner!

    Maybe to Stoll. Good faceoff man. Great shot from the point on the pp.

    No to Gaustad. Will cost too much. Is too slow. If the dump Rupp as they should than a yes.

    Yes to Schultz.

    Yes to Suter in the unlikely event that a Staal or Girardi is moved. Otherwise, no.

    Yes to a deal for Weber.

    Yes to Nash or Ryan.

  101. Even if Nash doesn’t decline, I just don’t think a player that’s put up 70 points just once in his career is worth nearly an $8M cap hit. He’s got as many low 30 goal seasons as he does high 30/40 goal seasons.

    While 27 isn’t old in total lifespan terms, it is pushing the upper limits of maintaining peak production for an athlete. He’s got nearly 700 games of wear and tear on his body, players don’t usually get better with that amount of games.

    I’ve posted this numerous times before:
    It’s the list of all players in NHL history that between ages 27-34 (Nash’s remaining contract) and the number of seasons they have with 30 goals+70 points. You’ll notice that a lot of those players that hit those benchmarks multiple times were playing in more offensive oriented eras and/or were some of the best scorers of all time.

    And the “he’ll be on a better team” argument isn’t particularly well supported. Did Gaborik and Kovalchuk increase their production that much going to better teams?

  102. I know guys are writing off Thomas a little bit. I wouldn’t yet. He had a down year and was still the leading scorer for his team. This was his season-ending write-up on The Prospect Park, which I think is a very good evaluation of his season:

    Most people would be happy with a 36-35-71 year but for Thomas; 2011-2012 was one giant struggle after another.

    In my eyes, Thomas’s problems started in Traverse City during the championship game as Thomas took a nasty shot to the head. Thomas kept playing but I think he played hurt as Thomas could not buy a point his first couple of weeks after his return to the OHL.

    Thomas also received a 10 game suspension in October that I will go to my grave saying it was wrong. Thomas got pulled down to the ice and his stick hits the guy in the head who is pulling him down. It wasn’t even a penalty in the game it happened but Thomas big name and the OHL had to show it was tough on shots to the head.

    It just kept snowballing for Thomas as Oshawa’s struggles led to a change in coach and being cut by Team Canada from the Under-20 team. The Generals as a team could not stay healthy as not 1 player played the entire season without missing a game.

    Thomas is a sniper who can score from anywhere and the Rangers badly need his ability to not only score from anywhere but be able to create offense as well. Oshawa used Thomas to run the power play from the point but will John Tortorella be scared off by Thomas’s size?

    Hope not because Thomas may not be the biggest dog out there; his defense is just as good as his offense. Give some credit to Steve Thomas who is Christian’s father as the former New Jersey Devil has taught his son quite well about what he needs to be a NHLer.

  103. I think Penner then got divorced and the Kings went on to win the Stanley Cup.

  104. bull dog line on

    Miller is compared more to John Tonelli, and Mike Richards, then he would be to Cally.
    be careful of that shiniest toy in the window philosophy. it was not that long ago the Rangers went that route.

  105. Sally
    and whoever else did it today

    for the It’s Always Sunny tweets

    last night kept me up late watching
    the abortion episode

  106. penner stinks. he come to NY the fans will hate him 70 nights a season…

    ny/nj, there is no difference. tri state means what it means.

    parise is wise not going to his arch rival..

  107. Ill go this route: Shea “WWE”ber will be a Ranger on draft day.

    Manny/Doodie- sign me up for your Legal Forum!

  108. Anybody see the video of the Devils party bus in LA? The driver of the bus tries to talk these two drunk girls into joining them. He says “Are you sure? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” One girl goes in, but her friend goes up to a camera guy and says “devils suck”


    Broduer was on the bus, so it’s safe to assume the girl has already been digested.

  109. Didnt want him anyway!
    Rick Nash then? If Slats does go for Nash, the situation with his no-trade clause could leave CBJ having to take it or leave it if they are determined to trade him.
    I’m sure a Dubi + MDZ/Erixon/McIlrath + forward prospect (Miller/Thomas/Bourque?) + 1st rounder would be enough.

    Otherwise it could be we throw the bank at Suter and try to find more scoring via another trade using our defensive assets or add a UFA like Doan. Bit of a thin crop in both the UFA and RFA market this year though.

  110. Not sure he’s any good on skates CT – but 2 goals in 2 games is a good return when you consider the opposition (Portugal & Netherlands) and the 2nd game has only been going 25 minutes!

  111. Parise is staying a Devil is my educated guess … because it would make zero sense to rule out the Rangers even just as a bargaining tool. He’s smarter than that.

    Sally, don’t you ever use “buddy” in a post again or I’ll ban your aasen. Just got back from the post office so by Friday it will be: Sally, *snail mail.*

    And I think Nash will happily waive his NMC or NTC or whatever it is for almost any team serious enough to want him. The clause just protects him from being traded to the Islanders or the Jets or the Panthers.

  112. Legal Seafood, for those who don’t know, is now a chain of restaurants with its origin in Boston. Great stuff.

    Johnny (chewing on cigar), that’s fantastic. Who’s your publisher?

  113. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Wow, the Dutch defense is horrendous, especially the left back

  114. >>Wow, the Dutch defense is horrendous, especially the left back.

    I probably wouldn’t start an 18 year old at left full-back against Germany.

  115. better beans on

    There are eight million stories in the naked city.
    And eight million reasons to say no to Rick Nash, many
    of them noted around last trade deadline. Add just one:
    he converted less than 10% of his shots this season (and,
    yeah, stats don’t tell the whole truth, but they certainly
    drop a hint or ten about important parts of it!).

    And, speakin’ of the truth, thanks to all the grads of Sarasota
    Fan College for the Great Big Whew!! about Zach’s Pinocchio tricks.
    Imagine how many folks here, top to bottom, would have
    had to hide out a while if the kid was simply tellin’ it…

    Future Ranger Parise:-)…..

    Feeder Zane!

  116. ThisYearsModel on

    Oh well, no Parise. Not really surprised. I hope he ends up in Minnesota or Detroit. I don’t think any of the top 3 forwards in Anaheim are going anywhere. BTW, driving across Florida, heard David Stern go off on Jim Rome on his radio show. Reminded me of Bettman. I am sick to death of these Lord Fauntleroy sports commissioners.

  117. Parise’s agent probably wants to gag him right about now.

    “How do you expect me to get you mega-millions when you give me no leverage?”

    “Uh….I meant no way I’m going to the Rangers today. Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

  118. Never say never, but I thought there was no way he would sign here anyway. Maybe Luca Brasi needs to make him an offer he cant refuse.

    On to the next one. The answer lies within anyway…JT Miller and Wellman of course!

  119. LOL “Nash is in decline”. Only if you think hockey is baseball and think numbers tell the story.

    He immediately changes the face of this team, and a top weapon and depth at same time by pushing people down.

    He will take more than Dubi and MDZ get it through your heads!!!

  120. I don’t think hockey is baseball, Matteau. But if he comes here and scores 25 goals for $7.8M cap hit per you won’t be happy, I guarantee it.

  121. German Titov
    Scot Gomez
    Thai Domi
    Steven Finn
    Turk Broda
    Filip Cuba
    Paul Korea
    Chad Kilger
    Paul Laos
    J.P. Fijier

  122. Nash will be an upgrade for sure. But over the last three years when he made $7, $7.5 and another $7.5M he scored 67, 66 and 59 points respectively. Let’s just say he is yet to justify his $7.8M cap hit.

  123. Nash is a 30-35 goal, 70 pt player on average. $7.8 mil is a lot for that. He can be a beast, though. I am just not for throwing kids out to get him. It is not like they are trading for Messier. They are trading for a guy who hasn’t done anything and is over paid to do what he is doing. Still, for the right price, he would be hard to pass up.

  124. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    He’s also been doing it in Columbus, on one of the two worst managed clubs in the NHL. It’s not just that his team is bad, their coaching is worse.

  125. All of youse that said Nash would cost less in the summer than at the trade deadline, are you sticking to your guns?

  126. If Nash costs less, why not?

    also, Carp…anyway in hell we can get Dustin Brown?

    pretty please?

  127. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    If the Rangers had managed to acquire him at the deadline for Sather’s rumored offer, I think they might be planning a parade down the canyon of heroes right now.

    For Howson’s rumored price, there would have been torches at the gates asking for Sather’s head.

  128. Carp was not ranting at you and “declining prodiction”. Thought someone posted he was generally “in decline”.

  129. Well, they won’t get was howser wanted at the deadline whether it’s now or last February or the draft or after July 1. He’s not worth it.

  130. “he converted less than 10% of his shots this season…”

    I’m not in favour of acquiring Nash, but a marginal drop in a statistic subject to pretty wide degree of variation year to year isn’t among the reasons why.

  131. “67, 66 and 59 points”

    So, we are going to give away Stepan….pay dearly for it….$$$$….and only get 10 points more of production….

    Count me OUT of this Nash discussion…..

  132. Koystitsin and Radulov are coming here and putting in a combined 74 goals andblocking a combined 10 shots per game avergae…. All while being in Page Six at least once a week for partying


    Parise just became Poor ise

  133. Yes if he signs at $7.8m and produces 25 goals no one will be happy. Same could have been said for taking on Jeff Carter’s contract.

    Time for Sather to stop making lowball offers and make a real offer for Nash.

  134. LW, agreed. But what I’m saying is nobody will be happy at all if he comes here for $7.8M per and is putting up the kind of numbers, say, Dubinsky put up in 2010-11. If he’s scoring 25-27 goals he’ll be as reviled as Drury and Gomez.

  135. Matteau, he’s already signed for that number, and for a while.

    I don’t think Sather lowballed. I think Howser howsoned.

  136. I really can’t believe how many people think it comes down to “10 points of production.” Seriously consider baseball. as your sport of choice

  137. WOW..he said no? Would have been more impressive if he expressed those feelings for Lou and the Devils a few weeks back..this is just his depression talking! DIn’t owrry Zach–they have pills for that…….

  138. WOW..he said no? Would have been more impressive if he expressed those feelings for Lou and the Devils a few weeks back..this is just his depression talking! Don’t worry Zach–they have pills for that…….

  139. I wouldn’t want Carter, but if we got Nash and Nash did what Carter did in playoffs, i’d be happy with that.

  140. Carp yes my writing was off (got distracted by the “10 points of production” arguments) I’m aware he’s signed at 7.8m. Not bad actually for what he brings.

  141. Seriously, we’re not after Nash for his intangibles or his character. We’re after his production.

    His production is marginally better than Stepan. 10-15 points….

    How many more points will Nash have than Stepan….honestly…

  142. Carp I’m sorry but a 3rd liner with 6 goals making $4m and 2 ok prospects and a late round no 1 pick is a low ball.

    I’ve said all along Sather blew it with his arrogance, he misplayed his hand. We’ll never know what the real price was at the deadline, it made no sense for Patrick to counter that ridiculous offer.

  143. Zach is such a great character guy. Would have been nice to have him, but I don’t think he is an elite talent.

    I still think that columbus and their moronic GM will want the WORLD for Nash. I think a motivated Nash would be a great fit on the rangers. He is STILL YOUNG! Nash and Kreider up front on the PP.. WOW! would be nice if we can only get the price down.

    I can’t believe I am saying this about Slats. But, I have faith in him and the organization. With Torts, Gordie Clarke and Shonny, slats has surrounded himself with good people.

    they have made real significant strides the past couple of years…

  144. “…if we got Nash and Nash did what Carter did in playoffs, i’d be happy with that.”

    Being somewhere between the team’s 5th and 10th best player?

  145. You also have to factor in Nash’s surrounding cast and supply, the fact he’s been playing on a mediocre team and its effect on his numbers. Put him on a more talented, winning team with a setup man like Richards i’d expect those numbers to increase by 25%.

    Going to be an interesting few weeks with the draft and National Slats day!

  146. “LW, agreed. But what I’m saying is nobody will be happy at all if he comes here for $7.8M per and is putting up the kind of numbers, say, Dubinsky put up in 2010-11. If he’s scoring 25-27 goals he’ll be as reviled as Drury and Gomez.”

    Carp, again, brilliant as always…

  147. Why do people see this as anti-leverage? Can’t you argue the opposite; take a high payroll team you assume has interest and make them feel like they have to blow you away to be considered?

  148. Trade for Nash, sign playmaker Whitney. If your top 6 are Nash, Richie, Gabby, Cally, Kreider, Whitney, you’ve got the offense of a cup contending team.

  149. Eternally ensuring himself an Ovechkin-ian response from the Garden Faithful is the Minnesota native Parise.

  150. Matteau- if you say we’ll never know what the real price was at the deadline, how can you say for sure that Sather misplayed his hand in the same sentence?

  151. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Count me in on the he will cost less sticking to my guns crowd!

    I don’t care if Nash only scores 55 pts per season for us as long as 40 of those points are goals!!

  152. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Oh, that’s right. I really don’t care about how many total points he gets as long as his goal totals are 35 +

  153. I also think this pretty much assures the end of Dubinsky’s NYR career. Could’ve kept him if just $$$ was spent to sign a scorer…but now he’ll definitely be in a deal.

    Feel sorry for him…like him as a hockey player…but he played his way into trade material this year.

  154. Well Wick, I’d rather sign a free agent than give up players to land Nash. I see Nash as the next big Sather mistake. He hasn’t made a big mistake in awhile, and he’s certainly due…Prust sayin’

  155. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I hope he isn’t due for any big mistakes lol. I don’t mind giving up a “few” assets to improve the club…you can’t play everyone.

  156. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I don’t think he’s bluffing. He would look too stupid to sign with the Rangers now. Like, beyond Milbury as GM stupid.

  157. Unspoken reality: You’ll never get an established offensive star to play for Torts and accept all the shot blocking duties and all the daily overt and silent criticism unless you pay him a couple million over market. His system works with tough youth, and that’s the way he and Sather will have to go.

  158. Matteau, you can’t possibly know what Sather’s offer was, but I am very certain it was way, way, way more than “2 ok prospects” plus Dubinsky and the first-rounder. They wanted McDonagh, Del Zotto and Stepan, plus minimally Kreider.

    If you want to tell me Sather said no to Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Erixon and a first, I’d say you’re either dreaming or lying.

    Or would you call McDonagh and Kreider “ok prospects?”

  159. That also doesn’t make sense to me, Buster. Not saying Dubinsky won’t be dealt. But I don’t think Parise’s declaration means anything necessarily, regarding Dubinsky.

  160. I have a hard time taking Zach’s comments at face value. What else could he have said when answering those questions?

    “No comment”

    “Ask my Dad, JP”.

  161. Fair enough, I just think it makes a trade with him more of a possibility now that they definitely won’t get Parise…plus be without Gaborik for the first chunk of the season (barring a lock-out).

  162. I kind of agree with you NYR_Fan…
    He just got finished playing in the Finals.
    And on breakup day for the Devil’s he was supposed to say…”Oh Yeah! I’d love to play in NY”?

  163. Leetchhalloffame on

    Thank you Parise! Sather has done so well in the past with his free agent Devil signings that I’m glad you are taking yourself out of the mix.

  164. Skidsburgh can’t afford to sign Staal after they give the Skidmister his long term deal — Slats should go after Jordan big time.

  165. It’s gonna suck for Shipsburgh if Crosby who is one hit away from retirement does indeed get hit in the head again.

  166. ilb he misplayed his hand because he thought he had CBJ over a barrell. He made a low ball offer. He let them sit with it. They rightfully ignored him and said we’ll see you again in the summer when more teams will be in on it.

    Now Carp says no way for us to know what Sather offer was but wasn’t it reported that it was Dubi (4m 3rd liner with 6 goals), Erixon, Miller (or thomas I forget), and no 1 pick (late round)?

    I call that low ball, and borderline hang up worthy. If I’m Patrick, who is clearly in charge, I don’t counter. I’ve made this point before, if you list your house for sale and someone offers you $1 for it do you bother to counter? That’s what Patrick did.

    So I say we’ll never know bc if Sather’s offer is as reported, it means we don’t know if Patrick would not budge off his ridic demand. I bet if Sather made a serious offer Patrick would have come down a bit. We’ll never know.

  167. To illustrate, I believe the CBJ demand was reported to be Dubi, Step, one of McD or MDZ, and the then-prospect Kreider.

    So take out Kreider and it could have been Dubi, Step, MDZ- a deal I’d do in a second.

    Maybe if Sather realized how close we were, he could have got them talking and taken kreider out of it. Again we’ll never know.

  168. A lot of stuff has been reported around that time. The truth is- very few people really know. So there is no way to say whether he lowballed Howson, or, quite opposite, Howson asked for way too much.

  169. Parteasy…from Rangers. That was kind of obvious long ago.(His statement, conspiracy aside, was plainly silly). Surprising was only amount of wishful thinking people here. Blogfather’s (I believe?) invented joke “Future Ranger” just became even funnier…
    So, what’s now? First, no panic, please. Situation sucks, but other than that everything is OK. Pride aside, go for Nash, using any combinations (not all list) of Duby/AA/MDZ, even Stepan + someone from AHL and/or picks (cheap this year). Should be enough. Because it will take definitely more than one forward, also go for… are you sitting? Semin! Don’t eat me alive and please, don’t even start with Russian “enigmatic”, “lazy” “defensive liability”, “not Torts material”, “will be benched after 1st game” stuff. He is extremely talented, Gabby type, almost point per NHL(!) game player and could play on 1st line and be his substitute. His price, I believe will drop this season, he is trying water in KHL, but desperately wants to stay in NHL, (not in Washington, thou). Chances are Torts could find the way to give him some leeway and use as a pure scorer and on PP. If not, risk is really low, and if one or two year deal proves unsuccessful, the Rangers can simply move on from a failed experiment. There is no ripple effect of lost assets or tears from missed opportunities, or taken someone unproven yet prospect place. Gain in score could be huge, potentially (operative word). Now, start licking your chops…I went fishing.

  170. 4 ever I think based on Torts comments if we strike out on Nash and Rdulov then Semin becomes a real possibility.

  171. Still can’t get past the 5th highest cap hit in the league being in the top 5 for goals only twice in his career and never in the top 10 for points.

  172. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Not sure I will sleep tonight after Parise’s comments.

    NOT! Good riddance. Go take your average game to some other city.

    He’ll end up staying with the devils.

  173. don’t read too much into Torts’ comment, Matteau. He saw Semin for seven games. Also, Sather’s offer and Howser’s demands were never, ever reported. There were rumors and such, but neither was ever “reported” as fact.

    I don’t believe for a moment that Sather lowballed Howson. But I do believe he said No when McDonagh and Kreider were in the equation. If it was what you suggest it was, Nash would have been here. I don’t even think that’s a question.

    But for some reason you continue to insist that it was. I have no idea why.

  174. I agree boxcar. There is no reason for him to dismiss the possibility of any suitor at this point, even if he has no intention of signing there. At the very least the Rangers would drive up his price. I think he knows he’s going back to the Devils, and why wouldn’t he? He believes in Brodeur and his coach and his GM and in Kovalchuk, and his team was two wins from a Stanley Cup. Fluke or not, right or wrong, I guarantee nobody in that organization thinks it was a fluke, or doesn’t think the team is capable of doing that again.

  175. I hate to repete myself, but following some KHL, their blogosphere and his play, sayings in interviews and behavior, can tell you, that Radulov is not just a cancer but cancer with ready metastases on and off ice. He is a Cat, which is walking all by himself, antitheses of a team player, suffering by Primadonnaitis, always on a permanent collision course with any coaches. His love for parties and despise for curfew is the least if his sins. Just shows his total disregard to the team, PO game, organization he is playing for and getting his check from and, BTW, to all NHL. Not more than that.
    Cherry picking glider on ice, he made a good coach to be fired (and getting physical with him before, can you imagine?) in Salavat Yulaev and even local fans were relieved and happy when he left.

  176. Back from a wedding. No Parise? Good. Not going to cry about it at all. Didnt want him. Will be interesting what the team does now.

  177. You guys crack me up with this idea that Semin could work here. You were pretty much pushing Gaborik overboard this spring. Gaborik is 10x the player Semin is in terms of competing. Semin will come here, have a decent season, be a complete dog in the playoffs and you guys will be railing again about game over, season over, trade everybody. Not to mention that Semin won’t be cheap by any means.

  178. Why would he leave Phoenix, and why would Phoenix not want him back? The Coyotes went as far as the Rangers did.

  179. Part-easy is NOT:
    Cory Perry,
    none of the Sedins brothers
    and even Dastin Brown or Bobby Ryan
    Rangers’ Gaborik and Future Ranger – Nash, notwithstanding….

  180. i wonder if the Sedin twins will leave Vancouver after next year. Choking year after year must get pretty tiring. If they decide to leave, where do they go? They’ll undoubtedly want to stick together so really only a team with huge amount of cap room will be able to get them. So not a good team…Might as well stay in Vancouver.

  181. by choking i meant the nucks as a whole not the sedins. Id take them in a heartbeat. But this team doesnt need them right now.

  182. Doaner may request ownership to pull a bourque and trade him to a contender.

    By the way, just read that hole 16 for the open is 670 yard par 5!

  183. Coyotes used magic to get that far, they wont be back there. Prust 3 years 9 mill

  184. Rollin Dubious on

    Bastian Schweinsteiger looked awesome today vs NED….can I change my Avery vote?

  185. Boo-K, but he probably thinks the ‘Yotes are as legit a contender as the NYR.

    Also, heard Johnny Miller talking about the 670-yarder today. He said, with the wind coming off the bay, it plays like 715 or 720. He said guys were hitting 3-wood on the THIRD shots in practice round today.

  186. He also said, in favorable conditions, even the long hitters with a good lie in the fairway, might hit that green in two shots once with a bucket of 50 balls.

  187. I knew this is coming, Carp.
    No need to ridicule. Everybody knows Semin’s weakness. It was just one of the thoughts to stir, if you read it carefully. Besides, having wrist shot at least as good as Gabby’s, Semin by far better dribbler and delivers puck in offensive zone in a more creative and constant base.
    For argument sake, I’m saying he is very Gabby type player, even injuries prone, and their statistics (the most important and objective ones, like POINTS per game) are pretty similar.
    Gabby: 0.89 in regular season; 0.64 in PO
    Semi: 0.84 and 0.66 accordingly (speaking, btw, about PO performance).
    That’s why I was bringing this, as a relatively inexpensive additional scoring alternative, to substitute Gabby, under certain condition and low risk, exactly to eliminate “player sucks”, “season over” type of talks after.

  188. Yeah that hole is going to destroy everyone! Gonna be interesting and fun to watch!

    Semin would be fine here,…if he just played on the PP only. Full two minutes. Perfect.

  189. Nice work, jpg. A little surprised to see Rodrigo y Gabriela in the lineup. I have a couple of their albums, seems to be a different style from the rest.

  190. Evening gang.

    Count me among those who are not at all shocked that Parise said that. Like he’s admit anything other than wanting to stay a Devil on the Devil’s breakup day. Did anyone ask him about going to Minny? If so, what was his answer on that? I’d bet it would be very similar.

  191. Talk about balls. Posting on someone else’s blog to try and promote your lame blog. Show some class.

  192. How about jochen hecht for the 4th line? Could be a productive offensive contributor

  193. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Doodie, I would definitely be interested. I am a Pre-Law student so count me in on that.

  194. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    count me in the corner that hopes parise doesn’t want to and won’t sign here. I’d prefer to not have another “not large” top 6 fwd

  195. 4ever, perhaps he was referrring to jpg’s post with the link to his bonnaroo stuff? Clearly he/she doesn’t under that the boneheads always share this kinda stuff on the blog when things are slow.

  196. JimboWoodside on

    Screw Parise – he’s good and all, but I think he’s one of those guys that would come here and miraculously just become an “average” player – either that, or he would get a major injury that would shorten his career and end his usefulness for us.

    Let him get rich somewhere else – I hated his father for his participation in the Fishsticks upset of our boys back in the 1970’s, and this little Pree-K son of his loves being a Ranger killer – he can eat my shorts!

  197. Micky,
    are U angry with 3 rrr in one word? LOL.
    Let’s all be friends. Juntos somos invencibles!

  198. ilb

    Bonnaroo pretty much includes every style minus classical
    it had an international day at one of the tents that included
    Red Baraat

    this is actually Rodrigo y Gabriela’s 2nd or 3rd time at Bonnaroo

    the crowd is really into music for music’s sake and accepting and interested in just about anyone. so, they were just as excited to see Radiohead as much as Avett Brothers as Kenny Rogers and then went nuts when Lionel Richie came out to join him. later, Kenny joined Phish onstage to sing The Gambler

  199. You know what? That was a dumb question to ask Parise today….

    “Zach, can you see yourself as a Winnipeg Jet? Thoughts?”

    Would have been just as intelligent of a question…

  200. Honesty
    if you’re flipping on me well…..
    i’m published A LOT and don’t put links up here at all throughout 99.9%
    of the season

    since it’s slow and i haven’t been around i thought i’d share a bit with what i’ve been up to
    since Carp made what i thought was a mention about it
    i thought i’d put the links up
    ya know what
    it’s not a command for you to click on ’em
    so just relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. haven’t heard how the question was phrased
    but even if it was
    do you think as a ufa you would actually sign with the Rangers?
    he’s an IDIOT
    to say “No way”

    as has been mentioned here
    it puts a crimp in his negotiating even he ends up staying with the devils

    he could have just been non-committal about it
    saying that he’d like to stay in nj
    and will keep matters private with his agent.
    end of story.
    whatta a morooooon!

  202. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Ewww, Jimbo.

    I guess that there aren’t any Bart Simpson fans here – sorry, Mickey!

    ilb, no shorts left from back in the 70’s – I gave them all away to other diners that deserved the invitation many years ago! ;-)

  203. jpg, thats really cool that you went to Bonaroo and got to cover it. I saw the RHCP at the Rock last month….they were awesome…

    they must have been awesome there, too

  204. The only thing you can surmise from Parise’s statement is that he’s not too bright. It simply was a question he could have avoided answering- how many other teams will he rule out in this upside-down bargaining strategy? Thought he was overrated but didn’t think he was this dumb- but if he is- we certainly don’t need dumb players. Especially very expensive dumb players.

  205. yes they were.
    just a great time overall because the people there (not all, i’m sure) are there due to a strong interest in music (i.e. the large crowd at Super Jam that let out a roar when D’Angelo was announced — his first live performance in 12 years — or seeing 60,000 people light up when the Beach Boys played a surprisingly strong set)
    i walked around 10-12 miles each day. weather wasn’t as hot as past years but still the sun and humidity got me plus my back was killing me.
    but i survived and hope to go again next year.

  206. jpg- listen to their Live in Japan album if you like their style…

    If Parise was trying to avoid answering the question, there is a good chance the headlines immediately would suggest that he pretty much said he was signing with the Rangers. He was put in a very bad spot.

  207. JimboWoodside on

    Parise’s kinda small, and he gets bounced around a lot – I can see him someone racking him up like Bernier (another genius!) did to Scuderi, and making him hear birdies in his head for a long, long time…

  208. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I do know about the Simpsons, Jimbo :) Was just yanking your chain

    Aha!! OK, Mickey, thank you – at my age, any help offered is appreciated! ;-)

  209. Parise reminds me so much of Callaghan – selfless team player, wears his heart on his sleave, hates to lose. I thought he might be pissed at Lamoriello for making him wait for a contract and risk injury but apparently not. I never thought he would come to us, but I was hoping he would leave the Devils. Unfortunately, I think Carp is right – he is staying put…not good news for us. I wonder if Slats and the boys were surprised?

  210. Czechthemout!!! on


    Do you think an offer of AA,Dubi,MdZ, and Christian Thomas for Nash gets it done? I believe it might. It would also be fairly easy to replace those guys. Nash replaces AA. JT Miller can replace Dubi. Erixon replaces MDZ. And if they sign Shultz that is a bonus. They also have the cap room to entertain the option of adding Suter although that might be yet another large long term contract which could prove burdensome. But they are a much better team with that deal struck in my option.

  211. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are not Carp. You are Orr’s chair sniffer and he is yours. I have no interest in your option and I didn’t ask you.

  212. czech, no I don’t, unless howson gets desperate. That deal wouldn’t have come close at the trade deadline from what I understand.

    Honesty, talk about onions. How about posting under your usual name if you have something to say about somebody else? jpg’s a regular here; has been forever. And if he wants to promote his blog here he’s certainly welcome to do so. All I ask of anybody who does that is that they bring something to the table once in a while, and not just promote themselves. jpg surely doesn’t do that. Not even close.

  213. All I know is everybody raves about Gary Roberts’ off-season stuff … but Del Zotto went there and had a nightmare season the next season.

  214. i see all is well on the worst internet blog (according to source)… still dismantling half a team to get one player who will not even score as many points as all those that will be given away…

    MDZ was FIFTH on the Rangers in scoring his year… his only second full NHL year. I would like to have Nash here, but people are giving away way too much for him.

  215. CCCP, I’d hate to give up on Del Zotto. I think his ceiling is even higher after this past season. And I don’t think that offer gets it done.

    They want too much for Nash. Way too much.

  216. Like I pointed out last week from SNY: “Del Zotto had more points than Duncan Keith, Jack Johnson, Matt Carle, Brent Burns, Sergei Gonchar, Drew Doughty, P.K. Subban, Nick Lidstrom and Brent Seabrook.

    Del Zotto was a plus 20, 12th in the league, only two seasons after being a minus 20 for the Rangers.”

    Amazing that he is even considered a trading “chip” (Larry Brooks’ words)….

  217. exactly, Carp… i was hard on MDZ (and frankly, who wasn’t?) during 10-11 season when he got send down half way into it… but i really liked the way he played this year, especially in playoffs… he showed a lot of grit and physicality along with good offense. I say – keep Michael Del Zotto!

  218. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think you trade some players if you have a plan (obviously) to replace them within the organization or free agency. If you trade MDZ, I think there is a d man move as well in the future.

    of course, this is pretty much common sense so I guess I wasted a post, sorry Carp

  219. NHL Network showed a clip of the Parise questioning on NHL Tonight….FYI

    Looked like he was kidding around and playful with reporters. It sounded like Bruce Beck who asked the question. Moron…

  220. thanks Carp
    the links are just a couple of the places that publish my work.
    there are others as well.
    as far as my own site, which is a basic site with links to my writing/photos and
    my photos
    i think i will include that in with my name for any future interest.

  221. Czechthemout!!! June 13th, 2012 at 9:38 pm


    You are not Carp. You are Orr’s chair sniffer and he is yours. I have no interest in your opinion and I didn’t ask you.



  222. btw,
    i thought MDZ went to gary roberts camp again last summer
    as far as his upside
    it’s true that he does have a LOT of upside
    it there are certain…..ummmm…..thought processes that he makes
    again and again in offensive and defensive zones
    that really make me wish my hair grew back so that i could pull it out!!!

    i know he’s young but certain matters such as horrible passes up the middle or hesitancy in offensive zone just seem like things that should be dealt with via Torts and/or Sully and/or Schoeny and adjusted for the better.
    i dunno
    roller coaster.

  223. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks for responding. Perhaps we can do a draft chat if makes sense next week?

  224. Take the Ten Foot Pole for Radulov and extend it to 15 Feet for Semin. Heck NO!

    I don’t hate you guys. I was only kidding. Get over it.

  225. Czechthemout!!! on


    I didn’t think I needed to explain to anyone that what I wrote was supposed to say “opinion”not “option”because I am typing on my iPad. I now see that at least when it comes to you, I need to clarify so just for your sake my Jewish ethnic brother, I will next time.

  226. Manny

    scroll down

    (since it was Super Jam i was trying to get several folks in the frame)

  227. Czechthemout!!! on


    No mas!

    Hey, I haven’t had a chance to see where you stand on Radulov. I am ok with it depending on length of contract and price of his rights.

  228. not near tv
    so if someone is kind enough to post what
    was said about NYR on nhl tonight….
    thanks in advance!!!!

  229. btw CCCP
    i typed eeeewwwww in reference to pulling your finger
    it didn’t show.
    wind must have blown that post away from here

  230. JPG

    They showed some highlights of the season and the playoffs. Then, Joe Mich called in. David Amber asked…”if there is one move you see the Rangers making, what is it?”

    Joe Mich said: Parise. He gave a number of reasons. Torts being one of them, because he coached him on Team USA. Another one is that he is good friends with Stepan and McDonagh, as they train in the off-season together.

  231. Radulov? I don’t mind having him on this team but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we don’t get him either…

  232. They also spoke about Prust. Kelly Chase was praising his game and work ethic. He also said that Prust has it made in NY. Fans love him. Coaches love him. Teammates love him. It would be hard to find something as good somewhere else. And, he doesn’t think Prust will command the type of $ that would force him out of NY. Could he get more somewhere else? Sure, but he’s the type of player that might not find a better situation than being a Ranger….

  233. Just saw Parise’s infamous “NO” …man, so much can be lost in translation…or Internet this time…that “NO” looked like a total joke!


  234. Boys and girls, everyone is mudslinging MDZ around. He is a 21 yo kid. He supposedly was really close with Grandma, so it did effect him during the playoffs. He has some good instincts and some things that could use some work. He could be a good 3 or 4 home grown talent. He could grow more and bulk up. Damn, he is just a kid!

    I’m not so sure you give up on someone like that just yet. IMHO.

  235. NYR, to your point, in his season ending game interview, Prust all but said he loves it here and wants to be a part of this team. The only way he leaves is if Sather tries to low ball him and it gets ugly. I am sure the sharks were in the NYR waters listening to his statements.

  236. D’Angelo — r&b singer. major success over a decade ago.
    kinda disappeared.
    first show in 12 years at Bonnaroo.

  237. okay
    i’ll say it now.
    i don’t want to get rid of MDZ
    unless there’s some fantastic deal
    that brings us an even better d-man
    or BIG power forward

    as far as Prust
    i hope Sather doesn’t lowball him and cause him to go elsewhere

  238. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, jpg – well, I’m totally out of the loop – I didn’t hear of him 10 years ago, much less just recently!

    I don’t want to see them move MDZ either – I think he has great upside potential. For a defenseman, he’s just a baby!

  239. Top 10 reasons NOT to go after Parise:

    10. at 5’11”, 194 lbs., he’s a little small for OUR team
    9. he has a lot of miles on him
    8. his Dad has a big mouth and played for the wrong New York team
    7. he is ‘Mr. Devil’, not ‘Mr. Ranger’
    6. he has been complemented perfectly by good offensive linemates his whole career. do we have the perfect complement for him???
    5. is he a ‘creator’ or one who needs help from others to create? The latter are simply worth less. Don’t overpay for that.
    4. he looked awful silly on that early SC Finals PP goal by Kopitar, losing his man.
    3. he will be vastly overpaid for too many years and is a ‘cap killer’.
    2. he is not worth the annual pay he will receive. Is he REALLY that good?

    and the number one answer to why we should not engage in the Parise sweepstakes:

    1. he is a Devil through and through. It would turn his stomach to play in the Broadway Blue uniforms. Likewise, it would turn ours to see him in our uniform.

  240. If all these guys are overpriced, I might, after checking his past years play, take a serious look at Konopka. Terrific stick, face-offs, wrester, and can tough it up but good. He was tough in round 1. Good 4th line center.

  241. JimboWoodside on

    I’d take Konopka on the team in a minute – he’s a FA, doesn’t make much money, and is good on faceoffs. And he can scrap.

  242. I concur on Konopka. Thought so last year, too.

    czech, I don’t think a draft chat is going to be possible. Or even much discussion. Got some other stuff (other job) lined up.

    Maybe we can have one right around July 1, though.

  243. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    thos blog is disintegrating. It is time for “Manny” to revise the lists : The Hockey Illuminati vs. The Hockey Idiots. What a splendid idea to get impatient with one another, righy up with with the tenor of the times. And, FYI, there is no idiot free blog, if it’s free for the “contributors”, noy dor sports, not for current affairs. We should all be paying for the privilege, Carp !! It is an American way to pay for your First Amendment rights, no ?

  244. Can you detect the misspellings ? If so, you will be entered in the ice hockey sweepstakes to win :
    1.) 12 NYR logoed frozen pucks
    2). Barry Beck NYR jersey
    3). Marian Gaborik C-T Scan CD

    Regards to All

  245. Yes Orrrrr
    i did get a sample of the Bonnaroo Buzz!! GREAT! got to cut in line since i was taking photos.

  246. I’m wondering…what happened to the oldbear?
    “…righy(?) up with with(?) the tenor…”

  247. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Let Parisi sign in NJ and handcuff them financially, fine with me.

    Agreed! Or, let him go to the western conference – if he’s so damned “principled”, he wouldn’t want to sign with Filthy or another eastern conference team, would he, as “Mr. Devil”?

  248. “…there is no idiot free blog”
    but, of course – as soon as you come, not so new bear.
    “…noy(?) dor(?) sports…”

  249. Come on, let’s pay for the privilege, this will go a long way towards eliminating some infantile and noy funny “one liners”. I would pay CRP a $20.00 PER MONTH to have a right to speak without fear that ther is a clique behind all this.
    Like Wicky ?
    Strange, to say the least. Any explanation for not deleting such junk, Carp ?

    And yes, I feel like Mia that this is a cult of fans that does not accept the input of others easily. But Mia was accomomodated promptly (privately), what was that all about, Carp ?

  250. Carp regarding your comment at 7:13pm. The offer of Dubi, Erixon prospects pick while not officially reported, was rumored enough that it had essentially become accepted in the media as Sather’s offer.

    Also rumored and accepted as fact was the demand for Step, McD or MDZ, and kreider.

    I believe if there were more names tossed around between Sather and CBJ we would have heard about them.

    But it didn’t go there, both sides waited for the other to blink and neither did.

  251. We have to face facts, Nash will cost. So either we want him or we don’t,

    If we do want him let’s be real and understand we’re going to have to sacrifice real assets. Something like Stepan, MDZ and Dubi. Keep in mind the Kings are probably not too worried that Simmonds and Schenn are good players for Philly.

    It’s not even clear Columbus does that deal, they may have better options from other teams.

  252. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Happy 18th Anniversary of 1994 Stanley Cup, Rangers and boneheads! I will never, ever forget!

  253. Manny

    It seems that you go to some serious extremes to direct animus toward other blogsters for no apparent reason. Now I know that you find yourself as a cut above most of the Boneheads. to such an extent that I wonder why you even drop to the level of communicating in this format with them.. It is becoming painfully apparent that any who disagree with your own observations, is
    a source of painful contempt to you. I have no particular feelings about what anyone has to say about anything, because I find that most of you are far advanced in their inside knowledge about the workings of Rangers and this league, and many of my own observations are a product of only
    that which I see unfolding before my own eyes. I have never engaged in a kitten fight between myself and others about personal observation, nor will I. All point made as far as I’m concerned are that which the poster believes and considers. All are entitled to be read, if not necessarily agreed with. Now I have recalled my defenses of EC while he as here, and also Gilroy, and a few others, and been snickered at for doing so. I accept the is a judgment on my thought processes…I can live with it without replying in kind. I enjoy searching these Ranger discards and wish them well in their changed environs…and yes, I always enjoyed the antics of Avery, and in my opinion he brought a comic relief while at the same time, contributed to the team in a
    tactical manner. I always admired Paul Mara as a stable and responsible D man, and still do. i took heat from this…eh? OK…I lose no sleep over it. I still believe that Lundqvist has reached a plateau in his professional technique that is found wanting as each season unfolds. And nothing changes much in his performance. And as likable a personality that Biron brings to the team..sound and responsible goal work, in my opinion only, is not at major league level.

    When a person levels criticism of another person at the personal level in this or any blog, it would be best if that critic wore the mantle of righteousness, and sound conviction across his or her own shoulders.

    My opinion, such as it is.

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