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  1. Yeah, Zucc is in a tough spot.

    Carp, do you think NJD have been run better than the Red Wings? What is it, now, 20 consecutive playoff births, four cups? I think they’re both vying for that position of top NHL organization.

  2. No, I think the Red Wings have had a much better run … but they are still doing it with a lot of the same guys. Devils have reloaded.

    And I still maintain that, since expansion in 1967, only three teams have ever won a Cup, completely torn it down and rebuilt and won again … Montreal and Pittsburgh and Boston, the last two very recently.

  3. No, the bottom hasn’t fallen out of the Devils since their Cup-winning teams (and as I suggested above, last year’s lottery team looks quite a lot like this year’s Cup Final team), but they’ve been as mediocre as everybody else since the lockout. And the GM has a significant hand in that.

    I’ll reserve judgement on how formidable they might be in future, once we see if Parise goes and how they replace Elias and their 79-year-old goalie tandem.

  4. Well, LW, can we agree that the Devils, 1997-present have had a better run than some other teams that might play six miles (as the crow flies) away?

  5. Oh, absolutely. As much as it would pain us to say, the front office of the Devils has done an infinitely better job than that of the Rangers in that timeframe. Though still pretty even since the lockout, I’d argue.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with Zucc having a backup plan…I think the Rangers want to keep Zucc here…We’ll see….I think Torts likes him a lot…

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t know if it was mentioned but the devils have essentially been practicing this science of ‘Capology’ for 10+ years, since awhile before the lockout.

    Didn’t they find a sneaky way of burying malakhov in the sharks payroll? I believe he retired or was due IR money, but the devs asked him to retract it, then they traded him with a low prospect to SJ and the sharks paid.

    They were one of the earlier teams to bUru contract in the minors (mogilney).

    We also know what they attempted with kovalchuk.

    They don’t have a lot of income secondary to a lousy fanbase, but they manage the hell out of what they have and stretch it for good value.

  8. Yeah, True Fans.

    Malakhov was basically done, but the Sharks were happy to take his cap hit if the Devils sent them a first round pick. The Isles basically took Rolston’s bad contract to get them above the cap floor too.

    Mogilny was one of the first players buried in the minors to avoid the cap hit. Same with Dan McGillis and Vitaly Vishnevski from memory.

    And Bryce Salvador and Richard Matvichuk had season long “injuries”, information on which never seemed to hit the press.

  9. CTBlueshirt on

    Since 97 the Wings have been the best. Their constant from that time is Lidstrom but the 97-02 teams were the Yzerman/Fedorov/Shanny teams and their winning teams from post lockout were Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Franzen.

    Since 03 the Devils have to win this year to be considered a better team than say the Flyers who’ve gone to the conference finals in 04 and 08 and a finals appearance in 10 with a lot of turnover in the process.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Zuccarello should bolt ASAP, unless he gets the Rangers to trade him. He won’t get a shot with Torts here. It would have been interesting to see if he would have dressed for most games if he was not injured. I am betting he would not have. He is not a Torts kind of player.

  11. We are just a better PP and one scorer and one offensive defenseman with a blast from the point away from the Cup. We have a culture of winning now that simply didn’t exist when we were skating Drury, Gomez, Redden, and Rozsival. McDonagh and Kreider are future perennial All-Stats and Team USA Olympians. King Henrik will be around for a long time to come.

    Fix the PP and go from there.

  12. I’ve been reading the boards for two years now, but first time posting. Just want to share a quick moment from last night.

    My friends own a bar in the city that a bunch of the guys have come in to this season. Always lovely and polite and we’ve been thrilled to have them. Last night, Boyle, Staal, McD, Step and Kreider came in late. We paid for all their drinks and chatted for a bit. They were devastated, but just wonderful. Boyle actually apologized to us for the loss, several times. I simply said that I couldn’t have been any prouder of this group and for the first time in years I know without a doubt that next year’s gonna be even better. And it’s true.


  13. Dave Lozo ?@DaveLozo
    Claude Giroux and Danny Briere, who haven’t played a game in 18 days, still lead the league in playoff goals with 8 each.


  14. CTBlueshirt on

    Fix the 5v5 scoring and you’ll do even better.

    What’s the standard of a decently functioning PP, 20% and a poor one is 15%. That’s 5 goals every hundred chances. Say a team averages 4 chances a game that means you’re adding 5 extra goals over 25 games, 10 extra over 50 games? You’ll have many more minutes of 5v5 play over that time.

  15. Smartporpoise on

    Gone unnoticed was Kreider deftly setting up numerous teammates in front of the net. Once a steady set of linemates understands how to accomodate his unique combination of hard work, speed, strength, talents and tendencies, that line should thrive.

  16. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    congrats miami!! im sure it was the greatest 2-bit, bush league, amateur hour, mickey mouse, 3rd team saudi arabian mixed curling team endeavor that unlucky woman could have ever asked for :)

  17. CTB, good point. I would make the generalization and argue that if you have players that can score consistently 5 on 5, your power play will fall into place…as long as goal scoring isn’t a problem, your power play shouldn’t be a problem…

  18. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    great story about the guys coming into the bar late. i could NOT be prouder if the effort from the team this year.

  19. CTBlueshirt on

    It would usually go part and parcel NYR that ES scoring augurs for PP scoring, some years though you get those weird teams that have dynamite PPs but poor ES scoring.

    BTW how are those less than 10% PP Kings ever going to manage?

  20. 171 cm and 73 lbs? If he is 73 lbs, he needs to be admitted to hospital for IV nutrition STAT.

    Isn’t he still a Rangers’ property? Unless they do not qualify him, he can only sign elsewhere with their permission.

  21. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    im not so sure that blasts from the point are whats needed to fix our pp. just get the puck to the net. its NEVER a bad play if you can get it there. i think the key is to get a pk moving, and get shots from the circles down. its how the devils scored their pp goal last night. i agree about improved 5v5 scoring will help our pp.

  22. czechthemout!!!! on


    Sullivan had as much to do with mcd’s development as the stick boy.

    Schoney works with the dmen.

    Sullivan is in charge of the pp. It failed miserably.

  23. CTBlueshirt on

    Im all for scoring I just don’t want it to come in the form of trading for a player with the 5th highest cap hit in the league that’s nowhere near the 5th best goal scorer/point producer in the league or create a situation where the Rangers have nearly $30M of their cap tied up in 4 players ( Richards, Gaborik, Lundqvist, Nash/Parise).

  24. Torts hates Zucc! That’s why Zucc will bolt to Russia.

    Torts also hates white ties, party dips and seltzer water.

  25. Love that story, HockeyB. Not surprised that they would be so gracious. This team is compromised of really good people, let alone how they are on the ice.

    I wouldn’t be stunned in the least if Zuke went back to Europe. He has a unique skill set for sure, but he’s not as fast as MSL so he can’t be on the top 2 lines and he sure isn;t a grinder, which is what is needed on the bottom 2 lines (as well as some skill).

  26. CTBlueshirt on

    I am always impressed with how quickly the bench has a stick waiting for a player that loses it or breaks it.

  27. Carp, I would like to see the team pick-up a face-off specialist. Some one who can take defense zone draws and win them – like Zonopka did in the Ottawa series.

  28. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    I’m just peeking in……Congrats Miami! Please repost post of details…I missed it….Oh Zuccs, please find a way to stay…..

    Still mourning….later….

  29. Yeah, could have Briere instead Drury.

    Could have Giroux instead of Hugh Jessebust.

    Could have…

    Prust sayin’

  30. Is Rupp moveable. Can we clear his cap hit by sending him down? (He probably has no trade value.) I know Torts likes his lockeroom “presence” – so let him retire and hire him as a ass. coach in charge of laundry and moral. I mean other than the WInter Classic????

  31. Anyone remember what happened the last time after we lost the conference finals?

    I think that’s why this one hurts so bad. It took 16 years to get back (and 8 years of the darkest Ranger years in history). We’re obviously much better equipped going forward but if we don’t win the Stanley cup soon, this one will be painful to remember.

  32. Rupp was kind of like Shelley. Brought in for veteran leadership and because everyone liked him in the room. Shelley scored a couple of big goals for us. Rupp’s highlight was the Winter Classic.

  33. I dont know, im really not hurting that bad. We’ve had a great season. We’ll be back.

  34. Unfortunately, there is no place for Zuc on this team. Add to that the fact this team needs goals, not more playmakers. If Zuc had lots of goal scoring potential, then you take a chance and keep him. The Rangers already have too many guys that pass once too often and miss the net. If you are going to give a small guy a shot, give it to Christian Thomas. Goal scorer. He may still be a couple of AHL seasons away, but this team needs people that can put the puck in the net.

    That was the one thing that I took away from this season as well as the playoffs. If the Rangers are pressing the offensive attack without the need to have the D pinch so much to make up for scoring deficiencies, maybe the Rangers would have already played game one of the finals by now.

    Hank didn’t let in any soft goals. He had to deal with deflections, goals off of his Ds skates, and guys who pounce uncovered on rebounds. The D was more than good enough to get the job done. It is amazing that this team got this far when their offense is so flawed. The 94 Rangers almost didn’t make it and they had a hall of fame cast in the forward ranks.

    This team is still two years away. If they can get Stepan to be consistant all year, including the playoffs, get Anisimov to actually be the offensive player that he can be, and get Gaborik to actually be more than vaguely dangerous during the playoffs, then this same team might actually be ready to make an even bigger step next year. However, they really need more scoring, which means another forward, which means Parise (who should have already been on this team instead of Jessiman).

    I hate that they lost to the Devils (that is the only thing that tarnishes this season for me) but beyond that, I am thrilled that they made it to the conference finals instead of getting knocked out in the first round. This experience will prove valuable in time.

  35. Lev – agree, but unfortunately, it’s gonna start stinging again on Wed when the Diablo’s start the finals. I hate the west coast – but I’ll be rooting for the Kings like they are the Rangers West. (That is if I can actually bring myself to watch the series.)

  36. so many of our offensive guys, if you can call them that, take good positions in front of the net. They do not seem to anticipate, or visualize a play developing. I thought the Devils were all over Lundquist. We seemed to be trying to score from behind the net.

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