It’s Tee Time! It’s Go (Kings) Time!


Devils-Kings Game 5.

Another must-win for Newark, with Stanley in the house again. In fact, I don’t believe Stan’s ever been in the Rock.

Eighteen years ago tonight, another team up 3-1 in the Stanley Cup finals blew a chance to clinch in Game 5 and had to fly across the continent for Game 6 … and ultimately back to the East coast for Game 7. The difference was that that team blew Game 5 at home. Not mentioning any names.

The Kings, of course, are 10-0 on the road, so that’s like being home to them. They haven’t lost two games in a series yet, haven’t lost two in a row at any point, haven’t lost on the road.

I think hockey ends — until after the lockout — tonight.

And of course I love the whole final handshake thing, and the presentation of the Conn Smythe (could a second Connecticut boy and third US-born player win it?) and the Stanley Cup, and the passing it around and just the whole scene. Hope NBC understands how important those moments are.

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Let’s Go Tony! Let’s Go Miami!


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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Let’s Go Tony! Love to see Stanley skated around Newark tonight. Hopefully, the Kings won’t get mugged trying to take it home to LA.

  2. I’ll wait aboot 2-3 weeks before I see Prometheus. It’s one of those movies that will be packed with dopes that can’t shut up!

    I’m hoping someone leaks the screener, so I can *illegally* download it.

  3. Interesting that they do a feature on how to beat Brodeur when Quick is the one with only 3 loses and none on the road!

  4. Did he say she was a wedding singer? I guess when you’re on a verge of defaulting as a franchise, that’s all you can afford

  5. Hard to have a REALLY GOOD TIME when our boys are training for next year rather than playing this year!

  6. So if Brodeur loses, does he announce that he’ll be back next year but Lou will have to come up with 10 million for his services next year?

  7. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Man, i remeber watching that game 5 of the so called team 18 years ago…it was during my senior prom and we snuck in the bar to watch it. Talk about a wave of emotions that night!

    Kings lok good, but something tells me we are going back to LA for game six

  8. something inside of me we will be sitting here for a game 7 wed night. prust saying. hope i am dead wrong

  9. I’ll say if Devils score first, they’ll win. At least this game is already more interesting than the previous 4

  10. Oh boy…

    As much as i HATE to admit this but…If there ever was a franchise that finds ways to win…the Devils would be it

    Still lots of hockey left to play

  11. JimboWoodside on

    Parise seems to be doing most of his scoring on empty nets in these playoffs…

  12. JimboWoodside on

    I guess this is gonna be another night when NJ doesn’t commit any (called) penalties…?

  13. is it fair to say that quick and hank two biggest weakness both are playing the puck. just both pathetic puck handlers.

    i have a bad taste in my mouth losing to devs in 6 still but god forbid i have to see the devs come back from 0-3 down this will be double the pain

  14. Only flagrant penalties will be called in this game and the later it gets the less that will be called

  15. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Parise is blocking shots, he’s getting ready

    You mean, he’s acting like a sand-bag!?

  16. by the way ORR. roooting for your celts just to see lebron lose and get crucified

  17. ya Quick shouldn’t have left net, but shouldn’t have been power play either.

    Probably wouldn’t have mattered there though.

  18. This is the point where Kings fans complain that Kevin Westgarth should be dressed because their team is being intimidated, right?

  19. With this giveaway Quick can kiss lady Vezina good bye and selfhandedly quickly remove his name from list of runnerups.

  20. Eric, have you tried Ssm Adams Double Bock? My favorite along with their Wee Heavy.

  21. JimboWoodside on

    Well, if a guy wants put his face at ice-level, I guess he’s gonna get it hit by a stick, no!?

  22. Glen Healy didn’t hit his mute button then, so you could hear a Kings player call Volchenkov a Byfuglien feline as he skated past the bench.

  23. Devils keep blocking shots…I guess we’ll be reading and hearing all about it and how this ruins the game…oh wait, it’s only when the Rangers do that…of course!

  24. JimboWoodside on

    Well, all we can do is hope that the Kings come out and have a great 3rd period – I wanna see the Cup awarded tonight, on Newark ice….

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty is due for a couple of stinkers now, isn’t he!?

  26. dear torts

    please suspend all ranger tweets all year round

    thanks eric

    ps dont sign bickel

  27. LA’s PP looks horrible…I guess they will be looking for a legit PPQ and few skilled players to help their PP…oh wait! They already have that! Aawwee…

  28. so frustrated watching this. kings control the play for most part and nothing to show for it.

  29. yes jimbo they have face it this ending will be torture even this as ranger fans we cant enjoy

  30. All I can tell: if carsilloed debbies make me (blood) thirsty, byfuglien Kings make me sick to my stomach.

  31. face it we will adore more pain from this devs this year when they come back from 0-3 down. as deboer said why not them its been 70 years

  32. JimboWoodside on

    That was a depressing way to spend a Saturday evening at my GF’s place…….

  33. Can a swamp monster just up and swallow Uncle Daddy and that whole franchise?? Ugh

  34. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, eric – sorry that the Kings lost – I was hoping for the sweep, and now this……

  35. “That was a depressing way to spend a Saturday evening at my GF’s place…….”

    Then you’re not going to want to hear that New Jersey won tonight.

  36. JimboWoodside on

    *Wise guy*, Mister D!! The visit wasn’t depressing until I put the game on!!

  37. Doctor Rivers, he’s a future Hall Of Famer. How could you not love the guy. Paul Pearce, Kay-Gee, Ray-John, as well. Then of course there’s Ray Allen, who in my opinion, is an amazing actor. Have you seen him in that one movie, the one where Rosario Dawson showed her bobs? What a performance. Should have won the Oscar, but the Academy is very anti-Boston.

  38. Oh i needed this. I needed this so bad. ive been dealing with bad depression, and i needed this. Go Tony!! I needed this. With every oynce of my beings, i needed this. i couldnt survice another week of them in thef inals. I needed this so badly. Thank you Lebron. Thank you leobron. Yanytk you Lewbron. Thank you Lebron. Thank you so much for saving my life again. I wish those 2 nyr fan and orr the most horrific of deaths. i hope they suffer till they breather their last death. Thank you god., thank you lebron.

  39. im sorry carp. i knew youd be made at me. im sorry. im sorry. iw s houldnt have done it. please forhbgive me. i had too much to drink , got booted out of bar.

  40. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Jimbo… prob. Mama is a NY girl, Prust saying … Harnelling Devils! Come on LA!

  41. Jimbo, if youre telling Mama to keep her distance from nutjobs, she ought to keep her distance from me. hahahahahahahahah LEBRON!!!!

  42. Rangers win or celtics losee, ill take celtics lose every time. The fire burns deep inisde. The hatred that consumes, that drives, drives me forwarc. I get one week to ejioy this. Tahnk u lebron, more tyan u know.

  43. Devils showing fight, working on pulling it off, playing in Stanley Cup Final, after dispatching our boys led by Richards….who is tweeting from the golf course. LW I no longer agree to disagree, you’re just wrong.

  44. I agree wit MATTEAU, Carp, and my observation is that a vast majority of the so-called boneheads treat the game of ice hockey as a videogame (90%) and the rest are just cap bean counters (6%), the rest can’t spell or get past a cliquish insider-ish stuff and the MAS (mutual admiration society). Are we back to PC with this ‘carcillo” and “byfuglien” tedium ? Is this funny, sofisticated or cool ??
    I am not saying that MATTEAU would agree with everything I’ve said, he may even come back to knock me for all I know – but for Pete’s sake- let’s call a spade a spade.
    The NJ Devils played a good game tonight, the refs notwithstanding, and the Kings were not able to respond, all the hatred for the “MARTY” put aside. Unless I missunderstand the nature of THE BLOG, Carp, we should shoot for more quality vs. quantity. How it could be done I do not know, one suggestion I have : sport’s fans always pretend to be a community and get ridiculously spot sentimental when cancer or a stroke pops up. I would like to know, how many commenters on Tony or others have an intimate relationship with these people they profusely wish to get well or to get up and boogie. Or is this a clique of insiders that I have no idea about ? How does it work ? Let me know, just don’t say “if you’re nice you can have my e-mail address” or “if you accept and adopt our byfuglien and carcillo eufemisms”.

    Regards to all

  45. newbear, or should we call you boom boom? just loves to tell people what to do and gets upset when people tune him out because of his constant nagging.

  46. @ CCCP

    Soyuz Nerushimiy Respublik Svobodnych etc, just show me the ‘CONSTANT NAGGING”. pleas make sense , man, talk to me, don’t tune me out, please,

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