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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Heartbreaking loss. Especially after fighting to tie it back up. Does anybody think they weren’t trying? The Rangers lost nothing but the game tonight. There is another chance on Friday. Yes now it’s tougher, they have to win the next two. Must games. But for all the true fans, I bet you’ll all be watching game six. The rest of you can cry, moan, suggest they fire the coach, bench players, change lines, put Biron in, if you think he’ll do better than Hank. It doesn’t matter.

    Save your breath, and wait until Friday and root for your team.

  2. DANG.


    Jimbo, I didn’t mean you. I know you’re fair and square and express your frustration over this team readily, but still have a grain of intelligence once the initial disappointment is over. I meant in general. Rangers fans love to carcillo on their own and while it’s deserved at times, I just think it’s so over the top at times that it’s ridiculous.

  3. I just got finished watching and as nauseous as I am I guess I can’t be too upset because they finally played 2 consecutive dominant periods. lol Now they just need to try and make one of those the first period. Wow. Really didn’t expect this one at all. I’ve gotta admit that I was ready to throw in the towel after the third one against but I hung in there just like they did. They did everything they could….. for a team that dug themselves a hole to China to get out of. Geez. They were this close…….

  4. Czechthemout!!! on


    What makes you think we won’t? Everyone who posts on this blog will be watching and rooting for the Rangers to win game six. That doesn’t mean we can’t critique poor play. If you can’t do that and criticize or praise when warranted, why post on here or any other blog?

  5. i think game 6 will be our best of the season most likely. will be very hard fought, and as long as they give it their all, like tonight, thats whats important. we got young team. great experience for all of them. this is the most fun season i can remember in a long time. hope we at least bring this back to the garden though so we can cheer the team on win or lose

  6. Stranger Nation on

    BTW – it was hags making up for Richie on GWG. Your center has to be in front of the goal when the other two forwards (center and wing) are being tied up in corner. But Hags will be the goat because he is hustling to pick up the uncovered forward.

    Friday will be the 18 anniversary TO THE DAY of another Game 6 the Rangers played being down 3-2 after losing at the Garden

    hmmm…who will step up this time?

  7. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    CTO. I’m not saying you can’t objectively critique the game. But It’s ancient history already. Accept it and move on. Like Torts says, they will review the tapes and just focus on the next game.

  8. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Thanks, Mickey – I didn’t really think you meant me. I appreciate it!

    Yes, I can get quite negative in the heat of the moment, and this was a tough one to swallow. I truly don’t know how a team that has played with such heart all season can come out like they did tonight, but I’m just a fan – I never played the game, I’ve only watched.

    All I can do now is hope for the best.

  9. What I found hilarious about this game was the fact that when they finally found some offense it was when Lundquist had easily his worst game of the post-season. He just wasn’t tracking that puck very well tonight. Plus they had to be in a hole for them to finally realize they needed to dig deep. They simply ran out of gas at the end. They really need to get to overtime and get that intermission break. Hopefully next time they’ll spread that effort out over three periods instead of just two.
    I’ll tell you one thing though, if there’s any team that can come back and rise to the occasion, it’s this one. I think they proved that with the comeback they mounted in this one. Once again, they just need to realize they can’t take any periods off from now on. If this team plays all three periods I’d bet on this team every time. It’s when they don’t that worries me.

  10. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    still say thus series has 7 games written all over it. its not like the debbies were sniping the net. They were gettig goals by going to the net as the puck got there, something we need to do a LOT more of.

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