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  1. so now Torts ruined two careers… Avery and Zucc… :P

    bye bye Zucc… it was nice (almost) knowing you

  2. Gaborik played with a torn rotator cuff? Man this guy can never stay healthy. Out till November… then will be looking for his game till January- February then next thing we know its the end of the season and Gaborik has 15 goals on the season… yeahhaaa!!!

  3. Carp

    i got here late and i know my question won’t get through so i am gonna ask it here.

    i was talking to some Rangers fans and most of them seem to think that Lun*D*qvist isn’t strong enough mentally to win the cup for us…He was down early in the last two games in NJ and didn’t seem like himself… Do you think he has what it takes mentally? Because so far when it comes to the big time games (i know he won two game 7’s but games 5 and 6 vs. NJ were the biggest of his career so far), he has not been able to win them. Just wondering…

  4. Butt-Chin always has an excuse… the brittle man. Time to wave goodbye to him while he still has some healthy bones in him lol

  5. Is it fate that Bickel was brought up at 1:41 PM?

    Comment From Joe @ 1:41

    What do you think about possibly resigning Bickel? I like him, but do you think there is room?


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