Official announcement on Gaborik’s shoulder surgery


From the Rangers:


New York, June 1, 2012 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that Marian Gaborik will undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder.  The procedure will be performed by Dr. Andrew Feldman and Dr. Anthony Maddalo on Wednesday, June 6, at the NYU Langone Medical Center’s Hospital for Joint Diseases in Manhattan.

Gaborik was one of seven Rangers to appear in all 82 games this season.  He ranked third in the NHL with a team-high, 41 goals, and also led the team in scoring with 76 points.  Gaborik tied the franchise record and his career-high with three overtime goals.  He is tied for sixth in the league in goals scored over the last three seasons, tallying 107 goals since joining the team on July 1, 2009, and became the third player in franchise history to register multiple 40-goal seasons with the team.

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  1. Thanks for the great chat Carp. You’re making the summer hockey break a little more bearable.
    Have fun with Mr Tee & Mr Green


  2. Is it fate that Bickel was brought up at 1:41 PM?

    Comment From Joe @ 1:41: What do you think about possibly resigning Bickel? I like him, but do you think there is room?


  3. Unleash the KREIDER. on

    I will be released on the first line with Richards and Hagelin next year. Release the Calder.

  4. WOW!! I take back everything I said about his ineffectiveness.

    It is a testament to his guts and grit that he even played with that injury.

    It will be tough to replace his scoring in the regular season, but it is an injury that he can come back strong from and we will have him at 100% hopefully for the 2nd half of the season and for the playoffs…

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp any idea when he hurt his shoulder?

    He had to be hurt the entire Devil series. He had some chances, but he clearly wasn’t himself along the boards or in the open with the puck.

    Is this something he can recover from by the beginning of the season?

  6. Didn’t Gaborik take a really hard check into the boards in the corner and everyone immediately worried about his shoulder? Maybe early in the Ottawa series or in the last few games of the season…

  7. Apologies to Fat Guy for not giving him a shoutout earlier.

    Sorry to hear about Gabby. In a way though it’s a relief seeing some of you guys cutting him some slack for his play in the playoffs. Not that easy to play with that injury.

    Finally slept a bit. 10 pm now. Sushi time and more sleep!

  8. thats the problem with Gaborik… he always gets injured… he gives you one good season and one bad season… his first season he was great, we missed the playoffs…last season he was injured and had his worst season yet… this season he was good but got injured AGAIN when we most needed him… you just can’t really count on Gaborik.

  9. If Carp is right about some of the players sometimes stopping by the chat or blog, can you imagine their reactions when they read some of this slop? Whose feeling would get hurt the worst by the venom here?

  10. I was at Game 5 at MSG and I thought he was skating very well but couldn’t shoot the puck with the same velocity that he did all year. Yes, he did score a goal in that game but it was a broken play and all he did was throw it at the net.

    Although Gabby frustrates me sometimes I think he’s a heck of a player and I think he’s 95% bought into the system. If he can get that last 5% (i.e. be stronger on the puck in both zones) then he’ll be a big reason that they win a Cup.

  11. CCCP,

    But isn’t that the case really with most players? Look at Cally…I love the guy, he’s our heart and soul, but he broke his foot last year, perhaps broke his wrist this year, its a brutal sport. To me, Gabby, given what he’s given us the last three years and without putting us into a 10-year Richards-like contract at his $7.5 m cap hit has been worth every penny.

  12. Evan

    Look at the way Cally plays and look at the way Gaborik plays… Gaborik gets injured with hard checks all the time… Cally gets injured by blocking 100+ mph bombs from Chara…HUGE difference.

  13. When Carp starts using his Carpal Tunnel syndrome as an excuse about his late columns and posts, that’s when I’ll allow a player to b*tch and moan about his pansy labrum tears and broken wrists. Until then, then should be men and shut up and play the game. Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

  14. Gabby seemed to be playing hurt since the Ottawa series. He got nailed a couple of times pretty good, one in particular I recall at MSG. I knew at the time he had to be hurt, there just can’t be that much of a difference in a player’s effectiveness and the explanations that it was just because it was the playoffs just didn’t wash.

  15. I thought he got hurt during the Ottawa series. Then I thought he was OK after that. Apparently not.

  16. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Sorry I missed the chat, but thanks for doing it!

    I will go over the not so live now chat later!

    Did gabby get hit right after scoring a goal and slid into the boards hard? Was that the injury? Who was it that hit him?

  17. BroadwayRoe on

    Fat Guy – probably “delzaster” (as you all love to call him) would be the most upset by this place.

    And Brandon Prust would think of himself as a god…or Chuck Norris.

  18. Carp

    i got here late and i know my question won’t get through so i am gonna ask it here.

    i was talking to some Rangers fans and most of them seem to think that Lun*D*qvist isn’t strong enough mentally to win the cup for us…He was down early in the last two games in NJ and didn’t seem like himself… Do you think he has what it takes mentally? Because so far when it comes to the big time games (i know he won two game 7’s but games 5 and 6 vs. NJ were the biggest of his career so far), he has not been able to win them. Just wondering…

  19. I don’t buy any of that garbage, CCCP. Did you see him in the Olympics? In the Winter Classic (penalty shot in final minute)? In three elimination games, including two Game 7s? Even late in Game 6 vs. the Devils tied at 3-3?

    They probably said the same things about Tim Thomas.

  20. The guy who told me about Gabby also said they’re going to make a big play for Nash.

  21. matter of fact, Richter had to hear “Ron Francis, Ron Francis” right on through Game 7 vs. Vancouver, didn’t he?

  22. CCCP,

    I don’t disagree in terms of playing styles but Gabby has played almost all three full seasons for us, given his track record in Minny, the amount he’s played has been certainly best case.

    Further, I thought Gabby took big steps in terms of his physical play this year but you’re right, he’ll never be Cally.

    My point though is that in today’s world, no one is immune from injury, from the Sauer and Staals of the world, to the Gabby and Crosby’s of the world to the Cally and Chris Drury’s of of the world. All play or played different styles, with different skill sets and all are susceptible to injury given the speed and size of the game.

  23. Which I suppose is not ground breaking news, other than it probably means they’re not waiting around for Parise if they can get Nash sooner.

  24. Just looked in my notebook. I wrote down at 16:40 of the second period of Game 4 in Ottawa: Gaborik rocked by Kuba. I think that might have been it.

    Does anybody remember the goal he scored on the breakaway when he got slashed and slid into the boards? might have been regular season.

  25. Why is Tim Thomas taking a year off? To build a bunker for the end of the world? Or to work on some Tea Party campaigns?

  26. C’mon, CC. Gaborik is top 3 goal scorer in the League, pretty much every team would take him….

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    If its true about Tim Thomas good riddance. Won’t miss seeing is stupid mustached face. Have fun living on a compound in Montana

  28. Was just told that it was during the Ottawa series … and I’m betting it was the Kuba hit in Game 4.

  29. let’s pour out some liquor for Orlando Woolridge. R.I.P. at 52 years young.

  30. If you go back, you’ll find us talking on the blog in January that Gaborik started to avoid getting hit near the boards. I don’t remember exactly when though. I think his labrum was probably partially torn then, unless you do an MRI you won’t find out. It gets better until the next hard hit….

  31. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Hope Gabby makes a speedy recovery. We will need him next year and trading him is out of the question unless it for a significant upgrade like stamkos or malkin, and we know thats not happening. Carp, that hit had to be it. He seemed to hesitate more on his shots from the upper slot during the last 2 series. Amazing he played throught that injury. Your right,..these guys WILL go though a wall for tortarella,..even a chelse living xmas tree shopping Gaborik!

  32. Gaborik has shown since last season that he fully bought into Torts’ system and is a team guy. Why all of a sudden some decided to make him a scapegoat even before we knew about his injury is puzzling.

  33. 6 months, B-K-B, and he may not be a 100% when he comes back for another 2 or so months…Depends on what the extent of his surgery is going to be.

  34. Ilb, I agree 100% and I knew we were going to hear that something was wrong with him. That was the only possibility in my mind.

  35. czechthemout!!!! on

    for the record I take back everything negative I said about gabby as well

  36. czechthemout!!!! on

    in fact I don’t think anyone should ever question gabby’s gots again

  37. Tim Thomas = Reputation ruining Jackwagon.

    Remember when everyone actually liked him?

  38. On the other hand, if someone is interested in Lanvin (sp?) commercial from Paris, you can just click on Avery’s tweets right there——>

  39. Was Lidstrom inducted into the hall of fame yet?

    Did we present an offer sheet on Evander Kane yet?

    Is Jarome Iginla a Ranger yet?

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    Bruins have a number one goaltender in waiting in Tukka Rask. Thomas probably just saw the writing on the wall. Anybody think he’ll play hockey again?

  41. Ilb – if you read the *live chat* I told Carp that you fired me and he offered to fire you. I guess this feud you started has been taken up a notch. Maybe Carp has been watching that Hatfield & McCoy special on the History Channel.

  42. Thomas’ situation is very interesting. He has one year left on his 35+ contract at $5M. UFA after. But, as of July 1st 2012 his NMC expires. And even though Boston takes a full cap hit, he can be sent to minors. Rask is an RFA and is up for a big raise if he becomes number 1.

  43. This blog really needs a good feud. The whole dde vs. czechthemout isn’t doing it for me anymore.

  44. Lloyd Braun on

    I applaud Gaborik for “being a man” or whatever but this is also further proof that the guy is basically incapable of making it through a full season without breaking down. And now he’s lost until December in all likelihood. The number of forwards the Rangers will need to acquire just went up by one.

  45. To Gaborik’s credit the injury came in the postseason so he did make it through the regular season without breaking down.

  46. Paul in sunrise on

    I remember the hit and thought to myself “he’s done”

    I think hank has something too. Maybe the wrist maybe left knee or groin. Remember him flexin after a scrum. He did not look comfortable the last few games. Very un-hank like.

  47. Paul: After Hank’s shutout in Game 3, in which I have never seen him move so well from pipe-to-pipe I was sure that he pulled a groin in Game 4 when he was slow and lackadaisical looking. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  48. Lloyd Braun on


    sure. that also means he’s going to miss a third of next season because of it and will probably be ineffective for a while after that. the issue now is that the Rangers will be without the guy who’s their best scoring forward for a chunk of the season and will have to figure out how to make up for fewer goals on a team in serious need of goal scorers.

  49. Lloyd- that was the plan anyway, to find another goal scorer…Looking at it from a different point of view: if they do find that guy, and the secondary scoring keep them in good position, they will just add another 40 goal scorer around December

  50. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Ilb,..yeah, its amazing how some people wanted to run him out of town because he didnt light up the lamp 19 times in 20 post season games. He was only part of the lack of scoring during the postseason and there were many other cuplrits on the team that struggled as well. This injury will quiet the peopel who want to trade him. I had a friend who recently suffered that injury and he could not do movements that i think would be some what important to a hockey player. Hopefully we make due and maitain without him and he comes back the 40-50 game mark.

    At least him missing that top portion of the net when marty was down in game 5 makes more sense now (id like to blame it on the labrum.)

  51. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Hopefully we had a scorer in the offseason. And hopefully kreider and dubie pick up Gabbys slack as well. I don’t think we will fall out of playoff position.

  52. Season Saved!

    @thenyrangers@ The #NYR have agreed to terms with Swedish prospect *Oscar Lindberg* , who was acquired in trade with Phoenix a year ago

  53. Lloyd Braun on


    Well, until this came out, could you really blame people for being disappointed with one point against the Devils and three points against Ottawa?

  54. I think Gaborik got hurt when he lost his edge on the forecheck and slid into the boards behind Ottawa goal in game 3 or 4. And he was flying when it happened.

  55. Don’t forget: This injury to Gaborik could open up a spot for *WELLMAN* on the roster. Then we would dominate.

    Plus we signed Marek Hrivik/c so who cares. We have another Slovak ready to go.

  56. Lloyd Braun on


    I genuinely believed the Rangers needed to add two, and ideally three forwards with scoring ability. That was when Gaborik was going to start the season with the team. Now, I think you’re looking at having to add more.

  57. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Lloyd, of course fans have a right to be dissapointed with lack of performance by him. But it should be equally spread apart for guys like stepan, richards, artie, and hagelin. I just didnt like that people automatically used him as the scapegoat, but i guess he is the only sniper and the easiest target. Comes with the territory.

    Manny, should we rename the team the Swedish Rangers?

  58. Great Idea! We need to get Bjork on the roster. When is that kid gonna be ready? He looked good pre-season.

  59. Manny, Paul – you may be on to something with the “Hank possibly injured” theory. He looked like he was laboring on the Kojak wrister in Game 5 that put the debbies up 3 zip. I commented to my son at the time that he looked injured.

  60. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Wellman, Miller, Kreidersaraus Rex and Dubie will account for 207 goals between the 4 of them!!!!!


  61. Lloyd Braun on


    Well in my defense, I called out three of those guys, particularly Hagelin who was really abysmal in the playoffs. I didn’t think Richards was that bad. The issue is that more is expected from a guy like Gaborik than Hagelin. Hagelin isn’t a top line player and I’m sure everyone knows that. Anisimov is a dog. Stepan is very young and to an extent was over his head. Not that you want those guys to drop off the map, but it’s more understandable.

  62. “Give that man an Oscar!” said Sather when referring to Torts request for more offense!!

  63. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Think #20 got annoyed when he was livign in boston hearing “Cry-Da”

    What a lousy accent.

  64. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    i agree Lloyd, probably gonna demand alot more if the rangers come calling.

  65. I mentioned in last thread, Lloyd. $1M per year, plus the package for Nash just went up by one prospect/pick.

  66. To me, the bigger issue is shoring up the backline. They need six D that can play 15-20 minutes a night or McD and Girardi are going to just get bogged down.

    I think we made it to the ECF with not a ton of production from a lot of guys who would be assumed to rebound (Dubi, Artie, Boyle), increased production from young guys: Hags and Step, the addition of Kreider, and a more comfortable Richards.

    If we shore up the backline, I think some of the offense will fix itself. Not to say a Parise or a Nash wouldn’t be extremely beneficial, and that Gabby’s loss won’t hurt. Just to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if we stay the course mostly up front.

  67. MSG has on the Knicks magical run to the 94 finals again…for the 94th time this season.

  68. I’m looking for an over 50 over 250 hockey league to join. Any help here?

  69. It’s hard to get on Gabby knowing that he was playing without a shoulder. He had no shot. That’s his game. He is a sniper. If he doesnt have that he wont be very effective. Good for him not making any excuses. I dont see how anyone can be down on him and question his toughness after he kept playing through it. Hagelin and Stepan had much worse playoffs. Richards imo didnt have a bad postseason. He had a poor couple of games for sure but not overall.

    Question: doesnt the price for Nash increase a bit knowing that Gaborik is out for the start of the season?

  70. again… Gaborik is ALWAYS injured! Is that what we will always say? “oh its hard to get on him because this or that part of his body did not work well” c’mon!

  71. “Is that the guy Maloney traded for the greatest prospect of all time, Ethan Werek?”

    Whaaat? Werek was traded!?!?

  72. CCCP, Malkin seems to have an injury every year. Does that make him a soft europansy? Prust sayin’.

  73. “Yeah, it was the Ottawa game, that was the real play,” Gaborik said. “I think it was Game 3. I went into the boards behind the net. I just tried to play through it.

    There it is.
    I knew it. I said to my son: “Wow! he just got hurt there.”

  74. I think it shows a lot of heart and courage to play through such an injury and not complain. Those are the types of guys I want on my team….

    Props to Gaby for a great season and that UNREAL Game 3 goal against Washington! Wow!!

  75. “MZA’s tweets sure make it sound like he’s a goner.”

    For now, Latona. For now. We retain his rights as an NHL’er. He is still an asset and I predict we’ll see him down the road….when? I have clue….could be years

  76. Wonder how many more injuries we have on our shot-bloacking team? The number could rise .

  77. 2 out of 3 seasons as a NYR Gaborik has been healthy and played in every game without complaining. I want guys like that on my team. Especially when they score 40+ goals.

  78. loneranger June 1st, 2012 at 5:43 pm
    Wonder how many more injuries we have on our shot-blocking team? The number could rise

  79. Lloyd Braun on

    what I’m wondering is what was the reason Gaborik basically had no shot for the entire season? I can recall only a handful of times where he scored a goal off a particularly hard, fast shot like he had in the past. This season, it was literally single digits. Assuming he got hurt against Ottawa, that still leaves over 5 months without much of a shot.

  80. well, here’s to a speedy and full recovery for Gabby!

    no matter what, Torts (and Sully?) need to tweak the board hockey over the summer
    in part that’s going to take some additional talent to come on board
    somewhere up to 3 players via signing/trade/youth
    would still like
    konopka in there for grit and faceoffs and occasional goal scoring
    our 3 series showed that we may have team toughness (i.e. playing a month with screwed up
    we need more size and grit for not just seasonal play but playoffs

  81. sure…guts are great… give Gaborik a medal for being brave and ineffective ;)

    as for MalKING… i think he’s been having the same issue for the past 2 seasons… something with his knee… with Gabroik, it’s always something new. And MalKING leads the league in scoring almost every year… can Gaborik do that? ;)

  82. Lloyd – I think Gaborik actually hurt his shoulder early in the season. Not sure if anyone remembers it, but it was one of the first home games, maybe the first against Toronto. He took a rough hit on the near boards and I remember him getting up slowly and thinking that he had to be hurt. He was fine and didn’t miss anything after that.

    Then he took that hit in the Ottawa series and apparently tore it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he just sprained it back in the early part of the year, then due to wear and tear (without resting it, it just slowly gets worse) he finally tore it on a hit, similar to what Jagr did after taking that hit from Ruutu in the Olympics and then fully tearing it when he went to punch Gomez.

    I just went through a sprained rotator cuff (and bicep), and my PT said if you keep pushing it, eventually it will tear, even from a simple movement just due to the fact that it overworks itself and doesn’t rest. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but based on what my PT said, it sounds like it could’ve been.

  83. I dunno, Lloyd, Gaborik had a decent amount of “Gaborik” goals this season. More than ten, I’d say.

  84. Gotta say Gaborik is very good hands.

    Dr. Madallo did my first ACL replacement and Dr. Feldman my second. When I tore it, i went straight to the team doctors (at the time Madallo was head, now its Feldman). Really great guys.

    Thanks Docs! 41 yrs old and still playing :)

  85. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    For those with young children playing…..

    When did you put them in skates? My son turns 2 in december 2012. I was going to take him around january to the rink and rent skates for him and just glide on the ice holding him, but i dont want to deter or scare him from ice skating. Do you think thats to young?? If so what age should i take him?

    Thanks ‘heads!

  86. B-K-B, from a medical standpoint, if they can walk steady, they can balance on skates. Toddlers are fine. Have fun.

  87. Had my son on skates at 4. He had to have a helmet and hockey gloves. He learned by pushing a chair around for support. He was playing by 6.

  88. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    So did we establish that it was the post goal hit and slide into the boards that injured gabby?

    When and who was it?

  89. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Thanks ilb and papa….im gonna give it a try. Im excited about it. I wont buy him skates for a little while cause i know how fast they grow out of things. Anyway, thanks again for your comments.

  90. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I just started my oldest daughter this spring as a 3 year old, you should be good to go.

  91. It was definitely Game 4 … Gaborik just had the game wrong … got it directly from somebody who had trainer Jim Ramsay’s records. Gaborik was injured in Game 4 when he went into the end boards awkwardly.

  92. no, wicky, that was Philly in December. This was another incident on April 18 — which was Game 4 against Ottawa.

  93. guys i am really depressed. wife sleeping baby sleeping and i am sitting here wondering how the last 7 days have been hell for rangers. lose in conf finals to hated rival. then to hear today gabby out 6 months. i dont see how we are going to be able to survive until christmas should the season start on time. if we do bring in a nash then we miss gabby goals. we need to add with gabby not offset without him. whether its parise(not likely) or nash or iginla or ryan we are still going to have to have people pick up gabby production. i could see us in 10th come christmas time. columbus will insist on kreider and we wont budge so i dont see nash coming. doan is not enough without gabby.

    dont be surprised if we are scrambling to get in playoffs next year especially if we start slow.


    All players have flaws. When they are on your team and you watch and scrutinize every play, as we do, sometimes it easy, especially when the results don’t jive, to focus on the flaws. Gaborik, is no different. But on this team and with this group of players and the way they play gritty, north/south hockey, Gaborik is an easy target when things aren’t going well and he’s not scoring. After the bitter disappointment of being knocked out in a year when we all thought the chips were falling right, I think it was natural for us to scapegoat Gaborik, who based on results, was an easy target. Now we learn he was playing with a significant injury. Certainly changes the circumstances – maybe he’s not as “soft”as we thought, maybe he wasn’t “floating”, maybe he couldn’t battle to get the puck past a pinching defenseman, maybe he was affected to the point that he couldn’t make a stiff pass, be strong on his stick and the puck, shoot the puck with authority…. In light of what he accomplished during the season – a season where he was often praised by Torts as a player who accepted the challenge, lived up to the task, played the game “the right way”, went to the dirty areas consistly through the season – he is entitled to and deserves the benefit of the doubt from us fanatics. I admit, I was right there on this site leading the chorus of “let’s move Gabby”. That’s why I’m a fan and not a GM. Even if he weren’t injured and his play was the result of the excellent checking job the Devils employed (as they obviously game planned for him and Richards,) -Gabby is not the first star to have an unproductive playoff series. Trade Gaborik – I am off that mission and frankly I am embarrassed that I let my disappointment clearly cloud what littler common sense I possess. Carp is dead-on when he said yes to trading him but only if we were to get Malkin or Stamkos in return. Iginla, yeah he’s a nice player, who has had a nice career, but he is way past his prime – Calgary would do that deal in a New York minute. Let’s not rob Peter to pay Paul. Gabby may not be superstar but that’s okay. He is flawed player, but an elite goal scorer on a team that struggles to score goals and that’s okay too. We need him and his talent on this team.

  95. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Dont worry eric, one thing this core group has is heart and will, not to mention an outstanding D with a world class goaltender. They can survive and piece together goals with kreider and company if they dont pick up another scorer via trade or free agency. If we get someone good this summer, then i dont see why we wouldnt be a top 4 seed in the east by xmas. While things are tight in the nhl nowdays, i dont see this team falling below fifth seed, unless they suffer a ton of big injuries early.

  96. Dubinsky has to better than he’s ever been this coming season. He should be That is the expectation from Torts. That is the expectation from fans like me.

  97. Great post, Papa!

    Eric, we’ll be fine. Just look at it this way- they will be adding a fresh 40-goal scorer around X-mas.

  98. And knowing how resilient this team is, I wouldn’t be surprised for a second that they are in the upper part of EC by that time either.

  99. How does the media not realize that one of the most prolific scorers in the game is suffering from a torn rotator cuff for 6 weeks? Do people watch the game or just browse through the box scores afterwards?

  100. Yeah Carp – Maddalo was the best. And he knew I was a big fan – but he was perfect about it.

    Best was the day after my surgery as I leave from hospital, he puts me into STAR physical therapy. I crutch in with my head swimming with leftover anesthetic – and the first thing I see –>

    Mike Richter stopping tennis balls.

    Watching him made me realize just how important PT is and why I’m still able to play today :)

    Go Blue !

  101. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    The Cat video just about broke my heart……Go LA!!!!!! Sorry I’ve been away so much….still licking my wounds……but I think I’m ready to unban myself :)

  102. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I loved watching cally undress the baby buffaloes in OT during the video. SO many good memories this season!

  103. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    And I am sooooooooooo adismally late with this from me: Carp, you rule!!!! Great chat today, and I know you will stay here with us even during the Summer of Carp. This blog is the best ever!!!!!

    Holy hartnell, if you could get Torts to do a chat this place would EXPLODE!!!!!!!!

    fyi all, talked to Tony today…progress slow, but there is progress. He got a chance to see his fave grandson play hockey today…excellent medicine!

  104. Michael, because we’ve seen it before with that player, because we’ve seen the defensive job the opponent is doing on everybody, not just him, because we saw the coach — who knew he was hurt — bench him. So it’s easy to be fooled.

    we all thought Callahan was hurt, too, and now we find out he wasn’t.

  105. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    I have to say, after learning Gabby was playing hurt all that time, my respect level for him went up several notches, not that he needed many extra from me. Just goes to show ya….can’t always believe what you see, or jump to conclusions…..

  106. I can’t sit still and pacing!
    …kinda like a Rangers Playoff game!

    Game 8,020


  107. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Yank fan here, but happy for No-han….Congrats to him and the mets….see, its possible to come back strong from shoulder surgery!

  108. The way he was treated here by “expert” Rangersfobs and patented misanthropes is despicable shame.
    Prust and I saying…

  109. Sally,
    Hi, gorgeous.
    When the BC (beard’s contest) Final? For me THAT’s when season OVER.

  110. 4ever, everything is pretty much good to go. The voting booths will open early Monday morning and the contest will go until Friday. I’m really looking forward to it!

  111. I’m having a burger and my side dish is all the leftover sweet potato stuff that didn’t make it through the food mill when making baby food. The burger is winning. By a lot.

  112. Been away for a little bit, doing a bit of lurking as I haven’t been feeling well all week.

    Tough news on Gabby, but we all suspected he was hurt from that hard check into the boards in the Ottawa series. Just another expression of how tough hockey players are and how much they never want to us injuries as an excuse.


    If Gabby wants reassurance that he can come back from this, all he needs to do is look at Santana’s performance tonight.

    Does the team go harder after Nash now???

  113. Watched Jagr’s “one on one” interview. From what he was stated, I understood, that he learn a lot about how NHL and game are changed whithin 3 years and wants to be in NHL next season, but NOT necessarily with Philties. Question: (don’t byfuglien chew me alive) – would you consider (under new circumstances with scoring forwards and acceptable price)…

  114. Carp,
    I’m not calling you out in any way, I think your site is great. But many reporters/analysts were saying that Gaborik was playing like a pansy. I didnt think it was that difficult to tell that he was injured given the sequence of events.
    1) Gaborik has a prolific 41 goal season and an incredible game 1 vs Ottawa,
    2) Then takes a nasty shoulder hit into the boards
    3) For the next 19 games Gaborik avoids all physical contact, can’t generate any velocity on shots, and is completely uninvolved in play.

    No one was criticizing Callahan in the same manner. I think a lot of that stems from the media not understanding the game

  115. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    4ever, I’m not hungry, so no chewing….but NO hartnelling way…..

    OK, that’s not a wicky…..but now I say niters…..

  116. “Remember when the Yankees could have had Johan for Kennedy and Hughes?”

    Yup. Every day I lament having Sabathia and Hughes and Joba rather than Santana. Especially when Johan isn’t on the DL.

  117. Official major apology to Gaborik for thinking he was a Europansy in the playoffs. Anyone still criticizing him for not being more effective is an idiot.

  118. 4ever, I think that ship has sailed. I don’t think he would fit in with this group of players or coaches.

  119. Yeah, understood…I basically can give a lecture if being paid why NOT to…, but we can be in a not so nice situation in this depatment.

  120. Parise is strangely and seemingly nice guy in a hated organization, but for me he is just slightly technically improved version of Cally, very good player, but definitely NOT a superstar who, because of market situation will (rightfully so)commend super high price. Honestly, I don’t believe a min. he will be this side of Hudson comes new season. At best, his chances to become a Ranger I would evaluate as 1 out of 10 (10%/90%) vs. Carp’s 50/50, when all accompanied and surrounding obstacles taken to consideration.

  121. I really hope Gaborik’s injury doesn’t lead to a Nash panic. Its only a month or two and getting to the playoffs is like a dozen times more important than seeding once there. Would hate to see the core messed up over this and have 43 year old me lamenting “Gaborik’s shoulder” as what ruined a potentially awesome team a decade from now.

  122. Nash situation could be even more “pat” as the chess players says, when there is no good moves from both sides, considering what already happened. Going nowhere…
    Iginla, after new coach came and Bobby Ryan are not tradable or buyable despite all our wishful thinking.
    Any others are pure gambling, we have them a plenty in the team already, subjects of hope and guessing.

  123. No, Michael, you guys understand it much better than we do. thanks.

    that’s ridiculous to say he avoided all physical contact, because he didn’t. The guy scored three goals vs. Washington. He had some big games after the injury. Had some physical games after the injury. It wasn’t evident.

    4ever, Gaborik was guessing and he was wrong. He slid into the boards in Game 4, and trainer Jim Ramsay had it in his records that the injury occurred April 18, which was Game 4.

  124. The Gaborik injury will have no bearing whatsoever on the moves they make this summer, especially since he’ll probably be back for opening night after the lockout. You don’t do something stupid to temporarily replace a guy who might miss a month.

    Whatever moves they make this summer will be moves they would make if Gaborik was healthy.

  125. Good morning (6 am) from Israel. I dont think the reporters were calling a pansy as much as many fans. Most reporters kept saying it’s not only him and he’s done some good things. But again, no one should be questioning him following the news. Ok all out for a nice 3-4 hour bike ride in Jerusalem. Getting in shape! Gabby better watch out, ill take his spot.

  126. As we learn already with a sorrow, nothing is more permanent, then temporary. Aren’t we?

  127. “especially since he’ll probably be back for opening night after the lockout…”

    Man, the last thing this sport needs is a stoppage….but you are probably right…ugh…

  128. “You don’t do something stupid to temporarily replace a guy who might miss a month.”

    This should be true. This isn’t always true.

  129. So, despite Gaborik said Friday he was injured during Game 3 of New York’s first-round playoff victory over the Ottawa Senators when he was hit into the boards shoulder-first, he was actually hurt for this spesifically trauma at Game 4 Ottawa, right?

  130. So last Friday and Saturday , pages and pages about how they should get rid of Gaborik. A week later, he’s got a bum shoulder and is out, and it’s how will we ever replace his scoring?

  131. Besides thinking that he will miss just a month is very naïve. From my own experience and many others with the same diagnosis, even after laparoscopic type of operation, there are known cases, when people couldn’t get back to 100%of normal ROUTINE within a year. Here, we are talking about one of the most functionally important part of hockey player body with extremely tough and intense application. You can’t favor it, or you’re not playing hockey – puck handling, shot, playing along the boards, protecting yourself against hits, not to mention applying hits, all this directly depends on your shoulder. I wouldn’t be so optimistic about all situation and rather be prepared for some plan B.

  132. duckbill platypus on

    Manny, maybe we can get a doctor feud going… FELDMAN vs MONTGOMERY!!! (NY ISLES 97-07) RANGERS VS ISLES!!

    Montgomery’s amazing bedside manner vs the arrogance of Dr. Feldman!!! Winner gets a glowing review on YELP! That is all!™

  133. Anti-Gabbys on this board don’t beat yourselves up. Even Torts was hoping to try and trade him- according to the source who told me yesterday about the injury. So we’re in good company.

    Some on this board who are now chiding the anti-gabbys are the same people who ridiculed when it was called out during Ottawa he had to be hurt the way he was playing.

    I admire his courage in playing through the injury and am relieved to hear some of his performance could be blamed on the injury. But I trusted the media saying he was fine, judged accordingly, and take nothing back.

  134. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who said he was fine?

    You assumed he was fine and traded him to Calgary for a 36 yr old has been.


  135. nice backtrack Matteau! Unfortunately youre wrong and can simply be proven wrong by checking the posts of the past 2 weeks.

  136. True Fans lots of people said he was fine including the media. In fact the very notion of him being hurt was borderline ridiculed. I knew I wasn’t watching the same player. There were maybe two posters who agreed.

    As for the tradfood 30 year old oft injured Gabby for 35 year old Iginla are you kidding? You wouldnt do that now? Since when does a players brittleness not get factored in? Vs a guy with just as many goals who played all 82 games each of the last 5 years? You think an NHL GM of a team going fo rthe cup would rather have Gabby with 2 years left than Iginla with 1? Cmon man take your Ranger colored glasses off.

    Lev no backtracking here at all, quite the opposite. Only thing I would hav

  137. Post cut off….

    Only thing I would have viewed differently is Gabbys courage had the injury been known.

  138. I don’t think one is an anti-Gabby if they call attention to the fact that he went to sleep in his own zone more than a few times in these playoffs. Yes, he was unable to get off that shot of his and you have to give him a pass on that. And you have to give him credit for playing with pain and getting hit on that shoulder a fair amount. But it is not a sin to criticize his overall play. He should have blocked that shot, he should have cleared the puck better than he did at times and he should have made better use of his speed on offense. To me, he looked like an average skater out there.

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