Official announcement of Jesper Fast signing (yes, no longer Fasth)


From the NYR:      

New York, May 29, 2012 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with forward Jesper Fast.

Fast, 20, skated in 21 games with HV71 of the Swedish Elite League (SEL) this season, registering five goals and 11 assists for 16 points, along with four penalty minutes and a plus-nine rating.  He established a career-high in assists and plus-minus rating, and tied his career-high in points despite missing three months with a fractured ankle suffered on November 29 vs. Brynas IF.  Fast posted three multi-point performances during the season, including a career-high four assists and five points on October 4 at AIK.  He registered 10 points in six games from October 4 at AIK to October 20 at Frolunda, tallying one goal and nine assists over the span.  Fast also recorded two goals and one assist in five playoff games with HV71.

In 2010-11, Fast tallied seven goals and nine assists for 16 points, along with six penalty minutes and a plus-six rating in 36 games with HV71 (SEL).  He established career-highs in games played, goals, points, penalty minutes, and power play goals (two).  In addition, Fast made his SEL playoff debut, skating in three postseason contests with HV71.  Prior to joining HV71, Fast skated in six games with HV71 Jr. (Swe-Jr.), registering three goals and seven assists for 10 points, along with four penalty minutes and a plus-eight rating.

The 6-0, 180-pounder made his SEL debut in 2009-10, skating in two games with HV71.  Earlier that season, Fast established Swedish SuperElit League (Swe-Jr.) career-highs in goals (23), assists (26) and points (49) in 37 games with HV71 Jr.  He tied for the team lead in goals, second in points and third in assists.  Fast also recorded two assists in three playoff contests with HV71 Jr.

Internationally, Fast has represented Sweden in several tournaments, including at the 2011 IIHF U-20 World Junior Championship.  He tied for the team lead with four goals, and added two assists for six points in six tournament contests.  The Nassjo, Sweden native also registered one goal and one assist in four games with Sweden at the 2010 U-20 USA National Junior Evaluation Camp at Lake Placid.

Fast was selected by the Rangers as a sixth round choice, 157th overall, in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Anisimov42 Sorry I didn’t twit for a long time. I’m back.:)))) So hot now on streets,hello Summer.

    Anisimov is happy that it is Summer. *Trade Anisimov*

  2. Yev,

    I didn’t mean Kreider would ever be first line, I’m prust saying he’s still unproven and a lot of guys spark fast and then regress. Hopefully he’ll be exactly what we saw, but he’s not a lock yet.

  3. Lloyd Braun on

    It’s funny how many people have leaped off the Dubinsky bandwagon now that the season is over and the guy never delivered. I was having knock-down-drag-out arguments with folks here up until a couple of months ago about how Dubinsky is a 50+ forward because he scored 54 points two years ago. Now we’ve got people saying 60+ is out of reach. And the latter are certainly right; his 54 points were a total aberration.

    My point is that if you sign one supposed high scoring forward, the team isn’t going to dramatically improve unless a chunk of the current lineup all amp up their games considerably. Stepan may be capable of cracking 50+ with some consistency but I’m not sure. Kreider looks great but as I’ve said about 400 times, he’s never played a regular season game. I love Ryan Callahan but is he going to increase his output by 10 or more points at this stage of his career? And I don’t think anyone really believes Carl Hagelin is a top line forward regardless of where he played this season. Anisimov is a dog. I think Brian Boyle’s career trajectory will play out somewhere between what he did this year and last year.

    I just think you need to add more than one big piece. And above all, to bet the farm on Parise seems like a colossal error in judgment.

  4. Carp, how about : which of the following players should the Rangers make their #1 priority (if available)


  5. Yes! Love the love for Garrison. Can’t wait until he’s on the third pairing and on the point for the PP.

  6. Carp: The Poll should be, “Now that the dust has settled do you think this season was: a.) a Success; b.) failure; c.) important stepping stone…..blah blah blah”

    something like that?

  7. Lloyd,

    Damn skippy. Too much average talent. May have heart, but they got no hands.

  8. Lloyd, yes that is him. You can add Garrison to the list! Kane, id love him here just dont see it as being even remotely possible.

  9. Dear -Evander- Mr. Kane:

    We would really like it if you joined our team. We can’t guarantee you top line minutes but your abilities, size and jam would be really well utilized. Please consider joining us.


    The New York Rangers

    P.S. Please check “yes” or “no” to indicate your level of interest and use the blank line to express your salary requirements.

  10. Lloyd Braun on

    is there any way Weber doesn’t re-sign with Nashville. I’d trade any non-goaltender and non-Kreider on the Rangers roster to get him.

  11. Lloyd Braun on

    Chris F.

    Yes, but I think some poor roster moves have forced many on this team to play in situations they don’t belong. Add a few legit top 6 forwards and you can then build seriously productive lower lines. That’ll take the pressure off guys who have been forced to play out of their depths.

  12. Lloyd Braun on

    That also means jettisoning the Rupps, Mitchells and Fedotenkos of the world who really can’t factor into the long term planning of a Stanley Cup contender.

  13. evander kane would be great on the rangers. skates well, forechecks well, and is tough……

  14. czechthemout!!!! on

    I am ok with taking a shot on Garrison. He has a cannon of a shot but is a very slow skater who is a liability because of it. He is also not very physical. But he would definitely improve the power play.

    I watched Shultz play when he played with MCD two years ago. He was outstanding than. I only saw two games this year and he looked even better. This kid is an offensive dynamo who will be our pp qb if we are lucky enough to sign him.

    Don’t forget that this guy is ranked 20 in hockey news future stars. Kreider, most of us agree is a terrific player was ranked at 27 I think.

  15. czechthemout!!!! on


    I take exception at your constant put downs of Mike Rupp! He is great in the locker room and thus can be a sounding board for players like Kreider,Hags,and yes even Fast after today. I mean he can explain to them how to score, back check,pass and skate. All the the things that have made him such a valuable member of the Rangers.:)

  16. Lloyd Braun on

    the thing is, you can basically guarantee he’ll be back next year. logically, a buy-out would seem automatic, but because of the reasons you stated, he’ll be back doing nothing but get the guys excited in the locker room.

  17. Lloyd- if Suter signs elsewhere, Nashville is unlikely to let Weber walk. He just finished his $7.5M arbitration year and is a RFA.

  18. Lloyd: If I was the target of your very long post, you missed the sarcastic wording in my Dubinsky comment.

  19. Again, Suter isn’t what we need at around $6M. He plays L and we have McD, Staal and MDZ on that side.

  20. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    just heard bettman on FAN.. he reminds me of beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show..
    yeses everything..

  21. czechthemout!!!! on

    It’s funny, that the same people who day Dubi is overpaid ( he is based on this season but not based on his contract year) are the same people who have said nothing about a guy who did not win a fight, did not score a goal in over 4 + months and has taken dumb penalties over and over again. So who is more overpaid? Usless Mike Rupp or Dubi who had a down year due to who knows what. Dubi is ten times the player Rupp is even with a high ankle sprain.

  22. Lloyd Braun on


    seriously, for a sec, I thought you were talking about Dubinsky again.

  23. we should give semin a shot. cant be that expensive. 1 year deal to show what hesgot. thats if all other options fail

  24. Comparing Rupp to Dubinsky is just the same as comparing Gaborik to Parise or Kovalchuk. Completely different players. It’s good that the logic for the people that are making these comparisons is consistent though.

  25. What about saying Garrison would be a bad signing because the last time we got a PP QB defenseman from Florida he wasn’t very good?

  26. Chris F. May 29th, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    I didn’t mean Kreider would ever be first line, I’m prust saying he’s still unproven and a lot of guys spark fast and then regress. Hopefully he’ll be exactly what we saw, but he’s not a lock yet.

    Chris, I’ve been watching the Rangers since 1968-69. I don’t think there has ever been a player on their team (Rookie) who I think is more of a lock to end up on the first line than Chris Kreider.

    I would be interested to hear what the boneheads think?

    It is a limited sample, I know, but from what you saw of his skill set (having never played a regular season game and being thrust into a high pressure situation); do you think Chris Kreider is a FIRST LINE TALENT?

  27. Lloyd Braun on

    I really hope he is but frankly, apart from being excited about him, I didn’t see enough to be able to reach a conclusion one way or the other. What I do know is that he’s really fast and has a pretty tricky shot.

  28. question: is Rupp one of those over-age guys who can’t be wiped off the books no matter what, unless they trade him?

    and, is this Garrison guy — he does have a cannon — is he a UFA (sorry, I don’t have time to check)?

  29. Yev, I’m guessing, based on his college career, he’s going to be an excellent second-liner … but if you’re asking me who plays on the top line from Hagelin, Anisimov or others, I’m putting Kreider there.

  30. No, Carp, Rupp signed his contract when he was 31. You’re talking over-35 during the season of signing.

    Garrrison is a UFA….

  31. Semin? They can rehire Edzo to open and close the gate to the bench. He’ll come cheaper. He also has more experience- did it in ’94 most of the year.

  32. ilb – solution to the overcrowded left D situation if Suter signs on with us. Let Biron walk… Brad Richards can be moved to play back-up goaltender (we all saw his potential there on the last play of our season as he valiantly on his knees sacrificed his body to stop a puck moving with the speed of a turtle heading to water) and Staal can be moved from LD to 1st Line Center so he can be as good as his brothers Brent & Duane… Whadda think???

  33. Garrison is the type of UFA Rangers fans pine for, cheer when he gets a gigantic contract and then promptly realize that he’s not what they expected. The last time the guy had even close to the number of goals he had last season(16) was when he was in the BCHL. And he’s a lefty. Stay away. Stay far away.

  34. Papa- that sounds like something John Muckler would do during his glory days in NY…Does anyone remember Brian Leetch playing the wing and shadowing Bure? Brilliant! I don’t remember myself ever using that many Russian obscenities as I have during that “plan”

  35. Carp- I promise I’ll start watching hockey tomorrow. And, admittedly, that will be the first Final in years when I actually will be cheering hard for someone to win. Since 2003. Let’s Go Kings!

  36. Paul in sunrise on

    Fast name change has agent decision and hopeful eventual skate deal written all over it.

  37. Rangers gotta have the best nicknames for coaches..Emile the Cat, Freddie the Fog, Mucky the Muck, Low Rider….. am I missing any???

  38. Hagelin and Stepan are 3rd liners at this point in their careers. They both have potential to be more than that.

    Stepan is a special case. Because, when Richie was in Torts’ dog pound, Stepan was essentially your #1 center. And, the Rangers were at the top of the League when that happened. And, he did a fine job.

    Kreider is the #1 LW. Gaby is the #1 RW.

    Richards is the #1 problem. He is clutch….but what about the rest (80%) of the time?

  39. Said veteran MIke Rupp: (talking about the possibility of a work stoppage)

    “We’ve obviously had some meetings with the PA, but I don’t think we’re really thinking about that in this room. You prepare and you go about it, take the same amount of time you normally take off, then you go about it as the summer progresses. We’ll start meeting with the union and start talking about where things are at.”

    Is this guy for real….someone forgot to inform himlast September when he showed up at camp: him….”Rupper…work this year. work stoppage next year”.

  40. “Richards is the #1 problem. He is clutch….but what about the rest (80%) of the time?”

    the rest of the time he drinks appletinis!

  41. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I am a little surprised to see how many people that are wanting a d man (thought we had a pretty good crop growing) in the offseason or those interested in Doan (who I like as a player but doesn’t provide the 2 things I think we really need in a forward) on here.

  42. Carp I’m with Lev for the poll.

    Because I’m in the mood for scorn and ridicule I’m going to throw this out there….is Gabby that much better than Semin? Can it be argued that they are more or less same player? Please back up either side of the argument with facts.

  43. By the way that semin question was not specifically directed at carp but for anyone who has an opinion on it.

  44. JimboWoodside on

    Wicky, I think people are coveting a D-man with a booming shot from the point who can direct the PP – which none of our current crop has shown an ability to do.

  45. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I also agree with lev on the poll

    I guess that makes a bit of sense, but vtank has a booming shot and I think mcilrath does as well. I would certainly be in on WWEber, but I think suter is not worth what he is going to make considering our current d men (like ILB says).

  46. I would assume that Semin would be a disaster in NY with Torts….this is a team with high character….Semin has questionable character….

    Can’t deny his talent….Probably the best wrist shot in the League….

  47. Listening to torts’ comments carefully I wouldnt be shocked if we made a play for Semin

  48. bull dog line on

    I saw in the previous thread that the Rangers signed Doan, and moved him to center. makes sense to me.

  49. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    yes, i saw that but thanks. I was more trying to point out that we had a guy (clearly not good enough to make the roster with a booming shot), I think that may be a bit lower on the priority scale of the team than some of us think.

  50. Wick – no doubt…I think McIlrath has a very good chance at making it next season…along with Erixon….both have good shots….

  51. Matty, whats frustrating about Gabby (besides basically everything) is he doesn’t seam to blend well with different types of players. My son and I argue all the time about his speed. If he has such blazing speed, where are all his breakaway oppurtunies? Semin gets his shot off and can score from more places than Gabby can. Neither handle the puck well in traffic. Gabby lacks the moves to beat a defenseman, Semin can deke any defenseman. Gabby plays better D in the offensive and neutral zones. They both suck wind in the D-zone, altough Semin sucks more. Semin may be better on the Power Play. All in all, … I’ll stick with Gabby.

  52. Latona, yes! I couldn’t believe it.

    HNL is on MSG+ plus now….it’s towards the end of the show when they talk about potential options for the Rangers…

  53. Garrison is *not* Caber. He’s a much better player. He’s also UNDRAFTED which would give us two of those.

  54. Manny – Girardi was probably the undrafted Ranger ever but can you name the best undrafted NHL player ever?

  55. Semin over Gaborik? I thought it would be at least until after July 1 that we became this delirious!

  56. Papa I assume you meant me, not Matty. Though reading Matty’s posts we do have many of the same views on things!

    Good comparison on gabby vs Semin. I think most would say they’d rather have gabby but my point which I think your analysis supports is that they’re not that far off from each other.

  57. how about Ovechkin? i heard he is not happy in Washington…

    Gaborik, Kreider, Staawllh and first rouder for Ovi?

  58. Maybe the Ovi of 5-6 years ago. Not the one of the last two. Gaborik of now is better than the Ovi of now.

  59. Stranger Nation on

    “He has a cannon of a shot but is a very slow skater who is a liability because of it. He is also not very physical. But he would definitely improve the power play.”


  60. 679 points in 553 games and you wouldn’t take Ovechkin?! Please…

    all he needs is Torts… Torts will turn Ovechkin into a real man.

  61. The Ovi of now is a coach killing ego-maniac. On pure talent, you take him over Gabby any day of the week. However, he isn’t the same player he was a few years ago. If you asked this same question 3 years ago before his decline, I would have been in total agreement with you. Now, not at all. I don’t think the Rangers locker room would tolerate him. He isn’t the same guy and I don’t think his ego would allow Torts to do anything but annoy him.

  62. oh-VEHCH-kihn had 13 goals and 39 points in his last 20 games of the season. Then he went on to have 5 goals (3 against the Rangers, two of which ended up being GWG i believe) and 9 points in 14 playoff games. So yeah… as a player, being only 26 years old he’s finished. We rather keep our ballerina Mariana Gaborik.

  63. Not saying he is finished at all. Before, he was a complete monster player. Now, he is turning into the “enigmatic Russian” that was coined with Kovalev.

    He is still one of the top three players in talent and potential. However, before, his motor was always on. Now, he turns it on when he feels like it. He is not the same player. This is not based on Ovi being washed up or anything else. This is based on his ego and mental attitude. Can that change? Sure. When he came into the league, he was the wild and fun-loving player. You don’t see that guy any more.

    If you could say that, if such a trade could be made, that the Rangers were getting the former Ovi, as opposed to the latter, I would personally drive him to NY. However, it MAY be more likely that you get a guy who has become a 35 goal scorer and possible locker room cancer. Gabby, to his credit, is a team guy who is going to put up the same numbers as Ovi, assuming his recent career trend continues.

    Do you really see Ovi coming under Callahan’s captaincy?

  64. make that 32 points sorry… but you get what im sayin’…

    kid went trough a lot the past few seasons. being top team every year and have no success in postseason puts a lot of bad thoughts in your head since everyone is pointing fingers at you for failures… Some injuries and new coach… all he needs is Torts.

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Kreider had 5 goals on 29 shots in POs – that is amazing – 17% shooting percentage – kid has game – he is in the top six the next 8 years – BAM!

  66. Czechthemout!!! on


    On this blog, every 26-28 year old is either finished or ” will never hit those numbers again” or is on the down side of their careers. Only John Mitchell and Mike Rupp are on an upward trajectory here. But Gaborik at 30 soon to be 31 is untradable!


    Ovechkin is 26 years old! He is in his prime still. His team has undergone a lot of turmoil the last two seasons. I don’t think we have a shot at him. But if by some chance we do, you have to make that deal. Assuming of course, you don’t trade so many pieces that only Hank, McD, and Oviedo are the only ones left.

  67. Okay, if you watched any of the Rangers’ seven games against Washington fairly recently, 10-foot-pole Semin made Gaborik look like Dustin Brown.

    Trots and Torts, Slats. Capt. Video Neilson. Iron Mike. Ron Low’s actual nickname was Low Tide. Tom “Inner Ear” Webster.

  68. Best line left in the playoffs Lw Mitt Romney. C Donald Trump. Rw Newt Gingrich….. Omg

  69. It’d be great to think Ovechkin could come to the Rangers, play brilliant defense and score 60 goals. He’d turn into John Tortorella’s third favorite player (behind Rupp and Prust, naturally) and win both the Selke and Hart Trophies.

    But there’s no way in hell Ovechkin would ever work on a Tortorella coached team.

  70. All I am saying is that I have doubts that he is the same player MENTALLY as he was before. He still has all the skills of a 60 goal scorer. He is not even close to physically washed up. I don’t seem him making the sacrifices that have become the identity of this team on a regular basis. On pure talent, you pick him over Gabby every single time. Unlike Gabby, he is a truly elite player. However, that player hasn’t been seen for 2 seasons. These attitude type things tend to get worse over time, not better. It is not so much that I am picking Gabby over Alex as much as that I am am uncertain of the player that you would get. It could end up being similar to when the Rangers got a “washed up” Jagr, or it could turn into the Rangers getting the greatest whipping boy we will ever see if he isn’t putting up at least 40 a year.

    Besides, Washington would never trade him to NY while he is this young. They would wait until he is at least 34 or35 to do that.

  71. This is going to be a great and interesting offseason, which is great because the Yankees suk, the Yankees Lohud blog is awful and I have no clue what any of you are talking about or suggesting. Is Trottier coming put of retirement for our PP? Is there Semin in his Ovies?

  72. Dan:

    Or not until Ovechkin has blown out both knees a few times.

    Whichever comes first

  73. Hedberg – best D pairing left in playoffs: RD – Michele Bachman LD – Nancy Pelos (OMFG)!

  74. Is Twitter good for anything other than your friends tweeting their unsolicited, unwanted and uninformed opinions about EVERYTHING?

  75. Could you imagine how many games Ovechkin would get suspended each year if he was a Ranger?

  76. Papa: I did not know that. I don’t know much of anything. I did google it and found this in an article about undrafted hockey players:

    “Also not included is Wayne Gretzky, who was one of the Edmonton Oilers priority selections when they entered the NHL in 1979 and thus was never eligible to be drafted by an NHL team. Under existing rules he would have been removed from the Oilers and placed into the NHL Entry Draft since no team held his NHL rights, but the Oilers were allowed to keep Gretzky as one of their priority selections and were forced to choose last in each round of the 1979 NHL Entry Draft as further compensation.”

    Not putting it there to be all in your face or anything. Just really interesting.

  77. I bet the Oilers fans were complaining like crazy about having to draft last as compensation. I can just see the posts, “who is this Gretzky!? Trade this bum!”

  78. I’d take Ovechkin, but he would be suspended retroactively for the Girardi launch.

    Manny, they’re twidiots.

  79. Yeah Carp – but at least they didn’t waste a draft pick on him!!

    Keep those nicknames coming – I thought Bergeron’s nickname was Michelle!!

  80. Michele was one nasty guy behind the bench. I loved him, we would have never won with him but I loved him. Then trader Phil fires him on April fools day, last day of the season. Espo didn’t like holidays trades Kelly Miller and Mike Ridley for Bobby yuck Carpenter. Plus we gave up a #1 for frenchy Michele, who turned out to be……..

  81. Hedberg, I believe Espo also traded Don Maloney to the Whalers on Christmas Day, or the day after. Or maybe it was Craig Patrick?

  82. One thing that I personally love about Gretzky is his Ukrainian roots! Greatest hockey player EVER!

    And they said Ukraine was weak! ;)

  83. Jesper Fast, what a brilliant hockey name…..

    Did Ted Sather have a nickname?

  84. Is Espo’s the reason they put in the two week holiday trade freeze??? who didn’t he trade??? I know he threw a television out the window when he was traded to the Blueshirts.

  85. More great names:

    Zarley Zalapski
    Bob Froese
    Hakan Loob
    Bob Beers
    Walt Podubny
    Iron Mike Sharpe

  86. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Who’s faster/quicker? Quick or Fast?

  87. I forgot reijo routsalianen and lucien deblois….more great names…and although he slurs like he was out partying..chico resch

  88. Chico Resch — best hair piece in Hockey history – war the rug when he played!!!

  89. Carp no one saying he’s better than gabby but wouldn’t you agree they aren’t far off from each other?

    And would you read into torts’ comments about keeping open minded about free agents that wouldn’t otherwise fit the mold the possibility that he’s getting us ready for Semin?

  90. CCCP we can only wish. I’ve been banging the Nash drum for a long time. Would also be happy with Iginla. Happiest with both and no Gabby.

  91. CCCP

    i recall you brought up the thought of acquiring

    thought about that as well during the series but didn’t seem like
    the time to bring it up. too much hate going on to have a decent conversation on it

    don’t know the contract details but he would be something!!
    i have a feeling that if the caps let the hunter go then
    it’s going back to a more O oriented system that will make ovi happy
    and may bring back semin

    (i think it was Brooks who brought up that as much as the media was praising the caps
    for all the shot blocking and defense that the team really wasn’t much different as far as wins, losses and did worse this year than without boudreau)

  92. gotta get outta here soon
    not much posting since friday

    been reading a bit and i do like the idea of acquring
    patrick kane

    i haven’t read the details (if he’s a RFA or…)

    i think more than a Top 4 Defenseman such as suter or weber
    the team would be better off
    resigning Prust (but not at a huge contract. something reasonable)
    getting someone in here that’s a regular 20-30 goal scorer but also
    has the type of grit that plays well with this team and into the playoffs
    such as shane doan
    a BIG gritty forward who puts the puck in the net a little bit
    as in
    i hope Slats learned his lesson and gets konopka
    Slats has FINALLY learned his lesson of getting enforcers that can’t play.

  93. Stranger Nation on

    Fantasy Off -season hockey

    MDZ, AA, Dubi, #1 for Nash (LW)
    Sign Doan
    sign Schultz (RD)

    Nash – Richie – Gabby
    Kreider – Step – Doan
    Hags – Boyle – Cally
    Prust – JT Miller – Rupp

    McD – Girardi
    Staal – Shultz
    Erixon – McIlrath
    (out D gets younger after trading a 21 year old)
    hopefully Sauer as RD in that mix – man we missed that guy

  94. jpg,

    We’re talking about Evander Kane, from Winnipeg, who’s an RFA. Consolation would be a 1st and 3rd.

  95. Great story: so my son plays hockey and they have this thing where a company comes around to rinks and takes a video of your shot, which is then analyzed with a former nhler who helps instruct you on how to shoot better before they sell you a custom made stick ( lets not get into the discussion of how crazy the whole thing sounds or whether it’s worth it – it was cool for my son). Anyway, we show up, and the former nhler is talking to one of my friends who is just finishing up, and my friend as he is leaving tells me he used to play for the Rangers, and there the guy is introduced to me as Michel. And immediately, in my head I hear a foghorn voice from the blus seats bellowing “HOCKEY, Petit, HOCKEY!”. And I turn ” Are you Michel Petit?”. And indeed it was. Too damned funny.

  96. jpg

    Until 2015 Ovechkin has a say where he wants to be traded if it’d come to that. His 9 mill cap hit is a killer tho.


    Gretzky’s babushka is from Ukraine :)

  97. Stranger Nation – you almost had me until I saw Rupture on the 4th Line. The guy can’t skate…How about Bernier for Rupture and Konopka for Miller who probably isn’t ready yet.

  98. A 1st and 3rd for Kane would be the no brainiest no brainer in the history of no brainers.

  99. I met Ron Greschner at a youth hockey game last week ( our kids were both playing) .

    Him:” hi, I’m Ron.”

    Me the compete knucklehead fan: ” I know. I’m Peter.”

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Rupp is there for locker room inspiration and in case we play outdoors again next year…

  101. Wee Willie Huber.
    Some other funny hockey names?
    Kevin Stevens, Kevin Hatcher, Alexander Daigle, Stephane quintal, Valeri kamensky and tim Taylor all took regular shifts for the Rangers in 1999-2000.

    Still think we haven’t come a long long way?

  102. What exactly is the Rupture doing to inspire the boys in that locker room??? and why do the boys need to be inspired in the locker room any way?????

  103. Can I be the locker room guy instead of Rupp? I’m funny, good looking with great personality! And I’ll do the gig for 500 grand a year! Freaking steal!

  104. Stranger, love it. Except that after this years playoff performances, to get Nash I think it will take either Staal or Stepan in place of MDZ or AA.

    Love Doan but it’s always reported that he doesn’t leave Phoenix. Guess we’ll see.

    Also, if you have Gabby, Nash, Kreider and Cally, I’d sooner see us add a playmaker like Whitney for a one year run. They could use more of this skill set. I thought Richie would be a better more consistent playmaker than he showed.

  105. Stranger Here’s a thought. Let’s tell the Rupture all our games are outdoors —- in Siberia and have him wait for us there. The guy can’t skate – and he’s not a very good fighter either!

  106. 2001: Sandy McCartthy ( never beat anyone up once he played in NY but could sure yap), Michal Grosek, Rich Pilon, Brad Brown.

    I could keep going but it only gets uglier. See we all forgot about those years beqcause they were som forgettable. Even the 2007 season when they lost to Buffalo in round two, we all remember and appreciate that team. And this years team, even though they didn’t get it done, in 10 years we will look back and love them especially since between now and then we will win multiple Cups. I think.

  107. CCCP – I hear the Liberty is looking for a Locker Room Inspiration guy. You might want to check it out!

  108. Meant to write Liberty “are” looking — Sister Mary Cream Cheese would’ve given me one aright across the back of my legs for that grammatical error!

  109. CCCP – Not that I know, but I heard the Lady Liberty hang out at a place on W12th called The Cubby Hole (not sure why it’s called that) – you might want to stop in and show’em what you got!

  110. probably as good a chance of getting Datsyuk as Doan.

    I’ll vouch for CCCP. He’s a good-looking dude. And I say that with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Trader Phil, LMAO.

    Peter, but who was the coach of that team at the end of the season? Yup, Torts.

    Good name: Rob Whistle.

  111. Evander Kane – perhaps he can be to this Ranger team what Adam Graves was to the 90’s team?? I think Gravey was also a RFA that we gave up some serious but well worth it compensation to sign. Evander Kane is a young power forward – gotta go for it if he’s available.

  112. Nite Boys…Mama threatened to restrict my computer time tomorrow if I don’t shut it down for the nite. She’s been a little cranky since we got knocked out on Friday. I think she should start blogging!

  113. Tell me this isn’t Torts preparing us for Semin if we don’t get Nash or Parise:

    “You have to be really careful about ruling people out….We have to work extremely hard to score goals. Along the way, if there is someone that can help you there, you find a way to teach your concept, but allow to bring some talent in to work for you. You can’t get stubborn here, either. We’re not going to lose our identity. I think there’s enough inner pressure in our room.”

  114. Latona
    would need to learn more on kane but i recall that whenever i’ve seen him play i wished he was in a Blueshirt
    losing a 1st and 3rd
    doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal for us since it seems that our better players come in the later rounds (at least in the past)

    well, ovi could be a part of Plan B if we don’t get parise since the price would be around the same (don’t know years….through 2015?)

  115. We gave up some serious stuff for Adam Graves? Think it was Troy Mallette no?

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