Devils-Kings Game 4 in review


Not going to go very long here because, well, I’m losing interest.


1) David (Milk Carton) Clarkson was spotted a few times. Nice play on the GWG by Adam Henrique, who kind of had to make a better shot than the one-foot putt the Rangers gave him at the end of the ECF.

2) That penalty call on Milk Carton Clarkson? Pansification to the nth degree.

3) The NHL needs to make a rule for all these trigger-happy arena event managers who think it’s OK to turn on lights and whistles when they think their team scored, even if they didn’t. LA’s Williams hit the pipe, and all kinds of red lights started flashing. Happened in DC too. The league needs to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen until, you know, a goal is actually scored.

4) You guys who think this zero-goal performance by Future Ranger Zach Parise is hurting his price tag? You’re nuts. He’s going to make a huge bundle of money, the donut nothwithstanding.

5) Good game for Patrik Elias. Good for him.

6) How come the “We Want the Cup” chant always sounds like “We Want Cup?”

7) Martin Brodeur, for a guy who allowed only one goal, sure got beaten a few times. And how ’bout that Bryzgalov in front where Brodeur nearly banked one in his own net off Dustin Brown?

8) Devils PK stinks.

9) LA has been up 3-0 in every series, and three times in the four rounds,  lost Game 4. Then, after the two previous Game 4 losses, the Kings won Game 5. This thing is over Saturday in Newark.

10) Torts must have been laughing at the idiotic questions asked of Darryl Sutter after the game. Where do they find these people, and why do they think they need to ask those questions?

AP photo, above.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    #10 – exactly what I thought. That was sp tortsesque.
    #4 what’s the difference between 9.0 and 8.5? Yea… Funny how 500g’s can seem like Not so much, but it’s really nothing on a 70 million deal.

  2. Not saying Parise won’t attract $$$$…just asking if he should be #1 on our list. Great camera work by the NB (I usually don’t) C camera folk on capturing. The key moment of the game…the ultra close-up of the career ending ankle injury to Parise. Of course, being a hockey player in the SCF means shaking it off and getting back out there!

  3. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning peeps,…think this is going six. The 4th win is always the hardest. Kings in six. Quick gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame.

  4. nyrmessier011 on

    Marty is such a terrible goalie, still can’t believe they’re in the finals and not us. And while I like parise being a yank and playing hard, his performance here is exactly why I don’t want to throw $9MM at him. Rather throw that money at weber

  5. I’ll do something I simply don’t do often…give credit to the Debbies. They are playoff tested. The Euro’s they have are not big pansies. I was impressed with Kovie playing through what is probably a bad injury. Parise, possibly, too. And I HATE HATE HATE HATE Brodiva, but he is doing something our goalie did all year except games 5 and 6 against the Dervils…that would be making the big save to give your team a chance.

    Whether it’s luck, easy shots, whatever….he’s doing it and he kept them in long enough to get it done. This is the SC Finals and he’s doing it. I HATE HATE HATE HATE him, but the decent 1% of me has to give him credit.

    Kings in 5….at the Rock….tears on the fans faces, that is, the few they have.

  6. Agree Carp, that interview on the bench with Sutter was horrible, and, is it just me, or does Sutter sound like gary the retard…..

  7. I can’t wait for the Kings to beat the previous record for most road wins in a playoff series, then hoist the Cup at the pebble, then the Devils go into their own dressing room and remove the plaque saying they hold the record for most road wins in a playoff series.

    Let’s be honest guys, the Stanley Cup being awarded near New York City means the players will party in NYC and if the Bruins partying performance was any indication, this is going to be a windfall for New York City Commerce.

    The Devils PK is absolutely Putrid. I remember so many people on here saying that our dime-a-dozen guys who are good at the PK aren’t necessary because, and I quote, “You can get any AHL player to come up and kill penalties.” Well you might want to tell that to the Devils because wow.

  8. Not sure it was mentioned before, but both Gaborik and Prust underwent successful surgeries yesterday.

  9. Carp, are you going to hold a ‘Pre-Draft’ discussion as far as who the NYR should and shouldn’t pick in round 1 /2 ?

    Also, post draft analysis?

  10. nyrmessier011 – that’s why a lot of us are still kicking the proverbial Rangers for not taking more shots. As tired as they were and as bad as their powerplay was, they could have made it at least a little tougher on Marty. Instead, the guy barely broke a sweat.

    As for Parise, I often hear Ranger fans speculating about what will happen to Callahan and his style of play when he gets into his 30s. Well, that goes double for Parise. That’s one of the reasons I can’t see giving the guy a 12-year contract. I love his style of play. But in all honesty, I think the clock is ticking on how long it takes for him to break down. Then you’re left with Drury 2.0 and another painful buyout.

  11. Authorben it wouldn’t be an issue on this team. I think higher prob of room influencing him than other way around. I guarantee you mgmt- and the players- would be glad to have a less than stellar character if it meant more goals and easier wins. But again it doesn’t matter it looks like Russia.

  12. No credit to Marty… pipes being hit all night, kings eased up not good. But back to Marty he is so close to letting up 5 goals its amazing, he is washed up. only bright side is his ego now will have him hanging around a little longer.

  13. Matteau,

    I think the Rangers are going to be very selective as to which players they bring on board for next season – and beyond.

    61 wins – and 20 play-on games have set the bar pretty high.

    Skill alone will not be enough.

    There’s also a ton of uncertainty here – especially with a player such as Rick Nash. #61 has played only 4 career play-on games. Yes – he has faired well in international competition. But does he have the onions to make a big play in Game 5 of the ECF with the series tied and the score tied, with 4 minutes left in regulation?

    Now, its all about who has the skill – and the will to run the gauntlet.

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    10) Crazy. Not one reporter in the entire city of LA could ask one intelligent question after the game?

    I don’t blame Sutter or Torts when they have to respond to people like this. Trouble is when Torts tells the truth about something it usually cost him 20K.

    4) I would take Parise over any Radalov/Federov/Zherdev in the league. That said I really like our Anisimov. But I’m thinking if Sather can swing the right deal for him, you might get more goals out of Radalov than we did out of Dubinski, the Rangers could use a “Kopitar” type player on this team next year. Perhaps Dubi’s money would be better spent on someone that can score more goals. When you think about it if you trade Dubi’s $4M add $3M more and give it to Parise, it just makes sense.
    (And I like Dubinsky, but he was 30pts shy of the season he should have had).

  15. Um, I don’t think Fedorov should be lumped in any group of underachievers or whatever. Lump him in with Hall of Famers, maybe?

  16. Sioux,

    Are you saying the Rattle Off is a “Kopitar-type” player?

    Those two aren’t even in the same league – literally.

  17. if john davidson takes a job with Columbus Rick Nash will not be a ranger. I am afraid JD will rip Sather off if he is.

  18. I agree with Carp.

    Mr. Sather is going to have to look elsewhere to solve the team’s goal-scoring woes.

    And the Parise money is going to be heavy.

    Sure will be an interesting summer in Rangerville.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    I am very happy with how this has turned out. LA will lift the cup in Newark now, and Snookie, The Situation and all the rest of the 8000 Devils fans will show how classless they truly are as the visitors take their laps with it. Just like the Blackhawks in Philly. Should be quite entertaining.

  20. If the rumors that John Ogrodnick is making a comeback and wants to play for the NYR, then everything is set.

    Also, Radalov doesn’t have as strong a work ethic or compete level as Zherdev does.

  21. Hey Carp,

    I believe the problem with #3 is that the nhl has moved all the goal judges upstairs. They aren’t behind the net anymore? Pretty tough to see from the rafters.

    And just to beat a dead horse, looking at Quick vs “The King” in the playoffs. Quick has not had a save percentage less than .900 in any game. Lundqvist has had seven. Many coming in the last 2 rounds. Lundqvist faced 27.70 shots per game and Quick 27.83. Quick has has 4 games with over 30 saves (including a 46 save and 41 save efforts vs Vancouver) . Lundqvist also had 4 but one of those came in the 3 OT game. Also, Quick played more in the regular season.

    So I guess my point is Lundqvist has to definitely raise his game in the Playoffs next year. Also being tired cannot be an issue since Quick played more in the regular season and Quick’s stats in the playoffs are better than the King’s.

  22. Really. But in fairness, I’ve seen him in one game. Most of my disdain is born of reading articles that are critical of him and looking at his, “Meh”, statistics. Sure Dubi had an awful season, but I believe it is a season not the emergence of his true worth. Radulov seems like a lot of risk for marginal returns. At best he will be a 20-something goal scorer. We can sign Brodziak for less money as UFA and get comparable goal output and a more Torts-like player. And if they want to make a trade for additional scoring–they still have a lot of pieces to trade.

  23. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Kopitar? Radulov? In the same sentence? Apples…Oranges. No comparison.

  24. Sioux-per-man on

    Author – No I don’t. Outside of their age & draft position. I could see Radalov putting up 70pts in a full NHL season, which would be similar to Kopitar’s numbers.

    I’m a Parise fan over anyone else. But something tells me he might get a chance on Broadway, if he wants to have one last chance in the NHL. Unless he plays for Money in the KHL, then he goes down as another busted Russian 1st round draft pick in the NHL.

    Carp – sorry I was referring to Fedor Fedorov version of the 05-06 Rangers team. Not Sergei Fedorov of the Red Wings. Which brings me to the question, why does it seem like such a “Gamble” when you draft a Russian player. Or go “All In” on a Radalov, when he is out drinking the night before a must win Playoff game to advance to the Stanley Cup. I just don’t get it. These guys make millions of dollars to play a kids game, and they “disrespect” their entire city they are playing for, let along every player on their team. Sorry to go on a Rant about this guy, but why Sather is kicking the tires on this guy, seems like a VERY BIG GAMBLE…. or is that just me?

  25. no, it’s a fair point about this particular player … I’ve said before, though, that his character maybe in question because of the curfew incident, but I don’t know that he’s lazy or doesn’t compete. In fact, I don’t know much about him at all other than he’s very gifted and he was suspended by his team in the playoffs.

  26. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    I understand radulov is a bit of an underachiever at times, but I just do not see the lack of work level or ethic of some of the other guys he has been compared to. I think he is a bit immature at times and a party guy (but so is jeff carter and mike richards). I have a feeling under the right circumstance that may go away. Now whether or not we are the right circumstance is another question entirely.

    Did JD take the columbus job?

    I hope not for Nash’ sake as a ranger, that being said manny…vibin’

  27. Sure, my posts on the Rad-inator have been based on a gut feeling and not very objective or founded upon watching him in a number of games. I just feel that where this team is–they’d be better served with a safe over sorry mode. Trading for Nash or Ryan or signing some combination of Parise, Brodziak, Guastad, Boyes (Risky but if signed for 3rd line money for one year…) might serve this team a lot better if they want to up their chances of bettering this season.

  28. The Russian Question? Sounds a bit like Hitler’s “The Jewish Question” I would fear for my life is Mr. Farber was around (given my partial Russian heritage).

  29. Sioux-per-man on

    Agreed. He is very gifted, and is the leading scorer for the KHL, and we NEED more scoring. So I can see why Sather would “roll the dice”. It’s all about scoring goals and winning games, we did that this year. So I can see how he could be the player that scores the game winner to get us to the next level.

    Never know, Radalov and Anisimov might strike gold together!!!

    One thing if for certain. Sure is fun being a Ranger fan and chatting with other Boneheads that know what they are talking about.

  30. So basically anyone who falls short of the near .950 SV% that Quick has put up (and despite a couple of iffy goals he clearly let up in the Phoenix series and the fact that he’s been playing with the lead most of the playoffs) needs to “raise his game”?

    The Devils PK was ranked #1 in the regular season, so flat-out putrid or just a freakish run of failures over a short period?

  31. I know, Carp. I didn’t mean it that way either. I was just being a ridiculous imbecile as always.

    ORR – there is an article about the woman’s cleavage you were so excited about. It’s on Puck Daddy.

  32. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – give me one question you would have aske Sutter last night after the game? Isn’t it crazy how it went dead silent after 2 meaningless questions. I was saying to myself, if that was Torts he would have been half way to the door after that 2 second “gap” of silence.

  33. You got it Sioux!

    Hey Carp – you’re closer to the team than I could ever dream of being: What level of distraction do you think Radulov would be for this team?

  34. I don’t know anything about him. Other than he’s really talented and he had a curfew problem during the playoffs.

  35. LW, short period being four playoff rounds?

    Don’t know what I would have asked, Sioux (because I wasn’t dead-focused on the game) but I sure wouldn’t have asked about the Kings’ inability to close out series after they’ve closed out three while going 15-3 overall.

  36. If his only blemish is that one curfew problem I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him in. Didn’t he have a previous contract issue and isn’t that the reason he went from the NHL to the KHL to the NHL and now possibly back to the KHL?

  37. Hey Carp – remember how people were saying that Dubinsky and Prust and co. were useless because they were only good at killing penalties?

  38. Shorter than a full season, so relatively short. Not necessarily indicative of underlying putridness rather than normal random variation.

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate (Lamoriello’s official title, I believe) anyway. Quite happy for it to be putrid for any period.

  39. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Carp, very interestng SI article. Hate to quasi-generalize, but there are some guys from Russia, that do act more for themselves than the team. The Rangers have proven that they are a ‘team’ in every sense of the word. That, apparently, is what Nashville wants.

    I’d rather have Tom Poti.

  40. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Manny, the outward appearance is that this is a troubled relatively young Russian star. All the talent in the world does not keep the peace in the locker room.

    Now, a Kopitar…a team player like Kopitar…that’s totally different. Of course, and of note, the one that’s available is the one who could break up your room.

  41. That was a very Ranger-like win by the Dive-ils last night eh? They get massively outplayed for most of the game, they’re power play useless, and yet still find a way to win. I think they win the next one too, and Kings in 6.

  42. oh i found it… totally funny! huge silicones will capture your attention…even on brink of elimination!

  43. There are undoubtedly some North American players who act more for themselves than hhe team too.

    They are just less noticeable because they don’t have a funny accent and when they want to play close to home and/or for more money, they don’t have to go half way across the globe to do it.

  44. Those of you who think a talented player wouldnt work out if he isn’t a great guy- do you think Avery would have gotten ditched if he was able to put up 20 goals? No chance.

  45. There’s quite a bit of overrating the locker room impact. The boys want someone to help with goals more than they want great guys. If theres someone who is good enough to give Hank a slightly higher margin of error than zero, do you think Hank gives a carcillo if the guy is a JW?

  46. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on


    Saw that during the game. Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Matteau, sorry, but I respectfully disagree. I think Avery might have been able to score 10+ goals if he played 82. But, it wasn’t worth it. He was disruptive to the team.

    And, that’s why Torts wanted him outta here as soon as he could. If he would have stuck to playing hockey, even with his shenanigans on the ice, sans dumb penalties, he would still most likely be here.

    Torts has worked hard to get rid of the locker room distractions. Now, potentially bring one in?

  48. And by all accounts, Avery was liked by the guys, just a LOOK AT ME, MEDIA!!! kind of distraction.

  49. Isn’t it weird that DaBore is an attorney? I find it hilarious that he holds TWO law degrees. One from Canadia and one from ‘Merica.

  50. Matteau,

    Avery’s antics really wouldn’t cut the mustard with the leadership group that’s currently running the room.

  51. Can we FINALLY hear about what this “buffalo incident” was between Avery and Torts please? Please!?

  52. Czechthemout!!! on

    It doesn’t matter if JD is going into the CBJ front office or not. Nash will not play for the Blue Jackets next year! Period. He wants out, and they want to get rid of him. Case closed. Nash will not stay for what would now be a third rebuild. Not goin to happen. Now he may not wind up with us, or he might. But he will not be with the Bluejackets next season.

  53. Czechthemout!!! on

    The notion that Avery was a disruptive force on the Rangers is absolute nonsense. The team went 13-2-1 with him in the lineup. Did he do or say some stupid things? Perhaps, perhaps not. Avery is friends, good friends with many of the teams top players. He helped recruit Brad Richards to the team. And he is and was clearly a much better option on the ice than Mike Rupp or John Mitchell of that there is no doubt. Especially if he played in the Devils series. But now he’s one so it doesn’t matter anyway. Time to move on.

  54. Matty and AB- my point is if Avery produced like a top 6 forward he would still have been on the team, no matter his antics. On this team, with its offensive challenges if he was getting 20 Torts would have lived with him. Remember Torts is saying to be open minded if the guy has talent, and trust the room to take care of the rest.

    If we were building a team around a JW that would be a bad idea. That would not be the case here.

    I’m willing to bet the players and especially Hank are hoping this happens rather than fretting over whether he’s going to fit in.

  55. Why does anybody still talk about Avery? He WAS a good player for the Rangers at one time. He was highly inconsistent this year. If he was effective, Torts would have used him. End of story. Avery, when he wants to be, is a very solid player. However, he doesn’t want to be often enough to make it worth keeping him on the team.

  56. bull dog line on

    dont you know, if they had Avery they would have gone unbeaten in the playoffs.

  57. Who bull dog? The Devils or the Kings?

    Avery’s friend stepped on the Baby Buffalo’s logo!

  58. bull dog line on

    the Rangers of course. Avery is Gretzky, Messier, and Howe all wrapped into one.

  59. No one is talking about Avery other than to illustrate a point about Radulov. Always good to read before posting.

  60. I am always surprised when we *aren’t* talking about Avery. He’s so unique.

  61. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Matteau, I get your 2:57 comment. And, yes, sometimes, for a special talent, omissions are made. True.

    Heck, I loved watching the guy. I loved his routine with Brodiva. I guess, it just wasn’t what our coach wanted.

    I get your point, though.

  62. This is my favorite Avery moment:

    Runner up is the Brodiva act. Which was hilarious. Third is the smirk to Artie after the whole “sniper” act. Fourth is the time he intentionally broke his stick following an icing to buy more time for the team.

  63. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp thanks for posting the article by Michael Farber. What a great read, it sure brings a whole new light on everything Russian in Hockey.

    And how the Radalov night out was probably played way out of line.

    He’s only the hero if the win and go all the way. Easier to have a player to point a finger at when they didn’t live up to expectations.

    One thing is for certain, Radalov wouldn’t cost as much as Parise or Nash. He couldn’t ask for a better team to play for then the Rangers. Original 6 team, in the biggest market, #1 in the East, ready to contend for the cup next year. What more could a player ask for?

  64. Sioux-per-man on

    Anyone know what Radalov’s KHL contract is worth?

    How much less does he take to play on a team that could WIN the Stanley Cup next year?


  65. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    How about the fact that our planes are relatively safe whereas the rate of accidents is much higher in Russia?

  66. Ahhh I dunno about the big furor over Parise…..He just might not fit into the Ranger system, and might well become a very expensive and very ordinary player for them.

    It could very well be possible that they have jsut as good players right within their system.

    This entire organizaiton has to do some serious soul searching this off season, and it will be interesting to see how it shakes down.

    So this kid in the Kings net is from Guilford CT eh? Interesting. Guilford is a beautiful little community, right on the shoreline, and along with Madison just a few miles up I 95 from them
    constitute the big bucks towns of the Long Island shoreline in Ct, even giving Old Saybrook a run for their money, so to speak. I’ve enjoyed many summers along this region. Even got my first flying lesson from old man Griswold in the small airport bearing his name at Hammonassett.
    btw…how many of you folks are pilots? It might be interesting to know, and have a chuckle or two at some of the stupid mistakes made flying via flying experiences.

  67. Czech, you think an intelligent hockey man would trade Nash? That’s ridiculous.

    And you’re completely incorrect about Avery. Most of the guys couldn’t stand him. He had a few friends on the team, emphasis on few. Even some of those he ended up losing.

    Yeah, you can overrate lockerroom. You can underrate it, too. On this team, it’s critical.

  68. wait, I just read the Avery “helped recruit Brad Richards” line. I’ll finish the thought when I stop laughing.

  69. Sioux, also, and I haven’t checked this personally, but I hear there are some bars in and around the NYC area.

  70. I had a good laugh at that line as well, Carp. Avery takes a half naked picture with Richards and Voros on vacation months after Richards is signed and clearly that means Avery recruited him. I wonder who Avery is recruiting in all the naked pics he has been putting up on twitter (can we PLEASEEEEE get him out of there?) Good night. Tel Aviv beach in the morning. Yes, I am rubbing it in.

  71. Im not sure JD wouldnt trade Nash, but he sure wouldnt get Howsoned in a trade for Nash.

  72. I’m just saying that JD might (probably would) have completely different ideas than Howson. And he wouldn’t have howsoned the situation like Howser.

  73. Sioux-per-man on

    Thanks for the spell check ilb.

    Better question, how high of a draft pick do you give up to have the rights to sign him? Would you give up a 1st Rounder if he would play for $4 M a year for 4 years?

    The draft is pretty thin this year, and the Rangers are at 28th. So you are drafting a player that is 3-4 years away from the NHL.

    What are your thought Carp?

  74. again, I don’t know nearly enough about RadAlov to make that decision. But, yeah, if you’re convinced he’s a 30-goal, 60-point guy who won’t cause a problem, why not?

  75. He certainly wouldnt have had the press conference after the deadline like Howson did… Doubt he goes to Columbus though, he’s got a good thing going in St. Louis. Hopefully both sides work it out.

  76. Richards wanted less money for fewer years, but Avery convinced him to come anyway.

    Don’t know why JD would be interviewing for another job … especially with his St. Louis roots. Maybe he wants to be a GM.

  77. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I have checked a few of these so called “bars” in and around MSG. I must say those “Irish” ones are kind of fun. Not near the scenery of the “W”, but I would guess there might be a few more clubs & pubs, than there are in Nashville’s Honkey Tonks.

  78. Rad*U*lov will most likely make more money in Russia, but $4M may be enough to keep him in US, I would guess. If they are sure he signs, yes it may take 1st rounder plus some prospects…Limits their ability to use 1st rounder if they are still in Nash sweepstakes. One thing is certain, Rangers can certainly lose a few draft picks considering how young this team is.

  79. Can we get rid of the “the Rangers were 11-3-1 with Avery line lineup (not 13-2-1)” thing. Because they were 7-2-0 with Bel Biv Deveaux, 19-6-2 with Jeff Woywitka, 10-5-3 with Tim Erixon, 37-18-5 with Mike Rupp (and 3-0 when he scored a goal).

  80. I doubt they’d trade for his rights without agreeing to a contract, ilb. Or, if they do, Nashville will get a lot less for him. Unless Nashville fires Poile and hires Howser.

  81. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp good news on the Bonehead front. It so happens my high school classmate is raising Buffalo on their family farm. So I have located the boneheads but they still have a little meat left on them :)

    How about a nice “Tatonka” Rug for infront of the fireplace?

  82. If it doesn’t work out with RadYOUlov (there you go, ilb) he can always work out a two-way contract where he gets demoted not to the AHL but to bartender at the Planet Hollywood in times square.

    Avery cannot be the answer when *Wellman* is the answer.

  83. A little bit surprised that no one sees a little bit of an opening for the Devils here- if somehow they could win game five- they would end the Kings record road streak- and more than likely put some strong doubt into a team that has brimmed with confidence (and why not?) -I’ve felt since halfway thru the Phoenix series that this is a team that is trending downward…of course, on the other hand… they would actually have to WIN game five to apply the psychological pressure. Reasons they might not: unlikely Marty could have another game where he outplays Quick (according to Melrose- actually I think it was the post that outplayed Quick) and these games seem to be pretty even so the best goalie usually decides the game- Kings are so familiar with this situation- Devils have yet to give up a shorty (something I thought would be a given at the start of the series) so they’re overdue. Reasons that even if they do win it might not matter? One day off between games 5 &6 and 6&7- mixed with cross country travel- the same formula that produced the most one sided game of the series in game 3. Still, I see an opening… i’ll be rooting against it ( understatement of the year)… but it never hurts to examine all the possibilities.

  84. Just reading Zip … didn’t realize, the Rangers have only four picks in this year’s draft. Nice one spent on John Scott.

    No rug for me, Sioux. But if they have any Sabres (baby buffaloes) snap us a picture.

  85. ABindy, the series is over Saturday.

    Manny, I hear there are bars within 45 minutes of the arena in Hartford, too.

  86. Ok, RadYOUlov could bartend at the Pig’s Eye Pub in Hartford, or better yet, Webster Hall.

  87. Sioux-per-man on

    Will do. I’ll be out in the Oil Fields next week for work, so I’ll stop and buy an old friend a beer. I need some more burger for the freezer anyway. Tatonka is nice and lean. Makes great sausage as well, but we won’t be doing that till after deer season.

  88. One pick lost for John Scott, another for John Mitchell and another for some Europånsy D-man taken last year.

    “I’ve felt since halfway thru the Phoenix series that this is a team that is trending downward…”

    Er, they’ve trended to a 5-2 record since that point.

  89. Carp I’m no Avery fan, nor am I a hater, kind of see both sides of it. So in fairness to the people who point out his record with him in the lineup, the interesting thing is not just the record by itself but the fact that the team was struggling before he joined the lineup and then things changed when he joined. I am not saying there’s a 100% (or even 20%) causal connection, but it is interesting, even if it’s pure coincidence.

    I said I wasn’t talking about Avery and then here I am, how does he do this?

  90. boxcareddiehospodar on

    First of all let Parise get his $$$ from someone else. He is getting pummeled in the corner every time. Over rated.

    Secondly the hit by Clarkson was a penalty. Should have gotten 4 minutes. 2 boarding and 2 intererence. Puck was gone and he checked the player face first into the boards.

    brodeur stinks!

  91. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree that a good hockey man would not trade a player like Nash. But I don’t think it matters. Nash has his big contract already. If I am him and once again you are told that your team is about to e,bark once again on a rebuild, his third since he has been there. You say no thank you. I want to be traded to a team that has a shot to win the Cup. I am sure that JD, if he gets the job there, will try to convince Nash that that team has a bright future. But I don’t think it will lead to anything. I am not saying he winds up here but I don’t think you’ll see him play another game for Columbus.

  92. Carp, Happy Birthday eve to you n me big guy. Your still older. Got to hit the golf ball today early present. Pretty good too.

  93. czech, that’s a little more reasonable than: “It doesn’t matter if JD is going into the CBJ front office or not. Nash will not play for the Blue Jackets next year! Period. He wants out, and they want to get rid of him. Case closed. Nash will not stay for what would now be a third rebuild. Not goin to happen. Now he may not wind up with us, or he might. But he will not be with the Bluejackets next season.”

    I’m not guaranteeing he stays or goes. I’m just saying, Howson’s departure could sure change things a lot.

    And Happy to you, Hedberg! I’m 26. You must be 25. I will probably shoot my (actual) age on the front nine tomorrow.

  94. I’d still rather have Parise without giving up anything from the current team and a first-rounder plus.

    boxcar, if he was getting pummeled in the corners and had four goals in the series, would you feel the same way? And I don’t necessarily agree with the pummeling.

  95. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    The bahama bomba!!!!

    Happy birthday btw!!

    Happy birthday as well!!

    Isn’t jt miller supposed to be like parise? Or is it mike Richards? I forget.

  96. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I would really live to see the rangers get ulfie’s kid or matteau’s kid or Wilson with the first round pick…if we don’t use it in a trade

  97. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Not sure what day orr’s is, but I think it is this week!

  98. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    And I usemy friend at the CIA to find out most of this stuff…your tax dollars at work

  99. celebrate with some B&Js Orr. Have some for me, because I’m not allowed to have that stuff. dammit.

  100. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    My bad! Did u see man on a ledge? How about the girl who got engaged at the end? Wow!!

  101. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good evening all! Been so hartnelling preoccupied lately….miss you all!


  102. Czechthemout!!! on


    By all reports, Ulfi’s kid can’t skate. Gordie Clark has said that he won’t draft someone who has issues skating in the first round. Although he did draft Mcilrath and he is no Paul Coffey.

    I like Mattaeu’s kid and the Wilson kid. I am hoping Nick Kerdiles falls down to us. He is slated to around 24-26.

    Also like what I read about a kid by the name of Dalton Thrower. He is an offensive dman who is about 6″ 197 lbs. And apparently is aptly named because he can really throw em. He might be there though I would like to really get that Kerdiles kid. I watched about two games that he played and was really impressed.

  103. It’s not today, mama, it’s tomorrow. We all forgot last year too, dammit…

  104. Paul in sunrise on

    Nashville has no leverage in the rights trade. No more than a fourth rounder. NY would get exclusive opportunity to negotiate and if signed a pick would go to Nashville. That’s my guess based on the vokoun signing.

    Radulov costs no roster players. That’s the bonus. Parise will attract a huge contract and would cost no players. I just don’t see parise signing with ny. Both options preferred to Nash.

    Then you can selectively shed a contract for cap reasons if necessary.

    I agree carp. If JD is with bluejackets the Nash relationship gets repaired in one phone call. A rebuild can take one season. Exhibit Florida Panthers. Panthers are the poster child for quick turn around. In this NHL. It can be done and the job JD did in st Louis may convince Nash to hang in.

  105. Paul in sunrise on

    Hello echo echo echo

    By the way. With mr retired clutch buyout being halved (under current CBA) and assuming Feds not coming back. That’s $3M buck for one roster spot before even thinking about a cap increase (CBA issue again)

  106. “Del Zotto had more points than Duncan Keith, Jack Johnson, Matt Carle, Brent Burns, Sergei Gonchar, Drew Doughty, P.K. Subban, Nick Lidstrom and Brent Seabrook in the 2011-12 NHL season”


  107. I am not big on ice cream in general but that ice cream is true heaven! English toffee pieces are so crunchy and delicious! MmMm!!

    Eating ice cream and watching “Spaceballs” @ midnight…life’s good!

  108. It’s already June, 8, so I can say:
    Happy 26 Carp! May you always be surrounded by the things and people you truly love and have them in unlimited supply. Wish you will also in your lifetime to do what you love and love what you do. It helps to be happy, so, just be…!
    It coincides with my 40th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that 2 could survive this trough…

  109. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—-A most Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for this wonderful place to talk Rangers.

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