More breakup day interviews: Rupp, Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Stepan, Boyle, Prust, Kreider, Gaborik, Mike Sullivan


First, I see somebody thinks, because Ryan Callahan wouldn’t admit to an injury means he wasn’t injured. Hello? He held his stick with one hand the entire ECF. He kept his right hand in his pocket for all interviews. He was obviously injured, but he will never use an excuse.

Marian Gaborik has some sort of injury that may require a procedure but he wouldn’t say what it is (maybe “in a few days”). Brandon Prust tore a ligament in a finger in his right hand in a fight with Zenon Konopka during the season and needs surgery. He also spoke about his impending unrestricted free agency, and assistant coach Mike Sullivan took questions about the speculation that he might leave to be a head coach (Calgary?).

Brian Boyle spoke about coming back from the concussion. Chris Kreider about his experience of breaking into the NHL in the playoffs.

Mike Rupp:


Brandon Dubinsky:


Michael Del Zotto:


Derek Stepan:


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Chris Kreider:


Marian Gaborik:


Mike Sullivan:



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  1. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “I won’t spectate on what the rangers are interning to do, but they seem reduced by doing everything”

  2. That is really not what I said, Carp, and definitely not what i meant. What i meant was that people were basically assuming he is playing with a broken hand and that was a good excuse for him to be missing for a good stretch of the playoffs. Well it doesnt appear that his hand is broken…. And pretty sure he isnt the only guy hurt. Will he use it as an excuse? Of course not. None of the Rangers will…

  3. So if Callahan and Gaborik wouldn’t divulge their injuries, but Prust did…

    Prust = selfish, excuse-making Ontariopånsy

  4. duckBill PLatypus on

    LOL @ sprained SYdney…rofl. CCCP, maybe you can use the summer to better your vocabulary. There was a popular book in the 70s..30 Days to a Better Vocabulary. You’ll have nearly twice the time to complete the book, small plebe…BWHAHAHAHA!

  5. duckBill PLatypus on

    Hats off to Dubi for playing with high ankle sprain. They were immediately better with him in the lineup. He reminds me of a Brindamour type…will only be more valuable as playoff player in coming years.

  6. “Well it doesnt appear that his hand is broken…”

    Actually, Lev, it *does* appear that way….it’s just that he won’t admit it….

  7. If not broken, at least a hairline fracture for Callahan. And like others have said, I am sure he would never say what happened, knowing people will look at it as an excuse. We’ll probably eventually find out what it was.

  8. Carp, please, pretty please, request that your IT dept. use audio files that we can access on an iPhone.

  9. rangersreport Zuccarello: “I love being a New York Ranger…but I can’t play 10 games. That’s not enough for me.”

    That’s not enough for me either!!

  10. Guys – Callahan actually doesn’t have a right hand anymore. It’s gone. He is getting a bionic thing attached so he can grip a stick but his days of manual dexterity are long gone.

  11. I can’t believe that the ^hobbit wizard^ could only end up in the KHL. He has to be able to play in the NHL. Kids got skills. Can’t he join a team like the Blackhawks or the Red Wings? He could play their style.

  12. If starts dominating in the KHL, like he did the SEL, then some NHL team will try to sign him…or will the Rangers hold his rights?

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