More breakup day interviews: McDonagh, Zuccarello, Staal


Here’s the last batch, with the exception of the coach. McDonagh and Staal talked about getting so close to the ultimate goal, and Zuccarello explains why he’s weighing offers overseas even though he loves being a Ranger:

Ryan McDonagh:

[audio: mcd.MP3]

Mats Zuccarello:

[audio: zucc.MP3]

Marc Staal:

[audio: staal.MP3]

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  1. Just musing, but I’d love to see Brian Leetch come in and assist Torts behind the bench next year…wonder if that’s even a remote possibility….

  2. Horrible horrible news about Sauer. His brother’s career was ruined by a concussion and it’s just sad to see it happening again.

  3. Gagne’s back in full practice with the Kings now, I think. So he might be available for the Final.

  4. Ok gang. Gotta go. Family is here and I have to drive back to ROCH today. Laters!!

  5. Doesn’t this team need a D man who owes his soul to the Devil?

    Seriously, I hope he’s getting the best medical advice and fully recovers even if he nevers laces the skates again. Bummer.

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