It’s Tee Time! It’s Go (Kings) Time!


Devils-Kings Game 6.

So, is this it? Or do the teams (and all those poor saps covering the finals) haul their rear ends across the continent one more time for Game 7 in Newark Wednesday?

I’m not predicting anything because I’ve been pretty incredibly incorrect since around Game 4 of Rangers-Devils. Plus I have no feel for it, other than I don’t think LA has badly slipped, I don’t believe the Devils have taken any kind of control, and I certainly and quite obviously don’t believe there is any momentum carry-over from one game to another in a series.

A lot of times the more desperate teams musters a win somehow, which is what the Devils have done.

So we’ll see.

Me? I’m tired from the discussion about whether the Rangers were tired.

Let’s Go Tony! Let’s Go Miami!


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  1. first wow first for me

    dear kings

    please finish this freaking losers from jersey

    thank you

    ranger fans

  2. tonight the LA shots off the posts will start going in. it ends tonight. Brown will skate around with the cup.

  3. duckbill platypus on

    CCCP, have you begun strengthening the vocab yet?? you should have added at least 15 words by now…MWHAHAHAH!

  4. duckbill platypus on

    LMFBO @ newbear or whatever his name is complain about folks not spelling words correctly, and then his comment was loaded with errors!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!! NITWIT!

  5. LW3H <<<<<<>>>Campbell not an outrageous comparable when considering Prust’s contract.

    >>>>Pretty similar scoring numbers and roles (though Prust fights quite a lot more) –
    both the same amount of PK time last year.

    Campbell actually wins some fights, prust saying……..

  6. Well, I think paying any sort of huge premium for fighting, whether winning or losing fighting, is largely reckless. Do that and you’ll start seeing $1m plus, long-term deals for players like Brashear, Boogaard and Rupp. Which would clearly be too insane for any GM to contemplate.

    Yours meagrely

    Peter Gammons

  7. I just know what the teammates the coach think about Prust … and think they’d go the extra mile if they need to. And I’d give him Brashear’s, Boogaard’s, Rupp’s and Scott’s money all together if I could.

  8. Papa- and I think Prust won a fair amount of fights. And he would’ve won more if he didn’t have to take on heavyweights

  9. JimboWoodside on

    So will almost all of us, eric – save for the few NJ “closet” fans out there..

  10. And I’m not down on Prust at all, to be clear. Just don’t see him being worth close to $3m for any team and wouldn’t mark him up or down to any significant extent compared to Campbell based on the volume or results of his fights.

    I’m very meager to discover how much he will meek in free agency weak.

  11. JimboWoodside on

    C’mon, Kings – show Fatso how lucky he’s been this whole series by putting all those pucks that formerly hit posts and crossbars behind him tonight!

  12. were the rangers tired probably was it the reason they lost no. they have no depth period. boyle should be there 4th line not 3rd line. guys are out of position. enough with this tired talk its making me mad.

  13. That, plus one of his fingers started to stick out of his wrist until they fixed it this offseason.

  14. Evening all,

    Eric – to your point about Brian Boyle: He is a perfectly fine 3rd line center who is solid on the draw, a superb penalty killer and can chip in 15+ goals. He’s not a fourth line guy, because his value to the team would be minimized if he were to play only 5-7 minutes per game. That’s what you sign Zenon Kanopka for – and for all the key D-zone draws.

    So that leaves Richards #1, Boyle #3 and perhaps Kanopka at #4. So who becomes the #2 center? If the Rangers want to make a really bold move that could absolutely swing the balance of power in their favor in the East – go get Jordan Staal. Why give up assets for Nash – who has played a grand total of 4 play-on games in 9 seasons? Staal is a star in waiting – having played in the shadows of Sausage Lips and Malkenstein all these years. He would play major minutes in all situations – he’s a world-class penalty killer and he has Stanley Cup pedigree to boot. Plus, his transition to NY would be easy, with brother Marc a team leader. Jordan Staal becomes a UFA next
    July 1. But why wait? Get him before Jim Rutherford nabs him for the Hurricanes.

    Now, the question is, who goes the other way?

  15. JimboWoodside on

    Pierre has taken Chico Rash’s place as the Marty-slurper in this series, tomb..

  16. authorben

    do you see pens trading staal to rangers not a chance i see a div trade like that go down.

    go get getzlaf

  17. Ben,

    Excuse me, but, isn’t Stepan our #2 center?

    Wouldn’t that mean Stepan goes to Pittsburgh? Barf!

    Not a bad idea….just very hard to envision a trade within the Atlantic division…especially in the Cap era…

  18. Glenn Healy says the teams have decided to come out physical, as if both teams had played like it was an All-Star game for the three and a half rounds before now.

  19. the longer this stays scoreless the worse is for kings. need something to show for there jump

  20. Mikael Samuelsson, Rico Fata, Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner and cash should be enough to get Jordin Storl.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    >>>What you mean “dammit”? Are you rooting for Marty?

    No, C3 – I was “dammit-ing” the Kings shot from right in the slot that never got through to the net..

  22. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Bernier is hanging himself right now

    Hope so – Kovyschmuck, want to join him?

  23. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, ORR – she must be a newbie – never heard of her, either…. ;-)

    I’m clearly out-of-the-mainstream…..

  24. keep this in mind bruins had 3-0 lead on flyers in game 7 and blew it. keep playing too much time to sit on lead

  25. NYR FAN

    Stepan would more than likely be part of a package to obtain Jordan Staal.

    Pittsburgh is going to be in a bit of a predicament soon – with Sausage Lips about to get the
    10-year mega deal. Malkinstein is under contract. So is Fleury. They will not have the dough to sign Staal long term. So that’s why I suggested the deal. And perhaps Rangers management isn’t so thrilled with Stepan after a lukewarm playoff performance. Who would you rather have – Nash or Staal? Just puttin’ it out there.

  26. The kings came out flying. They were winning this game regardless of bernier’s penalty

  27. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t count them out yet either, eric – but I like the Kings position right now a lot better than theirs!

  28. That might have been the best played period in Stanley cup history right there. Dominant from whistle to whistle. A joy to watch

  29. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, ORR – I think the zebras will spend the rest of this game trying to even-up that non-call on the Gionta play, although it was *nowhere* as bad as the Bernier hit on Scuderi….

  30. could we stop with staal to rangers talk no way pitt trades him here. if they deal him i bet its to carolina and they sign him long term

  31. Not a make up call either. Kopitar had no chance to get to the puck so good no call

  32. be shocked if kings get another pp before the devs get 3 unless its blatant and they have no choice

  33. JimboWoodside on

    OMG, all the bawling on behalf of the Debbies by the between-periods shills on the Gionta hit…..good grief!!

  34. JimboWoodside on

    Liam the weasel just mentioning another 3-goal lead that the Kings blew – these NBC guys are FIRMLY in the NJD camp-following team…

  35. I hate the concept of make-up calls. If you fail as an official once, why the hell should you fail twice? So stupid.

  36. authorben

    they prob could offer better package but the pens arent trading him to rangers not happening

  37. The way game is developing, I’m afraid red-faced DeBoar head will explode, leaving carsillo all over the place, including porn-star humongous prides.

  38. I like the idea of the Rangers going 20-for-21 on a five minute PP and the fans screaming “SHOOT!” for the 0-for-1 bit.

  39. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!! OK, eric – but he should try being even-handed here – don’t the debbies have enough NBC fans in the booth?

  40. actually 3 for 4 during the one major … 3 for 5 with the other PP which I didn’t know about earlier.

  41. Man debust and the debies are almost as bad as crosby. Its never thier fault. The refs scored 3 goals too didn’t they. Also gionta imbelished and was on the next shift during the pk. The kings regardless would’ve been on at least a 3min pp.

    So much grabbing and interference and garbage from debbies past 2 games that the refs didn’t call.

    Losers whine. Find excuses. Winners(kings)neve complain and take responsibility.

  42. looked like it was off Brodeur’s glove. I want to see more evidence than that view to change that goal

  43. if i am richards and carter i am telling my teammates how we came back from 3-0 down in game 7 in boston

  44. JimboWoodside on

    >>>…a little bit of debbies humiliation never hurt as an icing on a cake.


  45. JimboWoodside on

    It was that damned zebra flopping around on the ice! He distracted poor Maaaaaaaaaaaarty!!

  46. JimboWoodside on

    Give Volchenko a misconduct and a 5 minute major for murdering an official!!

  47. JimboWoodside on

    I’d like to see Elias need to eat steaks through a straw for a couple of months this summer..

  48. JimboWoodside on

    What happened? Did she remove her blouse? I thought they were covered up earlier in the game!?

  49. do you think jp parise has called sather yet to start working on future ranger zach parise’s 10 year deal?

  50. Congrats to the Kings on their 1st Cup.

    Man, Parise dont look much like a leader in this game. Even in losses, Cally gives everything hes got.

  51. same story when the rangers beat em a couple yrs back. Everything was the refs fault.

  52. JimboWoodside on

    Notice that I didn’t say PA-REE-ZAY eating the liquid steaks, ORR – Kovalschmuck would be another good one to have that experience, though..

    Another Deb penalty!!

  53. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, it looks like she pulled her shirt down a bit.

    Dammit! Just my luck – I didn’t see her yet – gotta watch more closely!

  54. Brown should be mvp. he was their best player in he first 3 rounds, and their best player tonight

    there is a case for Quick and Kopitar, but less so in the past 3 games.

  55. If carter scores another, does he get the conn smyte? Or does quick get it with another shutout?

    Gotta be quick right?

  56. I told my student and resident devil fan I hope they lose 19-0 tonight.( long story)…..

  57. JimboWoodside on

    If I had a student that was a devs fan he would fail matter what the subject was..

  58. I think Brown is a solid choice for the Conn Smythe. Hard to give it to Quick when Marty has been the better goalie in the series…he really has….

  59. Jimbo,

    Asking him to convert to pass crossed my mind, but I wouldn’t want even a trace of that filth infiltrating Ranger-dom..

  60. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I wonder what the ratings for NBC will be for this debacle..?

    it’s great for King’s fans , but blow outs usually blow away the viewers .

  61. heres one for flyer fans

    richards hands cup to carter to gagne to stevens to hextall

  62. Since my TV is on mute, could someone tell me why NBC keeps showing closeup of Marteeee?

  63. JimboWoodside on

    No way, Latona!! He would be lying anyway, if he was a debs fan – it wouldn’t be a *true* conversion – “sorry, kid – you’re going to hell!”

  64. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Since my TV is on mute, could someone tell me why NBC keeps showing closeup of Marteeee?

    Because they’ve adopted him as their new mascot – kinda like “The Michelin Man”…

  65. I dunno, onecup. I bet a LOT of Rangers fans are watching and will especially tune in for the final minutes.

  66. JimboWoodside on

    Zajak-ov is getting rung up tonight….these debs are a pretty dirty team, aren’t they? Lots of high-sticks and blood spilled by their actions..

  67. JimboWoodside on

    >>>hextall assistant gm to dean lormbardi

    Thanks, eric – didn’t know that – I didn’t think anybody would hire him as a goaltender coach… ;-D

  68. Quick is gonna get the hardware. You think nbc would sho the hit on zajac again.

    Happy for al michaels. Alyssa milano is still hot

  69. thats right justin williams ex flyer as well

    . i actually spoke with 3 flyer fans today who are rooting for devs not to see all the ex flyers win

  70. JimboWoodside on

    There goes the shutout!

    Goodyear is gonna try to sign Gionta so they can fill his nose up with helium and float it over the Super Bowl next season…

  71. Make-up calls really disgust me. It isn’t the job of the officials to keep the games close, it’s to call the penalties. Holy crap.

  72. the devils will put a scare into us. we are ranger fans watchin them lose wont be easy for us

  73. I don’t know if anyone realizes this, but pierre mcguire plays the pessimest role. Its on purpose.

  74. JimboWoodside on

    NBC probably sent word down to the refs that they want a big third period for NJ so that whatever fans (other than Ranger fans) are still watching will stick with the game..

  75. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Latona. the handshake is definitely worth watching but there’s always a tinge of envy when it isn’t the Rangers..

  76. CBC are hammering the agenda that Bernier and the Devils have been hard done by. They keep saying that it was a bang-bang play and are basically blaming Scuderi.

    Am I completely missing something, or did Bernier not take several strides from the blue line and have plenty of time to do something other than obliterate Scuderi?

  77. Alyssa Milano – she boinked her way through MLB – looks like she boinking through the NHL now.

  78. Jimbo – if Goodyear isn’t interested, maybe the Yankees could use Gionta’s schnozz as a roof over Yankee Stadium.

  79. DaveMaloneyMSG 4th line players have been a huge part of NJD playoff run and a 4th line player has been “the” story tonight in game 7 #nhlplayoffs

    Someone tell Dave Maloney it’s still Game 6….

  80. lw that because the media likes controversy and will try to create it even if its not there. they get better views with controversy.

  81. Was that suppsed to be a we want the cup chant from the crowd? Sounded terrible!

  82. I’m looking forward to the moment when the goalie gets to lift the giant cup above his head…and Brodeur then drinks all five gallons of the doughnut and bacon soup contained in that giant cup.

  83. Same feeling = whenever Quick or Lundqvist leave the net to play the puck…….stay in the net boys!

  84. Marty would have made a good ice resurfacer 75 years ago. He has the size and flop down to a science

  85. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo – if Goodyear isn’t interested, maybe the Yankees could use Gionta’s schnozz as a roof over Yankee Stadium.

    Great one, Papa Bear – yes, Yankees might be interested!

    Thank you, Mickey!

  86. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Same feeling = whenever Quick or Lundqvist leave the net to play the puck…….stay in the net boys!

    Exactly! Not good with the puck…

    Another Devs PP…

  87. Kovie was worth every penny of his $11m salary this series ….for us Ranger fans.

  88. Lot of hot tan blonde females in attendance…other then the one behind DD eboer

  89. “That Kings player should have tried a wraparound just for old times sake!”

    Frolov is still in the process of completing a wraparound he started in the 2006/07 season while he was a King.

  90. Look on the bright side thou for debbies – at least they had a plenty of time to prepare themselves for this loss in particular and SC in general.

  91. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Looking at pictures of the porn chick, she has a Marchand nose on her.

    Oy! Maybe she uses it in her work, somehow..?

  92. JimboWoodside on

    I’ve always had an intense dislike for all of the Sutter brothers – probably because a few of them were Fishsticks for a very long time..

  93. Instead of Bettman, they should make the Captain of the losing team present the Cup to the Captain of the winning team

  94. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Let’s hear about Stoll’s hit on Gionta again…

    Yes! Please! More! More!

  95. Congrats to the kings organization and the fans of LA. 45 years is a long time! Well deserved!

    J quick makes Umass proud!

  96. Jim Hughson just said that every player who has ever worn the Kings’ uniform gets a piece of this Cup win.


  97. JimboWoodside on

    L.A. waited a long time for this! 45 years! Despite the fact that they stole our Dodgers, congrats, LA fans…

  98. Congrats to the LA Kings and the dozen or so fans that waited 40+ long years for this.

    Stick Taps all around.

  99. “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

    “Enjoy New York, Zach.”

  100. JimboWoodside on

    American captain, American goalie – pretty good showing by USA – too bad it wasn’t a USA coach – (Torts)…

  101. Don’t they know in LA that this is Gary Bettman? Why aren’t they booing him?

    I miss the Voncouver crowd

  102. JimboWoodside on

    >>>with u jimbo this hurts we were 6 away. im sad as hell now but relieved not devils

    Absolutely, eric – and I just can’t help feeling that our guys would have found a way to make a better showing against these Kings, too. I’m sad, but thank you, God that you didn’t let the Debbies win again!

  103. That Sather look alike has the best freaking job in the world!

    He gets to travel all around the world with the Cup!

  104. JimboWoodside on

    Well, at least one team that started the season in europansy-land won the Cup!

  105. JimboWoodside on

    They said that the “Peggy” guy is really a teacher in California somewhere….

  106. Wow, kinda lame that they are not skating around the rink and passing it off. Crowd is quiet too

  107. Call me old fashioned but…..I miss the days when they skated it around the rink and passed it to each other as they were skating..nowadays too many spectators on the ice

  108. What a retrded way I skate with the cup! Take the whole team around the rink you morons! Stupid penguins did the same thing when they won

  109. funniest picture of all time. yes the warning. its nothing bad. Marrrrtyyyy at his um fattest

  110. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Call me old fashioned but…..I miss the days when they skated it around the rink and passed it to each other as they were skating..nowadays too many spectators on the ice

    As an admitted “old fart” I heartily agree!!

  111. Papa, i said the samething above. Plus what about the fans on the other side of the rink! They get jipped

  112. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    But also one of the kind of lamest post win celebrations??? Oh well. Good night sweet hockey season.

  113. chico

    u cant hardly judge this game after bernier penalty after non call on stoll. its a shame

  114. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Think Richards and Carter are thinking ‘screw you holmgren’ right about now?

    And in addition, they’ll probably send him a telegram saying, “whoever’s wife we banged wasn’t even worth it!”

  115. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I give the Kings a 6.0 out of 10 for the on ice celebration .

    They didn’t skate the cup around the rink to the fans like the Messier and co. did.

    Sucks for the fans ..

    and the fans get a 6.5 /10.. typical laid back LA

  116. JimboWoodside on


    u cant hardly judge this game after bernier penalty after non call on stoll. its a shame

    Are you serious, eric? Did he say that!?

  117. What a lame celebration. Skate in a half circle with Cup while teammates stand in a line at center ice.

    Quick greater than henrik.

    Sadly, itll take a miracle for us to get to experience this one day. It takes everything to go right…

  118. “The Jackets fans are probably more pissed aboot Carter hoisting the Cup than Flyers fans.”

    You need some Flyers fan friends; they’re hating seeing Dry Island West take the Cup. For example … “I’m hoping Carter or Richards drive their car off a cliff after about 23 Coors Lights tonight” and “$100 for Carter to raise the Cup, fall backwards, crack his head on the ice, and go into a coma”.

  119. Do they even know the name of the cup their team just won?

    Totally lame celebration

    My overall score is 4 out of 10

  120. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    lets see what FA sather seeks from the kings.. remember gomez and drury etc.

  121. JimboWoodside on

    Whine, whine whine……Stoll should have been penalized – then the Bernier play wouldn’t have happened…

    Man up, you NJ weasels…

  122. jpg's sister on

    maybe the fans aren’t so loud because LA is a layed back city?

    Was strange they didn’t skate all around the ice.

    BUT I don’t care, I’m just glad Devils lost.

  123. Good for Quick, a Rangers and Richter fan. They both could teach henrik a thing or two about winning.

  124. Watched none of this but am beyond happy to learn Martin Brodeur brought his A-game tonight

    Rot in hell, Chico Resch.

  125. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Listening to Daneyko and Chico completes my night!

    Hahaha!!! They said the linesman “picked” Volchenkov! As if he meant to do that and get all split up and bloody…

  126. jpg's sister on

    jimbo, I think 6-1 is beating them pretty handily. should have been penalized does it really matter.

  127. “At least Carter loved playing for Philly.”

    He liked playing with Richards. One of my favorite quotes ever was “Mike likes Jeff, but Jeff loves Mike”.

  128. jpg's sister on

    just showed Al “Do you believe in Miracles? 1980 USA USA winning team Michaels and his family in the stands celebrating

  129. chico

    even if your the kings u cant feel good about this game well u can u won the cup but still

    he just said this

  130. JimboWoodside on

    Chico is such a butthole! I can’t believe how much of an idiot homer he is! Incredible!!

  131. JimboWoodside on

    >>>even if your the kings u cant feel good about this game well u can u won the cup but still

    >>>he just said this

    I just heard it with my own 2 ears, eric – and I still don’t believe it!! ;-D

  132. JimboWoodside on

    C3, he really didn’t skate with it – he hoisted it, kissed it, and then was looking for someone to hand it to…

  133. Jimbo, I agree. What is this, a southern California celebration? There are more cell phone flashes than cheers. Geez.

    THey didn’t even BOO Bettman well.

    Second rate, low class, bush league celebration.

  134. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Here come the excuses!

    Oh, yeah!! And Parise was playing on a broken ankle, Kovalchuk has a broken back, Zajerk’s onions fell off, and DaBore got attacked by a partisan poison ivy bush that made him look like a speckled bastid…

  135. so what phony controversy is Chico Resch blaming this absolute seal clubbing on?

    if his answer is anything but “Martin Brodeur is the most overrated goalie in NHL history,” I’ll laugh my ass off.

  136. DeBoer moved his lower lip more than he did talk. First class, for sure. Gee, Daneyko, what a great guy he is. Bernier did not board Scuderi. Right, Chico?

    No blood, did not hit from behind, right Chico? Bernier did not leave his feet. He was just finishing his check, that’s all………….

  137. JimboWoodside on

    “Finishing his check!?” Really, Daneyko!? He skated in from center ice at full speed to nail Scuderi!!

    These guys are delusional!

  138. In Daneyko’s defense, he’s probably been drunk since early April if not earlier.

  139. Chico’s whining and making excuses? So, it’s a regular day of the week.

    The Kings celebration was kinda lame, but oh well, the won it and now Dry Island West will make Patrick Kane’s celebration looks lame.

  140. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    and another team that started the season in Europe wins the cup. This is not a conspiracy any longer.

  141. JimboWoodside on

    >>>In Daneyko’s defense, he’s probably been drunk since early April if not earlier.

    Hahaha!!!! I wonder if he EVER is sober..?

  142. So, Berniere is not repenting. He finished his hit. “I will always finish my hits”.

    Daneyko…”it would have been impossible for him to pull up”. “scuderi turned back into the play.” “The REF WAS WRONG!”

    Hahahaha……Are you kidding me??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  143. JimboWoodside on

    They sound like they’re *firmly* in denial, C3 – Ooooh! PA-REE-ZAY is up next – I wonder if he’ll say “Let’s Go Rangers!!”

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Resch and Danyeko really believe what they are saying, then I love the fact that they are burning up inside even more…

  145. you’re going to be waiting a long time if you’re expecting honesty and/or insight from Ken Daneyko and Chico Resch.

  146. Very classy postgame by Deboer. Didnt try to steal the Kings’ moment. Had a major gripe but didnt whine. Props to him.

  147. “Matty”AwesomeYearBoys!!!”Boy June 11th, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Brodeur, “we made it easy on Quick, we got very few shots in close”.

    From the man who made a career being the recipient of a defense that pushed EVERYTHING outside, gee, thanks.”

    Put Martin Brodeur on the Rangers in the late 90s/early 2000s and instead of being a “first ballot hall of famer” he’d have been a career mediocrity who’d have retired 5 years ago.

  148. Disappointing as it was to see the Rangers not win, it is actually not bad to see LA get the Cup. Anyone remember the HBO broadcasts of the Kings with Stu Nahan as one of the announcers in the 70’s from the Fabulous Forum? I seem to recall them giving the Bruins a run for their money in one series. Can’t forget former Kings owner Jack Kent Cooke’s quote that Canadiens moved to California because they hated hockey (lol).

    Also remember one brawl the Rangers had with them in the playoffs. Only things missing tonight were the yellow uniforms. Hopefully this gives the sport another needed shot in the arm on the West Coast and that they don’t mess up the good will with a lockout. Congrats LA!!

  149. JimboWoodside on

    >>>From the man who made a career being the recipient of a defense that pushed EVERYTHING outside, gee, thanks.

    Truer words were never spoken, Matty!

  150. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Orr when you have money its easy to pop out kids

  151. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Disappointing as it was to see the Rangers not win, it is actually not bad to see LA get the Cup.

    Kings have had some pretty good teams over the years. The one 1967 expansion team that was the best one was the St. Louis Blues – they were consistently the best team of the expansion teams in those years. After the Rangers win the next few cups, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Blues win one soon!

  152. Paul in sunrise on

    Kings traded Schenn simmonds Johnson and two picks (1 first). That’s off the top of my head. Would rangers fans be okay with trading the ranger equivalents to raise a cup? Carter and Richards were worth all they gave up because they won.

  153. Parise doesn’t forget that Lamoreillo made him first go to arbitration and then play out his option after they gave a selfish player like Kovie $100m….He is not going back to the Devils.

  154. I dining know what to watch!!! Devils post game or NBC!! So many clowns at the same time! {head explodes!!}

  155. Paul, good point. THey did trade all that and got a few players back. I do worry about trading a few regulars and a 1 for one guy…. Nash.

    Does he tip the scales like Richards and Carter did? Dunno. He is awful good and could evolve to be great if he was shoe horned out of hell.

  156. Hey guys, I’m back! Got a bunch of super insider news, but I’ve gotta wait a bit longer before leaking it. I’m thinking July 1st. Later in the afternoon. Stay tuned, outsiders!

  157. Yes Jimbo, remember when the Blues finished first for the first few years of the Western Conference. Doug Harvey, Glenn Hall and Jacques Plante, all HOF’s past their prime along with former Ranger Red Berenson and the Plagers. Yeah, after we win a few why not see them win one.

  158. Paul in Sunrise <<<<Kings traded Schenn simmonds Johnson and two picks (1 first). That’s off the top of my head. Would rangers fans be okay with trading the ranger equivalents to raise a cup? Carter and Richards were worth all they gave up because they won.

    Great question.

  159. JimboWoodside on

    You got it, joetex! Lots of former Rangers and lots of future Hall-of-Famers on those early Blues teams – and I think that the St. Louis fans have supported their team well over the years. I wouldn’t mind seeing them celebrate a cup win.

    After the Rangers win a couple in the next few years, that is… ;-D

  160. Where is the Devil’s post-game being broadcast from..a junior high cafeteria?? I mean c’mon with that minor league television set.

  161. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Daneyko probably gets paid for this. Does Chico really get paid???

    Free food from the Food Court at The pebble, Matty!!

  162. nice penalty by Bernier.. classic .

    who do I dislike more on the devils; marty, bernier, zubrus, or elias.

    they got smoked…..

    i am sure kovy is hurt, he had no speed….

  163. stuart a:

    as far as Kovalchuk, his total lack of heart probably has something to do with it

  164. lombardi got lucky. the richards trade stunk..
    they found lightning in a bottle. they are 1 and done. and there minors are bereft of talent…..

  165. JimboWoodside on

    Yes Carp – Kathryn Tappen!!

    “Where have all the devtrolls gone, long time passing”…..

  166. Tiki, we talked about that earlier. Sather stood pat. It was one way to go. Could he really have thought we were deep enough to go all the way without moves (then again,he did get Wellman and Scott)? Or, were the other GM’s asking for too much? Or, did he not want to break up his core?

    The lack of depth killed us. Whether our bet players didn’t play as well as they needed to, or our lack of depth killed us, or we didn’t have enough skill players, it is semantics. We lost.

    Let’s hope next year we find it was the right move to stay pat. I am not too sure how or why, but maybe the old man has more wisdom than, at least I, give him credit for.

    He does know gardening!

  167. Staal in Skidsburgh is a free agent, do we go after him? He ahs brothers that play hockey too.

  168. Yes, more brilliance. Kovalchuk still hasn’t won a cup.
    Because if you don’t do that (nevermind his career isn’t done yet), you are awful. Like Rod Gilbert, who never lifted Cup.

    He wasn’t a tremendous player.

    What Kovalchuk DID was play a major role in eliminating the NYR, then finished the playoffs with 19 points. Kopitar led all with 20.

    Final words, been saving this one for the likes of CCCP and friends.

    “RR worst internet blog”. That’s from a Ranger official. Someone wh works for your team!

    Enjoy your summer dirtbags.

  169. Matty, possiblyit was the right move to stand pat, for the future. maybe other GMs were asking too much of us. who knows, but one things for sure, we didnt have the talent or depth to sustain our style play thru the entire season and playoffs and win the Cup

  170. jordan staal would fit in perfectly with the rangers. good on faceoffs, big, well rounded game.

    he would definitely make the rangers a even better team… and he does not need to be a 1st liner…

  171. It’s true, Tiki, but it was a milestone year. This team turned the corner. We will be better next year. And we have a GREAT core of hard working guys that have skill. I look forward to next year already.

  172. Staal’s on the wrong end of the Skid’s long term deal. Skidsburgh won’t be able to sign him. Rangers should go after him. Plus he’s got brothers that play hockey and his parents own a sod farm in the great white north.

  173. I bet right now, had the Predators stood pat, Nashville fans would be whining about how they could have won if only they’d given up a 1st and two 2nds in deadline deals.

  174. Rod

    You have said goodbye way too many times…just stay the fugg away from here. Nobody gives a crap about you here. You are the worst troll ever! That’s from everyone on RR Blog.

  175. Want to know the best Rangers blog according to Rangers officials? Ha. I know but I’m not telling you. If a Rangers official comes out and tells you which one it is, I’ll let you know that I knew, but that’s it. Not giving word until word is given. Because I’m an insider and insiders keep it inside. Enjoy enjoying things, unknowingthingsers!

  176. With some evil glee I’m watching MSG+(debbies channel).Could it be that this Ken “Tree Stump” Daneyko is drunk? Is he a Barbie boyfriend or just dumb?

  177. nah, you don’t need four lines to win. you need two decent lines, one mediocre line and one line of absolute humps who do nothing but waste 6 minutes of time per game. the people here told me that.

  178. “Mister D, good point.”

    Thing is, its not a good point, its the most simple concept in the world. Whiners will always whine that the alternate course would have been the better course. To point out that having 8 teams as buyers at the deadline means that 7 of them will end up as failed buyers is the dumbest, most obvious thing I’ve said all day. And probably will still be at 1:00 AM.

  179. Paul in sunrise on

    Dustin Penner. Answers question that he is “sure San Jose will be interested” in him. Penner won cups with ducks and kings of course. That’s pretty funny.

  180. Daneyko saying Salvador will fetch good money and will be gone. Devils can’t afford him. Must go after Parise.

    Say they will sign Gionta, Berniere, Says they could even be third liners in time. Makes them as good as Dubie!!!

  181. JimboWoodside on

    Cangelosi just said it all – seeing Henrique sending the Rangers home was their highlight of the year…

    Maybe that’s why they didn’t win the Cup – and lost the first 3 games of the Kings series like they had shot their wad already..

  182. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Papa, apparently a Devils player is.

    an *ex* Devils player, ORR – Leach? Who is he? I don’t remember him…

  183. JimboWoodside on

    Rod, you’ve consistently insulted and belittled my bonehead buddies here, and you’ve denigrated Carp, despite his giving us this forum to blow off steam – how am I supposed to act?

    Yes, we had some good discussions – but not when you were insulting everyone and name-calling. When we were talking Rangers/NHL, I had no problem with you.

  184. JimboWoodside on

    See? “Vermin”!? Is that any way to address anyone that you want to communicate with? Even if you totally disagree with them, that’s no way to communicate.

  185. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I guess they still have the Debbies for a while. I am sure all of Newark is so upset about this loss.

    90% of Newark never heard of the Devils – or hockey, probably..

  186. JimboWoodside on

    I went past the Barclay’s Center last night – gonna be interesting to see a pro sports team playing in Brooklyn again, if you can call the Nets and basketball a pro team and sport.

    Fishsticks will play a few pre-season games there – that should be interesting.

  187. Czechthemout!!! on

    ” future Ranger ” Zach Parise didn’t look like an 8 million per year player in these playoffs did he?

    80-100 million 10-12 year cintract? OH HELL NO!!!

  188. Insider Info Alert: Rod said Kovalchuk is damn near crippled but his sources can only go so far. What did mine tell me? Kovalchuk *is* crippled. And has been since Game 3 against Philadelphia. Outsiders didn’t realize this as he kept skating and playing hockey and doing things that would typically indicate that he isn’t crippled, but he is and insiders like me knew this. Since Game 2 against Philadelphia. Literally crippled. And now you know too. You’re welcome, outsiders.

  189. JimboWoodside on

    ORR, I’m not a “tweeter” – who said that crap about children dying young? Was it the Ranger fan or Puck Daddy?

  190. “How embarrassing…”

    Not really, unless we get to use the universal transitive as well which means that Wysh is lining up his sister in law this very moment.

  191. JimboWoodside on

    Parise didn’t look like a superstar in this series, nor in the NYR series – a few empty-net goals, but other than those, Henrique looked like their best player, not Zach..

  192. JimboWoodside on

    Nice Godfather 1 reference there, Rod – but sticking up for friends who are being insulted *is* being a man, isn’t it?

  193. None of the Devs looked good, except Fatty Mcgee, for most of the series.

    There’s not a GM in the league that’s going to look at his overall performance in the playoffs, and decide he’s not worth signing.

  194. JimboWoodside on

    >>>It’s some pathetic Rangers fan hoping Puck Daddy’s kids die young.

    that’s friggin’ horrible – I’m embarrassed that a Ranger fan would say such garbage to anyone, regardless of who they are a fan of.

  195. JimboWoodside on

    He sure seems to be, Papa – and where in hell did he come from? Gotta hand it to Elmer Fudd – he finds lots of good players out there that nobody else thinks are any good..

    Too many elbows to the heads of Daneyko and Rod makes further dialog irrelevant.
    Special congratulations to ORR – he earned and deserved it.
    Buenos noches and good night to all Rangers faithful.

  197. We like to talk about our sacred core but other teams have theirs and the Kings showed uncle Glennie how you take the core and enhance it, don’t stand pat. Once you have the core it’s ok to trade assets and get the key pieces to put you over the top.

    If we would have made the types of trades that brought Richards and Carter to LA people on this board would have gone absolutely bonkers. Good young talent to Philly, and taking bad guys with big contracts. A winning team has a cast of characters and there’s always a 10 foot pole or two. You have to take a chance when you’re close and prioritize talent.

    And you know what? If Philly’s guys also do well in the future good for them. Good for Chicago that Amonte was good. We got what we were after. But the prevailing view here seems to be that you can only trade rejects, that if you are willing to trade someone that means you’ve “given up” on them.

    What many don’t realize is that other than Kreider and McD these guys we prize so much are seen as average around the league. They would laugh at the offers for Nash that have been thrown around here.

    Pay attention to what the Kings did. I’m sure the Flyers, Bruins, Sharks, and Leafs have, and one of them will get Nash because they put a real offer out there.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Glennie is also paying attention. And he’s not going to worry about Radulov’s rep or trading assets for Nash. Torts knows what we need, Glen needs to go out and get it and for real, not with insulting offers.

  198. Players should stop tweeting……… King Henrik says “It’s tough to lose and to watch someone else lift the ultimate prize.. But it also gives me inspiration to work harder. Congrats LA Kings” —

    He needs the Kings to inspire him to work harder? How bout you work your hardest all the time… Players should really stop tweeting…nothing good comes of it.

  199. “CASSANDRA” ROD is not advised to quit his daytime job (if any), as well as not to be besmeared by touching the worst rated (by Unknown Federation Version) site.
    Going out – GO!

  200. Paul in sunrise on

    Lupul tweets

    @JLupul: Guess Richards and Carter are good enough to get the job done after all. Really happy for those guys.. Sorry Philly

  201. Now Rod, with all honesty, your posts here, of course, sucks, but otherwise everything is OK.
    But what are you’re still doing here, among infidels? Hope, to never see you here again, troll.

  202. and who does nhl live have hosting the show today after the LA Kings win? who else but 2 Debbie fans, deb placey and Ken daneyko

    this why fans get upset with the league

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