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A few quick notes:

Henrik Lundqvist entered Game 5 6-1 with a 1.29 goals-against average, a .959 save percentage and two shutouts after Rangers’ losses this postseason. He allowed four goals on 16 shots Wednesday night, including three on the first five shots.

Marian Gaborik stopped a five-game drought without a goal when he tied the game in the opening minute of the third period.

Brandon Dubinsky (foot/ankle) dressed for the first time since Game 7 of the opening-round series against Ottawa. He played 15:24 and had an assist — just his second point in eight playoff games.

Ryan Callahan scored a goal, had a game-high six hits and blocked a shot (that went unrecorded on the scoresheet).

• The Rangers are now 9-2 in odd-numbered games this postseason. Their only other loss came in another Game 5 — in the first round against Ottawa.

Brandon Dubinsky:

[audio: dubinsky.MP3]

Ruslan Fedotenko:

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Marc Staal:

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Henrik Lundqvist:

[audio: lundqvist.MP3]

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  1. ilb:

    I think a loss like this could be catastrophic. While there hadn’t been much evidence of things carrying over from one game to the next in the previous two rounds, I do feel the Devils have done a pretty decent job of sustaining their intensity over the last several games. I feel like we got a decent effort early on from the Rangers that went south after some crappy goals. They certainly amped it up after that and were extremely aggressive right up until they tied the game. Then they started playing not to lose – the sort of thing we used to see from them when games ended in shootouts – and the Devils took advantage of that. The Rangers have not played a solid 60 minutes of hockey since (maybe) game 1. These last two games they’ve been blown out of the water before the game even started.

    It was great to come back from a 3-0 hole, but to start playing like you’re sitting on the lead and basically get passive with the game on the line just isn’t the way to win games. Rangers got beat tonight by borderline NHLers on that fourth goal. That had everything to do with the Rangers level dropping off and giving every guy on the Devils bench the feeling that the Rangers were serving the game up to them on a silver platter. And let’s face it, we’ve not seen the Rangers maintain a level of intensity from one game to the next throughout the playoffs. You just wonder if they can get EVERYONE to come out at their best for the next two; if they don’t do that, they’ll be gone in 6.

  2. Hey we finally dominated a game! If we can get Hank on Board we are unbeatable.

    Let’s go Rangers!!!

    Rangers in -5, 6- 7!!!!!


    Can’t say it any better. I have the exact same thoughts.

    For some reason, though, I think the Rangers are going to win this series. Not sure why.

  4. i think game 6 will be our best of the season most likely. will be very hard fought, and as long as they give it their all, like tonight, thats whats important. we got young team. great experience for all of them. this is the most fun season i can remember in a long time. hope we at least bring this back to the garden though so we can cheer the team on win or lose

  5. Miami:

    It’s a toss up at this point. I know the easy thing to say is that they’ve come back every other time, etc., etc., so they’ll definitely do it again. Something just feels a bit different about this series. And to have come all the way back from a 3-0 deficit only to piss the game away late in the third – well, let’s just say it’ll be the ultimate proof of this team’s moxy if they’re able to pull off this series.

  6. I think we can ABSOLUTELY win this series. It’s like Ottawa. 1-1-1-2-2. We just have to win back-to-backs. It’s not often we lose *3* in a row. We aren’t doing it now.

    Hank? Come on man. Join the NOT LOSING club.

    Serious;y though, Hank is allowed one of these. Guy has been our savior. You can’t get a shutout nightly.

  7. back from msg

    what a punch to the gut that was. we need a hank like effort like game 3 ottawa or game 3 devils to win on friday. i could say more now but im drained talk to u all in mornng.

    prediction see you all on july1st

  8. LLOYD

    I definitely see where you’re coming from …

    And you know I’m the most pessimistic man on this board, but I still feel like this Devils team is so beatable. Brodeur is so beatable.

    We just have to get it back to MSG.

  9. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Mickey – I didn’t really think you meant me. I appreciate it!

    Yes, I can get quite negative in the heat of the moment, and this was a tough one to swallow. I truly don’t know how a team that has played with such heart all season can come out like they did tonight, but I’m just a fan – I never played the game, I’ve only watched.

    All I can do now is hope for the best.

  10. Czechthemout!!! on


    Very good points. I agree with all of them but hey, I remember in 94 they looked dead after game five and the first period of game six. Who knows, maybe we can put together a solid 60 minutes and bring it back here for game seven.

    One more thing. Would you still rather trade Staal instead of MDZ to bring in a much needed scorer? I think MDZ has been totally outplayed in these playoffs by a guy of the street named Strahlman. If we can get an impact player and he is the final piece to a trade, I would gladly help pay for his cab fare to the airport.

  11. Amen Miami. No way we lose Game 6. NO WAY. Not this team. Not this group of guys and not the way they played tonight. Then it’s a game 7 and ANYTHING can happen.

  12. JimboWoodside on

    >>>what a punch to the gut that was.

    Exactly how I feel, eric – even now, over an hour later…

  13. Miami:

    If it wasn’t for Brodeur’s ineptitude, this series could very easily have ended tonight. His mediocrity was the primary reason I thought the Rangers would come back from 3 goals down in the first. The problem tonight was we got mediocrity from Lundqvist, too.


    No comment on Del Zotto right now (lol)

  14. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Not this group of guys and not the way they played tonight.

    Manny, I love ya, but they absolutely MUST play better than they did tonight, in all 60 minutes of the game, if they even have a tiny shot of winning this series.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Game 6 is ours!!! Play like we did tonight , and like Manny said getting Hank on board and we in!!!

  16. Czechthemout!!! on


    That works for me. Problem is Weber is restricted and Suter is good but doesn’t strike me as number one dman. He is going to be paid like one. I don’t think he is worth 7 million a year. Do you?

    I think the cheaper option is to sin Justin Shultz on jul 1 and start giving McD more of an offensive role and on the pp.

  17. actually, not mediocrity from Lundqvist – mediocrity would have been good enough tonight. tonight was just a poor performance.

  18. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I still think they can win it all. The Rangers will have to prove me wrong.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on


    No comment needed. Silence sometimes speaks volumes.

    I still can’t get over this loss 90 minutes later and I know I’ll have trouble falling asleep for probably another 2 hours. That’s how tough I take these types of loses. And tomorrow, I will be one miserable S.O.B .

  20. Czech:

    Yes but you’ve criticized the Rangers so clearly you hate everything to do with the Rangers and must be spending every free moment with a John Tortorella voodoo and a massive supply of pins.

  21. Was at the game. I thought the atmosphere in the second and third periods was amazing. The Marty chant during one of the commercial breaks was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard MSG.

    This game’s on Hank, IMO, and I never thought I’d be saying that. The first and third goals were especially horrific – nobody to clear Gionta was equally bad, but it was a poor rebound. NHL goaltenders stop that Zajac shot every game. The second goal is tough, because it did take a double deflection, but I thought his reaction was still slow. Can’t fault him at all on the winner.

  22. voodoo doll, that is

    but yeah, ask me about Del Zotto tomorrow. I’m still fuming from this loss.

  23. Czechthemout!!! on


    I know. Isn’t it funny that the so called real Ranger fans have all gone to sleep while you and I, the so called NN can’t get over this game and are still here?

  24. Latona:

    Very well said. The problem with Hank tonight was there was no point in which you could have had any confidence in his performance. It just seemed that he was never fully into the game and it was a question of simply hoping that the Rangers never allow another halfway decent scoring chance for the rest of the game.

  25. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the finality of what doesn’t end undermines the sincerity and only adds to the anxiousness.”

  26. Henrik will just have to be Henrik… Nevermind, Henrik will just have to step up like he uncharacteristically did in the first 2 rounds.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on


    I can’t talk about that dopey kid. He infuriates me. They just showed that fourth goal replay again and I still can’t believe that he wimped out against Kovalchuck of all people.

  28. I agree, Lloyd. The Rangers, while they became more passive after tying the game, were still keeping everything to the outsides and the Devils weren’t generating anything of quality. And then one little slip up and it’s in the net.

    Do I think Henrik is a Europansy and needs to go? Of course not. He’s still, IMO, the best in the business. Just had a poor game at a poor time.

  29. This team has nothing to be ashamed of as they have surpassed most people’s expectations for the season! Most importantly they still have a chance to win this! I hope that they get a little rest, get some composure, then give fatso the worst two games of his career! Win or lose, I’ll still love them though…

  30. Czech:

    Well, that’s obviously because we hate the Rangers so much that we just have to hang around to gloat. The so-called true fans who have an unflinchingly healthy relationship with the team had to retreat into a dark room with their fingers in their ears going “LA LA LA LA LA LA” over and over again like only psychologically balanced adults do.

  31. “NHL goaltenders stop that Zajac shot every game.”

    This. It is well beyond the point where I expect Henrik to *never* let in a softie; its always a deflection or an odd man or something. That has to be in his top 10 (or probably top 5) worst goals of the year and the timing, in hindsight, couldn’t have hurt more.

    Tiki: You’re sucking again.

  32. duckbill platypus on

    Miami Pimpmobile, how the heck are you most pessimistic on this blog??? Eric has you beat legs down! that is all!™

  33. Latona:

    That’s the essential point I’ve been trying to make for the last 90 minutes and you nailed it better than I was able to. When you’re in that situation – and coming back from a 3-0 deficit in game 5 of the conference final, no matter how big a pantload Brodeur happens to be, is a huge feat – you can’t let the first little pass out front wind up in the net. Perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect Lundqvist to make a save there, and I’m not sure I really expected him to make that save. It’s more than when you’ve been so lackluster for the whole game, the accumulation of soft goals/miscues leave no margin for error and the guy has to figure out a way to do something extraordinary. And if that doesn’t happen, you lose.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on


    What really burns me up is to lose to that piece of human fecal matter Broduer! If we lose Friday, I will root almost as hard for the Kings as I do for the Rangers. I can’t accept this turd bucket winning another Cup and retiring.

  35. Mister D:

    Which makes what the rest of the team did tonight that much more impressive. Rangers had all the momentum after the timeout and were surging when Lundqvist allowed what otherwise could have been a totally backbreaking goal. Somehow they managed to claw back from that (in spite of Lundqvist for one of the only times this season) and just didn’t quite have it in the third.

  36. JimboWoodside on

    Latona, I felt bad for you, knowing that you were there watching it all come down around us.

    They can certainly bounce back, and I pray that they will – but I’ve gotta be honest – my gut feeling is not very optimistic at this point. The opposition has “out-Rangered” the Rangers in this series so far, as much as it pains me to say that.

  37. Lloyd,

    In a game that Henrik’s “on”, and most games that he’s playing just fine, he makes the save on the Carter goal. Even though I would never classify it as a softie, I knew as soon as the pass came out in front it was heading into the back of the net.

  38. Latona:

    Agreed. It felt tonight that he was offering very little resistance – and obviously Brodeur didn’t either. But Tubbo made a few big saves when he had to and Lundqvist didn’t. Oh well.

  39. Just Frustrated w the guy. Best players in the world go for the kill. They attack the jugular. Not allow weak goals to Bryce Salvador in gm 4, kick out tramps trashy rebounds like goal 1 tonight

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    As much as I love Hank and all he’s done here over the years, he’s no Mike Richter. I also hope to eat those words on Sunday.

  41. Thanks, Jimbo. I’ll always reflect on it as a great game with some great moments at MSG, it’s just frustrating to walk out of there amongst 18,000 others disappointed, and disappointed by the most unexpected guy of all, Hank. I don’t regret going one bit, however.

  42. JimboWoodside on

    Czech, I feel almost exactly as bad as you say you feel – I’m going to be a miserable specimen for at least 24 hours (at least!) after this loss. I’ll be nobody’s good company at all for a day or two after this loss.

  43. Sure, I don’t disagree with that. 30 (?) times this season, Henrik was tasked with saving the team from a mediocre or worse performance, often doing so. Tonight, the team had to do the opposite and nearly did.

    (I don’t know the numbers, but before tonight, how many times did we give up 3 in a period? I’d bet zero before I’d bet five.)

  44. It’s funny, Lloyd. I was thinking to myself how poor Biron looked in warm-ups after a sequence in which he allowed three straight goals. And then 45 minutes later, wa-pow.

    Uncle Daddy’s save on Kreider was when my thoughts shifted from “we’re gonna finish this off” to “just get to OT.” Hank never made that save.

  45. Latona and Lloyd, just getting back, myself. I echo your comments. We played well enough that if we had a normal Hank we win. Just a poor performance for him.

    Marty is AWFUL. He was so exposed. Put the damn puck on the net and he will fail. Period. He sucks.

  46. I really, completely, totally dominated one of the couch pillows after the empty netter, so I think I’m doing a little better than most. Got atleast half of my anger out right there, the rest is dissipating at the standard rate.

  47. Jimbo:

    Caps “out-Rangered” the Rangers for chunks of that series – I’m pretty sure I said that on here a couple of times – and the Rangers overcame it. The problem is that the Devils look like a better team than the Caps did and the Rangers look worse than they did in the last round. It’s going to be tough.

  48. JimboWoodside on

    I hear you, Latona.

    Czech, he can’t carry Richter’s jockstrap until he wins us at least one Cup – sorry, but that’s how I feel.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on


    Agree. If he has his stick in the proper position, he stops that Salvador goal. But hey, without Hank, we are already packing our bags for the golf course. This is a still deeply flawed team with a fair amount of holes in it. But Hank covered up a whole bunch of those wholes. We still need a pp QB, another scorer or two and a tough stay at home defensemen. Sauer is deeply missed by this defense.

  50. Matty:

    Brodeur’s whole career is attributable to system goaltending. If he had to play his entire career in front of the recent Devils teams, he’d have none of the records or accolades we’ve had to hear about ad nauseum from his fan club co-presidents Mike Emrick and Chico Resch. Instead he’d be a mediocre goalie who’d probably have retired several years ago.

  51. There was a period of time after the debbies scored their 3rd goal, for 25 minutes they were held to 3 shots. The Rangers played well throughout. If Hank has a normal game, it’s over.

    How can we fault him? We would not be here without him.

    IF he wants, however, to be recognized as an NHL elite goalie, like Richter, he needs to win the next two, or play clutch. This was un-clutch.

  52. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Lloyd – I remember you writing that about the Caps – and it was true, but not to the extent that it has been with NJ – maybe because the Caps are a seriously flawed team, while NJ seems not to be.

    Nice comeback, fellas – but embarrassing that such a comeback was needed, and then squandered.

  53. True, Jimbo. But Hank has his son on the way, he’s got perfect looks, perfect wife, oodles of money, and millions unwavering fans that chant Henrik after he’s given up 3 goals in a game. He won’t be upset for long if we’re ousted by the Devils.

  54. Your Attention Please

    Paging Mr Brad Richards, Paging Mr Brad Richards
    Please let us know when you ready to go

  55. I’m glad I wasn’t attacked for my Hank comments. Seems often that around here people aren’t allowed to analyze one particular performance of a player without it becoming a microcosm of their playing career. There’s nobody currently in the league I’d rather have in net Friday night.

    I thought this was the first game in a while where Callahan didn’t seem hindered by his hand injury, either.

  56. THere is a difference between this and 1994. That team rolled 4 lines and had depth everywhere. The GM went out at the trade deadline and bought the store. This team is paper thin. This guys were worn out at the end and it showed by that last goal and the lack of perfect coverage.

    These guys have a TON of heart. Someday they will realize how undermanned they are. The players and coach should be SO proud.

    Thanks, Glen.

  57. Just got back from the game. I’ve been pretty down on how we’ve been playing this series but I have to say I was encouraged with how the Rangers played. Rangers were all over them for most of the game, the type of performance i wasnt sure they still had in them. I think the start was a fluke and while the final score sucks they should be able to build off this for next game. Not going to predict victory and in fact I called the winner tonight wining game 6 but again I think we have a decent shot based on their play tonight.

  58. I’ve called WWI. I’ve called WWII. I’ve called the fall of the Soviet Union. I’ve called 9/11. I’ve called the fa of Lehman Bros. I’ve called the rise of Obama.

    My latest is “DEVILS IN 6”


  59. Czechthemout!!! on


    I’m with you man. Richter had the unfortunate circumstance of playing for a bad team after the 1997 season. He was also a really good guy. I met him in Gerry Cosby’s three days after they won the Cup. Spent about ten minutes talking to him. All he kept saying was how much the fans support meant to the players.

  60. Latona:

    Only reason you weren’t attacked is because the idiots who claim to be the biggest fans all ran off to sulk within 10 minutes of the end of the game. I was on here taking Lundqvist to take and got ripped on by (pull a name out of a hat) for it because I apparently hate the team and hate Lundqvist.

  61. Rollin Dubious on

    I missed first 6 mins or so of game and most last 8mins tending to the baby so I re- watched the whole game. They gotta bury more chances and can’t hope on Marty help next game. That 4th line for the devils has played so well this series they scare me when they start hammering away in our zone. dubi played ok in spots shaking off some rust.

    Game 6 is ours at the pebble, LGR.

  62. Something to consider: Rangers have not got a game out of their 4th line in the playoffs even remotely comparable to what the Devils got out of their 4th line tonight.

  63. Lloyd, could be our downfall. Guess who put together this team? Twelve years of ‘rebuilding’? But at least this team is the closest we have been since he took over.

    Uh…Glen. Wellman? Scott? Can we have a useful 4th line? A big defenseman? Perhaps a pool of 8 NHL defensemen (losing Sauer really hurt us), someone that can take draws? A PP quarterback?

    Glen, this isn’t rocket science, dude. Thanks for all the depth we have.

  64. Similarly though, Lloyd, the Rangers have not gotten a game out their 4th line in the playoffs even remotely comparable to the game the Rangers 4th line played tonight. I thought they were VERY solid, and they scored their first goals. Wouldn’t attribute it as much to Mitchell leaving as it was to Dubi’s similarly solid return and Boyle dropping down.

  65. Czech:

    My heart will always belong to Richter. I really like Lundqvist but even if he wins a Stanley Cup it’ll be hard for me to ever hold him in the practically deistic (and totally unrealistic) regard I view Mike Richter. #35 won the only Stanley Cup I’d seen in my lifetime and I don’t think any subsequent Ranger team could ever match what that run meant to me. That being said, I think we need to see what he gives us on Friday night. Richter would come out and stand on his head. Lundqvist, all b.s. aside, needs to do the same.

  66. “Paging Mr Brad Richards, Paging Mr Brad Richards
    Please let us know when you ready to go”

    I think it was mid-1st, but he was the first to a puck along the boards and never touched it. Tried to do a cutesy fake pass and got shoved off, allowing NJ to clear the zone. If there’s a replay on NHLN tomorrow and I’m not watching something more soothing, I’ll not the timing. Infuriated me.

  67. Lloyd: Do you remember how many late goals Richter gave up during the ’94 run? This board would have quit a half dozen times over < 2:00 tying goals and OT winners alone.

  68. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Latona – Lloyd is right in what he just said – you would have been given hell for criticizing Hank earlier on – these men are *professionals* – they aren’t man-child amateurs. If you can accept the well-deserved accolades of the crowds and the press, you damn sure need to accept the questions when you don’t play up to your own personal standards.

    I could not hear Hank’s interview clip in the earlier thread, but I’ll bet that he acknowledged that he played a crappy game – I think enough of him to think that he would be honest about his own self-evaluation.

  69. Latona:

    Have to disagree there. I thought the 4th line was instrumental in that 3OT win against Washington where they had a ton of energy and jump and the Caps can’t deal with them at all. A lousy play by Rupp tonight led to that first goal.

  70. I don’t know if you saw it, Mister D. But twice he got boarded tonight without any calls. Twice.

    Tonight, also, he was stretching before each period for about 2 minutes. Not the pattern he has used in the past. I would think he is sore.

    But he was invisible. Not what you expect of our $11M man.

  71. Czechthemout!!! on


    That’s because we have Mike Rupp and John Mitchell on the fourth line, two players who have not scored a goal in four months and the other in five months. It’s funny that the organization doesn’t believe that the fourth line should produce offense. It’s an orginizational thing. To me, a guy like Boyle and Prust are the perfect fourth line players. But here they get third line and sometimes second line minutes.

    I remember the Red Wings and their philosophy. They would break in young players on the fourth line and than kick them up to as their play improved. But at least you would get some offense from them. Here it seems an NHL roster spot is taken for granted if its the fourth line.

  72. JimboWoodside on

    >>>#35 won the only Stanley Cup I’d seen in my lifetime and I don’t think any subsequent Ranger team could ever match what that run meant to me.


  73. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Matty – I figured that he would be honest about his game tonight. He’s a stand-up guy! (no pun intended!)

  74. People talk about messier in game 6 vs devils but richter held them in when rangers were taking chances and getting caught. Richter stopped wave after wave, he was phenomenal, saved that game from becoming a blow out, enabling messier heroics.

  75. Czech:

    You’re right and I think most organizations actually expect some production from their 4th line players (unless they’re dressing outright goons which the Rangers aren’t). Again, that’s something you’re not supposed to talk about here. Only six players are ever supposed to score goals on this team and to say otherwise is to exhibit an embarrassing lack of understanding of the game of hockey.

  76. And, Jimbo. !994 was amazing. And this is the very period of time that it felt so helpless. I still have a copy of the “WE WILL WIN TONIGHT” NY Post from the day of game 6. And, like many guys here, I guess, I went to Continental Arena. What a game. What a win.

    1994 lives on forever!

    And Richter was amaizing.

  77. THe goals Farty let in were awful. He is beyond his prime. Way beyond. I was sitting by the Gabby goal. Pitiful.

    And if Gabby hit the open shot he had in the first? Cally with the posts? Girardi the open net?
    All you have to do is put it near this guy. It will go in.

    Holtby is tons better.

  78. JimboWoodside on

    I still have a copy of that paper myself, Matty. It was a tough time in my personal and professional life, but that playoff run and winning that Cup made me happier than I could ever remember feeling, although the feeling couldn’t possibly last long enough!!

  79. Lloyd Braun on


    I guess but it was kind of obvious and not terribly creative.

    The biggest difference between this series and that series is that while the Capitals were able to neutralize the Rangers via strong defense, they weren’t able to convert offensively. The Devils have been able to match the Rangers defensively and score. It’s worth noting the Rangers haven’t allowed fewer than 3 goals in the 3 games they’ve lost and have now allowed 7 in the last 2. Rangers allowed 8 total goals over the last 4 games of the series against the Caps. I think Lundqvist has been excellent for two games this series and not very good for the other three. You combine lackluster Lundqvist with a more efficient Devils team and this series ends on Friday.

  80. Yeah, Uncle Daddy has been nothing but average this series, and these playoffs in general.

  81. My last comment. During warmups, the Devils had jump. The Rangers were lethargic.

    It was curious to me, because the Rangers were the best they have played all series tonight. SO, I guess warmups mean nothing.

    I can also say that the Devils were gassed after the game as were the Rangers. Extreme effort from both teams.

  82. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally correct on game six of 94 and Richter. He stood on his head.


    Yup. On this blog the half a dozen so called hockey experts have determined that only the top six forwards are supposed to score. The other forwards just have to be good in the lockeroom like Rupp. Oh and how much better would we have been in this specific series if Avery were in the lineup instead of Rupp? Avery drove Kovalchuck and Broduer nuts. He is also ten times the hockey player Rupp and Mitchell are.

  83. Lloyd Braun on

    Rangers now up to 13 straight games where the team who scores first wins. Getting pretty sick of that tbh.

  84. JimboWoodside on

    Seeing Avery goading Kovalschmuck and Fatso would be worth the price of admission alone!

  85. Lloyd Braun on


    Fair enough. What sucks the most is that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being moved into the Zach Parise free agency account by MSG management with every empty goal he scores.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just say no to Parise! I don’t want him in the worst way. Especially if he wins the Cup this year.

    The Parise ship sailed in 2003 when anther rangers report favorite son Tom Renney convince Sather to draft Huge Bustaman.

  87. Lloyd Braun on

    The Rangers may not end up with Zach Parise and I’d be totally fine with that. That said, there’s something eerily similar to what we’re seeing now and the infamous Chris Drury audition series from a few years back. All that’s missing is for Parise to score the OT goal on Friday that knocks the Rangers out of the playoffs.

  88. NYR DIEHARD on

    Comeback from 0-3???? We can’t close it? It’s our own fault! No reason we needed 14 games to go in to this series! We had a loud crowd! We had a comeback fight! We had it all! Except one thing. We were missing what counts. CLOSING THE DEAL!!!!!! We’re done! We just handed NJ the cup in our own house!!!!!!!! We failed BIGTIME!!!!!

    Series goes to NJ and we can’t even fill the swamp anymore!!! The fans lost heart! We’re spoiled! If we can’t show up, how do we expect our boys to show up?????

    IT’S OVER :(

  89. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nyr diehard

    It’s not over until the final handshake is taking place.

  90. Just got home. About as loud as its been all through the playoffs in msg tonight. Hank just didn’t play well. Hell of a time to throw up a stinker. Sat next to an ex-gm of the toronto maple leafs and some other finocchio that would not stop talking throughout the game. The most inane, annoying bullshit I’ve ever listened to. In addition, 5 corporate types behind us, not even watching the game, compliaining about golf course conditions. It was like sitting in a room full of old broads. Don’t buy tickets in section 105. Its controlled by the NHL and people who couldn’t care less about the game sit there and just ruin it for real fans. What a night.

  91. JimboWoodside on

    I freaking *HATE* Parise now, but we’ve gotta get someone in the off-season who can score some goals. I’ll be happy if Parise signs anywhere other than in NJ, preferably in the western division somewhere.

    Carp said we should be mad at MSG management for not signing Kovalschmuck, but I didn’t want him then, and I wouldn’t want him now, no matter how this Goddamned series ends.

  92. Yeah, I don’t think Kovalchuk’s done much this series, Jimbo, and I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  93. NYR DIEHARD on

    Screw the handshake!!! I hope Rupp punches Parise and the whole 4th line in their faces!! We may as well start the game in the pebble with the handshake line.


  94. JimboWoodside on

    >>>some other finocchio that would not stop talking throughout the game.


  95. Night all, hang in there. Thanks for the civil conversations. As much as they frustrate and disappoint us, we’re stuck with this team for life.


  96. Jimbo, I slept all day from loads of Benadryl due to allergies. So Im sitting on terrace on this beautiful night…looking over edge of 7th floor apt wondering if I can jump and survive. So I’m literally on the ledge. Hahahaha

  97. JimboWoodside on

    Latona, Kovy is just not a “character” guy – I dislike him as a player. I wouldn’t like him any better if he was wearing Ranger Blue.

  98. Lloyd Braun on

    for the people who bemoan the Richards contract, the Devils are on the hook for Kovalchuk for five years longer than that. I’m guessing Parise will end up getting signed for, what, 25-30 years?

  99. JimboWoodside on

    Get off the ledge, Tiki – sorry about your allergies – mine have been awful, too. WTF is going on this year with allergy symptoms!?

    “This too shall pass”, Tiki – it’s not worth being out on the ledge for.

  100. NYR DIEHARD on

    We should’ve just layed down after 3-0 and preserved our energy for game 6!!!

    Ok. Let’s see. WHO’S GONNA MAKE US THAT DAMN GURANTEE??????? This is worse than not making the playoffs at all!!!!


    I’m toast! I lost a lot of money tonight! Why??? Cause I believed in these losers!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!! NO GOOD! LAZY! SPOILED! OVERPAID!


  101. Lloyd Braun on

    oh god, the pollen in NYC is insane right now. I feel like I’m in a fog whenever I’m outside my apartment. my car has a layer of green crap on it constantly. ugh.

  102. JimboWoodside on

    ‘Night, Latona – I’m gonna take some pills and try to forget this day, myself.

  103. Jimbo, I’m just playing around. I’m literally on the ledge, but I’m not quitting on this team.

    Every time I come up here, I’m miserable with allergies, and its not the cats.

  104. NYR DIEHARD on


  105. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Tiki – I didn’t think you were serious, but I wanted to be sure, and not nudge you closer to the edge!

    I feed stray neighborhood cats, but these allergies are not cat-related either, and I have *wicked* cat allergies.

    I don’t know why the pollen or whatever it is is so potent this season, but it is MURDER!!!

  106. Guys the outcome sucked tonight but we shdnt get too down, the fact is we showed we can outplay them. I had doubts if this was possible. I was concerned we wouldnt win tonight but for different reasons- I thought we just didn’t have the strength to compete. Tonight showed we can.

    The start was a fluke. We play game 6 like we played tonight there’s a good shot we come home for game 7.

    Remember it’s just one game to win to get this thing home.

  107. JimboWoodside on

    I’m gonna go and try to relax now – I’ve been at this freaking computer for way too long today.

  108. Lloyd Braun on

    basically in the same position as in the first round where they dropped 4 and 5 to Ottawa and had to pull out 6 and 7. this Devils team is a whole lot better than Ottawa, though.

  109. JimboWoodside on

    Matteau, they *aren’t that good a team*! If we don’t take this series, the Kings will mop up the rink with these bums.

    We are the better team of the two, but circumstances right now are not going our way – it’s not over yet! We still can win this thing!

  110. Had they lost tonight in similar fashion to game 4 I would be on the ledge. I consider myself one of the realists on this board- or as most posters would refer to as a negative nancy- yet l see reason for optimism.

  111. JimboW I don’t necessarily agree we’re the better team. I think very evenly matched but they are much deeper at forward. We have the goalie edge (though not tonight).

    Because of how closely matched we are this series comes down to will and maybe some luck. We had will tonight but they had more luck. If we have the same energy level and some luck game 6 this can easily come back home.

  112. JimboWoodside on

    I have definite “Nancy tendencies” myself – but only because I’ve been disappointed in every season save for 1994 since way back to 1967, so my psyche is scarred when it comes to the Rangers!

  113. ThisYearsModel on

    Terribl outcome. Henrik was brutal. Cruel game it is, as without him they would not be here, and they could absolutely go,out because he was not ready to play tonight. A mediocre Henrik performance and we win. Too bad Hagelin did not think it important to back check with 5:00 to go in the game. We could win Friday, but also very well could pack it in. We’ll see.

  114. Lloyd Braun on

    most impressive thing about tonight – and it’s something I feel may be overlooked – was how they didn’t wilt after that atrocious Zajac goal. they could very easily have lost the momentum they gained prior to it and they didn’t…if anything, they got even stronger after that. if the team had called it a day after that goal, I’m not sure anyone would really have blamed them either.

  115. JimboWoodside on

    They’re deeper at forward, we’re better in goal and defense – but they match up very well against us, much like we matched up against Philly this season – and we weren’t *that* much better than Philly (on paper!) but we beat them like a drum!

    It happens – matchups mean so much, and they happen to match up well against us. And they have the incentive of a “poor cousin” to beat the team that will *ALWAYS* outshine them, no matter how much they win in the swamps of Jersey, including the swamp of Newark.

  116. Lloyd agree that was impressive and encouraging. And they had good pressure even after they tied it, just couldn’t finish. The failure to score the go ahead goal while they had the mo’ was where they lost it in my opinion, Devils grabbed it back.

  117. The thing that stuck out for me was how many times two of our guys left the front of the net to go after one forechecker. That, and how many clearing passes we just fanned on, but that may have been the ice, I don;t know. Is Brad Richards hurt?

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