The Summer of Carp, and other musings


As Torts would say, I’ve got balls. In the near future, I plan on some meetings with Mr. Titleist and Josh Thomson, 26, among others.

But first we still have some things to clean up … I haven’t even tabulated the winners for our second-round predictions contest yet (sorry!).

And we will have notification, hopefully, of Sally’s Third Sometimes Annual Paul Mara Beard Extravaganza and Carnival results. Plus I have to mail out some prizes (again, late, sorry!).

Also, we still have some wrapping up to do, and another Live Chat coming either Thursday or Friday at noon (Question: Zip is having one Thursday, does that matter at all? Do any of you guys go over to his chats too?).

I’m wondering, too, if anybody has any interest in doing his or her own season wrap-up as a guest blog. I’d love to hear some different opinions on what we saw for those 102 hockey games from Europe to Newark.

Or on what should be done going forward.

If you want to do one, please e-mail me at That includes you, Authorben, since I know you want to do one.

Oh, one more thing, there’s some hockey game tonight at 8 p.m. Anybody watching?


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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I actually forgot about tonight’s game!!

    Normally, I’ll watch the subsequent rounds of hockey (after our elimination) because the pain of losing is less intense than my interest/love for the game. This time, though, it’s different.

    Don’t care who wins.
    Don’t want to watch anyone besides a Ranger carry that beautiful trophy.
    Still can’t fully grasp why we aren’t playing tonight.
    That’s a real kick in the Titliests.

    And so begins my summer of ignorant bliss.

  2. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good morning all! Thanks for the early laugh True! Carp, yesterday was just tremendously tremendous…I can’t watch, but will be rooting for the Kings to sweep the Debbies back to the swamps of Jersey….later all!

  3. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning B’heads, Carp, whats your favorite local course? I will watch a little of the games here and there because i really think the kings are going to win. Plus i love the game!

  4. I actually hurt everytime I hear Flo Rider “good feeling”. I will probably watch just in hopes of watching the kings beat the devils. But it’s definitely more painful this yr. It’s crazy it feels like a true mourning period. It’s ridiculous bc of its so trivial, but it’s true. Lol. I feel ridiculous haha

  5. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    I’ll watch the finals, won’t care if I miss some though…
    Don’t participate in Zips chats.
    Enjoy your Titleists Carp!!

  6. I love the talk about who we can bring in. After all, we are the Rangers and everyone wants to give us players and everyone wants to play here, right? Not……

    Shane Doan? Don’t even waste your breath. Evander Kane? You kidding me? Ya think it’s as easy as giving up a 1st and 3rd and you get him????? Let’s be serious!!!! They’re not giving him up.

    Semin? Well, at least the immature pranksters on our blog…the few that are here…could make some really good jokes about his name!!!

  7. I will NOT watch the finals. Too painful. Will just check the scores and keep the fingers crossed

    Yesterday, CARP opined that he thought Kreider (based on what he saw and based on his college career) will be a good second line player.

    I disagree. I think we are looking at top end first line talent.

    Very interested in what the assembled boneheads think? Is Kreider a good first second line player or first line talent?

  8. Normally, when my team is eliminated early in the playoffs I’m over it by now and I’m ready for some SCF hockey. This year? It’s going to be tough to watch. The Devils…the DEVILS for crissakes are in the finals and we aren’t!! That’s hard to swallow!! Second, I’m not a big fan of anything LA and you know the big Hollywood types will show up at the game and we’ll see them during every stoppage in LA to the point where it will be annoying. I just find it hard to root for either of these teams. So I’ll probably watch intermittently and maybe by game 5 I’ll be ready to watch a whole game. We’ll see. I’m into the Hatfields & McCoys so I’ll watch that first and watch the end of the game. (Hatfields & McCoys is a little the last the NYR-NJ series wasn’t it?)

    Still I am highly positive about next year. I love our young nucleus and now we are officially out of rebuild mode we can now add around the core and go for the cup. One lesson should be learned about this season. Consider that a 6 and an 8 are in the finals….Let’s not kill ourselves next year trying to get the number one seed. As soon as we are in good position for the playoffs, lets coast and get healthy and rested and prepare for the playoffs.

    Lets add 2 D and one more scorer….sign some of our key UFAs and go from there.

  9. Yev, as a fan of the sport, I will have to show my face at some point. I love watching the handshake and the cup celebration. I would say I will watch when 1 team gets to elimination.

    i really am hoping the Kings big guys can get rebounds and expose Fatty for the whale he is. What could be better if he got scored on often and was flopping all over the place. Now, THAT, I’d watch!!

  10. steve, good point about coasting. Torts might say, if you coast you could lose your sharpness.

    You live in NJ, I assume, as I do. Back in March, my thoughts were that the Devils were in fine tuning /coasting mode already. Sick as it is, I really watched to see if they tried to finish 6th so they’d play the weakest of the top 4 teams. I thought is was pretty clear they did.

    Of course, if you have a chance to finish top 4 you kind of have to but where…it doesn’t matter. We know that now.

  11. Will probably not watch the finals much. I’ll be traveling all next week and really, really don’t care who wins.

    Who’s Zippy?

    Kreider could possilby evolve into a first line player, but if he ends up as a second liner that’s not too shabby is it?

    It’ll be interesting to see what this team does in the offseason. Do they bring in a first liner like Parise or Nash or do they try to bolster the third line with somebody with a little offensive ability? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  12. As it turns out, who knows what would have happened had we played the Swamp Rats in round 1. Perhaps we’re not as tired, they’re not as confident…and we beat them? They were slightly above average, certainly beatable, against Florida, or was Florida just that good?


  13. Brendan Shenanigans on

    Rooting for LA, big time! First they are playing that NJ team plus since Mike Richards and Carter are playing for Kings, it’ll really piss the Flyers fans off if they win the cup after the team dumped them last off season. Can’t watch though, at least not til Kings have a chance to clinch.

  14. ‘If’ they do bring in a first line player, this team could be sick. When you think of the man power all around, it sure seems like a top flight team:

    Parise, Gabby, Richards, Kreider

    Add to that a pretty good defensive core to add to:

    MacD, Girardi, Staal,

    And a great goalie, yet to totally prove himself, but chomping to do so:


    Add in whomever you want, but the core’s there. Ya gotta have a real 4th line (which is where Prust and Boyle belong) and a team and coach that will roll 4 and 3, but that’s a pretty nice start.

  15. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I think Kreider will be first line talent. Especially on our current roster. From the small sample we saw, i would say 25-30 goals, 50-60 points is reasonable expectations. Anything below 20 goals and 40 points in 70+ games would be a dissapointment. Just my opinion. If LA wins the cup, think about how many times you would see the trophy on TMZ, and the tabloids over the summer!

  16. Carp, I’d love to read an article about our minor leaguers related to the progress they’ve made this past year and their chances of making the big club in October. Maybe an intv with Mr. Clark?

  17. czechthemout!!!! on


    I read an article recently that said he is looking for a young team, that is close to contending for a cup and that will give him a change to make it. I would say that sounds an awful lot like us. Also read that MCD has spoken to him already. Although he said they did not discuss his situation,wink wink.
    Sorry, I don’t have a link to either article. Plus Mckenzie always thinks every college free agent that is out there will sign with a Canadian team. Usually, its Toronto. But anything could still happen.

  18. don’t worry about lateness carp!

    i have to say, as of the weekend, i didn’t think i’d want to watch the finals, but now that they are here, i really am looking forward to watching it. i really hope LA kicks the carcillo out of NJ. I think game 1 will be big though. if NJ wins tonight and sort of shatters LA’s road warrior invilcibility, i think that will do a lot for their confidence. but if LA wins tonight, they might just go right back into steamroller mode…

  19. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    I wont be watching the SCF either. I will be rooting for LA, because if NJ wins, it will make it even more painful that the Rangers couldnt win these last 6 games.

    I think Kreider is AT LEAST a second liner. But this time, it may be premature to expect top-6 from a such a young player. I’m sure Tortorella will throw him in the mix, and Kreider will have to earn more responsibility and more minutes just the way he had to in the playoffs.

    Put it this way — if Kreider is not a top 6 forward by the end of next season, it will mean that he was (1) displaced by a player acquired over the summer (via FA or trade), as well as (2) some other young player(s) really stepped up during the regular season (Stepan, AA?, Dubi?, Hags?).

    If no significant player is acquired during the offseason, and another young teamate doesnt step up (Stepan), Kreider will be automatically top 6.

    I think Krieder’s trajectory is absolutely top 6, may be first line..

  20. Well it’s a double edged sword fellow ‘heads. If the Devils get blown out by the Kings in 4 games our initial rejoicing may lead to an off-season malaise centered on the fact that we couldn’t beat a team that got embarrassed in the Stanley Cup Final. If the Devils win the Cup it will sting but, on the other hand, we will have lost to the Stanley Cup Champions.

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Have fun, Carp! You’ve earned…

    Some good news on Tony- he has improved significantly, made a few positive steps in his recovery process. Still a long way to go, but these are good looking baby steps.

    I’m watching hockey. And as opposed to last few years, I will actually cheer with passion. I will passionately cheer against NJ!

  22. Carp – how bout a contest before the trade deadline….. submit next years opening day starting team (20 skaters – 2 goaltenders). Based on the last few days comments , with 50 submissions, you’ll probably have 50 different versions. Let’s see who really knows what their talking about. Tie break can be something like …pick the starting line-up (5 skaters) and the final score of the opening night game.

  23. I will watch. I always do. Just from what I have seen in these playoffs, the Kings look unbeatable. They have gone through 3 very good teams, two of which have very good defenses that are far superior to the Devils. At the start of the Devils series, I was telling one of my friends that even if the Rangers beat them, I am not so sure anybody is beating the Kings. I have already seen a few predictions that this series is going 7 games and will be close. I am not at all sure about that. I am thinking more along the lines of 5 games. LA has a monster offense and a great goalie. Their forwards will test Marty in a way he hasn’t been all playoffs. This Kings team is not the same one the Devils beat in the regular season. The Devils had to hang on during the last two games against a Rangers team that averaged 2.15 goals a game. It was a 50/50 series that could have gone either way. They will not be facing such a team. I am thinking the Kings will steamroll them. I am hoping, anyway.

  24. Manny, for me, and I’m sure Latona and Jimbo would agree, the only outcome this season that I would be happier about rather than the Devils being swept in SC Final, would be the Rangers winning the Cup.

  25. ilb – I am 100% sure that Latona agrees with you. Jimbo I don’t know about, but I know Jimbo would enjoy a smiley face emoticon in response.

    I am just saying that we have to temper our hatred of the Devils because there is a chance that a pathetic performance by them might highlight just how flipping lucky we were to end up where we were through nothing but grit and hard work.

  26. I’ll take pathetic performance by the Devils any day of the week, Manny. *No implications*

  27. Opening night Lineup Contest – my bad …..meant to say submissions must be in before FA signing period starts (July 1).

  28. Fair enough, ilb. I also desperately want them to fail in a ball of flames. I am just trying to be realistic with myself. I am trying to grow, emotionally, here.

  29. i don’t know…i’d probably watch the finals…hopefully the Kings will avenge us!


  30. Stranger Nation on

    Would *love* to see Marty get lit up like a Christmas tree and Parise get smacked around to bring his price down so we don’t completely ruin the team for the next 7 years (not a fan of signing). Like his game, don’t love it at these prices.

    This team needs Iginla or Doan, but according to some, we cannot even *think* about it, even though we are just doing that – thinking about it.

    Kreider is a top 6 forward offensively, but defensively he must have been watching B Rich play. However, he took the body more as the POs went on. Be fun watching him develop into a complete player.

    Hags is a good 2nd line forward or very good 3rd liner – think Jan Erixon (similar hands, too). do not believe he is a top 6 offensively – forced to play there now given options.

    Richards has to hit the gym this summer. He needs to build up his upper body strength, if nothing else so his body is proportional to the gigantic melon on his shoulders.

    MDZ has been getting trashed here and, yes, he did have a rough Devils series (who didn’t??) but the progression from last year is startling. The physicality shown in the first two rounds was impressive, those two series probably took a tool on him physically.

    Dubi – some have him reverting back to ‘normal’ – hmmm. Not a fan of hockey sense, so not sure where to put him. An offensively challenged second liner? A defensively challenged 3rd liner?

    Content to wait some more, don’t be fooled by this year’s run , still a couple of seasons away.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    I will be rooting for the Kings, but won’t be watching. Every year when the Rangers get eliminated there’s a few weeks where its just too painful to watch more hockey. This year it happens to overlap the SCF.

    Echoing Manny, I hope the Kings win but I don’t want the Devils to be embarrassed either. That would make the sting of losing to them even worse. Is it October yet?

  32. Carp, who is John Rosasco for the Rangers and what is his job? Is he the interview bodyguard?

  33. Peter that is my view as well. Just don’t see it. Really hope other options are being worked on.

    I do think if we don’t get Nash that Sather will surprise us with who he goes after. Just based on Torts comments which I’m surprised haven’t gotten more attention here.

  34. Stranger – Kreider has great skills and we have a right to be excited about his future. He will physically tested and challenged early next season. We don’t know yet how he is going to respond. During the playoffs, I though he had opportunities to finish his check which clean hits on players who were vulnerable which he passed or eased up on. If this kid has the eye of the tiger, killer instinct, he could be an elite power forward. Saw a glimpse of what he may bring game 6 when he had some outstanding open ice hits. With his size, strength, skating ability and hands, he has the potential to be physically dominating in the mold of Lucic while possessing the skill and hands to score like Nash. Best case scenario, he gets challenged early, drops the gloves and wins on a TKO. He’ll be rewarded with space and distance everytime he hits the ice.

  35. My friend who is a Caps fan (bandwagon alert, joined the crowd of sirens and red t-shirts 1.5 seasons ago) just told me that it’s a lock that the Caps are getting the Devils coach and Captain! hahahahaha

  36. Throughout the playoffs, I didn’t read Bondy of the Daily News. I’m a lifelong Daily News reader and for Bondy to all of a sudden start writing hockey articles when the Rangers reach the playoffs is bandwagon jumping. He is more a basketball writer than hockey & how does he become the hockey expert all of a sudden? Do yourself a favor and page forward whenever there’s a Bondy article!!

  37. and to add insult to inury, Bondy is a dead ringer for the psychiatrist Sidney from M.A.S.H.

  38. I watched some of the Kings games during the WCF. My takeaway on Quick is: Shoot high, shoot high, shoot high! Don’t look for the extra pass because he plays deep and has great lateral movement. He takes away the low shot extremely well. Most unorthodox elite goaltender since Hasek. Unfortunately, I dont think it is going to play well against the Devils. Hope I’m wrong.

  39. Bwahahaha! Amen, Fat Guy! Zero F’s and TWO L’s!


  40. I had to punch another hole in my favorite belt this morning, so Bondy shouldn’t mess with me today. Does he have any clue how many Game 1 plans I had to cancel for tonite? Six-foot heroes, clowns, fire-eaters, jello wrestling, the whole shebang!

  41. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Czech, I understand what you say. Young team could be us. It’s a great fantasy!! First, let’s see if he does or doesn’t sign by June 1. He would be a great addition, from what I read.

    Stranger, on MDZ, couldn’t agree with you more, my friend. Where was he last year? What did we think he could accomplish this year? He is still a KID!! We, as disappointed fans, have to sit back and take a deep breath. He may be slow, like Step, but he’s got upside, like Step. I do think he is part of the reason we did as well as we did this year!!

    On Kreider, he has great tools. It seems he has a great work ethic, too. He’ll need to be in shape for camp and be willing to learn. There is absolutely nothing we have seen that says he won’t or can’t. I, personally, have not seen a rookie on our team like him ever. Kovalev? He was exciting. Leetchie. Any of the Sather draft picks? Haha, just a little joke there. Leetchie was not as dominant early, but damn good. Perhaps someone can jar my memory.

    This kid has all the aspects of a top two line player. How far he gets is up to him.

  42. Manny – Always fatter, never back in time. And before you ask, yes, I have that exact phrase tattooed in Chinese characters between my love handles

  43. That’s commitment, Fat Guy. Notching the hole fatter is always tricky. Now you probably have a tiny nub of belt sticking out right? I imagine if would have trouble reaching the little leather loop that holds the excess belt tongue in place. Maybe you should try a woven belt?

  44. Im off to Israel tomorrow morning for a couple of months. Was really hoping to have to be up between 3-6 during the night over there for a few more weeks, but it was not to be. I will probably watch tonights game before I leave. Otherwise I highly doubt Ill be up to watch other teams play during ridiculous times.

  45. i am wearing silver and black in honor of the kings today. lets go kings sweep that trash and stick it up fatso rear end.

    seeing devs lose would help the sting in feel with rangers. wouldnt cure it but i may actually smile again seeing fatso on losing end of handshake line

  46. ThisYearsModel on

    Am I going to watch the finals? If there are no Law and Order reruns on, and if there is nothing worth watching on the 20 movie channels I have, then maybe for a few minutes. Actually, if/when the Kings are about to close out Newark, I will absolutely tune in. I would like to see the Kings win in Newark, so we can once again sample the classy behavior of the Snooki-wannabe bandwagon Newark Devils fans. How cool would it be to see the Kings up by a few in the 3rd period of the elimination game, and the Rock clear out with the remaining 7000 real Devils fans remaining for the trophy presentations, so they can boo the Conn Smythie winner?

  47. Lev – Dripping with jealousy at the thought of the beach in Netanya. Noseah Tovah!

  48. Fat Guy – Lev is a MAN. N’Sea TOV. Do we have to have language lessons here as well?

  49. The way Marty leaves rebounds, I do not see the Devs winning. I am curious, though: if Kreider is a good second liner in the making, why did the Rangers not include him in a Nash proposal? They must think he is a star in the making.

  50. Manny – Holy schnikees. that’s awesome! I just ordered 4 for my whole fat family!

  51. Manny – Meant “Safe Trip” in a butchered kind of way, as opposed to asking him to travel safely

  52. I was just joking around Fat Guy! I haven’t been to Eretz Yisrael or whatever in quite some time. My Hebrew is Pa-The-Tic now.

  53. Thank you guys! Still considering wearing my jersey on the flight tomorrow. What do you think?

  54. Come to think of it, this morning’s blog honor roll just made me realize why Bondy and so many others hate the Rangers. They must think all Ranger fans are Jewish! We’re like the Tottenham HotSpurs of the U.S.!

  55. I think it’s just that New York City has a high concentration of Yid’s. Ergo, many fans of the New York Rangers are Jewish. But not many Jews are fans of the New York Rangers.

  56. Rob in Beantown on

    During the playoffs my girlfriend asked what percentage of people at MSG I thought were Jewish (we both are). I don’t know obviously but I guessed maybe 15-20%?

  57. CARP:

    Someone had a great idea for a piece. An in depth interview with Gordie Clark. Questions about the progress of all the prospects and what they each bring to the table. Would love to know how the scouting on the Rangers works. Does Gordie travel and see potential draft choices play live? How does he monitor the prospects progress during the year.

    It seems that many of us here are really into the prospects and that would be a big hit. At least with the boneheads!

    I think that the hiring of Gordie Clark laid the foundation for the success we are now seeing out of this organ-EYE-zation.

  58. Rob – I’d guess it depends what section you’re sitting in. You may not be able to even get a minyan in some levels, but I’d be there if you needed me.

  59. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Morning folks. I’ve stayed away for the past few days. It was partly due to time constraints, but more largely due to wanting to avoid what was probably going on here. And while I’m sure many of you shared sentiments that would echo my own, I’m sure an equal number shared sentiments I would disagree with.

    Every day during the Final I am going to post one thought on the franchise. I won’t rehash how I’m feeling about losing (meh) or how I thought the series (outplayed and outcoached) or playoffs (underperformed) played out. Instead I am going to focus on one large issue for the franchise. I’m going to start with the negatives and work my way to the positives. Here is today’s:

    Can there be any doubt that the Rangers should have signed Kovalchuk in 2010 instead of Richards in 2011?

  60. Thanks for a great season of Rangers Reports Carp. I’ve finally crawled out of my hockey depression hole but am still disgusted about the D..De…ahem…Dev…Devils playing for Lord Stanley. That being said I cannot stomach the thought of hearing Emerick and having to watch them. I will most likely not watch any games until the Kings on their home ice take the series & raise the cup.
    And I will try my best to make the chat this week.

    Hit ’em straight Carp!

  61. To all shot-blocking hockey fans, read Filip Bondy’s interesting piece in today’s Daily News.

  62. Torts will screw with Kreider’s head as he did with Dubie & Anisomov. The most important game of the year and the one player that has exceptional offense talent is sitting on the bench most of the game.

  63. bull dog line on

    I was one of the few who wanted Kovalchuk. I was told that there was some STAT that showed when he was on the ice the puck was in his zone to much, and against better players he did not fare out well. my response was to list the only STAT that should have mattered to the Rangers, all the goals that he had scored in his career. having said that, I am not disappointed in Richards.

  64. bull dog line on

    screwed with Anisimov how? by giving him chance after chance on top lines. a chance he did not earn by the way. Anisimov was given the number 2 center job at the start of the season and spit it right back. Anisimov was given the top LW spot after that, and managed a whole 13 goals. Torts screwed with him, PLEASE!

  65. To echo Headzo just earlier Thanks for a great season Carp. We all don’t agree on many things but it’s nice to have a forum where we could express our opinions and agree to disagree. Job well done.

  66. Hi Ho Silver, LoneRanger! We all sliced and diced Bondy this morning already…makes you sick to read his slop, no?

  67. bull dog line on

    I don’t think he screwed with Dubi either. Dubi season started out bad, and got worse. Torts kept giving him chances to play his way out of it, he just never could.

  68. bull dog He plays head games with everyone including the press and there’s always a doghouse. The modern athlete doesn’t respond to Marine boot camp tactics anymore. This type of coaching has a short shelf life. Also, do you honestly believe the Rangers are going to be successful playing the same shot-blocking system for another 82 games. The only reason we won the amount of games did was LUNQVIST.

  69. Loneranger! That’s great. It’s like firetorts and another idiot all in one.

    You do, however, have a point about LunDqvist (not the D in his name). He’s really exceptional. The Rangers, like all other NHL teams (like the Phlyers, Penguins, etc.) should be built to win with horrendous goaltending. I can’t believe that system doesn’t work better! (/sarcasm)

  70. Kovalchuk was on the ice for more goals against than he scored in the Rangers series.

    A huge part of the Devils winning the series was their 4th line handily outscoring the Rangers 1st line. He’s still a liability defensively and unless he’s scoring buckets of goals on the PP he gives up as much as he produces at even strength.

  71. bull dog line on

    I could care less about what he does with the press. do you watch these guys play. they would run through a wall for Torts, if it meant winning a game. but no, I do not think the Rangers can sustain this level of play with the style they are playing. more freedom has to be given to the skill guys. more skill guys need to be added as well.

  72. I actually tried to care even less about Torts’ persona with the media. It was impossible. I literally do not care. In fact, I care so little I hate hearing about it. I am actually more concerned with how my coffee lid is put on in the morning (opposite the seams please)

  73. CCCP Pls remove your head from your butt. Lunqvist had nothing to do with it. You have to be out of your mind.

  74. bull dog line on

    is that on the ice for more goals against than he scored? or his line scored?

  75. LMAO!

    once again loneranger… LUNQVIST had NOTHING to do with our wins!

    Now Lun*D*qvist on the other hand is around 85 – 90 % of our team.

  76. Haha. This is great. Lun *D* qvist is a crucial part of the team. I love the idea that we blame our team for having a good goalie.

    Hey Loneranger – how’s that “who-cares-about-our-goalie-talent-if-we-can-score-a-lot” idea working in say, Philly? Pittsburgh (MAF in the Playoffs onaly)? Vancouver?

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    Lunqvist? Is he on the same team as this Lundquist I hear so much about?

  78. Oh wait….are we talking about Joel Lundqvist or Henrik Lundqvist? Joel had almost nothing to do with our wins.

  79. For goals he scored, I can’t seem to find event summaries for the series right now so I’ll have to figure out his line’s total goal differential later. But as a whole in the playoffs he’s been on ice (scored by him or his line) for 8 ES goals for/11 against, 10 PPG for/2 against and 0 SHGF/3 SHGA.

    Again his value has always come from his PP production, otherwise he tends to be on the ice for a lot of goals against.

  80. Kovalchuk scored that one “short handed empty net goal against” all by himself when he missed the pass. That was CLASSIC.

  81. bull dog line on

    I would take his power play production on the Rangers, being that the Rangers have no power play production. a lot of time the special teams is the difference between winning and losing.

  82. But it speaks to the point that I don’t think Kovalchuk was particularly a difference maker in the Ranger series. Ryan Carter, Littler Gionta and Bryce Salvador had just as many big goals as Kovalchuk.

  83. bull dog line on

    I think you are simplifying it a bit CT,
    the Rangers do not game plan to stop the 4th line (obviously they should have), they game plan to stop Kovalchuk and Parise. Kovalchuk is a difference maker every time he is on the ice. sometimes it for the other team, but you have have to live with that sometimes with stars.

  84. Well the counterbalance to limiting the damage vs Parise and Kovalchuk is having Gaborik and Richards inflict just as much damage on the Devils. In that case the Rangers failed as well but that 4th line did arguably the most damage of any line for either team in the last couple of games of the series.

  85. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    1. fat guy , PLEASE post more often.
    2. im not watching a MINUTE of the finals. still hurts too much.
    3. i’d be happy to do a season wrap up blogfather, if i would get a chance.
    4. instead if guessing who IS here next season,how about we guess who ISNT? i find it hard to believe that there will be a large turnover after making the ECF.

  86. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Hey, Orr….

    You and me = Vibin’

    NO MORE 5’10-5’11”, 175-185 lbs. players, Glen. SIZE MATTERS, GET IT????

    (of course, and thank the lord you have help now, Glen, but along with size, speed, hands, grit and heart are needed, too).

  87. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Lev, have a great trip. We will miss your great comments here! Shalom!

  88. I am a hockey fan, so I’ll be watching the Stanley Cup Finals tonight!

    Kings in 4! Boom!


  89. Maybe we should give our players Steroids to genetically modify them so they grow taller and stronger? OR we could raise our own bionic babies that in 20 years will dominate the NHL at 8ft tall and 500lbs with lightning fast skates.

  90. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Have a safe trip Lev. I am happy with richards. Seems like much more of a team player then kovalchuk. I dont think ill-ya would have lasted a month under torts. Its true that the devils 4 th line was the best line of the entire series. They will probably be their best line vs the kings too….which is exactly why LA will win. That and the seven goals that Anze is going to score in the series!

  91. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Well, i guess we had the czech line once, now they are building the slov line.

  92. Aw….That’s so nice for Gaborik! I hope this Hrivik guy wears a tinted visor. Maybe he played in the IIHF Tournament and we can see how good he is….

  93. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Manny and Orr, the answer my friends is very simple. Don’t look at anyone that’s Zuccarello’s size. They are a waste. Period. That’s all that the Flyers, Bruins, and many teams are doing. Rocket science this is not.

    Sather is back in the 1970’s thinking it still works to draft a team of soaking wet 5’10”, 165 lbs’ers, and you have a team. He got a Gretz that way, but in an era where size was smaller and did not matter as much. Lucky he’s now got help. He still thinks that works!!! Glen, the game has changed around you. Get real!! Enter Gordie…..THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    So, Hrivik is 6’1″ and 195, 20 yo. Perhaps he can fill out to 210 in a couple of years. Borderline size.

    THE KREIDER was 185 at 19, and then, he exploded to the size he’s at, depending on who yopu use for data, about 220-235, whatever. I’ll take more of those, please!

  94. # Player GP G A PTS +/- PIM PP SHG SOG SH%
    41 Marek Hrivik 9 5 4 9 0 10 2 0 21 23.8

  95. You know what’s awesome about the NY Rangers press release regarding Marek Hrivik? They spell his name different all throughout the article.

    Por Ejemplo:

    *Hrivik* signed an Amateur Tryout Agreement with Connecticut on March 30, and made his professional debut on March 31 vs. Adirondack. He notched one goal in eight games with the Whale during the regular season. *Hrivic* registered his first professional point with a goal on April 11 at Portland.”

  96. Player weight is one of those things that tends to be on an individual basis. One guy can be 6’1″ and be awesome at 215, and another loses a step unless he is around 195. Callahan plays big for his 5’11” 185. Then there are the guys *cough Malik cough* who have the size and never use it. It really is a player by player thing. Assuming you have two identical players, you always take the bigger one, but when are things ever that easy?

  97. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Vibin’ re devils 4th line

    Vibin’ re we size with our forwards (especially top 6)

  98. Torts sounds like he just woke up from an afternoon nap.

    saying many of the same things he’s said before as far as gained experience,
    evaluating players based on what they did

    quite a bit of ways to go to be a legitimate team to be there every year
    but you never know
    compares to TB years….played well at the right time
    excited about youth with Rangers
    mix of vets help in locker room

    we should have lost. jersey played better. not say they’re a better team but deserved to go to finals

  99. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Manny, for me, and I’m sure Latona and Jimbo would agree, the only outcome this season that I would be happier about rather than the Devils being swept in SC Final, would be the Rangers winning the Cup.

    *HEAR!! HEAR!! 3 cheers for the Captain! Correct!*

  100. talk of nj 4th line:
    balanced, well coached, deadline deals help ’em. nj difficult to play against. thought we lost a bit of our swagger early in our series cuz couldn’t get out of our zone.
    average age is 3 years older than us.
    they deserve to win.
    deeper team offensively than we are right now.

  101. talk on acquiring a scorer:

    we play hard defense, shot blocking part of it. not win championship if you don’t play hard defense. bring creative players. not look by that. must be 2 way street, let ’em be creative but they must be able to play defense.

    disrespecting our players w/ some media comments. proud of team with identity. shotblocking is part of it. team 1 of 3 remaining. (getting a bit angered about this subject)

    what happens. it’s my job to push athletes to test them to see where they can get to. some guys realized they can get to another level. be the best that you can be.

    some of the stuff that’s been said about team those guys don’t have a clue about the game (re: shotblocking) part of playing defense.

    sounds like we do nothing but stress shotblocking only.
    look at teams that win Stanley Cup, win w/ defense and trans to offense.
    i want to back my players up. guys who show up in playoffs and don’t know about team and p*sses me off

  102. nj series: people bring up we were tired but i look at 2nd and 3rd periods. Richards shot, marty makes great save. if we won game 6 then game 7 who knows.
    “momentum swings”

    best players need to be best players. Gabby, Richards, Cally, Stepan….need to have the puck

    resilient group. it’s why i want to protect them.

    half these guys talking about our team thought we’d be 7th 8th or 9th
    still have to be better

    we have to secure more on our blueline. good players in our top 4. need depth there. depth up front. we were 11th in scoring. need add something there. can’t sit still. get better in all areas. world class goalie. Hank tremendous step but still need more.

  103. more Torts:

    (mentioned to him that he doesn’t say much to team during the game)
    certain situations need to leave team alone. others help ’em. others kick ’em.
    redundant in a series, know how other team is playing. betweeen periods couple corrections.
    during period, so much going on not hear you anyway.

    adjust on fly during game. my job is put people on ice give us best chance to win. changes game to game. Gabby struggles game 5. a lot of people thought i was benching. not that.

    admits that he clams up due to being words misconstrued. in washington there were 2 reporters and not much happening.

    press conferences: not want attention. did some stupid stuff w/ water bottle (in past) my philosophy, play a series, i don’t like giving a whole lot of info out. i make mistakes along the way. i do get aggravated. i.e. asked about how a suspended player feels getting back in lineup. how do you think he feels?!?

    not like press conference. good friends that are there. i’m not good at conferences after games. still charged. don’t want to give too much info but i make my own bed.

    depends how i feel. so much going on in game and locker room. bring my whole being there. not interested in giving too much info especially when playing against the same team in a series.

  104. MORE TORTS on WFAN:

    a Torts team:
    this is a team from Day One i really liked. camaraderie. how things are conducted. coach out of room and room taken over itself. this year, i really liked. showed up every night. tough nights. tought starts. never gave in. never know what can happen. be consistently resilient.

    asked about what could have done vs nj:
    thought we lost quickness. nj didn’t give us much time. make quicker plays. shorter passes. got better last 2 games supporting one another. being close, not outnumbered. started finding our way, got us puck more. identity like nj, we want to forecheck.
    a big play at a big time, we didn’t they did.

    is this team 1 player away:
    don’t want to say a player. process. 20 playoff games tremendous amount of good, young kids. keep adding. can’t stand still or you’ll spin your wheel cause other teams aer doing it. meeting w/ slats in a week (?)

    don’t know kings. nj playing best hockey at right time of year. balanced team.

    thank you
    have a good day

  105. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Good interview by torts…loved how he put the idiot critics in their place regarding shot blocking and the style of game they play.

  106. News Alert – Francesca just told his listeners he’s going to try and “squeeze” in some more Rangers & Hockey on his show in the fall. What a freekin blowhard!! Have another hotdog Big Mike. Leave hockey alone, it’s the only sport in this town that hasn’t been infected with your halitosis – let’s keep it that way.

  107. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    You are right about that CT. Thats what the media people that dont follow the team or dont know hockey realize. Torts style is really about puck possesion.

    Paging Mr Jerome Doan or Shane Iginla….

  108. CT, broken link.

    Papa Bear, you get many lunch points for using “halitosis.” Nicely done!

  109. CTBlueshirt on

    Rangers weren’t really a great puck possession team. They ended up fairly average although they improved as the season wore on. They were kept afloat for a while by the goaltending’s better than expected save % and some extremely fortunate shooting %. Fellow nerd LW can introduce the concept of PDO when he’s done skipping through Europansyland.

  110. Got it now, CT. Thanks.

    The end of an era. Bittersweet. My favorite all-time NHL player.

  111. Thanks again guys. Very sad to hear that Lidstrom is expected to retire. One of my favorites. He deserved to get a nice farewell from the Red Wings fans.

  112. I feel worse now than I did the morning after. If we were playing tonight, I’d be losing my brain.

  113. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t know if I feel worse than the morning after, but with game 1 tonight I definitely feel the worst I’ve felt in a few days

  114. From the twitter widget:
    DarrenDreger Will likely be a mtng in Aug including coaches,gm’s,players and officials to discuss re-set of standard of hooking, holding, int calls.

    Please go back to the the hooking call where the guy actually hooks the other player and not this Europansy hooking penalties they call now (and not very consistently, either).

  115. Hacker McGoo on

    Anybody who can afford to drive Titleists into the woods is seriously overpaid.

  116. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    EVERYBODY listen to Tortorella on the Michael K. Show podcast today. VERY GOOD STUFF!!

  117. Hacker – when you drive a ball into the woods you usually find a few extras while trying to find the original. I usually come out of the woods rich with nuggets.

  118. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – ” the finality of the finals would approvingly be situated however by the rangers”

  119. exactly, Manny. I haven’t paid for a golf ball since the early 1990s … longer than the Rangers have been without, well, you know.

  120. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Kings / Devils : who gives a rat’s behind?

  121. Kings fans and Devils fans, I guess. TGO. Faux fans and celebs in LA. The Empire State Building.

    *new post.*

  122. Ok guys, I left that post and the responses hanging a few posts due to being busy at work and such :/

    Re the cap- if it goes up it makes everything that much easier. I am sure you guys watched what I watched where 1-3 more goals in these playoffs here and there and we are talking about them playing tonight and not golfing early.

    A higher cap I don’t see how anyone could be opposed to adding a Parise style player. Especially considering how well he can fit into Johnny T’s system. And how a little bit of scoring could have vastly changed our fortunes this spring

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