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By David Hes (Marfar)  

We take you back to the last game of the regular season for — the NY Giants. They were to play the hated Cowboys for first place in the NFC East and a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. Days before that game, I told other passionate Giants’ fans who, like me, live and die with Big Blue, that no matter what happens the rest of the way, playoffs included, this is the most important game of the season. It will determine whether this season was successful (if we win) or not (if we lose, perish the thought). The Giants won convincingly, although with a usual scare or two to which we are so accustomed, and as far as I was concerned, whatever success they were to have in the playoffs would be “gravy” because their season was already successful. No matter what, they improved from the year before and made the playoffs, when anything can happen. Each of the next four games had me excited with anticipation, but none, including the Super Bowl, left me feeling quite as nervous as I was before and during the Cowboys encounter.

Now for the Rangers. The most important games for the Rangers this season were Games 6 & 7 vs. Ottawa. We had not been able to move past the first round of the playoffs for a few years and, especially having attained the No. 1 seed in the East, we needed to justify our regular season success by showing we are good enough to win a playoff round, especially against the eighth-seeded Senators. Vancouver’s falling to the Kings in five would serve as no excuse.

The nature of the playoffs in every sport is that whatever weaknesses you showed during the regular season will almost invariably come back to bite you in post-season play. And sure enough, the lack of offensive firepower we saw too often during the season was starting to hurt vs. the Sens. We lost Game 5 at home 2-0 and absolutely had to somehow win the next two. If we lost either, the season would have to be characterized as a failure, despite our 109 points and top seed in the East achievements.

Well, you know the rest. The Rangers took over the second period in Game 6 with some help from the refs, as they scored the go-ahead goal on a 5-on-3 and then played a dominant Game 7, not reflected by the final score of 2-1, in front of a raucous crowd at MSG. And, yes, no matter what happened from this point onward, our season would have to be characterized as successful.

Our Rangers were outplayed in much of the series vs. the Caps, who I didn’t expect to be able to take us to seven games. After Game 1, I felt we had what it takes to beat the Devils, mainly our considerable advantage in goal. But Game 2 left me with the feeling that we would not be able to contain the Devils’ forecheck. I told my buddies we can only beat NJ if Lundqvist steals the series. He couldn’t and he didn’t. And despite John Totorella’s claims to the contrary, I thought the Rangers started to wear down as the playoffs progressed, probably due to their having to exert too much energy to win games all season long.

Where do we go from here? Rangers fans like myself have a lot to look forward to. In addition to top-notch goaltending presumably for years to come as Henrik is only approaching prime age for a goalie; three superb defensemen in McDonough, Staal and Girardi; two of the fastest young skaters in the league in Hagelin and Kreider; an inspirational captain who plays the game as hard as anyone and is equally capable in all facets of the game when healthy; and other skillful but still developing forwards, I love our organizational philosophy. We must continue to build with size, energy and youth.

My list of untouchables includes Kreider, who has yet to play a regular-season game and is the best looking Rangers prospect I have seen, having followed them since the mid ’60s. Add to the list Hagelin, Callahan, Richards, Boyle (concussions take time to overcome), Prust (invaluable as a checker and on the PK and must be resigned), McDonough (great already and on his way to becoming dominant), Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto (mistake prone but at 21 years old has a world of potential) and Lundqvist. I guess I should include Tim Erixon on this list as well.

Biggest needs? A Beukeboom type defenseman. Unfortunately, Michael Sauer who could fill this role, may not play again. Another scorer. Yes, Gaborik did score 41 goals but can he be counted on when the going gets tough? Despite gutting his way through the playoffs with a very painful injury, I’m still not convinced he’s a clutch playoff performer when healthy. I’m willing to part with any of my non-untouchables in a package for Rick Nash and to acquire another forward or two with proven scoring ability. And forget Zach Parise. He’ll play on Broadway over Lamoriello’s dead body.

As for our power play, quicker puck movement must be one of the main aspects of the game we work on during training camp. This will make our power play that much more effective, and allow us to clear our zone more easily when being forechecked 5-on-5. As we watch the Finals, quick puck movement is the reason the Kings aren’t being pinned in their zone as the Rangers were for extended periods of time.

The Rangers gave us many thrills this past season. Certainly I can go into the off-season with eager anticipation. My hope is that Mr. Sather sees his team’s strengths and weaknesses through similar lenses with which I view them.



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  1. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Not banks, it’s the other chick, I think her last name is Rodriguez…wow

  2. Happy 26th, Carp!

    Many more healthy and happy to you and your family. We all hope that you enjoy our “company” as much as we enjoy yours. Thak you for all that you do.

  3. Richter1994 on

    Uncle Lou has no say where Zach goes if he can’t come up with about $10M (front loaded $$) on July 1st.

  4. Good review, David…

    I’m having issues with that notion of “justifying” or “validating” the regular season. To me, the regular season was a success once we realized that this young, growing team has a new, stable identity. And once we all knew that they were going to make the playoffs comfortably and early, it was a success. I think at times we forget how long it took us to get where we are. Any time there were on the ice, we all knew they’d give everything they had. That, to me, is “validating” the season. In October I felt they were good enough to make it through 2 PO rounds, and lose a few hard games along the way, so that our young core can learn from it. They did. It wasn’t about this season, it was about seasons to come. Plural being an operative part.

    And I would shorten your list of untouchables considerably for the right player.

  5. according to snyrangers rotter on czech site

    rangers and radulov close to a deal.

    god i hope not

  6. Radulov is coming! He’s the savior! Party Time! Forget about playing hockey! Party! BLERGH…….

    What happened? Was Gaustad’s phone busy or something or did Gaustad forward his calls to Radulov’s agent?

  7. Per Djoos, unless the Devils forfeit I doubt there is any chance the series could end tonight. Possibly tomorrow night though!

  8. Completely disagree with marfars take on the giants. Completely. Make the playoffs barely after a another great star to season and Tom Coughlin had to be fired. Even a win against the Falcons in the wild card round and Coughlin still had to go. The giants under coughlin are notorious for starting strongly and finishing like crap. Coughlin throughout his career has been a career choker. Save for for2007 and 2011. Giants season in no way is anything like Rangers season. Rangers had a great season, start to finish, a young team playing consistently, and just fell short. Still think we should have won the Cup on the back of our 4 time vezina finalist, but such is life.

    Anyway, back to giants, after beating patriots in super bowl in 2007, i loved him for life, even though i knew he had to go following this season if our season ended with a wild card playoff loss or divisional playoff loss. Now, i will sacrifice my life for the man, for giving me the 2 most important wins of my life. The 2 wins that literally saved my life, gave me reason to hope and continue living.

    Happy birthday CARP!!

  9. Sorry Tiki, think I misread what you were saying. I have a slight affinity for Eli Manning and Tommy Coughs

  10. Best comparison for this past Giants season was the 2011 Red Sox. Terry Francona led the red sox to their 1st 2 world series in 86 years, but after being the best team in MLB FROM May thru August, then suffering one of the worst collapses in baseball history in September, Tito had to go. And if they squeaked in the playoffs and were ousted in 1st round, Tito still had to go bc of unsuccessful season. A change was necessary.

    Thankfully, the red sox season ended in calamity and the Giants season ended in exultation. I guess there is a God.

  11. Sorry Manny. I said if we lost in wild card round or divisional round, he had to go.

    Now,id do anything for the man, i take a bullet for him, id do just about anything. He and Eli and Cruz and Nicks and our defense saved my life.

  12. Tito is an all time great manager. Guy is terrific. The coach is always the victim when the team plays poorly because coaches are easy to fire whereas firing Josh Beckett, John John Lackey and other high profile ball players is next to impossible.

  13. Yes, Tito is a great manager. But he couldnt get his guys any longer to give full effort, and it was time for him to go. As a manager, especially in baseball, its your job to manage egos, personalities and get the best out of your players. In the end, Tito could no longer do that.

  14. This years Rangers were a success throughout the whole season. They played consistent from start to finish, never had a 4 game losing streak, gave full effort on most nights, dealt with key injuries and just fell short of the ultimate goal.

    Every team mails in games every now and then. Thats part of being human.

  15. Good to hear that Radulov is close to being a NYR. Coughlin deserves to be coach as long as he wants. Not a big fan of Joe Girardi’s, wouldnt mind Tito as Yanks coach.


  16. Even though my heart says Coughlin should be coach as long as he wnats, there may come a time 5 years or 7 years down the road when it may be necessary to change. Like with Torre.

    Id take Tito over Girardi in a heartbeat too.

  17. Thank you, kids. Appreciate it.

    Guest bloggers stink, here’s the best answer I could find: Because.

    Per, the game’s tomorrow.

    Good morning, Sally!

  18. Carp – if it’s really your 26th then Happy Birthday. May it bring you 26 fresh Titleist’s and a Nickel Plated Gap Wedge!

  19. Wow. Just saw that Red Fisher (Montreal Gazette) retired today. The end of an era. The guy is an absolute legend, great sense of humor and sarcasm, great understanding of the game, and enough of a bite to keep everybody honest in hockey’s capital.

  20. Scotty Bowman was a choker if you disregard the nine years he won the Cup. He should be appointed coach somewhere just so he can be immediately fired.

  21. By this logic: only one team doesn’t choke each year in each sport. Hire that guy!

  22. Latest on Radulov/Rangers
    AM ETAlexander Radulov | Predators Recommend0 Comments0Email Forward Alexander Radulov may be this close to joining the New York Rangers.

    Reputable Czech news site suggests the 25-year-old is ready to turn down mounds of cash from CSKA Moscow GM Sergei Fedorov to remain in the NHL:

    “Radulov to cough (up) rubles from CSKA. Apparently hockey glory goes to the Rangers”, reads the headline (rough translation compliments of Google)

    The Nashville Predators have been candid about their intention to part ways with the pending RFA — either by trading his rights to another NHL team, or working out a deal with a KHL squad. So far, the Rangers have been front and center as a team with keen interest.

    – Victoria Matiash

  23. @TSNBobMcKenzie@ NYR have not traded for Alex Radulov’s rights. In fact, I’m not convinced their level of interest in this player is very great at all.

  24. Not sure what to make aof Radulov, hope getting him is not expensive and definitely worry that he is the next Zherdev, but prior to that round he was effective for Nashville. That said, all it takes is one look at Keith Jones’ scathing video in games 1 and 2 of the second round and you want nothing to do with the guy.

    And why the fascination with Gaustad, guys? What does he add that Boyle does not already have and why would we want another Brian Boyle for more money than we are paying the first one? We need high end talent, because then what we now consider our high end talent will help flesh out our bottom six and make them more productive.

  25. Why would anyone trade for Radaloff’s rights? Everyone knows he ain’t staying in Nashville… so July first he’ll be available for just money…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARP-INATOR! Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to the boneheads clan!

  26. Salavat Yulaev Ufa on

    #hcsalavat @SalavatYulaevUfa Radulov becomes a New Yorker with 4 year deal worth 17.5 million American Dollars

  27. Agreed – the lack of a Power Play all season is what did us in for the playoffs.

    Couldn’t take advantage with the timely goal.

    I think we need to be a bit bigger in the top 6 forwards and one Scott Stevens (I WISH) type D.

  28. Why is Richards telling us that he will be watching the US Open next week *while the Stanley Cup Final that he is not playing in is still taking place* ?

  29. Yeah I know the Richards tweeting about golf thing while the playoffs are still going on definitely plays into the stereotype a little too much for my comfort zone. Love the guy though and he was great for us this year. Just wish he’d kill the golfing tweets for now.

  30. yeah *TOTALLY* disrespectful! No WAY is he allowed to have a life until the Stanley Cup winner is determined!

  31. Amen. Richards better go buy some heroin and start shooting it between his toes behind the nearest strip club. TRADE HIM

  32. ilb

    sure…until July 1st… don’t think anyone (maybe Sather would cuz he’s insane) would wanna give up anything for a player with attitude problems 3 weeks before he will become an UFA

  33. can there be any worse opening match for Euro 12 than Poland vs Greece?

    Thrashers vs Islanders of soccer.

  34. I misread your post, ilb.. pardon. Is there a deadline by which Nashville have to offer him a contract? And if they dont he becomes an UFA?

  35. Still an RFA unless Nashville decides to not qualify him by July 1st. Once he is qualified he remains their property even if he plays in Russia.

  36. Poland has a very strong and interesting national team this year. Besides, they’re playing home. As for Greece, they already surprised every homegrown “specialists” in 2004, and shocked the soccer world by beating host Portugal in the opening game of the European Championships, and then again in the final three weeks later to become the unlikeliest champion in the tournament’s history. So, be careful with the depreciatory notes over the lip.LOL

  37. June 27th? Given that Nashville’s GM openly said that there is no way they are bringing Radaloff back…which means: QO = not happening… then I was wrong in only one thing…Radaloff will become an UFA but not on July 1st but on June 27th! ;)

  38. 4everanger

    They might have a strong team this year but they are still Poland ;)

    they scored a beautiful goal, though

  39. “these soccer refs are worse than NHL refs”

    There are no refs in soccer. Just one guy on the field who wears a black jersey and carries a whistle. But he has nothing to do with officiating. I think he’s a theater critic actually who’s job it is to rate the acting performances.

  40. I’ll say it again, Richie is perfectly entitled to his summer including golf but his tweeting about it is astonishingly tone deaf.

  41. Good afternoon and 26th birthday, Carp!

    Just a reminder, you’ve got about 4 hours left to vote for your favorite beard on

  42. Matteau!

    Can’t say I’m that interested in what NHLers do in the summer either, but there must be hundreds of tone deaf players, if tweeting about non-hockey stuff before the Cup Final has ended is the benchmark.

  43. Sally

    i shaved my beard on *18th of May* not 8th of May! :(

    Looks like Nasty 1 is going to win the beard price… My beard was by far more superior but because i was unjustly accused i think that affected my chances of winning!

  44. wow… this soccer game is turning into a circus!! Ref just sent off the Polish goalie with a red card! Good call tho…


  45. Polish characters not supported? Pfft.

    Everyone loves it when Eurosoccerpånsyball is discussed on here, right CCCP?

  46. How do you NOT blast that penalty shot into the upper corner?! Why would you be so casual with the shot that has a potential of taking your team to the next level of the championship?!

  47. CCCP,

    I’ve always been a champion of the low-corner penalty shop, but that was very poor execution.

  48. LW3H

    of course! Ameri*k*ans love futbol! yes, football… when the actually FOOT is used to kick the BALL… not some weird shaped “ball” that looks like it was born in Chernobyl… in a sport where the only time the ball touches the actual foot is when the foot kick is required which mostly happens when one team decides to give away the possession of that “ball” lol

  49. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Forza Azzuri!

    Radulov! Really?? Guess if we dont have to give up much its worth a shot. After all he’s got Poe Ten Shell

  50. Del Zaster’s account was hacked!? But he associates with such reputable women!

  51. Manny

    so you don’t think i’m funny? i don’t amuse you? there’s nothing funny about me? tell me, Manny…

  52. Oh crap @CCCP@ you’re right. I didn’t scroll up enough to see the back-to-back-to-back funnies. Sorry!

  53. haha. Good one, @CCCP@ I will have to go change it now to, “pleasedontkillmecccp”

  54. That Russian hymn, even tho they changed the words…the communist music still brings the goosebumps lol

  55. Czechs versus Russians now. Expect a lot of laziness, money-grabbing and enigmaticity from these pånsies.

  56. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Russia’s anthem just makes me want to launch a ballistic missile

  57. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    don’t forget curfew busting partying after, regardless of who wins or loses

  58. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Like the great WWF legend the Iron Sheik used to say…”Russia #1 America #2″

  59. Dubi is still a relatively young player who had a bad season – happens. He has the ability to bounce back and is playing for a coach that can help him maximize his talents.

    Erixon is a smooth puck mover who could be on a 3rd d pairing this season.

    Thomas is the wild card here – not sure what he can bring to the table at this point. A scorer in junior does not equal a scorer at the NHL level.

    Hate to trade a first round pick – especially when the team has only four in total for this year’s draft. Gotta keep the shelves stocked.

  60. LW you can pretend it’s an irrelevant distinction but I’m sure you know better.

  61. Matteau,

    I wouldn’t – because its just too many assets to give up for a player with no winning pedigree at the NHL level.

    Really – what has he done to warrant such a return for the Jackets?

    Not only that – CBJ really wants Mac Truck – who right now is a better player than Nash.
    Heck, I wouldn’t trade #27 for Nash straight up.

    Remember – the Rangers won 61 games this season. Depth really is the issue here. I think that rounding out the third and fourth lines as well as the 3rd D pairing will make them a dangerous team come next season.

  62. Thanks, guys. Shot 87 today. One of my better rounds, despite shoddy putting. Bettered my age on both 9s.

    LMAO, Torts’ twitters. #stopcoachingpat.




  63. “Shot 87 today.”

    Did you actually shoot him or did his head snap back as the bullet merely brushed past his shoulder? Bettman won’t like it either way.

  64. Well if your only complaint is due to the connotations of golf being synonymous with the end of a hockey team’s season, Matteau, then I _really_ don’t see the big deal.

  65. Agree about McD and I doubt anyone on the Ranger side is talking about him. Regarding depth that’s what happens when you add top line talent and some of our 2nd and 3rd liners become 3rd and 4th.

    Nash is a beast, there’s a reason every GM wants him. Can’t agree on blaming him for team failure, hockey is a team game and no one ever won on his own.

    Id love to see Dubi rebound but the fact is he is a liability at 4m, if the Rangers can find a taker he is gone. Besides him, CBJ can have anyone not named McD or Kredier for Nash. Have a feeling Torts and mgmt agree.

  66. Hmm. 3-under par. That’s what the professionals shoot, isn’t it?

    If they’re lucky.

    Actually, it was Brashear, not the other 87, LW.

  67. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    “Shot 87 today.”

    Did you actually shoot him or did his head snap back as the bullet merely brushed past his shoulder? Bettman won’t like it either way.

    Very witty LW..your on a roll today!

  68. Matteau,

    By anyone not named McD or Kreider – are you including Captain Callahan, Dan Girardi, Brandon Prust and Marc Staal in there?

    No sale.

  69. looking at some stuff in the twitter widget, looks like Schultz is probably going to Toronto… and Anaheim is going to file tampering charges against the team that signs him.

  70. By the way, to whomever added Petr Prucha to the poll ———-> please be aware that he’s been scratched.

  71. Many who post here regularly are eager for the Rangers to get rid of players such as Dubinky, Anisimov and Del Zotto.

    The Del Zotto thing I can’t understand. He had a solid bounce back year – is only 21 years old – and you certainly don’t want the team giving up on a player with lots of upside on D.

    Had some tough moments against the Devils. But who didn’t?

  72. Not sure anyone is giving up on DZ. Some think he has been way overrated by the Rangers and really wont be the next coming of Leech although MSG constantly tries to stuff that idea down our throats and think that his defensive mistakes cancel out the offensive threat that he provides. Others, like myself, think that because of our D being so good and us having guys like Erixon and Mcilrath coming, MDZ is tradeable for an offensive threat such as Nash. That is us realizing that MDZ is valuable, would probably be the best D man on many if not most teams, but also realizing that we are deep on D and we need O.

  73. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARP!!!!!!!!!!!! 26 looks good on you .I wish you you many more!!!

  74. Thanks, Ria. Weird, i got it through Internet Explorer but i didnt see it through Firefox. Just me?

  75. Lev thanks for providing the MDZ explanation, saved me the time. Not sure why people think if you are saying you’d trade people it means you give up on them. You have to give to get, but to some it’s only a great trade if you get rid of rejects.

    For the record yes I give them anyone except our captain, Kreider, McD and Hank. Nash would be a huge upgrade over any of the rest, maybe even any 2.

  76. Uh oh, I just had another vision: the Stanley Cup Finals will go seven matches. It’s too early to see who’ll win, but I am seeing a Game 7.

  77. Salary cap, salary cap, salary cap, salary cap, salary cap, salary cap, salary cap …

  78. Lev

    same here… i added someone but cant see through chrome but can through IE… these browsers suck!

  79. Isn’t that a lavish Broadway musical, Johnny?

    Thanks again, everybody. Was a wonderful day and evening so far.

  80. C3, sorry about that. It was a typo – I’ll change it. But you did still shave before the Rangers were out of the POs…

  81. One of the things that’s cool about wordpress is it tells me what people were searching for when they found Weirdly enough, “lost her legs” ALWAYS comes up. I can’t figure that one out…

    Anyways, Monday was the best day ever with over 2,000 views. You guys are awesome!

  82. *Somehow* my grammys got discriminated against and was booted unceremoniously out of the beard contest.

  83. Tiki, I wanted to post about that before I left but I didn’t have a chance! I’m sorry! How do I put this…?

    Although Millie Vanillie sent in a picture of her beard, and it was one she even grew herself, I could not include it. Lets just say I wasn’t sure if Carp’s nieces and nephews would be looking at the contest, and Millie’s beard was not family-friendly! :)

  84. I sent a 2nd picture of the grammys that was family friendly….

    I saw a guy today that looked like Carp from a little distance away, and I yelled CARP!! but no answer. I bet he was ignoring me ;)

  85. Tiki, sorry. I was working all weekend and out of town all week. Explain to her for next year that we’re only accepting face-beards…

  86. She told me she sent u a face beard of some bishop or pope that night of June 1 before she boarded plane to AZ. No worries, though.

  87. Tiki, is that what the kids are calling it these days? :)

    C3, I know! Everyone knows I should’ve won.

  88. Sally, can I post those winners tomorrow (because I have nothing else to post unless people want highlights of my lawn mowing)?

  89. Carp, please do!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell people to send me their addresses if they want stuff (and if I don’t already have them). I’m gonna make awards for everyone, actual winners will get trophies (and chocolate & DVDs).

  90. Um, im not sure whats going on, but u were sent a replacement picture of some bishop or pope w a white beard.

  91. I’d like highlights of your lawn mowing, Carp. Hopefully in the same numerical bulletpoint format as the game recaps.

  92. Sally is it cool if we do what was discussed earlier with my winnings? It is what I wanted to do all along.

  93. Paul in sunrise on

    1. Made a good turn at the curb.
    2. Got at good edge at the sidewalk

    Carps lawn mowing

    I like MDZ. But my issue is his quickness. He has none. But he has value that could net good offensive talent.

  94. The thing I like about Del Zotto is his strength and physical play (and edge and nastiness) all improved this season, and he’s gotten better defensively, and still has a good amount of offensive upside. AND HE’S 21! I wouldn’t trade him unless something special is coming back.

  95. Nasty, like I already said, even if you pawn the DVD & trophy I just don’t think you’ll have enough money to take me to Mexico.

  96. Paul in sunrise on

    MDZ definitely added snarl to his game and it made him more effective. I agree that you get something special back. Can he learn to play the right side. If so then he become more valuable. But he skates in quicksand. He is not going to give you blazing end to end stuff.

  97. Happy Birthday Carp!

    LMAO Sally.

    Carp I kind of agree on DelZ. He is only 21 and we are watching to maturation of a player here. He had a good rookie year because he put up some solid numbers. Year two was a complete bed carcillo. This year was much better and I loved his physical play. That game 7 against Washington he was a beast. I liked that he caught Neil up high in the Ottawa series as well. Unless something good comes back, it wouldn’t be worth it. Some want to trade him for a high draft pick or something which I think is ridiculous.

  98. You guys still upset about that OT thing. Let it go. So here’s the question. Next game in MSG, are you gonna continue the “Henrique” chants? He seems to love it.

  99. The only cup you are going to be drinking from is the “cup of life” ole ole ole. Piss off troll.

  100. Oooh, let me guess. Is it a really big asshat whose team’s season is over tomorrow night? Is it one of the several hundred fans of the team whose captain is going to cross the river on July 1?

    Should I flush?

  101. You upset at us Carp? Try this. Put away your golf clubs for a second and watch some hockey tomorrow night. Courtesy of the New Jersey Devils. You know as well as anyone else. Our financial issues are fixed thanks to the Rangers choking and getting us a partner. Also, no way leaves a cup contender and signs a contract to act like a sandbag in NY

  102. RickyM2 is alright compared to the other 3 NJD fans… dont flush him…let’s make fun of him instead ;)

  103. *Also, no way Parise leaves a cup contender and signs a contract to act like a sandbag in NY

  104. fixed thanks to the Rangers choking and getting us a partner

    HUH?? a partner? Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

    Cup contender? dude enjoy the game tomorrow because after tomorrow the only cup your franchise will ever contend for is the ice cream waffle cup left in fatso’s locker room lol

  105. Future Ranger Zach Parise.

    Hey, here’s a good strategy for tomorrow: Have the jackwagon PA guy yell really loud, then turn up the music even louder, and have the strippers dance in the aisles during stoppages. Then shake hands with the Kings.

  106. Per Pat Leonard-Zach Parise compliments Henrik Lundqvist today while discussing the Devils’ fight to score more vs. LA: “I don’t know if it was so much (Quick in the first three games) or just the fact that we were missing great opportunities, missing the net, not executing five-on-threes. I don’t think of it so much as playing like Lundqvist for example, we were throwing 45 shots or 35, 40 shots and couldn’t get anything by him … I think (the Kings’ defense) should get a lot of credit, too.” #Devils #NYR

  107. Or, maybe we can be like MSG and get some Wall Street stock brokers to fill up our first 20 rows and have a trivia contest. See if any of them can name 2 players on either team. I’ll guess about 30% think Jeremy Lin is somewhere on the ice.

  108. Captain Dustin Brown, come get the Stanley Cup.

    The Conn Smythe winner as MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs (third from the USA, second from Connecticut), is Jonathan Quick, who stopped seven of the 11 shots he faced in this series.

    Thanks for coming. Please run to your cars as if your lives depended on it (because everybody does in Newark after dark) and remember, if you’re going to riot, do so responsibly.

  109. Oh man, Carp, if you let my pending post through, can you please change the be to a me on the third line up?

  110. Nasty’s “win” is as legit as North Korean’s dictator’s – getting 198% of the votes, with more voters then population of NYC and NJ combine. All others starve and suffer a cultural shock. Not fair. Burgers for all participants!

  111. It will be exhaustedly and vigorously investigated by special prosecutors – Mr. Avery and Mr. Rod (not Gilbert)

  112. I don’t believe Schultz is a lock to Toronto. Why would he turn down the Rangers when the dollar amount is going to be exactly the same?

    Send Messier, Leetch and Graves to the kid’s door and that should do it…

  113. Would be interesting to see Shultz.

    “Dubi, Thomas, Erixon, 1st round pick for Nash?” This would be a no brainer. I would like to keep Dubi but would send him packing for Nash. Also, I’m not sure if Thomas is even our best forward prospect after Kreider. Think there might be a few others who might out play Thomas at the NHL level. Time will tell.

  114. he might have a better chance of making the team, but he has a better chance of becoming a great player by going to NY, which has a recent history of developing star d-men.

    Toronto has what Jake Gardiner and he’s only a rookie…

  115. That’s my point. The Leaves don’t have a great defense. Phaneuf, Gardiner, Schenn. That’s all I can think of. He’ll have more responsibilities playing for a team like that, as opposed to NYR, where he’ll probably end up on the 3rd pair, or maybe even the AHL if he’s outplayed in camp by Erixon, McIlrath, etc. Maybe he wants to do it the easy way. Go on a team with the least amount of depth on defense.

    But from what I’ve read Ducks/Leaves fans say, Carlyle doesn’t give younger guys a fair shake.

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