Rangers know: to get better, change is inevitable


Here’s my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today (it’s the unedited version, so apologies in advance for any typos and such):

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH — The Rangers team that shook hands with the Devils late Friday night will never be exactly the same, because all teams make changes, especially those who have taken the giant steps the Rangers took this year.
They had a fabulous season, a very good playoff run, and still came up six wins short.
“For me, and I think I can say we, as an organization, we aren’t content with everything,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said Monday. “You get knocked out in the third round, you don’t get where you want to be. We’ve made improvements, but I don’t think any organization in the league wants to sit still.
“We have to continue to improve as an organization, not just skill but all through it.”
So next year will be harder, and more of a challenge — actually starting this summer, and very soon, with the draft in June, trades, and free agency July 1.
“We’ve improved,” Brian Boyle said. “Our coach knows it’s there. He’s seen us play that way, so he’s going to demand more. He’s going to push us harder. That’s a good thing. It’s not always easy, but it’s a good thing. … That’s the challenge I think a lot of us embrace and we’ll be better for it.”
Some may not be around to embrace it, starting with Mike Sullivan, the valued assistant coach who is high on lists of head coaching prospects (Calgary?), and Tortorella said he won’t stop Sullivan from going.
Then there are free agents, and some difficult decisions, especially surrounding Brandon Prust and, despite an uneven season, could be coveted — a guy who led the NHL in fights and can play a third-line/checking/penalty-killer role.
“I love the guy,” Tortorella said. “It was an inconsistent year, but as far as the intangible and what he does for our lockerroom, he’s a big piece to the puzzle.”
Mats Zuccarello has options in Russia, and maybe in Europe, but wants to play in the NHL. He said Monday that he doesn’t want to just play 10 NHL games again, though. Ruslan Fedotenko could be kept depending on what the Rangers add over the summer. Will the Rangers try to move Marian Gaborik, who had 41 goals in the season, but came up so short against the Devils?
Will they try to move Brandon Dubinsky, who had a miserable 10-goal season after signing a big contract, and who missed a chunk of the playoffs with a high ankle sprain? Tortorella said that Dubinsky understands he has to come back not only as good as last year, but better, because that was the expectation this year.
Will they re-sign backup goalie Martin Biron, or defenseman Anton Stralman?
Tortorella said he saw Michael Sauer (concussion) Monday for the first time in months, and that he’s “a huge question mark” that he “can’t count on” having Sauer next season because the defenseman is still a long way from being able to work out.
Tortorella said his top offensive players didn’t do enough, but added that overall he didn’t think a lot of his team played enough “minutes” against the Devils.
Once again, the coach believes the Rangers need to add skill and more youth. But, he was asked, if the team has to be careful that any newcomers fit the identity of the Rangers.
“You’re always thinking about that,” he said. “But you’ve got to be really careful about ruling people out, too. Sometimes when you think it’s a really good piece and he may not exactly fit in all the little things you do, you can teach him those things along the way if he really brings you something else that you need. So you don’t want to box yourself in here.
“Listen, we have to work extremely hard to score goals and along the way, if there’s something that can help there, you find a way to teach your concept but allow it to bring some talent in to allow that to work for you. You can’t get stubborn here, either. “No matter what happens with our team if new bodies come in, we’re certainly not going to lose the premise of what we are. I think that’s a big part of us, a big part of the camaraderie of our room.”


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  1. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    First.. Big woop.

    I’m greatly looking forward to this offseason. Moves will be made that not only affect the team next season, but could have a big impact on the franchise for years.

    I’m very interested in seeing Parise as a Ranger. Even though signing an UFA only costs money, and not players, this is not entirely true. Signing a player such as Parise to a lucrative contract ($7 million-ish or more per season) effectively ties up money down the road that could be used to retain a team’s own young homegrown RFA’s. Thus, down the road, there could be a situation where a team would not be able to afford to keep certain homegrown players as a result of a large-contract free agent signing

    Every free agent signing, and in every contract signing, a team must weigh in what the player can bring to a team versus the cap hit of the contract as a trade off. Youthful players who are talented and cheap are the lifeblood of NHL franchises in this post-lockout cap era.

  2. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Oops – not first! Took too long to write long diatribe… Second really.

  3. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Dubi’s value has some seaweed on it…and may be a bargain for the team that gets him.

    replacing Gaborik’s 41 goals would be probably next to impossible , maybe he needs to play less in order to be better in playoffs but then you lose the goals.

    Stralman did a decent job for NY , but there may be better players for less money available.

    Any cap room by deletions may be food for trade.

  4. bull dog line on

    don’t blow it up. a tweak here or there, and the right FA signing is all they need.

  5. parise will NOT be a ranger unless the rangers blow every other team away. red wings wild devils sharks

  6. agree with bull dog. a tweak here or there.

    and any guy that has a horrible year like dubie, with the heart he has…..like coming back way early after a high leg sprain, and playing with a hand injury early, is probably a guy you want to give another chance to. He had an abysmal year, no doubt. But he has a big heart. Since his trade value is low, give him a shot before you part ways.

    The Rangers have had too many of the same grinding, no finesse, type players for a while. But it doesn’t mean you dump ’em all. The Prusts, Boyles, Fed’s, Dubies, Callies, AA’s, Hag’s, of the world are good to have as long as you complement them with a sprinkling of finesse players with heart.

    Maybe in the offseason they go through rigorous training and learn to hit the net!

    The key is heart.

  7. Can you trade Gaborik straight up for Nash? Seems to me that Nash may be better suited for the playoffs than Gaborik.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    It’ll be an interesting summer, for sure. You don’t want to stay put, considering how close they were, but it’s more important to not change this team drastically.
    Dan- we discussed yesterday. Exchanging Nash for Gaborik doesn’t do anything. You still have only one legit offensive threat that other teams will deploy the best D-pair. Too easy to shut down. You need two, not one.

  9. Matty – the correct word is “adysmal” I looked it up in the JR dictionary.

    I don’t understand the thinking of trading Gaborik. The team has a hard time scoring goals so let’s get rid of the only true goal scorer on the team. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    Yeah, I know that Gabby didn’t do too much against the Devils, but neither did anyone else.

  10. Eric- I think you mentioned a few times they should go after Suter. I don’t think they should, and I doubt they will. He’ll cost over $6M per, long term, but most importantly, he is a L handed shot. Not what they need. NY has McDonagh, Staal and MDZ on the L. Even if you trade MDZ, which one of Suter, Staal, McD is playing third pair minutes? Doesn’t make sense. R side they have Girardi, Stralman and Bickel. That’s where they need help. I’d keep Stralman as a third pair choice and PP, and try to sign a second pair R-handed defenseman. Unless, of course, they can sign that Schultz kid, who also shoots R.

  11. Carp,

    Many, many boneheads have already thanked you (and Josh, 26) for all the hours and all the work you’ve put in for our benefit & I would like to add my name to the list of boneheads who greatly appreciate this forum to give and get Ranger info!!! I love the passion, I live it, I’m still expecting another game tonight and can’t yet get over that our boys are out but I always looked forward, every morning for something else to chew on with this blog and I thank you!!!

    Oh, one thing, who is that little nebbish that stands next to every player & Torts during interviews in the lockerroom?

  12. The Rangers are two players away from winning the cup, I think.

    They need a top line scorer and they need a shoot first offensive d-man to get pucks on net from the point.

    Parise obviously is the answer there and the Rangers have the money to do it. Schultz is only a prospect so there is no telling what he will do, but given his numbers in the NCAA and all accounts he has the potential to be that guy.

  13. Gaborik has a No Trade Clause first off, and secondly, I doubt he is getting moved.

  14. ilb- not saying that replacing Gaborik with Nash will solve all of the problems, but that Nash may be better suited for the playoffs. The team would still need to add another scorer, but I think it solves the Gaborik issue. Gaborik is a great regular season player, but I watched a bunch of games where I didn’t even notice that he was on the ice. You watch other teams best players, and you tend to notice them even if they aren’t scoring. Granted, the Rangers need more guys that can score to take some heat off of Gaborik, but he also needs to rise to the occasion and be the player that he is capable of.

    The playoff loss hardly rests on his shoulders alone. However, I never looked at him and thought, “he is the best player on the team.” He just seemed invisible.

  15. So you get Nash instead for $7.8M per year until 2018 (who, btw scored 40 goals only once in his career, and played in all of 4 playoff games while scoring one goal. And then you still have to look for a 35-40 goal scorer, and if you lucky to find one, you maybe looking at another $7-8M per for 8-9 years. That will work….No, I think it is a bad idea.

  16. Zucc said our PP was carcillo! But Torts still gave no chance to Zucc even though he led the team in PP assists last year. Little man sounds upset. Dont see him staying here…

    as for Gaborik straight up for Nash… i would do it in a heart beat! Nash is a BEAST! Bring in Nash and sign Parise… there is your double threat!

  17. Gaborik will be a lot more effective when he’s playing with another guy that draws defensive attention. Don’t worry about Gaborik.

  18. Doesn’t work, CCCP. Gaborik’s contract comes off the books after 2014. If you have Nash, Parise, Richards beyond that year, they won’t be able to resign Hank and anyone else. It will look like AHL team with three multimillionaires, a few 19 yr olds and Mike Dunham as a your go to guy….

  19. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I think we need to keep Gabby, find someone who can pop in between 20-30 goals, hope that Kreider is good for 25-35 goals, if Dubie stays hope he rebounds and pops in 20-25 and then pray that someone like JT miller can assume a good 3rd or 4th line role and contribute with 10-15 goals. I don’t necessarily think we need an all out star player, (like parise) or specialty sniper (which gaborik is already). I think a minor tweak here and there will do also.

  20. Well, cups are won and lost at the Deadline, it’s said over and over again around February, and never did it hold more true than this year. The Devils getting Zidlicky for their pp was HUGE for them, b/c they were floundering b/c they didn’t have the ability to move Kovalchuk around. And Jeff Carter for the Kings, what’d he have 2 goals before the deadline, the Kings get him and he’s been a solid 2nd line player for them all playoffs. Rangers got John Scott.

    As for what we need to fix for this season. I do agree we need another top 6 forward. I gotta think that Richards, Hagelin/Kreider, Gaborik will be our 1st line. Callahan, Hagelin/Kreider, and probably Dubinsky will be our 2nd line. We need to get Dubinsky playing a hard-nosed forechecking 3rd line role until he proves he can score with the 2nd line. I think another top 6 forward, a 20-25 goal guy will help. That way, either that top 6 forward could move to the 3rd line which will have Derek Stepan, maybe AA, and provide them with some scoring touch too. That way we have 3 lines that can score. And our 4th line with Boyle, hopefully Prust, and Rupp can just play their game and not have to worry about scoring.

    We also need 2 more trustworthy defensemen. I think McDonagh, Girardi, Staal are as solid as they get as your top 3. I would love to see McIlrath brought up. 6’4, 235 would definitely help this blueline as long as he can play solid minutes. Problem being our 5th and 6th defensemen. DZ isn’t going anywhere, as much as I want him to. And he’s gonna get minutes. I think we need another Defenseman that can give us 15 solid, even in the playoffs. I don’t think Stralman is that guy.

  21. They will go after Parise, Carp is right. Especially if they have any indications that he would be willing to sign here. And it won’t be coming from his father. The caveat is, Nash situation may unfold before July 1st, and if there is a right deal, they may go for him instead. I would not think any of those are optimal situations. One may require an arm and a leg, the other one may be very detrimental to their cap situation for years to cone. I’d go for Iginla instead. He is still an offensive threat, fits the team concept well, is tough. But more importantly, he only has 1 year left on his contract. That one year allows them to see what kind of production they can expect from Kreider, and also gives them some leverage in signing someone from 2014 UFA group. And there are some good names out there.

  22. Thank you, ilb. If I haven’t said it enough. *Jarome Iginla* is a fantastic fit at a small price, contract length-wise.

  23. Flames will have to rebuild, CCCP. At 35, Iginla may want to win the Cup. He has NMC and will dictate where he wants to go.

  24. Everyone thought the same thing about Ray Bourque. I’d love Iginla here. Fits the system, plays hard 100% of the time. Another great veteran to have in the room. Been to the finals before. Way better cap situation than Parise or Nash.

  25. I agree with Ilb. Iginla will be movable by the Flames because they want to give him a chance AND he will return some good pieces for their rebuild.

  26. Most people have Iginla going for a low 1st rd pick and a 2nd/3rd in this draft. I think with the Rangers low pick this year, along with their 1st rounders of the past couple of years hopefully panning out, like Miller, McIlrath, Erixon, I think this is one we can afford. Provided we can dump Dubinsky for maybe a 2nd rounder.

  27. why would Flames take less? don’t they want to rebuild? Isn’t Iginla their best player (forward)? Wouldn’t they want good pieces back as Manny said?

  28. CCCP- you don’t think Iginla will cost less than Nash? There is 7 year age difference.

  29. Plus looking at the Flames Cap situation, they have 7 players who besides Iginla are marginally good at best, adding up to 36.5M in cap space. Iginla’s at 7m, Cammaleri is 6M, Tanguay and Stajan are at 3.5M each, Bowmeester is 6.7M, Giordano is at 4M, and Kiprusoff is 5.8M. Camm isn’t nearly worth 6 mill, Stajan isn’t worth 3.5 (Good Salary dump by the Leafs), Tanguay is decent but is as old as Iginla, Bowmeester turned out to be their Wade Redden, they just couldn’t bury that salary like we can, and Kipper is a killer there at close to 6M. They’d be willing to move that for their own sake just to save some cap room.

  30. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Would be interesting to see how the whole sullivan as coach for calgary plays out too. He may want to keep iginla,or if they tade him, might ask the GM to get more then what he’s worth (i;e dubie amd artie, or artie and step, or one plus a prospect and a pick).

    I’d like to get him. Always seems to play well at the garden too.

  31. no i do think Iginla will cost less than Nash but what i am saying is – why would Flames trade Iginla for low picks?

  32. Iginla will cost less than Nash but he will cost something. Maybe that’s just stating the obvious.

    Personally, I love the idea of Iginla. And I would also like Nash more than Parise. I would also like Paul Gaustad, Bobby Ryan and Shane Doan.

  33. Good point BOOK. Sullivan also knows our prospects and knows who is valuable and who Torts is and is not high on. He could really poach us.

  34. Calgary would never give up Iginla for the Rangers 1st round pick as the centerpiece.

    I still don’t see the point of trading assets, when a better player in Parise is available for only money.

  35. Because Parise’s “money” is going to be something like $90M ($9M for 10 Years). That’s a bunch of money and when you combine it with the length of Richards’ contract and the need to re-sign Hank and McBust and Del Zaster and Hagelin and Kreider in the upcoming years…you see how it could affect our flexibility.

    And if Parise is on our roster next season I would hope that the Devils do NOT win the cup this year so that he’s starving to get right back there.

  36. Manny

    you are severely overestimating how much Parise will make per year. No UFA has ever had a cap hit of 8 mil, let alone 9 mil.

    If we have to lose Del Zotto and Hagelin 2 years from now, because we signed Parise than so be it. Parise is infinitely more valuable even as he gets older…

  37. As great as parise is, and as much as he would improve our club, I agree, you can not sign him to a long term deal and ruin your future.

    Bobby ryan sound like the type of player torts was reffering too…..someone who can score, and you try to teach him the system and hope he buys into it at least 70% of the time. The question is, will gaborik follow suit then? next thing you know, you have all the grinders and role players blockign shots and bleeding night in and night out while a few guys are scoring and getting all the glory. Might casue some locker room friction.

  38. Due to the lack of top tier FA this summer, perhaps the strategy should be to build and strengthen the bottom 6 forwards with some level 2 or 3 pick-ups like the Devils did to improve their depth. They are definitely available in this FA class. A bigtakeaway from this playoff year – quality depth is a critical component for a team hoping to makea long run ( look at the two finalist ). Coaches must be able to roll 4 lines and 6 D. This off season,considering who is available and at what cost will be required to bring top skill in either FA or the trade market, it is a safer and perhaps more productive approach to strengthen the team from the bottom up by adding those depth players. Let’s hope Dubinsky bounces back, Richards becomes more consistent, Gaborik is 3rd in goal scoring again, Kreider pots 20-25, AA and Stepan can net 20, Cally hits 30, Hags gets 20 and learns to play the PK, Boyle gets close to last years numbers. Next summer, 2013 is probably better suited for us to chase a top flight FA. If we can land Schultz, I would keep the. Defense in tack. Maybe 1 or 2 prospects also find their way to the team. Yeah it would be nice to Have Parise and Suter – it ain’t gonna happen. Also buyer beware, the Rangers track record for signing Devil FA is not exactly stellar.

  39. I should’ve said the FA the Rangers have managed to sign away from the Devils over the years have never lived up to expectations. The best to come out of those signings was Ryan McDonough!!!!

  40. For those fans in favor of signing Parise, I just wanted to give you a small list of players:

    – Bruce Driver
    – John MacLean
    – Bobby Holik
    – Brendan Shanahan
    – Scott Gomez

    I was trying to think of a former Devil the Rangers signed who I did like, and the only one I could come up with was Pat Verbeek. I know some here were happy with Shanahan. I always thought he was highly over-rated when he played here. Anyway, just wanted to put this out there to temper some of the Parise-lust.

  41. Parise is infinitely more valuable even as he gets older…


    Parise will be 28 when next season starts. These are the number of guys (and the number of times they did it) that have scored at least 30 goals and 70 points in NHL history between ages 28-35:


  42. The point is, less than 30 guys in the entire history of the NHL have done it more than 3 times. Assuming Parise signs a deal somewhere between what Richards got last year or Kovalchuk got the year before you’re gonna have a pretty significant portion of his deal where he’s nowhere worth the cap hit.

  43. I really want Iginla here. Ive pictured him as a Ranger for about 2-3 years now, even before the rumors that Calgary may move him first surfaced. Iginla, Nash, Parise. In that order. Id love Doan here too.

  44. Verbeek probably was the best, and when sykora came for that little while he was decent. He had the great shootout move with his backhand. Driver went to the ECF too in 97.

    I agree with Mannys list up top, id take, iginla,doan or bobby ryan. Much more realistic then zach the devil maniac.

  45. Guys who absolutely should go:
    Anisimov-total pansy on the puck, no goals, no physical side whatsoever
    Dubinsky-no need to explain. he was overvalued from the start
    Boyle-love the guy, but stone hands and cant skate worth a damn
    Fedo-clutch player, but getting old


    When you look at those people, it will be very hard to attain another top tier scorer. If you want to go after one, be prepared to give up:
    Del Zotto (Great job upping his physical game, but he still make the same damn mistakes with outlet passes game after game, and seemed slow in the playoffs at times)

    Stepan (I know he’s only 21, but the guy was invisible the entire playoffs)

    Frankly, I never looked at Brad Richards the entire year and said, “I hope he gets the puck”

  46. Graves09 – You bring up some good points about the moves the Devils and Kings made. The Devils was the low-risk, high-reward type that I wanted the Rangers to make. In fact, I was hoping they’d take a stab at Zidlicky simply to help their powerplay. The Kings deal was the high-risk, high-reward move I’m still not sure I’d make. They didn’t trade much for him, but his contract could become a real albatross if his chemistry with Richards breaks down. Anyway, the thing I think you miss is that Sather, by all indications, had full-faith in his ability to land Nash in the deadline. The Wolski and Christensen trades would have never happened had he not thought himself close. The thing he didn’t count on was the irrational Scott Howson, who literally dickered his way out of a deal that would have gotten top-dollar for Nash. I find myself wondering how he didn’t pounce all over Dubinsky, Miller, Erixon and a first-rounder. But word comes now that he wanted even more from the Senators, who were also inquiring. Nash won’t go for nearly that much in the off-season because he has an albatross contract and simply isn’t worth as much when he’s not playing. In short, you can’t rationalize with crazy, and that was Sather’s biggest mistake: Underestimating the depths of Howson’s psychosis.

    On Iginla, if the Flames didn’t trade him at the deadline this year, there’s no reason to think he’ll get moved now. The only way he leaves Calgary is if he asks to leave for a chance at the cup, sort of like Ray Bourque did with the Bruins. Or let me put it another way: Do you think the Rangers are entertaining offers for Callahan? The Flames won’t trade the long-standing identity of their franchise unless he specifically wants out.

  47. again, for the folks who really think Parise is the answer, have a look at Scott Gomez’s career before he joined the NY Rangers

    regardless, as I’ve been saying for weeks, the Rangers will make every effort possible to sign Parise. I just don’t want him here.

  48. For anyone expecting Callahan to score 30 next year, I think that is being optimistic. More realistic is getting guys back on track for 20-25 (AA, Step, Dubi). Callahan is realistically a 20-25 goal scorer. Optimally, having him and Dubi on the third line makes them a more dangerous team with depth. Not having the top level talent forces the Rangers to press them into action in places that are not really best for the team’s success long-term.

  49. The idea that the Rangers shouldn’t sign Parise because other Devils have done poorly here is just stupid. There is no logic behind that thought process at all. Every player is different and Parise has nothing to do with Gomez or any former Devil before him.

    With Parise, I see a player that is going to give you 30+ goals with all the intangibles you look for and paired with Richards and Callahan would give the Rangers a formidable 1st line and another weapon for the PP.

    I could care less about his eventual depreciation or possible cap issues from 2013-14 on as Gaborik will only have 1 year left on his contract and our immediate RFAs (other than McDonagh are not likely to see large contracts, nor are they essential for us to win the cup)

  50. Parise will come here and disappear like everyone else

    I know Father Time doesn’t need our help moving things along, but I wish it was October already

  51. Sioux-per-man on

    If you don’t want Parise as a Ranger, you don’t know much about hockey.

    Parise is a winner at every level, and I wouldn’t put it past him if he wins the Conn Smythe and the Stanley Cup. He is the engine that drives that team. He is a class act as a professional. And he would be the perfect fit for Tort’s team. He already plays “Ranger Hockey”, and to be honest he out played many Ranger players in the playoff series.

    Yes he is a Fighting Sioux college player, and I’ve always been a fan of Zach. He will be one of the ONE player every team would want to sign come July 1st. If he wins the cup, he may sign in MN in his home state. If not he will be a Red Wing or a Ranger if he wants to win the Stanley Cup.

    So why not a Ranger? Just because he is the captain of the Devils this year, that’s no reason to compair him to Gomez. Parise is 10x a better player then Gomez will ever be, or was.

    Great year boneheads. I hope you all have a great summer.

    Carp – I found my golf clubs, new grip on the driver. And put new line in the fishing rods – time to catch some Bass!!!

    LGR – sign Parise!!!

  52. ThisYearsModel on

    There needs to be some change. The Rangers were never bringing in Zidlicky, as Slats got irritated with him over a contract when he was our prospect and let him go for almost nothing. He was better than I thought he would be for NJ. Maybe JT Miller will make the team for the 3rd line. Fedotenko should be gone, as should the useless Mike RuppWe need better depth and physicality on the 3rd and 4th lines. Step needs to find his place and grow.

  53. Sioux,

    I really like Parise, too, but he hasn’t won anything except a WJC and a MacNaughton Cup yet. Let’s wait for him to win a Stanley Cup before we proclaim him a winner.

    On that note, I don’t really like the whole notion of “whoever comes in must be a winner.” I think bringing in someone like Iginla or Doan might be helpful. They haven’t won, so they’d be very hungry to do so seeing as they are nearing the end of their careers.

    I still want to sign Evander Kane to an offer sheet.

  54. Amen, Latona. We need Hunger. If you’re hungry, you eat the Jam!

    Evander Kane would be lovely. So would an offer sheet on Erik Karlsson

  55. ThisYearsModel

    I dont understand your last sentence. That is the one aspect the Rangers have a surplus of. The Rangers need top line players so 2nd/3rd line guys like Dubinsky, Hagelin and Anisimov don’t have to.

  56. I agree that not signing Parise solely because other Devils signings havent worked out is idiotic. But what exactly makes Parise a winner? I really dont understand this talk. Or am I forgetting the 5 Stanley Cups he’s won? Does this logic make Iginla and Alfredsson losers? And lets relax with Parise dominating in the series. He scored a couple of empty netters but was pretty invisible, especially for a star, during the series. Oh and lets not forget how he didnt talk to the media, and was ripped a new one by NBC for his play I believe after Game 3.

  57. Lev – Signing Parise for between Richards and Kovlucheck $$$ is idiotic. We don’t need him for that money unless you can dump Gaborik or Richards salary. So basically you need to trade Gaborik or Richards if you are going to sign Parise. I am not opposed to trading either – but I don’t believe you are going to find a trade partner unless you give them away for prospect or draft pick ( like they were able to do with Gomez – and look what happened to that management team in Montreal!). I believe most teams would rather wait for the FA group which will/may be available next summer in 2013.

  58. Anyone who thinks Parise “dominated” that series doesn’t know much about hockey

    Parise is going to end up getting big time money because of the state of the free agent market this off-season. And for what? Someone earlier said 30+ goals? Sorry, but that’s like throwing money into the river. This roster has plenty of 30+ goal scorers – the league is overflowing with them. To pay $7-$8 million (or more) to a guy who has basically identical point totals to Scott Gomez isn’t going to be enough of an upgrade to warrant the price.

    But the Rangers will absolutely try to sign him.

  59. Yup, Lloyd, and I don’t even question what he may bring to this team. I tend to think he will be a tremendous asset. But not for the price of his contract. But they will go for it.

  60. I just called wfan and spoke with Joe and Evan. I was pushing for iginla over parise. Also mentioned suter.

    Sauer may be done.

  61. Too bad Steven Stamkos isn’t a free agent. I would really like a 50 goal scorer.

  62. Let’s just get Iginla. Guy has scored 40+ more recently than Parise has. Iginla or bust.

  63. Lloyd, Parise is the anti-Gaborik. He never stops moving, hits and takes hits to make plays, goes consistently to the dirty gritty areas on the ice, makes his linemates and teamates around him better. Not the greatest defensively but a threat to score onthe PK. He is Callaghan on steriods. If the Rangers could dump Gaborik on some sucker GM who thinks his team is a 40 goal scorer away from winning a cup ( maybe Detroit would take him considering how he looked with Datsyuk at the All-Star game or Chicago for the same reason playing with Hossa) than make the trade and sign Parise ( if he wants to play for Tortsand the Blueshirts).

  64. Are you guys Nuts or just really, really stupid?

    4 players scored 40+ goals this season. 4. Gaborik was 3rd in the league with 41. Why, on a team where goal scoring is a real need, would we eliminate one of the only 4 players to score 40+ to get anything less? Why?

    You know who scored 29-31? Nash, Parise and Kane, Clarkson, Callahan, Hossa, Ryan, Spezza, etc….the list goes on.

    40+ guys are ELITE scorers. ELITE. You can’t get rid of Gaborik.

  65. Gaboriks stats were great this year, 40G, 76 PPg, +15, and tough to beat. I think he could be moved by the draft if they are so inclined. He only has 2 years left at 7.5 per year. I would checkin with Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Vancouver, St. Louis, Ottowa, Montreal, Toronto. But it must be done by the draft and before FA signing period starts ( and you also need to put a feeler out to Parise back channel – will he consider the Rangers, because I don’t think the deciding factor with him will be money and money alone).

  66. Papa- it makes very little sense, I’m sorry. You just said that there is no way to say Parise is coming on July 1st. So you trade Gaborik before that and now you are looking for TWO goal scorers? What if none is available?

  67. If the Rangers could dump Gaborik on some sucker GM who thinks his team is a 40 goal scorer away from winning a cup


    Aren’t people hoping the Rangers sign Parise to a cap crushing deal because they’re one 40 goal scorer away from a Stanley Cup?

  68. You keep Gaborik for the same reason the above mentioned teams would want him. And add some, if it’s available. Subtracting 40 goals out right doesn’t solve their goal scoring issues, does it?

  69. Manny – you are staring a team today and for the first pick you are allowed 1 of either Gaborik or Parise. Who you picking? I am going with Parise ( who btw has scored 45 goals in a season enforce)

  70. You add scorers to the team you don’t jettison your best scorer to pick up a replacement that doesn’t score as much.

    Of course, Parise is a better all around player than Gaborik, but you pick up Parise to add to Gaborik’s scoring not to replace it.

    Chicago didn’t get rid of Kane or Toews when they picked up Hossa. You have to have more than one scorer on the team.

  71. Paul in sunrise on

    What would it take to trade for Pavel Datsuk? Detroit going for Suter and parise may make him moveable for right group of players. No? Ok maybe not.

  72. Exactly, CCC, that’s the whole point. Look to add to what you were mainly deficient in, not subtract.

    Paul- not a chance Datsyuk is moved….

  73. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    The only reason I would get rid of Gabby is if you think he had a fluke year in that he stayed healthy and played all 82.

    We all know this guy has been brittle in the past. Will he? Won’t he?

  74. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    I have a close friend who has played hockey with some Devil’s past and present and knows the team intimately. Of course, he thought the Rangers beat the Dev’s in 5-6 because of Brodeur playing awful. So, he can be wrong, too.

    However, he said that there is no comparison between Gomez and Parise. Parise is a ‘heart’ player who will go through anyone to do anything of benefit for the team and Gomez was a total slacker. He has said for 2 years this guy is one of the best in the league, while he has been down on the whole Devil team.

    He also said that he believes Parise would come across the river. Remember they have pushed off contract talks with him already.

    Prust saying.

    Despite that, I do worry about committing so much and becoming top heavy with salary.

  75. Ilb – In my book, goal scoring wise, in any season Parise and Gaborik could be a wash. Parise scored 45 as a season high Gaborik hit 42. All around play, Parise beats Gaborik hands down and, is in his prime and 5 years younger. So if you agree that goal scoring wise it close to a wash, why not, especially if you could grap a 20-25 goal forward or PP point man in return for Gabby. Ranger need to build goal scoring from the bottom up. Add to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th line. Make it more balanced through the forwards. look at Stamkos, 60 goals – golfing to start the playoffs. To me goal scoring, I’ll sacrifice the potential of loosing at worst 10 goals from Gaborik for Parise. We can make it up else where.

  76. Papa- because Parise ( or Gaborik for that matter) would be easy to shut down in 7 game series by any team who has a solid first pair. You need two legit offensive threats, not one.

  77. there is no reason why the Rangers can’t have Richards, Gaborik and Parise on the same team. The Dolan’s have unlimited money and the Rangers have ample cap space this offseason.

    The Rangers are 1 star player away from the Cup and I’ll take the possible cap issue 2 years from now if it makes the Rangers the favorite to win the Cup for the next 2 seasons…

  78. It’s not how many a player on the team gets… It’s how many the team scores collectively. Look at the finals boys! Each team, Balanced scoring all four lines, roll a line score a goal. Look at Boston last year balance. That should be our primary goal. Scoring balance. On his best day, Gaborik is a goal scorer – not a superstar. You guys are talking about him like you didn’t watch the playoffs. Short term memory loss – HE SPIT THE BIT.

  79. I love the Gomez/Parise comparisons. Did Gomez have four consecutive 30+ goal seasons? Actually five if you exclude Parise’s short season due to injury.

    31, 32, 45, 38, 31. Typical Gomez numbers…..oh wait….

  80. The Rangers are 1 star player away from the Cup


    I think this type of mentality was prevalent throughout the late 90s/early 00’s.

  81. Papa – Parise scored 45 goals ONCE. Gaborik has done it 3 times with another 38 goal season mixed in there.

  82. Ilb – who was Boston’s legitimate scorers last year? I want BALANCE, grit and effort from line 1 through 4. Less risk. Top nine forwards all capable of putting the puck in the net or making a legitmate play on an odd-man rush. Build me a team of forwards with Good hands, quick feet, strong on the puck, strong on their skates, good vision, fearlessness.

  83. “This roster has plenty of 30+ goal scorers – the league is overflowing with them”

    HUH? this roster has plenty? WHO? Aside from Gaborik? And the league is overflowing with 30+ goal scorers that why they are so hard to come by… you’re right, Lloyd…

  84. The idea that you trade away a 40-goal scorer from a team that for years has been nothing but starved for goals in hopes that it is somehow addition by subtraction is sheer lunacy.

    I dont even understand what is gained by trading him. Cap space? For who? So we dont have to trade Dubinsky? There is plenty of cap space. They added some scoring this year – it wasn’t enough. So add more. There need to be more games where they just come out and score 5 goals and it is an easy night for Lundqvist. Nights where they work hard initially but then it isn’t such an absolute grind requiring 110% effort at all times. Some breathing room like they were unable to create all playoffs. Do you guys realize that during the entier Rangers/Devils series there was oless than two periods, total, where the Rangers had a lead out of the 18 + that were played? They were either tied or trailing the other 16. Even in the Caps series, I’ll bet they were trailing more than they were winning.

    The team’s greatest strength was that they found ways to win. That won’t go away next year. But wouldn’t it be nice to not have to find a way to win every single time?

  85. Papa – that’s 100% unfair. You don’t blame the teams lack of offensive production on their BEST SCORER!

  86. I would probably pick the guy with the “C” on his chest to build a team around. But that isn’t a fair comparison. Gaborik is a scorer, not a leader. This team already has leaders. We need goals and cap-space to maintain the ability to re-sign our young and maturing players.

  87. CTBlueshirt

    not quite. The Rangers were always out of the playoffs. This year the Rangers simply ran out of gas because they didn’t have the offense to win a series in fewer than 7 games.

    Tortorella can spin it whatever way he wants, but the team was a step slower than NJ and could never dominate the game for more than 5 min at a time, like they were able to do in the two previous series. If the Rangers replaced John Mitchell with a player like Parise, we likely win those series in 5-6 games and would be in a much better position going into the Conference Finals.

    By signing Parise the Rangers would have 3 lines full of guys capable of scoring 20+ goals and a 4th line that can ship in as well.

  88. why is everyone so concerned with cap room? Sather said that cap isnt an issuewhen he was going for Nash and his 7.8 hit. I’m pretty sure if we get Parise, his hit will be less than 7.8…

    Why is the cap an issue now?

  89. @CCCP@ I think there were plenty of us against getting Rich Nash(er) for that exact reason.

  90. Peter

    excellent post right there. That’s why signing Parise is such an important move. The Rangers had no margain for error all season and it took its toll on them.

    What the Rangers do have is the character than offensive powerhouses like Vancouver, Philly and Pittsburgh don’t have, but we will always be there.

    The Rangers have more than enough character and its finally time to turn this team into a powerhouse. Yes, some young players will inevitably have to go, but its ok because we are so close to the cup AND have a terrfic farm system to boot…

  91. Btw last four full season for Gaborik 118 goals. Last four full seasons for Parise 146 goals. Who is the sniper???????

  92. BTW last 4 full season for each player Gaborik 118 goals….Parise 146 goals ……which one is the sniper??????

  93. Manny

    If Nash’s 7.8 hit wasnt worrying Sather ( and i know many ppl on here were against such a hit) then why should we freak out about future Ranger Parise who can be given Richards like contract and have a cap hit lower than Nash while bringing all the little things and intangibles? Why panic? I just dont understand…

  94. Last 4 full seasons for each: Gaborik 118 goals…..Parise 146…..who is the sniper again??????

  95. Cap numbers may not have been updated recently on NHL Numbers but it gives us maybe 3-9mill if you scratch
    Dubinsky and Rupp. CapGeek I may be reading wrong – has us as high as 15mill of space going into July.

    The only way Parise happens is if you some how get rid of Dubinsky’s cap hit 100% and remove Rupp for starters. 2mill of Captain Pizza’s cap hit comes off next year, so does 600k or so from Avery, the hit that may or may not have been accounted for for Wolski, Mitchell at $500k, Chard Koralik at $500k and 1.4 for Tank!?

    Then you still have to give Del Zotto some decent money since he is an RFA. Bumping Prust up from $800,000 to 1.0 mill would probably be a decent thing to do.

    It is possible, but I don’t know if it is worth 7.5 or more Mill. Maybe if he took a sweet heart 5-6.5 mill deal it would work.

    If not we have to look at strengthening the 3rd and 4th lines. Mitchel could be replaced easily by someone better for that money. Feds may be worth keeping as a 4th liner, Rupp needs to go for someone who can actually skate etc….

  96. CCCP

    they are under this false assumption that adding another big cap hit will mean we have no more cap room to give raises to our RFAs.

    They also fear what will happen when said player is 35 years old, not as productive yet has a monster cap hit.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Thanks for a great year Hank!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Cap hits and Cap worries are for the GM to figure out . We don’t need to squeeze anyone in or out that’s not our job. We are just fans. That,s it. No ones a GM or an assistant to the Rangers so worrying about who can fit and can’t is just plain overthinking something you have no control over. All we can do as fans is to say , I want him , or him ect.. Lets the management take care of the rest . Talking trades and stuff is cool but when ya start stress’n on the cash side , thats really NOT why we watch hockey.

  98. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Oh my…..
    I cannot believe what I’m reading.

    Gabby sucked in the Devils series, without doubt, he was worse than a sandy sunburnt crosby a day after frequenting a nudey beach.
    BUT! You don’t add goal scoring and create offensive depth by subtracting a 3 time goal scorer, unless it’s to add a 60 (not 50, Manny good morning ;-) goal scorer like Stamkos. The error in logic is far worse than the deficiency you’ll face tryin to score on Craig Anderson. I’m sorry.
    The Lightening didn’t do it with just Lecavalier, or did they?

    Morning, Ilb. I like the way you think, I’m onboard with all your posts.
    PS: checked out that research, very interesting. Sad to think that’s now devastated the Sauer boys.

  99. Chris

    the numbers you are using are outdated due to the fact the salary cap is expected to rise considerably in the offseason (around 72 mil is the expectation right now) Now obviously the CBA expires so the league will be looking to pay the players less, but any cut in the player share is accompanied by a roll back so it will even itself out.

    The Rangers will have more than enough cap space for the 2012-13 season…

  100. I think we should re sign Stralman. With DelZaster, McBeast, Girardi and Staal their defense is pretty good. Sauer is a long shot to play but would be huge if he can come back. Out of Erixon and McIlrath one might be ready for minutes. So that’s a pretty solid D. Suter is interesting but do we need to spend that much a UFA with what we already have? Cory Sarich and Francois Beauchemin are interesting choices and half the cost, roughly, of Suter. Either of those guys would gives the D an older veteran. Some cheaper/interesting/bigger gamble choices to round out the D would be Greg Zanon, Chris Campoli, Francis Bouillon and Milan Jurcina. Really what we need are 6 and 7 d-men who Torts will give more minutes to.

    As for forwards, I think Parise is a nice choice. If we can get Nash for the right price why not. However, if there is any way to pry one of the Ducks top 3 forwards away from them, that would be great. As for forward UFA’s Gaustad, Brodziak, and Boyes are all interesting ideas. Sign Brodziak to a 1-2 year deal. If they can add Nash, Parise or Ryan then sign an additional 20-25 goal scorer with some size and grit, that could really help the team.

    As for Boyle and Prust, they should for sure sign them. Torts may not be a four line guy but if the Rangers can construct a team with four good lines, that will help them a lot with the style of play they are engaged in.

  101. How’s it going Bleeder! (I know Stammer netted 61 this year sorry for downplaying his accomplishments.)

    Tranny Fanny in the House

  102. Last 4 season for each (discounting Parise year off with the knee) Gaborik 118 goals….Parise 146 goals.

  103. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    How about Hemsky from edmonton? He will come pretty cheap for a year. Pretty decent scorer, just dont know if he has the B@ll$ to play torts style. Also is PK Suban from the candiens availble? HE might help the PP, but dont know how affordable he’d be. Semin we know is gifted as hell, but would never survive here. Kris Versteeg maybe? He is kinda like a boyle but with better hands i think.

    Anyway, just some THOUGHTS for you guys to throw around. Anyone of the above you think can help? (with the exception of Semin who we know wont play for torts)

  104. Wouldn’t want Subban, Boo-Ka-Boom; he has a pretty big ego and tends to do childish things which would land him in Chateau Bow-Wow. I like Hemsky, but he’s very injury prone.

  105. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    JUST in the house??

    I thought we really were doing some *VIBIN’* eh?

  106. Manny

    next season the cap is supposed to rise to 72 million, yet the Rangers can resign anyone they want plus add Parise and Schultz and still be around 65 million. Now obviously due to the CBA expiring the cap will get moved down, but not to the point where after rollbacks it will drop to the point where the Rangers will be near the cap.

    2013-14 is where it gets tricky, but the removal of Dubinsky and Anisimov (who the Rangers probably don’t plan to keep anyway) will give the Rangers the cap space back which they will need for McDonagh, Stepan and others.

    2014-15 is where Gaborik comes off the books and you hope by then the Rangers have either won the cup and/or developed his replacement internally as Kreider would be going into his final entry level deal…

  107. Hemsky has scored between 7 and 14 goals for the las three or four seasons. The Rangers have more than enough guys who score 15 or less goals. They’re pretty full in that department right now.

  108. Sory guys for the same message multiple times….Computer glitch! I hope this gets through.

  109. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Lol…sorry guys, couldnt resist throwing those names out there…Probably right about subban and his temperment….Hemsky does have injury problems which is why he may come cheap for one year. He last 4 years werent to bad based on a point per game basis:
    72gp 23-43-66
    22 gp 7-15-22
    47gp 14-28-42
    69gp 10-26-36

    ok maybe i should have left the last year out Lol!

  110. Like Oleo said, I can’t figure out why people think we’re some cap strapped team. Is it because we always have been so now we must still be? Lots of money to spend if we want to spend it.

    Also, Zzzz, I don’t get the “less knowledge is better” approach. Fans saying I want him and him and him with no consideration for the cap, when you can easily look it up, is simply rejecting knowledge. Ignoring the cap is no better than ignoring the other team’s needs in fake trade discussions and makes for a far less interesting discussion.

  111. YES ORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you guys noticed around the deadline that I am obsessed with Garrison. That dude has a BOMB from the point and he’s CHEAP

  112. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Oh, didn’t know that ORR, thanks for the update…damn, i think hemsky coulda been a contenda!…. :-)

    Its gotta be Doan or Iginla…the true fans and if the franchise had any class would want those guys to go out on top

  113. I just want a team that doesn’t struggle to score goals!!! Please!!! A team that can pass a puck effectively and spends more time in the opponent end zone!!!

  114. 11th in goals per game in the regular season, middle of the pack in the playoffs. I’d love to score 4 per game, but we’re not really that bad.

  115. agreed, Mr. D, but it takes a lot more work for the Rangers to score goals than their opponents. that’s the lack of skill (and PP).

  116. I’m with Manny, I had Garrison in fantasy and dude has a fantastic bomb from the point. He’s a top 4 defenseman with Florida, and could round out our top 6 nicely, especially being that he can be the top of our ridiculous no-movement, too many guys on top of the circles power play. He could be a guy that backs the defense off b/c of the blast. If we really aren’t strapped for cap room, then go for Parise, I like him, and think he’s a great NHL player and would fit Torts’ system.

    I still think we need solid goal scoring from our 3rd liners. And I think Boyle, Prust, and Fedotenko would be more effective as a 4th line. I would think we need a legit 2nd line Center to go with Kreider/Callahan. A 20-25 goal 50-60 point guy. That way Stepan could move to the 3rd line center job, play with Dubinsky, and maybe AA if we keep him.

    Or, here’s a ridiculous out of left field theory. We have very deep defense. Especially with Erixon, McIlrath, if we re-sign Stralman, and maybe pick up Garrison or someone like that. Maybe move Del Zaster to forward. He lacks size to play in front of the net anyway, and he’s better on the rush than most of our 3rd and 4th line forwards. Just a thought.

  117. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Hey Carp…any ideas of when the live chat might be this week? Wanna make sure i can mark my calander to blow off work.

  118. Heck yea, Graves09. Heck yea. Garrison on the PP. NOW.

    It’s true that we need more from our bottom 6. That’s why we should grab guys like Paul Gaustad and Zenon Konopka for down there.

  119. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Garrison and Gaustad would be great additions. Just seems to easy for sather to pull off, which makes me skeptical. Throw in a dash of doan or iginla and v-wala..your 2012-13 champion ny rangers.

  120. Carp

    forgive me if you already answered this question but i am just trying to clarify something here…

    offer sheets? any chance?


  121. Boo-K, it won’t be tomorrow. I have a big, big meeting :) … which should have taken place months ago :) …

    Prob. Thursday or Friday.

  122. I don’t really have an answer on offer sheets or whether they’re likely, cccp.

    just as I don’t know if I should expect to see a flock of flying pigs this afternoon.

  123. Can’t look at the cap as yearly issue, it’s a multi year analysis or spend plan. Sather and team have to look 2-3 years out and evaluate their long term $ obligations, and contrast that with potential UFA’s now, as well as those who will become available in the 2nd and 3rd year out. Didn’t go for Kovulchuk instead and waited for Richards….May pass on Parise and wait for Jordan Staal. The best case is to create a business cycle where each year enough money comes of the books so you can have the flexibility to go after a big money UFA if it fits.

  124. Manny, I like Zonopka. Was good on D Zone face-offs in 1st Round. Tough grinder. Good 4th line up-grade

  125. Amen, Papa. Nice to vibe with you for the first time. Virgin Vibe Alert! (maybe this is getting out of control?)

    Konopka would be a huge upgrade over a lot of our 3rd 4th line guys and man can he win a faceoff and man can he FIGHT and take some of that load off of Prust’s shoulders (remember how Rupp was going to do that?)

  126. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Ok, thanks Carp..I’ll mark the calendars to blow off both days :-)

    Could you imagine manny:

    Gabby – richards – Hagelin
    Kreider – doan – cally
    Feds – Gaustad – Anisimov/step
    Rupp – boyle – prust

    DelZ- erixon/bickell/eminger/sauer/whoever

  127. CCCP: We’re as well set up to offer sheet a player as we’ve been in forever. Picks should be in the 20s and we’re pretty stacked in terms of roster and near ready prospects. Evander Kane would be awesome.

  128. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Zonopka and prust on the same team,..that would be lethal..it’d be like having nilan and poescheck or domi and kocur again, only with a little more offensive skill

  129. That is awesome Boo-KA-Boom: Here is my tweak

    Gabby – Richards – Hagelin
    Kreider – Doan – Capt. Callyhand
    Kane – Gaustad – Stepan
    Boyle – Konopka – Prust

    DelZ- Erixon

  130. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    WoW! Manny… I feel like I just walked into a lingerie shop and saw jessica alba and kate beckinsale in the dressing room together!

    sigh…to dream,..the impossible dream….

  131. You’re right, Carp. Edited. You like?

    Gabby – Richards – Kreider
    Hagelin– Doan – Capt. Callyhand
    Kane – Gaustad – Stepan
    Boyle – Konopka – Prust

    DelZ- Erixon

  132. I forget where I read it, maybe here, but I agree with liking these lines more when the 1st liners aren’t all together. Separate Gabby and Richards and let them elevate some players.

  133. Manny – we’ll always share the most important vibe because we both bleed the bluest blue…. We want a cup!!! How we get here, well, many men before us who possess a lot more expertise than we have have had a difficult time compromising on the hard choices of how it is best to get there!!

  134. He’s only a first line player towards the end of this season. I think you can flip flop him with Kreider on the first line, but considering we want some balanced scoring, depending on who rounds out our top 6 forwards, Hags I think should stay 1st line. Unless we get an Iginla/Parise to take that RW spot on the top line, and can effectively move Hagelin to the 3rd line.

  135. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    Oh, guys, you are dreamers…..please leave Doan out of this. He is not going anywhere. The likliehood of Parise moving is less than 50%. Let’s be real. Konopka, I could see.

  136. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    I like the way everyone is writing in that Gabby-Hags-Richie will be together next year. I am not so sure of that.

  137. Matty, if you’re giving even-odds on Parise signing anywhere but NJ, I’m in.

  138. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Hags i think can be a top six just cause of his speed alone. He’ll always be the fastest guy on whatever line he is on and can chase that puck like a hound dog.

    Mila Kunis works too!

  139. Anyone know a little more about Fasth?

    Not sure kreider or hags are first liners during an extended, that is regular, season.

  140. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Doan is coming here!!…he just bought into the anthonys coal fire pizza franchise and most of them are in this area.

    Carp, are you going to let us know who you think is staying and going?

  141. Gaustad + Konopka = not enough goals or scoring .. One or the other.. I prefer Konopka.

  142. I agree, Konopka over Gaustad, Konopka could be the Mike Rupp we thought we had the beginning of the year.

  143. Lloyd Braun on

    This is purely a points comparison between Gomez and Parise, both of whom have/had 6 years on the Devils.

    Scott Gomez:

    99-00: 70 points
    00-01: 63 points
    01-02: 48 points
    02-03: 55 points
    03-04: 70 points
    05-06: 84 points
    06-07: 60 points

    Total: 450 points

    Zach Parise

    05-06: 32 points
    06-07: 62 points
    07-08: 65 points
    08-09: 94 points
    09-10: 82 points
    10-11: 6 points
    11-12: 69 points

    Total: 410

    Granted, Parise only played 13 games in 2010-11, so add in another 55-60 points if you wish. Gomez obviously wasn’t a goal scorer; his high as a Devil was 33 in 05-06 vs. 45 for Parise in 08-09. Gomez’s high in assists was 56 in 03-04, and Parise’s highest assist total was 49 in 08-09. If you throw out Parise’s injury-shortened season entirely, he averages about 67 points per season. Gomez, when the Rangers overpaid him, averaged roughly 64.

  144. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Take care gentlemen and ladies! I gotta go confirm my little cousin! Keep the faith..its always fun talking about pending moves and roster changes. Lets just hope we are not talking about the CBA and how far apart the two side are….till next time may you all skate, deke, shoot and hit the post ;-)

  145. I heard Torts told Rupp during the season ending interview to try power skating lessons over the summer. He also gave him the name of a good real estate broker in the Hartford area.

  146. Parise had like 75 more goals than Gomez without taking into account his lost season.

  147. Lloyd Braun on

    Power play comparison (again, skewed somewhat by Parise’s 13-game season)


    28 goals, 114 assists, 142 points


    51 goals, 76 assists, 127 points

  148. SWEET! Fasth signed. Had a bad leg injury this year, but has been playing in the SEL for the past two seasons. From what I have read, he is Hagelin with better hands and shot. I think he is going to need time to adjust to NA rinks, but at worst he is a very good trade asset.

  149. Lloyd Braun on

    Mister D:

    Parise actually had 53 more goals than Gomez (3 of which came in his injury shortened season). Added to which Scott Gomez was never considered a goal scorer.

  150. “Parise actually had 53 more goals than Gomez (3 of which came in his injury shortened season).”

    Its 194 to Gomez’s 116 in NJ. 78 goals more in a half season’s worth of games less.

    “Added to which Scott Gomez was never considered a goal scorer.”

    Which is why this is a pointless comp beyond “they both started with NJ”?

  151. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! May 29th, 2012 at 2:47 pm
    AdamRotter NEWS: Rangers Sign Jesper Fasth snyrangersblog.com/2012/05/29/new…

    Presidents Cup, here we come!

    I think Jesper will be having the last laugh! From what I have read in terms of scouting and the videos I have seen, the kid can fly and he is a finisher. soft hands. I think he will end up being one of those late round picks that is a steal….

    Chris F. May 29th, 2012 at 3:01 pm
    Anyone know a little more about Fasth?

    Not sure kreider or hags are first liners during an extended, that is regular, season

    I agree about Hags, unless he starts to finish more. But, in all likelihood not a first line player. But KREIDER… REALLY??? What kid were you watching in the playoffs? The speed, the shot, the acuaracy, the size, the physical play and body checks! There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Chris Kreider is a first line talent. NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER!


  152. The doctor has a great point. Why compare a guy that is known for scoring with a guy that isn’t known for scoring. Why not just compare Parise with other similar players that happen to be on other teams?

  153. Lloyd Braun on

    the point is you’re going to pay a smallish 35-goal scorer probably in upwards of $8 million per year. I don’t think he’s the answer. sorry.

  154. NYR, buddy, it’s time to let the dream go. The little guy is off to another league. I am sorry.

  155. Not bad. They turned 1st round bust Sangiunetti into Fast and Erixon, 2 top Swedish prospects!! Slats is on a hot streak!!

  156. Lloyd Braun on

    the comparison is because their point totals are roughly the same despite the fact that one guy is considered a goal scorer and the other isn’t…this also includes comments from the summer before Gomez played his first full season that he was grossly overpaidand.

    also, I want nothing to do with smallish former Devils. consider that superstitious if you wish, but history suggests that these guys don’t cut the mustard when they come across the river.

  157. czechthemout!!!! on


    I am with you. No to Parise. That ship sailed in 2003 with huge bustaman.

    Chris F

    I saw him play at WJC. Very fast and skillful player. But he needs to get more weight on him.

    AA,Mdz,and Erixon+ first round pick, for Taylor Hall and Paajarvi- Svenson.

    Sign Justin Shultz and Ryan Suter.

  158. One is considered a goal scorer while the other wasn’t because one is a goal scorer while the other wasn’t.

  159. “also, I want nothing to do with smallish former Devils. consider that superstitious if you wish, but history suggests that these guys don’t cut the mustard when they come across the river.”

    Then we absolutely must pursue Linus Omark this offseason. You know how signing Edmonton LWs to offer sheets has worked out before, right?

  160. Hahahaha. Semin. I can’t wait to see what team (Montreal) is dumb enough to sign him. They have the cap space, right?

  161. 35 goals is T-11th best last year. Would have been 8th the year before if someone had hit 35 exactly. Its a pretty awesome present day number.

  162. Fasth has officially dropped the “h” in his name. It is now just “Fast.” It was already pronounced that way, but I guess he wanted the “h” dropped to remove any confusion. Might be the most aptly named player in a long time.

    Imagine this team on the forecheck with Kreider, Hagelin, and Fast on different lines. To his credit, Fast is a solid defensive player and is gritty on the boards. Needs a little weight. So, basically like I wrote earlier. Hagelin with better hands and shot.

  163. KatieStrangESPN #NJD Parise didn’t watch Game 7 of SC finals last year. Was on a fishing trip in Ontario. Had choice to keep fishing or watch. Chose to fish

    Oh my GOD! How classless! He doesn’t talk to the media one time, and he chooses to fish instead of watching a game that has nothing to do with him! Classless! Horrible!

  164. Holy crap, ORR. Could you imagine? Radulov, Kostistsyn and Semin. What a disaster.

  165. Oh speaking of the Predators, isn’t TooToo a free agent? Didn’t we have some interest in him at the deadline?

  166. Hagelin is not a first line player, Carp. Well i guess he is on the NYR. But he shouldnt be.

  167. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m all for bringing in new faces, but one new face and a bunch of lackluster additions isn’t going to cut it. If you’re going to get 60+ points out of Callahan, Stepan, Kreider and Dubinsky next season, then by all means, sign one big name and sit back and wait for the Cup.

  168. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    So, Fast weighs 176 lbs. I realize he is young and could grow in height (even) and weight. This is more like what the Rangers draft. Kreider was an anomoly that happened to grow a lot, too. This kid better be really fast to outweigh his lack of size.

  169. Matty"AwesomeYear!!"Boy on

    Lloyd, I hear you. I am fearful of bringing in another small-ish forward that can get banged around everywhere in Parise. Richards had a rough time late in the playoffs. I wonder if that was because he’s a small sized guy, too?

  170. The point about bring up Gomez(and Holik for that matter) is that it shows players who took the big payday and basically left teams where they played integral roles. No, of course there’s no comparing Gomez to Parise in terms of play; Parise is the better player hands down. No question about that. But there’s something to be said for a player who will bolt his team for the big payday and to the top rival, when he could easily get that money just about anywhere else in the country.

  171. Lloyd Braun on

    It’s funny how many people have leaped off the Dubinsky bandwagon now that the season is over and the guy never delivered. I was having knock-down-drag-out arguments with folks here up until a couple of months ago about how Dubinsky is a 50+ forward because he scored 54 points two years ago. Now we’ve got people saying 60+ is out of reach. And the latter are certainly right; his 54 points were a total aberration.

    My point is that if you sign one supposed high scoring forward, the team isn’t going to dramatically improve unless a chunk of the current lineup all amp up their games considerably. Stepan may be capable of cracking 50+ with some consistency but I’m not sure. Kreider looks great but as I’ve said about 400 times, he’s never played a regular season game. I love Ryan Callahan but is he going to increase his output by 10 or more points at this stage of his career? And I don’t think anyone really believes Carl Hagelin is a top line forward regardless of where he played this season. Anisimov is a dog. I think Brian Boyle’s career trajectory will play out somewhere between what he did this year and last year.

    I just think you need to add more than one piece. And above all, to bet the farm on Parise seems like a colossal error in judgment.

  172. Leaped off the Dubinsky band wagon…are you kidding I’ve been saying for 2 years get rid of him while we can get something for him. If we do trade him we are not gonna get much now.He’s flat out not that good.

  173. Hacker McGoo on

    Anyone who can afford to drive Titleists into the woods is seriously overpaid.

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