It’s Tee Time! It’s Go (Kings) Time!


Devils-Kings Game 4 (if necessary).

Stanley’s in the house tonight.

Can the Devils even stay alive for a couple more nights? Can they avoid the dreaded handshake line?

What these Kings have done is pretty remarkable, not even considering that they can/will be the first No. 8 seed to win a Stanley Cup. What’s remarkable is that they’ve now played four series and they’ve been up 3-0 in every one of them.

Think about that.

The Devils can hang their helmets on this glimmer of hope: That the Kings have lost Game 4 twice after going up 3-0. That’s not much, but that’s all the Devils have got. Well, that and two goals.

Let’s Go Tony! Let’s Go Miami!


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  1. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    What an unbeliveable run by the kings…up 3-0 in every series. I am not surprised at all that they came out of the west and will win the cup…but i am shocked at the record and amount of games it took!

    Go Umass Go quick!

  2. After tonight Marty will be renamed from Fatso to Sweepso!

    Let’s Go Kings!

  3. orr

    pre determined on games i told u the other day. nbc will always give nbc sports net a few games. been like this for years. they do games 3 and 4 not expecting a sweep

  4. Authorben I understand your point I just consider it a matter of priorities. There are plenty of good character guys in the league and the Ranger room is full of them.

    What’s hard to find is high ceiling talent, and we need that more than anything. If we have the chance to get it cheap you do it.

    I think this is Torts’ thought process as well, I don’t think he enjoyed praying for goals.

    But it doesn’t matter, based on the reports it looks like Russia anyway.

  5. Kopitar’s unique combination of a big body, skill with the puck, and ability to play along the wall is second to none in today’s NHL. Maybe an argument can be made for Malkin. But, no one else is even close, IMO.

  6. “Kopitar’s unique combination of a big body, skill with the puck, and ability to play along the wall is second to none in today’s NHL. Maybe an argument can be made for Malkin. But, no one else is even close, IMO.”


  7. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I agree NYR, he is a good combo of finesse and power. He can be a bit lazy though. Still the good outweighs the bad.

  8. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Devs have their chance again to strike first. I hope quick slams da door

  9. Yeah, Kopitar was always known to be a very streaky player. Yet, he is proving he can perform when it counts. His performance in this years playoffs has been phenomenal and definitely Conn Smythe worthy….

  10. Glenn Healy just used the term “dreadfully awful”. It’s no tremendously tremendous, but it’s a start.

  11. if carter didnt have nine years left on his deal his 5 mil cap hit isnt a killer

  12. Matteau,

    Tells you ’bout a player when he leaves his organization not once – but twice.

    With the Rangers attempting to get to the next level – and it won’t be easy – everyone in the room has to be committed to a singular purpose from day one. The ’94 team was a perfect example of that.

    Now, think about what the team has become. Think about what it took to win 61 games.

    Do you really see a selfish player like Rattle Off fitting in?

  13. I really don’t want hockey to end but I can’t stand Doc Emrick. Please get him out of my life.

  14. Latona! You’re OK. I agree about Evander Kane. Hope you’re ok buddy. You freaked me out. F’realz

  15. Knifing his way into Manny’s subconscious is Emrick’s voice. AND IT WOULDN’T GO!

    (I think that’s how it goes…)

  16. Hey guys, I have an idea. Let’s put chocolate on the floor and let Chunk eat his way through!

  17. It looks like the Devils won’t be exorcised tonight. They’re due for a lucky bounce goal and a win.

  18. I don’t understand. The last game of the season! Cup’s erection above all! And our hockey fans are in lethargy. C’mon, wake up and smell champagne from the tin…

  19. I, personally ready to open specially prepared 0.75 bottle of “Red Devil”. Both will be finished tonight, I guarantee…

  20. I imagine on a Kings blog somewhere, their fans are bailing because it’s only tied in the third period and ripping Quick for not “doing what it takes to win” in a key game.

  21. Thise arethe breakaways I was always hoping for. Exploit the aggressive forecheck and the long change.

  22. last thing the kings want to do is get on a plane for 3000 miles to sit in newark for 2 days.

  23. Wont it be great when the Kings not only take over the record, from the Devils, for most road wins in a Cup run AND hoist the cup in that hellhole they call a barn?

  24. I don’t about the other guys, but Clarkson is ready for golf; he’s already shaven the playoff beard.

  25. besides, right before “boarding” he could easily get “slashing” call…

  26. >>Those HUGE silicone gazangas behind devils bench!

    I saw them too, but had to resist commenting on them.

  27. game become much funnier, however, in my taste, still lack of physicality, intensity and real animosity for the such a decisive, desperate game.

  28. OK, a little bit more hockey season. Will be much bitter for debbies to lose at home…

  29. Guys. Don’t be upset. A.) We get more hockey; B.) the Devils playoff road win will be beaten; C.) The Kings will hoist the Cup on New Jersey Ice (closer to New York AND more insulting to Dweevil’s fans); D.) The Devils will have to go into their dressing room and take down the sign that says “10 Playoff Road Wins Record”; E.) etc…

  30. SO close, ORR. So close.

    Mrs. Manny is ranting now about how pulling your goalie NEVER, EVER works. And also she is CHEERING (puke) because she bet me the Devils would win and if they do she gets a bag of some sort.

  31. this will get intersting there will some drama. i expect a game 6.

    even this will be difficult for ranger fans

  32. All those people who paid THOUSANDS of dollars to see the cup are going home broke and disappointed! LOL

  33. Piere asking Fatso: “Do you feel like in the game that every shot that shot on goal you have to make a save?”


    Yes, you IDIOT! You MUST make a save everytime the puck is shot on net otherwise the game woulda been over in the first period!!

  34. >>All your fault

    Sorry, I only reported what I was seeing.

    I keep having this other vision where Devils win four in a row. Gosh, that’ll be the WORST possible summer for a Rangers fan?

  35. >>Love Pierre breaking down great play on empty net goal. Lmao

    I’ve watched all four matches with the telly on mute. These announcers annoy me more than anything.

  36. the first time the kings are facing adversity in playoffs getting on a plane to travel 3000 miles to sit in newark after blowing cup chance at home. maybe doubt creeps in.

    dear god

    i want this over in 5

  37. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I just read something that I never thought about. Jordan Staal to Carolina. Skinner-Staal-Staal WOAH!

  38. Saturday is must-win for the Kings. Put us all out of our misery.

    They just have to waffle board away the momentum that Jersey has after tonight’s win.

  39. Any chance Doc “true professional” Emrick joins the rest of his fellow senior citizens at some sunny Florida retirement home next season? That would be ideal.

  40. well I watch the weekday games at HNIC so I don’t get the enjoyment of most of you.

    Saturday back to NBC, wah.

    Saturday the Kings win

  41. JimboWoodside on

    What the hell? I miss a game here and everything goes to pot!? How did you guys let the Debbies win tonight!?

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