Happy Memorial Day … and breakup day


While you guys are drinking beers and grilling burgers and dogs, Josh, 26, and I will be enclosed in a hockey lockerroom for Rangers breakup day at their practice facility all day.

Players will begin becoming available at 11 a.m., and John Tortorella will do his end-of-season address following the players later this afternoon.

First he will hold individual meetings with each player.

Josh, 26, and I will post audio several players at a time, most likely, throughout the day, plus any news.

So stop in here between bites and guzzles.

Most important, if you’re drinking don’t even dream about driving.


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  1. They almost played into June, that’s a terrific season for a primarily young team with too many grinders. Cut the dead weight and have a good FA period and this team will be better next year for certain. I’d let Fedetenko, Mitchell and Eminger go, re-sign Biron, Prust and Stralman, RFA Del Zotto and then maybe package him depending on whether Schultz comes. Revist Nash or Iginla deals, if not then maybe Doan although he’ll probably stay in Phoenix. Figure out what to do with Dubinsky and AA, maybe move one with DZ in said deal. Add some quickness/skill to the 3rd line in a player like Hudler/Boyes/Samuellson/Whitney. Hopefully Erixon can add some bulk and step in with his skillset next year. McIlrath, Miller, Thomas need one more year in Hartford/Plymouth. Fogarty(the most underrated prospect in the system)to ND, Fasth in Sweden one more year. Draft BPA. Done.

  2. Ovechkin anyone?

    Rumor has it (according to SovSport), Capitals, or “Stolichnye” as they called them in Russia, might look to trade Ovechkin.

  3. break up day always the saddest day for me. why do i feel i am the one breaking up from them. will def be curious to who says what today about future injuries etc.

    back to last thread offer sheets.

    paging john carlson give him max which is 3.1 mil for a 2nd round compensation pick. see if caps match

  4. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Just wanted to say Happy Memorial day to all and to say THANK YOU to all my brothers and sisters still serving and to those who have served!

    Most importantly, THANK YOU to all of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can sit around and blog about hockey, we will never forget you (I will NEVER forget you!)!!

  5. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Well said Wicky….happy memorial day to all.

    Carp would you and josh like me to bring you chili dogs to greenburgh??? Ill even bring an extra one so you can offer it to torts.

  6. Thanks Carp and Josh..for spending the day there and not with family and friends today and the season. I am Proud to be a NY Ranger fan! The Boyz have gone farther than I imagined this year

  7. The Caps would match that offer in a second. Carlsson can be a real difference maker. No way they let him go. He would be a nice addition at that cap hit.

  8. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Just read brooks article in the post. While torts demands shot blocking, i think what he really preaches is puck possesion. Puck possesion, especially in the offensive zone, is the best defense.

  9. Carp – long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for the great coverage this season. If anyone had told me in October that this team would come within two wins of the finals, I would have told them they were full of Carcillo.

  10. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Happy Memorial Day!
    Disappointing end to a really fun season.
    I don’t know about youse but a few good moves this summer could make this team even better next year.

  11. Bunch of articles in the paper today about the Rangers having been fatigued and about shot blocking.

    It is always disappointing when your team gets bounced especiallly when they get as far as they did. And it is tempting to point to the way they played as resulting in not enough gas in the tank, or blame the whole shot blocking philosophy for it all and say they could have done better. But I think that misses the point.

    Early in the season, when they weren’t playing the way they ultimately came to play, the Rangers were a mediocre team at best, one that looked like they would be lucky to get into the playoffs and even then not do a whole lot. While they had tremendous success playing the way they did, to think they had the talent and skill to do it any other way is wishful thinking. I dont think for a second John Tortorella thinks blocking shots is the whole key to NHL success. Blocking shots is simply emblematic and symbolic of this team’s ability to sacrifice themselves for one another and buy into the team concept. If you dont block shots you sit because you are then basically telling your teammates “I dont have to do what you do” and placing your own welfare ahead of the team. I don’t think there is a “mandate” to block as many shots as you can – the “mandate” is to buy into the team concept and put the team and your teammates before yourself. This year was a giant exercise in team building that yielded some tremendous results. They may have fallen short but most of these guys now understand what it takes to win the Stanley Cup.

    Is it an opportunity missed? I am not so sure. Once the playoffs started, everyone raised their battle level. Still didnt always quite match the Rangers, but other teams have more skill, and more depth, and frankly, by that point, were playing alot better and probably less fatigued. They cant win – if they’d bowed out in round one or two, then the whole thing is a failure, lose in the Conference finals and its an opportunity missed. But it will be easier than you think for this team to get back to this point because it was no stroke of luck at all that they got to where they did.

  12. Hey Carp, I also just wanted to make sure I said thank you. Its always a blast sharing the year with other Ranger fans and the discussions here are always fun, engaged and exactly what you want when you’re talking about your favorite sports team, a bit of an escape. So thank you for all you do and try to have fun today even though it stinks its on Memorial Day. Must be quite an exhausting run to cover them going this deep as well.

  13. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Hi Carp , Happy Memorial day too.. I always enjoyed your stories, posts and blogs.

    Can you get me jofa shoulder and elbow pads in large mine are shot .. thanks.. :)

  14. “onecupin73yearsandcounting ”

    i see you updated your name…why is the truth always so painful?

  15. Thanks Carp for this blog. It has been the only source of medicine in the past couple of days.

    I hope we hear the extent of Callahan’s injuries. The fact that he had to score with his feet (and got away with it) for his last 2 goals makes me like him even more.

  16. Look for the NYR to trade for the rights to Justin Schultz. With Sauer a big question mark next next year, this could be a nice move by Sather. Sather should be proactive here, because I could see the NYR moving some underachievers (Dubinsky $4 mil+) (Anisimov), to make room for scoring wingers that are not UFAs. If Schultz signs in NYR, Del Zotto may be moved as well.

    But remember that name: Justin Schultz.

  17. A.) Is Jarome Iginla a Ranger yet?

    2.) Don’t feel badly Carp. No need to be jealous. I am going to create the exact same atmosphere in my apartment (83% humidity today) so you don’t feel alone.

    d.) Happy Memorial day you screwheads!

  18. Mitchell just tweeted thanking Ranger fans for the support, had a good run, wants to do it again. Looks like he’ll be back.

  19. JR?

    Welcome newcomers and thanks for the kind words. We’ve had a lot of first-time commenters lately. Hope they drop by more often.

    offer sheet=not happening.

  20. I think Mitchell is trying to be positive. I would doubt he is a sure-thing for next year but only in his mind.

    Watched “Tora Tora Tora” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” this weekend. What a contrast in perception of Japanese and history.

    Happy Memorial/Break-up Day!

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    Hey, how about AA,Dubi,MDZ for Bobby Ryan and Justin Schultz? Works for me!

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    As an aside, according Bob Mckenzie, Schultz can negotiate with any team he wants beginning on Thursday. So if there is an agreement reached, it can be announced but the contract can’t be signed formally until July 1st. So there could be some news on Schultz relatively soon.

  23. I’ll try to be more clear, c3. Offer sheet(s)=not happening.

    want to throw John Scott into that offer, just in case it’s not enough, Czech? :)

  24. Hey, Carp.

    Thanks for the zillionth time for your coverage. Look forward to today’s report. So curious about what Callie and Dubie’s injuries were. Who else was hurt? Why was Richie so in-and-out? Any comments from Hank? Boyle, why’d he shut down after Ottowa? Anything…grasping for info…want to know the ‘why’s’ of why we just couldn’t go the extra 6.

    Hey, there was a post from Pete earlier, I think is dead on. Torts defined the system to fit this team. Someone yesterday said it was like a chef being given a whole slew of disjointed food items and then told ‘put it together and make it work’.

    Torts, with all his BS, had the best year I have ever seen a coach have. No way what he was given was anywhere close to a first place regular season, ECF 6 gamer. Man, I wish we had a real Lou over the last 13. How many cups we’d have? But, Torts molded this motley group to something special, gave it pride and heart.

    I can’t be upset they were knocked out. Disappointed, yes. But what a ride. What a next few years we should have, as long as the guy sitting in th ‘Ivory Tower’ that is off in Banff gardening doesn’t mess it all up.

  25. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I really dont mind mitchell as a 4 th liner. He does have some grit to him. And slthough he doesnt score much, he does have a sneaky deceiving shot. Plus he had one bright moment in the playoffs winning the face off on stalls ot goal vs the caps. Still, i’d be more surprised if he stayed then left.

  26. I was talking to a Devil’s fan friend of mine. He said most Dev’s fans have been up and down on Elias. But he did come through this year.

    Anisimov is still young and he’s big. He is as soft as a case of cotton. I just wonder if he might not be worth a flyer because of his size and potential.

    Dubie .. I wouldn’t be upset either way, stay or go. He was signed for too much $$$ by Sather. He’s not a top 2 liner. He also is not as big as he plays. I always see other teams wings bigger than him. However, he loves this place in his heart. And, I think with a real talking to, he would come back after the summer ready to go like Boyle has the last two. I am not 100% ready yet to give up on the ‘guy who can’t shoot straight’.

    MDZ…is ONLY 21. He has shown he is a slow skater and weak when the going gets tough in the playoffs along the boards. This year was a GIANT leap after last. Personally, with a killer bulk up regimen over the summer to gain 5-10, I’d like to see him next year. He is only 21.

    Step…is only 21. He is damn good defensively everywhere. How ironic that he scored a trick his first game and is not even close to a pure scorer. I still feel he is very smart out there and makes many plays away from the puck. I hold on to him for another but need to seem some offensive skills. He is just a kid.

    Why is our group of draftees smallish? Why are they the same in that their puck skills, aside from THE KREIDER, are not that great? Why wasn’t a ‘set of hands’ a necessity, a few years ago for our draftees? I offer one word, as the one who bore the responsibility. The gardner. The petunia maven. The Sather.

    How about some multi-dimensional players? Oh, now that we have Gord that can happen.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on


    Good point. Will revise.

    Hey, how about AA,Dubi,MDZ,and John Scott for Bobby Ryan and Justin Schultz.
    I had a hard time including Scott into this deal, but if he is not in,it could be a deal breaker.

    Thanks for covering breakup day today Carp. Will checking in between steaks today for updates.

  28. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ka boom

    I like JT Miller a lot. He has really good hands, a good shot, can play the body and is a pretty decent skater. He kind of reminds of Mike Richards. If he turns out like that than we have struck gold with him. It would be tough to include him in any trade because he could be that good.

  29. It is key to believe that we are not too far away. I keep thinking what would Lou do? And I’m thinking not too much. Some depth. A big defenseman, as we all saw he had a few of (yes, they add to the grind for the opponent during 7 game series), and a sniper here or there. A fourth line makeover. That’s all. Don’t go crazy here now.

  30. Letters From Iwo Jima = Best war movie ever made. Simply Marvelous.

    I am sitting on my Couch reading “The Ultimate Battle, Okinawa 1945” Glad we all go here after the loss.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lovin the extra Memorial Day swag ;)

    PS: Avery says if you ain’t wearin’ white today, then that better mean you’re rockin out nude.

    Happy Memorial Day, Heads!!

  32. Does anyone agree with me that it is likely not worth it to deal Dubinsky or AA? I mean what could NYR possibly get in return for Dubinsky @ $4mil per? I don’t think it is realistic to expect NYR would get any return on these guys that would warrant getting rid of them. I think NYR is better off taking the risk that Dubi returns to form/ is a solid 3rd liner with some scoring capability.

  33. Dubinsky would be traded for $4M+ of Cap Space.

    As for Artie-Partie, I think that lots of teams are still high on his potential and a bunch of teams might be interested in him for a different style of play.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Addition by subtraction. It was why dumping Gomez and Drury were the biggest moves this team has made in the past two years.

    Cap space. A 4 mil sieve is a waste for the next 3 years.

    AA can stay for a couple years.

  35. Manny, I think you are right. Problem is NYR needs depth. They could have used Dubi during this last run. I think giving him away just to clear cap space without any real return is problematic. If Columbus wants to get rid of Nash’s contract there is no reason to think they will want to pick up Dubi’s.

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who said they are giving him away?? He’s got 3 years left and he’s a 40-45 point guy who has the potential to be a 65 point guy if he can put together a healthy season with a good line.

    He would be reasonably marketable.

    And if he’s NOT at all marketable, then that tells you exactly what the league thinks of his potential.

  37. Just 139 days to go till 2012-2103 season begins. Baseball is just SO exciting. Watching the ‘Me-First’ Carmelo’s of the world doesn’t do it for me, either.

    One reason I love hockey, one of many, is the attitude of our players. Classy, for the most part, they do whatever it takes to play. They love the game. They love playing. Hurt them? They’ll kill to get back in. Bench them? They’lll work as hard as they can to get back in.

    Oh, I’d love to see what a Carmello-like player would get away with in the NHL. “Mr. GM, I don’t like the coach because I don’t get the puck enough….fire him or I play disinterested or leave”.

    Hmmmm…..good luck with that in the NHL.

    Best sport there is……hockey!!

  38. I thought I had a handle on shrugging off hockey disappointment. But my heart is aching. I’m in mourning and it’s for the loss of This team and This season because, like Carp said in his last report, it won’t be the same next year. It won’t be the same ever again and now it’s over. With one cold slap from a frozen rubber puck..it’s done. I missed them that very second. I can’t imagine how the boys feel.

  39. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but two points on Boogaard:

    1. Never know what a season (or offseason will bring).

    2. This team was LITERALLY wearing the number ‘94 on its helmets…..

    “I am your density, I mean destiny” – George McFly

  40. The bad news is that Dubinsky has very little trade value at the moment. The good news, the team isn’t hard pressed to clear the cap space for the upcoming season. So there is no reason to rush and trade him now when his trade value is at the lowest. In terms of AA. I believe the team has different plans for him within the organization than some of us think. Having said that, if the right deal comes around, and the other team wants either of them, sure they will be dealt. But no need to rush anything, IMHO.

  41. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Inevitably losing was an unavoidable destiny that these Rangers should have been able to get past – JR

  42. so let me get it straight, Carp… offer sheet(s) = not happening? As in “No way, Jose?”

    Just trying to understand…that’s all.

  43. whats up guy’s first time posting. what do you think it would take to get jordan staal? i know they want a dman.

  44. Steve: Awesome to have you around man. From what I have heard, the Penguins do *not* want Jordan Staal to leave. Luckily, we have his brother to convince him. I don’t really understand why he would want to stay in Pittsburgh to Centre a 3rd line when he could come to a team like the Rangers and Centre the 1st line. But C’est La Vie (right @CCCP@ ?)

    I think he’s a UFA after this coming season, correct?

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Where the byfuglien is e3?! I’m a 1-hit wonder, he’s a Kanye-like American lyricist IQ genius (South Park)

    Morning Manny!!

  46. I have a gut feeling Dubinsky is gonna have 25-30 goals next year….wherever he plays. He may be one of these players that have alternating up / down seasons. However, management certainly can’t count on it. They are in a tough spot and it’s a gamble either way. Trade him while his value is low or keep him hoping he picks it up and your not waisting $4m in precious cap space. There will be GM’s. (with ample Cap room $ ) who will try to pick Sather’s pocket with the ” he’s a fourth liner but I’ll take home of your payroll if you take a 4th round pick and also throw in McIlrath”. They, Sather and Team, need to be shrewd and protect their assets. Real tough call on Dubinsky. ( I am not in in the home grown only cult – I’ll take a good player who fits the culture from anywhere. It’s a business boys!!! What say you my fellow Ranger Knuckleheads?

  47. Here are some notable UFA’s that might be under the radar a bit and might fit at lower cost than Parise:

    Shane Doan
    Dustin Penner
    Paul Gaustad
    Jarret Stoll
    Andrei Kostistyn
    Jason Arnott
    Alex Auld
    Taylor Pyatt
    Joey Crabb(s)
    Zenon Konopka <–Faceoff King
    Kyle Wellwood
    Jay Rosehill

    Anyways there are tons of others: http://capgeek.com/charts.php?Team=26

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    rangersreport Brad Richards said he’ll be better and more comfortable next season for going through a season in New York.
    8 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    Thanks, Brad! You know, its usually that 103rd game where it really just comes together for the big players. I believe. Smh.

  49. Sufferingsince79 on

    Carp-since you’re welcoming newcomers…been a fan since 79. Grew up an NYRS fan in Yorktown Hts. Remember you from the Reporter Dispatch. Following the site a few years. Da wife (a converted Blackhawks fan & Lundqvist lover) actually turned me on to the comments board. Had to give up my season tix & relo to Chicago recently. Enough about me. 1st post – so much I’d like to weigh in on…1st, thanks Carp. Been such a great way to follow the team & the coverage in w/o equal. Even though I don’t always agree, we love your “unfan” like take on things. Piece of Carcillo has found its way into our everyday conversations. This hurts a lot & will be worse if debs beat LA. While we luv this team & the progress made, this ia an opportunity lost. Who knows what moves, injuries, & what not come our way next year so it will be tougher. Remembering how I lost my edge a/f 94. The losses didn’t feel so bad @ 1st but I guess 97-2005 got me back to my old self. But I still remember how bad those individual players were & how much better this team is. Doesn’t mean we have to settle but we need to put this one behind us & move on. Can’t wait til next year. Thx for making me hopeful again.

  50. Whoa, bleeder. Nice find. That’s great for Brad. It’s not like he played in a similar system for a simila coach at any point in his lengthy career.

  51. Oh, also. I like that he’s comfortable. It’s not like he was brought in to be a leader. Glad he’s learning to follow the lead of other players.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, def Manny.
    It’s just such an unnecessary thing to say. Its that type of quote that got A-rod killed for years.

    Just say you’re disappointed, everyone will come back ready to play and will work harder because it will be another year developing the same system, coach, and core.

    -makes the same point, just doesn’t come off sounding like a quasi-excuse and weak

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    High ankle sprain for Dubi, according to Josh, 26, or Carp, 26+.

    Kind of impressive he came back that soon.

    Did anyone ask him if he received surgery for it? (syndesmotic screw?)
    Also, when and what play did he suffer it?

  54. Hmm ok then i guess no one will have a problem with this:

    rangersreport profile

    rangersreport Callahan was asked if he was hurt. “Everything’s fine,” he said.

    It’s not like he was invisible during the Caps series and most of this series and took dumb penalties. It’s good to lead by example.

  55. I was actually just wondering yesterday how many of our players will need surgery in the off-season. Phlyers number is at 5 right now. I put us OVER that number.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I will respectfully disagree with you Lev.

    Cally was the best player in game 5. He was a hammering machine.
    He was one of their best players game 6 too, and obviously scored the GTG.

    He showed up when they started really needing him.

  57. Great Idea, Brooksie! It would be great to get a guy like Radulov to a quiet city like New York. He has such a great attitude.

  58. Ye that Brad Richards. 15 points in 20 playoff games. 4th overall in point production the entire playoffs. Callahan was invisible during the Caps series. If it wasnt for Richards and Gaborik scoring the team would be golfing about 2 weeks earlier.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That means adding talent, but there’s no use in adding talent if Tortorella won’t exploit it. For instance, if the answer to the question, “Could Alexander Radulov help the Rangers?” is “He’d never be able to play for Tortorella,” then something is askew because that’s pretty much what everyone was saying about Ilya Kovalchuk two years ago.

    Hey Larry, have you ever been in a fight?

    Seriously though, the logic is less sound than Marty’s bathroom on Black Friday.

  60. I’ll even say Gabby was. For him

    I hope to hell Richie was hurt. Why for the life of me he couldn’t lift his final shot is beyond me. It is fitting he was in the crease flopping when Henrique scored.

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lev, you’re completely right.

    However, Richards essentially lost game 5. He was atrocious on both sides of the puck.
    Richards and Gaborik were both on the ice for the OT goal in game 6.
    Neither scored a big goal in games 4 through 6, the ones they really needed goals.

    I don’t care how much you pad your stats with early rounds or non-“Must-win” games, if you don’t produce when it’s on the line then you’re a Kovalev/Zherdev/Rafael Palmero to me.

  62. I thought Parise was pretty invisible during the series. The media and a lot of fans have made his couple of empty-netters be something much bigger than they really were. As far as leading the team more and leaving everything out on the ice. Well the Devils are playing and we are not. That answers that.

  63. Lev, I respect you, Mate, but I have to disagree on Richards. He might have come up with great statistics and the great goal in Game 5 Washington. Epic!

    I have no idea what he did in the room, but he made far too many defensive mistakes and silly no look drop back to nowhere but Henrik’s goal mouth passes for me. It is obvious he ain’t no Mess.

    He needs people around him and is not a creator without talent beside him.

    I am glad he’s here, but damn, he came at too high a monetary price for what he offered. And if you are going to make that kind of money, get used to the new team and environment in the first 20. No freaking excuses. You make too much for that. s

  64. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ” if you don’t produce when it’s on the line then you’re a Kovalev/Zherdev/Rafael Palmero to me.”

    So, how many elimination games did Parise play in this series?

    I’m sorry, but your 11:44 point is moot.

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Richards scores that goal against Hank in game 5 he would be right on his way towards getting boo’d out of the city, justly or unjustly. I don’t agree with it, but that’s how his play this series pan’d out and it is only by the extra jersey hanging beneath Hank’s armpit that he even still has a moderately respected position in this town.

  66. Game 4: Richards 3 SOG Gaborik 5 SOG Callahan 1 SOG
    Game 5: Richards 4 SOG Gaborik 1 SOG Callahan 2 SOG
    Game 6: Richards 4 SOG Gaborik1 SOG Callahan 2 SOG

  67. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR “again, I am here with each of the both coaches in the finalists – to both the two of you – can you mentally prepare physically for the demanding survival?”

    Coach sutter -” hippy hippy hoppy bop”

    Coach Debore “Larry says your moronic”

    JR -“by impeding the endeavor can you triangulate?

    Coach sutter – bubba mubba cubba rubba

  68. Manny, I thought, to me, Hank had his first King-like year. I was not thinking he was there before this one. But he was brilliant 80% of his games. He got us here. He was a warrior.

    Hi last three playoff games he was like he was during that lull in March. Is he a true great? He will have to prove he is over the next few years. I will still take my buddy Richter for his playoff brilliance any day.

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I blame Hank for the Zajac goal. Hank was fighting it a bit, but he only missed one goal that was his own fault.

    The defense/Richards were responsible for three others that game.

    1 bad goal in 20 games ain’t so terrible.

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I can’t keep fighting with you about this if you watch the game biased.

    Cally was the best Ranger in game 5 all-around. Richards was the worst, all-around. He was directly responsible for 1-2 goals against, *INCLUDING THE GAME WINNER WHERE HE BLEW HIS COVERAGE IN THE SLOT*
    Game 6, Cally was very good and scored the GTG. Richards was responsible for one or two I believe.

    I’m sorry, I respect you bud I really do, but you’re wrong on this.

  71. I just find it kind of hypocritical that saying during the Caps series and early part of this series that Callahan isnt playing a very Callahan type of game because he is obviously hurt, now that we find out he really isnt hurt that badly, maybe not at all, can excuse his overall play based on performance in 2-3 games while Richards who pretty much led the way in the Caps series is getting a bunch of heat. Im not excusing Richards disappointing play in the later portion of the Devils series all im saying is that giving Callahan a free pass isnt fair. Especially when he’s the CAPTAIN.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Game 5 GWG, Richards was directly the ‘goal-goat’ responsible.
    Game 6 GWG, Richards was caught with his pants down in the crease.

    Game over. Series over. Season over.

  73. KatieStrangESPN profile

    KatieStrangESPN #NYR Stepan: “I don’t think I was as sharp as I could’ve been in the conference finals.”

    Ya think?

  74. And, Lev, Gabby and Richie had more ice time, played against lines they were matched against for offensive purposes and they had better SOG stats.

    Callie was on a shut down line to play ‘d’. I don’t see how you can compare. He also makes 1/2 to 1/3rd of what both of them make. Compare that.

    While at the games, Callie had a period in the first and second series where he took some time off. But when it mattered, he came roaring back doing what he does best, creating opportunities, riling up the team, hitting everything in sight.

    The last pose of Richards is my take home. Futility, couldn’t stop the puck, misplayed defensive effort. and not lifting the puck to an open net with Brodeur on the ice and the top wide open. A big game, big money player he wasn’t for much of the playoffs. Hope he gets ‘used to the environment’ next year and provides better memories.

  75. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR “the coaches are invectively being secretly because so much is at the stake. Each year one one cup winner can hold the cup / and that is the cup winner / this series, the extraction simulated by each team earnestly will be apparent … Any trickle of posterity voids the obligation”

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    First, Lev, let me do my best to explain Callahan’s “everythings fine.”
    …thats a hard-nosed player that’s not going to give an excuse for why games 1-4 he was semi-invisible. The guys not 100%, I guarantee that, he just has some PR IQ and knows an excuse now would not be wise.

    Second, Lev, let me also tell you that through 4 games they didn’t need Cally to carry the team. They needed the leaders to step up with the swing games 5 and 6. Callahan was one of the few who did that.

  77. Richards doesnt score that 7.6 second goal we arent even having this debate right now.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You can’t say that Lev, a 3-1 Caps series lead is NOT insurmountable. Factually speaking.

    The point is also moot because that’s what he’s supposed to do. What he’s NOT supposed to do is be responsible for *KILLER, SEASON-ENDING* goals against.

    Cally scores game 5 and 6 btw. I don’t care what you call those goals, but he wasn’t defensively irresponsible and he brougt offensive game with physicality.

    I still can’t wrap my head around your argument here. I’m sorry.

  79. True Fans,

    I think we can all agree that Richards’ performance against NJD was subpar and we needed more, but if you want to say that he was on the ice for two GWG in a row, I can say that Girardi was too. Game 5 and Game 6’s GWG were both the result of a comedy of errors by all the Blueshirts on the ice, not just Richards.

    Just ran over to The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company to pick up some foodstuffs for today, and encountered a woman in full 2012 Eastern Conference Champions Garb. I had my NYR hat on. I don’t know if I should respect her or if I should have smote her for her saying that she was a Rangers fan all her life until Phil Esposito became GM, at which point she switched allegiances.

  80. Wait so it’s ok for the captain to take 4 games in a 7-game series off? Again, im not defending Richards or Gaborik on their play in the last 2 games of the season. Blaming Richards for not scoring on the PP against Brodeur though where he didnt get the puck over him is idiotic though. Game of inches. Same could be said for Callahan not scoring on the PP where he hit the post. Im sure theyre all hurt and tired and what not. Overall in the playoffs, the captain took more games off than Richards.

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    JR could never pronounce “posterity” and:
    1) enunciate correctly
    2) not giggle

  82. did stepan really say that. memo to step YES u werent as sharp genius.

    is paul freaking gaustad a ranger yet

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gaborik misses a wide-open net in game 5. Richards misses a 2.5 x 6 foot net in game 6.

    Gaborik scores 0 real goals against Marty. Richie nearly scores one against Hank. Richie was the single man most responsible for the game 5 winner. Fact. Richie wasn’t directly responsible for game 6’s, but he was certainly useless.

    You can’t go out and basically blow game 5 for your team and then not show up game 6. For 12.0 million dollars, it’s inexcusable.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Are you reading my posts? There’s no doubt that Cally is <100%, but he DID SOMETHING when it was needed.

    Richy might as well have worn a Devils jersey he was that good for them.

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dan Rosen of NHL.com tweets that Brandon Dubinsky suffered a high ankle sprain against Ottawa in game seven and still needs another 6 to 8 weeks for it to heal properly.


    Yea, this is pretty amazing. He’s a good 3-5 weeks away from a full heal and he was pretty physical despite it.

  86. Matty,

    Ice time:

    Game 4: Richards 20:37 Gaborik 16:42 Callahan 21:45
    Game 5: Richards 16:11 Gaborik 15:24 Callahan 20:01
    Game 6: Richards 24:36 Gaborik 23:02 Callahan 22:57

    Callahan had more ice time than Richards and Gaborik. The reason why Richards and Gaborik had more in the final game is because they got that first shift in overtime over Callahan.

    The argument has been repeated numerous times. It’s tough to score when the opposing team can safely use their best D-pair against you and shut you down when you are the only consistent offensive threat. That is why Nash/Iginla/Parise is needed.

  87. Yes True I am reading your posts and actually trying to have a legitimate debate. Your argument is revolving around 2 games in a 20 game post-season. And you kind of lost me with the 12:08 post right there. Have a good day.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The argument has been repeated numerous times. It’s tough to score when the opposing team can safely use their best D-pair against you and shut you down when you are the only consistent offensive threat. That is why Nash/Iginla/Parise is needed.

    The argument could also be made that tweedle-Bernier, tweedle-Carter, and I can’t even remember the other twiddling-idiot should amass 18p while playing against a number one line while the 19.5million players show up with slightly less than Dick Cheney’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

  89. Didnt Fleury have the same injury as Duby and missed nearly 3 months about 2 years ago? Still doesnt excuse Dubinsky’s embarrassing season but probably will make other teams more cautious about trading for him. Will see how the leg recovers.

  90. richy and gabby were awful in devil series without richy there is no devil series. everyone to blame.

    i blame sather for sitting tight on deadline day and not getting more depth on blueline that could handle playing 12-13 mins a night not 3-5 thta bickel/eminger did.

    until last 2 games we had no scoring from 3rd and 4th lines. needed more depth up front

  91. Afternoon gang.

    Some interesting stuff coming outta breakup day as always. Torts’ presser will be really good and honest, like in the past.

  92. I was just listening to Edzo and Francesa (an interview from last week). Interesting. Edzo thinks the Rangers were too conservative at times against the Devils with the Richards-Gaborik unit. He thinks that they needed to cheat a little more and get into open areas. He is saying that Gaborik simply didn’t get in the dirty areas; like: in the dots….middle of the ice….He sais Gaborik needed to more aware of his positioning and who is on the ice against him….

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you’re going to get into a bidding war for Doan, Bettman is already starting with 50k of Torts’ money … Just sayin’

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Lev, let me clarify that 12:08 comment – you kept insisting that Cally was healthy based on his comment (“everythings fine”) and because he is healthy his weak play games 1-4 shouldn’t be overlooked. However, I don’t believe he is completely healthy and I tried to explain why I believe he would word his response in such a way. You seemed to ignore that post (11:58)

    My apologies if that came off incorrectly.

    Enjoy your day’s, all, Lev.

  95. High sprain on top of the stress fractures he had last year? Man, that is rough for Dubi. Will be interesting to see how he can manage summer workouts..

  96. Thanks for the clarification, True. Always good to have these little debates here. Enjoy your off-day today. Till next time!

  97. If thats the case for dubie, its going to be tough to move him cause of an injury, lack of production the past season and the cap hit. Artie might be easier to trade and more valuable. But then we need to require another russian. Its like a pre-requisite to have a russian on the roster to win a cup.

  98. Pre-req to have a Russian on a Cup team?

    Nemchinov-Kovalev-Zubov first Russians to win Cup

    and RIP Karpotsev …

  99. Off season Blueprint: Goal – improve top 6 consistency – add forechecking grit, skating and scoring capabilitiy to the bottom 6 add mobile defensemen who can play the point on PP.


    TOP 6: Add 2 from Parise, Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan, Nash, B Gionta, Sharp, Statsny, Penner (works much better if you can sign Parise or Penner). Kreider slots in – Hagelin drops down.

    BOTTOM 6: Add 3 from UFA’s Ponikorosky, Bernier, Carter, S.Gionta, Kelly, Campbell, Stoll, Konopka, Gaustad, Pyatt.

    Defense: Target 1 or 2 – Suter, Campbell ( Fla), Boyle (SJ) Campoli, Harold, Subban, byfuglin, Green

    Untouchables: King H, McDonough, Girardi, Callaghan, Kreider. Any one else can be had in the right deal (including prospects)

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