LA Kings win their first Stanley Cup in 45 years; who’s next?


With the Los Angeles Kings winning the first Stanley Cup in the franchise’s 45-year history on Monday, here are the 12 remaining teams which have never won the Stanley Cup (and their first seasons in the NHL):

St. Louis Blues (1967)
Vancouver Canucks (1970)
Buffalo Sabres (1970)
Washington Capitals (1974)
Phoenix Coyotes (1979, Winnipeg)
San Jose Sharks (1991)
Ottawa Senators (1992)
Florida Panthers (1993)
Nashville Predators (1998)
Winnipeg Jets (1999, Atlanta)
Columbus Blue Jackets (2000)
Minnesota Wild (2000)


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  1. Feels like 1992 right now. Coulda woulda shoulda. More optimistic about the long term future with this team. At least the penguins don’t have superstars ontheir roster this time around…

  2. Oh wait….abou those superstars on the penguins. At least this time they don’t constantly whine about the officiating. Paging Tom barasso. Did Ron Francis score from midfield? No Adam henrique scored an almost as excruciating goal though. Arrghh!!! Hockey gods!!!

  3. Well good thing the 1992-1993 season was the banner year that it was. Oh wait a sec….point is when you get close it doesn’t mean you get as clOse the next year. I do not expect the bottom to fall out next season….gotta work even harder. Leech has to avoid ice patches and taxi cabs.

  4. I have a little tradition every year, not one that I enjoy, but one I pretty much stick to. I don’t wear any Rangers gear after we get eliminated until the end of the season. Each year it seems like forever that a shirt or hat is calling my name, but I just refuse to do it. This year it was much shorter a period of time. Next year, we will all be wearing our gear all year long, not putting it on the shelf once. If you wear yours anyway, that is all fine and good. Maybe it is just something I do, but I feel a cup in our future very soon.

  5. Good morning fellow Schweinsteigers!

    PBR dont worry, nothing could be as ugly as 92-93. We have a coach and a captian that like each other.

    Great game today between the dutch and germans!

    My guess id nasville is next on that list above. Hopefully after we get our next hear though :)

  6. The Canucks and Capitals had their chance. I believe their window of opportunity is closing. I would pick St. Louis or Nashville to be the next to win their first.

  7. Did someone really suggest we get Clarkson? I’m hoping that was a joke. Is Radulov a Ranger yet?

  8. Also hate the idea of having Clarkson on this team.

    Next team to win its first cup has to be the Canucks, Caps or Blues, right?

  9. Cross Check, Kournikova might be better suited,..she is russian after all and may have picked up some tips from Sergei and Pavel.

  10. Just love Dustin Brown as a captain. He is a combination of all those guys you hate to play against –Bobby Clarke, Claude Lemieux, Darius Kasparitis, Chris Neill, Sean Avery, etc., but with talent. I was chomping when those fake rumors came out at the trade deadline. Take him in a flash, stupid penalty every other game, aside.

    And he can say $&*((# on national tv any time he wants!!

    Prust sayin’.

  11. Manny – I think the Caps and Canucks missed their shot. Both franchises look like they’re getting weaker. The Blues, however, look like they’ve got something going for them. Those kids Schwartz and Tarasenko would be huge additions. Halak has also shown he’s no one-hit wonder. His injury was a large reason the Kings ended up going to the dance. I’d say they’re the odds-on favorite to break the curse.

  12. Yeah, I think the blues or preds are best suited for an opportunity at the cup in the next few years.

    what year does columbus fold and move to a different city? 2015? 2016?

  13. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    While the Leaves have won before, since the last time was the first year of expansion, I feel like they should be up there as well.

  14. I think you’ll remain a pretty happy guy as long as the Caps have Ovechkin eating up a seventh of their cap space.

  15. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    They are closing in on 54 years pretty quickly. That’s one record I would be happy to be rid of.

  16. Well, if the NHL has it their way and change to four-conference format, it all becomes unpredictable because it will be even more difficult to get to CF if you are playing in stronger conference/former division.

  17. Good morning, Carp! Did you get your aasen to the post office yet?

    Trophies are on their way! Should be here tomorrow! PRIZES!!!!!!!!

  18. Since I know how most of you *LOVE* Alex Rodriguez (who once saved a child from certain death according to Tiki) Congrats to him on tying the hallowed Lou Gehrig in a tie for most career grand slams at 23 (that’s a lot of RBI).

  19. I really wish Tiki & Manny had been at my last kickball game. We were up 2-0 until the last inning, and the ref clearly botched a call (girl on the other team was out and he called it safe), then the other guys caught up and won 3-2.

    Obviously the ref *CHEATED US* and the game was *RIGGED* – it was totally bush-league.

  20. For those Parise piners, don’t be surprised to see him sign July 1 with the Kings.

    The Kings have something like $18,000,000 in cap room, have only 2 UFAs of note to resign (Stoll and Penner) and are poised to be a force for several years to come (especially if Parise signs there).

    Their core is young and obviously, not overly expensive.

    Plus, they have a backup goalie (Bernier) who is much sought after, meaning they can further strengthen their team by trading him for a forward/defense (perhaps to replace one of Stoll or Penner).

    My guess is they’ll move him for a first rounder.

    Dean Lombardi’s done a fine job there – obviously winning the cup is the ultimate triumph, but unlike say Chicago after their cup, there’s no need to trade away a chunk of the team due to cap issues and the roster isn’t full of aging mercenaries.

  21. Every single hockey fan I have talked to thinks that Parise will be a member of their team come July 1 (except the Devils fans).

  22. Manny: Not if he wants to win a cup in the next few years.

    Uncle Daddy doesn’t have it in him anymore…and at 41 he’ll only be worse next year…

  23. I would assume that Parise is very hungry for the Cup after watching the Kings celebrate.

  24. And by likely I mean “GTFO are you serious?” or not a snowball’s chance….

  25. Who’s liver will suffer more abuse this summer, Patrick Kane or Richards/Carter?

  26. Aside from Clarkson’s 20 goal potential (I’m thinking 30 was a career year for him) that’s a tough choice.

  27. Kane always comes off like such a cocky d bag to me. He could have played Matt Damon’s character in School Ties.

  28. Carp

    can we add Alyonka to our twitter widget please? She always around hockey and has some cool things to share…


  29. That roster looks sick, Nasty. Although I disagree with Parise being the Capt. Callahan, Brown or Backes should be Capt.

  30. I tell you what, if they just throw Pepto Bylsma in as coach, it will only mean one thing…..RIGGED!!!

  31. if i was gonna bring an ex-Devil here (which i thought was a huge “NO-NO” on this worst internet blog, according to source), i’d bring Dainius Zubrus.

  32. They picked what will be a 36 year old Erik Cole for that team? That Kreider kid is like half his age.

  33. Kreider or Ryan Malone might be better choices than Cole. Can you imagine Kreider on open ice (200 x 86) with another NHL season under his belt?

  34. You’d want a then 35 year old Ryan Malone on the team? That guy’s like 3 times Kreider’s age.

  35. My vote is for Kreider, CT.

    Where were you yesterday when I was all excited that another CT born and/or raised hockey player won the Conn Smythe?

  36. I thought I corrected you on FB Manny, Leetch was born in TX.

    And also, FWIW, I’m not originally from CT either.

  37. Brian Leetch
    Position: D
    Shoots: Left
    Height: 6-0 Weight: 185 lbs.
    Born: March 3, 1968 in Corpus Christi, Texas

  38. Stranger Nation on

    “Just love Dustin Brown as a captain. He is a combination of all those guys you hate to play against—Bobby Clarke, Claude Lemieux, Darius Kasparitis, Chris Neill, Sean Avery, etc., but with talent.”

    Please do not compare Dustin ‘Capt. America’ Brown with those dirt bags listed above. First off, barring the Rosi hit, which was questionable, he goes right through people when he hits, not the cheap behind the play stuff of Clarke or Lemieux or Neill. Second, he has major talent with the puck unlike Neill or Kasparitis or Avery and third, he is a real leader, unlike those clowns in the list, especially Neill or Slavery, who is all about himself. Did I mention Neill 3x – i’m still pissed about the BS in the Sens series and Shamahan’s lack of response!

  39. I still think weak 1 game suspension to Carkner is the one that Shanny shanny’ed the bed on.

  40. Connecticut can be in your heart, CT. It doesn’t have to be on your Birth Certificate.

    Let’s Go Whalers!

  41. CT will always be on my driver license as long as the taxes stay lower than NY or NJ.

  42. Wow. I am going there to hang out with my Dad this weekend. Looks like I can take advantage of the lower Alcohol pricing on my way back on Sunday!

    Go CT!

  43. That would be the Brooklyn Islanders, CT.

    I’m pretty sure Leetch moved to CT as a very young kid. With is family, of course. His dad is from here, but was stationed in Corpus Christi with the military when the future Conn Smythe winner was born.

    Good morning, Hambone! Aasen to P.O. today, I promise … to you and all our other prize winners.

  44. Yeah I knew Leetch grew up in CT, well before going to Avon Old Farms. I guess it depends on what the criteria is for “where someone is from”, personally I’d consider him from up here but then you won’t have guys like Emrick and Pierre throwing out obscure facts about a player’s background when it has nothing do with what’s going on on the ice.

  45. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…cool and interesting list…

    And I think the top two teams on the list are pretty close to being ready to win a cup and 8 out the top 9 are certainly contenders

    I think the Rangers are real real close right now, need just a bit more depth…when Boyle/Feds/Prust are the 4th line and not the 3rd line, then the forwards have enough
    Defensively, we need a 3rd pair after Staal-Girardi-McD anchor the top two pair.
    I hope Sauer can return AND be as good as he was before the concussion.

  46. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    While these Europansies play ball with their feet (seriously, why don’t they just pick it up), I thought I would bring up something I mentioned yesterday to gauge interest:

    I was thinking about starting my own blog that would focus on legal issues in hockey. Some examples:

    1) Coyotes sale
    2) impending lockout
    3) probable Devils’ bankruptcy
    4) Steve Moore trial
    5) supplemental discipline process and revisions
    6) the junior coach who was just suspended for a year
    7) Intellectual property/licensing issues

    Would any of you be interested in reading something like that?

  47. I like legal issues, Doodie. I would be very interested. I even took Sports Law in law school and have the book on my desk gathering dust. Let’s get into it!

  48. Also a discussion area without the peons and boneheads on this blog with the lowest IQ’s I have ever witnessed would be much appreciated. I just can’t take these completely ridiculous folks. Wicky, Sally, Latona, Carp, Doodie, CT, ORR, Pimp, @CCCP@ …… You know who you are guys. I just can’t take the pea-brained no-talent clown-like statements from them day after day. Please get me a refuge from this idiocy!

  49. czechthemout!!!! on

    So future Ranger Zach Parise says there is no way he comes to the Rangers. Won’t even consider it. Well that’s fine by me. I don’t want any stinking devils on my team. Certainly not for 8+million for 10-12 years. Or for any money quite frankly. Time for Slats to get creative and add a scorer through a shrewd trade or two.

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