Devils-Kings Game 3 in review



1) Game 4, if necessary …

2) The Devils power play might be worse than the Rangers power play, or at least it is when Kovalchuk isn’t scoring (or if he’s hurt, which he probably is). And the Devils’ penalty kill stinks, and has stunk all playoffs.

3) That said, I think the Rangers would have been more physical with the Kings, and maybe would have spent more time in the Kings zone than the Devils have, but I wonder if they’d have more than the two goals the Devils have scored … or fewer.


5) Don’t attend your own funeral as a guy named Phil Shiffley. Now that’s a funny commercial.

6) Here’s my rant for today. The NHL bosses insist on micro-managing the rulebook, as if more rules, more penalties is a good thing. Well, here’s the thing. The more rules you put in, the more guys will take advantage of them and the more epidemics you create. We saw one of those last night when Anze Kopitar put David (milk carton) Clarkson into the boards face first. Clarkson turned purposely, then dived into the boards. We’ve seen that epidemic all year, for a couple of years, really. Why? Because the NHL put in a rule about hits from behind. Before the rule, in the olden days, guys would never turn because they knew they’d get plastered; not get a power play.

So now the NHL has put this stupid slashing penalty in the book. When a guy has his stick slashed out of his hands, it’s a penalty. The result is that guys now get their stick slapped and they drop it. It’s now an epidemic, too. We saw it — I forget who it was — last night, and Pierre McGuire made the good point that, in the olden days, a coach would be angry if you had the stick knocked out of your hands. Now they drop it like it’s hot, on purpose. Give us more rules, guys.

7) Is it possible that the “exhausted” and “out of gas” Rangers wore down the Devils to this degree?

8) Jonathan Quick is awesome. But he made at least three in-close “equipment” saves in Game 3 … saves that were only saves because of those big pieces of needless padding on his arms and shoulders.

9) Bob Costas really howsoned the John Tortorella interview. Torts brought this on himself, though, and he’s right, it has taken on a life of its own. Too bad. Would have been nice to hear about those 61 wins and the young team instead of a few disrespectful press conferences (and, yawn, the shot-blocking issue). Hope I’m not one of those “idiots” though.

10) Great to see TGO, wasn’t it? By  the way, you know what makes me laugh? This notion that, if Marty McSorley hadn’t been called for an illegal stick, Barry Melrose’s Kings would have won the Cup in’93.

11) Boy, I’m glad I didn’t have to go to LA. And I’m quite certain there are going to be many, many happy journalists more happy than I that they don’t have to go back for Game 6.

AP photos, above.


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  1. In the top photo, Marty looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Rather than below his shoulders where it usually resides.

  2. And the woman on the right celebrating the Kings touchdown certainly is _not_ a bandwagon fan, thank you.

  3. It’s so nice to wake up here in Jerusalem and read the comments of last night and see that the Devils lost. And to see the commentary by you guys as I imagine the Devil’s fans hearts sink with each goal.

  4. Great review, Carp….thought I could ignore the finals…but seems I couldn’t. Quite a display by the Kings…makes you think hard about the type of players we need to add…and the need to dispatch teams quickly in the early playoff rounds…especially if the team winning the other conference is doing so….does Parise’s play in the finals makes us want him more…or less? It will be interesting how under his leadership they come out for game 4.

  5. Ive seen/read/heard enough about Parise these playoffs that make me want him less than about 10 other available players this offseason.

  6. bull dog line on

    the Kings and the Devils are setting the NHL back 10 years with this series. just awful hockey to watch.

  7. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Good morning all

    Carp, i think your one of the reporters he respects, not an idiot. He might think all of us on this blog are idiots though :)

    Kings would have beaten us too…although we would have won a game by now.

    Dropping a stick intentonally should be a penalty. I miss my rough hockey i grew up n in the 80’s and 90’s

  8. Tortorella may have brought it on himself but that was really the only reason they interviewed him. Oh wait, that and it was the only way to get a few Ranger fans to actually watch what has to have become the biggest ratings bust for hockey in history since outside of us hoping they will lose there are about 3,000 Devil fans on the East Coast watching.

  9. This is the first year since the Carolina-Edmonton series that I haven’t been able to make it through a full period watching any game in the series, much less a full game. Funny after such high-octane matches like Pittsburgh-Detroit, Philadelphia-Chicago and Boston-Vancouver, the NHL dumps this stinker on us. The ratings have to be horrible.

  10. Respectfully disagree with you on the Peggy commercials, they’re funny. The Phil Shifley commercial is terrible.

    Glad to see Devil Dogs down 3-0.

    Carp, keep up the great work as always!!!

  11. this smells like 2007 when the sabres beat us 4-2 in an epic series only to get smoked by the senators 4-0 (who got smoked by the ducks).

    Anyone see this going more than five?

  12. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    Peggy commercials are ok, Carp

    They MUST pull the plug on that horrible commercial with the ‘proto-typical’ American family taking a roadtrip while sing Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train…

    Its an insult to metal-heads everywhere!

  13. The Costas interview was a waste of my time. I thought it would be NYT worthy, instead it was National Inquirer. Put Bob in the “idiot” column.

    Once again, the officiating is inconsistent and not good enough for college level. Put them in the “idiot” column with Bob.

  14. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    Devils getting shut-out by Jonathan Quickter: wonderful

    Devils about to be swept out of finals: awesome

    NBC getting lowest ratings for SC finals: deserving!

    Chico and Daneyko’s faces on MSG Post-game: PRICELESS!

  15. Per Djoos (stay thirsty my friends) on

    Who else is in tort’s idiot column:

    Larry Brooks

    Stan Fischler


  16. News Flash:

    NEW YORK — Wednesday night’s game will be seen on HGTV. The Home and Garden Network. We can’t bury this any further than that. Even we feel this is awful hockey.

  17. Per, it WAS priceless to see Chico and Daneyko try to explain their heroes being this bad. You don’t hear these homers ever say anything negative about them. Ever. They must not get the free hamburgers and beer that must be what they get paid if they don’t!!!!

    “Oh, you just gotta get out there and play shift by shift. You have to believe you can do it.” “I’ll tell ya Marty did a great job even though he lost by 4” “After a great season, you can still feel good about yourself” “The offense needs to step up”

    “Boy, these guys look defeated as *$()#” “Kovie is absent. Where’d he go?” “Please someone take Parise. That’s some captain we have”. “This is the worst drubbing we have seen and it’s just damn lucky our boys faced two bogus opponents in the first two rounds, and coasting the last half of the year. Imagine if we were tired going into the Rangers series. We are now!”

  18. Clarkson is embarrassing….falls down any time there is contract to draw a penalty ….refs must be tired of it

  19. Carp,

    On your point about these penalty. The Devils have become the best team at “drawing” those types of penalties. Dropping the slashed stick, diving backwards on a little touch, and turning into the boards. This must be what Torts is always harping about with DeBoer-ing.

    Funny thing about the Gretz interview. About 10 minutes before the interview after NJ AND LA both passed up wide open shots to try and move the puck to semi-open wingers, I said to my wife…know why we don’t have scoring in the league anymore? Teams just don’t shoot! They are always looking to make the highlight play instead of blasting the puck at the goalie instead of shooting the puck and the rest of the team going at the net for a rebound. That part of the game is gone. So TGO is asked why there is no scoring in the game of hockey today? And what does he say? Teams don’t shoot!! My wife just laughed!!

    You’d have to think that the Rangers couldn’t have played any worse than NJ against the Kings.

    I also like the DirecTV commercials and am tired of Peggy, although the Shifley one is the least funny of the series.

    All those stars in LA and they get some no name to sing the National Anthem?

    I am sick of EVERYONE jumping on the Quick bandwagon. He’s a great goalie, but I can’t point to one save in last nights game that was anything more than great positioning. And maybe that’s his game. Kudos. But I think Hank reacts quicker. Is Quick better than Hank? Arguable. Still, when Hank is up for both Hart and Lindsay trophies as well as Vezina, and Quick is only up for Vezina, how can Quick be the best goalie?

  20. I think this would be a great forum for us all to come up with things to say to our Devils fan friends, few that there are, on Thursday morning after their heroes are swept in 4 games and look like they don’t belong in the big show.

    I’ll offer number one, two, three, four and five:

    1. Had your team not run into the best in the east, you might of stretched this to 6.
    2. The Rangers obviously softened your team up big time.
    3. No doubt our team would have showed better in the SCF. Pitiful team you have!!
    4. Thanks for teaching the 4th youngest team in the league what it takes. Reminds me of 1995 all over again!!
    5. After coasting the last half of the season, trying to and actually finishing 6th to play the weakest team in the east, first round, your team wins a soft first round, then a drained team second round and sit pretty resting, waiting for us. We play hard ALL season, have two underrated teams go physical 7 game series, and this is the best you could do?

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    I also have to disagree with you about the Peggy commercials. They’re great. I can’t stand the DirectTV commercials or, as another pointed out, the Crazy Train in the car commercial. Ugh.

    Let’s speculate as to whether NYR prospect Dylan McIlrath meant to misspell “suicide” in his most recent tweet. I say no.

  22. steveknj, I’ll play Devil’s advocate.

    Hank was our MVP regular season. He was stellar in a well-rated, about 80% of his games. Torts did a great job giving him rest all year. No excuses from him.

    This is the first year, to me, he was ‘King’ despite the label earlier in his career. He personally stole about 10 games, the most notable of which was the Boston game up there in January, a brilliant stand on his head shutout.

    Those games are nice. THey get you there. It is now time for him to prove himself on the big NHL stage.

    I have not doubt he will, as the team around him gets better and deeper. I have no doubt he would not have been as worn down mentally (if he was physically, I am sorry, but he had a realistic season this year) had he a deeper team that maybe played a better system that keeps shots to a minimum like Brodiva has. I do not look at his past PO performances for anything. They were with deficient teams he carried as far as he could.

    While he did have, what, 3 shutouts in the playoffs, and the one in Ottowa was awesome, it was those performances that we needed from him to win. We expected him to do it and round 3 game 5 and 6 were absolute let downs at the high pressure time where he was needed the most. A great goalie does not let in some of the softies he let in there. Prove me wrong, Hank.

    Until he responds on the big NHL stage, and Quickter and Brodiva have already, these others are marginally better.

    That being said, I believe he will. I look forward to seeing it.

    PS. I hope I am not blacklisted for life. I honestly feel this way.

  23. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m planning to make a trip this weekend back to Essex county where I used to live for 8 years, so I can talk hockey with some of my former neighbors/”friends” Devils fans…

    None of the above, Matty. I’d tell them:” You finished second, we finished third in the league this year. Now take a look at the age and potentials of your core players, and compare that to ours. Good Luck!”

  24. I don’t blame Hank for any of those goals against the Devils. They were deflections, screens and unlucky rebounds to uncovered players. If he saw it, he saved it. That is what is required of the goalie. Sloppy play from the team around him to start the games killed it.

  25. Am I the only one here who went to sleep dreaming of Alyssa Milano? I mean, how did Tony Danza stay out of the tabloid headlines all these years? VA VA VOOOOOOM!

  26. steveknj – I was saying that about the Rangers through the whole playoffs. They made a slightly above average goaltender, an AHL goaltender and a 40-something over-the-hill goaltender all look like Vezina Trophy candidates because they simply didn’t shoot. I don’t care how good a goalie is, he’s going to let at least a couple in once the shot total hovers into the high 40s.

    Maybe its that players simply can’t see net anymore behind these goaltenders who play much farther outside of the crease than I’m accustomed to seeing and, as Carp said, have much larger pads. But that doesn’t change the bottom line. If you have a lane, take the shot. Plain and simple.

  27. To Matty:

    Granted I have not seen too much of Quick outside the finals, but I haven’t seen anything THAT spectacular out of him. I know he stole a couple of games earlier in the playoffs. I agree, that Hank had his ups and downs in the playoffs, but during the regular season? Not a chance. To make these proclamations that Quick is far and away the best goalie is overstating what he’s done. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it as a Ranger’s homer :)

    To Phil:
    I totally agree, but it’s not just the Rangers who don’t shoot. It’s everyone. I had to laugh reading an article from 1994 saying that before the NJ game 6, the Rangers were averaging like 45 shots a game!! They don’t do that in TWO games now. I disagree, I think goalies are playing deeper in the crease than they used to. That’s a product of the butterfly style the play now where every goalie plays on his knees. It’s a lot harder to shoot up high and get off an accurate shot. Goalies play the percentages as they should. And you’re right, perhaps they aren’t seeing the net. But I’d still be shooting the puck toward the net any chance I could. As TGO said 100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in the net. I’d go so far as give a bonus to any player who had at least 5 shots on goal. This forces the goalie to make saves, to play the puck, etc. And you don’t always know where rebounds might wind up.

  28. No Fat Guy. You are not the only one. I will admit that Alyssa Milano holds a special place in me, ah…., heart.

  29. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    good morning boneheads-

    Any opinions on who you think will win the Hart Trophy?

  30. Also dislike Peggy. But I like the eyepatch DirecTV commercial far more than the Phil Shiffley. And, of course, my obligatory Marty bash: he is a rebound machine. I concede that he may have been great once facing those 15 shots a game, but he is a blob now.

  31. Kenny,

    I’d be shocked if Malkin doesn’t win it. He was hot later in the season when people are paying attention. And the playoffs mean nothing for that vote.

  32. All those Directtv commercials are hilarious. Shiffley was my favorite until the “don’t have your house blown up” one. Shiffley rules.

  33. “Give us more rules, guys.”

    The thing about this league, over and over it seems, is that they make a rule to fix a problem or perceived problem but don’t have the foresight to see the loophole. Like you said above with the penalties, which almost encourage divey play, to the cap stuff where you end up burying veterans that can still play, just not at the level of their cap hit, in the AHL. Either there’s absolutely no one with intelligence playing devil’s advocate or Bettman/whoever refuses to listen to them.

  34. At least we will have a new CBA coming. Hopefully they can iron out the loopholes on and off the ice. On the ice, they need to call USC penalties closer on obvious dives/ letting go of the stick too easily / turning purposely into the boards, or just NOT calling the penalties in the first place if the ‘victim’ obviously draws the penalty.

  35. And when its missed, because an effective fake does look like a penalty in real time, hand out supplemental discipline. Fines early, suspensions for repeat offenders. Like with Bernier and the “high stick”, he knew if he can fool one guy he gets the 2:00 and, at worst, some boos. If the league punishes that sort of thing, and its the easiest thing in the world to follow up on with video, it has to cut back.

  36. Rob in Beantown on

    Are we sure the stick didn’t nick Bernier? I watched the replay a bunch of times and from the angle at best its inconclusive. I tend to think it hit him. He flopped afterwards for sure, so maybe it should have been a high stick and embellishment

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    The Kings are the best team in the playoffs, and they may sweep the Devils in the finals.

    The moves they made this year have paid off. They bring in a new coach, and he gets them to play from the net out. They have out hit every team they have played in the playoffs, Greene is clearing everything out front for Quick, and they have the speed and just enough talent to score goals to win. Granted they scored just enough to even get into the playoffs, but Quick was playing as good as Lundqvist has all year, the stats say just a little better. When the Kings starting playing like the Rangers they started to win like the Rangers, alot of low scoring games.

    They made the right move bringing Carter in from Columbus. It was a gamble with his salary and production year to date, but hooking him up with Richards creates a whole new scoring line for them, and the chemistry they had in Philly shows on the ice in LA.

    They are going to win the Cup. They peeked at the right time, with the right players. They have the speed and the size, and the skill to bury the puck.

    In all honesty, with Gaborik needed shoulder surgery – I don’t see the Rangers winning a series against the Kings at this time of the year. With Hank anything is possible, and it sure would be a better series to watch then the Devils that’s for sure. Torts has this team very close, now if it’s a Nash or a Parise type player we need to find away to get the right type of player.

    I’m not sold on Radalov, he has skill to score, but he is a me me me player. He will play in Russia for more money. You can’t change the heart in a player, if only he had an ounce of Callahan in him, he could be a special player.

    Parise – is the missing link this team needs to get to the next level.

    I have work golf with Mr. Titleist…. keep up the good work Carp. Still hunting for your bonehead :)

  38. Sioux, agree with most of your analysis but I’ll take a pass on Parise. While the kid has loads of talent, he’s simply not big enough to be what we need at a price that will prevent us from upgrading in other areas or keeping valuable assets we already have. I’m not saying we should get Nash due to the cost and length of his contract, but a big, physical and productive offensive player would be a bigger improvement over a player like Parise.

  39. I think the Rangers need more depth all around, Messier is correct. And someone said it above and it is true, when our third and fourth lines were on the ice you knew tyhey were not scoring.

  40. I know he’s probably enjoying some golf, but did Richie really need to tweet about it while the Finals are still going on? on second thought, its all but over and nobody cares anyway. Might as well hit a few.

  41. BTW – wouldn’t Kopitar look good in a NYR uni? To me, he’s the most impressive player I’ve seen in the playoffs. He just does everything well. He’d be the type of player to fit in with our team. Obviously that’s not going to happen.

    On Nash. I’m not sure I’d spend the boat load of players/picks for him. I also agree with Daneko that I don’t think Parise is leaving NJ, and not to go to the Rangers. And I don’t Radalov either. He reminds me too much of Zherdev. Having Krieder all year will help. Really. If Dubi and Stepan had scored like we expected, this would have been a different outcome. Our lack of depth killed us.

  42. ugh, I meant “Ukraine is *GAME* to you!?”

    I am screwing up my Seinfeld references.

  43. Sioux-per-man on

    Parise has that Fighting Sioux spirit, a nose for the net, and he will simply out work, out score, and out play you. Yes I’m guilty of watching him as a Fighting Sioux fan, and watching him play in college before he was a Pro. He has the heart of a champion, and has put up 90 pts when healthy. Parise has a WILL about him, he can will his team to win. Look how far he has brought the Devils this year. He has a chance to come to NY, I say it’s between the Rangers and the Red Wings. If he likes to play for Torts HE will chose the Rangers. I’m just saying his work ethic, his leadership, and his talent to score are tailor made for Torts. He is everything Callahan is to this team, with a little more scoring.

    I WILL be the first person to order a Parise Jersey if he is a Ranger. (When he could have been drafted a Ranger all along – but no someone picked Jessiman).

    So you will have to give this bonehead a pass on wanting Parise as the next Ranger. Parisie, Toews, and Oshie are some of my favorite all time favorite Sioux Players. The D men don’t get all the glory the forwards do, but if you watch Greene on the Kings, we could sure use a player like him on the Rangers. Perhaps the Rangers should dial up Commadore for one more season, he is a Stanley Cup Champion that plays alot like Greene does for the Kings.

  44. Latest on Radulov: Radulov left Russia. The Rangers and Red Army are still main contenders. The decision on signing with Red Army is expected by mid week but the Russians are worry about … dropping oil prices which influence Radulov’s negotiations and make Rangers’ offer more attractive.

  45. i dont know… i just dont see Radulov going back to Russia…why did he comeback to US in the first place? And i believe he was also nursing some sort of a leg injury… Unless he REALLY thought that Nashville are good enough to win the Cup it makes no sense coming here for the playoffs and then bolting back to Russia again. But as we all know…money talks. Will see how this one ends.

  46. Also, I heard that Russia is one of those, “anything is possible if you have the money” places. Thus,

    KHL – Anything is possible if you have the money

  47. Radulov still owed Nashville one more year on his contract. The NHL, for whatever reason, agreed that his return to the Predators fulfills the final year on that deal.

  48. AnthonyM

    aside from getting more money in Russia it is still makes no sense why he came back now of all time…if he goes back, that would be the last of Radulov in the NHL…he knows that.

  49. i agree that i dont see Radulov going back to Russia. If he leaves now he will never play in the NHL again. At 25 his best years are still ahead of him. Career suicide if he goes to the KHL imo.

    Still dont get what makes Parise a winner, Sioux. Invisible winner?

  50. ThisYearsModel on

    Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar. Get rid of cable and upgrade…………..DirecTV has a terrific ad firm. This commercials are great.

    Watching the Devild get swept…….awesome.

  51. Those commercials are great, but they don’t make me want to buy DirectTV. I don’t really get what the idea of commercials is anymore. It seems like just stuffy folks trying to be funny and relate. It almost never works.

    Real Housewives of New Jersey! UGH! We Suck. Had we thought of that amazing burn we could have won!

  52. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Carp I don’t think your one of those idiots. Honestly IMO the only idiot out of the regulars is Stan Fischler. He asked some stupid questions…

  53. Carp you are dead on with #6. Funny I had the same thoughts last night watching that stick slash and was looking foward to posting a rant today. Thanks for saving me the time.

  54. agree about stan fischler. his best days are long gone. as someone who hasnt missed on torts press conf this year stan questions are so stupid that you would think someone who has been in the league for 85 years would know better. his icing questions and why u called timeout make me laugh.

    stan must go

  55. We add Radulov (for cheap) and Nash, plus one or two depth players July 1, blend it in with the core work ethic we have, and with Gabby returning in mid-season, we are in business.

    No Parise.

  56. Richie’s entitled to enjoy his summer but his tweet about his golf game in the midst of the Stanley Cup Finals which the Devils are playing in shows an astonishing lack of self awareness. Am I wrong?

  57. It just seems SO weird to me to get a guy like Radulov who is the antithesis of what this team stands for.

  58. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Matteau, IMO your wrong. These guys are humans, just like me and you. They have lives. He is on summer vacation right now. Soon enough its back to training and back to hockey and there is no doubt that Richards wont be ready.

  59. This Devils team is amateur-hour … but not as bush-league as the no-talent clowns (read: New York Rangers)

  60. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    No Radulov. No Nash. No Parise. Stick to the core. Honestly for what its worth, I much rather trade for the first overall pick in this years draft than for Radulov, Nash or signing Parise.

  61. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    2000 Rick DiPietro (New York Islanders)
    2001 Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers)
    2002 Rick Nash (Columbus Blue Jackets)
    2003 Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh Penguins)
    2004 Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)
    2005 Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)
    2006 Erik Johnson (St. Louis Blues)
    2007 Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks)
    2008 Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay Lightning)
    2009 John Tavares (New York Islanders)
    2010 Taylor Hall (Edmonton Oilers)
    2011 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Edmonton Oilers)

    The first round picks over the least 10 years.

  62. For Parise!

    Against Radulov!

    I’d love to have Nash, but I’m not willing to part with what Howser apparently wants.

    It’s tempting to wait until next year and see what happens with the Ducks & Corey Perry .

  63. True Blue of course that number 1 pick would be great but I cant imagine theyre trading it unless we talk Kredier or McD. Stick to the core and not add offense? Guess you’re ok with not winning the cup.

    Manny he has a high talent ceiling and I really think this room will keep him in line. Ranger players have it too good on and off the ice, there’s a lot of built in incentive not to do something that gets them traded or Redden-ed.

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    Matteau, I think he has to be aware of connotations of golfing during the SCF and tweeted anyway, either because he doesn’t care or wanted to be self-deprecating.

    And count me among those who want more Peggy commercials, not fewer!!

  65. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I agree with Orr. I am not against Parise, just don’t think we will get him and wouldn’t care if we don’t. Nash only if the only current roster player leaving is Dubinsky, so therefore no Nash. Wait for Perry and Malkin! (A man can dream)

  66. Orr there are 29 other teams in the league who would want Perry. There is no guarantee he would come to NY. Can’t make decisions based on what might be.

  67. Rob, if he gets it and doesn’t care is just as bad isn’t it? Could you imagine Messier doing this?

  68. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Edmonton has RNH, Hall, Eberle, Hemsky. On defense they have no one… I think you could get that pick starting with Staal or Girardi, Erixon or McClrath, Dubinsky and our 1st and 2nd. That would definitely get it done and we get Nail Yapukov. Plus we have enough room to bring in Suter easily.



    The team could look something like that. Its a stretch but its possible. And that team right their could win a cup.

  69. For Nash they can have Dubi and any player off the roster not named Kreider or McDonough as far as I’m concerned.

  70. Finding Peggy and the Ozzy family commercials even more annoying than himself is Emrick.

  71. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Matteau, yeah there are 29 other teams but you forget that if we have the cap room available we have the assets to give him what he wants. Whether it be a front loaded deal or something else. Plus the allure of coming to a very good young team in the Eastern Conference. Playing in MSG. Etc. There is a lot of incentives to come to NY.

  72. There might be 29 other teams, but what player in the NHL wouldn’t want to play for NYR? Not only that, but the best in the East, as far as regular season goes.

    It is a stretch though. I can’t see the Ducks letting Perry go, unless he wants to. Getzlaf is also a UFA that year, but to be honest, I wouldn’t sign him.

  73. I went to a gliterazzi festival in LA last night and a hockey game broke out……..Was that sickening or what ……I mean, is it really neccessary to show us that LL Cool J was present and accounted for???

  74. Rob in Beantown on

    I think that lady in the white jacket with her hands on the glass in the Marty picture at the top really epitomizes why most people hate LA.

  75. Tom Foolery on

    Christnesen is going to be playing on the same team as our old friend Marcel Hossa

  76. Can someone tell me why Diane Rehm still has a show on NPR? Her voice sounds horrifying at this point.

  77. Oh I just found out from Google that she has a disease in her vocal cords. I’m the jackwagon on this one….

  78. Sioux-per-man on

    Parise > Radalov

    Watch Sather bring in both. We need more scoring depth. We’ve added more speed with Hags & Kreider, now we need more power play skill.

    Tort’s didn’t play the 4th line a whole lot in the playoffs, and the top lines where flat out tired at the end. The Devils got scoring throughout all 4 lines, and they won be the slightest of margins.

    The Whale have been restocked with 2 top end Swedish players, Erixon will make the 5th or 6th D spot next year, McIlrath will start for the Whale – but could see some NHL time by the end of the year.

    Will the Rangers sign another Wisconsin D-Man in Justin Schultz, he is being talked about as much as Parise and Suter. He won’t have the price tag as the other two, but if he wanted to play with Wisconsin Alums on a winning team, the Rangers would be the perfect choice for him to play.

    Can’t wait for July 1st. It will be interesting to see who is brought in. You know the Rangers are going to make a splash with someone big.

    Any draft choices out there you guy want to talk about? It’s tuff picking 28th, but anyone have a top 3 that might be around when the Rangers pick?

  79. FiveFootZero on

    Flipped over my Ranger’s calendar to June…pics are of Avery, Wolski, and Christensen…I think I’m just gonna cut that page off and give Eminger, Feds, and Biron another month (they’re May).

  80. BDubi17 profile

    BDubi17 Thank you fans for all the love and support through a season that tested my will! I am excited to share my summer with you and next season!

    Notice how he doesnt say Rangers fans. He knows he’s a goner.

  81. Question, and I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet. If Gabby is put on LTIR to start the season, might we have more money to work with this summer and then have some decisions to make once he is ready to return? If that is the case, unless we are trading for a Nash or Ryan, I don’t really think Dubi is going anywhere just yet. Thoughts?

  82. Should players on teams who got knocked out in the first round or missed the playoffs also ban themselves from golf or anything else in their lives (or innocuously communicating the fact) until the Cup Final has finished?

    Really don’t see the big deal.

  83. It doesn’t, Nasty. LTIR counts against the cap, but the team is allowed to go over the cap by LTIR salary for the duration. The moment said player is fit to play, the team has to go below the cap again. In other words, LTIR only helps if player is out for the whole year.

  84. Agreed LW. How is Richards playing golf and talking about any different/worse than Hagelin/Lundqvist flying home to Sweden and relaxing, Prust going to a Blue Jays game, MDZ downloading music (illegally no doubt)

  85. I don’t care what the players do after they lose. It’s fine. They need to have a life. They can’t just spiral into drugs and addiction and pornography. If they did then they wouldn’t be in shape for the next season.

  86. Nasty maybe on to something though. Cant we get say both Radulov and Parise and keep Dubinsky and then come November or whenever Gaborik returns we evaluate the situation again and see if Dubinsky really has improved or not and trade him + Anisimov or anyone else that is expendable to get below the cap?

  87. LTIR only of much use if you are right up to the cap already. And you’d be in a mess having to get back under the cap when Gaborik returns, which might only be a month into the season, so unlikely to be a viable option.

    Ignoring the whole point about the CBA maybe looking different (or not existing) by then anyway…

  88. Here is a funny story that is not hockey related at all, but I find it hilarious. My son is 4 years old, and he will be 5 in August. He has low spectrum autism, and he really has come a long way since he was first diagnosed. If you saw him in a room of kids his own age, you probably wouldn’t see him as any different than the rest of them. He does have his quirks and some habits that I really want him to quit. One being picking his nose and eating it. Nothing makes me gag more than seeing that. So last night I was watching a clip for the original Alien movie and the classic part when the alien rips out of the guys stomach. I had what I thought was a great idea to show him the clip and tell him that if he keeps eating his boogers that the booger monster alien will rip though his stomach. His eyes widened and he screamed and grabbed his stomach and flipped the hell out. I knew what I was doing when I did this. My wife and daughter however were a different story and we none too pleased. He kept grabbing his stomach and really was upset. I knew that in the long run it would be an evil trick that would have great benefits. My wife had to sleep with him last night because he was all freaked out, but eventually he fell asleep. This morning after I got him up and brought him downstairs he was standing in the kitchen and he went up to pick a winner. After he dug out the gold he was looking for he looked at me and said, “Daddy I need a tissue.” I asked him what for, and he answered, “To put my booger in.” BOOM!!!! I could not have been happier. Problem solved, and he has been using tissues all day. Now I just need to find a clip of someone poking their nose and puncturing their brain to get him to stop actually picking his nose. I guess he has been watching too much Dubinsky footage or something :)

  89. “MDZ downloading music (illegally no doubt)…”

    And listening to said music while reading his timeline full of adult entertainers and cover girls.

  90. Nasty – you are Father of the year in my opinion. Stopping gross stuff should be priority Number 1 or else the poor little guy will be a freak and you will have to care for him for the rest of his life.

  91. FiveFootZero on

    Nasty…remind me to tell my son to stay away from you! LOL!!! I still can’t watch the entire Alien movie it freaks me out so much.

  92. HAHA, yeah, well desperate times call for desperate measures. He is totally fine today and hasn’t even mentioned the alien or monster, but even just a second ago asked for a tissue and used it to blow his nose. I am a miracle worker. I am going to write a book called “Unorthodox Ways of Parenting that Really Work” by the Nasty 1. I can see it being a best seller on Amazon.

  93. FiveFootZero on

    LOL…sometimes, yes, desperate times call for desperate measures. I can totally relate.

  94. To Adam Rotter – Not trading Kreider for Nash – not now not ever! Will gladly give them Dubi and a couple of others.

  95. “I want NYR to draft Gemel Smith. He’s a left wing and the smallest guy”

    LOL! Yeah…Errrrr…he could be the NEW MZA! We need more small guys!!

  96. Apparently Kuba is available. Dont think we need him but wouldnt be surprised if we got him. Torts likes him, Rangers have had interest in the past, and he and Gabby are pretty close (remember them hugging it out after the Sens series)

  97. @DaveLozo: Doughty on Quick’s Vezina chances: “If Quick is in New York, I don’t think there’s any doubt he’s going to win it.”

    I don’t get it, is he trying to say that Hank is going to win it because he plays in NY. I must be reading that wrong…

  98. No Orr, I think you are reading it right. He is saying that Hank gets more exposure, so he will win.

  99. Thats how i read it too, Orr. I just didnt say anything. Personally I think Hank gets it because he’s been in this position in the past and was runner up. If their in the same position next year Quick will get it. Ill be fine with whoever wins it but I think Hank gets it by a couple of votes.

  100. If the Kings lose the cup, does that mean they would have won it if they were in New York?

  101. Interesting to note that Gaborik probably hurt/aggravated his shoulder on a hit by Kuba

  102. *NO* Kuba! He spells his name with an ‘F’ like a Europansy! -FILIP- PHILLIP!

  103. bull dog line on

    the Vezina is a regular season award. Hank without question was the best goalie in the regular season. he should win the award.

  104. You know all of this Marty is better stuff really makes no sense. Last night he gave up 4 goals on 20 shots. I have been watching hockey since 1960 when 35 to 40 shots per game were normal. If he played in the era he would not even be a starting goaltender. Because with that average he would be giing up 7 to 8 goals per game.

  105. FiveFootZero on

    Sad to read this…Our thoughts are with the Dominic Moore family as his wife, Katie, battles cancer.

  106. Who said “The Kreider for Radulov”?

    That is an intelligent man right there. Love it. I would do this in a second.

  107. i’m a few days late with this, but RIP Richard Dawson, another Hogan’s Hero down. poor Newkirk.

    LIN!!! is that you up there?

    MEMO to Doughty: hard to believe any GM other than Sather has a NY bias. GMs vote for Vezina, son.

  108. Quick is basically as worthy of the Vezina as Lundqvist (or damn close), but I’d buy the whole “NY/eastern bias will deny Quick” thing a lot more if the media hadn’t been going out of their way to give the impression that they would’ve voted for Quick (if they had a vote in this one) precisely to prove that they don’t have a NY/eastern bias.

    (That and the fact that there have been loads of western and small market award winners before, and that the 2006 Thornton/Jagr fiasco showed that other biases were probably more prevalent.)

  109. Kuba and Gaborik had some pretty good battles in Ottawa series. Kuba did a pretty good job on him after Game 1, and squished him once in the same game Gaborik tore his shoulder. Gaborik went back at him as he does with Chara, his other buddy.

  110. Everyone salivating over Parise- are you watching these finals? Lets just say he is less than ordainary in this series and be kind. I thought from early first round he looked like he was feeling the pressure of the upcoming free agency- (that classic interview where he claimed the PK played well after giving three goals to Florida- and the team played well though they blew a 3-0 lead- where he kind of left Marty hanging- didn’t seem captain-like to me)- if this is how he responds to contract pressure- what will happen to him if he gets off to a slow start here with major money riding on his back? Devils lost last nite for one simple reason- BAD REF DID NOT BLOW WHISTLE! I know it for a fact because the first 45 minutes of the Dev postgame kept telling me so. Nevermind that marty did not know where the puck was- and his body language probably led ref to hesitate blowing whistle (what nonsense about blowing the whistle as soon as you lose sight of the puck- its really about losing sense of the puck- refs are often blocked off from direct view of puck and use their senses to determine where the puck is and whether its covered or not).

  111. Paul in sunrise on

    Like it that Richards is staying in new York and not running away. Shows more commitment.

    Bethpage black > monster

    Shot an 85 (39 on back nine) from the tips and felt like par to me.

    No parise. Yes Nash. Yes Radulov. Yes bobby Ryan.

  112. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Makes me feel old that Mess and Gretzky look so old.

    Been thinking all day about the Mickey Mouse organization and how it must feel for Lou and the boys to see Gretzky there last night.

  113. Rob in Beantown on

    “Like it that Richards is staying in new York and not running away. Shows more commitment.”

    I agree

  114. I think everybody understands that Gretzky was feeling badly for his buddy, Ron Low, who was the goalie in that debacle over the Devils.

    And, I may be in the minority, but the Devils haven’t totally played like crap, to me anyway. They could have won either Game 1 or Game 2, easily, with a hop … or if you put Brodeur and Quick in opposite nets. Last night was still a game until the Devils’ horrible PK got a hold of it. Sounds a lot like the Rangers sometimes … doing almost everything but scoring.

  115. 2 goals in 3 games just wont cut it. No matter how good Quick is Kovalchuk and Parise need to get more shots. Elias as well. Wouldnt be surprised if they put Sykora in next game.

  116. Czechthemout!!! on

    Adam Rotter continuing to perpetuate the false premise that Kreider has to be involved in the Nash deal even though Aron Portzline is saying that that doesn’t really have to happen. Dopey kid!

    A big Hell no!! To Kuba.

  117. Carp any chance youll be covering the team full time seeing as how much traffic was generated during this run?

  118. czechthemout!!!! on

    Nick Kerdiles and tanner Pearson. Two names to keep an eye on as potential Rangers first round picks.

    Watched both of these kids play and like them both. Strong on the puck good skill for both. Kerdelis is tough as well. Both kids skate well too. A big plus to me. And also why a kid like Ulf Samuleson’s son should not be drafted. He can’t skate well.

    As for the draft itself, don’t pay attention to the nonsense about this being a so so draft. There are a lot of very good players in this draft. Several will turn into great players. A lot of the players got hurt for long stretches and many had nagging injuries for the whole season. Also many good players had sub par seasons, hurting their draft positions. Players like Nick Ebert for instance.

    I know someone who works for ISS scouting. He told me to ignore the smoke and mirrors. This is a really good draft. So will see.

  119. EC has a better chance to become the new President of Russia than the league’s MVP….

  120. Carp – time for a move to the NY POST-replace the blowhard NHLPA mouthpiece who never gets a rumor right. Torts will give you a reference if needed.

  121. Paul in sunrise on

    I was not commenting on people goon home or visiting family. what I was sayin is that Richards signed here for a lot of money but actually maybe is going to embrace and call new York home. Messier did that back in the day and we embraced him for it. I like that Richards is still in new York. His family is due north in PEI I believe and I think it’s great he is hanging.

    Not saying anything wrong with going home.

  122. He’d better embrace and call NY home. He’ll be here for another 8 years…

  123. Paul in sunrise on

    I know ilb. Just saying I like it. It’s easy to take the money but not spend anytime here. Which he would have every right to do.

  124. According to Syomin’s agent Mark Gandler, “15-foot pole” forward have no intention to stay in Washington. Moskow’s CSKA and SKA (St.Petersbrg) are ready to start talks with him July,1. with firm desire to get’im there.
    Therrien meanwhile, is named coach of the Canadiens and looking with Hab’s GM toward Jagr, believe it or not, who in his turn just said that he will prefer to stay in Phily. In short : a lot of imitation of “wishful” activity.

  125. He made a commitment, Paul. It was his last contract, and from what I remember, he really made it a priority to choose the place that was right for him. I remember how thorough he was during his interviews with LA and Toronto. He is a New Yorker, nothing wrong with that.

  126. Thanks, tomb, you too.

    No, Paul. 20-foot-pole Bethpage Black, IMO. I’m not skilled enough for a track like that. Played Shinnecock once in the wind, in Open conditions two or three weeks before the Open, and shot about 1,000. So no Bethpage for me. Plus, I think Richie knows that I’ve used the Drury 2.0 reference a few times, and I don’t think he’s a big fan of mine.

  127. Paul in sunrise on

    Penta TP > pro v-1

    Anyone want WWEber? Gonna be a byfuglien load of dough.

  128. Paul in sunrise on


    Ouch. Shinnecock must have been awesome though. So BRich reads the blog. That’s awesome. He must get a good chuckle out of it.

    What’s your coverage this summer? You get to do some Olympics?

  129. “Plus, I think Richie knows that I’ve used the Drury 2.0 reference a few times”

    Bwahaha!! I’ll Have Another?

  130. As I said Richie is entitled to enjoy his summer, including playing golf. He just doesn’t have to tweet about it. Golf conjures up different imagery than say visitng your relatives in Sweden. Just my opinion, don’t need to spend much ink on this.

  131. Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, i took my photo on May 18 right before i went to Europe…not May 8! Unjustly accused!

  132. For those with NHL Network, there’s a great special on the playoffs right now…lots of Ranger footage….in game sound….pretty cool, like 24/7

  133. anyone likes the MSG page on facebook? check out the link MSG just share on its wall LOL

    here is the title for the link:


    I SWEAR!

  134. CCCP, every time I’ve ever seen you, you’ve had a beard. You cheater.

    NYR, thanks for the NHL Network tip … most times, when you cover a US Open you are allowed to play the course in the weeks leading up to the event in a media outing. But, if you remember, that Open was played in dry conditions (the greens and watering were an issue). We played it in wind and rain … you could be standing in the sun on one hole and looking two fairways over at a black-cloud storm. Vicious conditions.

  135. Ha! That’s still really cool. Wind and rain what links golf is all about! I actually went to Scotland last year and played Turnberry in brutal conditions 45 degrees, rain, and wind. Literally impossible.

  136. Paul in sunrise on

    Wow that is rough. When I played Bethpage it was 7 am and no wind. Still brutal course. Cannot imagine those kinds of conditions.

  137. this show’s pretty good … why wouldn’t NHL Network let everybody know about this … it’s way better than Game 3 of the finals.

  138. “Wow that is rough.”

    LOL! You’re telling me…that’s where I was most of time….and the gorse….and the bunkers

  139. Turned on the NHL network just in time to see Carter score the game winner in game 5. What byfuglin timing!

  140. I’m watching an episode of “Friends” on Nick@Night called “The One with Russ” and there is a moment in the beginig of the episode where the entire crew goes to a news stand tothey a paper to read an article about Joey…they all pick up NYPost copy and on the back page there’s a photo of Messier in home white jersey skating on the Garden ice with big smile on and hands up in the air…and it says next to the photo “Messier hits millstone with hat trick in win over Flames” and huge number 500 covering almost half of the page.

    Pretty cool…

  141. Carp, prust saying…..

    1. Game 4* *If necessary. LOL!

    2. In the poll to the right, I was really going back and forth on various names. But, heck, ya throw Tom Poti in there and that’s not fair. Not since Bobby Orr………..Why no Wellman? Oh, that’s right. He’s already here!

    3. Henrik deserves Vezina.

  142. Too late to have any meaningfull comment for anybody to be still awake. But,

    a] Costas vs Torts interview was very good [for those who hate either of them}
    b] NYR team was tired in the end and that was the end… but the Devs will feel it anyway
    c] hope Torts and Slats talk to each other – this could make a diference for you fantasy hockey ppl

  143. I am always late, sorry, not the one of the “boys in the band”, but learning the ropes. It’s not easy to fit in a blog if you spent a lifetime in a conversional mode. But, such is the blood glucose test these days. If i contributed more often, would you “old timers” tolerate it?

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