Rangers-Devils Game 5 in review



1) I am not completely sure what to make of this Game 5, and from the array of comments last night (with more to come today, no doubt) not sure what you guys make of it either. Do you look at the start, which wasn’t as bad, probably, as some of the other games, but ended up 3-0 on five shots? Do you look at the comeback and take from that, because even though one goal was fluky and another was an absolute gift, the Rangers did take control of the game for a long stretch? So, did they figure out something? Or do you look at it as a waste of a comeback because of the final result (some complete knucklehead, who called them losers and overpaid, among other niceties, suggested they would have been better off packing it in at 3-0 and conserving energy for Game 6, which, if we had a prize for dumb comment of the year, might be a winner)?

2) The thing that makes me wonder if they did figure out something, if they did find a way to finally outplay the Devils for long stretches — which they will now need to do for most of the next six or more periods — is something Brad Richards said, to paraphrase: That the offense is sometimes easier to come by when you get behind and let it fly a little bit. I don’t think the Rangers want to open up and let fly. But they do need to do a lot of the things they did late in the first and throughout the second and early part of the third. I don’t know that they can.

3) That said, these guys have done whatever needs to be done for 101 games now. They will approach it as “win one game.” And I expect they will play well tomorrow. And I will be the least shocked person on the planet if they’re playing Game 7 Sunday.

4) And by the way, you guys know that Game 6 will be played on May 25, the 18-year anniversary of the Captain’s guarantee and hat trick (plus assist) against the same team, the same goalie, on the road, in the same Eastern Conference final, right? And that Game 7, if needed, will be played on May 27, the 18-year anniversary of Stephane Matteau’s double-OT winner against the same team, the same goalie, in the same building, in the same Eastern Conference final (with the Western champ already decided and on its way to New York/New Jersey for Games 1 and 2)?

5) I know a lot of you were on Henrik Lundqvist last night, especially for the Travis Zajac goal. And I definitely thought he looked to be fighting it a bit. But, seriously, the first goal is a wide open rebound, the second I think hit the skates of two players, the fourth was a wide-open redirection. Maybe without the Zajac goal, the Rangers win. Maybe if he makes a miraculous save on one of the others, as we’ve become accustomed, they win. But he surely ain’t a goat in this game. And the guy down the other end was worse.

6) In fact, Lundqvist’s best save of the game came against Richards, on Richards’ best shot of the game. Holy shishkebob. Richards had a good chance early, a slapper on which Carl Hagelin was robbed on the rebound. But overall, I thought he got a lot less done without Gaborik, than Gaborik got done without Richards. Actually thought Gaborik was pretty good.

7) Beast of the Game, though: Ryan Callahan. Scored the goal off his foot, threw some absolute bombs of body checks, seemed to be there for every blocked shot or broken-up play, put another one behind Martin Brodeur and off the far pipe (what if that one goes in?), and just led the way he so often does, even coming off what I thought was a stinker in New Jersey in Game 4, and even playing with one hand on his stick most of the night.

8) Having both Brandons in the game, Dubinsky and Prust, I thought helped in some of the gritty areas where the Rangers have lacked. Prust had an interesting game with the goal, a couple of penalties, drew a couple, too, and the reverse Greg Louganis. I imagine Brendan Shanahan might call him for a hearing on that dive. Also thought the Rangers’ fourth line had some struggles all night, especially early, but also a few good shifts.

9) How good was Ruslan Fedotenko in this game?

10) Speaking of blame, a lot of people are jumping on Michael Del Zotto for the winning goal, when I thought Richards skated past his check, and Carl Hagelin was late getting back. I’m not sure who was supposed to pick up Ryan Carter, but nobody did. Ballgame.

11) Del Zotto had his shaky moments, for sure, inlcuding the first goal, but who didn’t on the defense? Marc Staal wiped out on the 2-0 goal. McDonagh got obliterated by Bryce Salvador on the 3-0 goal. Dan Girardi three times whiffed on passes as if his stick blade was soft rubber.

12) Some of you guys absolutely quit after 3-0, and I don’t mean gave up on a comeback, but said you were going to stop watching and that the series was over. Does anybody really believe they have no shot in Game 6? Or is this a best-of-five and nobody told me?

13) Was this the last Garden game of the season? And if so, what are they going to do with all the leftover confetti and streamers and fireworks (not to mention the prime rib)?

14) Somebody call Mess.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Brandon Prust.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.
Josh (age 26) Thomson’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Brandon Prust.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars (with commentary):
1) Cally (only forward who plays the entire game).
2) Dubi (welcome back).
3) McDonagh.
Mister D’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan Callahan.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.

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  1. JimboWoodside on

    Can’t sleep – awful loss – I hope they can show their character again in the next 2 games.

    Thanks, Carp.

  2. Great post, Carp. Burning the post midnight oil? They still have fight in them and willed their way back into the game. It seemed like they kind of let off the gas pedal a little after Gabby’s tying goal or maybe the Devil’s kicked into another gear. That fourth goal was a heartbreaker. I liked that Torts split up Gabby and Richards and juggled the lines. He got some interesting results. Regardless of what happens on Friday I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished as a team and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a game on Sunday too.

  3. Sorry, Lundqvist is absolutely the goat in this game. 4 goals on 16 shots or something?

    The only thing that makes him a non-goat is the fact that he has stolen the 2 other losses so far. Tonight was not a champion’s performance though.

  4. I just finished working too and a last update of the blog brought me this nice early-morning surprise of a read. Thanks, CARP!

    Maybe this chemo is messing with me, but I’m not feeling that bad about our chances after this loss. Maybe it’s because in the back of my mind I’ve resigned to the fact that the clowns have already lost the series (don’t think so though)?

    Maybe it’s because I saw them outplay the other clowns for the last two periods and I saw how vulnerable that wife-beater-wearing-wife-beater really is (more likely)?

    I’m calling it right now: Like CARP, I’ll be very surprised if the Rangers aren’t playing Sunday night.

  5. Ps Agree with you Salty. CARP gave some good rationale / excuses for Lundqvist (and I also think that Brodeur was worse), but the Queen was a goat, if no “the” goat, of this game. If he plays even just-above-average, we win.

  6. JimboWoodside on

    Miami, I listened to Dave Maloney on the radio coverage of the game, and he was really critical of Hank on the first two goals, because he said that Hank left rebounds on several shots that were recovered and eventually wound up in the back of the net. Dave was there, I was not, and I trust his judgment on such matters.

    He was not particularly charitable towards Hank on the third goal either, but I don’t recall exactly what he said.

    Hank knows, as does the rest of his team, that his Wednesday night performance was sub-par for him. Here’s hoping that he recovers his touch for game 6.

    The defense was bad during all those breakdowns, too – but Hank’s the last man. The team depends on him to be superb in goal, and he usually is, but not on Wednesday.

  7. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Henry is a human.

    Game 6 may be amazing for the Rangers.

    Sign Parise away from these Derbils next season.

  8. Fact of the matter, is I believe John Tortorella got outcoached. Yes Hank was bad, but if the puck can stay in the other end of the ice that doesn’t happen. And this team all year was able to keep the puck away from Lundqvist when they needed to. I don’t know if it’s fatigue, or lack of motivation but the team stopped skating after Gabby’s goal, plain and simple. I didn’t like a lot of the line shuffling that was done because Kreider was left out of a lot of it, and guys like Feds and Anisimov were getting a heck of a lot more ice time. I also didn’t like our line out there with Hank pulled. Stepan, Anisimov? Why wouldn’t you go with what worked before.

    4th goal, Girardi needs to be smarter and stay by his post to block the pass, and Hagelin HAS to backcheck harder. Fastest skater in the league let off the gas, and scrub Carter got a tap in. Bad goal, to top off what would’ve been an Epic comeback.

  9. Even if the Rangers lose, it’s been a good run. You cant say that the Rangers were much better then the Sens or Caps, so we are fortunate to go this far. I still think the Rangers can win…but they will need luck like they got in the last series to make it happen.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Gaborik hits that byfuglien wide open 3×4′ net, how different would today’s talk be?

  11. all our goals were gifts. what Brodeur was doing on that breakaway besides imitating an elephant seal is beyond me. So many goals go through or under his arm. He should eat that up. That was Brandon Prust coming down on the backhand, not Steve Stamkos. Goal two was good hustle by Callahan but I think he really kicked it in. Goal Three was the Dance of the Hippos again with Marty. I grant that his puck handling produces major problems for the forecheck, but he makes so many sloppy plays these days. The Devils scored because they were in front of our net. We always seem to have everyone behind theirs.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You know we agree on nearly everything, but on this I think you’re being hypercritical of Hank.

    Was he good? Hell no. Was he bad and the difference between winning and losing this game? Well, if you consider that the third goal was the FIRST bad goal he’s let up in about 19 games then how can you say he’s the goat?

    If anything, he played average or slightly better than average.

    The first goal is a wide open guy (defensive failure) in the slot. The second goal is a weird off his stick rebound that catches AA I believe in the foot and re-directs just around Hank. The third was actually bad. And the 4th there’s only luck to rely on as far as getting it.

    If this team loses their playoff run because their goalie let in 1 bad goal, they had no earthly business thinking they deserved to be there anyway. He’s the best goalie in the league. Look at the guy on the other end, switch their roles and this is a Devils in 5, maybe even 4, type series.

    Good day, Heads.

  13. Carp

    *Can you take that fire and ice d-nuzzle off of the tweeter / twitter widget, please?*

    Nothing but his twitts on there! And who the fudge wants to read about how Fatso is on the verge of the cup final on the Rangers website? I know I don’t…

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Can’t remember who, but one of te fairly regulars around here has asked incessantly. Tom and Carp are buddies, no dice.

    You’ll learn to love ol Tommy like watching Brodeur excuse spinning after losses.

  15. There should have been a forward behind the net with Del Zotto, not Girardi. Where were they? Floating back at half speed. That’s Richards, Kreider and Hagelin, who even floats faster than anyone and almost did get back on his check. They were up against fourth liners. Maybe they figured no problem. The Rangers beat themselves with one lazy shift. As for Henrik he has yet to prove he’s a big-time money goaltender although he’s made giant strides this year. On the positive side this team has proven once again it doesn’t quit. But they need Henrik at his best or it will be a case of close, but no cigar.

  16. Magoo punch on

    Agree with true fan. If you think Hank is the problem on the rangers something is wrong. How many games out of the 19 playoff games did he steal for us? Or kept it close so that we had a chance in the third?
    Rangers can’t afford to sleepwalk through the first period and expect that Marty will put all the pucks in his own net. Weren’t we outshot in every opening period this series even the wins? When you have save 20 shots in the first just so your team has a fighting chance for the rest of the game.
    The problem has always been the scoring.
    We did it against two goalies who stood on their heads with Andy and holtby. Why can’t we do it against Marty?

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some of you posters drive me crazy, Ilb will get that.

    Oh well.

    Good day all, looks like a day of ‘Ledgers’ is about to start. I just wish you would have watched the first 96 games.

  18. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on


    Please get that Byfuglien TGfireandice off this Rangers blog page!

    This is essentially a troll-less site, lets keep this stuff off. It adds nothing to the intelligence of this site. If I want Devils news, I’ll check out the Bergen PennySaver!

  19. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    Here’s a brain-twister:

    If the Devils win on Friday, will anyone care?

  20. Per Djoos (Stay Thirsty, My Friends!) on

    I couldnt sleep last night. Bad taste in my mouth, pit in my stomach. Terrible feeling.

  21. The reason I put this game on Lundqvist is because the team came out and had their best start of the series and he still let up 3 in the first. The Rangers continued to be the better team for most of the game for the first time.

    No one on the team is above being a goat. Hank played nothing like a champion last night, while the skaters gave him one of the best opportunities to do so in the series.

    We live by him, and we sometimes die by him.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    You keep referencing these skaters?!

    Where were they or their defensive coverages on goals 1, 2, and 4?

    There’s two sides to the puck, well 4 if you get smart-alicky and count the top and bottom.

  23. So much negativity in the game and even post game threads! Jeez, if it’s that bad save yourselves the anguish and eat a bullet before game 6, because it sounds like all hope is lost.

  24. Pretty accurate assessment of the game Carp! I still think we don’t take enough shots on the rare odd man rushes we get. That last pass always seems to get picked off! We wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Hank, and I think Prust said it best during his between periods interview about how the team owed it to Hank to get back in the game because of all the times Hank had bailed them out! One way or the other, this team has the talent to get it done!

  25. Carp right on with the review. Despite the outcome, I was encouraged about how they strong they played for much of the game- even the start. Based on the first 4 games I wasn’t sure they had that in them and it was important to break through the cloud of Devils superiority.

    If they play game 6 like they did in game 5 I like their chances. It’s only one game to get this thing back home.

  26. Regarding 14, that’s a really important point. Richards is no Messier but he’s the closest thing we have to it. He hasn’t been effective at all but it’s really on the line now and the guys in the room seem to look up to him, let’s see what he does.

  27. How can you not still be confident they can pull.this out? Last night was text book example of the hockey gods not being on your side.
    One of the best games of the PO’s by far.

    good review ,until #13) …almost had it Carp

  28. Great job Carp, as always. That 4th goal , that was Hags guy ..he seemd to get to him just a bit late. Hank did struggle but I chalk this up to one of those full moon nights (even though no actual full moon) it was a whacky game. We played with pressure right out of the gate and still go down 3-0. Thats a killer. The fact they came back like they did proves we still have heart and we still can be that team we were all season. Game 6 that team needs to be there for 60 minutes or its over.
    And if it is, I love this team, I love what they did this season. This is what we have hoped for since the lockout, a team that works hard and a team we can be proud of.
    I am proud to be a NY Rangers fan, regardless of what happens tomorrow night or Sunday.
    LETS GO RANGERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  29. It’s a shame that they probably played their best game of the series, if not the whole tourney and lost (at least offensively). Outside of 5 minutes in the first and 7 minutes in the third they dominated. It shows you have we’ve come to expect so much from Hank, but he was just average last night, and average wasn’t good enough. For the first time, I really felt the D looked tired. And I know some of you guys love Bickel, but he just completely screwed up the first goal by leaving his man wide open in front of his net, to chase what…a fairly? He was terrible and EVERY TIME he’s on the ice, they could not get out of their own zone. I thought Stralman too had a lot of trouble clearing the puck. In fact, why did it take the D half the first period to realize that rather than going back and around the goal they needed to move the puck FORWARD to get out of the zone. Once they did, they were MUCH better. I don’t get putting Bickel in instead of Eminger, who’s not a whole lot better, but still at least has SOME instinct back there.

    And after playing so hard to tie it, they just let down the last 7 minutes of the 3rd. It was heartbreaking to watch. I felt after watching that, it was over for them. The Devils are a lot better than Ott or Wash. But, given the dates coincide with the dates of the other magical series, I’m changing my mind and saying they will pull it out. Mess needs to come in and give them a pep talk :)

  30. It’s amazing that after every loss they has to be someone to blame when this game was more of who got lucky and who didn’t. I agree with Carp Marty looks all of his 40 years and endless dounuts and that’s what is the most frustrating.

    I don’t know how any Ranger fan can criticizes Hank it is beyond my imagination, was Hank at his best? no but I bet all you amature hockey analysts will be singing the Kings praises after the Rangers win Game 7

    Same thing for Coach Torts some of with this out coached B.S. really stop reading the papers and using uninformed writers words as your own.

    You know this Ranger team will go balls to the wall in Game 6 and set up a classic Game 7 that is if you have been following along all season and just since April

    I’m a NY Ranger fan since 1969 and I am proud of this Rangers team as they do everything a fan can ask of a team stop whining and enjoy and support this Rangers team

  31. braunschweiger on

    The effort after the 3-0 hole actually made me believe they can pull it out..Marty gives up a lot of soft goals and Hank is still KING.

    Mess should walk in the locker room, give Cally a nod and walk out..pass the torch

  32. The mental side of this cannot be underestimated. It was important the Rangers showed the Devils and themselves they are capable of dominating. It is up to the coaches and team leaders to draw positives from game 5 and have it applied to game 6.

  33. And,Matteau, the Dev’s may have been ‘playing back’ with the 3 goal lead, but the Rangers did dominate for long stretches.

    A couple of things were curious to me:
    1. Where was Richard? Constantly bad passes. out of sync. won few face-offs, shot on goal against us? where was he????I know he is a player who helped us get here, but not now. Not now for the $11M man. Not now for the alternate captain. You need to go speak to some guys that played with heart, Brad. Call Messier and wake up out of your stupor.

    2. Gabby played with desire. He’s soft anyway, but his effort was good. Other guys showed up, too. It was a very good effort. A couple of miscues, a few good bounces (where are the hockey gods???? a double post? Marty stinks and all we muster from all those chances is 3 goals?)and our goalie didn’t make any big stops

    3. was it us who let up after goal 3 or did the debbies just start forechecking again?

    We can beat these guys with a lot of hard work. We are very shallow and there is little room for error. but we can beat these guys.

  34. Matty there’s a lot of talk about how we let up after tying but the truth is we came at them hard for at least another 10 mins and had multiple chances. It was not possible to keep that up and it was inevitable there would be a momentum shift. They needed to get that 4th goal while they had the devils on the ropes.

  35. Nobody loves Hank more than me. I think he’s the best goalie the Rangers have had, and I’ve been watching since the days of Eddie Giacoamin. I just think he wasn’t his best last night, but part of it was the D wasn’t the best in front of him. But we DIDN’T see the amazing saves we have seen in the past. But one thing about Hank, he won’t have TWO games in a row like that. and I agree, the team will play hard on Friday.

    If I was rich, I’d buy EVERY ticket I could find on Stub Hub for game 6 and invite all the Ranger fans I know so we can have a real home crowd atmosphere at The Pebble :)

  36. Richards was bad. I thought Krieder had one of those games that got him benched before. He was fighting the puck all night. And the D was making some really weak passes trying to clear the zone. The ice to me didn’t look as bad as it had some of the other games, but instead of forcing the puck out, they just kind of pushed at it, and the puck went nowhere and it held NJ keep the puck in the zone more than a few times.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Defensive hockey 101 – when the 2 Defensemen are in the corner with 2 forwards, the job of the center is to either mark the 3rd forward or get in front of the goal.

    Richards did neither. Girardi has to have his stick on ice preventing pass out of corner, but Richards HAS to be in front of goal or between the open forward and the puck.

    Hags was trying to cover up for Richards D gaffe and gets the goat horns because he looks to be trailing the play.

    The tradeoff with Richards is very bad defense for very good offense. When you are not getting the offense, the defense will kill you.

  38. Re #8 & Prust; If the opposition is going to flop, dive, and swan at every contact I see no reason that we cannot do the same. LGR.

  39. Czechthemout!!! on

    The bottom line on the fourth Devil goal is this. If MdZ doesn’t wimp out skating back for the puck against of all people Kovalchuck , that fourth goal never happens. He slowed down. Pulled out of his stride and picked up his stick to brace himself. The kid is a wimp that’s all there is to it. Some of you may not like reading what I wrote that is what happened. I repeat, the kid is a wimp. I guess he never heard the term ” you take a hit to make a play” he needs to watch McD,Girardi,and Staal to see how it’s done.

  40. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I think it’s really easy to get caught up in everything that this team has gone through in 2011-2012. Sweden, road trip, winter classic etc. but as some of you have stated, everyone should be extremely proud of what this team has gone through and we have one of the youngest teams in the league; so we are in a good spot moving forward.

    Tomorrow night will be a doozy.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    The key to the Rangers resurgence was giving the Debbies some of their own medicine on the forecheck and screening the rushing forwards to neutralize their speed on the forecheck. Allowed the D to gather the puck and make a pass without someone on them right away.

    While Farty, Fatty, Mammy, Marmy is not a great shot blocker, his handling of the puck really helps the Debbies get out of the zone quickly. We should probably toss in corner and let D play it instead of ripping around boards to Uncle Daddy.

    Ave Maloney talked about the uneven distribution of TOI for Rangers and suggested it takes a toll on you better players who may be TIRED. Glad he said it because if anyone suggests that on this blog they are attacked by the RR Clique.

  42. Carp, I too gave up after the Pat Sayjak goal and turned on the Yankee game!!! But, something in me (my 40 year love affair with this team) said, turn them back on because you don’t deserve to enjoy victory if you’re not there for the defeat. My friend who was at the game kept texting me that it’s over, this one sucks, that one sucks so I just took the positive track because I hated reading all that negative stuff!!! Altho I sat with my jaw scrapping the floor when Carter scores, I gotta watch it from start to finish!! One shift, one period, one game, right boys!!!!

  43. Morning all,

    So in the aftermath of a bitter loss, I offer you the following:

    Games like these are lessons learned for young teams like the Rangers.

    Sometimes, bitter lessons need to be taught – sometimes by hated opposition.

    We’ve seen this happen to many teams throughout the years.

    Look at the painful playoff losses the Isles had to endure on their way to becoming a dynasty – one of them at the hands of the Rangers.

    Look at the Bruins – how they blew a 3-0 series lead to the Crud a couple of years ago – and bounced right back to broom them on the way to the Stanley Cup last season.

    Not that I am counting the Rangers out of this series – this is not a concession in any way, shape or form.

    But regardless of the series outcome – they must take what happened last night and use it as a learning experience.

    For a team that has made a quantum leap in its development, more is expected – but more is needed.

    Sometimes, the pain helps you learn.

  44. For the second period last night, they were back to playing the hockey that got them here….gritty in your face, puck possession hockey…if they have a shot next game, they have got to do this from start to finish…and i too thought hank was fighting it a bit, but he is human, and I expect him to come back and be really sharp on friday….

    what has hurt the rangers this playoffs is the amount of games they have played…i think they are a hurting, tired bunch….but if they can reach deep down for one game on friday…anything can happen in a game 7 in your building….

  45. FiveFootZero on

    I was at the game. Those last 5 minutes (in which NJ almost ALWAYS kills us) was gut wrenching. It was so quiet in the place and it was like watching them skate through pudding.

    On another note, that was the LOUDEST “Marty” chant I have ever heard…and continuous.

    And one more note, some Devil’s kid (and I say this because I’m almost 47 and he must have been around 20) had the numbnutz to prance around in section 409 last night…well, he won’t be doing that any more I can assure you. Not to condone violence, but man, he had it coming. Almost went over the railing too.

  46. You guys need to stop analyzing every goal and realize how quick things can happen on the ice with your adrenaline flowing….they dont have the benefit of seeing the play develop in slow motion….it happened, you learn from it, you move on…in the long run, this team of kids will be better off, whether its this season or beyond….and how many times could we have ever said that as ranger fans over the last 30 yrs….

  47. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…sometimes I wonder what you are watching or what players you need to wear “kit gloves” when writing about

    -There is no sugar coating it….The King was Awful and pathetic last night and gave our team no chance to win this game
    -What does anyone see in Rupp’s play to warrant being in the lineup? Any healthy scratch (Mitchell, Zucs, Newberry bring more to the game than Rupp)

    I thought overall we played real well, that we were in control of the flow and pace of the game, and that we were not rewarded (this time) for being the better team last night.

    I believe this team will find a way to win game 6 and then being home for game 7 will take care of itself,

  48. Listen, lets just realize that without Hank, we probably are already golfing….I agree with injecting some new life into the lineup…I liked the way dubi played, and I wouldnt mind a zuc(if healthy) or newbury in there….i thought anisimov and gaborik had a much better game, but they are still both very soft on the boards and dont win too many battles there…i think gaborik has bought into system, but is still not happy about the system…it just doesnt suit him…

  49. I really cant stand that argument. Without Hank, we probably are already golfing. The best players are supposed to step up and lead. The leader of the team is supposed to shoulder the burden, place the team on his back, and win. Here’s hoping Henrik can lead us in Game 6.

    Problem, as Carp mentioned, is that we let it fly when we were down 3-0. We took chances, pressured more, created consistent scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, I think we’ll play the same way we always do, defense and shot blocking in Game 6, and we’ll have to hope to score a lucky or bad goal or 2 doing what we’ve done all along.

  50. I think it’s totally fair to say that we lost this game because of a lack of solid defense by our forwards and, mainly, because of a horrendous game from Hank. It’s absolutely fair to pile this one on him as I am sure he is doing to himself.

    This doesn’t mean he’s a bad goalie. Being a good goalie is about being consistently good and about bouncing back from starts like this. Hank is probably the most consistent goalie in the NHL which is why he is a Vezina *Finalist* . I absolutely expect him to come back Friday more focused and post one of his best games of the season right when we need it. Hank isn’t Bryzgalov. A game like this is an anomaly.

    I think we can, and will, still win this series. Hopefully we learned how to dominate a game and when Hank is back to being King Henrik, we will win.

    Sens in 5 anyone?

  51. Obviously, after the fluky tying goal, the Rangers really had the Devils on the ropes. And then from an offensive standpoint, they just seemed to….stop. The overall dominance that they displayed from Prust’s goal onwards just seemed to slowly disappear. I don’t know if the Devils found another gear and just got up off the mat, or if the Rangers were so happy to have climbed out of the hole that they didn’t want to waste it by pressing too hard and giving up the go-ahead goal on a stupid play (e.g., turnover at the offensive blue line, leading to an odd-man rush). Maybe they realized that Hank was off his game and wanted to severely limit the Devils’ scoring opportunities. Of course, they wound up making a stupid play anyway, because there’s no way Ryan Byfuglien Carter should be that wide open in that area. That’s what kills me.

    The other thing that kills me is, maybe it’s me but does this team ever bail out Hank? Yes, he had a substandard game last night, no question. How about picking him up like he’s done countless times? Yet I cannot remember the last time I came away from a Ranger win and said “Wow, they won tonight despite Lundqvist’s bad goal(s).” Seriously, I can’t even describe how ridiculous Brodeur looked on the 3rd goal, and his play on the Prust goal was weaksauce too, and yet neither of those horrible plays wound up mattering.

  52. … or ya know what. Its all dandy Henrik. Youve led us to the playoffs every year save for 1. Youre excused. We Rangers fans dont demand winning, we’re just ecstatic for a EC Finals appearance.

  53. Replace Gaborik with Parise and Anisimov with anyone and we’re already a better team.

    CARP doesn’t like it when the Rodent gets on Anisimov, but he’s totally right. Anisimov will never amount to anything more than what he already is … and he’s soft in tight spots. He’s not party of a nutrituious breakfast of champions.

  54. Manny,

    You are right about Lundqvist – he certainly is no Bryzgalov.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he has one of his finest games of the season tomorrow night.

    The King is one of the most competitive players in the league – and absolutely hates to lose.

  55. Hank wasn’t picking up the puck well last night. Maybe it was the glare off the Garden Ice?

    To take the focus off of Hank for a second, Rupp was annoying last night. Seems like the only person he got off their game with his antics was himself. Totally ignoring the puck and the play to make a hit.

  56. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any comments on the referees. They haven’t been very good in this series. Last night they missed two obvious calls that should have led to whistles directly before the first two Devil goals, one a high stick and the second an offsides. They also missed at least one too many men on the ice by the Devils. Their inconsistency has been apparent in areas like boarding, diving, and hooking calls. Will they call it or not? I guess I’m asking a lot for the refs not to be a factor in a playoff game.

  57. Ben, agree with you 100%. There have been countless examples in all team sports about strong, contending teams that have to eat a carcillo sandwich in one playoff year (or years) before they manage to become champions. If the Rangers lose this series — and I’m still confident that they’ll somehow win it — I’m hoping that this year will be the equivalent of the 1991-92 season. Hopefully without missing the playoffs the following year.

    That being said, what playoff hardships has this Devils team had to endure recently?

  58. Am I crazy or did Prust just trip over the net? In real time, it looked like a dive for sure, and I completely understand the ref calling that penalty. But when they show the replay his foot is against the part of the iron where it arches out behind the goal line, and when he gets pushed he trips over that. Did not think it deserved all the criticism it got from the announcers.

  59. Can’t blame the officiating for this one.

    It really comes down to doing the little things.

    Every single goal is the result of a mistake(s) leading up to it.

    Carl Hagelin missed his man coming back on the game-winner. But he is an outstanding young player who is only a rookie – and will only get better. He’s done a ton of great things this year.

    I’m sure he heard about it from Torts. ‘Nuff said.

  60. Stranger Nation nailed it on the 4th goal. There was a great shot of the play from the Devils end where you can follow the backcheckers. When the play went down the NYR defensive LW boards, Girardi and Richards were coasting back with Carter between them, Richards puck-side. Neither paid any attention to Carter, but Girardi went to the corner when it became a 2-on-1 against (and when Richards didn’t go). Richards never turned his head to look at Carter. When Girardi headed for the corner, Hagelin was above the hashmarks on the defensive LW boards He saw Carter un-checked gliding down the slot and skated all the way across from there to mark him. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in time. From looking at the end of the play only, he looks like the goat. In reality, he made a heads-up play, spotting the open man and attempting to cover for Richards. From my view, that’s Richards’ bad, all the way.

  61. Marz,

    Remember the Devils led the 2001 Cup Finals against Colorado – only to lose in 7 games, with Raymond Bourque finally winning it all.

    They also lost to Carolina in game 7 two or three years ago when Brent Sutter was coaching – gave up 2 goals in the final 90 seconds to lose it.

    Cooke happens, man.

    We got 101 games so far this season. More than we all thought would happen.

    Gotta be proud of the boys. They’re a legit contender. Now, its up to management to get the rest of the pieces.

  62. Manny,

    More than likely, he won’t be resigned.

    Food for thought – Jordan Staal is an UFA July 1, 2013

  63. CARP – wonderful as usual – although I think that you have to say Hank was not at his best – certainly not terrible for the first and third – but sure was average. I think we are so used to seeing him do the unbelievable that when he is average – well, it hurts.

    The Carter goal, i think after looking at the replay has to be the D – not sure if its Richards. Someone has to be assigned that lane – it was a gift for Carter to get that open of a shot so close in.

    Does anyone ever wonder what a great job that this coaching staff has done with these players? THink about it – the youth on this team is amazing – I think we forge that DelZotto is only 21! How bout Haglein, Stepan, and not least of which McMonster? Are you kidding me? THese guys (kids!) are the same age as my oldest son. THink about that for a minute. We are getting incredible play and long minutes each game from a group of kids – many of whom lift these team and carry them through this season, and certainly these play-offs. It is an incredible job by the coaches, and speaks volumes as too the make up of the character of the team as a whole. An incredible job so far – just amazing. They play like grizzled veterans most nights – and we get all over them when they make mistakes. IMHO this is one of the great stories this season.

    My Suggestion: Have Mess on the ice for Game 6 – drop a puck for an opening ceremony?? Skate in the warm-ups????

    Two: After we dis-mantle the Devs on Friday – Bring Matteau with you on the bench for Sunday- What a way to celebrate the 18yr anniversary –

  64. Yea he definitely won’t be re-signed. I was just putting it out there in response to Kenny Albert’s question.

    Jordan Staal rules but don’t the Penguins want him to stick around and Centre their third line?

  65. My point is the Rangers should not have been down two goals early if the refs didn’t have their heads up their behinds.

  66. FiveFootZero on

    Nobody has mentioned that Kreider had a few issues with blind passes to nobody or to a Devil just waiting for it.

  67. The real culprit last night was Doodie, who must’ve put his underpants back on with five minutes left in the game.

  68. As much as I’d like to post soem keen insight and perspective this morning, you guys already covered it all. I’m just sad.

  69. czechthemout!!!! on


    It really good to read your thoughts when you are being serious. You bring a lot to the discussion when you do that. Best of luck in your fight against that bush league disease.

  70. Oh Yea! PIMPSTER: My wife, Mrs. Manny, was asking last night why we don’t have a “beat your wife Potvin!” chant for Marty and his whole sister-love situation.

  71. 4th line productivity difference between the devils and rangers is scary. rupp nada for 18 games….

    on a planelast night, quickly watchedd the game when I got home. rangers outplayed them and outchanced them by far. does not matter scoreboard is all that matters. brodeur is bad…..henrik did not have a good game…

    dubi helps a ton, john mitchell stinks. rangers if they play like weds will win friday……………………………………………….

  72. I love watching all the jumpers. I also love watching all the people that re so disappointed in the team. If they lose? Yeah it sucks it’s against the Devils, but look at the big picture. This was/is a great season win or lose. Obviously I hope they win game 6, but considering how far they’ve come in a year, I’m happy for the future.

  73. Five foot zero. I was standing behind 408 all night and that kid was asking for it. I am the most passive fight averse guy out there but I even “got in his way” between periods 2 and 3. When that buzzer went off he should have clapped his hands and walked out with the victory. Instead he turned around faced the crowd and the the hands up “and now what” stance. I woulda clocked him if I could. Today however I would feel even worse about myself. I haven’t felt this way since 8th grade (the last time I got into it with some lamebrain dating my sister). Was that you Donald?


    Yeah, let;s face it that most of the Bonesters are
    spoiled rotten. And who did the spoiling? Yep… King Henrique. He’s pulled so many rabbits out of the hat
    ( or , er glove) over the years, that perfection has come to be expected on every foray by an opponent.

    Mistakes?Sure he makes mistakes now and them….most of them not fatal, but mistakes can become fatal at the drop of a puck. And yes, too bad he had to come a cropper in a playoff game where it
    has enormous consequences. Do you know how many mistakes Thomas Edison made during his tenure?

    I can’t wait for the first one to suggest that may…beee, they ought to start Biron. Ohhhhyeah.
    Biron of the Grand Canyon 5 hole.

    There was an Army engineer unit that had a motto,
    “the difficult we do immediately..the impossible…takes a little longer.”

    No one knows better than LQ how collosal his flubs were this game, but I’ll bet that he will be back as his old self come next game, and probably outdo even himself. NYers have the patience quotient of a mouse ogling a hunk of cheese.

    The French have a word or so for it…c’est la vie..
    In Brooklyn it’s fuggedaboundid! I vote for Brooklyn.

  75. I’ve been mostly confident of the team during the playoffs, but it does not look good right now. As a fan it takes the heart of you when the team plays its best game of the series and still loses. It makes it even worse when they keep getting beat by scrubs and 4th liners.

  76. Uncle Daddy is good but there needs to be a chant version that involves the word “Beat”

  77. FiveFootZero on

    PBR…I gotta say that was the worst I’ve ever seen someone get pummelled, although I have seen a woman in 406 get removed by her hands and feet (not sure why though). I agree, he did deserve something, and I’m not sure how hurt he was, but you can be sure he won’t be doing that again. I sit in 407 (we also have seats in 408 which we weren’t sitting in last night). From my view (Larry’s row), it looked really bad, and it took forever for security to get there. What made matters worse though was that he kept on even while being escorted out.

    And I agree, a gracious fan of any team is welcome up there…but don’t do what he did…it was just asking for it.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    When all you as a fan know is perfection, its very easy to blame a game like this (where he lets up 1 bad goal and the hockey gods fight him on two others) all on him.

    Truth remains, he wasn’t exactly * “Horrendous” .* The game was tied 3-3 for 14:30 and the 4th goal was a back-breaking defensive coverage sinker of titanic proportions. Lest we not forget an early Gaborik (wide-open net) goal could have changed the game’s fortunes. Could have. Should have. Will have $7.5million in the bank when he goes home, regardless.

    We are all so spoiled, we have no idea what the “average” goalie is like. If you happened to be around for the *Mclean, Weekes, Hebert, Dunham, Markkannen, Valiquette, Maclennan, Cloutier, Hnlicka, Lebarbara* era, then I hope you understand what HORRENDOUS goaltending is. The only form of horrendous goaltending that showed up last donned an NJ tail and a pitch-forked twinkie.

  79. How foolish. We’ve been so spoiled, with our first trip out of the 2nd round in his tenure.

  80. IMO the rangers are done. They probably mentally and physically spent everything they had left last night to come back only to lose the game. I also said whoever won game 5 would win the series. I can’t believe they made it this far, only to lose to of all teams the devils.

  81. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    It was clear that there was a big emotional let down after tying the game. They saw it as needing three when they actually needed four. Now, I don’t know if that’s mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, or both, but the Rangers STILL have not put together a solid 60 minutes in this entire playoffs (triple OT game notwithstanding, but they had 115 to work with).

    That said, last night was the closest they’ve come the entire playoffs. They didn’t play the first 5 minutes and the last 15 minutes.

    Carp’s assessment of the goals against was spot on. Only the Zajac goal was Lundqvist’s fault. Two were just terrible, terrible lapses in defensive coverage, and one was just a fluke.

    I am getting frustrated watching Del Zotto. Usually when you talk about consistency, you mean over the course of several games. Del Zotto has consistency problems within a single game. One minute he could be having an epic Del Zaster, and then the next minute he makes a great play. It’s maddening to watch him be so hot/cold. To me, that’s a mental thing to make such glaring mistakes followed by such great play. I have hope that eventually he puts it all together.

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would say the rest of this series is going to “be cake,” but that really excites Brodeur and his wife-beaten ex-sister-in-law/new-bride.

    Well done, Manny. Hold down the fort.

  83. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    True fans, in fairness, most of the other guys you listed were just back ups. The only real terrible starters on that list are Weekes (imagine if they didn’t have Lundqvist to bail them out of that disaster of a signing!!) and Dunham (for his full season).

    To be completely fair, Dunham had a good half season after being acquired (and Zidlicky is making us pay for it now). He was probably the team’s best player down the stretch, which for that lousy squad, isn’t saying much.

  84. The message coming out of that game is not that they played great and still lost, it is that they have what it takes to beat these carcillo-heads. Good coaches and veteran leadership will make sure they come away with the right message.

  85. FiveFootZero on

    I will defer to PBR to give an account of the beating if he can…I was off to the side and a section and a half over.

  86. *Bad news* guys: I told you that the Rangers clinching coincided with the Jewish Holidays known as “S’firas HaOmer” during which Jewish men let their beards grow long. I thought this was a nice coincidence. I just saw on my work calendar that the holiday of Shavuos is this weekend. That means the end of S’firas HaOmer and the time when Jewish men trim their beards that they have been letting grow. That means that we are going to lose in Game 7 and have to cut our beards along with the Jews.

  87. Awful Morning…….as fans we have to keep the faith. Maybe Yogi can mouth those words for us again, It aint over till its over…….Lets Go Rangers

  88. Rob in Beantown on

    I began to mentally prepare myself for the loss when we were down 3-0, so the fact that we tied it but then lost anyway was a letdown, but I was oddly serene about it. But then I woke up this morning feeling even more upset about the game than I was last night.

    I think the Rangers have at least a 50% chance of winning tomorrow night and then at least a 50% chance of winning Sunday, but if that’s true we’re still looking at just a 25% chance of winning the series now. Winning game 5 would have been huge. It can still be done, and I hope we do it, but man. That one hurt.

  89. I’m not watching another Rangersbgame until they acquire Cam Ward and/or Chris Osgood. They just smell of win.

  90. Hey peeps,..I have a lot of confidence that this team can recover from this “tough to take” loss. They are well coached by Torts and have proven that they can do it time and time again. Even the Caps, who have/had heart thanks to Dale Hunter, although not as much as the rangers, managed to win game 6 after losing a much more heartbreaking game five loss to the rangers. As Carp always says, momentum means nothing game to game, especially in this era of parity in the NHL and stanley cup playoffs. I will not be surprised at all if we are back at the garden for game 7. And if they do happen to lose game 6, so be it. Yes it would suck cause they came so close, and you never know when they can make a run again, but they have a good core established and I think they will be around for a few more years. And I know its cliche to say, but the experience for this young squad gained this year is invaluable. Besides, who really thought we would be in this position at the start of the season. ……now go summon the ghosts of Messier and Matteau!! NYR

  91. I was at the game. I rather lose the way they did last night than witness another lackluster effort (i.e., game 6 against Washington, Game 4 against NJD, and Game 5 against OTT)— where the team we have come to know and love all but disappeared. They showed some heart last night.

  92. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yeah, Osgood sure helped all of his all-star teams win the Cup. Yawn. Those teams had as many future HOFers as the 80’s Oilers.

  93. I already know NBC’s broadcast is going to piss me off tomorrow. I normally don’t mind the announcing crew like most of you here, but they are just going to beat the Messier Guarantee into the ground.

    I can see it now for the intro. Show the Devils celebrating after Game 5, flashback to Zelepukin and crew celebrating in 94. Show a dejected Rangers team coming off the ice from both this year and in 94.

    BOOM! Messier newspaper headline “We’ll Win Tonight”, show highlights of that game with the Gary Thorne “DO YOU BELIEVE IT? DO YOU BELIEVE IT? HE SAID THEY WILL WIN!!” Then show Brodeur from then, show a picture of Callahan and say “can history repeat itself?”

    And then they go into the commentary booth and will ask Edzo what he remembers about that game (to which his only response should be the chicken fingers and fries in the press box).

  94. I smell of something right now, but it’s definitely not winning. More like dog slobber

  95. Nothing personal, Mr Osgood (an honour to have you around the blog). Perhaps not an unreasonable notion to think even your fine abilities as a clutch playoff goalie might not have been enough to eke multiple Cups or Conference Final appearances out of the New York Rangers between 2005 and 2011 though.

  96. Speaking of the Messier guarantee, and eerie thing about it.

    So on the headline if you look at that paper, the Mets beat the Pirates and Pat Riley beat the Pacers. Take note that yesterday, the Mets beat the Pirates, and Pat Riley’s Heat beat the Pacers the other day. Mulholland isn’t pitching for the Yanks (and they aren’t playing the Jays), but they did win last night as well.

    IS IT JUST COINCIDENCE OR….yeah it is.

  97. Chris Osgood on

    Yes, let’s give Lundqvist credit for his vast playoff success and detract from my success.

  98. How many times to do you think Pierre will say, “Red Deer,” or “Western Hockey League,” or “Thunder Bay” or Mar-tan Bro-doo-doo?

  99. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I didn’t say to credit Lundqvist, just detracted from Osgood’s. Which is why he will never get in the HOF. He was just a guy.

  100. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Don’t forget Shattuck St. Mary’s and Boston College.


    Thanks so much for the well-wishes.

    And I liked hearing that some of my “normal” analysis is actually read!

    I’ll try to mix-it-up every once and again.

  102. But well done Mr Osgood on also leading the Islanders and Blues to their Cup rings during your tenure there.

  103. Chris Osgood on

    I’ll take my 3 rings and be completely satisfied without the Hall of Fame.

  104. As I asked last night, had the Rangers managed to win 4-3, does that suddenly make Lundqvist more of a “clutch winner” or whatever? Did he not still have the same bad-to-awful game?

  105. DelZotto = Monster! 21 Years old – a monster! who occasionally acts like, well, a 21 year old!

  106. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yes Ozzi, you sure earned the ring that Mike Vernon won the Conn Smythe for! You must be as proud of that one as Chris Terreri is about being a two-time cup Champ!

  107. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    LW, last night wasn’t about Lundqvist. A goaltender can’t be the reason a team wins in every game of the playoffs. Win or lose, it wasn’t a good performance.

    Likewise for Brodeur. Had the Devils lost, everyone would say he was washed up. But just because they managed to hold on by the skin of their teeth we should all forget that he had an equally bad game? No. He played like garbage too.

  108. Waywayseecappo Wolverines of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League…

    If he says that, I will watch Soap Opera’s OnDemand instead of Game 6.

  109. Chris Osgood on

    The rings are looking pretty nice on these fingers. May I see Lundqvist’s fingers?

  110. therealmikeynj on

    It’s going 7 games, period.

    Nothing has been easy this entire season, why would it change now?

    And WHEN we reach the finals, it will be 7 games again.

    We will be the only team in NHL history to go 7 games in every round and win the cup.

    Mark my words, and go get your shinebox!!

  111. Here’s the thing with Del Z. You guys are expecting him to be Bobby Orr, or even Brian Leetch (I actually heard someone describe the Del Z play in game 4 that set up the only goal as a Bobby Orr play). The kid is NEVER going to be great defensively. In fact, to me his goal should be to at least be competent. But he can sure move the puck. That’s his strength. He’s the type that needs a good stay at home defenseman to cover him (think Leetch and Buek). But who do they have him playing with? Bickel and Stralman. Neither one is very good, and in fact Bickel flat out stinks and has no business being near the ice except to sit in the stands and watch. Put him with Sauer, like he was during the first half of the season and you’ll see a great Del Z. Remember, early in the season he was up among the leaders in +/- for whatever that’s worth. I don’t think people realize how much losing Sauer has affected this team. If Sauer plays, you now have 5 1/2 decent defensemn (giving Stralman the 1/2, and he’s had some real good moments). To me, the off season goal should be to go and get one more good stay at home D so that McD, Girardi and Staal don’t have to play ungodly minutes every game.

    And oh yeah, Del Z is ONLY 21!!

  112. czechthemout!!!! on

    Mdz= inconsistent coward/ wimp with a very poor offensive game ( his so called strengh) .
    He has been consistently outplayed by a guy of the street named Stralman. Of he is what it takes as part of a package to land a good scorer, I will gladly pay for his airplane ticket out of town.

  113. This team “died” when the coach made them “practice” just 36 hours following the Washington marathon game. They were never allowed to just get off skates and relax and regenerate mind and body.

    The tank is empty and at this stage, the outcome of the 2012 S.C. playoffs, and all playoff tournaments has much more to do with condition than physical ability. Reckless, pathetic, over-coaching job. Period. And it is even more inexcusable with Boston, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Vancouver all out of the way. The path to glory was smooth, save for the self-defeating, over-baked, “grind them down to powder” stupidity.

  114. Del Zotto occasionally letsthat italian temper flareandisinvolved with some rough stuff. The kid is good, and although he wont be the next brian leetch, he is certainley capable of an average of 15 goals and 40 assists per year in the future

  115. FiveFootZero on

    I’m sorry but if their so called tank is empty, being in a game 6 position vs. the Debbies, 2 wins away from the finals…then they shouldn’t be playing the game. This is what these guys live for. They’re young. They can get it done.

  116. czechthemout!!!! on


    I don’t expect him to be Bobby Orr. There is only one of those. I expect him to be better than Anton Stralman. His offensive game stinks. He has no shot and his passing is at best average. McD has a more superior offensive game. Just watch the play in the second period where McD deked around two Devils and set up Richards for a shot the he flubbed. I won’t even talk about his defense because it is below average at best.

  117. What 5’0″ said. There is no way they are *fatigued* . If they are *fatigued* then why did they outplay the Devils last night (who I guess are not *fatigued* )

  118. Mark my words, if the Rangers put a solid stay at home guy with mdz, he will rival Karlsson of Ottawa as the best offensive defenseman in the league. They continue to put him with the likes of Bickel, his confidence will be shot and he’ll sink into obscurity. At 21, his ego is a bit fragile, but he needs to be left alone to create. I’d say, he has to become Brian Rafalski. Competent defense but a great playmaker. Actually, I see MDZ become the type of D that Paul Coffey was. Coffey was never a great defender, but he had guys like Kevin Lowe to back him up. I think he has THAT type of skill. He’ll never score like Coffey because the game is played differently, but he can make plays like him.

  119. 18 years. WOW ! Time does fly . History is a funny thing. So is karma.This series is not over yet Johnny. See you Sunday at MSG. We have one more hill to climb BABY. I guarantee it,and I’m not Messing around. Bleed Blue Stay True.

  120. Czech I feel you, and I’m not sure yet what to make of MDZ, but he’s actually been one of the more physically active players, would not call him a wimp.

  121. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    doodie, agree with the 60 solid minutes idea. hopefully we’ll see that friday. i STILL say this series has 7 written all over it. its just how we’ve played it all year.

  122. “Actually thought Gaborik was pretty good.”

    I wanted to give him a star, and I’m always ranting about process trumping results, but … I just couldn’t get over missing the open net. Brutal. The brutalist.

    (Also, there’s no chance I’m going back to the game thread, but did people properly call out the “4 inches and 40 pounds” comment about Prust? How ridiculous was that?)

  123. czechthemout!!!! on


    And if they pay him 3+ million, he will be just as overpaid as Dubi is today. BR should be trade bait for a good scorer. Bobby Ryan,Rick Nash. Erixon will easily replace Mdz so will a Justin Shultz if they sign him.

  124. czechthemout!!!!

    I think you’re completely wrong. I think, he’s a 21 year old kid with mad skill who’s just not sure if he should be rushing the puck or staying back on defense. He’s caught in between. It’s the same problem that had him sent to the minors last year. His confidence is shot. But, watch plays like he made on the Feds goal in game 4 and you can see what he can do. As I said, when he played with Sauer who stayed back and covered for him, you could see the difference in his game. When he plays with Bickel, an AHL defenseman on his best day, and he’s just not sure what to do. I agree, I think McD will be a better overall defenseman, and has great offensive skills, but I think MDZ is a better playmaker who’s shot will get better.

  125. Rangers need to stop passing the puck when they’re in shooting positions – if Kreider ever passes up a shot to throw the puck back to Stu Bickel, he should be slapped in the face – and they also need to be ready to shoot when the puck comes to them. Given how shaky Brodeur has looked, if there’s any chance at one-timing a puck from anywhere close, you have got to be ready to rip it. I know the Rangers haven’t done a good job of this all season, but it’s the easiest way of unleashing havoc against most goalies, particularly Brodeur who is trying to overcompensate for his poor play by being overly aggressive. Take advantage of his trying to challenge by getting shots off quicker…it’s not going to take a perfect shot to beat him, just a good quick shot to get his fat ass scrambling/flopping.

  126. This one was a tough pill to swallow. It really made me think long and hard about what it means to be a fan. I am a grown man, with a family and a job. After a somewhat sleepless night I am asking myself why do I care so damn much.

    Not sure that I can come up with a great answer. I have been a rangers fan since I was 9 years old and the Rangers top line went by the name, “The GAG line”. Sometimes I think that being a Rangers fan keeps me connected to my boyhood; and a time growing up in Brooklyn when things were simpler. No computers, No Video games, No cell phones and channels 2,4,5, 7, 9 & 13.

    I can’t really explain why it all means so much to me…. but it does.

    Last night was a bitter pill to swallow. A horrific start. An inspired comeback and a crushing defeat, all in one game.

    But, I do not join the negative nellie crowd. The response on this blog at times is maddening. People step out on that ledge quickly. This team has earned my love and respect this year. I believe that they have a great chance to win game 6 and that we will be back here Friday night talking about Sunday’s game 7!


    And if they do end up losing this series, it has been a year that has wildly exceeded my expectations and for the most part been a joyous ride!

  127. Doodie

    Completely agree, which is the point I’m making.

    When Lundqvist (or any goalie – aside from multiple Cup winning legend of the game, Mr Osgood) gets crucified for losing 2-1 or even 1-0 games while making 35+ saves by some for not “making the big save” or “finding a way to win” [insert your own vapid cliche here], I’m assuming if the same goalie craps out in a game but ends up winning while facing 16 shots, the same people would view that as a triumphant, “clutch” performance.

    Or at a macro level, being an average-to-mehdecentIguess goalie on a stacked team for several years is more clutchified than being a much better player on a borderline playoff team who doesn’t “want it” enough to drag his borderline playoff team deep in the playoffs every year.

  128. nah, Lundqvist just wasn’t good last night. Brodeur was crap last night, too. the difference was that he was able to make a few saves when he had to and Lundqvist wasn’t able to do that.

  129. I think I need to sell the house I just bought because they are 0-2 since I moved. That, plus I can’t find my Graves jersey in the bags and boxes.

    Still, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…this team has never given up, and I believe they can win until they actually lose 4 games in a series. If they do wind up losing, it’s going to be because Brodeur stole the game, not because they didn’t try hard enough. That said, they can still do this in 7.

  130. czechthemout!!!! on


    Mdz couldn’t hold Paul Coffey’s jock strap. Forget about stats. Coffey was one of the greatest skaters,shooters ,passing and stick handling defenseman I have ever seen. In fact Coffey can still even at his current age outskate Mdz. Not a good comparison my friend.

    As for Karlsson, ask your self this question, would you trade Karlsson for Mdz straight up if you were Ottawa?
    Mdz will never have his wheels,shot,or his passing ability. The kid may win the Norris trophy. Again, not a good comparison.

  131. Yev,..very well said!

    I don’t go as far back as watchign the GAG line play, but I have been a fan a long time and I remeber being young and actually crying after some tough losses in the playoffs and horrible season ending collapses. After the curse of 1940 was lifted in 1994, and all the magical moments involved in the playoffs that year, I have been upset for maybe a day or tow, but never like when i was young. Its true that I can “die in peace”. I have grown to appreciatte a eam that plays hard and gives it their all, and thats the most you can ask for, and thats what this team has given us this year. Once the playoff run in 96 with gretzky and messier ended, I was sad but appreciattive of what that era and those teams in the early-mid 90’s gave us. I think this team and core group has the potential to give us another good 3 or 4 years of competitive hockey and will erase the dark years of of the late 90’s early ’00s. Its hard to phatom giving up on this team like so many people are on here, but I guess each person allows their own emotional investment. This team is one to be proud of, forever! That said, game 6 final – Rangers 2 devils 1. See you all game 7!

  132. Yev,

    You’re spot on.

    This team arrived a year or two early and is now a legit contender going forward.

    They will be around for awhile. More good memories to come.

  133. “nah, Lundqvist just wasn’t good last night. Brodeur was crap last night, too. the difference was that he was able to make a few saves when he had to and Lundqvist wasn’t able to do that.”

    Or luck. Gaborik missed the open net, Callahan hit the post, etc.

  134. Yev, really great, thoughtful post. I often feel the same way. Like even if they win how does it change my life? I mean when I was a kid bragging rights meant something, especially in high school in late 70s early 80s vs Islander fans. But now? Is it worth the loss of sleep? Do i need my friends saying I care more about the Rangers than they would if they owned them? Is it worth the heat I’m getting from my wife over my threat to bail on a wedding we’re supposed to attend Sunday in case there’s a game 7?

  135. Mister D:

    That’s part of it, but I was comparing the goalies only in that post. There’s no doubt the Rangers missed a few chances and also didn’t play as well in the latter stage of the third.

  136. Stranger Nation on

    Line make ups – last night

    Cally, Dubi, Artie line allowed for 2 guys on the boards and Artie in front of goal.

    Hags, Gabby, Richards line has 2 guys on boards, with only 1 who wins board battles – Hags. In reg season Hags could beat man, control puck and get puck in front to either guy. In POs, Dmen are allowed to hold and grab him, preventing some of the plays we saw in erg season.

    Need to balance lines – would put Hags with Feds and Richie and move Kreider with Cally and Dubi and Gabby with Prust and boyle. Each line has 2 good board men and a scorer with Boyle and Prust allowing Gabby to break out when play allows.

    Artie on 4th line with Rupp and Mitch provides some potential as well.

  137. Matteau,..I agree with you also…except maybe the wedding part! Game 7 ECF’s don’t come around that often! Put a little more in the envelope LOL! (JK)

  138. Matteau,

    Your post was as good as your double OT winner against the Devs in ’94.

  139. My wife knows that when a Rangers game is on the calendar it’s priority #1. It’s PATHETIC. I admit it. Why do I lose sleep? Why do I break things? (that’s right, Jimbo, I lost another pair of glasses last night). It’s really juvenile.

    I have discussed this with a buddy of mine extensively because we both seem to place all of our emotions into our love of sports, specifically one team for me. It’s a projection or whatever but it’s a pretty healthy outlet I think. Better than some.

  140. czechthemout!!!! on


    You insult me when I never insulted you and yet you call me classless. Very amusing.

  141. “Is it worth the heat I’m getting from my wife over my threat to bail on a wedding we’re supposed to attend Sunday in case there’s a game 7?”

    You’re in the right here. Who gets married on Sundays?

  142. True fans are the one’s that go to tons of games…you feel like one of your kids is on the team..youc are, you want them to do well, you have fun when they win, and commit crimes when they lose…it changes a lot to win the Cup, especially when it has been awhile…teams that have won it a bunch dont get it…like the Yankees…who gives a rats ass if the Yankees win it? Is it really that special? This is the Rangers, a team that is by far the ugly duck of the Original 6…we havent won squat in the last 80 years…..this team matters…

  143. Stranger Nation on

    The stone cold reality of our current predicament is the opponent. If this was Pissburg and we met our demise, it would be a bitter pill to swallow but much easier to understand.

    The the Debbies are the team in this series, makes the pill almost impossible to swallow. Still believe we will win the next two, but seeing Mammy between the pipes with an OK D in front of him is making this a tougher series to watch. A cruel irony to beat Uncle Daddy the next 2 and send him home a loser 18 years after we did it on the front end of his career.

    The Debbies have good front lines, better than we give them credit for and good coaching as well for their D (Heres to you Mr. Robinson).

    Not down on Hank as some others, but we need a big time performance from him AND the D on Friday.

  144. the rangers will win tommorrow. this team is tough. they will win….

    put in the hobbit and sit rupp, he stinks and does nothing and the tough guy stuff is irrelevant in the playoffs…

    is Boyle still on the team??????????he has dissapeared since the concussion…………..

  145. Bard Richards’s best shot on goal was against Hank, nuff said. Where’s that clown been this whole series?

  146. Good Point Cole Slaw. I do feel like my kids are on this team. I guess that’s what happens when you’re older than the guys on the team.

  147. ThisYearsModel on

    YEV–I used to feel that way. This year is different. These guys, this team has come so far this year that I cannot bring myself to be upset. The thing that really bothers me is that they might go out to the Devils, not that they might bow out in the semifinals. That is about my dislike for that franchise, having grown up in NJ and having been around when the Rangers were the ONLY team in the area. Back in the days of Park, Gilbert, Giacomin………their ultimate choke would ruin my days for a month. This group is talent challenged compared to the Devils. They are young, and this is the most important issue. They have a coach willing and committed to developing their young players. MDZ is 21. 21. McD, Kreider, Hagelin, and so on. They have shown guts all season. They are an easy team to like and to support. Most importantly, their growth has been accelerated and they should be competitors for the next 5 years. One thing they have in common with the Rangers of the past……they know how to lose a critical game in the most excruciating way. I mean, rip your guts out stuff like last night. But they are growing, learning all along and you can see it happening before your eyes. Their experiece in the prior series’ will help them Friday. Will they win? Like CARP says, 50-50. But it won’t be due to a lack of heart, or someone quitting or players that do not care. The have tempted fate all playoffs by not bringing it like they should and causing the series to go longer. Inconsistency is a feature of young teams. For me, they are playing with house money. I am delighted at this version of the Rangers. They have a very bright future.

  148. czechthemout!!!! on


    Like you calling me classless behind your computer? Is oils call him a coward and wimp to his face if given the chance. You see unlike you, I root for the name on the front of the sweater not the name on the back of it. If the truth hirts, get over it. Of he has a good game, I will praise him for as I have on some occasions before. The problem is he has had way more bad than good games so far in the playoffs and is always Simpson out chasing the puck into the corners.

  149. “I guess that’s what happens when you’re older than the guys on the team.”

    Isn’t that the worst? If not for Biron, I’d be older than everyone. Even Fedo and Rupp, which makes no sense to me.

  150. FiveFootZero on

    What Mister D said…I have like 20 years on most of these guys. I have a son who’s a Squirt player…I feel old.

  151. It’s a startling reality, The Doctor. One that, once realized, forever changed the way I root.

  152. “What Mister D said…I have like 20 years on most of these guys. I have a son who’s a Squirt player…I feel old.”

    But you get used to it eventually, right? I think because the only pro teams I follow closely are the Rangers and Yankees this kind of snuck up on me. Jeter and Rivera will always be older than me and last year we had guys like Prospal and McCabe who were actively old. This year … just weird.

  153. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You did a fantastic summary of a very amorphous game. I went to bed perplexed and woke up even more confused. Anyways…

    Hanging around this place today is exactly like spending time in a mental ward. (Ilb ;-).

    Good day, All!

  154. It is LATE LATE in the season, we have played more hockey than anyone, but to me, one of the biggest bright spots aside from how my played most of last night is, we have only lost 3 games in a row two times this season. We are a resilient bunch. We will win tomorrow night. Even if we don’t win the series, we will win tomorrow night.

  155. FiveFootZero on

    Mister D…what makes me pause and feel it even more, when you see their birth dates on the big screen and I think to myself…wow…I was out of high school x-amount of years already. Geeze-o. And yes, you get used to it.

  156. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    lol MrD. anyone here that was in the blog while we were down 3-0 last night? dare i go back and read the comments around that time?

  157. i didnt grow a playoff beard but i have 3 weeks of recycling
    sitting in the corner of my kitchen, a sink full of dishes,
    laundry up the wazoo and 2ft high lawn. LGR!!!!

  158. My marker is Nirvana. Kreider and Del Zaster were born AFTER Nirvana put out their first album. I don’t know why, but that thought bothers me.

  159. Was there last night, and I agree with Lloyd. Bad game for both netminders, but Brodeur ended up making some big saves (Kreider semi-break in the 3rd) and Henrik didn’t. I actually thought the Rangers defense was pretty solid other than those two scrubs being left wide open in front; how many quality opportunities did they get all night? I reckon those two were the only two, other than that Richards abberation. I wouldn’t call that Zajac shot a big save if Hank had made it because it’s routine. So while Henrik didn’t have many opportunities to make a big save, he didn’t on the Carter goal, and that was the difference in the game. In no way can that goal be blamed on him, but it still went in.

    While I think it’s totally reasonable for Henrik to have some sub-par games because it’s human, it happened to come at the wrong time. Somehow, though, it appears to be unreasonable for people to say such things.

  160. Carp,

    Guess Crassius was admiring his Stanley Cup ring when writing his brilliant proclamation.

    Oh wait a minute – he doesn’t have one.

    ‘Nuff said.

  161. I think this only hurts because it’s the devils. I despised them even when I lived in NJ as a kid. And now I have to hear about it from all my relatives who are suddenly huge fans.

    The come-back made it an exciting game to watch, at least. I see hockey as entertainment and having little/no bearing on my mood or the rest of my life (other than the bitch-slapping war between me and my uncle’s wife). So, I enjoy the good and shrug off the bad. It’s a game. It’s a SERIES. And I love the Rangers.

    So, how are the NYR doing?? Ans: They’re still playing!!!

  162. Manny – maybe I AM the producer for NBC…

    Hell no I’m not. I’d make sure the broadcast was at least 3x better!

  163. Manny,

    Go back to The Who for the ideal reference to this Rangers team:

    The kids are alright.

  164. FiveFoot :)

    I have checked in the blog a few times since last night, but I refuse, REFUSE to carcillo all over THIS team. Not THIS team, and not THIS year. Whatever happens, happens. This has been one of the most amazing years for this team and organization. I have a very hard time dealing with this series now, because in my head, as long as the road to the cup wasn’t through the pens, I was convinced we were going to go through. The Devils have been a very tough opponent, and as much as it completely sucks to possibly lost to them, we have not given it up or folded it in. When you get this close, it is always like a kick to the stomach and to another place, because even with all the promise and all the youth, you never know when you will get this close again. But this is NOT over, and we are NOT done. Have some faith and trust in our boys.

  165. It’s not unreasonable Latona. Hank was bad last night. You can’t have a 75% save percentage. You just can’t.

    Other things went wrong but how often do the Rangers score more than 4 goals? You have to seal up a bit better than that.

  166. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A rebound goal with NO defensive coverage within 10 feet, a hockey-god cursed rebound off the leg and straight in the net, and another bang-bang one-timer without defensive pressure even within good spitting distance … well, those are all just three QUITE reasonable goals.

    Nobody was blameless. Except maybe Dubi and Cally, they had stellar games.

  167. I don’t have the energy to do the exact math, but how is anyone over a certain age a Devils fan? How are 50yr old guys Devils fans? Kids I understand but grown men…??

  168. Thanks to all for the kind comments and the heartfelt responses. I am a relative newcomer to the blog and I love it here.

    I appreciate the thoughtful posts. I have said to Carp before that some of the insanity and negative nellieism is because when it comes to this team and this game that we all love so much; many are thinking with their hearts and not their heads.

    It is MAY 24th and we are still talking hockey. We are STILL talking about a NY Ranger team that is alive.

    no matter how CRUSHING the defeat was (and it was!), if you don’t think that they can come back and win Game 6 and then have a toss up for game 7; well, then you have not been watching the 2011-2012 NY Rangers. They clearly are not the most talented bunch, but they have the collective heart of a champion.

    They have gotten so close that we all can taste it. It is there for the taking. That is why it will be so hard if they lose.

    But, if they do lose in this round, perspective will creep in with the passing of time. With a little tweaking and addition, this is a team that I believe will be in the thick of it for the next 5-10 years!

    When have we had a Rangers team that we have been able to say that about…

    CHINS UP FELLA’S (and ladies)




    RANGERS IN 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Question, because I was too annoyed to watch NHL Live last night, but they were saying that the second Devils goal was offsides? True? I know there was a missed high stick on Step for the first goal, but you have to play through that no matter what.

  170. Carp, were u there 18 years ago today when Mess made the guarantee? When I watch old footage, it doesn’t look like there were alot of reporters there.

  171. Nasty, going with that, it sure looked like to me, and to the Rodent, that NJD had six skaters on the ice before the fourth goal.

    Henrik wasn’t good enough for them last night, and they made some really bad defensive mistakes. Can’t blame this on officiating, even if none of the goals should have counted.

  172. Salty: “Sorry, Lundqvist is absolutely the goat in this game. 4 goals on 16 shots or something? Tonight was not a champion’s performance though.”

    I’m sure it’s been said at least once somewhere in the previous 200 comments, but without Lundqvist we wouldn’t have even gotten past Ottawa or won the #1 seed in the East.

  173. where did you see footage, Boo-K? There weren’t a lot of reporters, and the way he said it made us all look at each other like, “did he say ‘will’ win?” And the TV news folks didn’t even use it that night.

    I’d love to watch it again.

    and, yes, obviously I was there. Eighteen years ago today. (he didn’t say “We’ll Win tonight” because it was the day before Game 6 that he said it).

  174. Win or lose, Henrik was awful last night. Just cant have that type of performance, and in 2 games in a row, from the best goalie in the league and the leader of your team. Sure, Callahan’s the captain, but Henrik is the leader. As Henrik goes, so go the Rangers.

  175. Definitely something worth looking into, Nasty.

    iWannaBeANYR, I don’t think anyone here is denying that, but it isn’t the point. We wouldn’t have gotten past Washington without Richards, and I see plenty of people on here rightfully calling him out for his under-performing this series. Why aren’t we allowed to discuss a bad game by Hank?

  176. So offsides on the 2nd goal, a high stick on the first goal, and too many men on the winning goal. Sounds to me like a perfectly executed win for the referees.

  177. Yea. What Latona said. The point is not TRADE HANK!!! or anything like that. Just that he had a bad night. I really think he will bounce back and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go super-human and go another 5 periods without giving one up.

  178. Hey – They have to lose SOME games to go 16-12 and then up Broadway. Last night was one of them…disappointing, but one of them. Good and bad plays for both teams – granted, some of ours were doozies that stand out to us only b/c we are Rangers fans – but both teams screwed up at times. They’ve exposed some of our weaknesses, but we’ve also exposed some of theirs (in goal specifically). I’ll take my chances tomorrow night. But I’m not one who, if they lose, will be able to sleep well all summer, proud of how far the kids came. Not me…I’ll be REALLY po’ed until next Spring’s tournament starts

  179. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, it’s a know-nothing asshat that encompasses the voice of the ignorant masses.

  180. Henrik broke Torts’ infamous “25% Rule”. Château Bow-Wow for Henke! Put in Biron!

  181. It was rough towards the end, Tiki, but that euphoria I experienced after Gaborik scored and the awesome “MARTY!” chants shortly thereafter were worth it. There were some classic lines by Rangers fans and I had some good food, too. I can’t say I’d do it again, but I don’t regret buying the tickets at all.

  182. Carp, i remeber seeing it on some MSG special! Or maybe it was “oh baby” or some other 94 highlight video. I just tried looking on youtube but couldnt find it. Ill keep searching. I remember that it looked like he was in the hallway outside of the locker room, butnot sure.

  183. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey Chris Osgood,
    Are you friends with Dan Cloutier or Ray Emery?

    We’re going to need a new goalie soon.

  184. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    The Messier Guarantee:

    “We know we have to win it. We can win it and we are going to win it”

  185. tik, please tell me on which play, other than the Zajac goal, Lundqvist was awful.

    new poll right over there ———->

  186. Boo-K, it was at his locker at the Playland Ice Casino. There were probably 20-25 reporters there. Now there are that many around Carl Hagelin’s locker because they can’t get any closer to anybody else.

  187. The rebound he gave up on the 1st goal. The first goal in Game 4 to Salvador, that was just sickeningly awful. If it was Brodeur giving them up, Id say that’s to be expected, the guy is over the hill. But this is the best goalie in the game, 4 time Vezina finalist, and the leader of our team.

  188. >>Bard Richards…Where’s that clown been this whole series?

    Busy doing the subtle little things that we mortals can’t notice.

  189. does Phaneouf spend any time at all, even one minute a week, thinking about how much he affected the lives of everyone on this site?

  190. I would have to ask him Fat Guy. I was just on the phone with Carcillo and Hartnell and they both told me, in the conference call, that they do think about their affect on this site.

  191. I am half way through the movie Goon, and I have been pleasantly surprised. Some great one liners in this one.

  192. I am not going to say awful but Hank didn’t look like himself. In game 3 he was moving like a god. Strong pushoffs side to side, getting in front of everything. Last night he was having trouble locating the puck and he appeared to be picking it up late off sticks and therefore giving up more rebounds than usual.

    We will win Game 6 and Hank will win it for us.

  193. Manny – when you do speak to Hartnall, ask him how often people mistake him for Carrot Top

  194. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Having the safety net of Hank, look a touch off,might not be a bad thing.

  195. Thanks Doodie, 51 second mark. Thats the footage, but they have him actually speaking somewhere. Maybe stan fischler has it on his phone LoL

  196. tiki, the rebound? so he’s not supposed to have rebounds? well, as far as I know, when you make a pad save there’s a rebound. so the option would be to not make the save.

    he was responsible for one goal. Again, I thought he looked a bit off. But he was responsible for one goal.

  197. Doodie, Boo-K, yeah, that footage is from a different interview. that’s definitely not where he said it.

  198. The NHL must be on pins and needles today thinking about a Kings vs. Devils 4 game Stanley Cup Final.

  199. Carp, ok. The other option is to direct the rebound to somewhere other than right in front of you. Its not a big deal, we can agree to disagree. And Im not the only one that’s on him today. But I dont wanna piss you off, so Ill let it go.

  200. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on


    People need to realize last night was arguably the best game of the post season….. Need to win 2 games against the Debbie’s….I’m extremely confident.

  201. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB, Nasty, Tony, Miami, and all!!

    Remember, dump the puck into the Anti-Fatso zones!!!!

    Rangers in 7!

    That’s all I have, LGR!!

    Off to work, later aasens!

  202. You guys know how this works, right?

    First the team is winning.
    Then the team gets away from their game but they win because the goalie bails them out (game 3)
    Then the team stays away from their game, maybe starts to get it back and loses (game 4)
    Then the team gets its game back and deserves to win but loses anyway (game 5)
    Then the team stays with their game and starts winning…..

    Far. From. Over.

  203. Have to love Bobby Holik. He has the nerve on his blog to say that Brandon Prust is not a good honest hard nose player just because he took a dive last night. Really Bobbby? Really?? I guess Marty is completely worthless then, because he is the best diver to never win a gold medal. Comical.

  204. Classical UnderAchieve on

    First 5 minutes the Rangers invested so much energy that Lundqvist in his amazement forgot to stop those few shots that filled the net.
    For the first 3 series Torts has been outcoached although he has won the Coaching vs the media series in a sweep.
    The Rangers are done.
    And then the kings will have a fast 4 sweep and we can get on with summer and hopes and dreams can come alive again in Sept.
    So much for winning the 82 game contest but not having the heart and soul to get it done in the real dance.
    Rupp is a lard.
    Del Zotto has lots to learn.
    Girardi is the best.
    And say good night Gracie to the Rangers.

  205. Rob in Beantown on

    He’s responsible for the one goal, but fairly or unfairly people expect him to stop at least two of the other three. That’s just how he’s conditioned us, and it has become an expectation that Hank bail us out of close games. I don’t necessarily agree with this mentality, but I understand where it is coming from and fall victim to it myself. If 3 goals isn’t enough to win the game its like Lundqvist didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Its not really fair, but that’s the way it is. If our offense weren’t so anemic at times maybe we could win a game where the opposition scores 3 goals.

  206. Was it just me or did anyone else notice less ice time for Prust after the dive?

    Also, Dubinsky got 0 minutes on the PK last night. Surprised me. Anyone?

  207. Manny – Funny thing is, if Prust didn’t dive, it seemed to me that Harrold wouldn’t have gotten called either

  208. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp May 24th, 2012 at 12:19 pm
    tiki, the rebound? so he’s not supposed to have rebounds? well, as far as I know, when you make a pad save there’s a rebound. so the option would be to not make the save.

    he was responsible for one goal. Again, I thought he looked a bit off. But he was responsible for one goal.

    Sounding like a wise analyst, Carp. Be careful. JR might getcha!!

  209. The forecheck is there, the goals will come. That being said, i think they win game six using there bread and butter, defense and goaltending and puck possesion. 2-1 rangers

  210. Yea, Fat Guy. I REALLY don’t get that. So …. a player dives because the player that hit him didn’t actually commit a penalty but the Refs are too scared to give someone a PP for embellishment so….. they also call the penalty that the diving player pretended to suffer. Doesn’t sound like a good plan to get embellishment out of the game.

  211. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I’ve seen it once on a ’94 Cup collaboration. Messier says after it happened, Leetch went over to him and was like”oh my god, what did you just do?”

  212. Classical Underachieve joins the nincompoop party. Hey, maybe if the coach gets fired, Avery will come back.

    Tiki, it’s just that, as a goalie, you can’t always direct your rebounds. If you could, there would never be any rebounds. sometimes you have to stop the shot and count on your d-men to take care of the rebound … if they are in the same zip code, which they weren’t/

  213. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, you left out the option for people to call this year a failure.

  214. May I just say, and you guys know how I feel about the coaching job he’s done, that to say he’s been outcoached in either of the first two series — which he won — is idiotic. First, Paul MacLean dresses his softest lineup in Game 1 and goes down. So he gave up a game in a seven-game series. Then Dale Hunter plays Ovechkin 13 minutes, and it works out so well that he resigns after the series.


    Not even a possibility.

  215. I don’t think embellishment should even BE a penalty. Let’s force the refs to focus on what’s happening right in front of them, and make the right call. If they saw the play in the first place, then they should know if someone flopped or not. Why take even more gamesmanship out of the sport?

  216. Doodie, I know. Purposely. Because those people don’t have the dexterity to type and think at the same time. Except for Crassius and Classical Underachieve.

  217. czechthemout!!!! –

    Yeah czech, your class and objectivity are beyond reproach.
    The guy who declares what’s acceptable as far as a players emotional state two days after the lose of a loved one.
    The guy who did player “report cards” and wouldn’t give above a certain grade to some players because he just didn’t like them.
    The guy who feels the need to condemn a pair of fourth line players – game after game after game.
    The guy with Kreiderscope eyes.

  218. I do have to tell you that even the nincompoops here — the very special, first-time nincompoops, not the regular nincompoops — sound like Scotty Bowman compared to some of the stuff discussed by the hosts and the callers on the radio yesterday, last night and today.

  219. One of the hosts was actually blaming Tortorella because of the “pray” crack he made the day before Game 4. Like, now what’s he going to do?

  220. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I think DeBoer has been the better coach this series, but not because of any failings of Tortorella. I just think DeBoer has been excellent. Every adjustment DeBoer makes works incredibly well.

  221. I’m not even sure DeBoer has made many adjustments … because his soldiers have kind of executed the gameplan somewhat perfectly.

  222. Rollin Dubious on

    “So much for winning the 82 game contest but not having the heart and soul to get it done in the real dance”

    What a buckethead…wow….

  223. I would give Larry Robinson and Adam Oates credit way before I heaped any praise on that bum Pete DeBoer.

  224. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, after game 1 he got his team to start trying for deflections up high instead of down low. After game 3 he juggled his lines and they came out firing in game 4. Last night he recognized Carter and Gionta were his best players so he started double shifting them with Kovalchuk.

    In a non-adjustment, he didn’t take any of the bait Torts has laid out for him, and there has been quite a bit.

  225. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Adam Oates, really? For their 2-20 PP? Yup, he’s done a bang up job!

  226. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “systematically, the proverbial resourcefullness is diligant at best”

  227. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the redundancy of uniqueness is an open door quagmire”

  228. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “when you consider what the rangers have done this season, I am not surprised by their tendencies to salivate more goals”

  229. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “not only do i predicament a game 7, there will be a winner as well”

  230. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “any time you have a regeneration of opposing principles, there is an incidence factor that is undisturbed”

  231. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all!

    Yev and ThisYears….great posts. I woke up today and thought, hmmm. maybe that was just a really bad dream. Oh well. On to Friday and a win!!!! I don’t count this team out ever!

  232. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I wish torts would have been hired after ’99. I think he is a great coach!

    Carp, i need a good esa tikkanen story. What a great interview he was, ….if you could understand him!

  233. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “offensively, there are several institutions that enable success”

  234. A couple of things.

    1) Josh Thomson, 26, is at the Garden for practice today and will have stuff later.
    2) A friend sent this along … it might interest some of youse who are interested in stuff like world peace, and it might hit home for those of you with ties to Israel … anyway, here’s the link:

    https://www.change.org/petitions/international-olympic-committee-minute-of-silence-at-the- 2012-london-olympics

    3) My friend Tom Gulitti just told me that somebody actually asked DeBoer why he used his timeout after the icing last night. OMG.

  235. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the remaining reminder that i carry away from game 5 will certainly rear its ugly head when you either least or most expect it”

  236. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “there are some mountains that you must climb, and there are some hills that you must also climb”

  237. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I hate World Peace and the stupid pansy sport he plays.

  238. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the integrating factor that is a mystery to me isnt what is distinguished”

  239. Matty"WeKillInGame5"Boy on

    Some Great posts, today!! Yev at 10:54….I so agree!! ThisYearsModel @11:28!! LaTona at 11:45! I agree with all three.

    This place is the BEST!! Thanks so much, Carp for what you do!!

    I remember the GAG line like it was yesterday, Lev. I remember listening on radio to the games when I was supposed to be asleep!!

    This edition of the Rangers is great because of their heart. Plain and simple. Torts has had them revved up all year. What an incredible feat! They have totally overachieved and were it not for the shot blocking defensive/hard forecheck style, they’d be one of the teams in the mix, instead they were in first place since December. Since December? OMG!!

    Having watched so many Ranger teams play without the needed committment to detail, these guys have done that all year and through three rounds, now, of the playoffs. Sure, it helps to have Hank to back you up and singlehandedly win games. But, this core is very, very good. This style works for us. Similarly, the Devils were nowhere near as talented as the teams they beat to win their cups, mano a mano, but the trap got them there. Take away our style and coach, we’re not as good.

    I have been saying all along that we lack depth. I know these accomplishments caught the organization by surprise (who would have expected this much success so soon?). But it is now incumbent upon the GM, in the off season to add the parts we need. Hopefully other people can tell him what to do.

    As well, what an incredible learning experience for these kids!!! To play this many games, shoulder this responsibility as kids, young adults? This is a foundation year for this organization. What team takes a giant step and wins the cup with minimal playoff experience? This is a giant step forward. And we are in position, possibly, potentially, maybe, perhaps, to get to the SC Finals! (C’mon, who picked that to happen 10 months ago?)

    Win or lose Friday or Sunday, we have won. The future is here and it is brilliant!!

  240. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the in game disection of strategery is now open for examination”

  241. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “conceptually, there isnt much different to not do when the time is right”

  242. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “based on a variation of factors, the game 6 winner could decide the series regarding game 7”

  243. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “it is uningenuous at best to think that the over production of analysis might prove other than fruitful”

  244. You guys who think Torts has been outcoached are nuts. Ddi nobody notice how effective the Rangers were in eliminating Jersey’s forecheck last night? That was because of adjustments Torts made. They are not going up the walls, instead they make small passes into the center parts of the ice and someone skates it out and then the forwards are actually leaving the zone and looking for longer, saucer passes further out into the neutral zone, leaving 3 Devils trapped in on the forecheck. The next pass after that is an east west one because the weak side wing is then wide open and the next thing you know, the Rangers have a nice forecheck going. Those adjustments were a huge part of why the Rangers carried the play all night and the Devils were so, well, frankly, bad after those first 5 minutes.

    Personally even though they are down 3-2 I feel better today than I did yesterday because now I see the team I watched all year playing their game very effectively. I almost feel like they are coming out of a slump in which they lost a game they deserved to win but are then about to get hot. That is bad news for both New Jersey and LA.

    Of course this goes seven and of course we win.

  245. eddie eddie eddie on

    Liam the lil chi-wah-wah – “JR what are your thoughts on game 6”

    JR – “there is an element of satisfaction that comes with ultimately seizing description”

  246. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Peter, it only took Torts four games to figure it out. You can’t give him credit for neutralizing their forecheck without acknowledging that the Devils had dominated with it for four straight games before that.

  247. Doodie – The key to neutralizing the Devils forecheck was one thing: a three goal deficit. Torts probably didn’t want to manufacture that each game. It doesn’t turn out well.

    Also, Dubinsky!!!!

  248. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “even as i hypothesis who i think wins game 6, i really belive that occurance”

  249. part of the problem, though, is that the Devils want you to chip it to the middle of the ice. that’s where they trap and counter.

  250. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “speaking respectively and resistively, i know the Rangers have tenaciousness to validate more scoring”

  251. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    Memories: Game 6, 1994.

    First intermission: We’re down, I think it was 2-0. Went out for a beer and all the Ranger fans were quiet. Richter playing lights out to keep it at that. “Boy, these Devils are a great team”

    Second intermission: Thoughts….”holy $*$%*%, we’re down 2-1, but we can win this damn thing!!” You could feel the momentum swing and the Ranger fans at the beer line were pumped up, even though we were losing, 2-1!! “Ricky coming up big, real big!!”

    End of Game: Thoughts…”HOLY $*$*!!! Messier DID IT!! HE PREDICTED AND HE HAD A TRICK AND THEY WON!!” “Richter stopped everything! OMG, was he unreal!!” “Back home, now, to MSG, for some home cooking!” “TOtal team effort….YAHOO!!”

    Ah, the memories. This storied franchis has done it before. We had great leadership then. A deeper team then. But you could argue the heart is what matters. This 2012 team has a big one.

    Will the leaders stand up and lead? Does the team have the strength?

    One thing’s for sure. They wil play their hearts out tomorrow night. LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  252. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the Devils trap has often supportively been optomically useful”

  253. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “never wholly misestimate the will and desiredness of these Rangers”

  254. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “any rational perspeculate is easily determinable at this point in the series”

  255. Broadway Brad on

    I don’t know why everyone is so mad at me for giving Hank some warm-up shots. Everyone else was doing it before the game! Also, Hank told me he wasn’t facing enough shots. I fixed that.

  256. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    The trick to beating the Devils’ forecheck last night was to be the forechecking team. Activating the defense on nearly every possession helped the Rangers win the battles in the offensive zone. It was all NJ could do just to dump it or occasionally have a one-off opportunity on a rush up ice. Yes, the Rangers got beat because of this, particularly on the Zajac goal (which was a major softy on Henrik’s part), but once the team got away from that after tying the game, be it mental or physical fatigue, or just a switch in game plan to play it a little safer, the Devils got a foothold and reestablished that forecheck, and scored the game winning goal on the forechcking work of Ilya Kovalchuk. He didn’t get an assist because he didn’t touch the puck, but it was his play that kept the puck in the zone so that Gionta could feed Carter.

  257. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the primary functionality of the obligatory questions still remain an unsolved problem”

  258. “part of the problem, though, is that the Devils want you to chip it to the middle of the ice. that’s where they trap and counter.”

    Correct, but that’s in the neutral zone. The Rangers are making shorter passes in and around the faceoff circles and then skating it out more. And the longer passes are just that, not “chips”. Look, they should be playing that way anyway and not just trying to clear the zone by chipping it out. I still think the Rangers are the better team and just now getting back to playing the way they should have been more consistently for weeks. But i guess consistency is the hard part and fatigue doesn’t help either.

    Still, Rangers in seven. Got em right where we want em. ;))

  259. Carp,

    TheBore knows how to adjust to win this series, Torts is 2 steps behind.

  260. I don’t think that’s really a trick. Do you think Torts tells the team not to forecheck?

  261. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “when i look inside my own thinking interspectively, i have to foreshadow the rangers’ chances”

  262. The trick to beating the Devils’ forecheck last night was to be the forechecking team. Activating the defense on nearly every possession helped the Rangers win the battles in the offensive zone. It was all NJ could do just to dump it or occasionally have a one-off opportunity on a rush up ice. Yes, the Rangers got beat because of this, particularly on the Zajac goal (which was a major softy on Henrik’s part), but once the team got away from that after tying the game, be it mental or physical fatigue, or just a switch in game plan to play it a little safer, the Devils got a foothold and reestablished that forecheck, and scored the game winning goal on the forechcking work of Ilya Kovalchuk. He didn’t get an assist because he didn’t touch the puck, but it was his play that kept the puck in the zone so that Gionta could feed Carter.

    And that is also completely correct, and more of the reason they dominated play than what I was pointing out. Safe is death and they need to play that way. If they had kept it up as you point out we are having a different conversation today.

  263. MARTY BIRON on

    I GUARANTEE THAT I WILL NOT LOSE GAME 6!!!!!!!! There you have it! I made The Guarantee!!!!

  264. Yea it’s those short passes to get out of the zone. Quick and short. That helps us turn it around and get out of our own end. That was good.

    It’s funny though that Zajac got a breakaway since that was what WE were supposed to do off of their forecheck.

  265. Interestingly enough, the Rangers had their lowest shot blocking total of the series and they played much better and the Devils had their highest shot blocking performance and they played much worse. Weird.

  266. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the rangers can win game 6 if they come out undisengaged from the start”

  267. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “the quickatory style of Kreider’s skating is voluminous”

  268. Any of you guys think that this team needs a Mess appearance and pep talk in that locker room about 20 minutes prior to the game….i think that would be the ultimate and quite historic if they win….and mess would then also have a hand in two wins 18 yrs apart….

  269. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    “Interestingly enough, the Rangers had their lowest shot blocking total of the series and they played much better and the Devils had their highest shot blocking performance and they played much worse. Weird.”

    It’s the Detroit Red Wings effect. The Rangers had the puck all night so they didn’t have to block as many shots, while the Devils were on the defensive and left to block more than usual.

  270. Nasty it isn’t weird. When the Rangers are really playing well they have the puck all the time and don’t need to block shots. It’s when they are not playing as well or being dominated, their shot blocking and goaltending allows them to win those games anyway – ergo, first place and round three.

  271. Guess we agree Doodie. Can I say great minds think alike here or is that taking it a step too far?

  272. I don’t think the Rangers need to do anything but realize how well they played and that if they continue that effort and execution they are going to the Finals. Simple as that. no Mess needed, the troops are already rallied. Im telling you Ill bet they are very confident right now, more than yesterday.

  273. the problem is that when the dmen start rushing, and flailing and diving and gambling and get wild and undisciplined, it adds to the offense, but it also then causes some chances the other way with forwards trying to play d and some key saves are necessary to make it all work, and in that game, they did not get those key saves from Henrik.

    what they need is to get the lead first, then they won’t have to gamble so much offensively, and it will work more smoothly.

  274. Rob in Beantown on

    Having no idea what Messier’s relationship with the team is, I wouldn’t automatically assume a pep talk from The Captain would be helpful. This Rangers team is different than the 94 team. What worked 18 years ago won’t work tomorrow night. Drawing all the historical parallels is just editorial navel gazing. The 2012 Rangers and their coach need to find away to win on their own. Mess isn’t on the team

  275. I was kind of saying it in a sarcastic way. I know that. I think this team has bought in to a system, a system that works, but sometimes you have to tweak your system if it isn’t getting the job done. Before last night, we had been outplayed in all by 2 of 12 periods. We need to play like last night, tomorrow night.

  276. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yes, that would be too far. My mind is quite mediocre.

  277. When we pull this off, you are all welcome to come to my house for a game 7 viewing.

  278. Carp, who needs *world peace*? Im trying to open the link but it’s not working :(

  279. Matty”WeKillInGame5″Boy May 24th, 2012 at 1:11 pm
    Some Great posts, today!! Yev at 10:54….I so agree!! ThisYearsModel @11:28!! LaTona at 11:45! I agree with all three.


    Great post! You are right on. This team has a bright future. AND, I personally don’t believe we are done yet. As I said, I believe we will not be doing a post mortem on Friday, but a look forward to our 3rd (GULP) game 7!

    And I too listened to Marv on the Radio when I was supposed to be asleep. At one of the playoff games I was at, I was sitting near where the rangers seat many of their alumni. I saw Pete Stemkowski! I was 11 years old and under my covers with a little white earphone in my ear, listening to a Japanese transistor AM radio when Stemmer scored his famous Playoff OT goal.

    Memories like that are one of the reasons I am so connected to this team on a deeply emotional level. A level that TRANSCENDS rational thought! ;-)

  280. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I just noticed someone saying I was the jinx. I didn’t put on any underpants, but I did switch couches. A minute later, the puck was behind Lundqvist. So yes, I am sorry. It wasn’t just the clothing, but my location as well.

  281. Buddy of mine was going to college at Marietta in Ohio and was sitting on the roof of his house in a rainstorm listening to his radio when Stemmer scored that goal. Gotta give him credit.

  282. czechthemout!!!! on


    Like I said, I root for the name on the front of the sweater not the name on the back.
    My critique of Mdz is legit. Many people think the same way I do. Some people don’t. I have not insulted any of those people for their opinion. You insulted me because you don’t agree with me. I have nothing against Mdz personally. I have a major problem with his clear aversion to ever take a hit to make a play. To me, its cowardice. He does it most of the time. This time it cost us the game.

    Mitchell and Rupp suck in the worst way. Neither one belongs in the NHlL.

    Chris Kreider has been the most consistant forward in this series. Of that there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that of he is not signed , we are already on the golf course.

    When I wright my OPINIONS after games on certain players, I do so based solely on the game just played. If that bothers you, don’t read my posts or comment on them. Or is it that I make points that are valid but make you uncomfortable because it pushes you out of your pre conceived notions about certain players?


    If you have a problem with anything I say, I am a big boy. You can engage me if you want. The is no need to laud Dde for what you think is a smack down of me.

  283. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    Joe Micheletti on WFAN right now, makes a great point. After the Rangers tied it at 3 last night, they HAD opportunities. Some they missed, some Brodeur stopped. That combination gave the Devils life. New life and they came back at the Rangers.

    Hank, this season, was a stopper. In the third, he just didn’t do it. Plain and simple.

    He also says the goalie is what will matter in game 6. The Rangers have to be aggressive and press. Hank needs to hold down the fort. If he plays “normal” it will be ok.

    Good job, Joe.

  284. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    CTO, I think your criticism of MDZ is both accurate and inaccurate. Just like his play.

  285. HELLO to all
    well, it’s a beautiful day outside
    and i’m still getting over the shock of last night
    just thought i’d throw a couple thoughts
    into the word pool
    (or as Carp would refer to some of the comments — word cesspool)

  286. Matty"1994WeDidItDoItAgain!!"Boy on

    Yea, Lev. I had a little transistor radio with earplug! The frequency wavered. Sometimes had to turn it over or hold it up to get the full signal.

    And it was Marv and ‘The Whistle’, Bill Chadwick!

    So, last night, I put my IPhone under my pillow with an app that allows me to get local radios and listened to Stevie Somers on the Fan after getting home from the game. He is like having a psychiatrist!!!

  287. Pimp,

    First and foremost, hope you’re doing better.

    Second – you are a true “mixer,” – agitating us at times with your “amateur hour” posts, while at other times offering some pretty solid opinions/analysis. Every team needs someonen to stir the pot.

    Just get well so you can keep ’em coming.

  288. First things first: Win or lose tomorrow night, this was an incredibly successful season. No denying that. If on Sep 1 I told you we’d be playing game 5 of the Eastern Conf Finals tied 2-2, you’d have all taken the deal in a heartbeat.

    This was supposed to be a growth year. The team has matured tremendously, stuck with its youth and farm raised players for the most part, and has been incredibly entertaining. We had the most points in the East!

    So let’s stop with the “season was a waste, a disappointment,” attitude. It’s been awesome.

    Specifically to a few things:

    I do believe that someone hit on it above that MDZ is a bit of a wimp. Everytime he is about to get hit, he does a Sonja Hennie pirouette to avoid the brunt of the it. He pussed out in the corner last night. He rarely takes a hit for the team, to make the play.

    Cally is the heart and soul of this team.

    Gabby tries half the time. I think he and Torts don’t get along. He is not Tort’s style of player. I think this transcends into Gabby’s effort on the ice. Truly.

    Compare that to Richie who doesn’t SEEM like a Torts guy but most of the time seems to get it done.

    Hank is the reason we are here. He had a clunker last night. I would prefer it to not be in game 5, but it happens. I am betting he is sharp as a tack in game 6. He better be!

    We still lack a D-man. Bickel is a waste of space. Not sure why he getting the nod over Emmy. Seriously. MDZ is too much of a liability and he is physically a wimp.

    Artem Anisimov will not be on this team in 1 year’s time. That’s my call.

    Great return by Dubi. He looked a little wobbly, but still his game was there when it needed to be.


  289. first off,
    not only is a matter that this team is so close to the finals and Cup
    but that it hasn’t played its (December/January-like) best
    against the much hated devils

    i don’t recall all the goals last night as far as whether or not
    Hank was at fault but
    i definitely recall the VERY bad luck of goal 2
    and the infuriating sight of Hags behing behind carter (thought it was gionta last night)
    the rest are too nightmarish for me to revisit

    he didn’t look right and i feared each time a shot went his way

  290. czechthemout!!!! on


    Point well taken on MDZ

    And you are totaly correct on your earlier post about the adjustments deboer made last night.

  291. Yev/Matty,

    You are true “old school” fans like myself – who have a passion for the team – but can also look at things from a very logical/objective standpoint.

    Your insights are great – and greatly appreciated.

  292. czechthemout!!!! on


    Be careful. You can’t criticize Mdz because if you do, you will be called classless. Because Bobby Del zotto and his hockey ability is beyond your feeble mind to understand.

  293. also
    to borrow a line from Torts’ presser
    the Rangers did stop “making plays” once they got the tying goal.
    now you can give some credit to nj
    and you could understand a moment of letdown
    after getting there, which allowed nj to infiltrate (kinda like allowing cold germs to get ya because you didn’t bother to wash your hands)

    now Carp
    maybe this is something that can be discussed when the season is finally over
    because i don’t see it going away
    even if the team wins the next 6 out of 9 potential games
    that is a lack of Killer Instinct
    the team has Grit. it has Heart (so says uncle Larry)
    it has (some) Skills. and it has big Cojones (shot blocking, etc.)
    it rarely seems to have the Killer Instinct to put put the pedal to the metal and
    put away a team
    whether it’s a matter of going up by more more than a goal in games or put away a team in the playoffs

    as i watched the Rangers stop “making plays” and were held hostage in their zone with
    all that Board Hockey i was worried that it was going to bite them in the aaasen.
    not saying i’m psychic but it obviously did. just seemed like the law of averages was going to go against them.

  294. i think that was one of the things that made me most disappointed.
    the Board Hockey in the 3rd period and inability to get the puck out of our zone.
    yes, i’ll the devils credit
    but there are just times where it looks like our players can’t help but make it hard on themselves.

  295. I’ll say it again, there was a good stretch after the tie goal that the Rangers continued their strong play and had several oppties to convert. But the fact is it’s hard to sustain that level and the failure to score the go ahead goal set the stage for momentum to turn towards the devils. I don’t think they stopped playing, the devils just got their feet back under them. Yes Marty’s saves helped them. There are 2 teams out there, it’s not all about what the Rangers do or don’t do.

  296. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Personally I think Gaborik is nursing an injury. He looks like last year’s Gaborik as opposed to this year’s Gaborik.

  297. jpg –

    Ive said before many times that I think that may be the lesson – and very possibly learned the hard way in defeat – learned by this team here in the postseason – how to step on the other team’s throat when you have the chance. until you have paid the consequence of not doing it, it is probably hard to play like your back is against the wall when its not.

    rangers in seven.

  298. E3,
    Your excerpts from JR make me laugh and scares me simultaneously.If you do that to a guy, born with a pocket Webster in his mouth (instead of silver spoon), I can only imagine what kind of unlimited sarcastic food (quotes) can provide for you my posts. Please, don’t make me shy away from posting. LOL.

  299. Stranger Nation on

    Found this and since Mess said it the day before the game felt it would the right thing to post today:

    (from daily news article – my bold for emphasis)

    That’s right. *Mark Messier* — who, because of injury, fatigue and a stifling Devil system has done little to ignite his team — lit a firestorm of potential controversy when he insisted his team would stretch this Battle of the Hudson by evening the series at 3-3.

    *”We’re going to go in and win Game 6,” Messier said. “That was the focus this morning and it’s the way we feel right now. We’ve done that all year, we’ve won all the games we’ve had to win.*

    “I know we’re going to go in and win Game 6 and bring it back here (to the Garden) for Game 7 … We have enough talent and experience to turn the tide. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in Game 6.”

    The questions that elicited Messier’s response had little to do with a prediction. But Messier’s replies were pointed and direct. They were as clear as the champagne the Rangers still hope to drink from the Stanley Cup in the coming weeks. And they carried a distinct message from the weary leader to the embattled troops:

    I’ve put my five Stanley Cup rings, my reputation and my neck on the chopping block, boys. Now save me.

    Messier even repeated his vow when asked what the Rangers would have to do differently tonight to stop the Devil juggernaut. “Let’s wait and see,” he said. *”We’ve just got to win the hockey game. We know we have to win and we feel we can win and will win.*

    *”We have a confident group, we’ve been able to respond to every situation this year because of the talent and experience level. We need to feel, which we do, that we’re capable of winning Game 6.”*

    That doesn’t mean, though, that Game 6 will be a Ranger cakewalk. In fact, Messier was the first to admit the Rangers have to adjust their game plan if they are to stave off Stanley Cup elimination for the 54th consecutive season

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/archives-mark-messier-guarantees-ny-rangers-beat-devils-game-6-94-playoffs-article-1.1083911#ixzz1voWloA79

  300. Doodie I made that exact statement about Gabby in the ottawa series and caught heat for it. But I continue to maintain that something is wrong with him, has to be. Can’t possibly go from top 3 scorer to this. Tight checking of the playoffs is not an explanation it is an indictment.

  301. Didn’t Mess have a relatively ineffective series before game 6, am I recalling thtat correctly? There’s still hope for the 2004 Conn Smythe winner…

  302. Gabby has taken some pretty brutal hits over the last few weeks/months. He almost got Max Pacioretty’d last night into that stanchion. He definitely could be hurt but I think most of our guys are hurting. That happens in hockey.

  303. @TGfireandice@ RT @AGrossRecord@ : Asked about ’94, Torts says no disrespect but that series has nothing to do with this series.


    God I love Torts.

  304. If you were told prior to game 3 Rangers were going to score 3, would you have been happy? I would have taken it. Hank had a bad game. After all the times he bailed out the team, the team amost bailed him out but came up short. Every team playing Rangers focus on shutting down Gabby and Richards. While more production would be nice from them team really needs Stepan, Hags and other forwards to step up.

  305. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    I think aside from Hank, we need a special teams to come through in a big way. Either a PPG or maybe a SHG.

    The young legs will flourish tommorow under the guidance of the wily veterans!

  306. I can see it now. Game 7 3rd period Rangers score late and all of MSG is taunting Brodeur with “1994” chants. NBC zooms in on his face (upper portion not the 17 chins portion). Priceless.

  307. I won’t question gabby. I’ve seen all the stuff he’s done. He’s played defense, backchecked, fore checked, finished hits, done everything u can ask of a 40 goal scorer, and his scoring has taken a hit bc of the safe play of team

  308. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    People that blame Hank for yesterdays loss baffle me!.

    “Its better to keep quiet and let someone think your an idiot, then to open your mouth and prove it”

  309. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Gabby is fine, just not that much space for him out there. You have to credit the devils a little bit. Maybe the gift goal he got from Marty will open the flood gates for him.

  310. I think the criticism of Gabby is that when he *is* getting chances, some golden opportunities, he is not burying them. Sure his space is taken away and that makes it tough but he has had some opportunities and he has failed.

  311. See, Torts agrees with me that the Rangers found their game last night.

    Torts : “We found our game last night.”

    There is not 1 game left in the season and there are not 2 games left. There are about 8. And the Rangers will win 6 of them. You heard it here first.

    (And what better place since you know that’s what every one of you wants to happen and if I’m wrong, who would give me a hard time? But I’m not wrong.)

  312. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Thx Stranger

    Although sometimes irratating, I miss Gary thorne. He used to be a maniac and could make any goal sound like it was a stanley cup winning gwg in OT.

  313. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Good point Manny…your right he should have buried that one in the first period. He might be squeezing the stick to tight. He had a good playoff run with the wild…until they reached the WCF..but then again, no one on that team scored vs Anahiem

  314. It comes down to what Mess said back in 94. There comes a point in any playoff season or run when you say (paraphrase) ” Is this as far as we can go?” “Have we had enough?” “Can we win?” Entering the playoffs this year I felt the Rangers were a year and a player or two away from being able to win. This team has character and grit and most importantly a great goaltender. The concern is how much is left in the tank? Torts has ridden his horses hard all year. I would hope Kreider and Dubinsky and their fresh legs see more ice in game 6. I respect the job Torts has done changing the culture in the room this year. The problem is he doesn’t trust younger players and I just hope Gaborik, Richards, Hags, Cally, Girardi and McDonough have enough left to get over the hump. Because he going to ride the guys he trusts.

  315. czechthemout!!!! on


    Dont tell me what to do. I have every right to post what I think. Maybe you should stop brown noseing

  316. Yea. He probably is squeezing the stick too tightly. We should break his fingers so he can’t hold it that well? Is that a solution?

  317. I think czech is blaming Del Zaster because he lost his puck battle in the corner. That one where he was outnumbered.

    It is so annoying that the fastest line we have glides back and lets anyone get in that kind of position. Richards is in no man’s land and Hagelin is just ……. daydreaming?

  318. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Pete, I think he is somewhat fair with the young guys. I think it all depends on their mental toughness and he loosk to have a good gauge on it. He doesnt want to overwhelm them (kreider in the caps series). Even though I wasnt really hags fault completely on the gwg goal last night, he did have him out there on his regular turn. He always likes to ride his horses in important spots, but i agree, i would def like to see more of kreider and hags because I think their speed can give and will give the devils agita!

  319. Carp – You mean you dont understand why they cant grab a two game lead or play with the requisite amount of desparation when up a game? Or you don’t think that’s something they lack and is not something you learn anyway?

  320. BTW, I’d like to go back to my point about NBC’s intro for the game.

    Edzo was actually playing in that game. I believe that was the one game he did play. I remember his celebrating after Messier scored his 2nd. So apologies to Señor Olzcyk for assuming he was in the press box.

  321. czechthemout!!!! on


    When he slows down, pulls up and braces himself at the edge of the faceoff circle insteadt of skating nTc after it into the corner with his on the ice not raised up over his head.. if you and Carp can’t see that than I can’t help you. They just criticized it on espn radio and earlier on NHL radio. I am not alone in my opinion on this. But hey, you can stick to what you believe and I won’t insult you for It like you did me.

  322. True. I gotta give Da Boer credit. He went with Gionta in a big spot and double shifted him. He makes the big play and they score a huge one late. I just want to see more flow and more ice for guys with jump like Dubby and Kreider. Dubinsky is interesting. I can see the matchup problems he causes the devils down the middle. He’s just simply tough to play against. Oh yeah. One more thing. Can we stop hearing about the importance of the start already? Just play. There is no tomorrow. Give us a solid 60 Friday. Not a good start or middle. Complete team effort. Close the gap, stretch their D and have the puck. Play our game not defend against theirs.

  323. Question; anyone noticed people with seats against the glass putting $ bills on it, if so, what/why?

  324. Hagelin, Stepan and luck are at fault for the goals. Maybe Hank for one.

    I know we will win.

    Anyone who blames the King I skip right over. Made for a short blog.

  325. On the replay of the Prust goal, I was watching the referee watching the play. Not sure if it was MacCauley or O’Halloran, but I didn’t see his hand begin to come up for a penalty on what was an obvious trip. It seemed like there was enough of a time lapse from when Prust was tripped until when the puck goes in that you would at least see the ref’s arm start to go up. Maybe i’m nitpicking and thankfully the puck went in. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that.

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