Prust goes back in; Dubinsky, Zuccarello or Newbury too?


Brandon Dubinsky, Mats Zuccarello and Kris Newbury all skated with the big team at the morning skate, and John Tortorella said that Brandon Prust will return from his suspension and that there could be additional changes to the lineup tonight.

But anybody who’s guessing what those changes might (or might not) be are, well, guessing, though John Mitchell staying on the ice late and Dubinsky leaving with the regulars is a pretty big hint. Looks like Stu Bickel remains in, on defense, and Steve Eminger comes out.

By the way, was I the only person who knew that Torts was joking when he said, “pray” yesterday? I mean, everybody in the room laughed when he said it.

Here’s my story from The Journal News and today:

By Rick Carpiniello

NEW YORK — The Rangers have been here before. Twice. They have done this the hard way, and they’ve done it the easier way and made it harder.

They have lost Games 2 and 4 in each of their previous two playoff rounds, after winning Games 1 and 3, as they now have done again in the Eastern Conference final against the Devils.

Against Ottawa, the Rangers lost Game 5 at home and had to rally to win Games 6 and 7. Against Washington, the Rangers won Game 5 at home, then lost Game 6 on the road and had to win another Game 7.

So who knows what path they will take this time, with Game 5 of another 2-2 series tonight at the Garden?

But be assured, Game 5 has nothing to do with the topic of ridiculous conversation today — Mike Rupp’s tiny little baby punch of Martin Brodeur in the third period of Game 4, which had the coaches screaming at one another.

If the Rangers’ intent was to create a distraction with that minor melee, mission accomplished.

That it was even a story a day later is just an indication of how many non-hockey eyes are focused on this series, some of whom have no idea what real playoff mayhem is, some of whom it seems, are watching playoff hockey for the first time.

Yeah, it sometimes gets a little rough and even cheap when one team is three goals behind in the third period of a playoff game. Yawn.

The real story, the underlying reality, is that the Rangers haven’t solved what the Devils are doing to them: that the Rangers’ game is based along the walls and deep in the offensive zone, and that the Devils have taken away the walls and Brodeur’s puck-handling has removed them from the offensive zone.

Yes, the Rangers were better late in Game 4, and in fact, have probably been the better third-period team throughout the series. The problem is the Devils have owned them in the first period, and to a somewhat lesser degree in the second, and if Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t throw a shutout, they’ve lost.

So again Tuesday the Rangers leaned on their resilience, an unchallengeable reputation they’ve earned through 100 games this season that, they expect, or know, will be there tonight.

“It defines our team,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said Tuesday, after a brisk, upbeat and positive Garden practice that he cut short.

What they don’t know is if they can solve what the Devils do.

“We don’t have the puck enough,” Tortorella said. “Jersey has the puck a lot more minutes than we do. I think that’s something we need to try to change.”

He was asked if it was more tactical or execution.

“I think it’s both, tactical and execution,” he said. “Willingness. All sorts of things come into play as far as territory and puck possession. And it’s a simple fact. We need to get better at it.”

In one of his lighter moments of the postseason, Tortorella was told that the Rangers have gotten three goals from rookie Chris Kreider, an empty-netter from Ryan Callahan and the rest of his top six forwards have zero goals. What, he was asked, can be done to get them going?

“Pray,” he said. “I don’t know what else to tell you. We’re going to keep on trying to play, pray and hopefully something good happens to them.”

Prayer isn’t in the game plan, though. The Rangers’ effort should be a given in Game 5, their desperation level high. They will get Brandon Prust back from his suspension, and that could help the forecheck. They might add Brandon Dubinsky, who skated again in a full practice, but hasn’t played since Game 7 of the first round with an ankle/foot injury.

They need to figure out some things for which they’ve had no answers through four games of this series.

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  1. Carp, last game you said that Josefson in for Sykora could mean panic on the Devil’s part. Well Dubinsky and Bickel in Mitchell and Eminger out could be interpreted the same way.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So you infer that someone (stan? some guy named Pat? Maybe my boy Tom —>) took the “pray” seriously?

    As if Torts was planning another team building get-away by taking them down to St. Patrick’s and holding a candle-light vigil?

  3. Well, I see panic as making changes when you’ve dominated the previous game. I don’t see panic as putting in more sturdy players when you’re being outplayed along the boards. Or players who might have a chance to score a goal in for players who have zero chance to score one.

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    Let’s Go Rangers.

    Already have a Fighting Sioux in the Stanley Cup finals. Let’s make Parise wait until next year!!!

    This game can’t come fast enough!!!

    Ranger will “SHUT THEM DOWN” because the CAN!!!


  5. Newbury? The only reason I see him going in is if Boyle isn’t a 100% after that concussion, Newbury is good at taking the faceoffs and can forecheck.

  6. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Does anyone give Biron a sportmanship award for opening the bench door so efficiently for line changes during these playoffs?

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Or players who might have a chance to score a goal in for players who have zero chance to score one.”

    Dubinsky could redeem his ENTIRE SEASON with a big game tonight.

  8. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    brodeur’s stickhandling IS a serious problem for us in this series. good point carp.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, Kenny.
    It’s awarded third, right after the A-Woywitka-ward for “Best Chilled Gatorade” and the John Scott ribbon for “Most Expensive NHL Player, NON-Player, Meal Plan”

  10. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    I was born in the desert, raised in THE KREIDER’s den…..

  11. Sorry for forgetting the New Post guys.

    I suck. I was busy doing the job that pays me. It won’t happen again.

  12. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – is Dubi it for sure?

    We could use him along the boards, his battle level is needed there. Just think if he comes in, and makes a difference, fights for the puck, passes to ANYONE that will shoot the puck.

    He could make up his ENTIRE season with a couple of wins against the Devils!!!

    Nobody wants it more than him.

    Drop the puck already!!!!

  13. Zuccarello should play over Gaborik. John Scott should play over Anisimov. Bickel should play over Rupp and Rupp should play over Eminger. Put Biron in net and bench Lundqvist to rest him.

  14. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the rangers need to expurgate the puck to the back of the net”

  15. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I think Torts should start the Rupp line tonight to piss off the Devils early and distract them. I would tell that line to hit hard and clean, no dumb penalties, but come out nasty.

  16. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yes, rest Lundqvist because golf season is four days away.

  17. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “once the rangers score one goal, they must pluralize more of the same”

  18. Sioux-per-man on

    Dubi – Prust – Bickel are all IN!!!

    Mind your battlestations!!!

    The Garden should be Rock’n tonight!!!

    Carp you have my dream job!!!

    Let me know if you ever need an apprentice!!! Forget Trump – I’d rather have this gig!!!

    This “oil patch” work out in the land of the fighting sioux is not as fun as the work that goes on inside MSG :)

  19. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Putting a guy like Newbury or Zucc in the lineup now would be a panic move.

  20. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “with the series tied 2 games apiece, the irony is there will be a game 6 after game 5….i think”

  21. I think Tortorella hinted as much—didn’t one of his comments infer that some Rangers might not be giving their best effort? Also, he knows who is hurting the most and can tell whether their injuries are really affecting their performance.

  22. Seems like ^hobbit wizard^ is out because he was on the ice with the AHL.

    Dubinsky and Bickel in

    Eminger and Mitchell out

  23. As both a non-fan of anything that comes out of JR’s mouth and an English teacher to students who often write like JR, e3 is absolutely making my day.

  24. I don’t think there’s any chance Zuccarello fits in this series at all, Doodie. And I can’t imagine Newbury would even play ahead of Mitchell.

    Maybe Torts is trying to make DeBoer think he’s going to see a nasty lineup tonight.

  25. e3, he actually had a classic last night talking about the Rangers and I can’t for the life of me remember it.

  26. Carp, with Brodeur’s ability to clear any dump-in…do you think the Rangers might try another strategy? I seem to recall in the past that an opposite corner dump-in would work to keep the puck away from Marty

    Enormously pumped for tonight’s game…my fiancee said it plainly “What’s the worry? They win the odd numbered games and that’s all they need. Right?”

    I love her newbie-fan view of things.

    I’m thinking we might finally see a first period blitz by the Rangers tonight. Something we haven’t seen in a while. Not saying they’ll score a bunch of goals, or even score one…but they’ll have the Devils on their heels.


    Ugh…hate these 8 o’clock starts…anybody else’s workday DRAGGING?

  27. Well, quite honestly, it’s the first time since game 1 of the Ottawa series that our ENTIRE forward lineup is healthy or not suspended. (Minus Mitchell but i’ll trade him for 1/3 of Kreider). This is the team that we *crosses fingers* will be riding for the next 3 weeks. I have a funny feeling this team is going to play like the rangers have played all season. Relentless forecheck, physical, in your face, not gonna back down, tightly defended, playoff type game that’s typified this season for the Rangers. Maybe i’m naive, maybe just blinded by passion, but with Dubinsky solidifying that 3rd/2nd line, his board play, and gives us another natural center to take faceoffs when we get tossed like we always do. I honestly think that and the fact that this team for the first time since Game 3 of the Ottawa series is truly pissed off. I think the Debbies woke up a sleeping giant. Let’s go Rangers!

  28. “In the arm wrestling match that is a playoff hockey series, both teams have landed two punches” Dr. Emerick (Masters of Mixed Metaphors)

  29. If you consider tying the game with 6 seconds left the “easy,” way…you fooled me.

  30. Heck no it isnt…the 3OT game was dramatic…but 6 seconds till dead? Bags were packed and heading for home..Caps would of won that series had they held on in my opinion.

  31. Not sure if this was mentioned before, but did anyone stay up last night to catch the point – counterpoint shouting match between those 2 intellectuals, JR and Milbury, about Brown’s knee into Rozcival. Milbury was anti-Brown, which ionfuriated JR. Had visions of that little Ryan Seacrest reject getting in between them as they started to wrestle with the suits coming over their heads. Next week I expect them to appear on jerry Springer. HILARIOUS.

  32. Its Doobie Doobie Doo Time! Get Brodiva some scooby snacks! Zoiks! I’m loving this

  33. Everything said so far is all well and good but the bottom line is Henrik must play at his very,very best. Pls stop passing the puck. Every time you try you further you freek up your defense. Still feel our shot blocking defensive system although successful throughout the year has finally worn us paper thin. We’re on fumes right now. Got to be disheartening that no matter how hard you have your foot down on the gas pedal the guy chasing you is finally passing you. Need some sort of spark say Dubinsky playing and maybe Boyle playing to the level of the Series with the Sens. He’s been invisable. I posted like this at about the same time in the Sens series and our guys did it with mirrors. Let’s hope they can do it again.

  34. Matty"NoWayWe'reTired"Boy on

    Anyone hear Doan’s post game comments? The ref’s really did not call a good few games there, either.

    How does Dustin Brown NOT get a call from the league for the hit that killed Phoenix, the knee on knee to Roszival.

    Want to talk about a guy living on the edge doing this all the time? Ridiculous. Again, Mr. Shenanigans, you’re doing a great job, buddy.

  35. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the constant flagellation of the lack of scoring is a continuation of other issues”

  36. Matty"NoWayWe'reTired"Boy on

    A returned and fired up, rested, Dubie? Boyle, Step, AA, all have hall of fame games tonight.

    Don’t forget, Mr. Money is in the line up tonight and what he did in game 5 vs. the Craps.

    WE Win TONIGHT!!!

  37. Matty"NoWayWe'reTired"Boy on

    Ah, Eddie, keep em coming. No one even close to you, my man.

  38. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the disuse of every particle of energy is unmandatory, this time of the year”

  39. I am not convinced it was knee-on-knee matty. I saw the play and the replays and it really looked like it was thigh to thigh. I don’t think it helped that Roszival took an all-time flop a few minutes earlier.

  40. hey Carp wasn’t it hysterical the way Marty went all Crane Technique when Rupp Shoved him? If that doesn’t show how bad the Devils embellish everything i don’t know what does. I can’t wait for this crap to bite them in the @$$ in Game 7 when one of them doesn’t get a call on a real penalty due to all of their flopping in the series

  41. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “the rangers must find a way to do more distillation among their forwards – its adismal they uare unable to regenerate more frequency”

  42. Brendan Shanahan on

    NHL OFFICIAL RULING: “Dustin Brown did not mean to hit Michael Roszival with a knee on knee hit that just so happened to end his playing career. You can see that Brown swerved and tried to avoid the hit. So what if he did hit his knee head on? In the replay, if you slow it down to frame by frame, it is impossible to see the knees hitting. Thus, we have come to the following conclusion:

    There was:

    1. Injury
    2. He left his feet and tracked
    3. This player was not a repeat offender, mostly because I am makint this up. I mean, I know that he brutally has hit others, but I know him and like his style so I keep giving him free passes.
    4. Phoenix is done, so what does it matter?

    For the above reasons, there will be no hearing”

  43. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “by chancellorating his game, Hank has reproven over and time again why he isn’t not the best in the game”

  44. Matty"WeKillInGame5"Boy on

    I say when the puck drops, all 5 just head down to Marty and really hit him this time. Forget about the score.

  45. MANNY

    My cooking style calls for overcooking to the max. Thus, the NYRangers are well-done tonight.

  46. I certainly don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here, but . . . . I have a slight dilemma.

    Dear Carpy,
    Thanks for publishing the SC Final schedule. It appears I have a conflict for the June 9 Game 5 game that NBC has in their infinite wisdom decided to start at 8 PM. I have a wdding that I am obligeted (aka forced) to attend at a remote Massachusetts (meaning at least 70 miles west of Bahstan) with my wife. The wedding starts at 6 PM.

    The question is . . . How can I get to watch the game without embarrassing my wife, the bride and groom (who don’t know me – if they did they would understand, and their families)

    Slingbox may be an answer but not sure of the coverage in this area (Sprint Android) but it still means slinking away for 40 minute periods. Other than that, how should I prep for this event? Should I call the reception place and check if they have a public bar or viewing location with TV? and if so, will they show the game? (the Sawks are on at 4 PM that day and are not playing the Yanks so most likely their game will be over) and how late will they show it (in case of OT). If not, do I check the local bars in the area? What happens if we go into multiple OT periods?

    Prust Asking,
    Not Quite Desperate Yet but Optimisic Ranger Fan

  47. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “by winning game 5, the rangers virtually force a game 6 and the potentiality of a game 7 lurks large”

  48. ILB2001

    I’m doing just fine! Tired, but good.

    Thanks for much for asking.

  49. Matty"WeKillInGame5"Boy on

    Manny, it most certainly was not a hit to his head. If you watch the replay, he was gunning for the most vulnerable spot he could target. This guy is dangerous. He is slightly softer than Torres. He lines people up. Someone needs to say something before one of our guys gets hurt next series.

    Or, we bring in….The Hammer….Big John Scott…..

  50. I don’t think Zuccarello would be a panic move. He’s arguably the best passer on the team, and they could use his ability to setup guys. Of course, it seems like too often the guys are surprised by the pass that winds up on their stick and they flub the shot…

  51. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I thought the Brown hit was a clean, but unfortunate, accident.

    Hit comes fractions of a second after the whistle, but the whistle should have blown about 2 seconds earlier. The only thing that was late was the whistle.

    Rozsi enters zone (offsides) and cuts to the middle underneath blue line, which you’re begging to get crushed for anyway. Brown lines him up head on, but Rozsi swerves just before contact so his knee is just out there which Brown collides with.

  52. Matty"WeKillInGame5"Boy on

    Hey, guys, leaving early. Catch you post game. Hoop it up in here. Make some real (not fake) noise. MSG will be driving tonight. Glad the Dubie returns. He will pump it up!!!!!

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!

    and Miami and Tony!

  53. Because Roszival’s previous 5 dives failed to.draw a penalty, Brown thought he might need some help.

    Would love to see the energy Newbury would bring. Not a panic move, just fresh legs.

  54. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Miami, I hope you regain your strength soon. I can’t be the only person on the blog that points out what a fourth-rate chump squad the Rangers are.

  55. Ok, I just watched the Brown hit on Rozsival – I have to admit, it looks pretty clean to me. He doesn’t stick his leg out at the last second, and he does hit him with the full body. Rozsival didn’t see him coming. Perhaps the only fault I can find is that the ref blew the whistle and there was no need for brown to finish that check.

  56. Ria, Wes McCauley #4, Dan O’Halloran #13

    Matt, agreed. I have a hard time finding something dirty on that hit … except it might have been late and Rozsival may have let up.

  57. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, agreed on MZA. The Rangers are getting beaten on the boards.

    Dubinsky, even if limited, could provide an emotional boost for the team. They all know he’s playing with a bum knee and he’s going to be out there giving 100%. Could help inspire some weary bodies to push for two or three more games.

  58. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, watch the video in full speed. The contact comes almost immediately after the whistle. The problem was the whistle was late.

  59. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “its easy to say, but the determinatory outcome in tonight’s game is based on the final outcome and sometimes who scores more”

  60. Carp, quick question:

    Since we can see the Devils taking away the boards, what about the Rangers making that more risky pass up the slot? Not trying to coach, but if they instead keep a man high in the slot when in their own zone, they could outlet to him? Sort of like when they’ve had success on penalty kill – lots of short handed chances start from the defensive high slot and then the Ranger (Boyle/Prust) split the D in a foot race.

    Seems to me there should be open ice in the middle if the devils D continually pinch the boards.

  61. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Matt, the problem is our team sucks on breakaways.

  62. Dubi in is only change I make. I would keep eminger in over Bickel. If dubi comes in looks like Mitchell sits. Mitch stayed on for extra work today.

    With only 8 refs this round we start seeing these same pairs again. Same as game 1 again with McCauley and o halloran

  63. … as well as every other aspect of the game (including goaltending, where “someone” has a propensity to give up goals high glove-side)

  64. Doodie – not so much concerned about scoring on the breakaway itself, but rather have the opportunity to generate offense by taking advantage of the Devils aggresiveness by the D along the boards. There’s a reason they give up so many shorthanded goals, and it isn’t all due to Kovalchuck playing the point.

    While goals ultimately matter, I think getting a couple of rushes from this would put pressure on the devils and cause some hesitation when pinching.

  65. I agree with bringing back Bickel. Dubinski should be in (although he’s useless).

    I’d also try out Zuc over … whomever. If he gets multi-plastered, then keep him out until the golf tournament next week.

  66. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    “There’s a reason they give up so many shorthanded goals, and it isn’t all due to Kovalchuck playing the point.”

    Not all of them, but a vast majority.

  67. Oops I kinda BANJed back there. Oh well.


  68. duckBill PLatypus on

    Rod thought Torts was for real when Torts said, ‘pray’. Rod typically doesn’t excel when literary devices such as parody, satire, allegory or onomatopoeia. He, however, lurks with the best of them.

    Warm regards,

  69. duckBill PLatypus on

    comment note: ‘are used’ should be placed after onomatopoeia.


  70. Did any of you guys see that goal the Devils gave up earlier this year where the Devils had pulled their goalie (probably Hedberg because it was earlier) and Kovy was on the point and someone passed the puck to Kovy, who missed the pass and the puck went down and into their empty net. OOPS.

  71. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I just explained to my boss how to add songs to his ipod. Then, after explaining wasn’t enough (even though I gave written instructions and answered verbal questions while he attempted to do it), I still had to go in and do it for him. Then I had to show him how to actually use the ipod. Which he has had for two years. How to turn it on. How to turn it off. How to play a song. How to scroll through the menu. Yup, big time important lawyer work for me today.

  72. I’d usually prefer Eminger to Bickel but neither would play much and Bickel could serve a major protection role if this game gets gross. Really glad to see Dubinsky back, for us and for him. Disappointing season or not, he’s in our top 12 without question.

  73. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Manny, I was putting things on his ipod so he can go to the airport and go to Florida.

  74. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Oh, he also didn’t bring the cable with him to put the songs on it. He didn’t realize it was necessary. If I didn’t leave an old, fraying iphone charging cable (literally has exposed wires) at work, he would’ve been SOL and JWF.

  75. That’s awesome Doodie. Just yesterday my co-workers realized I am the only person who has iTunes on their computer so now ALL my co-workers charge their phones on my computer and ask me iPhone questions. Don’t feel badly, I spend most of my time getting coffee for people less smart but more highly paid than me.

    And congrats on being solo in the office. Pantsless Tony style!

  76. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Oh I’m not solo. Other associates still here. No partner. Although since there is only one, I guess it’s hard to be the “Partner.” I think more accurately he is a “member,” since the firm is a PLLC

  77. Haha. Yea. We have a Principal (being a Solo P.C.). It really makes no sense.

    The Firm I was at in CT had to change the name because we didn’t have enough people to use the “& Assoc.” part.

  78. this game is a must win. I don’t see the debbies losing the last 2 like Ottawa did, they are a stronger forechecking team than Ottawa was.

  79. Its fun sleeping all day. Ill stay up for another half hour, then go back to sleep til the lady gets home from work.

  80. Boston Bonehead on

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who is having a slow day. It’s just me and 1 other person here making the world safe for television

  81. I think Dubi has sucked (okay, underachieved) all year. But they could sure use a boost. Hope he comes back and provides it.

  82. “In the arm wrestling match that is a playoff hockey series, both teams have landed two punches” Dr. Emerick (Masters of Mixed Metaphors)

    I’d like to sashay over and spirit my fist into his nose.

  83. Carp,

    What’s with all this “Torts and DeBoer hate each other” business? Is that for real at all? Are they just getting excited about their squads? Or do these guys know each other and have personal animosity? It seems like much ado about nada.

  84. We’ve been hoping for that clown to “come back” since November. It’s not gonna happen.

    And the fact that he’s in our Top-12 is testament to our sorry state of affairs.

    For next year: Get rid of Clown Dubinski, Clown Anisimov and bring in some real difference-makers.

  85. bull dog line on

    I would dress 13 forwards and 5 D. bickel hardly plays anyway, and I would rather play Mitchell over him.

  86. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    bull dog, it’s not a bad idea, really. The problem comes if one of the other D gets a penalty/gets hurt.

  87. Is this where I post my letters?

    Dear Mr Tortorella,

    I noticed, after going through all my NY Knicks payroll for the 2011/2012 year, that I have made several checks to you for employment as a coach of a sports franchise under the name “NY Rangers” (I thought that was a baseball team in Texas).

    I was not aware I owned such a team. I guess they came with the building when my daddy bought me the GREAT NY KNICKS!!

    Upon further research it has come to my knowledge, that this is some sort of hockey team. If I wanted a hockey team, I would have bought the Olympics. I hear they have a great hockey team. Especially one called The Team Canadas and one called The Team Usas (although I’m not sure how its pronounced).

    Well whatever. I later called my accountant, he told me that I have written checks to 23 men in the amount of $61,948,035 to act as human sandbags.

    Consider this a letter of termination for you and your 23 sandbags.

    Since I do in fact still own this team, and my lawyers tell me that there is nothing I can do about it, I am replacing you with my dear friend, and wonderful coach, Isiah Thomas. He will choose 22 men and Jeremy Lin’s older brother to play for these “Rangers” (not the ones in Texas)

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go. I just received an email of this team’s captain standing in his underwear and holding his junk! This is an outrage! I want this Sean Avery sent to my office immediately!

    Thank you,
    Jimmy Dolan

    P. S. What are the reasons I had to send checks for $50,000 to the NHL Big Mouth Coach Fund?

  88. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Miami, when they tee off on Saturday afternoon.

  89. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    afternoon ILB, tony, miami, and all!!!

    Manny May 23rd, 2012 at 1:47 pm
    I am the only person in my office.

    Is that a bathroom stall comment manny?

    I am working tonight and so my DVR better get on it…Please no text updates folks (that means you SPITTER!!!)

    LGR, LGT, LGM, LGD!!

  90. When the Debbies lose in Game 7, does Pah-reeeeez-zay take his personal hockey belongings and give them to the Rangers equipment staff for safekeeping?

  91. “The Kings are 8-0 on the road in this postseason, and have become the first team to ever win eight consecutive road games in a single postseason. Dating to last season, the Kings have won 10 consecutive road playoff games, an NHL record for most consecutive road wins spanning more than one year.”

    talk about Kings of the road.

  92. What about me, NYR? I didn’t say anything bad. Don’t lump me in with the rest of these pathetic losers!

  93. I hope Zuccarello doesn’t play. I hope Anisimov gets more minutes given he’s one of the few who seems to consistently get the puck near the net.

  94. Anisimov is interesting to me. I always think he’s awful but then in a game re-cap it appears that he wasn’t awful.

  95. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I’ve noticed Anisimov does better when not surrounded by good players.

  96. He seems to be with Gaborik as far as being a guy usually judged by “did it go in the net?”

  97. Boo-Ka-Boom on


  98. “I’ve noticed Anisimov does better when not surrounded by good players.”

    Serious comment or sarcastic? I tend to notice him more when he’s with 4th liners but it rarely leads to anything. Too deferential?

  99. just got to starbucks next to garden. counted 7 devils jerseys and its only 3pm. i have tons of paperwork to do but for some reason cant concentrate. i wonder why. is there a game tonight?

  100. Bickel for Emminger makes some sense since Auntie Em got tossed behind the net around like a Kansas tractor in a hurricane. He fit in with all the other non-skating Ranger D so if push comes to shove why not have a D man who at least can pin a Devil forward to the boards for a bit if nothing else.

  101. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Serious comment. The best run of his career was with Shelley and Prust.

  102. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    wick, that’ll make up for missing out on the Cup!

  103. czechthemout!!!! on

    Dubi coming back is a welcome event. Newberry for Rupp or Mitchell is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Zucc and Dubi could and should be the move over both of the useless twins. The Devils have not dressed a single goon in the series and won’t tonight. The one guy on that team who can fight even a little in Carter and Prust can take him. Zucc would be a huge boost to the PP.

  104. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    AA to me has the best “hands” on the team. He stick handles well and is cat like quick in close (I always wonder why on the PP when the rangers are having problems entering the zone they just don’t let him carry it in), but then I realize he does it about every 3rd game…

  105. not a must-win until a loss eliminates you. Rangers have had three must-win games out of 100. Tonight is not one of them.

  106. Personally I think, as I have been saying over and over, with the aggressiveness of the Devils’ forecheck we have to keep a forward high to intercept their freebie saucer passes to their Defenders. The ^Hobbit Wizard^ is an exceptional passer. Best on the team. He could help get the puck to a useful area and negate their forecheck.

  107. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    must noogie indeed!! He needs to hand out several more tonight!

  108. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    anyone ever find a still shot pic of rupp sending bernier heels over head??

  109. Oh but what Carp said, that Zucc might get plastered out there, is probably true. It doesn’t scare me really since Gaborik and Anisimov get plastered regularly. But it’s probably true.

  110. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    In honour of the new avengers movie and his awesome shift in game 4, I have changed my call sign (see above)

  111. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    AA seems to take those shots like prucha did, the ones that just lay him on his aasen and fire up the other team

  112. Carp without having to guesss regarding tonight’s outcome, you think the Rangers step up and play better or is it more of the same?

  113. this could be our only shot for years to come being this close. will be so heartbreaking if we dont even play for the cup.

    2 more wins byes us 2 more weeks. if not my sports vacation begins to football season then hockey all over again

  114. Carp
    if somebody didn’t figure that the “pray” was a
    sarcastic joke
    then they have no sense of humor
    and should be avoided

  115. saw a tweet from Dylan McIlrath saying that it was
    great to have been in New York
    and he was heading home.

    i thought he was part of the taxi squad.
    am i wrong about that?
    if not, why would they send him home rather than allow
    him to keep hanging around the Big Club?

  116. Doodie
    what are you talking about Dubi’s knee?
    all this time they’ve been talking about a boot on his foot
    and that it was finally revealed as an ankle injury.

    hoping that he offers some snarl and maybe even a goal(s) assist(s)

    a fresh body that knows how to get under the skin of the devils should help

  117. The Rangers need to learn how to clear the puck. Why do they pass it behind the net, only to have theif defenseive partner get squashed. Get on your forehand and get the puck out of the zone. Stop passing it behind the net to each other. And when they are in the offensive zone, stop shooting pucks behind the net. Our guys are too tired to cycle. Take a wrist shot on net and then crash for the rebound. You can’t score if you don’t shoot. Nothing is more frustrating then getting into the zone and screwing around behind the net for 30 seconds and not get a shot on goal. Then the Devils get the puck into our zone, and guys are too tired to clear the puck. We end up taking a penalty or icing and then blow our time out.

  118. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    letting fatso play the puck so much is killing us, shoot it into the anti-fatso corners…Isn’t he why they put them there to begin with?

  119. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    with that, off to work and have a great game night aasens!!!


  120. Wick

    bookmarked that one too!!!

    gotta goo!!

    see youse later!!!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Anyone who didn’t watch the entire overtime period last nite missed NHL officiating at its finest- nevermind whether Brown’s hit was legal or not (whether he gets suspended probably depends on the opponent in the finals) – the number of blown calls- I mean AUTOMATIC calls: a stick to the face of the puck carrier ( no one saw? where were they looking)- a puck shot over the boards- an incredible blown offside on a keep in that was most certainly going to result in a scoring chance. The people threw garbage when the Kings won- imagine if the same would have happened here- I think we’re talking riot potential.
    On to important matters: Game 4 was the time to use Newbury- with Prust out- if Torts didn’t use him then I can’t see it now. Glad to see Dubi-hope he’s healthy- I just caution: conrolled aggressiveness to stay out of the penalty box. We need the legs-heart without legs reminds me of Toro Moreno blessing himself in “The Harder They Fall”- ‘that only helps if you can fight”. Again, I ask…is our game plan to have Marty handle the puck? Cause that’s what it looks like.

  122. I think Dubi, if he stays away from stupid penalties, will be a huge boost even if he does not score. I can see MZA being a panic move. But part of me thinks replacing Feds with MZA might add a little offense to the bottom six (Even though he does not work well as a bottom six player) and he would be available for the PP. He has looked good on the PP. It’s a risky move. But is it crazy?

  123. Hey ORR, remember that time that Yandle just gave the puck away to Gaborik? That ruled. I was hoping to see more of that in the Cup Final.

  124. JimboWoodside on

    >>>this could be our only shot for years to come being this close. will be so heartbreaking if we dont even play for the cup.

    I totally agree with eric on this point – you never know how things are going to develop from one season to another – some of us who were around in 1994 thought that the Rangers might have a nice couple of years being at or near the top of the league after we finally won that Cup.

    As things turned out, here we are, 18 years later, never having been this far since ’94. No matter how bright the future may look, you have to *seize the moment* and win when you can!

    *WIN NOW!!*


  125. ANTI-FATSO corners….I’m STILL laughing about that one

    And you’re right! They put in the rhombus, trapezoid, whatever BECAUSE of Marty…gotta learn how to take advantage of that.

    Dubinsky, I hope, gives this team a spark. He didn’t show much in the Ottawa series, so maybe he knows this is his chance to finally make a difference this year.

    MSG is gonna be on fire…the Rangers MUST use that energy in the first period tonight.

    Watched the game last night and I don’t mind saying I’m not so sure the Kings are as unbeatable as people are making them out to be.

    Can’t wait for game time….4 hours to go…

  126. Jimbo, I remember that in ’94 Messier proudly said he thought the young nucleus of the team would keep them a contender even after he was gone. They certainly were talented enough to at least make a run in either ’95 or ’96. Especially ’96. But I attribute their loss in the playoffs that year to Colin Campbell not having a clue about how to coach against the Penguins.

    But ’94 ended up being it…except for that miracle run in ’97 on the backs of Richter, Gretzky, Messier and Tikkanen.

    There’s no blueprint that says “do this and this and this and you’ll win a Cup in “X” amount of years”…you only have small windows as a franchise sometimes.

    Think about Toronto. Those early ’90’s teams were certainly good enough to make a run for the Cup and never even got to the Finals.

    The Rangers know they have a chance here, and I believe they know they haven’t played nearly good enough in this series so far.

    Tonight I’m thinking they’ll take charge…furious at the thought of losing a shot at the Cup to the DEVILS of all teams

  127. Rob in Beantown on

    Do you think anybody will run in on Lundqvist this game? Brodeur is an ass and I just assume he always deserves it, but after Rupp think there will be some retaliation?

  128. Latona, make sure you have a Prime Rib sandwich…it’s a special occasion….

  129. “Do you think anybody will run in on Lundqvist this game? Brodeur is an ass and I just assume he always deserves it, but after Rupp think there will be some retaliation?”

    This is either right ahead of or right behind saying “Grandma is really old, do you think she’ll die soon?” Even if you think it and/or know its possible, you don’t say it.

  130. Don’t worry about anything. John Scott, a/k/a Scott Johnston is greeting each and every Devil as they get off the bus.

  131. So the word going around is that Deboer’s issue with Tortorella during their screaming match at the bench is that Torts is a short American?

    Am I reading that right?

    U-S-A! U-S-A!


  132. JimboWoodside on

    I remember that well, CJP – Mess said that, and before you know it, fate took charge and we were decimated and not in contention for many years to come. Geez, Keenan was gone almost before the Stanley Cup Parade down the Canyon of Heroes!

    You just never know what the future holds – *Carpe Diem!* *Seize the Day!*

  133. Boston Boneheacd on

    I hope Henrik avoids contact tonight. Never know what’s gonna be called/not called. That said, LET’S GO RANGERS!!

  134. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe Hank should spear Kovy in the nuts if he gets anywhere within stick range – nobody will see it, right!?

  135. Lloyd Braun on

    I don’t know why I’m surprised that Pete DeBoer would resort to insults based on Tortorella’s place of birth and his height. Maybe just a bit disappointed that someone could be that stupid. Perhaps I’ll be equally superficial in my judgements and say that Pete DeBoer looks exactly like the kind of intellect who’d be incapable of anything more clever than insults about height and place of birth.

  136. I said it the other day but I will try it again: Peter TheBore looks like a drunk Kevin Spacey or a more ridiculous version of this guy named Ross Mathews who is on some show called Chelsea Lately.

  137. I think that I, ahem, I mean Coach DeBoer, was right on in his analysis of Coach Fartarella. He is both vertically and geographically challenged and neither one of those shortcomings is up for debate.

  138. Pete DeBoer's Spokesperson on

    When Regis “Pierre” Mcguire said they were talking about where they are from and size, he was trying to say (for national TV) that Pete called Shortarella “A LITTLE P***y”

  139. Nostradamus, is that 6 quatraines or 6 decades? It sure as hell won’t be 6 games

  140. Rob in Beantown on

    Was going to say, its a good thing DaBore has a bench full of nothing but Canadians to be yelling such a thing at the opposing coach in the middle of game. Oh wait

  141. Nostradamus on


    I’m sorry, but the NY Rangers and their few real fans (non-corporate ones with free tickets or bandwagoners who don’t know a slapshot from a slash) will speak of the great memories of 1940 and 1994 Monday. Which is appropriate considering it is Memorial Day.

  142. lol, come on Nostradamus, are you Chico Resch? I bet you are :) You are certainly entitled to your opinion. We will see….

  143. Lou Lamoriello on

    You want Zach Parise? He said he doesn’t want to Hockey Has-Been Land like:

    Bobby Holik, Scott Gomez, Mike Rupp, Brenden Shanahan etc…

  144. JimboWoodside on

    “Nose”, if you were the *real deal*, you would certainly know that the Rangers have the most loyal cadre of fans in the history of hockey – and that they absolutely *put to shame* those fools in New Jersey who can’t even sell out playoff games without scads of Ranger fans being there to help them out.

  145. To which organization did Wayne Gretzky refer to as “Mickey Mouse”? Wasn’t the Rangers…now, more to the point; congrats on the Devils success in the last 20 or so years…and kudos for having Brodeur there for this period; I dislike him- but he’s a HOF for sure.

    But, who are you kidding- I grew up in NJ and nobody, I mean nobody cared about the Devils prior to their first cup…

    I mean, you could go see the Penguins at Byrne Arena (of Lemieux and Jagr talent) for about $10 bucks (and I did- even as a Rangers fan) and there weren’t many of your fans there….

    So sit down, sh*t up and learn your place

  146. Nostradamus on


    You have the most loyal cadre of Bandwagoners and a hefty following of Corporate fans who are there because their company wouldn’t give them Knicks tickets. So they settled. That’s why there are so few jerseys in the first 20 rows. To compensate, MSG decided to turn off the lights so nobody on TV can see the truth.

    However, I do have some GREAT news as well. Not all is bad in Ranger Land. I see FUTURE CAPTAIN KRIS KREIDER with the Rocket Richard Trophy.. Only problem is, he’l be wearing a Coyotes uniform by then

  147. jpg, you have no idea how many people are covering this series who not only don’t have a sense of humor, but also have no idea what they’re watching … who thought the whole Rupp thing was a major story, that this series is now going to be nothing but violence … who thought Tortorella kicked the team off the ice yesterday when, indeed, he was praising them for their tempo and decided to cut the practice short … who just don’t understand anything … like why a coach calls a timeout after an icing … I could go on, but it’s embarrassing.

  148. Take your 2.5 Cups and get your shinebox! You can only dream of another big parking lot celebration

  149. Wow, I used a word in a post to describe this idiot nostradamus.. It referred to him as something that is used to wash female nether regions. I got a msg that my “comment was awaiting moderation”

    uh oh.. Am I going to get a time out?

  150. Carp, educate these folks in the media…embarassing; sure…opportunity, absolutely…best sport out there

  151. That’s too tall a task, True. It would be like teaching eric to be an optimist. Or teaching Tiki that Boston is a great city with great inhabitants. Or getting you guys to like Doc Emrick.

    Besides, I’d have to talk to some of these clutterbucks, and that’s the last thing I want to do.

  152. Bandwagon Fan on

    GO RANGERS!!! I got tickets from my daddy’s law firm! I can’t wait to see Marc Massrey score! He was the best draft pick we ever had! He’s the BESTEST!!!

  153. You make fair points…at least with good old Doc I can choose the Mute button…

    less uncomfortable chortling and made-up hockey terms…

  154. NBC Sports Network has been glitchy for days on my Cablevision….anyone else have this problem? I can’t watch another hockey game with the glitches and chops….

  155. Dear Mr Tortorella,

    I noticed, after going through all my NY Knicks payroll for the 2011/2012 year, that I have made several checks to you for employment as a coach of a sports franchise under the name “NY Rangers” (I thought that was a baseball team in Texas).

    I was not aware I owned such a team. I guess they came with the building when my daddy bought me the GREAT NY KNICKS!!

    Upon further research it has come to my knowledge, that this is some sort of hockey team. If I wanted a hockey team, I would have bought the Olympics. I hear they have a great hockey team. Especially one called The Team Canadas and one called The Team Usas (although I’m not sure how its pronounced).

    Well whatever. I later called my accountant, he told me that I have written checks to 23 men in the amount of $61,948,035 to act as human sandbags.

    Consider this a letter of termination for you and your 23 sandbags.

    Since I do in fact still own this team, and my lawyers tell me that there is nothing I can do about it, I am replacing you with my dear friend, and wonderful coach, Isiah Thomas. He will choose 22 men and Jeremy Lin’s older brother to play for these “Rangers” (not the ones in Texas)

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go. I just received a link in an email of the team’s captain standing in his underwear and holding his junk! This is an outrage! I want this Sean Avery sent to my office immediately!

    Also, for Pete’s sake! Will somebody tell that guy Glen, whoever he is, to stop leaving cigar butts in my office!!!

    Thank you,
    Jimmy Dolan

    P. S. What are the reasons I had to send checks for $50,000 to the NHL Big Mouth Coach Fund?

  156. Sorry Carp. Just such a descriptive word. And if the aparatus fits….. But, I will cease and desist as they say in my line of work.

  157. Yev, if jackwagon’s like that are coming onto the blog, they are obviously seeking attention (as Devils fans, that is par for the course). Though, I do not think any parade will he held around that arena…..

  158. “…. And momentum is a big part of playoff hockey. So there’s no question we’d like to get that on our side right away tonight.” — John Tortorella, May 23, 2012

    and then Carp screamed out, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  159. Rollin Dubious on

    Salty my cablevision feed has been a bit choppy as well specifically the HD channels and our wireless network cuts out on occasion. Cablevision said they are working on it.

  160. Following the lead of others (Where _is_ CCCP!), I have ventured further into Europånsyland for tonight’s game.

    But since nothing good has ever come out of Italopånsyland, the Wi-Fi here will probably be so bad it makes it look like there are 12 poorly defined blobs on the ice surface, rather than just the usual one in front of the Devils’ goal.

  161. sheeeesh Carp
    had an idea things were bad but until you replied i didn’t realize how completely awful
    (sorry about the “momentum” quote……..was just being a smart aaasen)

    if i only knew how horrible it would be i would have
    applied to some of these places.
    maybe i would have got the job since i could recognize what a puck looks like
    and much much more than these idiots

  162. Rollin

    good and bad to know that you’re having trouble with you HD channels
    i thought it was only here in ohio

    are you also having trouble with Comedy Central cutting out (regular not HD)?

  163. something to keep folks occupied til opening faceoff (please let it be Bickel taking it!!!)

    Google celebrates Robert Moog’s birthday (as in Moog synthesizer)

  164. Rollin Dubious on

    JPG haven’t checked but will when i get home tonight.

    Had an conference call with a customer in Sweden this morning and at end of call they said “Long live the king….. Go rangers”


  165. Rollin


    just remember
    i imagine you have ’til midnight since the whole Google thing is set up
    to celebrate Robert Moog’s birthday, which is today.


  166. RangerSwede on

    LW… What on earth made you go to italypånsyland to watch the Rangers?

  167. I’ve tried watching them in Swedopånsyland, but that just ended up with them in 0-0-2 “potential Ranger disaster” territory, so I’m trying a different, less Communist nation.

  168. JimboWoodside on

    LW, not sure that italopånsyland is much better, in that regard – you should have gone to deutschepånsyland instead…..

  169. A real King has a crown. Lundqvist has 3. You see, in Sweden they get crowns for winning big events, and Lundqvist won the Olympics & 2 SEL championships. You win 3 crowns (in the land of the 3 crowns) and you get a nickname such as The King.

    Brodeur gets a case of jelly rolls from Tim Hortons for winning anything.

    Gotta edumucate the trolls.

  170. I have not been able to watch the games like I used to due the fact I was abroad and watching the games at an ungodly hour on a small screen so I’m a little behind, but it looks like the Devils have been the better team this series, no?

  171. JimboWoodside on

    “Jelly Roll Martin”? Wasn’t he a Jazz musician? (I know, it was actually “Morton..”)

  172. JimboWoodside on

    Too bad MSG Network can’t give us poor fans a *RANGER* pre-game show, without the skreds from the other area teams tagging along like the parasites that they are..

  173. JimboWoodside on

    Hi there, Sally! I’m OK – nervous, but that’s normal lately!

    Who inflated Tiki!? And did he enjoy it!?

  174. desert dogs on

    maybe the yotes players ought to learn the fact that the LEAGUE owns the team, and that they have 150 million reasons to NOT help their opponent. it is just sour grapes and whining by a team that had a good season but tarnished their great effort in the last 2 games with their whining.

  175. desert dogs on

    I will give an example of the pro-coyotes league discipline. Andrew Shaw of the Hawks got 3 games for running into Smith with his shoulder behind the net, BUT Hanzal got only 1 game for trying to break the neck of Brown with a very dirty hit from behind at full speed into the boards.

  176. desert dogs on

    Carp, we all know that Torres got his big suspension due to his whole history of dirty cheap shots that he had gotten wristslaps for, and so Shanahan was just trying to make up for past leniency by the league concerning Torres.

  177. Good evening all! Hartnell! My iPad is out of juice and heading out to watch game….grrrrrrrr!


  178. ok. this may help bring about the It’s Go Time

    looking for advice
    still weighing cellphone options

    samsung stratosphere?

    been looking over reviews and their near identical except for screen size and battery length

    only other thing
    best buy has both for $50
    while target has samsung for $20
    i’m NOT paying what mrs. jpg paid for her droid razr maxx!

  179. hey Mama
    i’m still downloading more Bruce
    i need help!

    will send email soooooon!

  180. Evening gang!

    Dubi’s back! YAAAAY! You just know he has to be chomping at the bit after sitting for the past month.

  181. I work at a home improvement store and samsung is one of the most reliable and best brands . . . .I assume the phones would follow the same as the appliances.

  182. JimboWoodside on

    Mama, you and Tiki seem to have an “identity crisis” going on here! Are you wearing each others clothing, too!? ;-)

  183. You know, the more I think about it…not having our own pre-game show and having to SHARE our post-game show with those Devils clowns…having to suffer through NBC’s horrific broadcast team…

    Makes one appreciate ’94 even more. :-)

  184. JimboWoodside on

    Jpg, I have a Samsung phone (not in the class of an iPhone, though) and I like it just fine! FWIW..

  185. JimboWoodside on

    You are CORRECT, CJP!!! A travesty that we can’t have our own crew do the games, or even have a *dedicated RANGERS* pre or post game show! What are we, “chopped liver”!?

  186. Samsung (again appliances cause thats the product I am more familiar with-even though I hate hate hate that entire department) are very aesthetically pleasing . . . .like when you look at a whirlpool washing machine and a samsung washing machine the samsung stands out. . . .also they always have really nice features . . . again I am assuming the phones would be the same

  187. Well if it makes you feel better . . .the devils don’t get there own show either :-)

  188. btw
    there’s this tweet about warmups

    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie
    Warmup rushes….Hagelin and Kreider with Richards, Anisimov between Dubinsky and Callahan, Gaborik with Stepan and Fedotenko….

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