Just a few quick thoughts on Game 1


1) How is the Dainius Zubrus elbow any different whatsoever than the Brandon Prust elbow? And does anybody want to bet the NHL won’t even look at it?

2) This was a game ya boys could have won.

3) Ilya Kovalchuk sure wasn’t Mr. Superstar in Game 1, and that pass, instead of shooting, in overtime was an awful play.

4) Anze Kopitar=Monster. Also=Europansy.

5) The more I see of Martin Brodeur, and despite all the acrobatic saves he makes, the more I’m convinced he was the worst of the final four goalies. And he could end up with the Cup.

6) Could they turn up the music and noise any louder in Newark? It’s bad when you have to turn down the volume on the TV, when the network can’t make it more quiet for the viewers.

7) When this guy Steve Bernier hits you, you know you’ve been hit. I noticed that during the ECF, too.

8) Did youse all hear the Torts Radio Tour yesterday?

9) Wow, a lot of comments during Game 1. Should I do separate “It’s Go Time” posts for the finals games?

Thanks for all the responses for season-review guest blogs. I’ll sort it all out today.

MOST IMPORTANT: Live Chat Friday at noon. We can really wrap up the season and what happened in the ECF. Be there. Or else.


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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    #2. Ouch.

    Didnt watch, only saw highlight of the OT embarrassment that cost NJ, but i’ll take your word Carp.

    Good day ‘Heads.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    #5. You’d be hard-pressed to prove he wasn’t the worst at the 16 goalie stage.

  3. Quick is very athletic. First time I have seen him I thought Richter (in style). Am I crazy?

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jdon, he’s like hank richter hybrid.

    Sits low, wide, and deep (not as deep as hank, but similar). But the legs side-to-side extremely reminiscent of richter.

  5. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Good morning Carp and boneheads. Nice pleasant surprise to see mini review. Mine would have gone like this:

    1) kings found a way to win

    2) devils suck byufglien!!

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Point well taken, but as the 2008 founder of the oft used ‘byfuglien’ im going to say that’s an inappropriate usage right there.

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    LA uses very effective, sharp passing to break out of their own zone which makes NJ forechecking much less effective. I like their game. I’m against Go Time, unless it’s called Go To Hell NJ Time :-)

  8. Carp, I agree about Bernier. He’s a pesky forward who checks hard, is hard to play against, was a high draft pick, has some skill, makes $525K and is an UFA. A candidate for our third / fourth line?

  9. I’m telling you, but I dont have to. Games 5 and 6 of the ECF, despite the comebacks needed to get there, even going into the third and the the Rangers out played the Devs in both those periods. Those two Byfuglien games were the only times the entire year the Rangers didnt make a play and end up with a win. For some reason right afterwards it fely better to say the other team was just much better, but bull carcillo, they were not.

  10. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Yes I heard the Torts Radio Tour

    NO….no go time blogs for non Ranger games

    Checked out the ice time of the Kings in the boxscore. They play their squad. DEPTH.
    We only play 4.5 D and 10 F max. When we have 6 D and 12 F to roll with and trust, we will win the cup. Everyone play betters when you roll out everyone.

  11. this is an oversimplification, I am sure, but LA was not averse to passing in front of their goal to establish their breakout. The Rangers seemed morally averse to doing this–they kept trying to force it out along the wall. In essence, they tried to accomplish it by using much more narrow path than the Kings did.

  12. True Fans, yes, that side to side quickness, and how he used his legs gave me flashbacks.

  13. Quick reminding u guys of Richter makes sense bc he was a Rangers fan growin up and idolized Richter

  14. Carpy, thanks for the mini review. Enjoyed it, not the name.

    Couple of thoughts:
    1. Marty sucks
    2. Kopitar = gliding sometimes, Monster. He canned it when he needed to .
    3. Both teams play stronger team ‘d’ than our team. The amount of quality scoring chances was much lower than what Hank has to deal with all the time. This is the only way to make Marty look lie he belongs in the league. Force the puck wide, have the ‘d’ in front of the net to push off the ugly rebounds. That’s why Farty looks so good. Clemmenson could, too. We need more of that for our goalie and he will be invincible instead of hanging him out to dry.
    4. Rock is so bush league
    5. Impressed by size of LA. Size does matter. We should be drafting and FA’ing BIG PEOPLE with all the attributes of the smaller. Tell that to our ‘stuck in the 1970’s’ GM!

  15. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good morning all! Phew…..this series makes me ill, not just thirsty.

    No to the Go!

  16. CARP: Please, keep “It’s Go Time” for NY Rangers games!

    OK, so I lied, I watched last night. Not sure it was a good idea, because it reinforced the notion that we could have won the cup with a couple of better bounces against the Dev’s. I agree with Torts on the radio yesterday that the Dev’s ouplayed us, but we still could have won that series.

    so glad the Dev’s lost last night! Praying they lose the series. Hate FATSO! Can’t wait till her retires!

  17. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I agree Boo-ka, Nolan is a solid 4th liner. He’s a younger, more agile player of Mike Rupp.

  18. 1) Kings won a game last night and I don’t think we saw them at their collective best, which is good for us, bad for the debbies. They have an overdrive gear that we saw in limited spurts but not consistently through the game.

    2) Was there any doubt that once Kopitar corralled the bouncing puck (which btw, was bouncing all night long) the game was over. Nice move – nice hands.

    3) Didn’t realize the Kings D was so solid – they skate and move the puck well and were consistently able to beat the first debbie forechecker – a problem our boys had all series.

    4) Ranger flashback – you can’t break out along the wall against the Devils. Kings used short passes off the wall against the grainwhich worked well.

    5) LA and Quick were fortunate on a couple of missed wide open nets (Clarkson, Fayne and maybe Zajak) although they were unfortunate on the goal – so maybe it’s a wash.

    6) Line of Fraser and Nolan were most consistent of the game. Not much from Devils fourth line.

    7) Kovalcuks Dubinsky Moment : How does Kovalcuk not shoot from the slot in OT??

    8) About Ya Boys —I said it last night – Carp said it this morning..We win this game. Ironic that in the end, after such a consistent effort all year, two 10 minute segments of games 5 & 6 may be the reason we are not hoisting the hardware up the canyon of heroes this year. What a byfuglien shame!

  19. 8) About Ya Boys—I said it last night Carp said it this morning..We win this game. Ironic that in the end, after such a consistent effort all year, two 10 minute segments of games 5 & 6 may be the reason we are not hoisting the hardware up the canyon of heroes this year. What a byfuglien shame!

    WOW! I could not agree with this more. It was there for the taking. As much as I am happy with the progress that was made and the playoff experience gained; I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Rangers get knocked out in the first round next year. That is how unpredictable the NHL playoffs are.

    And if any of you have not heard it, listen to Torts interview on WFAN with Fatcessa. I love Torts. Talk about the right guy for the job!!!

  20. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Papa – your #3 i totally agree with, but also remember that the Kings traded Jack Johnson during the regular season for Jeff Carter. If they dont trade Johnson, those D pairings are one of the tops in the league.

  21. Boo-Ka-Boom on


    Pretty good top six there for LA. I agree that they didnt play there best game either because they were inconsistent. While our boys couldhave won that game, I still think it would have been very difficult to beat LA had we made it. Just my humble honest opinion.

    Q: How fast is fast?
    A: Very Quick!

  22. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Carp, no way on the go time…but i do like the mini reviews.

    How about just a review when the Devs lose? :-)

  23. Uncle Daddy was quoted saying the “ice was bad, we made turnovers, we panicked with the puck…it was a weird game. Not a great game for hockey, that’s for sure.”

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a word from this guy’s piehole, but truer words were ne’er said. Not only was it not a “great game” for hockey, but it was a horrible game for hockey. One of the worst. I don’t know what the ratings were from last night’s game, but I can imagine they were dismal. Neither of these teams deserve to be in it.

  24. CTBlueshirt on

    LA makes quicker decisions with the puck in their end to initiate the breakout and yes they are willing to skate it up right in front of their goalie to avoid the Devils pressure up along the wall. They have a guy already moving up in the neutral zone ready to take a pass in stride. Their forwards are also man for man a bit bigger.

  25. I still say that LA was/is going to win the cup regardless of who they play(ed). Dustin Brown was saying that the humidity made the puck bounce like a tennis ball. I think the bad ice and the layoff contributed to the closeness of the game last night. Last night was probably NJ’s best chance to win a game. Their odds of winning games should start dropping dramatically from here on out. Marty didn’t beat Hank in their series, it was bad bounces and lack of urgency on the Rangers part that did them in. When the Rangers decided to play, they dominated the Devils at time, but just couldn’t finish. LA has finishers and dominated the game for super long stretches last night.

    I was wondering during the Devs/Rangers series about the style of play that the Rangers have. When goals don’t come easy, your game doesn’t have any room for error. Which means that you have to have your game amped up all of the time to compensate. That is extremely mentally tough to do. I don’t think the Rangers were physically tired, but I wonder if they were mentally burned out. That would be the only excuse for the two very rough starts against the Devils. It is really difficult to keep up that level of intensity all of the time without a few breaks along the way. A few easy goals and blowout victories would have gone a long way to helping. To me, this team is one scoring forward and one offensive D away from being that kind of team.

  26. Why is it that when Brodeur is barely touched and flops down like he’s been shot they call an interference penalty on LA, but when Boyle does the same thing (and it was less obvious) they call him for diving? Marty is starting to rival Cindy as the best flopper in the league. It’s REALLY annoying.

    I agree, he’s the worst of the four goalies, and if we were able to generate any offense, we’d be talking about game 2 Rangers-Kings.

    Depth is huge in the playoffs. We just got warn out, especially our D. Shows you how much that injury to Sauer meant. We were not the same team after he went down. To me, even more than scoring, depth on D is the most important thing we need over the off season.

  27. Dan Shea – I’m no hockey psychologist, but I’d say judging by the Rangers’ decisions with the puck from start to finish in the Devils series that were about at 15 on the mentally fatigued scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the drooling idiot side of the scale.

  28. I take back everything I said yesterday about rooting for the Kings being a double-edged sword. I hope they embarrass the Devils. Once I started watching my emotions overcame my rational brain.

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    Count me also among the converted who don’t want a close series anymore and want to see an LA sweep. I won’t be watching though

  30. FivefootZero, see you tonight. If that creepy boston fan is there again tonight we can drag him out back and take or frustration out on him ;-)

  31. SHOT BLOCKING —— Just listened to the Torts radio interview: He is right to hammer the idiots who question whether a team should attempt to block shots or not. It’s part of his overall strategy, not the only part of his strategy. Now if his team were as talented as the Canadian dynasty of the 70’s, we wouldn’t be talking about block shots – that team was so good defensively they didn’t have to block shots – they never let you get in an area of the ice with the puck where you could attempt a shot. Talk about boring game plans…. ;-)

  32. Boring crap – NHL hockey sucks again from an entertainment perspective unless you have a vested interest in 1 of the 2 teams playing.

    This league survives despite itself.

    Need another lockout perhaps to wake these idiots up and make some more rule changes (and go back to enforcing the current ones).

    What a mess….

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t think of a sport that isn’t boring unless you have a vested interest in the teams playing, to be honest. The super bowl when your team isn’t playing? Snorefest. Lets not even talk about baseball or god forbid basketball…

  34. Told you all about Dusty and the Kings. In a way, I’m not too upset the Rangers lost only because I’m a huge Kings fan as well. Loved them since the lockout when they had O’Sullivan, Cammalleri, Ersberg, and all those guys. I obviously would’ve cheered for the Rangers, but had the Kings won I wouldn’t have been too upset. Now I know I’m 100% for the Kings so they can whoop Marty out of the league.

  35. Strange how both Devil backliners went to the puck carrier on the boards in CENTER ICE. They took leave of their senses.

  36. Wow–finally a nice cool day on the ledge….I shut the game off when I saw the Devs celebrating–still have not seen the puck in the net…but I just had to ask…was the puck kicked in and disallowed…and then the Rangers came back and scored…won game 7 and I just screwed myself out of watching Rangers in Game 1 of the finals?

    Had a dream I heard Mike Francessa chatting with a calm John Tortarella…where Torts tells Mike the Devs deserved to win…mind starts playing tricks like that out on the ledge!

  37. *TRIVIA*

    Meant to tell you guys this / ask you guys this. Last night in Texas two pitchers faced off named Vargas and Feldman.

    Can anyone name the Seinfeld episode that makes that baseball’s most amazing reference ever?

  38. Good morning, Hambone!

    OK, it’s settled, no “Go Time” … but I will do separate game posts, and will take suggestions for clever headlines, especially funny or sarcastic ones.

    And I still very much expect that this series will be 1-1 after two games.

  39. Bernier is nice (in a Boyle sort of way?) but not a guy you pay for on the open market. Let someone else throw cash at checking line players. We got Rupp!

  40. kovalchuk was MIA… clarkson had at least 3 premium opptys., not sure if he hit the net on any of them.

    kings will win the series. fatboy is not very good, he does not face a lot of shots but leaves tons of juicy rebounds right in the slot………..

  41. Clarkson would be better off figuring out how to shoot pucks off his own legs and ass than he is trying to score directly stick-to-net.

  42. FiveFootZero on

    LOL Nasty…I’m will be there. Let him open his mouth. I’ll bring the duct tape.

    I’m so tired of the past few days with the so called “Devil’s fans” calling me a sore loser since I’m not rooting for the Devils. How do you rationalize that? How are you a true fan? To root for the team that eliminated you, burst your bubble, took away your hopes and dreams? Really? That is not true blue (pun intended). Plain and simple, you don’t root for the enemy. End of story. Ugh.

  43. The people calling you a sore loser are either hypocrites who would hold a 2012 Cup over your head (“Root for me to have something to taunt you with!”) or bandwagon fans who know nothing of the rivalry and won’t have a clue its opening day on opening day next year. And they probably are from New Jersey so its safe to assume they suck.

  44. FiveFootZero on

    Yes, Mister D, right on all accounts. But I am from NJ (well, raised in Queens, but NJ now).

  45. Yes And This One Will Last A Lifetime. Nobody played less than 10 minutes last night. On either team!

  46. JimboWoodside on

    >>>And they probably are from New Jersey so its safe to assume they suck.

    That’s a low blow! Latona is from Jersey, and he doesn’t suck! There are plenty of *loyal* lifelong Ranger fans that live in NJ – Prust saying….

  47. FiveFootZero on

    Thanks Jimbo…originally from Jackson Heights…so yes, I am from Queens, but live in NJ now. LOL

  48. I have friends from NJ, but making fun of that state is about as natural to me as breathing.

  49. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    How about “it’s Blow time” for these Finals

  50. Amen, the Doctor. If we, as New Yorkers, nay, Americans! can’t make just of New Jersey…what do we have? I don’t call that freedom. I call it censorship!

  51. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    FOD…thanks for re-enforcing an underrated stat….

    especially the D minutes….

    so we are 2 D shy of depth on defense

    and one line shy of depth at forward….when the Boyle-Prust-Feds line is our 4th line instead of our 3rd line, we will be there as far as depth….

    last night’s game was a bit painful to watch, and frankly the first half of the game was boring…it did get better as it went on….I did not see much of LA all season, and I must say their D was solid and this kid Quick is a solid netminder….

  52. Mrs. Manny is convinced that the Devils are going to win the Cup. She is trying to make a bet with me. If the Devils win the cup I have to buy her a Coach Purse (sounds pricey). If the Kings win I have to pick something….but I feel badly because …. the Kings *are* going to win.

  53. bull dog line on

    And this one,
    if you thought last nights game was boring, just think of how other teams fans felt watching the Rangers play the Caps. and to a lesser extent, play the Devs.

  54. Thanks Carp for the No Go time. Did you get too much sun while playing with Mr Tee & Mr Titleist yesterday? What a silly idea! Now excuse me while I go practice spelling “Marek Hrivik” for future noon chats.


  55. stevezipay So much for the Mike Sullivan speculation RT @RenLavoieRDS: Bob Hartley is the new head coach of the Flames.


  56. Look at a map, NYC is the shoulder, long island is the arm, and jersey is the arm pit.

    Doughty reminds me of a young lidstrom. Maybe not the same level, just a hair below.

  57. Asked this last night who would u rather have iginla for 2 years at 7 mil or Ryan for 4 years at 5 mil.

    What kind of package u think we have to give up for each one.

  58. I thought Iginla had only 1 year left on his Contract?

    I would take BOBBY FLIPPING RYAN because he could be an important cog and at that price it’s a pretty good deal.

    Evander Kane?

  59. Mrs Eric

    Wants a gift even with rangers losing. Her reason she put up with me from October to late may including center ice games not counting rangers.

    What should I get her

  60. Eric – get her a babysitter for the kids and take her somewhere wonderful. Far, far from sports.

  61. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    CCCP – you being a little quick to jump to conclusions about our pp for next season if there is one.

  62. Being the worst of the 4 goalies remaining when 2 are Vezina nominees and the other could have been is hardly a negative.

  63. and i am basing my “conclusions” solely on the players and coaches we have now… and frankly, i dont see this PP getting any better (since it didnt all this time under the same coaching staff for 4 years now?) unless we either:

    A) Get a legit PP quarterback (somehow Richards was extremely effective in that role until he got here). And those guys don’t come easy OR cheap

    B) A legit forward who can unload bombs from the point or from the side…e.g Kovalchuk, Stamkos, etc.

    and Parise ain’t that guy…maybe Nash

    C) We hire an assistant coach who has a clue how to run a PP

    that’s it. Thank you for listening

  64. You guys don’t remember how good our PP was against the Devils in the ECF do you?

  65. Improve even-strength attack and balance the lines with more scoring…and the PP will fall into place…

  66. We’ve brought in PP QBs for the last 4 years and it hasn’t worked. Despite his slow reaction time, Redden was a PP QB in Ottawa and had no issues. McCabe was the same in Florida and Toronto. Richards was the same in Dallas and Tampa.

    If you haven’t noticed, the PP QB isn’t the issue. It’s the implementation of the system. You can bring in all the PP QBs you want, it’s not going to help the Rangers PP.

    Plus as Manny said, the Rangers PP was 25% against the Devils in the ECF.

  67. Of course the ice is terrible at the Rock. If the city of Newark would finally pay someone to take a closer look at the small lump at center ice, they’d see that was the spot where Tony and Christufuh buried Adriana!

  68. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I agree, its not the PP qb, its the whole concept. A big body should always be in front..Always! How many times did we see all the forwards on the perimeter throughout the years?

  69. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Even better, but id sign him for an extra year. Does he have a No trade clause?

  70. DJK I’m with you on Gabby for Iginla. Except no need to compare Iggy to Anderson, Iggy is much better than Anderson was then. Better than Gabby for that matter.

    Thing is all this Gabby trade talk is a waste, he has a NTNM.

  71. Don’t need a PP QB or any special PP specialist. Just need better offensive players overall. PP will take care of itself.

  72. Iginla does have a no trade clause. Do we really want to bring a guy in who has entered the downside of his career?

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Jonny D May 31st, 2012 at 9:59 am
    Told you all about Dusty and the Kings. In a way, *I’m not too upset the Rangers lost* only because I’m a huge Kings fan as well.


    Wow – that is some rationale…

  74. Iginla actually has NMC. Gaborik has NTC. You trade Gaborik for Iginla thereby remove 10 goals ( at least) from your total output and THEN start looking for another 30 goal scorer. Don’t think the management is even remotely thinking about it. And rightfully so.

  75. Yea. Enough with the talk of trading Gaborik who happens to have been the #3 goal scorer in the entire NHL this year. If you can’t replace him with either of the guys who scored more (Malkin or Stamkos) then don’t bother. He’s good.

  76. Same here, Orr. He only has 1 year left on his contract, will fit in the system, and so on, so on…But trading him for Gaborik just isn’t going to make things better, quite opposite. Iginla will also cost less than Nash.

  77. It would probably take Stepan or McDonagh or something like that, at least, plus a 1st rounder….

  78. Lloyd Braun on

    add Iginla and Nash to this team w/out shipping out Gaborik and you’ve got something.

  79. I love when people say “you give up 40 goals, you give up 10 goals, etc”. There is so much more than numbers to winning hockey games.

    Hopefully Ranger mgmt doesn’t apply this kind of baseball logic to evaluating who is best positioned to contribute to the team’s success.

    And even if we did do baseball numbers Iggy STILL beats Gaborik.

    But again irrelevant because Gabby can’t be traded.

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  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Thanks for a great year Hank!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Sorry Carp , NO ” GO TIME” in any games that the Rangers are NOT in. It’s in the constitution .

  82. Hypothetically…Gabby waives his no trade for Iggy, and get Nash for Dubi, Artie and MDZ, and sign Whitney:

    Nash Whitney Iggy
    Kreider Richie Cally

    Now that’s a top 6 you can go the distance with.

  83. Matteau- your logic is suggesting removing the only offensive threat on this team and adding another one on downside of his career. Irrefutable, indeed.

  84. Stranger – what’s wrong with that? I thought they had a great season. Sucks they lost to the Devils (I hate Martin Brodeur more than anyone), but I’m ok with it because they had a great season and the Kings have the chance to beat them and I am a fan of their team. I don’t see what is wrong with that.

  85. How about “It’s Go Kings Time”? I mean, since every Rangers fan on this blog is rooting for them, why not?


    Losing in the playoffs didn’t stop the New York Rangers from celebrating hard over the weekend. On Friday night, after being eliminated by the New Jersey Devils, Henrik Lundqvist, Brandon Dubinsky, Stu Bickel and Mats Zuccarello were spotted partying at 1Oak until late. The following night, Lundqvist and his group joined the rest of their teammates for dinner at Meatpacking District eatery Catch. The crew, which also included Brian Boyle, Brad Richards, Brandon Prust, Michael Del Zotto, Steve Eminger, Ryan McDonagh and Jeff Woywitka, “toasted with beers in hand” and gave each other shout-outs. But it didn’t stop there. They then headed to Catch Roof for more drinks, then around the corner to club SL, where they continued partying until the early hours. “It looked as if they’d won the championship,” said one witness.

    Nice to see how much they cared

  87. >>Nice to see how much they cared

    Give it a rest, will you? Are these guys supposed to spend the rest of their summer moping and sobbing? They played hard and lost to a better opponent. Life goes on!


    If you ask me, thats a bunch of BULL SPAGNUOLO!!! I’ll BET THEY WERE DRINKING BEFORE THE GAME TOO


    Hank has 2 more years here. Trade him while he has something worth getting and bring up Chris Holt!!


    Seriously though, we gotta figure out something. the conference finals are not exactly granted. Could be a while until an opportunity like that ever presents itself again.

  91. Iib this is an interesting debate with arguments on both sides. But do you prefer the logic which would have kept Mike Gartner in 94 just because he scored a lot of goals? Would this logic say it would be a good deal to trade Cally (29 goals) for Michael Ryder (35 goals)?

    Gabby (assuming he was not playing injured- which was my original theory) has shown he is not capable of leading, he is not a difference maker, not a go-to player. He is a sniper that can win on a team that is not relying on him. He is a slightly better version of second liner Alexender Semin who we love to hate on.

    If you have an opportunuty to trade that kind of player for a leader you do it. Especially a leader who gets almost as many goals.

  92. Awesome montage, thanks for sharing.

    I know I talk about Lidstrom a lot but he is my favorite player of all time. The man is so freaking thoughtful that he took time in his press conference today to thank the ushers at the Joe for always taking care of his family and making them feel comfortable at the game. I have never heard of anything like that. What a man, on and off the ice.

  93. mister d and like thinkers….i am a ranger fan since 1964,and i live in new jersey…oh,and i don’t suck…i do HATE the nj devils as much as anyone who roots for the rangers,but let’s leave the provincial carcillo to the politicians….let’s go rangers and (for now) let’s go kings!!!

  94. He was also TERRIFIC in that commercial with Corey Perry, Latona. I can’t remember what it’s for so I can’t really describe it any better.

    Lidstrom Forever!


    How much anyone wanna bet that if you stick Jason Missiaen in the net, we would be still playing! Who’s gonna score on him? The kid played hockey since a baby and he’s 6’8″! I doubt he’ll be out partying 2 hours after pretending to cry. Who are these morons? Out partying? SAME NIGHT? Nice team you put together there Slats! Blue Collar “Heart and Soul Guys” MY BICKELS!

  96. go to snyrangersblog see the season montage on there. just brought a tear to my eye. god i wish we were playing i miss the rangers im heartbroken

  97. sorry for my mistake earlier iginla 1 yr left. knew i was wrong.

    go get him slats

  98. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Manny I think it was a commercial for Honda

  99. “Heart and soul guys MY BICKELS!”

    I don’t think you have any, otherwise you’d post with you regular name. Page Six NY Post from yesterday, what a source!

    What’s your point anyway, jackwagon ? Were they supposed to commit suicide? You don’t think they played their hearts out all year and in the playoffs? Bet you think Avery would never celebrate after the loss.

  100. Ilb, don’t even bother. Ha. There are people who get their shoes shined and there are people who get a nice wooden stoop and shine them for us. WEWON’T clearly has a nice tin of polish and a shammy in his back pocket.

  101. Matteau- apples and oranges. When you are deficient in goal scoring, you add to it, not substitute. Leadership isn’t this team’s problem. Gaborik WITH Iginla will be much more dangerous than either of them alone, regardless whether one just adds pure goal scoring, and the other one adds some leadership and goal scoring. When alone, they’re easy to shut down.

  102. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Why would the Rangers trade Gaborik? He has two 40 goal seasons as a Ranger. He was our best player in a lot of our regular season games and even some of the playoff games. This was Gabby’s second time to the Conference finals, he will be better in next years playoffs. Then after that we can trade him as a rental player if needed. You don’t just trade away 40 goal scorers. Trading Gaborik at this point is stupid. He is our only first line winger at the moment. The Rangers need 1 first line player. One solid second line player (Lucic, Horton, Doan, (the old) Dubinsky type players) and a formidable 4th line that does more than just fight and hit. The Rangers have all of next year to figure out their offense and don’t count Kreider out. The kid could just pop out 30-40 goals playing along side Richards and Gabby.

  103. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Orr I wish the trades I made on NHL12 were all it would take.

  104. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    What do you think it would take to get the number 1 pick from Edmonton. Girardi/Hagelin and our 1st? For Nail Yapukov?!?!?

  105. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I don’t understand why Perry and Lidstrom are leaving together…?

  106. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Anyone have any idea if Fast will be at training camp this year?

  107. I actually drafted Yakupov in the 2nd round in the draft, and then drafted the other kid that’s supposed to go #2 in the 3rd round!

    NHL12 is so real!

    I don’t get the Lidstrom/Perry commercial either.

  108. GAG Line – Gilbert/Rattelle/Hatfield

    Puke Line – Rupp and anyone he plays with.

    Get rid of Rupp – he skates like he’s got blisters on his feet.

    He fights like he’s got feet for hands.

    He is a great locker room presence though!!!!

  109. I read they signed him to futures contract -meaning he plays in Sweden for 1 possibly 2 more seasons.

  110. I want my team to be tight but I don’t want them going out and drinking in public!!! Why didn’t everyone just go sit at Lundvist’s condo and be sad together in private???

  111. Have you guys ever been to an Irish wake???? I mean that’s after somebody dies for chrrrriiiisss sake!!

  112. Just so you guys know, that asshat here earlier, he was posting as a big Devils fan (under a lot of different names) during the ECF.

    Cleanup on aisle 7.

  113. Had no doubts, Carp. I hope you’re using natural cleaners on the blog, we don’t need any toxic chemicals

  114. WE WONT LET ONE SMALL LOSS – Yes. Yes it is acceptable. After 21 goddam balls-to-the-walls games, many of them played injured, and after 82 regular season games, all within the span of less than eight months, it’s complete fine to go out and blow off steam. I glad the boys did. They deserve every minute of ‘celebration’ they had that night. Wouldn’t have cared if they pulled a Team Canada and marched right back onto the Devils ice with beers and stogies. This is the gutsiest Ranger team I’ve seen since the 1994 cup. Maybe even gutsier than the cup winners. They battled back from adversity more times than any team in the NHL and had the record to show it. Hell, I hope they’re still celebrating.

  115. Couple of observations on game 1:
    As to some of the early posts, Richter is Quick’s idol (you guys knew that ,maybe, and I’m not in on the joke?)- Does Zubrus EVER have a shift where he doesn’t commit a penalty? He is incapable of giving a legal hit (arms are always up, often he is off his skates) and if he isn’t hitting anyone he’s diving to beat the band (a talent he learned from Marty “the legendary embellisher”, no doubt)- Devils continue to get away with obvious picks trying to slow down oncoming forecheckers- league probably feels they’re grandfathered in as they practically invented this offensive zone intereference-Whenever you hear the term “old school save” read “WTF was that?” Marty is off balance and out of position so often that I can only believe its because he’s cheating so hard to make up for his flagging skills- hard to believe how unsound fundamentally he appears for a guy who was textbook all his career-
    Devils actually played better than I thought they would…and they were pretty soundly outplayed for most of the game. Both teams can play a lot better. NBC still sucks- just give us the Devils feed of the game- everything is about what the “Devils need to do” to win a tie game- don’t the Kings need to do anything? Eddie O. makes J.Michelletti sound like J.D.-horrible. When Woody Allen once said ‘Life is a choice between the horrible and the terrible’, I didn’t think he was talking hockey broadcast teams.

  116. Was at a funeral once for a family member, by 9PM that night about 70 people had jumped into the pool – in their suits, dresses etc. A little different from the Italian wakes on my Mrs. Papa Bears family. In fact father-in-law Papa Bear was at the Irish wake – i think he didn’t talk to me for weeks….I guess everybody greaves in their own way I told him!

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    Quick apparently grew up a Rangers fan and a Richter fan and hated the Devils and Brodeur. I always knew I kind of liked him. Team USA will have a good one in net for the 2014 olympics.

  118. Being somber doesn’t bring the dead person back to life. To summarize today’s salient points …

    NY > NJ

    Irish > Italian

  119. True Blue Mike – Will take a lot more than that, in my opinion. Wouldn’t matter anyway, since I don’t see any way the Rangers trade Girardi after the season he had. Not sure I’d want to give what it’ll take to get Yakupov.

  120. Mister D – recommend the movie ‘Waking Ned Devine” – funny flick and good representation of a zany Irish wake

  121. Saw it, Papa. Very good little movie.

    To whomever brought it up … Yes, Quick reminds me very much of Richter the way he goes post-to-post. Style different, but Quick is quick. Or Fast. Or Fasth.

    You guys who failed to send Sally your “after” pics are making her mad … which makes me mad.

  122. ESPN Insider for what it’s worth…………”As far as free agency is concerned, the Rangers are expected to have between $14- and $17-million available (after re-signing RFA Michael Del Zotto) to add a top-six scoring forward, puck-moving defenseman, a few other minor pieces, and inexpensive backup to goalie Henrik Lundqvist.”

    As was mentioned by many before, we do not have a cap problem.

  123. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jdon on the richter comparison. Good call.

    Failure on the part of furry boneheads who didn’t relish in their post-20 game haired glory.

    Is it football season yet?

  124. YorktownRanger on

    How about “It’s oh whatever time”.

    Otherwise I sat through a couple of shifts and said to myself, for the first time in a long time, that this is not Hockey.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because how far our boys made it, or the SCFinalists are just boring to watch.

    EIther way “It’s go time” in my mind is reserved for the boys in blue.


  125. Jim Craig = great American Olympic Goalie

    Jim Craig = non existent American NHL goalie

  126. No, they don’t have any cap problems, Papa. I was planning to do the numbers on the blog after NHL announces their new floor/cap numbers in June.

  127. ilb – to bad we don’t have more options to choose from. Next year looks flush with about 10 legitimate top 6 forwards.

  128. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    They do have a cap problem approaching and it’s called ‘2014 free agency’ when MacD, Staal, Girardi, Cally, Hank, plus the guys you mention, are all up for contracts or are within a year of contracts (checking from iPhone too hard, sorry).

    The problem isn’t next years team, but how Nash/parise along with Richy and resigning Hank handicaps them.

  129. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Devils/Kings Game 1 – horrible…..if it were an off-Broadway play (pun intended), they would close it due to lack of interest….

  130. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This is the summer of 2007 all over again in terms of lack I quality being available. Ugh, idk what’s worse that year or 2008 when redden got signed and roszival resigned.

  131. maybe we build depth this year spending $5-7m on replenishing bottom six forwards. Wait till next year to add to our top 6. That might work better, especially for those who are not keen on Parise.

  132. True Fan – not always bad when players are approaching their option year. Some play better.

  133. CTBlueshirt on

    Overpaying for bottom 6 talent (hello Mike Keane and Brian Skrudland) is worse than overpaying for top 6 talent.

  134. ILB: I have a google doc copied from CapGeek and modified a bit. Email me if you want access.

    Mister D(elaware) without the spaces or parenthesis @ Gmail.

  135. CT, I think paying bottom 6 talent (Keane & Skrudlund) as if they are top 6 talent is worse !!!

  136. And that’s what worries me about Prust. Some bad team could make him an overpay offer (3Y/$9MM under the logic that a 3rd line / PK tough guy is better than a straight goon) thinking he can come in and help create an atmosphere of toughness. Would be one of those no win situations; a match is bad cap work and letting him go is brutal in terms of fit and chemistry.

  137. CTBlueshirt on

    Papa bear thats what I meant about overpaying bottom 6 talent.

    I mean if you’re in a situation where you have good depth that a good player is further down the depth chart like Jordan Staal that’s one thing but to willingly seek out UFAs and pay them UFA money for bottom 6 roles (Kotalik, Frolov, etc) you’re asking to be disappointed.

  138. Iib not sure how apples and oranges. Iggy has as many goals as Gabby. You do that and can still trade for Nash. Anyway I admittedly am the one who started this as a hypothectical but it’s a waste of time, Gabby can’t be traded. Unfortunately.

  139. “I’d give Prust what Rupp is making and not much more.”

    Me too. I’d probably go to $2MM per on a short deal, but can he get more? And knowing how he plays, shouldn’t he take it if he can? The odds of Prust still playing in the NHL at 34 probably aren’t as high as all of us would like them to be.

  140. CTBlueshirt on

    Rick Nash would be the next Holik. He’s not going to suddenly become the 80 point player he’s never been.

  141. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    CTB – mike keane is a first ballot HoFer

  142. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    CTB – Brian Skrudland is a first ballot HoFer

    So is holik…

  143. Prust may take a longer term deal, for less money per. He may want stability, knowing that his style of play doesn’t spell longevity. And he knows he has a good chance to win here. I wouldn’t overpay him though.

  144. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey guys!

    I love Prust as much as the next guy but to give him Mike Rupp money is crazy! Rupp is so much more important to this team than Prust that there is really no comparison. Rupp can score zero goals in his last four and a half months of play. Prust can’t! He score in the playoffs. Rupp can’t win a fight even though he was brought here to do just that. Prust can and has. Mike Rupp is a terrible penalty killer, Prust is one of the better ones on the team. Rupp holds court in the lockeroom to young players who eagerly seek out his vast knowledge about how to skate in quicksand,lose fights to smaller opponents,how to have no offensive game what so ever and of course how to take stupid penalties in the offensive zone. Prust commands no such respect. So clearly, Prust is not at all entitled to the same type of on tract as Rupp.

  145. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only ones salivating about trading Gaborik for Iginla are Coach Bob Hartley, GM Jay Feaster, and Matteau.

    The Montreal management will confirm how good that trade would be for the Rangers.

    Sorry, Matteau, just don’t see it doing anything but hurt this team.

  146. Dave Lozo ?@DaveLozo
    Here’s a stat for you: Zach Parise has been on the ice for the last six goals allowed by the Devils, all even strength.

  147. How bout two #2’s and two #3’s instead of the traditional 1-4 combo??? anyone like??? ;-p.

  148. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    The 3 fastest skaters on the rangers are.

    1) The KREIDER

    2) Carl from die hard

    3) mike “the motor” Rupp

  149. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Hagelin-Zajac-J.T. Miller

    Your 2013-2014 New York Rangers, woah woah woah I think I skipped a year

  150. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – caber is still skating in game 5 vs the caps in LAST year’s playoff series.

  151. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the kings showed in game 1 that is binary to acceptance”

  152. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Coach Sutter on his teams performance in game 1 “pubba subba wubby rubba”

  153. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    This year’s final between the warlords and the knights in shining armor will have toilet bowl ratings

  154. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Bath Salts taste like candy? Hey you want to know something funny. Gaborik and Gomez are both UFA’s in the same year!

  155. I have the replay of the game last night on in the background while I’m doing some other stuff.. gosh, listening to the CBC crew is such a reward.

  156. My biggest issue is when we get the shaft listening to Tucan Sam Rosen, while the devils got to have years of Doc, and the Islanders got Howie Rose. I do like both teams very much. I renounce my Ranger fandom!!!

  157. True Fans I’m not sure Calgary would take Gabby for Iggy straight up, and I bet NHL GMs would go 70-30 in favor or Iggy, with the ones closer to contention in higher proportion for Iggy. Especially after Gabby’s recent playoff performance.

    I understand fans here tend to be Ranger centric but around the league I’m not sure Gabby is viewed as much better than Semin. Think about how we view Semin.

    If Gabby didn’t have a no trade and Sather put him out there for trade do you think it would generate the kind of interest that say Nash caused? I don’t see it.

  158. The comment that Nash would be like Holik, please tell me that was sarcasm.

  159. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Interesting. CCCP. Never going to happen but very interesting. Send Ottawa’s GM a little note with the offer sheet “this ones for Boyler”

  160. And again it doesn’t matter because GABBY CANT BE TRADED so can we move on

  161. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Ah, E3, needed some good humor after a sucky busy day at work. If you start your own comedic hockey subscription site (uh..pretty small market, I’d think), you can count me in.

    Thanks for the laughs as always, brutha.


  162. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    I think the only reason to bring Semin to New York would be for the immature jokes that would pop up all over the place because of his name. Although, in their defense, some of the hand held posters I saw during the Caps series were pretty funny.

  163. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Matteau, you would be a bad gm. Do you realize what you are saying? A 31 year old 2 time 40 goal scorer(with the Rangers, 3 if you include the wild) who was ranked third in overall goal scoring this year on a team that doesn’t score very much would gather less interest than Iginla? On top of it you are trying to compare him to Semin?

  164. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Sure it was Latona! JK I figured that was the case

  165. True Fans, appreciate the GM evaluation.

    But are you sure you don’t mean as a baseball GM, because that’s where your 40 vs 35 argument would carry more weight.

    We’re talking about hockey right? Where your leaders lead, where they make the effort to clear the zone, where they score in the playoffs.

    In a hypothetical, yes, I and most NHL GMs close to contention would trade Gabby for Iginla while signing an FA or making a trade to add a goal scorer to backfill Gabby.

    Maybe if this was baseball the 40 vs 35 would be more compelling.

    But in case it wasn’t clear before, GABBY IS NOT GETTING TRADED

  166. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Most of the things we talk about aren’t going to happen but we still talk about them Matteau. That is the point of this blog. Michael Ryder scored 35 goals this season, are you attempting to tell me he is on the same level as Gaborik? We know what we are getting out of Gaborik year in and year out. A 40 goal, point per game player baring injuries. Gaborik isn’t here to be a leader. He is here to score goals and he is doing that. Callahan, Girardi, Richards and Staal are our leaders. Also you can’t blame the lack of production in the playoffs solely on Gaborik. For one it seems like he was injured. If you want to lay the blame on our leaders for not producing you can put it on Callahan and Richards. We lost because we didn’t get the big play when we needed it and the team will learn from this year and be better next year, and the year after, and the year after, and the year after, etc.

  167. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    BTW its True Blue, not to be confused with True Fans. Just putting it out there. I would love for you to change your name True Fans to anything that doesn’t start with True.

  168. Iginla career playoff stats: 54 games, 28 goals, 21 assists, 49 pts, +11

    Gaborik career playoff stats: 54 games, 18 goals, 17 assists, 35 pts, +2

    Regular season? Iginla played all 82 games each of the last 5 years. Average 38 goals per year over the 5 yrs (36 per yr over last 3).

    Gaborik 42, 22, 42 in last 3.


  169. I can’t remember (long term memory gone) a goalie coming out of his net as far as Nestle Quick did last night to play the angle and make a glove save on either Clarkson or Kojak (short term memory gone as well) (both ltm and stm are equally going – i’m in tough shape). He was in a different time zone than the crease!! Talk about challenging the shooter – night quite the style of the King!

  170. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    It was Clarkson Papa and I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking why don’t players fake the shot and take it wide with speed. The goalie would have to scramble a bit to get back to position.

    Matteau, I don’t think you get the point. I don’t think anyone will say that Gaborik will ever be a better player than Iginla once was but next year he will be. Iginla will be 35/35 while Gaborik will be 31/32. Also a full year of playing with Richards and I think Gaborik hits 50 next year. On top of your trade theory you have to factor in the “rental player” part of Iginla who will be a UFA next season.

  171. True Blue thanks for clarifying there are 2 different True posters, I thought you were just going with the 3rd jerseys and modifying your name occasionally. :)

    And yes I am all for debating hypotheticals as long as they are done in a civil tone. I think too often on here people try to put out some thoughts for discussion and they get ridiculed.

    Glad you mentioned Ryder, I actually brought him up today to make my point. I asked if it’s all about numbers would you trade Cally for Ryder? Because I think that’s the equivalent of Iginla for Gabby.

    If this were an SAT, Gabby is to Ryder as Cally is to Iggy.

  172. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    He will be better than Iginla next year, but not overall considering there careers.

  173. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Okay I understand what you are saying with the Ryder, Cally argument. However wouldn’t you rather keep Gaborik, who could flourish if he wasn’t the only offensive threat on the team. Wouldn’t you much rather see Nash-Richards-Gaborik over Nash-Richards-Iginla. The intangibles that Iginla brings to this team are ones that are abundant on this team already. Another thing I always think about with Gaborik it speed. The Rangers are a relatively slow team or they were before this year. Keep Gaborik, Kreider and Hagelin just helps to keep teams honest in the neutral zone.

  174. I would like to publicly thank FiveFootZero for making taking my daughter to gymnastics enjoyable. When you have someone there to talk Rangers hockey with, it makes a world of difference. #BecauseItsGymnastics

  175. True Blue no that’s exactly my point I would much rather have Iggy on my top line and power play unit over Gabby.

    Regarding speed it didn’t really do much for him in the playoffs.

    Regarding age, it doesn’t matter they’re both near end of contracts and it’s all about what they will do next year. Based on last 5 years, or even based on last 3 years, who do you bet on to have a better year next year?

  176. Thanks Papa! Though it’s been a loooong time since SATS, do they even still call them that?

  177. Dont know ‘iginla, but I’ve seen Gabby. Gabby is not clutch.

    Point is moot because he is here for a while

  178. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Gaborik. The Rangers have a terrible offense. Possibly worse than Calgary’s besides maybe this year. In his first year Gaborik scored 42 goals with Erik Christensen as his center. He will do fine.

    Now don’t get me wrong I would love to have both Iginla and Gaborik and hell Nash to but I rather have Gaborik over Iginla next year. Three or four years ago I rather have Iggy over Gabby but not the case going into next year.

  179. Well we certainly agree it would be nice to have all of them. I’m just addressing the one on one hypothetcial and I take Iggy over Gabby. Understand you go the other way. I hope you are right.

  180. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Gaborik is not clutch? You guys need to wake up and see the big picture here. Why is everyone blaming Gaborik for our season ending early. It was a team effort and you have to give credit to NJ. Gaborik had 7 or 8 game winners during the regular season and scored 20 times when the game was tied or to tie the game. He scored in triple overtime. If he hadn’t we probably wouldn’t have been playing the Devils at all. Leave the guy alone. He was probably playing injured anyway. Gaborik is a great player and I am sure he will amp it up in next years playoffs.

  181. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I rather not take Nash or Iggy and wait until the trade deadline and see whats available. Gaborik scored 22 goals last season. Everyone is entitled to one bad season, maybe this one was Dubinsky’s. If Dubi and Kreider add 30-40 goals between them next year we are in good shape and that is very reasonable.

  182. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I think the other side of our hypothetical just closed itself as well.

    8:04PM Darren Dreger said on Insider Trading that Flames GM Jay Feaster didn’t hire Bob Hartley to coach with the intent of trading veteran players like Jarome Iginla.


  183. Gaborik had a good season. I don’t expect us get anyone better through free agency.

    It was a hypothetical where I thought Iginla May be better. I dont know Iggy but his stats are definitely better.

  184. bull dog line on

    so it sounds like most of you want to go back to the old way the Rangers did things. buy the shiniest toy in the window. lets get Iginla! lets get Nash! lets bring back Kovalev! lets sign Fleury! sound familiar.

  185. Bull Dog wrong and here’s the difference. Before, the plan (if you’d call it that) was to get the shiny toy, someone with no history or invesment in NYR, and build around him. Now you’ve got the core and the culture and you’re trading pieces to put these guys over the top. Big difference. This is the right way to build a winner even if you have to trade some organizational assets along the way. Have to give to get. Most if not all cup winning teams do this.

  186. bull dog line on

    go hard after Schultz. right shooting Dman, an obvious need. check on Parise, if he is not interested stay pat and see what may shake out at the deadline. the Rangers still have plenty of prospects to use in trades later on if needed. the more time you can buy with them, the better to see who are keepers and who you may want to trade. this team as is made it to the conference finals. there are not to many guys you want to remove the current roster.

  187. Bull Dog sounds nice but this team as is has no guarantee of the same kind of year next year. Think how hard it is and many other teams also have prospects and good players. Have to improve, have to add offense. And they will.

  188. bull dog line on

    who are you trading to get Nash, and Iginla? are Columbus, and Calgary just gonna want prospects? doubt it. they are going to want NHL players off the current roster, from your core.

  189. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I think we keep gabby, go after doan, shultz, resign mdz and prustor feds, and hope that jt miller and kredier shine bright next year. Not to mention there could be a youngster that comes out of no where to be a solid 3rd or 4th liner.

    Pierre maguire was on francesa today and he mentioned cherapanov. Said it was a huge loss for the rangers and how the kid had “Bure” talent. It stunk re-opening that wound.

  190. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Exactly what I am thinking, bull dog. Hell for all we know Anisimov can put on 15 pounds this summer and turn into a 30 goal scorer. He has the potential. We are a young team with a bright future.

  191. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I hate you Boo-Ka-Boom. I cringe every time I see his name. Still can’t believe he is gone.

  192. bull dog line on

    if you can get Nash for 1 current roster player, picks and prospects, I would be all for it. but I think we saw at the deadline the kind of GM Sather was dealing with.

  193. bull dog line on

    I heard that interview today as well. Pierre seemed to intimate that the Rangers would look into trading Gabby, and had no shot at Parise.

  194. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    True Blue, I agree with your gabby arguments completely. As for changing my name, logical request. But I’ve been posting since 2006 with this name. I would love it if you became ‘Mike’ when you’re ready though :)

    Matteau, I’m sorry but just don’t see your argument. Say for example that a gm assembled a package to trade and was told that the same package would get him gabby or iggy, you think he sends his package to Calgary? Not only is he sending his package to NY, but he’s excited to make the trade (ignore overuse of ‘package’)
    Any GM would be taking gabby first over iggy, just how it is with their current ages and offensive production. It’s not even close to a debate, let alone a plausible trade unless you are the Montreal GM.

  195. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I rather wait and see if Bobby Ryan or Correy Perry become available and see if our kids pan out the way we want. Another player I would be interested in would be Jordan Staal.

  196. bull dog line on

    also heard Torts yesterday. mentioned a few players who he thought may step up next season. interesting in that Anisimov was not one of them.

  197. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    True Fans, since 2006? Really I feel like I have only seen you around recently. I have been on this blog for a long time. I don’t think since 06′ though. To the archives!

  198. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Bull dog, who were those players?

  199. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Sorry true blue…yeah i hated hearing it too.

    Bulldog, i kinda sensed that maybe he was saying torts wasnt to thrilled with gabbys performance in the playoffs, and they are supposedly pretty good friends, so he probably does have inside info. As far as parise , pierre made it sound like there was no chance he comes here.

  200. If we can sign Shultz, I would have no problem moving Dubi and DelZ in a package to get Ryan. I absolutely like Dubi and DelZ a lot. No question about it, but if we could get Bobby Ryan and the two prior mentioned had to be included in a deal to get him, I would pull the trigger immediately. Ryan is a beast and his cap hit is more than reasonable.

  201. bull dog line on

    said Stepan needs to step up, and Hagelin could step up. did not want to put to much on Kreider. said he still had a lot to learn. I listened to both interviews he did yesterday, may be combining a little from both.

  202. JimboWoodside on

    I don’t know – Iginla has played his whole career in Calgary – he *is* the face of the Flames – their team’s personality – do we really want to take on another team’s driving force and identity?

    How would getting a guy like him affect the “room”? A total outsider, I mean.

  203. JimboWoodside on

    >>>also heard Torts yesterday. mentioned a few players who he thought may step up next season. interesting in that Anisimov was not one of them.

    Maybe Torts has written him off?

  204. I know Dubi had a bad year, and DelZ had a rough playoff, but you have to trade something to get something. If you get Shultz you are pretty much replacing DelZ. Ryan is certainly an upgrade over Dubi as well.

  205. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Ton of pressure next year on step, mDz, artie and dubie. Gonna be interesting to see how they respond..if they all survive the summer. I think hags and obviously kreidre get free passes.

  206. bull dog line on

    I see what you are saying Nasty, but if you sign Schultz, and then trade MDZ, you are back where you started on D. the Rangers would still need to add another top 4 Damn.

  207. That being said, I do think DelZ and Dubi will both have good seasons next year. I really don’t have too much of a problem with DelZs development. He sucked last year, worked hard in the off season, and came back a much better player this year. He really wasn’t awful in the playoffs, but he really carcillod the bed in the conference final. Dubi, it was just a bad year, and any time it seemed like he was getting steam, he got injured.

  208. Erixon needs to be given a real good look at camp, because that kid was supposed to make the jump this year. He could very well be that guy.

  209. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Bull Dog, I think you have to count on Erixon being ready to make the push to the NHL sometime soon. We all thought he would be here this year. Anyway I would hate to trade MDZ. He had a great first year, sophomore slump and came back the following year played some great hockey and played good in the playoffs until his Grandma passed away. I look at MDZ taking a path similar to Kris Letang, this year was a year to work on his defense and toughness especially after it was certain Saal would be gone for a while. He excelled. I think next year is all about his offensive game and I think he will be a force on the blue line. I am not talking Erik Karlsson good but I think he can put up 40-50 points next year.

  210. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Nasty your last two posts said almost exactly the same things as mine. Waste of time typing all of it on my part lmao

  211. bull dog line on

    I agree about Erixon, and Dubi bouncing back. I thought MDZ’s season was a good one. you have to remember that for most of the Rangers, this was there first true playoff run. only Richards and Rupp had been through this before.

  212. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Nasty if your trading any of our D, I think you need to consider adding Suter as well. I for one am not interested in trading Del Zotto. The kid will be 22 next season (the kid lmao I am only 20 so I guess I cant call him a kid) and he has already had a 37 points season and a 41 point series. With age he will get better. He could easily score 15-20 goals if he learns how to hit the net which will come with time . Michael will be a 40+ guy I think for a long time.

  213. Geez, who here wouldn’t love to have Jerome Iginla? The guy is the ying to Gaborik’s yang. One a skilled sniper with finesse, the other a bulldozing power-forward with strength, offensive instincts and grit. The addition of a player like Iggy would give any Ranger line a multi-faceted threat and open up space for offense by giving any opposition another player to respect. Not to mention a PP unit of Richards, Iginla, Gaborik, Stepan and Del Zotto would make virtually any team crap their pants.

  214. Bulldog, gabby went to the western finals with minny. Maybe thats why torts expected so much more from him this time around.

    Stall, girardi, mcD, shultz, mDz, erixon and bickell/stralman= tremendous D!

    That’d be a nice way to start the season

  215. bull dog line on

    who are you giving up to get this 34 year old bulldozer?
    he wont come cheap.

  216. I know the Rangers will be going after Schultz, but I wonder if the depth at D will chase him away. I have read that since Lidstrom is retired, Detroit are going to make Schultz a priority… As well as Parise. Detroit could make this a disappointing summer for the Rangers.

  217. bull dog line on

    forgot about that Beuk,
    Torts sounded disappointed that Gabby was not able to bring his game up to another level in the Devs series. also said the same about Richards.

  218. Yeah man, I don’t want to trade any of these guys, but if you have to trade something to get something I am just thinking of realistic options.

  219. bull dog line on

    I dont see the depth you see on D. there is an obvious need for the Rangers on D because of a lack of NHL depth on D.

  220. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Mike”-y aka Metta World Peace aka Ochocinco,

    Whenever you’re ready bud.
    2006: http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2006/11/09/regroup-and-recharge/

    *True Fans bleed RW&B*
    November 10th, 2006 at 5:29 pm
    Maybe I can excuse some Rangers fans for being so naive, (like 4rangers)…but hockey’s a team sport. A career of great hockey from Shanahan will not get this Rangers team into the playoffs and not everyone on a winning hockey team makes the hall of fame or all-star game, for that matter. You need role players. Esa Tikannen, Adam Graves, and many others will never make it but you should know their importance to the Rangers organization…or maybe assuming that still gives you too much credit.

  221. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I think Schultz goes to the Rangers or Toronto. Why else would he not sign with Anaheim. I am sure they are offering him all they can to stay. There has to be another reason and I am thinking that reason has something to do with former teammates. Either Jake Gardnier or McD/Stepan ties will play into his decision. Plus both team have the assets to sign him. I just hope he chooses the team on the path to success. Interesting though. McD, Staal, Girardi, MDZ, Erixon, McClrath, Schultz and Wade Redden (only kidding) We can’t keep them all forever. I wonder who is the first to go?

  222. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Interesting. Detroit has a former Badger in their stocks as well…

  223. When I say depth, I am referring to top 4. Torts is not going to promise him anything, where other teams may offer a more guaranteed roster spot. I think all teams are limited in the contract department since it is an entry level deal. Other enticements will be the deciding factor.

  224. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Curse you True Fans. I will think of a new name than. Any ideas!!!!

  225. Im hoping Mcd and stepan get shultz ( soon to be shultzie hopefully) here.

    I think parise is going detroit or the hawks. But after LA wins maybe he will stay in NJ for one more year. Imagine he goes to the island??!

    Anyway, god talking to you heads as usual. See you at noon tommorow.

    Good night

  226. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Dan, I don’t think he has to be signed to an entry level deal. I think with what he is doing he becomes a UFA and can sign max salary and max length. Ill find out though.

  227. So, a deal similar to the one Gilroy received? I still think there are a bunch of teams that can offer that. I am really thinking that Schultz is a huge priority for this team.

  228. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Please don’t feel forced to change handles, I don’t care. I just don’t intent on changing mine and it doesn’t bother me that we overlap in both name and thought. If anything, it’s somewhat comforting.

    Have a good night fellas.

  229. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Never mind Dan, just read the CBA and Schultz will have to sign an entry level deal. However I found something interesting and noteworthy. If he waits until July 6th when he turns 22 he can sign a 2 year entry level draft deal as opposed to a three year entry level contract. If I were him I would definitely wait.

  230. That gives me a reason not to freak out if there is no announcement July 1 or 2.

  231. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Before I go to bed, what is up with this Thomas situation? And True, no worries but I just hate having both our first names as True. My name is Michael and I once had 7 Michaels in one of my English classes. Needless to say I don’t have a problem choosing a new name, just have to let everyone get assimilated to it. Anyway Goodnight Boneheads.

  232. Reginald Dunlop on

    should hire the genius behind the Montreal power play for the last couple of seasons prior to this one……….Habs were awesome on pp without a lot of talent…………

  233. >>Anyone watching the Bosnia match? They need to wake up.

    Džeko woke them up. His goal reminded me of Kopitar’s tally against Marteeeee.

  234. Oh gosh, Mehiko just went ahead in stoppage time as I posted that last message. Full time!

  235. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp. The pre game post…

    It’s Tee Time

    I prefer the taylormade penta tp myself

    Either way still a date with Dr. Green and Mr. T

  236. >>That fullback is probably never playing for the team again…

    Talk about making a mess of things! The little fellow had three chances to get the ball out of there. I also blame the centre-backs for ball watching and misreading the danger. They all lost sight of Chicharito. Epic FAIL!

  237. Yeah, Chicharito is the one player especially who you can’t lose track of. Poor Begovic. He had a great outing.

  238. 4generations 4 cups on

    What do y’all think about Jerome Iginla? I know that Calgary is gonna want a nice package for him but he’s a Rick Nash type player with playoff experience? Also great in the room..

  239. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Thanks for sticking up for me before! Much appreciated.

    You’re very welcome, Latona! I meant it for all the other New Jersey Boneheads, too – NJ has tons of Ranger fans that cannot stand the Devils and their rancid franchise.

  240. 4generations 4 cups on

    Nevermind, I just read this thread and it seems like other people have very much thought of this before i have. Lol.

  241. Paul in sunrise on


    Favorite calendar entry at work:

    Sworn statement of Beth Page out all day.

    Can only use it once though.

  242. Had dinner with someone who occasionally gets inside info. Told me he heard Gabby had a busted shoulder in playoffs and will have it operated. Guess we’ll know soon enough if this is reliable info. Certainly would explain a lot.

    Other nuggets (which take on more cred if the Gabby shoulder is true)

    -Torts would have liked to try trading Gabby but now wont be able bc of the injury.

    -definitely making big play for Nash, very few untouchables.

    -Dubi is a goner if they can find a taker.

    I don’t vouch for any of this info but thought since I’m not a professional reporter there was no harm in passing it on.

  243. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I dont think any of those three points are true.

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