Devils: fire in a hole


I know a lot of you guys are down in the dumps today over the Devils’ precarious position in the Stanley Cup finals.

I can’t cheer you up. Sorry.

No review today. I will say this though, and I mentioned it last night … everyone is making out the Devils’ fourth line as this super trio. And well, it was pretty darn good against the Rangers, and it did account for the Devils’ only goal in Game 2 (paging Ilya Kovalchuk; paging future Ranger Zach Parise).

But the Devils’ fourth line is also the one through which Drew Doughty sliced like a hot knife through butter; and the Devils’ fourth line is the one around which Jeff 10-foot-pole Carter circled twice on the game-winning goal.

By the way, how good is this quick Quick guy?

I’m not saying it’s over yet, because the Devils now have road-ice advantage (road teams: 46-36) in the series. But they’d better win Game 3, where we will be sickened by the bandwagon celebrity fans. We’ll also get to see TGO (The Great One) and I’m sure other former Rangers, er, I mean, Kings like Luc Robitaille and Marcel Dionne.

After Game 3, John Tortorella and three-time defending Super Bowl champion Jets coach Rex Ryan will be interviewed by Bob Costas on his NBCSN show.

See yas.

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  1. and as long as I’m the only one up right now (birthday party) I wish I could root for the local team, but damn, it’s great to see the devils lose :P

  2. Not only have they lost two at home in front of their fair weather,meager, obnoxious fan base…. but,they have lost it in PAINFUL overtime losses.

    This is easing the pain a bit……

  3. By the way, Adam Rotter is reporting that the Rangers are interested in Radulov? REALLY?? The kid who was out after curfew drinking before a playoff game?

    Sure seems 360 degrees from “the right way”…………….

  4. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Good morning all. Devs win game 3, kings game 4, devs game 5, and kings close them out in 6!

  5. FiveFootZero on

    WTB last night…I was in a bar watching the game..
    2 Islanders fans next to me. One wearing a Tavares jersey and the other a Devils hat…both cheering for the Devils. I cannot take the lack of loyalty to your team…and I, being 5-feet tall…told the 2 guys that they aren’t true fans..local team or not (I live in NJ). Thankfully my husband knew them.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You guys are watching the best goalie in the history of the game. Relish it.

    Two OTs, two clown goals, what an embarrassment on both.

  7. Seriously, Radulov would be an important piece in packaging Dubbie and Stephan for Nash.

  8. Well, the Devils are in a super deep hole. That is twice that the Kings have played poorly and the Devils haven’t been able to take advantage. The Devils are not playing poorly. They are doing what they do.

    So, they have lost to the Kings twice while not even getting the Kings best punch. They are beyond screwed. They just let their two best chances to win walk right out the door. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOVE IT!

  9. Czechthemout!!! on

    Radulov is a really good player who will definitely help us in scoring goals. He is young, fast strong and very creative. Also is physical and doesn’t play like a europansy. Say what you will about Brooks, but his exclusive type trade stories are very accurate and many times, come to fruition. I like the move and think he made a mistake in missing curfew. It’s something that Torts will take care of.

    Also encouraged that Brooks says Schultz is the teams top priority on right defense. Obviously we think he is ready to play ad step right in.


  10. To me it’s obvious, if Radulov is coming, we are making a mega deal for Nash. Otherwise, there’s no room for Radulov.

  11. Yes, we’ve all seen how the Rangers manage to get the most out of their lazy, selfish, inconsistent Russian acquisitions. Oh, wait, no we haven’t.

    Torts is great, but he’s not a miracle worker.

  12. The Devils are, indeed, not playing poorly. Yet the Kings weather the storm and get a timely goal by not quitting. Remind you of someone?

  13. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaah. I know it’s a series, but this is a great start! I really did not think that any (modern salary cap) team could roll to the Cup, much less the Kings, but umm woww will they win the cup with 18 games played??? That’s insane to me. I’ve always thought that a short series meant that the winning team didn’t learn anything, didn’t build, didn’t experience enough to make it through all the way. Well, wth did I know. The winning reunion of the Bobbsey twins is burning Philly fan’s up too…just an added lil bonus.

  14. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Carp good points about the vaunted Devils 4th line.

    Also a tad bit of stick interference by the kings against the devils on the winning goal

    Beautiful karma. The devils run uncalled interference all game and they get interfered on the winning goal.

  15. Carp I’m very aware of what Howson/Patrick was asking and it was excessive. Doesn’t mean that was his price. No one knows other than Howson/Patrick.

    When you list your home it doesn’t mean that’s your final price. When someone offers you 50% of your ask, which is what Sather effectively did, you don’t bother countering. Why would you undercut the value of your asset while the bidder is playing games?

    Stepan, MDZ, Dubi, fit all of the criteria of their asking price (as reprted) except for one piece- Kreider, a then unknown quantity. I believe if Sather put those 3 out there- a real offer- but held firm on Kreider, Patrick/Howson would have eventually felt it was as good as they would get and the deal would have gotten done.

    Sather misplayed his hand and tried to steal Nash. Now I believe it will be harder with more teams willing to throw more into the deal.

  16. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Perhaps Torts will teach Radulov some “maturity on and off the ice” like he did with Del Zotto…

  17. Kings play like the Rangers but have a bit more skill.

    The obvious difference is the Kings’ ability to break the puck out of their own zone. The D do not simply look for a winger on the board and chip it off the glass if that winger isn’t open. The wingers, when they get the puck, do no simply try to just chuck it down the ice. The Kings have their feet moving and look up to make a play in the center of the ice and even cross ice. NBC even pointed this out.

    I think one of the obvious signs of fatigue for NYR was when the D got the puck and stopped moving their feet and would just throw the puck to the other team or just flip it in the air in hope someone would track it down.

  18. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    What a gorgeous goal in OT by Former-Cryer Carter! In watching this series, I was struck with how the Kings were able to find their legs and buzz around in the overtime, prior to the goal.

    It’s an interesting contrast to what the Rangers didnt have against the Derbils last series: legs, and top players getting the job done.

    Where is Parise? Do we want him as a future Ranger now? Doughty absolutely CRUSHED him last night.

  19. Not sure how I feel about this Radulov character …

    What would our lines look like with a) Radulov acquisition and b) Nash megadeal?

  20. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    i’ll take Radulov and a puck-moving defenseman and a crease-clearing defenseman (sorry for Sauer Power).

    I think Tortorella can kick some Russian butt, probably not too differently than the way Keenan did with Kovalev

  21. Adding Radulov and Nash/Parise/Iginla and subtracting Dubinsky MDZ Anisimov/Stepan makes us much better imo. Especially if Schultz replaces MDZ, or if Erixon is ready to take that spot.

  22. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on


    Note: John Tortorella Didn’t Know Marian Gaborik Was Hurt This Bad
    posted on June 3rd, 2012 at 10:12 am
    It was revealed on Friday that Marian Gaborik will undergo shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and need six months to recover.

    Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Gaborik had an MRI on Tuesday that revealed this injury.

    On Wednesday, John Tortorella went on the Michael Kay show and said “Gabby wasn’t benched because he didn’t block a shot, he just wasn’t playing well. He needs to learn, along with a number of guys, that when you get to the conference finals you need to get it to another level. I don’t think he was able to, I don’t think Brad did. The entire team didn’t. I think it’s a tremendous lesson for us if we get that chance again.”

    Brooks wrote yesterday that it was wrong for Tortorella to go on the radio and not admit that Gaborik was hurt and instead make the kind of comments that are above.

    Gaborik said on Friday that he had no power in his shot.

    On Hockey Night in Canada last night, former Ranger Glenn Healy said of the situation “Gaborik has to have shoulder surgery and he hurt it in game four against Ottawa and everyone is all over Tortorella because he was critical of him but Tortorella is not a mobile MRI machine that is able to resonance imaging to be able to see what is wrong with Gaborik, it was only in the exit medical that they found out that this problem existed and Tortorella didn’t know about it. They knew there was a small issue, but not as big as what Gaborik is going through now.”

  23. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I KNEW Gaborik was injured — he is NOT a Europansy. He played his heart out.

  24. What would Radulov be looking at in terms of $$? Somewhere between $4-6 million I would assume. Would we be able to cover that and then add Nash if we eliminate Dubinsky’s contract?

  25. So what happens if Nash doesn’t produce in the playoffs next year? Who do the Rangers try to get to cover up that mistake?

    I don’t know why people are so hot to acquire the 5th highest cap hit in the league for a guy that’s nowhere close to the 5th best forward in the league.

  26. few things this morning

    1. take that fatso down 0-2 heading to cali. go kings go. as soon as i saw carter circling i knew it was going in
    2. please no radulov yes hes talented but we dont need another lazy russian player aka nik zherdev. to me he is not the answer up front.
    3. sign schultz young righty d man who could mesh with all the other kids.
    4. if not schultz SHEA WEBER. i would salivate of him being a ranger. it would take a lot but that is a move that would pay off right away.


  27. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Rudalov got panned by the NBC crew Milbury and co. during the playoffs, they showed tape of him skating after pucks with no zip and just staying out of high traffic areas.

    Is this what they want and need?

  28. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think they can cover it if Dubi is moved.

    They will not trade Stepan. He did not have the best playoffs but he is only 21 and did improve his point total. He needs to get stronger and continue his work on skating. He needs to add about a half a Step.

  29. Good morning, boneheads!
    Radulov? I hope they’re sure about this one…Creative player, but seems to march to his own drum…Decided to go back to Russia before his EL contract expired. Decided to come back, so he can play in the playoffs. Sure he has talent, but I also hope it isn’t just a knee jerk response to losing Gaborik trough November/ December.

    Weber is an RFA finishing his $7.5 M arbitration awarded year. Can the Nashville sign him? Depends on whether he wants to stay there…

  30. A Detroit blueline minus Nick Lidstrom and a ton of cap space is whispering very loudly to Suter.

  31. Carp, great point about the 4th line of the Devils. They do generate offense, but they DO run around like chicks with their heads cut off. My gosh. Watched the replays of both goals, storybook missed coverage. Torts could use that to show his team what not to do.

    THen again, that is a damn good 22 year old defenseman the Kings have. Slice and dice.

  32. I wonder if they resign Brad Stuart now that Lidstrom’s gone, even thought it seemed to be their agenda not to do so.

  33. I’ll chime in and say that a lot of things are brought forward as ‘possibilities’ during the off season. Larry Brooks seems, yes, to get good info. Has for years.

    Radulov, unless being used as a chip for better gain, is too inconsistent for me. No matter how ‘mature’ and how much he has ‘learned’ from his ridiculous partying episode, leopards don’t change their spots. If the team starts losing, how is he going to handle it? Go home to Russia, again? There are much better risk/reward plays out there for us.

  34. I wonder if the Wings would try to entice Rafalski from coming out of retirement.

  35. So:

    1. The Devil’s played their best game and…………LOST.
    2. Marty had his best game in the playoffs and the Devils…………LOST.
    3. The Devil’s had more PP time than LA and……………LOST.
    4. The three day break arguably was better for the Devil’s, but they……..LOST.

    Ah….sweet revenge. Sweet!!!


  36. I am not sure what I think about the Radulov thing. If we are going to take a chance on him with a one year deal, do you take the chance, or would it be smarter to then just do the same deal with Semin? Both don’t seem like Torts type players, but Semin is definitely more of a scoring threat. I am not too sure I want either of those two players.

  37. I was wondering if any of you guy and gals watched the post game coverage on NHL Tonight, on the NHL Network. They are great. But I found it so funny that all throughout their coverage, live from Newark, in the background you can hear police sirens. I was cracking up last night.

  38. CT, I am no fan of Parise, but he is a hard working player. I just don’t like tipping the salary cap scales for him. If they get him, which I don’t believe will happen, fine. FA’s just cost money and cap space.

    For trades, I would love a powerful defenseman with a point shot. Weber fits that mold pretty well. I like Nash a lot, depending upon price. I want size and ability. You look at LA, that’s their formula. No runts. No guys under 195-200. It works.

    I would also like a small acquisition or two. Remembering we were close but were lacking depth, a 3rd or 4th line center, like a Konopka, who is FA and actually WINS face-offs and can play with an edge, fits well. Prust and Boyle are 4th liners. Dubie is a 3rd. Callie is a 2nd or 3rd. THat’s where they belong. Fill in the holes, Satherl We had so many guys this year not playing where they should
    have and the fact the coach could not roll 4 and 3 was the real reason we wore out. Watch LA and the Dev’s they do. Their coaches have the depth. That’s what we need to add this year.

    It would be great to land Schultz, but I have to wonder about his ‘readiness’.

    Finally, I am not ready to get rid of our young kids until we know more about them. That includes MDZ, who had a great turn around year. And Step, who was lost for 85% of the playoffs, but is a very smart, VERY SMART, young player. I can’t give up on a kid like that yet at all.

  39. Man, the Sutter brothers huh? I have seen more life at a funeral. Imagine sitting around a family dinner table with that group?

  40. Not sure I see where we have the personnel to trade for both Radulov and Nash. Doubt Radulov is just given away.

  41. Matty agree with most of what you’re saying but if you’re not wiling to trade some of those guys then who would you offer for Nash?

  42. I would start with Dubie, and I know he has no value. Add AA (who, because of his size, I hate to get rid of, but he is weak), A JT Miller (depending what the organization feels…my take is he is over rated) and a first or second rounder.

    We lose 2 real players there, but nothing of great consequence. Nash could be a major star here. He fits our mold beautifully. Size, hands, can have grit.

    Watching Carter last night and in these playoffs…he is flying…he is liberated….
    Imagine a liberated Nash????? OMG!!!

  43. I agree Nash would be great but do you really think Dubi and Artie is a realistic offer? Dubi is a 4m liability and we’d be lucky to find a taker. So it’s really Artie for Nash. Point being if you want Nash we have to be prepared to give value which means some of the players we’d rather not part with.

  44. Radulov – this is a very risky proposition. Talent is there. Consistent effort – not sure. If this guy is such a party animal that he could find a place to stay out all night in of all places Phoenix, there is no way I would bring him to NYC.

  45. why is Dubi a liability? Up to the this season he was regarded as one of the main pieces and was developing pretty good… one bad season and all of a sudden he’s a liability?

  46. Second thought regarding Radulov, maybe if Nashville would take Artie plus, then there’s still enough personnel to pull off a Nash deal.

  47. Cccp in a cap world a 4m salary for a third liner with barely ten goals coming off an injury is a liability. They will trade him to anyone who will take him.

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    The poor Devils. People are stepping over each other to bail on the Devils bandwagon. 2 more stoppable goals go in stick side on Fatso. Kovalchuk and Parise largely invisible. The good news for them…..their long payoff run may result in their being only $70 Million in the hole instead of $80.

  49. Dubie has low value. HOwever, he has good upside. He aint getting worse than he was this year. That’s for sure. But, yes, it is a cap hit and was a stupid, higher than needed to be, signing by Sather.

    If you add a first rounder and a prospect like JT Miller, with AA, is that really nothing? I don’t think so.

    Howson goes back looking like he got value for a malcontent. I’m thinking that works.

  50. bring in guastad for 4th liner. i too would rather have semin for a year then radulov. this radulov thing will not work. i just know it. get me shea weber imagine that bomb on our pp. im salivating

  51. Nasty, i disagree that Semin is more of an offensive threat than Radulov. I wont lose any sleep if Radulov isnt a Ranger but count me in the camp that would take a chance on him. I dont see him signing a one year deal though. Although he may do it just to prove to other teams that he has what it takes and then will look for a big payday the following offseason.

  52. Matty I just don’t think that’s realistic. Boston is talking about including Lucic in a Nash deal. Carp said yesterday he didn’t think Howson would do Stepan, MDZ and Dubi.

  53. I would take a shot on Radulov if we could get him for Artie. That would be good for both teams.

  54. you guys who want Radulov … when he doesn’t show up for some games, or when he’s disciplined … don’t complain then. Remember what a lot of us here were saying about Gaborik before we found out about the shoulder? well, that’s what you might get with Radulov.


    10-foot-pole Radulov. 10-foot-pole Semin.

  55. Radulov has much more talent than Frolov and Zherdev. There’s a reason he was MVP. On the defensive end, that’s where the question remains.

  56. the more i think about radulov the more i think we will see zherdev 2.0. dont make this mistake glen please i beg u

  57. What if San Jose gets nash, Parise goes to Detroit or Minnesota, Iginla stays put in Calgary, and Gaborik is out for the first 1-2 months. And we dont get Radulov. I think therell be a lot of second guessing.

  58. Lev, apparently, Gabby’s injury sounds pretty bad, and takes a long time to heal. But, apparently, it was easy to overlook, even for the coach. Even Gabby stated he didn’t realize it was so bad.

    That being said, he had games he worked really hard (especially after being benched and some in the early series) and some where he was not too good.

    I sat there when he failed to get the puck out. His face was quite visible. He could have worked harder there and perhaps come up with a flamingo on Carters shot that covered more area.

    I like the guy. But let’s not excuse him, either, for some not so great play. If it was that bad, stay out of the lineup.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Radulov can’t even scratch the film off Z’s jock.
    Z was amazzzing, just bad chemistry, zzzero team-focus, not so great work ethic, and defensively suspect.

    Radulov’s Not. Even. Close.

  60. im indifferent… we get Radulov – great! we dont get Radulov – great! But he is def. not Frolov or Zherdev…

    Name one offensively gifted player who does not glide from game to game? You can’t…

  61. Johnny LaRue on

    Carp just think, you could be on your way to L.A. right now gearing up for that Universal tour.

  62. True, Zherdev was my favorite player for a while. I dont see how you can even begin to compare Radulov and Zherdev though. Radulov was the best player in the world not in the NHL.

  63. “Radulov was the best player in the world”

    He was? I didn’t know that….

    I think he has “CAPITAL” written all over him…..

  64. Matty, Gaborik sits out and everyone here is calling him soft and all that ridiculous carcillo. Gaborik with one shoulder was better than most of the team. If Stepan, Hagelin, Rupp, and Anisimov played at the same mediocre level as Richards and Gabby we are playing in the Finals right now. And who wouldve replaced Gabby? Wellman.

  65. Mats Zuccarello won the MVP of the SEL. I predict he’ll be just as good in the KHL too.

    The NHL is a completely different animal. Marcel Hossa led the KHL in goals a few years ago, for crying out loud!!

  66. Lev, I recognize the position Gabby is in. Heck, he played a full 82 games this year. First since when? Also, I am the one here who has said since January we had no depth and the GM needs to do something to fix that for the playoffs. What’d we get, brilliant brain trust he is? John Scott.

    What’d Lou do? What’d LA do? Why are they there? In part, depth?
    Why did we wilt? Lack of depth?

    Gabby and Richard are expected to play like leaders. They get paid that way. They have that reputation. No excuses.

    As I said, Gabby had some good games where he kept his feet moving. He had some not so good shifts, one that was right in front of me, that were pitiful. I look to him, not AA, Step, Rupp, Hagelin for leadership. Some games he did. Some he did not.

    I know he had something going on with his shoulder and I applaud him. In the past he probably sits out.

  67. All I’m saying is that success outside the NHL means squat….”Best Player Not In the NHL” means nothing to me….

  68. Radulov has had success in the NHL before and has proved again this season that he can be an effective player even after being gone from the NHL since 07…he only played 80+ games once in his NHL career and he was damn freaking good

  69. and for the “oh, i dont know about his defensive play” crowd…he is +29 in his short NHL career… not too shabby, eh?

  70. Point is Rangers need guys w offensive upside. Radulov and Semin are not in the mold but Torts himself said the priority is talent and not to rule anyone out.

  71. Before Gaborik came to the Rangers he was a mid to high 60 points guy and only had one 80+ (83 points, before that highest was 67 points) points season in his 8 seasons in Minnesota.

    Radulov can be the same type of a player.

  72. Once and for all will people stop referring to Howson. It’s Craig Patrick calling the shots on the Nash deal. No point to even mention Howson, he’s irrelevant. The price for Nash will be steep,especially with possibioity of more teams in on it and with the ability to re-tool in the offseason.

    So we can’t have it both ways. If we want Nash we can’t complain when we see some of our favorites going the other way. If you don’t give up the steps or mdzs at any cost then forget about Nash. Let’s just be realistic.

  73. you don’t have to recall very far … it’s 10-foot-pole Carter right up on top ^ … i still wouldn’t touch him and his toxic contract.

  74. You can’t have soft, disinterested guys in the playoffs. We’ve seen that. Semin is awful in those situations.

  75. It’s an interesting debate bc while his contract hurts in the future a stron argument can be made for him being one of the keys to the late season surge and 2 wins to the cup…

  76. Carp in fairness if i recall Semin had pretty good playoff runs his first couple years. Could be wrong but I do recall that and some big goals

  77. Carp cmon it’s Howson in name only. Nothing gets done without Patrick sign off. Give the CBj ownership credit for understanding this.

  78. Yes Semin was terrible. For whatever reason it doesn’t work for him there, maybe the Ovie chemistry, who knows. Im not a big fan of his but he is a sniper with great talent and were a team that sorely needs that. I go for Nash and Iggy first but if we can’t then given what torts said I wouldnt be surprised to see a play for him on a one year deal.

  79. Carp do you think Howson will recommend a deal that Patrick is against? And if he does do you think ownership goes along over Patrick objection? I jus t don’t see it.

  80. Cccp yep, could be, but torts comments break up day suggest that it’s a possibility.

  81. Radulov is quintessential mercenary in a worse sense of it’s definition. His character, based on his career’s moves and even more reflected in his rhetoric in statements and interviews I heard and read, is every bit an opposite of everything Rangers team representing. I, personally, would strongly oppose this move and if it, god forbid, will happen, he will be the very first and the only Rangers’ player I would really hate, ever. Yeah, that’s how strong I feel about it. Negative!

  82. I’m sure Sather and Torts will be heartbroken to know there are fans who will hate Radulov

  83. Wouldn’t aging, rental Jagr be better answer, if the price is right? I still like this guy and always will… thoughts?…

  84. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good afternoon all! Hey Carp, you said knuckleheads yesterday! Yay!

    Go Kings!!!!!!!!!

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Zherdev vs ‘the Lev-proclaimed best player in the world’ Radulov.
    Not. Even. Close.

    Radulov on the Rangers? Oy.
    Yea, we’ll see just how many banya parties he throws before you all regret it and sell him to calgary quicker than you went for the Gabby for Iggy trade.

    Over-under is 2.5, who wants to guess first?

  86. Yeah, Matteau, you mean, like Slats losing his sleep, knowing your obsession and clinical hatred for him.
    I just constantly follow some Russian hockey press/ media and try to share my impression about player of Rangers interest, based on all info I know. What’s wrong with that and casus sarcasmus?

  87. Lol carp on the analogy. Nedved had a couple of pretty strong years on the pens which I bet we’d take right now.

  88. It’s interesting how Zherdev is better than Radulov though when Radulov’s stats have consistently been better than Zherdevs, Radulov was loved as a teammate in Nashville (see article above) until this incident for which he deserved to be suspended, and Zherdev basically played his way off of Columbus, off of NYR, and then Laviollette ended his NHL career.

  89. 4ever, clinical, interesting. I judge sather by performance as I do mgmt in my company and on boards I sit on. In any real world scenario he’d have been fired long ago.

  90. 4evr apologies, didn’t mean it to be personal. My only point is ranger mgmt has rightly said its priority is offense and is not going to rule people out who have reps.

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Selective reading, Lev.

    Garbage in, garbage out. I try to keep the trash to a minimum.

    I appreciate you digging for a link, but I’ve watched both of them and know how to evaluate talent myself.

  92. If the Rangers are looking to make one big move this offseason then Radulov should not be it. It should be either Iginla/Nash/Parise. But if they are looking to change things up a bit and really add some offense and deal with the loss of some youngsters such as Duby, Anisimov, MDZ, maybe Stepan, then Radulov really wouldnt be a bad option. Again, im fine with whatever route the team chooses to go with. Either go “conservative” and add one star or think outside the box and dont rule people out like Torts said and get radulov plus another star and deal with losing youngsters.

  93. umm ok… selective reading. you type in radulov now and only articles that come out are the ones about the incident. search radulov for articles of the past 2 years and youll get what i posted. if that’s how you evaluate talent are you sure you werent employed by Millbury during his time with the Islanders?

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ohhh, Lev.

    At least your posts are mildly amusing, can’t deny you that. Thanks for the chuckles.

  95. I dunno, Lev, but Maloney was discussing him being a potential option for NYR on Hockey Night Live.

  96. That would be pretty cool. It’d be at least cool to hear what it would take to get him

  97. He’s an RFA, Lev; the compensation would be a 1st and a 3rd. WPG would probably match almost any offer we throw at him, but if we could pull it off for around $5 million, that’d be awesome.

  98. Paul in sunrise on

    I may be in the minority but I have always likes Radulov and think rangers should acquire. It’s not going I cost more than a pick or two and maybe a prospect. No roster players. Nashville has no bargaining power. Its trade or khl. So rangers can acquire. I like it. I know you don’t like him carp but on a team with really weak offense he can help. If they get Radulov I expect Nash too.

  99. Ahh i see. $5 million may be a bit much although I understand it that thats the only way we’d snatch him away from them. Just dont know if he’s earned that kind of money yet. Although he certainly might in a couple of years. Interesting dilemma.

  100. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I am just curious here but I would love to get everyone’s input on this

    what d men on our roster do you guys think are better than jack johnson?

    and do you guys think rick nash is better than jeff carter?

  101. Paul, exactly. Nashville has no leverage here. They dont want him and I dont blame them. He wont cost much, probably no one off the current roster. Why not take a chance? If he doesnt sign because he wants the big money in the KHL, that’s fine too. But why not take a chance. If this team really is as close as they appear there shouldnt be a problem making him feel like a part of the team and bringing out the best in him as it does with others.

  102. Paul, he can help until he disappears in the playoffs, or causes problems and finds himself benched, or goes into one of his slumps … then everybody will be screaming what a mistake it was.

    I wouldn’t touch guys like that, IMO.

  103. that brought a tear to my eye, wick. he’s been labeled the perfect human and although no one is perfect he’s very close. Class, Skill, Honor.

  104. Nik will be back… for his HOF induction and the retirement of his number to Detroit’s rafters.

  105. Let’s not pretend though that this whole attitude towards Radulov has nothing to do with him being Russian. If this conversation was about Kane or M. Richards I think the tone would be really different.

  106. Exactly, lev! They’re not EUROPANSIES!

    Hey, is DeBoer being OUTCOACHED by Sutter?

  107. Today’s post title is censored when you put it in a comment. At least it won’t let me put the last two words.

  108. Absolutely, Lev. How often, do you hear about Kovalev, Zub and Nemchinow role in winning the cup. Why, it was won by Mess, Leetchie and Adam alone.

  109. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What Nationality is Redden? What about JCarter? Chris Simon?

    Again, laughs.
    Party + substance + disrespect for team taking chance on him DURING PLAYOFFS + temperamental showing up = Anti-Russian bias.
    Yup. You got it.

  110. Same with Gabby’s injury, if that would be Callie, we would call him a true soul of the team.

  111. IMO, the Radulov thing has nothing to do with where he’s from, but rather how a team has now twice been sick of his act.

    and, IMO, the same kind of stuff has been said about 10-foot-pole Carter, and to the best of my knowledge he’s Canadian.

  112. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    WordPress needs one of those filters facebook has so you can choose who shows up in your newsfeeds.

  113. Redden isnt playing because of his diminished skill and terrible contract not because he snorted some coke in Ottawa.

  114. as for carter, probably the best deadline move this year. And i remember a good amount of people here wanting him. I was not one of them.

  115. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So you agree with the rest of the post if that’s the one point (redden) that you’re going to argue?

    Oy vey, man.

  116. kovie i completely agree with your last post i just dont really want to bring up that debate anymore. If that was callahan playing with a torn shoulder (he’s hurt im sure, i mean people on here are convinced) every one would be on their knees. It’s Gaborik so it’s whatever.

  117. Paul in sunrise on

    I hear you carp. But if the contract is not horrible and for forever term slats always turns those guys into other players down the line. See jokinen kotalik Higgins. Just may be ok until gabby gets back then send him out west for prospect or picks. Just saying. He would upgrade the offense and I promise not to get down on him during the season when others are saying told you so.

  118. 10-foot-pole Carter is only worth it if you win the Cup, because he’s a bad guy with a toxic contract … that said, looks like LA will win the Cup with that move and pay for it later on. Worth it.

  119. even after Radulov dissed Nashville the first time, Nashville STILL took Radulov back… prust sayin’…

  120. True Blue Mike (Nash Who?) on

    Wicky. Staal, McD, Girardi and I would say even MDZ are all better than Jack Johnson. Maybe not MDZ that was a stretch.

  121. True Blue Mike (Nash Who?) on

    And I wouldn’t say Nash is all that better than Carter, however, it does not seem like he is a cancer to the locker room like Carter.

  122. Radulov or bust!

    Nash or bust!

    Parise or bust!

    Weber or bust!

    Suter or bust!

    Schultz or bust!

    Semin or bust!

  123. radulov is a far better player then zherdev and frolov but they all come from the same mold guys that are disinterested more often then that. radulov should be a compliment to our big move.
    plan A nash iginla parise ryan
    plan B radulov(WITH ONE OF PLAN A)


  124. eric, totally agree with that assesment. basically what ive been trying to say all along. id go with Plan B.

  125. True Blue Mike (Nash Who?) on

    So Tim Thomas really is taking the year off next year. Just announced on, unless I am a little late.

  126. BTW…. It has been 46 YEARS since a team lost the first two games at home in the Finals and came back to win the cup. :-)

  127. Radulov = 40- 50 points best case scenario???

    Radulov = poison in the dressing room

    Radulov = Sather hasn’t really learned

    Radulov = Panic in the front office

    Radulov = We definitely won’t see a cup until Sather goes bye-bye

    Radulov = Sather thinking he can take short cuts to buy a SC

    Radulov = Torts and Sather aren’t on the same page

    I could care if Radulov is Russian, Canadien, Swedish or from the U.S.A. This is a big mistake. Please don’t do it.

  128. BTW – shouldn’t be too worried…. how often do Larry Brooks trade rumors pan out??

  129. Game 2 observations: I try to be objective and imagine this was Rangers playing the Kings, I’d be pretty down at this point. If I’m the older team, the team coming off the very emotional series, I had to win that game last nite in my own building. Devils played okay, but Kings played a solid “road game”- Devils did not dominate in any way, shape or form. Now, we get one day to travel cross country (when we had two days between games one and two) and face them in their building- the Kings will be jumping out of their skins. I’d hope to survive first ten minutes. Add all that to the fact that we have basically one REAL goal in the first two games and…ugghhh.- Dustin Brown get hurt or something? He doesn’t look like the same player I saw earlier in the playoffs-been MIA since first ten minutes of game 1.- Only positive for Devs is that it looks kinda like Kings might be trending the wrong way- last four games haven’t been as impressive.- Hate to harp on how awful the coverage is but lets just say the Devil postgame is more insightful. (The devil postgame is about as educational as listening to John and Suzie do the Yankees.)- Hey, Marty sure is playing great- at least if you listen to the announcers- sure hope he embarrrasses himself before he retires-I mean retires before he embarrasses himself.

  130. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    You guys are nuts if you want radulov. Unless we get him really cheap, such as giving up a draft pick or one player from the whale not named jt miller, i would pass on him.

    We should trade hank, gabby, kreider, dubie AA and step and turn it into stamkos and malkin, play with an empty net and try to out score everyone 10-9. Screw it, we block enough shots.

    My point is, sather better not panic, especially for a guy like radulov.

  131. Boo-Ka-Boom, we’re trading for the rights to Radulov. To have before July 1st to talk to him. That’s how I understand it. It wont cost much.

  132. Malt O'Meal on

    Would not touch Radulov despite his scoring touch – and patience with him would be very limited from a fan’s perspective if he signed here and that would have to be a nice contract to keep him from going back to Russia. No thank you.

    And I don’t even know if Nash would be good – you never know and of course he is an elite player but would he mesh and follow suit or would he fade into the background and wilt like many before that came here mid/end of career

  133. Carter with good players around him is a really good offensive player. Nash in the same situation could be a 45-50 goal monster. My knowledgeable Columbus friend says a slightly less rambunctious Lindros.

  134. Ranger team averaging 2 goals a game shouldn’t take a shot on Radulov because he likes to go out? LOL. You don’t pass on that kind of talent, you take a shot, as long as it doesn’t cost too much. I’m relieved to see Sather and Torts understand their challenges and priorities.

  135. By the way someone else who at times reminded me of a slightly less rambunctious Lindros was Kreider.

  136. I just told Mrs. Manny we were interested in Radulov and she said, “while they’re at it why don’t they just bring back Avery.”

  137. Ha Manny that’s awesome, if I told my wife Rangers we’re interested in Radulov she’d probably ask if he was their yoga instructor!

  138. Radulov? Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Unless you are gonna flip him for someone else (Inginla, Nash(Shudder), the king of Siam), then no way in hell.

  139. Is it crazy to be interested in Nail Yakupov and/or Jordan Eberle. We have the assets to get it done. Edmonton needs defense. Prust sayin’.

  140. Forget talent, watch Artie flourish! Boyle will get 40 this year! Bring up Miller and Thomas they’re Awesome, they’ll get 30 each! Plan B let’s get Ortmeyer he was a great guy!

  141. I bet if Hank practices his goalie stick slap shot in the offseason he can chip in with 5-10!

  142. Lindros was an absolute beast. MVP. Nothing ever like him before. And, yes, committed a penalty every shift.

  143. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Time to show boyle the door.
    Pull a branch rickey and trade him at his high point
    package dubi and stephan

  144. Kreider game 6 vs devils when he actually started leveling people, together with his heavy shot, size, vision, too much to say a bit of Lindros?

  145. Boxcar we cannot trade Boyle who would do those high fives at the end of the game? Who would joke around in the room? We do have Rupp but he’s no guarantee. We need fun feel-good guys. Guys with high talent ceilings if they cant do the high five thing need not apply.

  146. Sigh. Still with teh Avery stuff? No wonder I think I have a concussion/migraine/ear infection.

  147. trade Callahan. Trade Richards. Trade this guy, trade that guy. It’s so idiotic.

    tell me what you’re trading him for. Tell me why you’re trading a useful guy. Tell me which type of player you want to have times 12, and how you’re going to fit them under the cap, and how they’re going to have roles. Tell me how you don’t want a small, soft team, but you don’t want big, tough-to-play guys.

    Just dumb.

  148. I’m not suggesting anyone, but we have lousy scorers in Boyle, Prust, AA, Stepan, Rupp, Feds, Dubi and our scorers are in and out of it. Too many guys with the same level of talent on the score sheet. Changes have to come, not many but absolutely a top 4 forward and a solid D man and we are close again.

  149. yeah, got to make sweeping changes on a team that won 61 games.

    isn’t there reason to believe some of those guys will have better years in 12-13 (assuming there is a 12-13)?

  150. CTBlueshirt on

    @Carp I’d figure you’d understand by now it’s because trading or signing the biggest name on the market has always worked for the Rangers@

  151. July 1st can’t come soon enough! And it’s Sunday! A W E S O M E!

    i bet we will set new traffic record for the RR!

  152. Thanks, CTB. I forgot. So in that case, trade Kreider, McDonagh, Stepan and a first for Nash, sign Parise and do what’s necessary to sign Radulov. Also, get rid of all those role guys. They’re dime-a-dozen … though it might take a lot of dimes to replace them.

    Can’t stop thinking about this Boyle thought. So you deal him because his value might be up, then you spend what in terms of prospects/picks/cap room to replace him?

  153. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    This may be the longest off season ever….I am in no rush for July 1 (though thrilled it’s Sunday)…can I just enjoy June for two minutes, assuming the Kings kill?

  154. looks like off season insanity has seeped in here already
    did we
    JT Miller
    Nash and Radulov?


  155. Czechthemout!!! on

    I would trade Stephan without hesitation!

    Derek Stepan on the other hand, I would keep. Here’s why.

    Stephan can’t make a pass, can’t shoot, is a lousy skater and doesn’t even wear a number on the back of his jersey. Totally unacceptable. He needs to be moved in a package for Rick Nash now while his trade value is at its peak.

  156. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Lev, we are on the same page about radulov…as long as the price is dirt cheap, we’ll give him a shot with a short leash.

    Carp is going to star calling us dumbheads soon.

    We do not need major upgrades where we sacrifice so much. This team was soo close. Im confident in sather and torts to pull the right strings…..for once anyway ( thats meant towards sather)

  157. i agree Czech

    at the same time
    we should also think
    about moving

  158. Boo-Ka-Boom

    “You guys are nuts if you want radulov”

    Nice Boo-K, I couldn’t of said it any better myself!

  159. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Thx papa,”i mean if he fell on our lap for a low pick or 1 prospect, then id give it a small chance. But i really couldnt care if he didnt come. I think shultz should be first priority other then our own FA’s.

    By the way, i told my wife i was going to vegas and then pittsburgh for the nhl awards and draft. She asked who inwas going with and i said “papa bear”

    She gave me a strange look and then walked away without saying anything. It was pretty weird.

  160. Komisarek , kid from West Islip – coached against him when he played for Suffolk PAL Blue Knights. Kid was a beast. Always wanted to see the Blueshirts make a play for him. Injuries have hurt his career. Still only 30 years old – probably get him for a bag of pucks. Would love to play at the Garden.

  161. LMAO Boo-K. Haven’t found the right time to get the permission slip signed. Still waiting for that moment when Mrs. Papa Bear is fed up with me and would say something like -“Enjoy yourself, stay an extra week”. It’s coming soon – did absolutely nothing relating to house work this weekend.

  162. I made light of the high fives but the truth is boyle and others have important roles, theres great team chemistry, these guys are a homegrown core, and we’ve been waiting a long time for this team. They should only trade these players if they can address their need which is offense.

    But they also shouldn’t hesitate if they have the opportunity, and they also shouldn’t be afraid to add talent. This team definitely doesn’t need to make major changes but they do need to add offense. Fortunately Torts gets it.

  163. Papa I like komisarek for his roots but the people in toronto hate him, gotta wonder about that. Also has a bit of a rep for being soft.

  164. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I feel you Papa,..this blog is addictive..very easy to put off honey do lists and chat on here all day about ridiculous trades and future rosterr moves.

    Im not huge on komisarek, but sometimes the will to want to play in NY can be great and elevate a players game…or they can be the next chris higgins

  165. Matteau

    I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on this. Only if Leafs buy him out. $4.5m Cap hit. Not worth it. Soft??? Slow footed maybe, lacks quickness, definitely . Always plays a gritty game at the Garden though. May be thought of as soft because of the injuries I guess.

  166. Soft was probably wrong word. I think he’s accused of not backing up his sometimes chippy play.

  167. BOO-K

    Here’s a good one…Just told the wife about the road trip. Same question as yours followed – “with who?”… Told her Boo-Ka-Boom………….she asked “Didn’t he play for the Rangers?” – My Answer: “He may have – not really sure though”….Got the funny look and a “whatever” back!!!

  168. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Lol, papa thats great…Imagine we would have said the miami pimp instead?? We might have gotten smacked.

  169. BOO-K

    she asked “why are you on the computer all day? R U looking at porn sites?” I answered: “I’m blogging babe!”… she asked…”what the hell is blogging..Is that illegal??? I answered: “you need to come out of your shell a little more.” She said ….”i thought when the Rangers got knocked out we’d see a little more of you” i said….”me and the boneheads are too busy building next years team right now” she said: “garbage need to go out tonite” i said: “yes dear”.

    Life goes on….

  170. Rudalov? I hope this is just a crazy rumor. There are better options to get a 20 goal scorer. Nash for Dubi, AA, Thomas and a #1 is not out of the question but we’d probably have to switch out either AA or Dubi for MDZ, Stepan or McDuder. MDZ would hurt because I see a lot of upside for him and don’t think the Rangers have another D-Man like him in the system. However, Step would be a lot harder to give up since they are thin at center and McDuder is a no deal. In my opinion.

  171. *”There are better options to get a 20 goal scorer.”

    Much better than Rudalov. I’d rather they make no move than make one for a guy who is going to be benched by Torts and traded for a 7th round pick.

  172. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    WTB? My post didn’t go through….

    Good evening all! May I just enjoy June as long as Kings win!!!!!

  173. I would love someone to explain to me WHY we are trading D when this team NEEDS D. I don’t get it.

  174. “one month from today july 1st. one of my fav days of the year”

    So true. This day and the trade deadline are pretty exciting days–there are the surprises and the letdowns. But there’s something about the whole who will they get/pass on that is exciting for hockey fans.

  175. JimboWoodside on

    >>>one month from today july 1st. one of my fav days of the year

    OF COURSE!!! That’s *Jimbo’s* Birthday!!!

  176. True Blue Mike (Nash Who?) on

    I work for PAL! I think I am going to do a write up of what the Rangers should do this offseason. It doesn’t include Radulovebarhopping, Steve Nash or The American Kid.

  177. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I know we won 61 games but if anyone thinks we will with the same amount next year with this roster they are kidding themselves.

    you need to give up something to get something.

    all these untouchables because they are young gets a team in trouble.

    let’s not over value stephan,mdz,anismov.

    there are very few players who should be untouchable on this roster and that includes the king.

  178. Paul in sunrise on

    Name ten available players better than Radulov that can be had for non-roster players or picks. Parise is one but ten years at 8 mil does not a good deal make. Don’t care about the money since it ain’t mine but ramifications on cap with young group coming into rfa within next three years is the problem. Name nine more. Radulov at the likely price is going to play at a 60 point clip. Good enough for third on this team. And he is young. Maybe in Nashville te leadership was not there. Here you have a group that has been together for a while plus Richards. Maybe it works. Definitely worth a try. Immediate skill upgrade.

  179. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Boyle-Gaustad/Chris Kelly-Prust

  180. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Hey Paul, Maybe it does work? Maybe Dubsinky plays like he is supposed to and scores 30, maybe Callahan has a Ryan Kesler type season? Maybe Kreider is the next Bobby Ryan, maybe Richards gets better? Maybe MDZ has a Letang like breakout season? Maybe Stepan and AA figure it out? Maybe Boyle scores 21 again? Maybe just maybe….

  181. boxcareddiehospodar on

    True Blue,

    kreider, richards, gaborik, callahan, hagelin.

    Toss up between dubinksy and stephan.

    you can trade everyone else.

    if you are picky anismov/stephan or dubinsky /prust at best your 4th line.

  182. Paul in sunrise on


    Hags – Richards – Gabby
    Kreider – Step – Cally
    Dubi – AA – Thomas
    Prust – Boyle – Rupp

    Without the michigas of any trades or free agents.

  183. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Ray Whitney-Anisimov-Hagelin

    Erixon/McClrath/Hal Gill-MDZ

    I really like this line up.

  184. boxcareddiehospodar on


    what has stephan done to justify him to play with kreider and cally?

    disappeared in the devils series and was outplayed by gionta and carter.

  185. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Paul, I like that line up but I think you sign one more player for depth that can go in and out of the lineup for Rupp. A fourth liner defensive specalist that can forcheck like gaustad.

  186. Paul in sunrise on


    My feel and it’s only my opinion. MDZ is too slow to have that break out year. We lack speed down the middle. Richards is crafty not speedy. Stepan is the same. Neither can beat anyone one on one off a rush with speed. That’s ok but your third line center needs to be speedy so that’s not Boyle who is slower. But that team on paper should have a good year. But if you add parise (no chance he agrees to rangers IMO) or Nash or Radulov and maybe both there will be more skill up and down the line up. I am just a fan that wants the team to improve and win.

  187. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Box just because he didn’t play amazing or even good doesn’t mean he is not and will not be a good player. You don’t just trade him. You let him play and see what happens. He knows he has to amp it up or he will be out. I think Dubinsky/Stepan/Anisimov all play much better next year. I also believe J.T. Miller will make a serious push for a roster spot.

  188. Paul in sunrise on

    Box. That was basically the best option of the current roster. See my next post and you will see that I like stepan buy he lacks speed. So the team lacks spew down the middle. That leads to chasing and trailing on the defensive side of the puck which leads to lots of slot stackin and shot blocking. To me true need is skilled center with speed.

    Step will get the chance. His first true playoff experience and I think he played well most of the time.

    MDZ is a total different conversation.

  189. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    I hear you Paul but I don’t see why you take a risk in Radulov if you don’t have to. Everyone feels MDZ won’t figure everything out but I think he will. He got much better this year defensively and next year I can really see Torts allowing MDZ to flourish offensively.

  190. Paul in sunrise on

    If Edmonton wants MDZ for the #1 rangers should do it. MDZ guaranteed NHLer played a ton of minutes in playoffs and would fill a need for oilers. He is at best a #5 here in new York.

  191. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    MDZ was a first round pick with a great rookie year. He is 21. He misses the net more than any other player I have ever seen. If he gets even half of the shots he misses on target his point total goes up by at least 10, one could assume. He isn’t the fastest player but he is very aggressive. I wouldn’t give up on him. I still think he becomes a good offensive D-man putting up 40-50 points a season.

  192. boxcareddiehospodar on


    myself like others are waiting for AA to blossom.

    How long do we wait?

    If we think the players up and coming will be better than setph/aa/dubinsky than trade them now.

    the rangers are like the dallas cowboys; over value their own talent.

  193. Paul in sunrise on

    Orr: yes within the organization Christian Thomas is the only goal scorer that is not already on the team. I was just putting him in there. Radulov would fit nicer.

  194. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Paul, Edmenton would never make that deal. Maybe MDZ, our 1st and Dubinsky. That still wouldn’t get it done, IMO. A number 5?? Who do you have ahead of him. You do remember Staal and Girardi weren’t always this good? And neither of them could play in the NHL at age 21. Something MDZ is doing pretty darn well.

  195. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Box – What do you think AA is supposed to be? I see him being a solid third line center. He definitely needs to get stronger in my opinion though to fill that role.

  196. Boxcar, there are a good deal of young core players on this team that need more evaluation before pulling the floor out. This team was very close this year. The Devils ended up winning the east.

    Question: Looking just at defense, do the Devils have better defensemen than we do? Or, is it a better system?

    I think our core is pretty damn good. And that includes MDZ. Add a big, clear the net ‘d’-man and/or a booming point shot guy and play a strong system, we are as good as anyone on ‘d’. In the league. Our mobility is sensational. Our guys have some speed. They’re not the biggest or the smallest.

    I just don’t see trashing young guns. And untouchable for me are the core 4 for now. MDZ deserves a summer where, at 21, he adds 10 pounds of muscle and comes ready to play. He learned what it takes this year and he is just a kid.

    Don’t talk of trading McD, because he could be a top 5 for the Norris is he stays healthy and fills out also. And for now, Staal is just getting back to where he was before his injury, so he could get better. Girardi is an all-star. Period

  197. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Paul – Radulov on our third line? That would workout… I think he would rather be out partying. I rather have a rookie playing there.

  198. CARP:











  199. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Orr, is this during the whole season? I am thinking more about on the PP. McD and Girardi also miss the net on purpose a lot?

  200. boxcareddiehospodar on


    before the series i thought our defense was head and shoulders better than the devils. The system could be. the devils shoot the puck at the net every opportunity they get an we look for the perfect shot. The devils don;t run around in their own end constantly out of position like we do.

    honestly how does gionta and carter outplay aa and stephan?

    the scary thing is the devils may be closer than we are.

    i like our defense and i think when sauer comes back it is tops 1-6.

    we need a 3rd and 4th line to compete.

  201. It is during the whole season. Del Z does the same thing though. I know everyone gets on Del Z’s case for shooting wide, but I notice Girardi and McDonut shooting wide on scoring chances a lot more often than he does.

    Matty, exactly. Playing with no defense could be fun.

  202. They have a damn good system, the Devils do. And, it’s not too different from what LA does, so they must be on to something.

    Our system worked well, but one drawback, aside from the need for better talent, is that you can get injuries.

    Brodeur faced less difficult shots than Hanky did and that was with worse defensemen! That says a lot for the system the Devils play. (In the regular season, the Rangers had more legs but Hank still had the worst of it from what I remember).

    Yes, our guys look for the perfect shot. The Dev’s sometimes go into ‘deflection’ mode, and sometimes shoot straight at the net. Our guys can learn both, I am confident.

    In a year or two, this core gets really good. They were close. Tweak the system, grow, muscle up, learn how to lose and win. Add a clear out defensemen and a point presence, and we are looking pretty good. Pretty damn good.

  203. Paul in sunrise on

    Ok. Again just my opinion which means nothing. I am a life long fan and been watching games since the seventies. But that means nothing. Here is what I see.

    MDZ gets beat on too many close icing calls so the play stays in the defensive zone. I like the grit he added this season. But he lacks speed. And while his stride can be helped he will not get faster. He is a left defenseman. He plays behind McD and Staal. So he is a third pair defenseman. #5. I like Erixon to be a third pair left defenseman. Much better skater but he needs to add the grit that MDZ already added.

    I like Dubi but his contract will get him traded.

    I like AA. Ideally a third line center.

    I don’t think the Rangers should be looking for third or fourth liners anymore. I want them to add skill and yes take a flyer on Radulov

  204. boxcareddiehospodar on


    all good points.

    the only question I have is do we have the talent in the minors or on the current roster for the requirements in your last paragraph.

    IMO the answer is no,

  205. THe Devils have a very potent offense and one of the best players in the world in Kovie. Let’s see what Parise does. They have a good team without him. With him, they are dangerous. But, they will lose Marty one of these years, too.

    Lou is a great GM. He has outdone Sather (who is not) for a decade. Still, we are close, too.

    Depth is what the Devils GM added over the summer, by his great drafting, in February and in March. Depth. Hopefully someone in our organization can be Sather’s seeing eye dog.

    As Carp pointed out, I am not so sure that 4th line is so great. After all, they were the culprits for the only two goals LA scored yesterday. Do you want that?

  206. Boxcar:

    Nilsson – great player but played in only 170 games over 4 seasons

    Rexi – good player – great skater – versatile played some forward as well. Definitely not in my top 6 alltime.

  207. Paul in sunrise on

    Funny. Elias and Clarkson play the third line. Radulov with AA at center and hags or prust would be one hell of a third line. Radulov will play to win. There is a solid core of leadership. I look at Nashville and don’t see that. I see the kosti’s and think that the situation was ripe for disaster. Radulov with AA in new York and having Richards Rupp and Cally around is completely different.

  208. boxcareddiehospodar on


    right now the devils 4th line is better than our 3rd and 4th line.

    their 4th line killed us in our series.

  209. To my eye, Clarkson, has been the most consistent forward in the last two rounds for the Debbies. He killed MDZ and Staal on the forecheck. I hate them both…but Clarkson and Zubrus killed our ‘D” all series long and IMO, were the difference in the series.

  210. Paul in sunrise on

    Am I allowed to dream?

    Kreider Richards Gaborik
    Nash Stepan Cally
    Hags Boyle Radulov
    Prust Miller Rupp

    Never going to happen. But I think Radulov is more realistic than Nash.

    Kreider Richards Gaborik
    Radulov stepan Cally
    Hags dubi AA
    Prust Boyle Rupp.

  211. Paul in Sunrise:

    “Am I allowed to dream?”

    Obviously, if you’ve been reading these posts, you realize that you are indeed allowed to dream…sweat dreams, nightmares, day dreams, there all here my friend.

  212. Way late to this party but I did see Komisarek’s name in the threads….please God, no! All due respect to your opinions – I wouldn’t have even taken him before his injuries or whatever happened to make him even less of whatever people thought he would be. I think he may have had a few “big” games while on the isle vs nyr but nyr is notoriously snake bitten when it comes to mediocre players having big games against them – notably former Rangers who did nothing in blue or guys who do nothing against other teams the rest of their seasons.

    I’d rather have Poti again….and I detest Poti

  213. so, let me understand, Stepan’s line was outplayed by Carter’s line over a few games, so he needs to be traded. But for most of the year, when Boyle’s line was outplaying Spezza’s line, or Ovechkin’s line, or for God’s sakes, Crosby’s line and Kovalchuk’s line, that doesn’t count. Boyle should be traded too.

    Lunacy. Absurdity.

  214. JimboWoodside on

    Where did all this Radulov talk come from all of a sudden?

    He comes back from Russia just in time for the playoffs, goes back (unfairly, I think) to Nashville, plays a game, gets in trouble and is suspended, and now we’ve got the “hots” for him!? What did I miss here? Did Nashville give up his contract? Is he going to be a free agent on July 1st?

  215. JimboWoodside on

    >>>i hope Wednesday will be the last day of the season.

    Me too, C3!! Me too!!

  216. Jimbo

    L. Brooks had it in the Post today — so you know there’s nothing to it.

  217. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Papa Bear – I’ll check it out. But I don’t understand why, all of a sudden, THIS guy!? Do we need more trouble-guys?

  218. Do we need more trouble-guys?>>>

    Some Boneheads say yes, some say no.

    I am on the no team.

  219. JimboWoodside on

    Well, I read the Brooks article, and it seems like Sather and Poile are talking – so Radulov wouldn’t just be a free-agent signing, it would involve trading away some assets.

    The guy may be a good player, but I’m nervous about guys that have discipline problems.

  220. Paul you make perfect sense. As long as price is reasonable it’s nuts for this offensively challenged team to not take a shot on a high ceiling talent like Radulov.

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