No Game 7 tonight … A day later, more review


Bonus review …

More thoughts:

1) That elimination goal really shouldn’t have happened. Just so many breakdowns by so many people, starting with the Brad Richards turnover at center ice — the cardinal sin vs. the Devils — then complicated by the right defenseman (Dan Girardi) over-pursuing to the left boards and getting trapped there, then choosing behind-the-net as his path back. Then Ryan McDonagh going down to the ice, Marian Gaborik kicking the puck twice but not getting it out of trouble, then Carl Hagelin and Brad Richards both ignoring Adam Henrique in the crease behind Henrik Lundqvist … when a little shove, or any sort of stick or physical challenge probably prevents Henrique from that tap-in. Looked like previous years’ Rangers defense. This year they stayed on their feet more, and took the man more … and they stopped doing that on the final play of the year.

2) Gotta tell you a story. With the mass of media at the Rock, and at the mercy of two unpredictable elevators to get from the pressbox to the lockerrooms, I (and others) decided to go down before the OT began, figuring I could watch the end on TV (in HD). write the top to my story, and be sure I could get to the lockerrooms quickly once it ended. Except NBC had this seven-second delay going on. So I’m watching the OT, and play was at center ice, and I heard the place erupt and the horn going off, and had to wait, wait, wait … and wait … to see the goal. But long before I saw the goal, I knew the Devils won. Very weird.

3) It’s going to be much harder just to get back to the playoffs, never mind as a top seed, then to win a round, then two … then three. Much harder. That was kind of my column today. I’ll post it later on.

4) Let’s not forget, though it appears to have been shelved for the coming (lockout) season, the NHL board of governoes wants to do its ridiculous realignment in which there will be fewer regular-season games with playoff implications, followed by playoffs that will pit the Patrick Division teams against one another in Rounds 1 and 2. That will make it even more difficult to ever get to the third round. Only four division teams will make the playoffs (for some reason, they’re going to call them four conferences, not divisions) and they will play off. What a lousy, backward plan.

5) I got to thinking, too, about how when the Rangers were at their best this season, Brian Boyle’s line played major minutes, often against top opponents. That was usually Boyle and Brandon Prust, with Ruslan Fedotenko among others. And I got to thinking that that line didn’t get, probably didn’t deserve, the major minutes in the postseason, though they were still good killing penalties. And when the Rangers were at their best, early, it was the GAS line (Gaborik, Artem Anisimov and Derek Stepan), then Richards and Ryan Callahan (and either Brandon Dubinsky or Hagelin or somebody else), and the Rangers seemed more balanced back then. But that’s when all three lines were productive offensively. Then came the Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik line, which was on fire for a while, and completely doused in the ECF.

6) Too bad the Rangers couldn’t go out at home, and get to do the stick salute.

7) I’m pleasantly surprised at how many of you reacted the way you should — hurt beyond words, but mostly positive about the year the team just gave you.

8) These stories about Mats Zuccarello agreeing to a KHL contract, I don’t blame him. He reportedly wants an NHL contract, but I don’t know if that’s coming. I mean, if he stays here, there can’t be any guarantee he will be an NHL player, or prove to be an NHL player. And I’m sure he doesn’t want to go back and forth to the AHL again. I don’t know about him as a legit NHLer, because I like his skill and his compete, but is he a top-six? And if not, can he and his team make it work on a third or fourth line? I think it probably can … the Devils probably would make it work. We’ll see.

9) Yesterday I thanked Josh, 26, for his help, and thanked all of youse guys. I also wanted to thank Sean Mayer, our sports editor (and dieheard) without whom I don’t get to go to all the games I did this season, and I definitely don’t go on the road in the playoffs. I haven’t spoken to him since Friday night. Hope he’s off the ledge.

10) Don’t forget, Josh, 26, and I will have all sorts of audio from Breakup Day Monday. Then later in the week we’ll do a Live Chat.

11) I’m guessing we’ll find out how bad Ryan Callahan’s hand/wrist were, and Brandon Dubinsky’s foot/ankle, and other things, on Monday.


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  1. The same type of thing happened to me too. For the first time in 34 years I decided to skip a playoff OT(or the first 20 min)by going out for a walk around the neighborhood. Just as I happened to pass a house where I forgot there were Devils fans I heard a loud cheer, then had to endure a 20 min walk home to actually confirm it. It stunk. That’s the last time for that.

  2. Carp,

    Any chance you can find out if Gabby was hurt, particularly after one of his last goal of the regular season (40 or 41) when he slid shouder-first into the boards? More than being smothered during the playoffs, his shot seemed like it did last season when his release didn’t have the same sudden quickness.

    Oh, and thanks for always keeing us in. Would I be the first to suggest I want to hear more stories from when you were on the beat way when?


  3. BroadwayRoe on

    Carp, what can I say? You get an MVP vote from me. Thanks for keeping this as a place where we can have fun hockey talk and enjoy each others’ company.

    In 1994 we traded all of our youth and future in order to hold Lord Stanley’s Cup. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Did I want Sather to do it this year? Hell no.

    I enjoyed this team so much. Yes it was excruciating sometimes to watch them struggle with goal scoring, but it was rarely from lack of effort. I believe that the real test for Sather is the next two seasons. Will he be able to find a way to grab the pieces that we need without creating other holes? Only time will tell. But I for one am glad that we didn’t trade away our future this year.

    I have never been so proud to be a Rangers fan. Even as we lost to the Devils and we all got abused by friends and bandwagoners, I held my head up high. I just hope that management does not try to right the ship too much and over compensate.

    Thanks for a great year Rangers. Thanks for the banter, Rangers fans and Carp. I hope we have more fun seasons together in the future.

  4. Joekuh - Waffle with that board? on

    Good point about the Boyle line getting major minutes, but it was clear that Boyle wasn’t the same after the concussion. Hopefully both he and Sauer will fully recover and be back for training camp next year.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some scuttlebutt about a Gaborik shoulder issue too … I sure as hell hope he is injured, not for him, but for at least an excuse for his *adismal* play in this round.

  6. I could be misremembering here but didnt Zuc help the PP alot when he was in this year? And doesnt Torts usually have a guy dress, then barely play him all game? Why not take a chance on the kid? Put him out there on the PP, then an odd shift on 3rd-4th lines? Prust sayin. . . and the name is Parise, not Nash, that we must get this off season. Carp’s points about the playoffs in the future are well taken but also I think a lengthy lockout is not gonna be good for this organization, young players arent going to get better by not playing.

  7. A lockout isnt good for anyone. Look at the NBA this year. Its a joke and a hated league.

  8. Completely agree with the notion that every year is different and it will be VERY, VERY, VERY difficult to get here again. Think about all the things that went right this year that normally don’t. All the last second goals, comebacks and heroics. Not to mention the fact that the Bruins and Pens all got knocked out in the first round. Imagine having to play the Penguins instead of the Debbie’s. You have to start from the bottom and try to climb the hill again. Not an easy task to say the least.

  9. Rangers have four top six forwards…Callahan, Gaborik, Kreider and Richards..they need to acquire two more this offseason…Hagelin is a terrific puck retriever, makes the smart pass in the offensive zone but has yet to establish he can be a finisher. The rest of the forwards are third or fourth liners. Maybe a package of DelZotto and Dubinsky could bring in a scorer..then promote Erixon and Miller to fill their spots. Maybe the other top sixer could come via free agency however I would expect captain Parise staying with the Devils..would we expect a free agent to be captain Callahan to ever over jump to NJ?

  10. somebody mentioned Kovalcuk & Tortorella being like oil & water . it would be the same with Nash & Parise. it is the same with Gabby . any forward who is offensive minded will not get along with Tort’s . Yes, we won alot of games with defense & 2 goals & it caught up with us in the play offs = ottawa was the better team = NJ the better team = Caps were better . we chased the puck in all 3 series . 5 guys collapsing when the other team has the puck ? it almost always looked like we were playing short handed . the core of this team needs a different style of play for us to get to the cup. it won’t happen with this coach

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Torts working with Gabby is like Adam & Summer’s Eve trying to work together.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    And so it goes…

    Richards kneeling in goal after OT defeat is more than ironic.

    While Richards and Gabby did click in last 1/4 of season, definitely got us unbalanced.

    Would have had healthy Cally and Hags with Richie on Line 1 and Kreider, Step with Gabby on Line 2. But either way there were defensive challenges with both lines.

    Lasting memory from Game 6 is Rupp coasting back, barely lifting his knees to skate on second goal on probably his second shift of the game. Can’t have that

    And so it goes…

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You post some of the strangest things, stranger Nation.

    What do you want Richards to do? Get up and run down to Warren 77?

  14. While Zuccarello has certainly earned a guaranteed spot in the NHL, it wont be with the Rangers. Just too many players ahead of him on the depth chart, but a team like Columbus or Edmonton would love to have him and I’m sure he will do well.

    I wish him all the best with his new organization and hopefully he wont be forced to go to the KHL…

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, Stranger.
    Thought you wrote “more than moronic” — my bad.

  16. Parise-Richards-Callahan

    Del Zotto-Stralman


    That’s something to look forward to next season…

  17. I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that the table was set for the Rangers to achieve the Stanley Cup because the Pens, Bruins, et al were knocked out for us and we had an easier path. I personally would not want the Rangers to win the Cup because of a lark, or that the chips fell perfectly right just so that could happen. In addition, I would have relished beating the Pens to the Finals more than nearly any other team. Listen if we are going to win then we are going to win.

  18. I never post about the Devils but this yr, is a now or never year. Kovy contract restricts them so much, Marty is done, no prospect, Zack is leaving no doubt, maybe not to NY, but out of bankrupt NJ. So this is it for them. Go Kings.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Post of the day … 8:18am

    ” I personally would not want the Rangers to win the Cup because of a lark, or that the chips fell perfectly right just so that could happen.”

    How many cups have you seen 1994? I’ll take them anyway i can get them.

  20. oleosmirf == Parise is not coming to the Rangers , he is not a shot blocker & either Tort’s or Gabby have to go . they don’t mix . I for one hope Tort’s leaves , he ‘s played out his BS childish personallity

  21. i would love nothing more then getting ready to head to a game 7 tonite. this loss is eating at me and making me so depressed.. the sting wont go away

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And who exactly is replacing him, Ralph? Set me up with the plan to return to ECF next year.

    Wow, one day late, but *THEY* must have gotten the memo because *THEY’RE* back in good form today.

  23. oleosmirf

    i still dont think that roster u have can win a championship. still something missing. we need more on the blueline

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Me too, eric. I feel your pain.

    I can’t remember a loss or exit that’s been as painful, at least not since 1997.

  25. Good morning, boneheads!

    Some interesting posts this morning. Ralph- I have good news and good news. The good news is Torts isn’t going anywhere, thank you. The other good news is that you’re not in charge of this hockey team. Or any other for that matter.

  26. mike sauer condition is vital to our off season plans. we need an update. i think his career could be over. just weird u never hear anything

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Morning, Ilb!

    I fear Sauer is close to done. Sad. Ilb, please chime in if you think different.

  28. Eric, I think the defensive situation won’t be clear until the Rangers know if they can sign this kid from Wisconsin, Justin Schultz.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How do you know that Ralph isn’t one Mr. Howsen, Ilb?!

    Hell, how do you know he’s not one Mr. Sather even?

  30. I do not know, true fans. We haven’t gotten any updates on him the whole year, which may mean two things- either he hasn’t improved at all, or he isn’t Crosby to hear the news about his progress twice a day. My guess is they’ll know pretty soon.

  31. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning boneheads…..Carp, thanks for the extra review.

    It is going to be difficult to get back to the ECF next year. Shoot after winning the presidents trophy in 91-92, they finnished last the following year before finally winning it all. While i dont foresee a number one seed next year, i dont see them finnishing no lower then the 5th seed either. They got some big decisions to make. I have a feeling that Dubi, step and anisimov are going to be on the block this summer. We need some type of power forward that can pop in 25-30 goals to help cally, gabs and richie with the O, while complementing kreider who i think will be a power forward type talent but with more speed. We know the only guarantees back on D are stall, mcD and girardi, although i would like to retain delzotto if possible. Should be an interesting offseason to watch. Im looking forward to next season ( hopefully the nhl gets its act together prior to that).

  32. Thanks for a perceptive review and article in today’s LoHud, Carp. Agree. I think this was the Rangers’ year, if they could take advantage of the alignment of the stars. The miraculous Brad Richards shot with .1 sec remaining, etc. etc. Personally, I think they were relying on a few players (e.g. McDonagh and Girardi) too much to make it to the finals…they were played out by game 6. Also, I think Richards and Gaborik felt they were not protected by teammates, hit hard in exposed situtations without any reaction by the team, that’s when both seemed to turn down their games. Their energy didn’t suffer, but their games did. Call it what you want…you won’t see that from Ovechkin or Kovalchuk. I think the turning point in the playoffs was the hit on Boyle that put him out with a concussion. I am not sure that is not a suspendable offense if Tortorella is not criticizing the officiating. Boyler had been lighting the lamp prior to that. In the end, the Devil’s found a way to win, same as the Rangers did during the regular season but failed to do at the end of the playoffs. And I hope that Staal gets back into the groove next year. This was a significant problem for Tortorella during the year and the playoffs. He doesn’t yet seem to be able to recover from mistakes that way he did last season. With Sauer and Staal back and up to their prior play, I think the Rangers have a chance to win the President’s trophy again and to go deep in the playoffs.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “…sign this kid from Wisconsin, Justin Schultz.”

    I just had a Pierre flashback!! Yikes.

  34. I think you’re spending too much time in an unhealthy environment ( your current clerkship :-), True Fans…

    From a medical standpoint, knowing that there is genetic predisposition that alters the severity and the length of symptoms of concussions, the news may not be great for Sauer. His brother is still out with PPCS….Lindros brothers, anyone?

    True fFans, if you’re interested, search some work of Tom Terrell for University of Tennessee on PubMed.

  35. Boo-Ka-Boom, I hope you didn’t mean trading all three of them for a 25-30 goal scorer.

  36. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    No ilb, def not a 3 for 1 . I just ment that those 3 are the most likely to get traded, whether its 1 of them , 2 of them, or all 3. I dont think sather or torts would hesitate at all if a deal made sense to give any of them up. It sux, cause i like them all, but i also liked amonte, turcotte, patrick and gartner before thy got shiiped off in 93-94.

  37. no ilb , I’m not in charge of the team & I’m real proud of what the players have accomplished. and I also see what this could have done better and I don’t sugar coat his short comings

  38. Ralph, the truth is that this young team with significant shortcomings would not be able to accomplish nearly what they have without the coach. Too bad you don’t see that.

  39. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I know almost all of us want the kings to win the cup,…..but putting aside your hearts and using your hockey heads, (is that possible for a bonehead?? : -). Do you guys think the kings have a realistic shot at beating the devs? Let me hear some predictions. Im thinking quick outshines maryy, their D is a step up, and the forwards are even. Kings in six.

  40. Do you guy’s really think offensive players want to come to the Rangers & be shot blockers or lose ice time . Come on! Itwill be real hard to find 9 offensive guys who want to play Tort’s style , never mind 12. I realise that you need defense , and we have 6 pretty good defenders . you need offense .

  41. True Fans….I think you misinterpreted me…(I have seen one Cup, by the way…) what I was trying to say is that if we deserve a Cup as a team, then we deserve a Cup. It should not matter who we play in the end-if we are better than the other team as a team then we should win regardless. How much more satisfying is it to know that you won against an opponent that was competitive versus one that was a joke. The winning of the Cup shouldn’t be an easy path. Otherwise it itself becomes a joke. Just my opinion…Devils in Six.

  42. Offensive players who care about winning will gladly come to play for Torts, even if it means taking less money. Remember Richards, Ralph?
    Offensive players who prefer to float and collect their paycheck, ala the boys from 97 to 04, and someone named Semin, will not. I can live with that

  43. Up in Vermont for the week… Left after the game Friday night and boy was that a depressing drive. That OT goal happened so fast. I kept thinking “where the hell is the whistle?!?!” but on the replay it was obvious the puck was loose in the crease. Just a rough way to finish such an amazing season.

    Carp, thank you for making the season so much more enjoyable with this blog. Love it…

    On the bright side, this team had a good taste of the playoffs and hopefully they can build on it. Will they ever make it this deep into the playoffs? I believe so!! LGR!!!!!

  44. Czechthemout!!! on


    Rick Nash wanted and still wants to come here and play for Torts. I think he knows he will have to block shots as part of how this team plays.

    I think what you mean or are trying to say is that perhaps they should focus more on puck possession which will lead to more time spent in the offensive zone and lead to less blocked shots.

  45. I like Gabby as a ranger. but honestly his talents don’t mix with what Tort’s wants from his players . Do you really think Gabby is happy here . I don’t ! Tort’s can’t make everyone a defender , He’s got to know which offensive guys to let florish , use thier talents.

  46. Mister D(enial) on

    Game 7 tonight is going to be insane. Let’s hope for another Matteau moment!

  47. Good morning, Boneheads.

    After reading “…a day later, more review” I feel worse than I did yesterday. SIGH

    Nevertheless, thanks to Carp (26+), Josh (26) and Sean (diehard) for all of your support through an amazing season. There wasn’t a game all season that I didn’t think we had a chance to win it… and many we did win. How rare is that in Rangersland?

    I sure hope management doesn’t destroy the chemistry of this team or it’s back to ground zero in a heart beat.

  48. Carp, thanks for removing fireandice from =============>>>>>>

    That was making me sick(er).

  49. Paul in Sunrise on

    IMO which means nothing Rangers will be more successful if the Boyle/Feds/Prust line is the fourth line. Rupp is only a spot play. I too think that at least one of three Step/Dubi/AA are gone. I think Step stays for two reasons. If you are going after that Schultz kid you need friends to lure him here. Second, he has not truly reached his potential, playoffs notwithstanding. But I would prefer he center the third line. While we would all like to see Rupp gone he has two more years on his deal. I think Feds earned another contract as a fourth line 13th forward. He has vet appeal. Prust needs a new contract and think he likes it in NY so won’t try to over reach on the deal. To me MDZ is not fast enough. He got beat on too many close icing calls. This summer is going to be interesting and exciting because they are IMO close…about four players away from improving on this years model.

    This year was great. Lots to be happy and excited about. Nash would be a great get I like him and think would improve the top 6. I don’t expect Parise. Who else would be out there to get if anyone else knows. Staal out of Pitt? As far as Suter…don’t know…I expect them to spend money on offense and build from within on D. Schultz likely primary target on D, emergence of Erixon and maybe McIlrath can be a pleasant surprise during the season as a call up.

    Finally on Zucc. No reason he could not have dressed over Rupp or Eminger. Over Eminger you ask??? If Torts is only going to play the 6th d-man for 2 minutes and not in the second or third periods, Zucc could have dressed and Boyle (former defenseman) could have given you a shift or two in an overtime when and if needed if the game got extended. Maybe the game doesn’t get extended if rangers cash on powerplay with Zucc. I know Carp…that was total crazy talk…don’t ban me…loyal follower occasional poster. Love the blog.

  50. We’ll see what happens. I think if the Rangers still want Nash now, Sather will basically steal him because Columbus’ “hand” (to quote George Costanza) is out the window.

    Though if history is any indication, Parise will be the #1 target. I’m leery about throwing too much $$$ at Ryan Suter. Yes, I know he averages about a point every other game but has never gotten 10 goals in a season, he’s never won anything, and could well be another Redden.

    Parise is a special player though, and as we’ve seen, a winning one.

  51. DJK what exactly makes Parise a winning player? What have we seen? Kid was pretty invisible during the series aside from his couple of empty-net goals.

  52. @ Ralph-I kinda agree, that with Torts you’re married to his style and its his way or no way and that does scare me, because sometimes you have special offensive talents, and they dont need to be blocking shots and worrying every second about being taken out-it will be interesting to see what happens with Kreider, to me he has the hands and the body and legs to be a 40+ goal scorer-but will he be beaten into being a 20 goal scorer who blocks shots? That would be a shame to me. . .

  53. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    what’s done is done…

    let’s see what nightmares occur next season :)

  54. Lev: he’s the captain of the team that just beat us. I’d say that makes him a winning player.

  55. Ralph, I am glad to see you rarely here. I vehemently disagree with everything you say.

    1. Gabby — if he’s not comfortable here there are many other teams to play on. On this team, this is our system. As a high finesse player, he gets some free ‘passes’, however, you have to think ‘d’ first. He played hard the last 2 playoff games, for him, but it was not enough for me (don’t know what the other boneheads thinking. I was sitting right where, in game 5, he allowed the Carter goal to happen, and it was not pretty. He failed to keep the puck in by playing ridiculously soft. Salvador and an offensive player sandwiched him and he was ready to run away. Just swatted at the puck while they played the body. Soft. Really soft. Then, on the same shift, his flamingo? Unforgettable. I was done with him there.

    2. Torts — IF this team, given how poorly put together by the GM it truly is, did not have Torts, they’d be nowhere. It is his system, and his drive (which all they young kids picked up on) that moved them this far. There are ions of teams more talented than this one, but we GOT this far because of the system. Period.

    The Devils lacked talent on the blue line this year. They got to the SCF because of their system. Great coaching exploits a team’s weaknesses. In prior years they have trapped and that worked well. Torts did that with our team.

    Torts is a great coach for this young team and did an out-of-the-ball-park job!

  56. I read that if Prust will want a contract that will be similar to Boyle’s the Rangers might walk away. Id do that too. And then resign Feds. Play Rupp only against lineups with tough guys. And get another 3rd-4th liner who can put the puck in the back of the net. Or even have Newbury take that spot.

  57. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on


    Tortorella did the best job possible in given what he had.

    He got this team playing responsible hockey – playing to its strength, which is its goaltender.

    The team came out to compete every night.

    Tortorella gave deserving players ice time, and held back others who did not deserve icetime based on their play, not their salary, not their popularity, not their supposed skill-level.

    As a result, we saw players like McDonagh, Krieder, Hagelin, Stepan, Del Zotto take strides over the season and playoffs to give us a core for the future.

    Under his tenure, home-grown Ryan Callahan emerged as team Captain.

    Brad Richards arrived as a free agent signing – taking less money than offered by Toronto to come pay here, as a result of his belief in Tortorella as a coach. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME ANY PLAYER HAS ACCEPTED LESS MONEY TO COME TO NY?


    Ralph — Tortorella is NOT perfect. But when is the last time any coach has made such a huge difference in the organisation? Emile Francis? Tortorella has been fantastic.

  58. Amen, Per Djoos. Amen!!

    I never licked the guy. I have the utmost of respect for him. He did a great job!!

    I’ll go one further. I respect what he said after the Winter Classic and the Pittsburgh game. No other coach in hockey would have the guts to do it. None. He’s got balls. Thats what works in New York.

  59. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    My only question with Gaborik is — has he been playing hurt?

    If he wasnt hurt, I’m wondering if the length of his season, 100-odd games, caught up to him. Gaborik has been injury prone, and to my knowledge, has not played a full season 82 games in his career until this one (he played 81 games in 02-03). Add an extra 20 playoff games, and this may have taken its toll. Hopefully, he will be better conditioned for the long run next season?

  60. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    matty —


    Mike Keenan had it, as well!



  61. Per, I will grant you that. He played every game this year and is injury prone. He played ‘tough’ for him.

    I’ll take Nash’s size, checking, and sniper shot. Thank you.

    We are very lucky to have had him for these couple of years. He bridged the gap from when this team was awful till now.

  62. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on


    Right now if I to choose, I’d take Parise over Nash for two reasons:

    (1) I see him flourishing under Tortorella. He is clutch, he brings it every game, he is passionate. He’s American.

    (2) Getting him out of Jersey puts a huge dent in their roster, where players such as Kovalchuck and Henrique will have to step up.

    Parise only costs money right now — which can result in players in the future because signing a huge contract for Parise means less money to retain who you have in the future, or block future signings.

    I would like to learn more about Nash before I comment on him. I dont know him well.

  63. somone asked earlier about a prediction

    i will ROOT like hell for the kings however i predict devils in 5.

    just think the depth of devs continue in finals and i just envision fatso riding off into the sunset with a 4th championship. its enough to make you vomit

  64. Still numb after the loss. We have a bright future ahead of us. I’m very proud to be a Rangers fan. They gave us a great season this year. Still wish we had a game 7 to play tonight though.

  65. JR I’ve posted here before , but I don’t post very often , anywhere. I have never liked Tort’s attitude or personality , I realize he did the best he could with what he had to work with , but we do have guys that are offensively talented & he stifled those talents . He would talk publicly [ when he would talk ] about certain players having to score , then as in Gabby’s case as soon as they make a defensive lapse , thier off the ice . He would rather play our 3rd or 4th line [ which are both very weak ] then to bring up some one with more offensive talent cause he wouldn’t trust then defensively . if Hag’s hadn’t been suspended do you think we would have seen Kreider , no friggin way. Yes , the Rangers had a great year , but I don’t think Tort’s style will get us the Cup

  66. LW3H = Yes Tort’s was coach , Did he sign because Tort’s was coach or how about that big Contract . maybe he’s sorry he signed that contract now . I am not a mind reader in any way , but his body language suggests that he’s not very pleased with Tort’s

  67. “While Zuccarello has certainly earned a guaranteed spot in the NHL, it wont be with the Rangers. Just too many players ahead of him on the depth chart, but a team like Columbus or Edmonton would love to have him and I’m sure he will do well.”

    Only way that happens is if the Rangers make a trade. Zucc remains Ranger property.

    Not sure the Rangers will just give Zuccarello away, I think they like him (especially Torts) and may try to make it work on the 3rd line….

    And, in my mind, the only way we get Parise is if somehow we get rid of Dubinsky….

  68. RALPH,
    Thanks for adding a fresh point of view to the blog. I generally agree with some of your thoughts, especially on needing offensive production. I’m hoping upgrading a couple of players in the offseason will be enough to get the Rangers into the Cup finals in the next couple of years. They are close.
    As for Torts, I had no problem with his Winter Classic comments but I think overall his post game press conferences are embarassing for the Ranger organization. Actually, I would guess most people don’t care what he does so long as the Rangers keep winning games. I do think that his act might wear thin and lose the team in the process.

  69. Thanks Dangir , Its fun throwing your thoughts in the air & see what the pro’s & con’s do to them

  70. Lol, Lev….I guess that may mean you miss firetorts too…We are getting there though

  71. *Body language* indeed.

    I’m sure the $40m had something to do with Gaborik’s choice too (though I bet he could’ve got it elsewhere). But if you’re saying no offensive players will sign where Tortorella is coach (which you are saying…), then his signing (and Richards’ signing) kinda disproves that, no?

  72. I hope step stays too. Im trying to figure out who has the most value trade wise between, him duby and artie. Im thinking dubie but the contract might hinder his trade value. Id like to keep all 3 but just cant see that happening for some reason.

  73. I hope torts stays around a while. You need continuity and the system to stay in place. Look how far it got us this year unexpectedly. His postgame stuff in the playoffs really didnt bother me to much. I just took it as he was focused on his team and didnt want any off ice distractions. Besides, when you have an excellent reporter like Carp covering the team, you pretty much know all the inside stuff you need to know.

  74. Was indeed a real bonus to wake up to the recap Carp, thanks!

    Agree the Devils would find a way a way to incorporate Zuc and the Rangers should give it another year before giving up. I’d like to see a line of Boyle Zuc and Prust.

    Speaking of which I don’t get the negative comments on this board about Prust. Who are people comparing him to? He hits everyone, has decent offensive skills for the role he plays, and is a good pk-er He is so much a part of the core and culture it would be nuts to let him go as long as his demands are reasonable.

  75. C’mon, guys. Don’t put RALPH thru meat grinder. Funnier things happen – he could be right…then what?

  76. Summary of this remarkable season from mathematical point of view:
    If you add Rangers dark past and their bright future, you will get an average all around grey, present, right?
    What I’m trying to say – usually, people are much smarter then they need to be happy, which lead to overanalyzing everything from the different, sometimes opposite angles, instead of just enjoying it emotionally…
    Thanks Rangers, thanks Carp, thanks RR participants, for this bumpy, but extremely enjoyable and excited ride!

  77. Afternoon gang.

    Nice bonus review, Carp. Even though it’s sad we won’t get a Game 7 one.

    Sure will be an interesting off- season, with so many questions. All this talk of offensive players not wanting to come here cause of Tort’s system- has anyone thought that maybe Torts will open up the system if he has more offensive players to work with? Keep the same basics of focusing on defense and yes, blocking shots since that is the new way of doing things in the NHL (EVERY team does it, the Rangers just do it very well), but focusing more on puck possession and offense since Torts will have that type of horse to work with. He molded this team the way he did because that is HOW they had to play in order to be successful due to the nature of the players he had.

    That is on Sather, by the way, and not Tortorella. Sather was like the restaurant GM who orders completely random things then orders his head chef to make a delicious and profitable meal from the mess. Torts was the head chef who took all these random parts, worked with them, added in lots of spices and voila, out came an award winning dish.

    If Torts gets better offensive players, then he can tweak the system to reflect that, without sacrificing what is the team’s strength, which is its goalie and its defensemen.

  78. I give Torts credit for getting these guys to play over their heads. Now let’s see how he builds on this next year in terms of x’s and o’s because I have doubts the intensity level can be maintained for a full other season. Need more top tier offensive players and more puck possession strategies. Good news is I think Torts gets this.

    I also think his negative style including yelling at players on the bench will cause players to tune him out if they ever start losing. With the media piling on it will be a swift downward spiral.

    So while I don’t agree with exactly how Ralph put things I also don’t think his comments are derision-worthy.

  79. “has anyone thought that maybe Torts will open up the system if he has more offensive players to work with? ”

    MickeyM, I agree. I have thought the same!! That’s a great point. He is trying to instill this team with a mindset. It’s a process!!! Processes take time to evolve!!!

  80. Right, NYR_FAN, it’s a process! Put the basic system in place, get it running smoothly and then tweak the process once the basics are running good.

  81. <>

    Wow, can’t think of a post that I have disagreed with more on this site. Who in gods name cares how they win it??????? Just win baby! If every so called “top” team gets knocked out.. GOOD! There are no style points in the PO’s. The only thing that matters is WINNING!!!!!

  82. Really don’t think Parise is coming here. Even in today’s sports culture it’s not the honorable thing to do and he doesn’t seem the type to do it especially if there’s another great offer, which there will be, from a team like Detroit.

  83. 1994May 27th, 2012 at 8:18 am
    I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that the table was set for the Rangers to achieve the Stanley Cup because the Pens, Bruins, et al were knocked out for us and we had an easier path. I personally would not want the Rangers to win the Cup because of a lark, or that the chips fell perfectly right just so that could happen. In addition, I would have relished beating the Pens to the Finals more than nearly any other team. Listen if we are going to win then we are going to win.

    Wow, can’t think of a post that I have disagreed with more on this site. Who in gods name cares how they win it??????? Just win baby! If every so called “top” team gets knocked out.. GOOD! There are no style points in the PO’s. The only thing that matters is WINNING!!!!!

  84. CARP:

    You removed the noxious fire and ice!! THANK YOU!!

    Can you PLEASE remove the equally NOXIOUS Wyshynski? PRETTY PLEASE?????

  85. Lloyd Braun on


    I’ve spoken unfavorably of Prust in the past (although not recently). Just a guess as to why he’s receiving criticism now…it’s most likely because he’s getting lumped in with Rupps and Mitchells of the world: i.e. the guys who offered basically zero offensive contribution. I think it’s a bit unfair since he played a better than his stat sheet would indicate. (Also keep in mind that even though he only had two points, he still had more points than Rupp and Mitchell combined.) As a number of the Rangers started fall off the face of the earth, it became easier to point fingers at any of the guys who weren’t producing, and there were many Rangers who basically didn’t hit or stopped hitting the score sheet in the postseason (Carl Hagelin being a notable example).

  86. czechthemout!!!! on


    Although I don’t agree with your thoughts today, I hope you don’t allow the snark you are getting from some to stop you off from posting here. There are some posters here who if they had their way, would not allow for any opinion other than their own to be posted here. This blog is better when different pour of views are debated with civility and respect.

  87. Matteau,

    As a coach myself, albeit of youth sports which is not even remotely comparable to professional sports, I think negativity can be just as important to a player’s game as is positive energy. I think Torts knows what buttons to push and which to use under particular circumstances; you saw it in Game 6 when he was clapping and urging the team on.

  88. Carp, thanks again for all the work this year. Shot 100 today, 100! I think it had to do with every time i used my NYR ball mark on a green, first I got upset seeing the NYR logo, then I shot (putted) the ball wide right or wide left.


    The above link is why I am BEGGING that the noxious puck daddy be removed from your twitter feed. The most active players in the Rick Nash talks were the NY Rangers, GREG! But nowhere in your article do you even mention them. This Devils fan masquerading as an analyst is a disgrace to the profession. That is why I think it is so important that someone like CARP who covers the team be impartial. How can anyone take anything that asshat Wyshynski says seriously?

  90. Who exactly was uncivil or disrespectful to Ralph, Czech?

    Mildly snarky disagreement (and some fairly rudimentary contradictory evidence) is hardly a sign of oppression of opinion by the shady Pollyanna cabal and/or blog thought police.

  91. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers who deserve more blame than Prust for the Devil series:

    Derek Stepan: 1 assist
    Carl Hagelin: 0 points
    Marian Gaborik: 1 goal
    Michael Del Zotto: 2 assists
    Marc Staal: 1 goal
    Anton Stralman: 1 assist
    Brian Boyle: 2 assists (although I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because of the concussion)

    It’s worth noting that only one Ranger forward had more than 4 points in the series and that was Ruslan Fedotenko with 5 (Dan Girardi also had 5 points). Guy had a very nice series but when he’s your best forward, you don’t win.

  92. Regarding the comment that Columbus lost hand on Nash.

    More teams will be in on Nash, and it will be easier for them to trade good players in the off season when they have time to re-tool. Plus Nash is under contract, and is a franchise player. The price will still be high.

    But Sather has to find a way to do it with two good players plus prospect and pick. Only untouchables are Kreider, Cally, McD and of course Hank.

    This is not like the past where he’s taking a gamble and building around a high priced mercenary- it’s taking the assets you’ve accumulated and leveraging to upgrade the thing that gives it a real chance at a cup.

  93. czechthemout!!!! on


    Still having some trouble getting over the loss as well.

    I think Prust is a tough guy who does some things that really help this team. The problem is that he is a good fourth line player who is over used at times which means he piles up third line minutes. He may want to get third line dollars which he is not worth. But the guy is a warrior.

  94. bull dog line on

    I do think Torts needs to loosen the reigns on the offensive guys. I understand the team identity thing, but skill players need some freedom. I also think Torts got badly out coached in the Devs series. the Devs stretched the Rangers out, broke there own zone easily, and kept the Rangers pinned in there own zone often.

  95. Wandered over to some other Rangers sites just to see what other folks are saying and they wanna trade Gaborik, Staal, Girardi and MDZ and sign Suter, Parise and trade for Nash.

    Are they crazy or is it just me?

    Food for thought and talk before I head out for a BBQ…

  96. What do you think of Mike Keenan’s comment that he was asked not to come back, rather than running out of town?

  97. Lloyd Braun on


    you’re absolutely, right. if the Rangers were a deeper team, Brandon Prust would be on the 4th line and kill penalties. he’s been forced into roles he doesn’t belong in because there have been a lack of dynamic players above him.

  98. Lloyd Braun on

    honestly, I could probably have been a bit harder on McDonagh if not for the fact that he’s the best defenseman on the team and will be significantly better in the future. his 4 total playoff points were piss poor, though.

  99. Lloyd I agree Prust is hardly to blame, in fact that was a huge goal he scored in game 5. He is one of the heart and soul fuys, easily worth 1.8m, though not sure what his demands will be.

  100. czechthemout!!!! on


    It’s funny how you responded first to my comment. You happen to be one of the leaders of snark and ridicule on here. If you think you aren’t, you need to read some of your posts in response to some of the people who don’t share your opinion. Although I will say that your responses towards me lately have been a lot better.

  101. I’m much more concerned about what other teams will offer Prust than what demands he will make to the Rangers…Rangers can’t afford to over-pay for a guy like Prust…I know he loves it here so maybe he will take less….

  102. Lloyd Braun on

    the thing is, all Prust’s agent has to do is hold up a copy of Mike Rupp’s contract and his base salary automatically doubles.

  103. Actually, 1.5 to 1.8 million per is probably the going rate for a GOOD 3rd/4th line player who can PK and fight and has a few years experience in the league.

  104. Even if we’re judging players whose primary role is not scoring points on how many points they scored, four points in any 20-game stretch, particularly when playing against the hardest competition every night (and mostly excelling) and getting basically no PP time is hardly an unmitigated disaster.

  105. Wow, I wholeheartedly disagree with some of the notions here that we need a Rick Nash type player. Guys, let’s be serious, the reason the Devils and the Kings are in the Cup finals is that they got scoring from EVERY line. Our 3rd line scored in the Ottawa series, but stopped pretty much in Game 4 when Boyle got the concussion. Maybe i’m dilusional, but we have a very good team here. Yeah, did certain things go right? Of course. Boston lost in the first round Pitt lost in the first round. Philly lost in the 2nd round. Things went right. But at the same time, we got hungry 7 and 8 seeds that pushed us to 7 games each and we ran out of gas. The kings and devils are examples of GET IN then do damage. Will this team the way they’re built win 51 games next year in the reg season and get a 1 seed? Maybe, maybe not, maybe we had a lot of OT winners, lots of heroics, drama, etc.

    I think what the team needed was a good value trade at the deadline. The Devils got Zidlicky, the Kings got Carter. Both of which became very important cogs for their team. We could’ve used a value 6th defenseman, we could’ve used a Ryan Smyth or Ryan Malone or someone who’s a 20 goal scorer with a nose for the net who could’ve played 3rd or 4th line minutes and given Torts the opportunity to play a 6th defenseman for more than 5 minutes/game, or have a 3rd line with Boyle, Anisimov and either one of those 2 guys, who have cup experience and can score big goals. We’re not that far off guys.

    Cups are won and lost at the trade deadline or in the offseason. I think we’re right there, have faith guys, don’t steer off course Sather, please!

  106. Trading Gaborik and getting Nash defeats the purpose, Mickey. You need two legit offensive threats, not one. One of the reasons Gaborik was ineffective was because the opposing team could easily deploy their best defensive pair against him. Without a reliable secondary scoring you are lucky to get 2 goals per game.

  107. Lloyd Braun on

    agreed, ilb. the only way you can trade Gaborik is if it leads to bringing in another comparable forward and you’re able to land a Nash and/or Parise. ideally, I think you’d want to accomplish all three.

  108. I would trade any 2 players other than McD, cally and Kreider for Nash. Since one of those would likely be a Dman then I’d sign Suter. And because i dont think parise signing here I would trade for Iggy.

  109. Lloyd Braun on


    Those are your words, not mine. I think he would have been nice if he kicked in a few more points, but the guy is on the verge of turning 23 and is already the best defenseman on the team. I’ll deal with 4 points.

  110. ilb, That is exactly what I was thinking when I read this person’s post! I was all ‘yes, subtract offense from a team that is dire need of it, that makes SO much sense’. They need to ADD offense to Gaborik. not remove him from the picture.

    Then again, these people were trashing Torts and the system so I am not shocked they said this.

  111. Could not disagree more that trading gabby for Nash defeats the purpose. That is a huge upgrade in and of itself.

  112. Obviously they wouldn’t stop at gabby for Nash, they then have to add more offensive pieces but they have their top guy in place.

  113. Idly wondering and I hate playing the ‘what if’ game, buuuuut…Imagine what this team would have looked like if we had the Dubinsky from the first half of the previous season.

  114. Why the hell does everyone think Nash is the answer?? I don;t understand it. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side!

  115. Thanks , czechthemout & 4everanger for coming to my rescue even though you don’t agree with all of my thoughs = But its all good , I throw my thoughs out & maybe I other posters agree with me or some other posters show me where I am wrong . either way it won’t change what Tort’s wants to do . And we will all keep routing for our Rangers

  116. Lloyd Braun on

    Swapping out one forward for another isn’t going to help this team’s scoring issues. Nash hasn’t done enough to suggest he’s an upgrade from Gaborik anyway, so it’s all just hypothetical at this point. Gaborik certainly made himself look like postseason Alex Rodriguez, but you need to land more big pieces. I’m not sold Nash is a top guy no matter how much larger than Gaborik he is.

  117. I’ll admit to ridiculing some things that I find ridiculous, Czech, but that’s still pretty rare and I’ll beg to differ if you’re saying I ridiculed Ralph.

    As a self admitted Europånsy with no credibility and a wafer thin Brodeur joke book, I tend to lace my comments with humour. If a bit of snark is that offensive then…welcome to the Internet.

    No problem whatsoever with differing opinions to mine and strongly disagree with the notion that anyone is trying to quash differing opinions. So equally nobody should get that upset by me disagreeing with Ralph, you, Carp, Rod, Wicky, Manny, CCCP, Josh, 26 or anyone else. Especially since I’m always right.

  118. I’ve watched Nash a long time, have a friend who lives in Columbus (yes it’s true). There’s a reason every GM in the league wants him. He’s a monster. Ask any gm if they think their team would be upgraded by trading gabby for Nash and they would likely spit up their drink laughing.

  119. Lloyd, for once I whole heartedly agree with you. I am totally not sold on Nash at all. Yes, he is big, yes he is a goal scorer, but is he better than Gaborik?? I have no idea.

  120. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rupp is seriously slow – next year even slower –

  121. Compare what would happen if Sather announce dthat gabby was on the block. Yawn.

  122. czechthemout!!!! on


    Agree. If Gabby is moved, it has to be to a team that thinks it is a goal scorer away from contending or just making the playoffs. Calgary comes to mind. Maybe for a guy like Curtis Glenncross? Maybe the Blues for a TJ Oshie and Shattenkirk? But it all has to be predicated on whether or not Nash can be aquired as well as another player like Parise. Otherwise, just getting rid of Gabby and replacing him with Nash isn’t really a step Forward.


    Also scanned many other Ranger sites. I thought the only two players consistently talked about as players that should be traded were MDZ and Gabby. I would say Mdz was the winner by an inch .

  123. Lloyd I would then try to sigh Whitney for one year. And try to trade for Iggy.

  124. Matteau- if you add Nash, who do you have in mind as a 40-goal scorer to add? Why invent tge wheel if you already have it in place. Nash himself will require the best and tge biggest defensive pair to shut down. That would leave Gaborik as the one to deal with second pair, which is usually less physical. If he managed to score 40+ for two seasons while being the only offensive threat, I think he could do no worse against the second pair. Not to mention his contract isn’t easy to move, considering he has NTC. Just doesn’t make sense.

  125. But, the one thing that scares me about Nash is that contract. It’s a cap killer. Just like the Parise one will be. And that makes me really wonder if signing Parise is the right move, on the heels of Richards contract and with guys like Callahan, Lundqvist, Girardi, McDonagh all needing new contracts before Richards contract runs out.

  126. You have Nash in place you then can add complementary pieces. Then guys like Whitney become interesting. Guys like Richard smaybe better. Gabby doesn’t give you that. To go back to my analogy gabby is mike Gartner, an extra scorer.

  127. And now someone wants to trade McDonagh. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. That’s not happening.

  128. Lloyd Braun on


    I got dumped on endlessly for saying Mike Rupp was a piece of crap – granted, that probably falls within the anathematic practice of criticizing a NY Ranger who isn’t named Sean Avery – and I even got off his case a bit when he put in a nice performance in the 3OT game against Washington. But the guy contributed nothing this season (yeah, I know, Winter Classic blah blah blah) and was virtually invisible in the playoffs. His pointless attempt at knocking Brodeur off his game served no other purpose other than to make him look foolish and I was actually glad Brodeur didn’t really acknowledge him during the handshake. Rupp was a non-entity all year and was ham-fisted into this lineup for reasons that (allegedly) have to do with his clubhouse presence. That we’ve got two more years to look forward to is kind of sickening.

  129. Adam Rotter lays out on SNY perfectly:

    Adam Rotter: I understand all the frustration with Gaborik and the desire that some have to trade him, but you don’t trade guys who scored 41 goals, scored seven game winning goals and broke 20 ties during the regular season. His playoffs weren’t up to snuff but he was far from the only Ranger for which you can say that. The Rangers are team that struggles to score and moving a guy like Gaborik wouldn’t help fix that problem.

  130. Lloyd Braun on


    Shipping out Gaborik and bringing in Rick Nash and Ryan Whitney isn’t enough of an upgrade. Rangers need more than “complimentary pieces.”

  131. Lloyd Braun on


    I’m basically stealing Matteau’s words but trading Mike Gartner is ’94 nullifies everything Adam Rotter wrote.

  132. No problem keeping gabby as a secondary goal threat to Nash. Just being realistic about the cap and the fact that have to give to get.

    But it is way to simplistic to say how do you replace 40 goals. That’s not how it works. Other players wil be better and make up the difference.

  133. czech, I get that DZ has a very disappointing last 2 games, but in light of the news about his family, I’m not surprised he did. Professional or not, he IS human and thus has emotions and feelings that are hard to shut off no matter what. However, why would we trade defense when we basically played the entire playoffs with 3.5 to 4.5 defensemen? That makes no sense. We have NO idea if McIlrath or Erixon are really ready for prime time.

  134. Lloyd Braun on


    you’re right about Del Zotto. plus he’s, what, 10 years old?

  135. Lloyd again my central point is that Nash is the go to guy that gabby isn’t. Once you have that in place its easier to build around with complementary pieces. You’re right they need more than complementary pieces bc gabby is not the guy to build around! Going in circles.

  136. Other players will be better, Matteau? How do you know this unless you have a crystal ball. There are NO guarantees that anyone has the kinda year they had this year or that they will be better than this year. I’m sorry, but you don;t traded away offense from a team that is offensively starved. That is just plan ridonkulous!

  137. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Lloyd – agreed on rupp – he was the slowest skater on any team during the playoffs ….and he isn’t getting any faster this lifetime.

  138. Lloyd Braun on

    Regardless, you can trade Marian Gaborik if there are better pieces to be had. Would I trade Gaborik if it meant bringing only one significant forward in? Definitely not. The only way you make that trade is if you can bring in multiple scoring forwards and that means trading players most here probably don’t want to trade and spending a lot of money.

  139. Lloyd, are you saying that he should be better at controlling his emotions since he’s an adult? Not everyone is a robot…

  140. czechthemout!!!! on

    Rupp was as bad a signing as Brashear and Boogard. He was a wasted roster spot which could have been filled better with Dale Weise. And cheaper too. And with out the extra two years on the contract.

  141. Lloyd Braun on


    Bring in Rick Nash and Whitney. Ship out Gaborik. That makes the Rangers a Stanley Cup winner? I just don’t see it.

  142. While I’m worried about Parise’s contract, the truth is they can easily handle it this year. And add some more. Next season is a different story. But even then it may come down to resigning some third liners, and trading some of their defense, which by then will be so overcrowded, they may have to anyway.

  143. Lloyd Braun on

    I don’t like signing Parise for a lot of reasons but it’s so hard to imagine the Rangers won’t go ape crap trying to sign him. You have to wonder how much they’ll throw at him, though? I could see a pretty hefty, especially since they had to pay through the teeth for a player two years older.

  144. Again, Matteau, how do you know Nash is a go to player? Is there anything in his career that has shown he is this type of player? Did he lead the Jackets to a Cup all by himself? And don’t give me the Olympics argument since that team was stacked with the best players in the world and if he was this go-to player, it would have been him scoring the gold medal winner and not Crosby.

  145. ilb, do you think there will be anything significantly different about the new CBA? Is it possible that Redden’s contract could some somehow count against the new CAP?

  146. Lloyd, ok then. I wasn’t sure of the tone of your statement, thought you were being sarcastic. Sorry bout that. I think DZ is only going to get better, in all honesty.

  147. OK gang. This has been fun, but I gotta go. Heading to a friends for a BBQ and some pool time. Enjoy the day!!

  148. Lloyd Braun on


    No, not at all. I’d actually forgotten about his grandmother passing away. My point was that given his age (or lack thereof) and minimal experience, no one can expect the guy to have held it together after what he dealt with.

  149. Mickey I guess I wasn’t clear. I can’t predict who will be better next year (and by the way this also means we can’t predict gabby will have 40 again or stay healthy all year). What I am saying is having a go to guy usually makes other good players better.

    Lloyd we’re on the same page that trading gabby must come with other moves, I guess where we differ is I think adding Nash and Whitney for gabby is a huge upgrade. Those 2 are your first line, richie and cally your second. Kreider on one of the 2.

  150. NYR_FAN- I don’t think Redden’s contract itself will count against the cap since it was moved during current CBA, but I do think that going forward the NHL will make sure that at least a chunk of contracts buried in AHL will count against the cap. If for no other reason but to assure that it counts against escrow. At tge moment, once the contract is in AHL, the player doesn’t pay escrow, that’s why Redden, for example, brings home more than Gaborik.

  151. Mickey if you haven’t left for your BBQ yet name a good player Nash has played with on the same line on Columbus.

  152. Lloyd Braun on


    Ok, but that seems to bank on Dubinsky having a major resurgence. I’m just not sold on that happening.

  153. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why does everyone want to add offense by trading Gabs for Nash?!

    How does trading a 3x 40+ goal scorer for a two time 40+ goal scorer get us an upgrade? Looking at their numbers, as an aside, they’re earily similar actually. Both have 7x 30+ goal seasons.

    You can’t ADD offense by trading away a 41 goal scorer, I don’t care how bad you think he was against the Devils. That’s just not the way to do it.

  154. czechthemout!!!! on


    It wasn’t just the last two games. He was not good after the Ottawa series. He had one maybe two good games against the Caps. Also, I feel he can easily be replaced by Erixon, an increased offensive role for Mcd, and finally ,signing Justin Shultz. Plus when and if you make a trade, ideally, you want to trade from strength. Defense is our deepest position. You also have to give something to get something. Unless you feel that Parise should be the top option. I dont.

  155. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Get Lucic and this team is in position to do great things.

  156. I’ve read on this Blog & A.G. ‘s blog That Tort’s likes or liked mza . how did he show that other than lately time on the pp

  157. True Fans if you believe hockey is like baseball and all about numbers then can’t argue with you.

  158. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    RALPH May 27th, 2012 at 2:10 pm
    I’ve read on this Blog & A.G. ’s blog That Tort’s likes or liked mza . how did he show that other than lately time on the pp

    The Rangers are an NHL club while the Whale are an AHL club. Please realize he was given decent stretches in consecutive seasons. What else is Torts to do?

  159. Nyr i don’t think he said that exactly and if anything now that he did I think it makes it even harder for Parise to sign here without looking bad.

  160. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m just saying you have a guy who can score you 30-40 and you want offense. You can’t trade that guy unless it’s for a CLEAR upgrade (Crosby, Malkin, Giroux… that’s about it). Otherwise, I do everything I can to cut the borderline dead weight (Dubi, in particular), clear some cap, and add another threat to spread the responsibility on the top line.

    Gaborik can’t go out and score a goal a game if he sees a Chara or a Weber every night. In essence, if he sees them then someone else’s line has to step up and maybe that ‘someone else’ can be a 35+ goal guy like Nash or Parise.

  161. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    MDZ was excellent during the first 2 rds. I would off him. Bring in Nash and Lucic – send away AA, Stepan, Mitchell, and rupp.

    Is that a possibility?

  162. Matteau- I do not know. But I don’t buy for a second he won’t sign here because it would make him look bad. If they gave Elias NMC he wanted a few years back, he’d be here. Parise will sign where the money is. And where the team can be a perennial contender. Why not here? Don’t discard the notion that living around NY for years does mean that he has some friends and places he enjoys.

  163. This team was 6 wins away from a Championship…and most reactionary Ranger fans want to blow the whole team up….Unbelievable, the crap I am reading on Twitter and other blogs….

  164. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Iginla would be a waste on this team. The system is too defensive for him, he would become a 55point guy and we would end up wanting to dump him. He’s a glorified Callahan and I think he’s starting to wear down from being a physical player.

  165. Everyone keeps including this Justin Schultz kid in their lineup next season. Do you guys remember Matt Gilroy?? Prust sayin’

    Butt-Chin for Iggy?? Hell no! That’s a move the old Sather would make

  166. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – 6 wins away – might as well be a hundred

  167. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “any time you think about a big trade, the angle of what is needed is sometimes misfortune”

  168. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the luxury of making a big move is defended by what seems to be”

  169. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I think parise would be a huge addition, but i doubt its going to happen. Trading gabby for nash would be pointless. Im thinking dubi and a prospect and maybe a pick might get nash here. But what the zarley zalapski do i know. Maybe sather will wait and see what kreider does in the first half of the reg season before making any really big changes.

  170. My brutha – We were so close, yet so far….I know it hurts but we must look forward…it was a great season and this a special team

  171. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “by signing Parise, the rangers are motivationally adjacent”

  172. If you have a team thats close to a cup run, getting Iggy for gabby is an upgrade. Especially on a torts team.

  173. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – werd

    JR – “the rangers are a continent if they sign parise. It also appears if they are able to be contiguous, then surely”

  174. Iib I think at this point Parise signing here would look dishonorable to all except ranger fans and I don’t see him as the type to do it, especially if there’s a good offer from say Detroit. I will of course come here on July 2 and admit if I am wrong but I just don’t see it and hope Sathers time is better spent working on other possibilities.

  175. Lol Eddie, I have no idea how you are still able to come up with JRism. One would think you’d run out of choices by now, but they seem to get better and better instead.

  176. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the supplementary regardlessness amounts to something”

  177. Bo-ka-boom Dubi and a pick might help get dubi’s contract off our books, that’s it.

  178. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Subtracting 41 goals RARELY leads to success. Just changing the regular season standings, this team may not leave the first round.

    I don’t see how adding yet another glorified grinder to this team changes anything? Iginla is dangerous on the boards and in front of the net. He does little to nothing for a transition game, neutral zone breakouts, and setting up a dominant offensive system that puts opposing teams on its heels. Actually, i think subtracting Gaborik’s speed and adding a slower North-South player like Iggy detracts from the good thing Torts has going with Kreider and Hags.

  179. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the only thing necessitated by turnoff season activity is profoundest”

  180. He’ll be their first choice, Matteau. Unless they have a sense it isn’t happening in advance. And unless Sather can howson Howson before July 1st.

  181. Much as id like to see gabby gone I do hold open the possibility that he could be made a better playoff scorer by adding Iggy or Nash. Just being realistic about cap and what it would take to et those guys.

  182. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    JR – “the supplementary regardlessness amounts to something, irregardlessly”


    Laughed at this one. I think you could throw in an “irregardless” somewhere if you’re looking to re-mix it.

  183. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “by filling a bathtub full of water – you proclaim it the most”

  184. Adam Proteau ?@Proteautype
    People saw Kovalchuk & Gaborik as soft, playoff non-factors early in their career. Kovy is proving them wrong; Gaborik is proving them right

    That is such CRAP!!!

  185. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the truncation of the group can never be such decidedly”

  186. “how about trading gabori k and 28th pick to edm for #1 and take yakupov…gaborik would thrive in run and gun offense”

  187. True Fans I think you’re underestimating Iggy. Yes he’s in his later years but still an impact player. We would have done better vs devils with him in the line up over gabby.

  188. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “conceptions aside, the rangers are surest whenever it was needed”

  189. Tom Gulitti ?@TGfireandice
    Giroux had no even-strength pts, Hartnell 1A, Jagr A; Gaborik 1G,. Richards 2 A. Versteeg 1G/1A, Weiss 1A. That’s it.

  190. Iib the thing is Nash will have to be decided before July 1 because he’s probably going at the draft. Just hope they don’t hold back in anticipation of Parise.

  191. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “at some point, you must refrain from choosing what you might not have thought towards it”

  192. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    True Fans I think you’re underestimating Iggy. Yes he’s in his later years but still an impact player. We would have done better vs devils with him in the line up over gabby.

    If Gabby doesn’t score the GWG against Wash (7p in that series), maybe we don’t even see NJ in the second round? You can’t scoff at 41g in the reg season with 7 gwg, he’s an asset that’s not readily dismissed and unless you’re getting a significant upgrade for him, he won’t be traded for Iginla and I would doubt trading him for Nash is in Torts/Sather’s plans either.

  193. LOL, NYR. Maybe he should post they gave up 5 points to Dan Girardi and Ruslan Fedotenko!

  194. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – what is more confounding is the questionality of what happened”

  195. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ^ disregardless of my typo, you can’t possibly not know what I obviously meant.

  196. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “constitutionally, it was inevitable”

  197. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “I totally agree with true blue above as long as we aren’t hair splitting”

  198. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the beast of the nature means another team is adhering”

  199. True Ranger love that Gabby scored that big goal but that’s what he should do. If he played as an impact player maybe we don’t need 3 ot or 7 games for that matter.

  200. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “while saving time means 9 stitches, it could be sentiment”

  201. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “if you distill more frenetically, the outcome absolves”

  202. I also found this gem on twitter:

    “As long as Gaborik is still with @thenyrangers I will never watch another ****** game, you visor wearing *****. Sean Avery has more heart!”

  203. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “gabby is in the primal of his career. If you consternate what he activated, it’s tough to argue”

  204. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “whenever the parts of the whole are greater than the product of the sum, basically”

  205. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the quandry of the rangers effort is obviously perfunctory”

  206. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “NYR fan has hit the hammer with the head. It must be forituded that elasticity isn’t so much endless as it cooperation”

  207. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR “the system of rigor promulgated by the devils 4th line was the integrating differential”

  208. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “I expectate the rangers to be aggressive in the following post season especially in relegating any participation of talent”

  209. dont know why but i feel much sadder today about the loss than i felt on the day when they lost :(

    i hope there won’t be a lockout.

    Approximately 140 days until 2012-13 season start.

  210. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Feel the same way cccp. Maybe because today wouldve been game 7. Go blueshirts.

  211. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Interesting work by TR Terrell. Did you see the second author on his 2002 pub on splenic rupture? (Lundquist). I had forgotten about Kurt’s post-concussion woes. Three years out of the game for him now, scary to think that it may have gotten both of those kids.

  212. Nice article by Mike Vaccaro in NY Post today. Couldn’t agree more. Sorry, on my iPhone, can’t link.

  213. I am definitely into keeping The Pruster. Heart and souler, he is not a 3rd liner. He was miscast with BB onto 3rd because of our lack of depth.

    On a well put together team, I see him, BB, and a Feds type player on fourth line.

    Boy, do we have a lot of tinkering to do.

  214. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Do u see the rangers resigning feds? Both years were 1 year contract offers?

  215. Kenny, Feds was one of our most important players in the playoffs. He did everything he was asked. He is a big time, big game player. If everyone stepped up like he did, many of us would be on our way to MSG right now.

  216. on #4, hey the Devils just showed you could go through three Atlantic (Patrick) Division (Conference) teams to make the Final. Has any team ever gone through three division foes like that under this format?

  217. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I agree matty completely. I want him back. I just hope Sather feels the same way.

  218. Feds is slow… i’d rather go for a guy like Chris Kelly from Boston… not a winger but a great 3rd line center who can give you 17+ goals and 35+ points AND is over 50% on faceoffs.

  219. The way we use our third/fourth lines, I would rather see Prust and his energy on the third line getting double-digit minutes than on the fourth. Boyle/Fedotenko could go either way for me.

  220. the horse JACKWAGON won the 6th race at Calder today, and paid $26.80

    Carp, how much did you win?

  221. One thing I believe that everyone should consider is
    the possibility that some of the players named that would be good for Rangers, just might not be all that good. Sometimes, one catches an opponent
    who looks like a world beater, and he is being
    going at the peak of his capability for that or those moments in time that will seldom be seen again.

    Think of the times that has happened..Drury? Zherdev?
    Poti Quite possibly there have been others, Redden?

    I know that you all are much closer to the individuals that make up this team, but i have for quite a while
    held to the idea that their problems stemmed less from who they dress to play, but how they go about their business of trying to win games.

    I’m omitting Tortorella for I have too little insight into whether he is a top Coach or not. But I do have seriious doubts about the rest of the coaching staff.

    I once questioned the goal tending coach re Lundqvist’s tendency to sprawl belly first on most of his save, and literally spend his time on his knees.
    He still spends far too much time on his knees. I was sternly admonished about making such a statement due to the fact that his Goal coach was superior to any other in the league. Well…perhaps so, but he has glaring weaknesses despite his athleticism, that could be addressed and improved upon. Watch him closely
    as he slides back and forth deep in the crease. He practices before the game, his moves to goal tend from his knees, and he,s very adept at it. They say
    has a great glove hand. O really? If you get an opportunity try a replay of his glove hand during the games. Sure he catches the ones that are directed toward him ( for the most part), but why does he try to anticipate where the shot will come from to the degree that he posts himself in one sport, and assumes that the shot will go elsewhere and he gets nailed. Happened on several occasions during both playoffs. How many shots tipped off the tip of his glove and was retained in play. Why has he never been taught from early on the two stacked pads
    side ward slide? Everything it the butterfly. Who is one goal tender that has on occasion utilized this stack? Brodeaur. I actually saw several others this season on occasion and it’s rarity was commented on by announcers. Old fashioned? sure. Who used it? Emil Francis did…I used to watch him. So did Johnny ?China Wall Bower. And Glen Hall, and TErry Sawchuck., and Turk Broda.

    I don;t believe that Rangers are ever going beyond where they are right now, til they change their tactics.

    And this is probably the domain of the coaches under Tortorella.

  222. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but two points on Boogaard:

    1. Never know what a season (or offseason will bring).

    2. This team was LITERALLY wearing the number ’94 on its helmets…..

    “I am your density, I mean destiny” – George McFly

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