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A few things:

First, of course, is this reminder. Our season wrap-up Live Chat is at noon today. Bring your questions, comments, etc. Be there. No excuses accepted. Or else.

Second, if you sent Sally a pre-playoff beard picture, she now needs your “after” photo. And you don’t want Sally mad at you. Trust me on that.

Third, thank you for being such nuts about your team. Our numbers in April and May were off the charts (especially when compared to last April and May, for obvious reasons). Much appreciated.

We’ll have a separate game thread for each of the remaining games of the Stanley Cup finals. And I know you guys probably don’t want to hear this, but I expect the series to be 1-1 after Game 2 tomorrow. Oh, and thanks NBC, for the travel day between Games 1 and 2. What? Nobody traveled?


On hockey, I suggested yesterday that the NHL wouldn’t even look at the Dainius Zubrus elbow in Game 1. I was wrong. The NHL did look at it, and a few other hits, in Game 1. Brendan Shanahan’s group actually does review loads of hits from every game, all the time. Then they deem if it needs a hearing and perhaps further discipline. So I was wrong, and I apologize.

That said, maybe I’m being too simplistic, but if the NHL wants to get rid of, say, elbows to the head, then all elbows to the head should be punished with suspensions. Plain as that. If that happened from opening night, by now there would not still be elbows to the head occurring. And to me, the Zubrus elbow is the exact same thing as the Brandon Prust elbow that got him one game, and the Carl Hagelin elbow that got him three, and the Zubrus elbow and the J.P. Parise Jr. elbow that got nothing in the ECF (not to mention the Chris Neil shoulder or the Alex Ovechkin leaping shoulder). Want to get rid of head shots? It’s not that difficult.


Also, the Torts Media Tour continues Monday, when Bob Costas interviews John Tortorella on his NBC show after Game 3 of the finals. Rex Ryan of the three-time defending Super Bowl champion Jets will also be interviewed on the show.


A thought on Nicklas Lidstrom’s retirement. Of course, what you say and think about the guy is class, excellence, grace, a champion and a gentleman in every sense, automatic Hall of Famer, one of the greatest to ever play the position, etc. I’ve often said, if you switched Brian Leetch and Lidstrom, put Leetch in Detroit and Lidstrom on the Rangers, maybe Leetch wins more Norris Trophies, and that’s not taking anything at all away from Lidstrom. Leetch was a victim of the haphazard way the Rangers played hockey most of his career, but I think Leetch was a slightly smaller version of Lidstrom — virtually the same player.

Sadly, when I think of Lidstrom, too, one of the first things that pops into my head is Sid the Skid Crosby snubbing him in the Stanley Cup finals handshake line, captain snubbing captain. And part of why I really never liked the Skid.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Shalom from Israel! A wonderful 31 Europansy degrees here. Havent slept in like 30 hours but am heading out to grab some shawarma. Lets Go Kings. Lidstrom = CLASS. Will be missed.

  2. I dont expect Torts to say anything new on this interview but will give a different view of him to the mainstream viewer.

  3. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning peeps,….looking forward to the chat. Leetch would have probably had 5 or 6 100 point seasons on detroit

  4. Good morning, boneheads!
    Have fun, Lev! 31 Europansy degrees? It’s pretty cool for this time of the year in Israel. Enjoy it, it’s about to hit 40.

  5. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Greatest ranger Dman ever – Johnny bednarski

  6. You’re not thinking of jumping off of anything, are you Manny? Because if you are, come back inside and sit down. Many people really care about you…don’t do it.

    You didn’t lose your bet with your wife, either. The Devils are down, 1-0. Stay calm, Manny.

  7. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    I scrolled down 37 responses, thinking it would be the usual smart Rangers hockey conversation… But instead I see a boneheaded bush-league homeroom call…

  8. Hey, Manny. We all stick together in this room. Carp has created a strong network of teamwork. You need help. We are all here for you, my friend. I know. I know. The season ended early. It sucks. But life does move on.

    Will Justin Schultz sign? Or won’t he?

    See, points of intrigue right there!!! HANG ON MANNY!!!!

  9. Back to seriousness and reality….

    It’s actually odd to me that I felt a sense of calm come over me when the Rangers finally lost that *must-win* game. I guess the finality of the loss brought me to my senses. It was such a great season. 1st place since December. Eastern Conference Finals. SIgned *Wellman* and now we can get Schultz to join Marek Hrivik/c and dominate.

  10. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Manny’s got some jam to his game this morning..i like it…

    I just read that lidstrom finnished with a +/- rating of + 450 for his career! That pretty crazy. i had to google the career leaders and foundapretty good list:

    Larry Robinson, career, (+730)
    Bobby Orr, career, (+597)
    Ray Bourque, career, (+528)
    Wayne Gretzky, career, (+518)
    Bobby Clarke, career, (+506)

  11. Carp, why did The Skid snub Lidstrom on the handshake line? Was there ever a reason or a story that followed that? Of course, without the Blueshirts being a part of that Final, I didn’t watch a minute of it!!!

  12. FiveFootZero on

    TGIF! Ran in to a clean-shaven Nasty last night…for about 10 minutes we talked hockey till I had to bolt out the door with my 2 kids. Fun stuff…what coulda happened, what shoulda happened, what might happen…LOL.

  13. You will only know if you check, ilb…….but from time to time we fire up the chainsaws and log away.

  14. Wayne Gretzky, career, (+518)

    Given his defensive prowess that is quite a testament to his scoring prowess. Wow.

  15. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Leetch – Lidstrom ?? Sorry Carp…Aside from both being great defenseman in the NHL I do not see any similarities. Completely different styles of play, physicality of play, skill sets, and way unfair to Leetch. Lidstrom is one of the top 5 defensive defenseman of ALL TIME, with some pretty good offense. Leetch was a magnificent player, who by comparison is not on the same level of Lidstrom (or Orr or Robinson or Harvey or Bourque). Leetch is on the second level (with Chelios, Potvin, Coffey, etc…..
    Lidstrom is a top 5 all time, maybe even number 1 or 2. Leetch is a top 10, maybe number 10.

  16. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    “Rangers goal, a power play goal, his 28th of the season,scored by number 6 Juuussstttin Shuuulllttzzz…..the assits to number 24 Ryyaann Callahhaannn..and number 19 Braad Riichards…time of the goal 17:24…Shultz, his 28th, from Callahan and Richards a power play goal at 17:24..”

    Boy that sounds nice in my head :-)

  17. tomb – thanks for the write up on Schultz. Seems like he is potentially the real deal.

  18. So, Manny, what do I have to do to get a shout? Take you to Shenanigans for some mozzarella sticks?

  19. Oh man! You’re totally right! I blew it, The Doctor. Sorry. I tried not to forget people! I guess I got a little distracted by somebody while doing the repeater.

  20. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Yea, I kind of feel a bit hurt, too, Manny. Tough to penetrate the ‘core group’ around here no matter how good and true blue you are.


  21. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I will wife thinks i’m (we) are all nuts anyway…

    Speaking of Fat Rex, well, not really….how great would a hard knocks type of show be for NHL training camp…torts would be entertaining.

  22. The Rangers have some pretty decent options once July 1st roll around.

    Obviously Parise and especially Schultz are no-brainers, but should either (or both) of them wind up elsewhere, the Rangers have some other options.

    The Rangers have loads of cap space this season so Ray Whitney would be a terrific move on a 1 year deal. Obviously Rangers fans would need to accept that 77 points wont happen, but he would be a productive top 6 forward for us, nonetheless, even at 40+. Selanne and Doan would also work, but doesn’t seem likely…

    Jiri Hudler is another interesting option, but the contract he is going to get will certainly be an issue, so I would pass. No to 10 foot pole Semin.

    As for defense, I’m a big fan of Denis Wideman, but his eventual contract will be a problem and unless you are packaging Del Zotto in an attempt to bring in a top scorer, then Suter makes no sense either. No to Garrison either

  23. No Matty. Never say that. You’re presence makes me happy. Much happier than most of the regulars around here. It was just early and I haven’t played that game in a long time!

  24. Ray Whitney is 40 years old. You didn’t hear Torts say he wants the team to bring in more youth? Geez, they’re not that desperate that they need to bring in a geezer.

    Don’t know about any of the other free agents. I think if they can’t get a top flight player like Parise then they should stay put and maybe just add a youngster or two.

    Maybe Fast makes the team. They can have a line of Fast, Kreider and Hagelin and call it the speed line except I don’t think any of them has played center.

  25. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Wasn’t Gilroy supposed to be an amazing offensive defensemen? Hope Schultz doesn’t turn out like that unless of course he doesn’t come to New York.

  26. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Charlie, I am pretty certain Fast will be playing for HV71 next year and than maybe in the AHL the year after before making the team. Those Europansies always need some time to get used to the game.

  27. One Cup, make sure you are wearing kevlar on the way to and from the pebble. Oh, enjoy bankruptcy and anonymity too…

  28. Posted this late last night, comes with full disclaimers:

    Had dinner with someone who occasionally gets inside info. Told me he heard Gabby had a busted shoulder in playoffs and will have it operated. Guess we’ll know soon enough if this is reliable info. Certainly would explain a lot.

    Other nuggets (which take on more cred if the Gabby shoulder is true)

    -Torts would have liked to try trading Gabby but now wont be able bc of the injury.

    -definitely making big play for Nash, very few untouchables.

    -Dubi is a goner if they can find a taker.

    I don’t vouch for any of this info but thought since I’m not a professional reporter there was no harm in passing it on.

  29. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Like I said last night. I don’t think any of this is true. Hard for me to believe their are very few untouchables, especially after Sather said “we don’t trade kids”. I don’t think Dubi will just be thrown away and I think their are plenty of teams that would take a gamble on him especially with the salary cap seemingly going up about 7m next year.

  30. N.CountryNYRFan on

    How stupid is the NHL for this Finals schedule. They play weds. and now have to wait to sat. to play game 2. Stupid. I haven’t really been paying much attention to the finals since our boys lost but I was expecting a game tonight.

  31. Unless we’re going back to the “Gabby for Dustin Brown” type rumors, I’m against every one of those bulletpoints.

  32. N.Country: Even more ridiculous is that, if the series goes 7, its Saturday in NJ, Monday in LA and Wednesday in NJ.

  33. I hate the idea of trading Gaborik for anyone that isn’t going to score at least 40 goals. Trade him for Stamkos. But no one else.

  34. Hmmm….now that’s enticing. He has 40 goal potential. Conveniently he’s on the Ducks so we could just make a blockbuster for Schultz and Ryan.

  35. Matteau! looks like you know what you’re talking about. Impressive. Your humility was also a breath of fresh air around here.

    @AdamRotter@ BUZZ: Marian Gaborik Has A Torn Rotator Cuff

  36. “Ray Whitney is 40 years old. You didn’t hear Torts say he wants the team to bring in more youth? Geez, they’re not that desperate that they need to bring in a geezer.”

    That “geezer” had more points than Marion Gaborik, Zach Parise, Ilya Kovalchuk, Rick Nash, Anze Kopitar and Jerome Iginla.

    The Rangers roster is filled with young players, what they need is production and Ray Whitney at 40 years old is still very productive and fills a need for us.

  37. This just in – NHL to make the Rangers open on Pluto next season, but give them 2 days off before the next game

  38. Oh, and thank you to Lev and manny for leaving me out of all your early morning shout0outs. There’s obviously blatant anti-semetism rampant throughout this blog

  39. I was expelled from Hebrew High School for being a “self-loathing Jew.” At this point in my life I am comfortable upgrading that loathing to rampant anti-semitism.

    Lev’s is far worse though since he is in Yisrael and all.

  40. “Marian Gaborik Has A Torn Rotator Cuff”

    I knew it….Once he started shying away from checks, I knew his shoulder was busted….

    Get Well Gaby!!!

  41. I heard Manny got expelled because of the magazines he was bringing to school…

  42. I was just in Israel, fantastic place and they DO show NHL hockey on Fox sports there.

  43. LW – from all us Jews: thank you and your English (europansies) heritage for helping us obtain a legal claim to what some vehemently believe to be our homeland.

  44. Matteau- unless your source was born recently, maybe he and Torts both forgot about that little NTC letters next to Gaborik’s contract. “Busted shoulder” was pretty obvious to everyone the moment Gaborik mentioned he had been injured and may require surgery.

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t know if this is breaking news or not but the twitter widget says Gaborik has a torn rotator cuff

  46. Long list of people who, if they held themselves accountable, would need to say just how very, very, very wrong they were about Gaborik. Silently playing with a torn rotator cuff is a pretty hardass move.

  47. Yea, Gaborik lost his ability to shoot during that morning skate on January 13, 2012. I remember it clearly. Think it was 11:35ish.

  48. Hoping this Gabby news shuts all the NN’s up about how Gabby is a Europansy.

    Get well soon!

    Now I’m gulping at the leverage lost by this in a possible Nash deal.

  49. The thing with Gaby is that he ISN’T a soft player. He plays better when he is physical and gets fired up when he checks people. But, when he’s hurt; he is a shell of himself and can’t initiate any battles, as we saw in the 2010-11 campaign and late in this year’s playoffs….It’s not a knock on him, we need to spread out the goal scoring so it doesn’t all fall on him….

  50. I still smile whenever I think of that brutal check Gaby delivered to Briere in the Winter Classic…

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    Gabby will apparently miss 6 months for surgery. Yikes, worse than I thought

  52. “The thing with Gaby is that he ISN’T a soft player.”

    And yet some people here were convinced that, despite playing a physical game during the season, Gabby just folded in the playoffs. Europeans just aren’t tough enough to try hard. He didn’t care as much as I did while I watched the games on television.


  53. Manny thanks for the acknowledgment. I try not to overhype things but this source is as good as they come.

    By the way this same guy gave me a hint about the shoulder during the Ottawa series, just not the extent of it. I posted about it but got dismissed.

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