The Winners (and, I guess, there must also be losers, right?)


So the good news is there are plenty of, ahem, non-winners to keep each other company.

After a long, long, long (unnecessarily long) delay, our calculations have declared Len the winner of our second-round predictions contest. Len was the only one of you knuckleheads able to predict all four series correctly. A whole lot of you guys and gals came in with three of four.

So, Mr. Perfect, Len, please e-mail me with your mailing address so I can send you your prize (

And, to the winners of our first-round predictions contest (and Sally), apologies for not having been able to get my aasen over to the post office to send out those prizes yet. I promise I will. Soon.

Just so youse know, the producers of the NHL video “Road To Victory: The ’94 New York Rangers Story” donated a stack of DVDs to be used as prizes. It’s a really well-done video with new interviews of all the main characters. Very cool. So, special thanks for the donation … and those of you who didn’t win, I suggest you think about getting the video anyway. It’s worth it.

Some of those DVDs will be going to Sally’s Third Sometimes-Annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest winners, as well.

Those became official yesterday: 1) Nasty in a landslide; 2) EmmaLee; and 3) Nicholas. But, according to the great Sally, the official winner Nasty has declared that Tony from AZ is the winner. So atta boy, Tony! And nice going, Nasty! The winners should e-mail their mailing addresses to Sally at

Congratulations to all the winners. Also, congratulations to all you losers. You’re in good company.

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  1. guten morgen y’all. sun burned and exhausted but a nice 4 hour uphill bike ride was worth it!

  2. Im assuming Carp will fix the misspelling of “Len.” Looking forward to the prize.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congratulation to the winner!
    Atta boy, Nasty! Tony will love it. I remember when he was still in NY, just a couple of days after his stroke, he wouldn’t let the nurses shave his beard, telling them:”This is for Sally!” They asked me:”Who’s Sally? His wife’s name is Rose” I told them:”Long story, just don’t shave it” He is making good progress now.

  4. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning peeps,

    Congrats to the winners. Classy move by the nasty man. I think im going to purchase the DVD next week. Cant ever get enough of 94!

  5. Lev, thanks for the link. Plenty of interesting comments on that Pred blog. I wonder how interested the Rangers are in Rad? And what about his knee injury?

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “ONE incident”


    Which ONE incident do you refer to?

    Partying with the substance abusing Kostitsyn, breaking team curfew, disrespecting his teammates;

    or the ONE where

    He fled the NHL for 2.5 years and only returned to “fulfill” his one year contractual obligation with 9 reg season games, 8 playoff games, and a boatload of abused trust that Nashville management put into him?

    Which ONE of these tiny incidents do you refer to, Len?

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    His days in the NHL are numbered with this dog and pony show.

    He’s nearly “damaged-like-Sean-Avery-goods” in the eyes of most or ALL GM’s.

  8. You know true i can break the ONE incident of me going to bathroom into an incident of me taking a carcillo an incident of me brushing my teeth and an incident of me taking a shower…

    Zherdev > Radulov, right? Better yet, Frolov > Radulov, right?

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B June 9th, 2012 at 9:01 am

    His days in the NHL are numbered with this dog and pony show.

    He’s nearly “damaged-like-Sean-Avery-goods” in the eyes of most or ALL GM’s.


  10. Heave, I wasnt aware of Radulov’s knee injury. no doubt if the rangers are interest they’ll look into that.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who mentioned Frolov > Radulov? Glass houses. Stones. Reading Comprehension?

    You continue to amuse me, Lev. I don’t know why I keep reading, it’s like watching a train-wreck, can’t seem to look away. The only difference is that this version ends with a hearty chuckle.

    Sincerest thanks for that, every time.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B June 3rd, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Radulov has much more talent than Frolov and Zherdev.
    Lev, was this serious?
    How much have you seen of Zherdev?

    True Fans Bleed RW&B June 3rd, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Radulov can’t even scratch the film off Z’s jock.
    Z was amazzzing, just bad chemistry, zzzero team-focus, not so great work ethic, and defensively suspect.

    Radulov’s Not. Even. Close.

    True Fans Bleed RW&B June 3rd, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Zherdev vs ‘the Lev-proclaimed best player in the world’ Radulov.
    Not. Even. Close.

    Radulov on the Rangers? Oy.
    Yea, we’ll see just how many banya parties he throws before you all regret it and sell him to calgary quicker than you went for the Gabby for Iggy trade.

    Over-under is 2.5, who wants to guess first?

    NYR_FAN June 3rd, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Radulov? Really….

    Frolov 2.0

    apologies on linking you to the Frolov part of the story.

  13. No problem though, will you be cheering at Avery’s bar for the Radulov if he is a Ranger though?

  14. wyshynski profile

    wyshynski New Puck Daddy: Evgeni Malkin wins Kharlamov Trophy for best Russian player in NHL

    *no lazy Russian*

  15. Lev, the comparisons to Zherdev and Frolov are uninformed. Though Radulov wouldn’t be my first choice if there were other options, the truth is there arent very many and the priority is offense not feel-good characters.

    And nice work with the transcript!

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lev, I’ll cheer for any and every Ranger to succeed.I hoped for years Drury would prove me wrong. Anyway, I Just don’t think radulov’s the type of guy who helps build the team chemistry Torts is seeking.

    Ive not yet been to either of Avery’s establishments, thanks for asking.

  17. Torts is not seeking chemistry, he already has that- he is seeking offense. He said this.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, thanks for that Lev.
    The transcript shows that Zherdev is better. And he is, and I dont need to retype anything now.
    Nothing about Frolov.

    I love this place though. Normally, i go through most of my day feeling Ill informed and not so smart (Ilb ;-), but I come here and read the work of these two guys and feel like an absolute genius. It’s fantastic.

  19. Matteau, thanks.

    True, obviously Drury was a disappointment but I think Callahan would not be the same player he is today without Drury’s presence on the team. Same goes for Girardi. Radulov is obviously not mother Teresa. He’s a special talent though. I think the room has enough guys that can keep him in line if need be but I also dont think he’s dumb enough not to understand that this is his final shot in the NHL, any player’s dream, and that playing in NYC will serve as an opportunity for him to silence the critics who jumped on him for the Nashville playoff incident. Judging by the Nashville fans comments they dont exactly think that Radulov is a cancer.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    0 mins ago
    Torts is not seeking chemistry, he already has that- he is seeking offense. He said this.

    Down right laughable.
    No offense, but if this is how you see the team and Torts I don’t have time to waste arguing and trying to enlighten you.

  21. Ok quick nap then europansyfootball. Predictions: Holland 2 Denmark 0 Germany 3 Portugal 1

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lev, I respect your opinion and truly appreciate your post referencing the Nashville fans comments and ‘not being a cancer.’

    I do think Radulov is too big a risk in terms of cancer potential.

    We will differ on that.

    Let’s see if Sather believes the risk is worth it, though. At some point, you need to just have guys who can produce and if Gabs is out until December there’s a big piece missing.

  23. Ok, True. Let’s end here. We will see what happens. End of the day we’re fans of same team and will support every player on the team.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    2 mins ago
    Hold on to that feeling. Probably doesnt come around that often.

    Haha. It’s like you know me so well already!! I actually can’t remember the last time I felt greater than average intelligence, accomplished, or remotely successful.

    I’ll let you know if it ever hits me again :)

  25. Lev, can’t disagree more strongly on Zherdev. Yes, great hands and decent skating ability. However, he brings zips, nada, zero of anything else. The softest little puff of a player I’ve ever seen. A twelve year could bump into him and he’d drop to the ice as though he’d been shot in the head.

  26. True Fans I have to go soon, but I will stick around for a bit if you have something to enlighten me with.

    But if you’re going to try, my suggestion is you first go back and read Torts comments after game 6- or it might have been break up day, can’t recall.

    Also read something about the type of game Radulov plays vs Zherdev and Frolov.

    Just a little bit of research on your part, shouldn’t take too long.

    Otherwise we can always resume this debate another time. Not that it matters because I suspect Radulov is going to Russia.

  27. Standing next to Brendan shanahan at our kids lacrosse tournament in Yorktown. Do I elbow his forehead and see if the lax league suspends me? P.s. He’s a big dude

  28. Heave that’s why comparisons are uninformed, Radulov is solid and plays a more physical game

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Question from a feeble minded person like myself….

    Why would he go to Russia if the GMs all so highly value him and none of them consider him a near-Avery-like-damaged-goods type player?

  30. Heave, im in agreement with you. I wasnt the one suggesting he’s better than Radulov.

  31. Because I have a feeling he’s under a lot of pressure from his homies- including Fedorov and Medvedev- to play there. Not that anyone should lose any sleep for him but I get the sense he’s in a tough spot and will burn bridges with whatever he decides.

  32. He’d go to Russia because a) he’d get 2 maybe 3 times the amount of money he’d get in the NHL. b) He’d have a guaranteed spot in the Olympics in Sochi, something that is quite a big deal for all Russian players to begin with, especially with the olympics being in Russia. c) he doesnt think he can handle the NHL and has come to the realization that he will go back to the KHL and be their star player for years to come

  33. If he plays in Russia this year Im not sure but believe he can come back to the NHL as a free agent next year. If he does that and gives a Russian team one more year, everyone wins. If he lstays in the NHL now, I think he makes some Russians look bad. This is ALL speculation on my part, but it explains why my gut is he goes back for this year.

  34. Carp, agree 100% on the video….since i was a loser :-) i bought the DVD on my own lol and I LOVE IT….it really is an awesome documentary

  35. “Standing next to Brendan shanahan at our kids lacrosse tournament in Yorktown. Do I elbow his forehead and see if the lax league suspends me? P.s. He’s a big dude”

    Punch him in the jaw then apologize for punching his shoulder.

  36. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I feel like radulov is avery v2.0 when it comes to the blog!

    morning ILB and all!!

    great contest and thanks for doing it!!

    Congrats to everyone who participated

    good on ya!!!

    nice work on the prizes!

  37. It was my question to Torts about being careful when bringing in new players.
    From my breakup-day story:

    Once again, the coach believes the Rangers need to add skill and more youth. But, he was asked, if the team has to be careful that any newcomers fit the identity of the Rangers.
    “You’re always thinking about that,” he said. “But you’ve got to be really careful about ruling people out, too. Sometimes when you think it’s a really good piece and he may not exactly fit in all the little things you do, you can teach him those things along the way if he really brings you something else that you need. So you don’t want to box yourself in here.
    “Listen, we have to work extremely hard to score goals and along the way, if there’s something that can help there, you find a way to teach your concept but allow it to bring some talent in to allow that to work for you. You can’t get stubborn here, either. No matter what happens with our team if new bodies come in, we’re certainly not going to lose the premise of what we are. I think that’s a big part of us, a big part of the camaraderie of our room.”

  38. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Fat Guy
    on every penalty in the game yell “That is a ridiculous call, the officiating in this game is worse than the player safety and suspension decisions going on in the NHL”!

  39. To me, it sounded as if they would go outside the mold to fix what’s broken. … but not that far outside the mold. In the case of somebody with baggage, I am certain they will be very, very careful. Again, I don’t know a thing about Rad-A-lov other than his incident in Glendale or Scottsdale or wherever it was. But the Rangers will do due diligence before adding a guy like that, for sure. And very definitely could decide, no, we don’t need goals that badly.

  40. Fat guy, whatever you think of him, don’t write a check your fists can’t cash. Because B. Shanahan is one tough SOB, and he’ll fight dirty, too.

  41. I do love the excitement of Rangers summer activity with the Draft and then free agency and trades, but this year the uncertainty isn’t as exciting. This team doesn’t need too much tweaking. We need a few adjustments, but not too much. I just hope they do things the right way and don’t take any steps back. I know if we make a trade for someone “good” i.e. Nash, we are going to have to give something good in return. I hope every single avenue is being explored and that Torts will have as much input in the decision making process as I believe he does have. Does anyone know whether or not the captain and assistants give any input at all in this decision making process?

  42. Nasty, I don’t think so, though I imagine if the Rangers are trading or signing a questionable character they might ask the leaders their opinion … likewise, if they were interested in an ex-teammate, for example, of Richards, they might confer with him.

    You know, the way they asked Avery to help recruit Richards ;)

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Like The way they asked Shanny about getting A Very good player back from LA in 2007, Carp ;)

  44. Making a non-throwaway comment for once: Carp, do you think Shanahan’s size and toughness plays into his suspension decisions? Like he sees a hit on Hossa as exponentially worse than a hit on Boyle because Hossa is a skill guy whereas Boyle is a big, tough player and Shanahan identifies with what goes on during games with tough players?

  45. Carp,
    I guess at the end of the day that is just the business side of it. It seemed to me that Cally and Torts have a very respectful and good relationship. I liked how in one of the episodes of 24/7 you see them go in to the locker room right after the period ends and the two of them go right up to the dry erase board together and are discussing plays.

  46. Yes, I believe Callahan and Tortorella talk all the time. I know that Messier used to help decide when the team needed a day off, how they should travel, if they should practice at home before a flight, or fly then practice on the road, stuff like that. I’m sure Callahan has a lot of input into team things like that. Don’t know if he’s in on personnel decisions. I would guess he isn’t to any significant degree.

    Mister D, seriously, I have no idea what Shanahan thinks on any of his decisions … and ultimately, I think, a lot of his decisions are based on the opinions of many in the hockey ops department. I will say this, though. Under today’s rules, Shanahan the player would have been a multiple-offender.

  47. Hey Lev, glad to agree on “Z”. I don’t know what to make of Rad. This leads me to ask how teams evaluate players beyond playing ability, e. g. character etc.

  48. Imagine if those Ranger teams with Messier, Leetch, Graves, and Richter also had Shanahan….

    Might have had a few more banners hanging in the Garden….It that were the case, it would be hard for us to hate Shanahan now…

    I think he is making an absolute fool of himself and the game’s officials….

    I doubt Detroit fans have anything bad to say about Shanny, even now….he is a legend in Detroit

  49. “Under today’s rules, Shanahan the player would have been a multiple-offender.”

    Right, that’s kind of what I mean. He knows how he played and what goes on with his sort of player, so the exact same incident involving a “him” versus one involving a pure skill guy are looked at completely differently. Which is really stupid, but that’s the best I can figure.

  50. Sally,
    Thank you for running such a smart site and funny events. I wish, there be more participants – to see more faces of your fellow boneheads is a great reward itself.

  51. Far as I’m concerned, when Shanner became a Devil, it was all downhill from there….

    I was actually at the Garden when he returned after retirement to watch a Rangers-Detroit game in 2009….He got a standing ovation…LOL, that would never happen now…

    That was my first time seeing Jimmy Howard (an even bigger Richter fan than Jon Quick)…he was unreal that night…

  52. Holland pretty much completely dominates the first half (period?) and is down 1-0. Riots in Amsterdam tonight.

  53. Carp major kudos for getting Torts to open up, those comments were by far the most interesting he has made since the season ended.

  54. Matteau, he’s always at his best on break-up day. Not afraid to ruffle feathers or say what’s true … like last year when he pretty much said Drury’s done.

  55. These 11 Danish are proving difficult to beat.

    Words that definitely won’t get spoken when Brodeur faces his pre-game snack.

  56. Carp you knew to be prepared, nice work!

    Speaking of Drury I know we all were disappointed but someone involved w the team told me a story that won’t change anyone’s view on his play but it def sheds light into the character. Apparently when he had his broken wrist in the playoffs and was out for a while he was on the ice at practice and told Torts he was ready to play, Torts was like “Dru c’mon you have a broken wrist you can’t even hold the stick, I can’t put you in.” Drury then lined up 20 pucks at the blue line and took a slapshot with each one- with a broken wrist!- and skated up to Torts and said “I’m ready”. Torts played him that night and Dru scored that big goal.

    This same person told me Drury was devastated by the buyout and was a mess when he spoke to him even 6 months after.

  57. Shocked right now with the Dutch. Van persie whiffed just outside the six. Chubby Dutch fan (didn’t know europansys do chubby) looked like I did ten minutes into game five.

  58. “…Drury was devastated by the buyout and was a mess…”

    Makes sense. He is a very proud guy who grew up idolizing the Rangers. A winner, a competitor…that work ethic definitely rubbed off on Callahan….

  59. Good afternoon all and congrats to all the winners and losers! Yay Tony! Mama love to Nasty! WTB EmmaLee!!!!

    Are the Devils done yet????? I miss enjoying the sports section….

  60. Johnny, smells like a rubber fire in here.

    Re: Drury, I told you guys a bunch of times that this guy was admired and even revered by his teammates and coaches. The contract was the albatross. Not the player or the person. And he made some mistakes as a captain, like plugging his pizza place between periods with his team trailing and in a losing streak … and the “ruin my Christmas” quote, etc.

    But he was a good captain and a competitor.

  61. Hi NYR1979,

    Nope, not yet. Some time next summer. We’re taking it slow. Thanks for asking!

  62. Excellent that The Netherlands lost.

    Ever since that cannibal De Jong injured Stuart Holden in that friendly two years ago, I’ve been a fan of whatever teams plays against the Orange Broken Machine.

  63. I’m not going to let warm and fuzzy Drury reminiscences ruin my Eurosoccerpånsyball champion tournament.

  64. ugh, that is a nice Franken-hand Prust has. NHL fighters sure have a glamorous and cushy job. If he wants $3M, give it to him.

  65. Stepan just tweeted about fishing. … during the Stanley Cup finals. … So I guess he doesn’t care, either.

  66. Prust’s hand post surgery looks similar to Amar’e’s hand post fire extinguisher brawl.

  67. Good ones, Carp and LW! But I stick to my guns, bad judgment by Ricie. And maybe if he set a better example the youngsters wouldn’t take after him. ;)

  68. You know Nash has already prepped for his nachos and loaded up the cooler so he doesn’t have to leave the couch during the game tonight. No way that guy is doing anything but watching hockey until hockey season is over.

  69. Rangers need to trade for Ovi, Kopitar, Malkin, Nash and Ryan. Then sign Parise and Suter. Easy.

    Seriously, is it time for training camp yet?

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