Game over, season over: Post-game interviews


Josh, 26, will have a few more shortly, including Henrik Lundqvist.

John Tortorella:


Ryan Callahan:


Marc Staal:


Brad Richards:


Ryan McDonagh:



Sally reminds us:

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  1. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>I’d rather see Crosby win again than Marty

    Same here. And that village-idiot-looking Bastard DeBoer – what a pair for SC Final coaches – Sutter and the Village Idiot…

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Sorry they couldn’t make you happy after all you’ve been through so far, TonyC – we all wish you a speedy and complete recovery, Pal!

  3. I think the team really overachieved this year and the run was great. Thaks ofr your work Carp and Thanks for the season Rangers!

  4. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    So now that the Devils have won, should anybody really care? Who really cares about Jersey besides bon jovi and springsteen?

  5. Kreider was one of the better players on the team since he was inserted in the lineup. and one of the most productive. it’s either the beginners luck, or true skill. I tend to believe it’s latter. And that may alter their thinking of who they want to sign this offseason.

  6. At least there is no question now what is to be done to win next year.

    It starts with showing Gaborik the door.

  7. Hurts like hell but the Rangers had a great season. Lots of memorable moments, and there is tons of reasons to be optimistic for next yr. We will weed out the no shows and improve needed areas. Remember we have such a young crew.

  8. 4generations 4 cups on

    Go Rangers. Rangers until the end. Number one team in my heart.

    Go Rangers.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO TONY !!!! , hes the real Champion.

  10. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks for everything, Carp – I would have done a few things differently myself, but you’re the BlogFather, and it’s your call. Great job all season, though.

  11. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Amazing the refs were able to use Xray vision to keep track of that puck in front of LQ in OT — if the scrum had happened on the other end, the whistle would have blown as soon as Marty began belly-flopping on the ice.

  12. I don’t give a damn. I won’t watch a single second of the Stanley Cup finals. Hockey season ended when that garbage ended up in the back of the net earlier tonight.

  13. 4generations 4 cups on

    Gaborik disappeared for LONG stretches in the postseason. I’d like to trade him, as do most of the other people. 3OT goal or not, he disappears and plays an overall soft game

  14. Thanks, Carp
    Sad that we will only have one more game review
    It’s been fun
    Hope Miami’a night went better

  15. There will be more changes this off-season than last year. I have full confidence that the players that they will try to bring in will buy into the system. I really wouldnt mind Feds coming back. He and Prust did not have the seasons they had a year ago, but I was more disappointed with Prust than Feds.

  16. I wont be watching either. I may watch the first game right before I fly to Israel the next morning. No way am I going to watch a game between the Devils and Kings at 3 am Israel time.

  17. JimboWoodside on

    And ilb, I’d like to thank you personally for being so good to man that I don’t even know and never met – the fact that you helped Tony out in any way you could says so much about what kind of man you must be. I’d raise a glass to you if I was drinking now, my friend!

  18. Just realized how exhausted I was.. Night, ‘heads, a lot to talk about starting tomorrow.

  19. Understand the fact that without Gaborik we do not win the Conference and dont have the year that we had. Again, I am open to the idea of trading him, but let’s face it he is a huge part of this team. It will be interesting to hear how Torts assesses his play on break-up day.

  20. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Let’s go rangers

    Let’s go Tony

    Let’s go pimp

  21. JimboWoodside on

    And let us hope that both of us live long enough (I’m pretty sure I’m a lot older than you are!) to see our Rangers lift that beautiful Cup one more time, at least.

  22. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Bob Carcillo Wyshinski is a dolt.

    “Marty talks about what this Devils win means to NJ school kids growing up next to Ranger fans…” man… I want to puke. I really do. He is sore-winning, old bastard!

  23. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Chico and that other turd of an announcer look like a couple of sleazy car salesman. What homers!!

  24. No need to thank me, Jimbo..I help if I can. But I’ll take that glass at some point if I can. My mother-in-law lives in Queens, so there is a chance :-)

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Gaborik is soft – and he wilts or gets injured when it counts – I’d trade him in a NYC minute if we could be reasonably assured that we would be getting comparable scoring punch. I’ve had it with him.

    Go play in Slovakia.

  26. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Chico is slimy.

    But Maaaaarty is absolutely classless. I’m appalled. Athletes I respect, like Jeter, Rivera, Bernie, Hank, Mess, Leetch, would never “stir the pot” like this classless jackwagoner Marty. Man, do I ever miss Sean Avery!

  27. You gotta be kidding me with that Marty comment, Per. Marty should talk about what him cheating on his wife with his sister-in-law means to NJ school kids who are taught that cheating is bad,

  28. I think after being pushed so hard in games 1-3 Henk was just mentally exhausted. Same thing happened against the Caps when we were up 3-1 in 09 – he built that lead form us and then just had nothing left. That’s not a knock on him it just is how I see it.

    Also we said that this team won so much all year by out working everyone then once the playoffs started everyone works that hard and the teams with more talent go farther. That’s why the Rangers had such a tough time in all three rounds.

    Still an amazing year. Best I can remember since 97. I had so many awesome nits at MSG. – the opening brawls against the flyers and Devils that always ended in Ranger wins, beating Boston and Pittsburgh, game 5 against the caps, both game sevens. It was just an amazing year to be a Ranger fan. If y are only happy with a Cup then you will be miserable the vast majority of e time no matter who you root for.

  29. JimboWoodside on

    I know there’s no need, but I think the playoff crush kind of overshadowed what you did – and I’d be glad to raise that glass with you, although I’m not a drinker anymore – meds preclude it, mostly! DSW!

  30. “So now what happens to The Broadway Hat???”

    Same thing that happened to my navy Rangers hat, I assume.

  31. Braunschweiger on

    One day i hope MSG will just be the Rangers channel again. this is an embarrassment that you gotta sit through devils coverage after watching a former devils announcer call the game.

    Every year I miss Sam and JD more and more.

  32. YorktownRanger on

    Pretty sure this is just the beginning of a Rangers team that is going to give the conference (if not the league) fits.

    To all the heads!

    Been a tough year personally. But it’s also been exciting.

    Best to Tony,

    RIP Mom,

    Here’s to 2012-13

  33. This team does not win a cup with Gaborik and Richards as its top 2 Fwds.

    I bit my tongue during playoffs but i go back to what I’ve been saying, this is on Sather he failed to appreciate and seize on the opportunity at the trade deadline.

    Does Gabby have a no trade clause?

  34. Who cares what Marty Brodeur says or thinks. I love my team. Jersey won’t even sell out the Cup finals.

  35. Emrick screamed his head off when his beloved Devils won

    True professional, though

  36. Great run by a great team. They will (should) be a much better team next year. Kreider will be a beast. We might have Parise, Nash or Suter next season. If this is true let’s hope it’s not at the expense of the core. I watched a few Oil King games and St. Croix looked good and so have a couple of other young guys. I choose to believe this year was a test run.

  37. Braunschweiger on

    Devils cant win, they’ll be too many drive by shootings in newark during the parade and they cant use the parking lot anymore lol

  38. gaborik is a sniper. Kovy has an extra demention to his game. He’s a playmaker and has great puck possession skills. Thats it guys. 2 different players. Guys like kovy don’t grow on trees.

    LMAO by the way did anyone hear doc slip and say kovelsuck.

  39. Matteau, who did you want at the deadline?? Chris Neil? Steve Ott? What were you willing to give up for them, because apparently the price is pretty high.

    Slats did the right thing. Although wasting a draft pick on Scott didn’t make any sense.

  40. With the parity in the league and economic state of the sport, there are no guarantees going forward.

  41. kovy is more dangerous then gabby…

    they both suck on defense…..

    gabby is not going anywhere unless they get a significant piece or 2 back. again if they had more capable forwards they could play gabby less and or when it makes sense. not on faceoffs in there own zone etc…

    biggest suprise this season was how good Mcdonagh is.. he is a total beast………TOTAL.

    biggest dissapointment was my man dubi… if he would have been a 25 goal scorer type player they would have had enough scoring but he definitely did not make the jump…

    aa and stepan need to pick it up also big time……….

  42. ye in retrospect John Scott didnt make any sense. They said its because of the tough games in March. Well he played in like 2 of those games. I wanted Nash. If we didnt get Nash I wanted us to stay the same. I was pleased.

    I noticed Emrick screaming ridiculously when the Devils scored in OT. Im not mad. ECF clinching goal in OT. Did it hurt and suck? Yes.

  43. “With the parity in the league and economic state of the sport, there are no guarantees going forward.”

    You’re countering your own point. Parity isn’t dissolved with a single deadline trade.

  44. And please spare me the comments about being impressed with direction under Sather since lockout. Are you kidding me? He’d be replaced long ago in any other business.

    The salary cap forced this direction and what people here often overlook is most teams have good young talent and they improve each year.

    Devils missed playoffs and now they’re in the final.

    I bet a 6 year old as gm the last 12 yrs we’d have done just as well.

    be replaced long ago in any other business.

  45. Gabby and Kovy are 2 different players. I would love for Gaborik to develop that one-timer that Kovalchuk has.

  46. I rarely speak on

    You negative nanncies should go jump in a hole!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s time to be proud not dumb

  47. the devils are old. look at there defense, goalies…

    sather was saved by the system but the bottom line is the rangers are a very good young team…

    how they got here I could care less as long as there moves now are good, and lately they have made many good moves…….

  48. Slats has done pretty good. They’ve improved a lot with their drafting still not outstanding but not bad. As for the deadline, I agree with Orr. Trade Gaborik? Sure, why not? But what would we get? Most likely we’ll sign somebody this year or next and not renew Gabs contract unless he takes a severe pay cut. Chances are good we’ll have some decent homegrown goal scoring. Nothing off the charts but better what we have now.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    First props I want to give is to Ryan McDonough. Tonight, he was beyond a beast. He single handedly took over the game in the second period with that beautiful rush to set up Feds. He proved and solidified his standing as not only the best defenseman on the Rangers but also as a top ten defenseman in the NHL. The kid was near tears in the lockeroom apparently.

    Good job kid. Now go out there and help recruit your former defense partner at Wisconsin Justi Shultz to be your NHL defense partner. Tell him we need him to QB our power play and that there is a spot all ready for him. Don’t forget to mention to him that your coach is not afraid to play young kids and close the sale.

  50. Our weighted average age is in the bottom 1/3 of the league and, if I counted right, only 2 of the other teams made the playoffs. We’re in awesome shape going forward. Sather v2.0 gets credit for that.

  51. Lloyd: Then my mistake. Your comment becomes a good counter to the “if we’d made a trade, we’re in the finals” crowd.

  52. I rarely speak on

    I hate the negative nanncies…. I’ve started to drink so excuse the misspellings

  53. Carp: What if he goes out the door, but Avery and Willie Mitchell come in the same door?

  54. Right now I wish they lost to Ottawa so I didn’t have to see them lose to the devils. I really hate all of the teams in the Rangers’ division. At least I hate watching the Rangers lose to them. However, in another day or two I’ll be stoked for how close this team came and feel really embarrassed for wishing they had lost to Ottawa.

  55. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    wicky 2….fug

    Carp, not saying thanks like it’s over, cause the report never closes! But thanks, for a great, awesome and tremendously tremendous season here. The horn never sounds on the heads!!!!

  56. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    A sad but proud day.

    I’m exhausted, I will be back tomorrow. Gnite all.

  57. JimboWoodside on

    >>>With the parity in the league and economic state of the sport, there are no guarantees going forward.

    You bet your bippy! Yeah, we have some great young talent – and so did Philly last season (2010-2011) – did they win the cup this year? Last?

    Having great talent and going this far are not synonymous – yes, you need great talent, but you need luck and that special “something”, too.

    We’ll see what the future brings – I don’t want to sound like a Jeremiah, but I’ve seen it all before.

    The 1986 Mets had all the talent in the world – how many World Series did that team win? Almost not one!

  58. Everything said. Kings are gonna win Imho. Devil’s really just beat a tired ranger team. No matter what torts mentality is. wear and tear do exhist. we need more of a balanced attack next yr.

  59. and I’m not defending Gaborik by any stretch. Because their entire first line (meaning Hagelin, Richards, Gaborik) wasn’t even close to being good enough in this series.

    what I’m saying is, they need more skill, not less. You don’t get rid of a 40-goal scorer, no matter what he did in the playoffs … because they might win 10-12 fewer games without that guy, and not make it.

  60. I don’t believe there was a trade to be made that would have put the Rangers in the finals and I said so repeatedly when everyone was in a lather about trying to land Nash. Granted, obtaining John Scott was obviously the most meaningless move to make.

    My point is that it’s not really possible to make predictions about the Ranger’s future in todays NHL. There are simply too many variables

  61. I fear the Report is going to take a few days off at some point in June, after the Kings beat the Devils and Anze Kopitar sends Brodeur into retirement.

  62. I dont know about not making the playoffs, but sure as hell wont have this kind of season without Gaborik. Look it cant be just him. They need another star. Parise, Nash, or Iginla. Pick one.

  63. YorktownRanger on

    Agreed Carp.

    So fast to jettison the pieces that got us to the point we were at.

  64. The bitter truth is that debbies outplayed us with typical Rangers model game, only better executed (because of many more and better finishers in all lines) and more energetic, speedy and feisty fore-check, ruining myth, that we have so many, good 3rd and 4th liners, and it was surprise. As for their first 2 lines they always had potentially much more talented bunch.
    But I don’t care about objectives and analyses and hate them even more, if it only possible.
    The saying goes that passing time heals, but I found that passing time is illness itself.
    Right now it feels like this life sucks indeed, but otherwise everything is OK.

  65. W/O Gabby or someone at the exact skill level, they don’t make the playoffs — get real folks.

  66. if they had more skill they can play gabby in situations he can thrive in…

    hagelin needs to find a way to hit the twine, chasing down pucks is great but he has to score on occassion. i assume kreider will replace hagelin on the top line next season he can chase down pucks and score more.. hagelin on the 2nd or 3rd line would be great….

    add 2 more skilled players to replace; feds, or rupp, or prust, etc…..

  67. JimboWoodside on

    Rangers West, I would not have preferred that they lost to Ottawa, but I *definitely* would not have felt as bad as I do now had they lost to Washington – there is NO comparison in my mind to the disgust in losing to that team across the river again.

  68. I’m proud of the guys and the effort they gave. Said this after game 5 win or lose I’m proud.

    Well almost all of them. Gabby if he wasn’t injured needs to go. Richards needs to be a 2nd line center next year. Meaning he can’t be the go- to guy.

    But that would mean 2 top line additions this Summer. And a real power play.

    If Sather manages to accomplish this then we have a shot.

    Still took too long to get here.

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    I will say it again. Signing Parise is a huge mistake even though he will”only” cost money. I would rather explore a trade for a Bobby Ryan/ Rick Nash.

    Trading Gabby is only plausible if you get some pieces back that can replace his 40 goals. And I don’t mean 3 13-14 goal scorers. Again if part of a larger plan , I would have no problem trading him. He once again didn’t come to play enough in the playoffs.

  70. i have a feeling hagelin was kinda pushed into that role, but we sure as heck wouldn’t be here without him or kreider.

  71. If they make a run at someone like Parise or Suter or some other high priced guy….someone has to go. This could be a scenario where Gaborik and say Dubi are moved to free up money and add other pieces. Plus they are gonna have to find money to keep guys like McD, etc when they are up for contracts. The Richards contract could turn out to be a problem in the near future.

  72. N.CountryNYRFan on

    We basically played the entire playoffs with 5 d-men and 9 forwards and look how far we got. We add a couple of new pieces and we will be legit contenders, this year we were just a hardworking ballsy team with alot of jam.

  73. Richards contract is a problem now. Overpaid, underachiever – a big disappointment. Look at the playoff opponents and the quality of their top centers compared to Richards – Zajac, Parise, Backstrom, Spezza. Richards is clearly not comparable. We still need a number one center.

  74. Smartporpoise on

    I took great interest in watching Gaborik stand around like he was a stockbroker waiting for a subway while others fought in the corners and against the boards. He can produce during meaningless mid season floater games in Buffalo, but not when the real thing comes along. This guy was not made for post-season play.

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