Devils-Kings Game 5 in review



1) I thought some of the Kings took some shortcuts they hadn’t been taking, and dodging hits they’d been absorbing, in Game 5. And Captain America Dustin Brown stunk in Game 5, including that lazy penalty.

2) Milk Carton Clarkson sure scores a lot of goals, or is responsible for a lot of goals, without necessarily shooting pucks.

3) Somebody call Elias Sports Bureau and find out the record for posts hit by one team in a final series.

4) Nice Bryzgalov by Conn Smythe Quick, but that was some serious hustle and hands by Future Ranger Zach Parise.

5) Did Future Ranger play his final home game as a Devil? Or will there be a Game 7?

6) That stat, that since the 1940s or whatever, no team has ever forced Game 6 after trailing 3-0, that just means in the finals. Because it has happened in other series many times. I don’t get how people differentiate a best-of-seven in the third round from a best-of-seven in the fourth round statistically.

7) I don’t mind having at least one more hockey game to watch. Not one bit. But man am I glad — thrilled, ecstatic — that I’m not one of those poor media saps who have to schlep back across the continent today, then schlep back, maybe for another game in beautiful downtown Newark. On this day in 1994, I was freakin’ at wits end making that needless trip back to Vancouver.

8) Mike Richards is so dangerous short-handed. But how about that play by Marek Zidlicky to separate Richards from the puck in open ice in the high slot?

9) Can’t NBC A) turn down the volume on the arena noise when it hits that ridiculously deafening level in Newark?; B) stop using that corner ice-level camera and then making us dizzy trying to find the puck when they so quickly spin back to the center-ice camera?; C) Stop the closeups immediately after every whistle that make us miss other stuff happening on the ice (like Clarkson and Willie Mitchell mixing it up, or Martin Brodeur and the officials searching for a puck that hit the crossbar and went into the crowd)?

10) This never ceases to amaze me: That so many people who cover or did cover the Devils on TV and radio mispronounce Brodeur. It’s Bro-der. The way Eddie Olczyk and Ken Daneyko say it. Not Bro-door. Not Bro-dure. For cripes sakes, the guy’s going straight to the Hall of Fame and people who covered so much of his career can’t say his name correctly?

AP photo, above.


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  1. I thought for sure that if the Devils won this game that I would think they were pretty much back in the series- I’m the one who saw this as a potential “opening” for them to get in the Kings’ heads- the truth is, that if the Kings come with the same game on Monday as they played in game 5, I’m pretty sure the hockey season will come to a close. This was the first time in this series that the Kings looked like the team I saw earlier in the playoffs- I thought they dominated this game with their speed. Devils did very little- except score two goals (one if you don’t count “own goals”). I figure the cross country flight will slow the Devils even more and if they encounter turbulence the horseshoe just might fall out of Marty’s butt.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    First game that I’ve watched more than 10 minutes of, since our boys lost of course.
    Thanks for the write-up Carp.

    Holy Byfuglien Carcillo, #9 is so true. It sounds like “Pee-air” screams white noise into his mic a lot of times its that garbled by the background nonsense.

    #10, i never knew which was the proper way to say it. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. Morning all

    Fear not, the kings will come through on home ice monday ! Anyone read the article in the post by brooksie? Its lame.

  4. A couple of thoughts about your “thoughts” (I also want to preface that I am a Rangers fan who IS rooting for the Devils to win):

    #2. Who cares if he shoots it in or if it bounces off his shoulder? If we recall, Adam Graves 50 goal season was credited to driving to the net and getting “dirty” goals. Some off his body, some chip in, some actual shots. Are we to discredit Clarkson for being at the right place at the right time? If you aren’t a fan of the guy, it’s one thing, but give credit where credit is due. Players like him not only help teams, but make the game more interesting based on their style of play. And there are a lot of chippy players like him who score a lot of “dirty” goals. At the end of the day, it’s a goal.


    #9. I agree with everything you have been saying about NBC throughout the year/playoffs. They are terrible with hockey coverage. As a Rangers fan and I’m sure Devils fans will agree, it would be nice if the NBC coverage was blocked out and MSG had local distribution.

  5. Thanks, Carp. I’ll bet in 1994, boarding the plane back to Vancouver, you were younger, wet behind the ears, and were intrigued a bit more than this time around. After all it was the whole 54 year thing. Prust saying.

    #8: The play by Zidlicky should be reviewed by coaches around the league. It was a world class effort and perfect defensive play. If nothing else, it had to give his team a bunch of confidence at a time they could have faltered. A HUGE PLay!

    Arguably, it is at this late point of the PO that the roster moves that the great Lou made towards season’s end are showing their full force. I recognize that ‘standing pat’ was one way to go for us. And, Sather had no idea, ‘what we had’. However, given the moves that Lou and LA made to increase their overall depth combined with the fact that they both ended up in the SCF coupled with the fact that we fizzled out because of our lack of depth, shows us all who the great GM’s are and in the inimitable words of Charlie Brown, that we “got a rock”.

    The addition of Wellman and Scott were akin to throwing water on your team’s deep playoff hopes when our team probably needed just a few players. Imagine had our flower hungry GM gone after a defenseman and a center that could win face offs where we would be. Wellman and Scott?


    I have zero confidence in this buffoon. And I sit admiringly jealous of great GM’s like Lou and Lombardi.

  6. And call it what you want, but once again, Bro-Door, Bro-Deer, Bro-Doer, or whatever the heck you call him, made the BIG saves at the RIGHT time. Personally, I have never respected him more because his positional play and luck has been spot on when his team needed him most.
    Further his puck handling ability, while not like it was a decade ago is very helpful to his team.

    Let his clutch play be a lesson to other goalies both competing against him in this series and others that are in their Maserati’s in Sweden. This is what it takes to win at a high level, including the four-leaf clover luck.

    Is he Irish?

  7. That’s good because Tennis is a Europansy sport and this one is in an especially Europansy country on an especially Europansy surface (clay).

  8. Richie is probably watching it, if he’s not playing golf, betting on a horse, ticked off at boxing … or fishing with Stepan. Guy doesn’t care.

  9. Bobby, did I say anywhere there that it’s a bad thing for Milk Carton Clarkson to help his team score dirty goals?

    Good morning, Sally!

  10. Looking forward to Richie’s tweets today, cant wait to hear how wonderful his golf game is. Maybe he took up surfing or bird watching, would love to hear about that as well.

    I’m sure the tweets will enable us to experience his life vicariously and it will help us deal with the dread we’re feeling that the devils may just pull this off.

    Also looking forward to his tweet if the devils do pull it off, I’m sure it will be something like he’s not going to let it ruin his summer.

  11. Carp surpsised you’re jumping on the mischaracterizng frat boy bandwagon. No one suggesting he doesn’t care. You can care and still have a pee brain for judgment.

  12. and I joke because I think it’s ridiculous for it to matter what his twitter topic might be once his season is over.

  13. Somehow I just don’t see as good judgment or leadership to be tweeting about golf after you just got owned by your team’s arch rivals who are now playing for the cup, while you (presumably) know your fans are sitting there in dread of this. Trying to picture Messier do this and I just can’t.

  14. The Brodoor thing always gets me too. But the worst Carp is Mary-Anno. Hello, not only one of the greatest pitchers, role models, and humanitarians of our time, but also playing for the most successful and recognizable american sports franchise. Unlike the devils and their 2 fans (chico and doc emrick)

  15. No, I can’t picture Messier tweeting either.

    It just makes no sense to me that a guy should put his life on hold because his season’s over.

    and Newbear, what the hell is your problem? I don’t understand a word of your rant on the previous thread. No idea.

  16. Its a different time in the world, Matteau. World is different, people are different, technology is different. The purpose of twitter for the famous is to interact w their fans. Im sure he didnt like losing to the devils, but he still wants to communicate w his fans.

  17. And these athletes, they have other interests in life. Some athletes live breathe and die with their job, but most have the ability to live comfortably, and wanna live comfortably in their offseason. Watch, play golf. Enjoy themselves. They dont live and die with winning and losing like some fans (particularly me)

  18. I for one am shocked that Richards isn’t attending all these events in person. I guess $60M doesn’t get you what it used to.

  19. What is up with Brooks’ Devils Half Way to History. How about 3/4 way to defeat.

  20. She’s a terrible flyer Tiki, I’m not leaving the tri-state area for another 5 years at this rate.

  21. People also mispronounce Cookie Monster’s name all the time … but he just keeps on eating.

  22. Lol, cant fault her for that, im a terrible flyer too. Havent seen u around much, thought about u in the past couple months, hope the baby is 100% healthy and happy. U must have really enjoyed Johans no hitter, it was awesome, i just hope it didnt ruin him.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    In a world of Hockey Rodent’s and SpiderPigs, Messier + RedStripe + Gary Coleman still reigns supreme.

  24. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    you are my hero!

    Isn’t redstripe the made by guinness from jamaica??

    Would anyone consider taking a shot at latendresse from minnesota if he becomes a free agent? He is injured a lot, but a big body and plays hard…potential (key word potential) 30 goal guy on the cheap.

  25. Latendresse just missed over half a season with a concussion I think, Wicky, and not even sure he’s been cleared to play, so a risk whatever.

    I’ll credit Brow-deer with playing much better now than in any previous series, but was it the WRONG time to make BIG saves in the first three games of the series? Will it be the WRONG time if his team loses in six?

  26. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    yes, he gets injured a lot, but one of those “potential”…”if healthy”…one year deal type things that could work out, or could suck.

  27. True, Wicky. Just that long-term concussion history (your favourite subject, I know) is a bit more of a red flag than just being “injured a lot”.

  28. Another thing that irks me is how some reporters pronounce Kopitar’s first name: Anže.

    It’s NOT “ON-ZAY”

    It’s ON-JAY!!!

  29. “If the front office isn’t confident Stepan — who was never quite consistent enough throughout his sophomore year in a top-six role and whose play deteriorated as the playoffs evolved — or Anisimov — who spent nearly all season on the wing anyway, and whose play was erratic throughout — can provide meaningful production as the second-line pivot, then the search for help might be better retrained down the middle.”

    That is such crap. Without Stepan, we lose in the first round to Ottawa.

  30. How sad that Giussepi Rossi is watching this Italy-Spain match while stting at home, injured …
    I feel so bad for him (COUGH, COUGH).

    In this world, there are clowns … and then there are clowns who are American-born and grow up in New Jersey and instead of becoming the best American player to ever step on the field, decides to play for Italy because his parents are Italian …

    … and so far has yet to play a World Cup or an Euro.


  31. Team Canada’s all-time leading goal-scorer – 42 (as of 2010 Winter Olympics)
    Team Canada’s all-time leading point-scorer – 69 (as of 2010 Winter Olympics)

  32. bring in getzlaf or staal in heartbeat. staal wont be traded here from pens. i doubt either will happen but getzlaf is more realistic then staal. either unlikely

  33. “Should the Rangers sign impending Wisconsin free-agent defenseman Justin Schultz (and no one is suggesting they are front-runners, much less a lock), that’s the day Michael Del Zotto eminently would become more of a trade chip.”

    Schultz = @CHEMISTRY@ Del Z lacks @CHEMISTRY@

  34. The only chemistry lesson u 2 losers need is that Henrik has no chemistry w the Stanley Cup while Marty Brodeur does….

    Not u, Manny.

  35. NYR, I started calling him Milk Carton because he was missing in the first three games. Could have called a lot of guys that, I guess.

    Good Ufternun, Solly!

  36. Hey, its the, by all accounts, meek, meager, shy, Englander that hides behind his keyboard like an internet tough guy. Feel better tough guy?

  37. I haven’t seen that episode either. Where do we get the Puerto Rican Day Parade episode?

    I didn’t know it was Puerto Rican pride day. I will have to wake up Mrs. Manny and have her celebrate her heritage…

  38. I dont have time to sit around for a weak, sarcastic, bitter response from the meager, shy Englander. So ill just say this, i ignore 99% of your posts, because your sarcasm is meant to hide your low self esteem. And i dont blame u for that low self esteem, u have to look in the mirror every day. Meak, meager, shy, bitter, sarcastic, sounds like a real winner….

  39. Johnny LaRue on

    I’ve seen it a few times. Dumbest thing ever that they stopped showing it.

  40. Er, what am I supposed to have been pretending to be be tough about?

    I hope my weak, meak (sic), bitter, -New Englander- English low self esteem can one day recover from this devastating news.

  41. Seriously though, I promise to stop having these unprovoked aggressive outbursts that I am famous for, the dirtbag internet tough guy that I am.

  42. One of my favourite memories from trips to the US (while holding a keyboard in front of my hideous face) was a conversation with an American who, after discovering I was from England, asked me where I learned to speak English.

  43. I love the way Peirre “talking foreskin” McGuire pronounces Anisimov’s first name… He calls him “R-TEAM”

  44. Gotta love this…people who are in love with baseball (one the most boring and slowest games in the entire world) call football (soccer) slow and boring.

  45. Oh, Brooks, you is so silly.

    However, imagine if, cap and asset wise, the Rangers could afford to trade for Getzlaf and sign Parise?

    Top two line:

    Kreider/Parise Richard Gaborik

    Kreider/Parise Getzlaf Callahan

    Hags Boyle UFA/Youth (Switch Hags to the right put Prust on the LW?)

    Prust/UFA/Youth Rupp UFA/Youth/Fedotenko

    That would be pretty cool. Unfortunately they can only attempt one big contract via trade or free agency. That’s why Parise is the most attractive–gives the Rangers more depth to play with since the Rangers don’t lose players. Although somebody or bodies will have to be Whaled or traded to make cap space. Still…

  46. The half dead crowd which wakes up only to sing about their love for peanuts and caramelized popcorn during seventh inning stretch while drug-filled players stand around, spit around and scratch their nuts for most of the game? What a spectacle!

  47. I don’t know… there’s only one sport you’d have to kidnap my kids to get me to watch and it involves a big round ball and is played on hardwood. Yawn! Didn’t care for it even WHEN they played by the rules. Also don’t know how you can love hockey and stop watching when your team is eliminated from the playoffs… but I’m sure my wife would love to see me give it a try.

  48. Am I wrong, CC? I thought Soccer fans are constantly singing, and making noise? Impossible to sleep through that.

    I was dragged to a Mets game a while back. Watched the first period, ate a gross hot dog during the second period, then went to sleep for the rest of the game. Pretty peaceful. Though I guess Mets fans don’t have much to cheer aboot, which is why it was silent.

  49. Yes, ORR…football fans are pretty loud throoughout the match and sing for the the love of the sport and not for the love of the snacks ;)

  50. KatieStrangESPN #NJDLAK Kopitar on Brodeur: “He’s not one of the best goaltenders in the league for no reason. We have to find a way to beat him.”

    that quote should be cut off after the word “league”.

  51. Carp – no you didn’t, my fault. I read it as if to disparage Clarkson. Egg on my face!

  52. wings trade brad stuart rights to sharks for andrew murray and cond 7th round pick in 2014 should stuart(ufa) sign with sharks.

    he was prob going to sign with sharks anyway because of his family on west coast. at least wings get something in return

  53. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Vibin’ re boreball..err baseball vs the footy

    NO to parise (please)!!!

  54. Suddenly a bunny in a tank appeared
    ……( ‘_’)
    …./””””””””””””\======¦ ¦¦¦¦D

    i hope this works…lol

  55. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Miami I was thinking the same thing as you with the whole Rossi thing. Talk about Karma!

  56. Carp,
    “…my post for tomorrow, ‘cause I got nothin’.”
    I would make very interesting topic out of “newbear” June 10th, 2012 at 2:18 am diatribe.
    Somehow it was passed unnoticed and unpunished, but as pathetic as it was, it touched the very core values and rights of RR existence and could potentially generate a very intense and healthy discussion IMO.

  57. CCCP,
    There is not such a thing as an ugly woman; it is just happened to be lack of vodka, right?

  58. “The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.” George Bernard Shaw

  59. cccp

    You’ve got to check out the movie cd ” The Comrades of Summer” great movie and true story.

    As for Maaarty’s name, if you want to say it in English or German, it’s MarTin, but if you want to go au Francais, then say Mar (then squeeze your nose and say, Tan )….it’s fun.

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