Rangers-Devils Game 4 in review



1) If John Tortorella and Ryan Callahan and company can’t figure out the slow starts and what the coach called “the yips” with the puck, I sure as hell can’t.

2) Too bad for Callahan to have a loss like that on a day when he became a dad. I thought his blind, drop-pass to nobody inside the Rangers blue line, which trapped them for over a minute, was kind of a harbinger of things to come. And, boy, it’s hard to point fingers at that guy. He played a good, rough, Callahan game, but couldn’t get much done, in part because of that hand/finger/wrist/whatever.

3) So we find out during the game that Michael Del Zotto’s grandmother passed away during Game 3 Saturday, and obviously that was bothering him. And Tortorella had some compassionate things to say about him after the game, without mentioning the personal loss.

4) That whole incident in the third period? Well, it’s pretty clear that Tortorella and the Rangers started this one, right? I mean, they come out of a TV timeout with Stu Bickel yapping at, and challenging his old faceoff partner Ryan Carter, and then Mike Rupp punching Steve Bernier off the draw. The call on Rupp behind the net was soft, though, and his little shove of Martin Brodeur was almost nothing. I mean, if he was looking for mayhem, Rupp wouldn’t have just shoved him in the chest, right. And Brodeur embellished it (look at the photo; he got shoved in the chest and his leg nearly hit the rafters). I think a lot of noise was made about very little, certainly compared to some other Rangers-Devils stuff we’ve seen in the recent past.

5) Too bad Pierre McGuire decided to hit his mute button, though. Would have been pretty cool if they replayed the discussion between the coaches later, with bleeps of course.

6) Do the Rangers really miss Brandon Prust that much? Just kidding. But they do miss him.

7) Who had Ryan McDonagh-Adam Henrique in the first fight of the series pool? Am I the only one who thought that could have been two each for roughing? Then with McDonagh in the box, Del Zotto played in his spot and that’s when he lost future Ranger Zach Parise for the first goal.

8) How many Rangers lazily or mindlessly failed to gain the red line before icing the puck? (Answer: a lot).

9) Nice of the good folks who run that arena in Newark to turn up the music to drown out the, you know, quiet. The pumped-in noise was much, much, much louder in Game 4 than it was in Game 3. Almost as embarrassing as the P.A. guy. Though, I will say, the place was more like 90 percent Devils fans for this game, and there were fewer empty seats.

10) Seemed to me that  the Rangers got somewhat better as play became nastier, which has kind of been their M.O. for two seasons. Tortorella said they gained traction. But not nearly good enough. Callahan had some classic battles with Ilya Kovalchuk, though you’d have to hope he’s smart enough to not fight a much bigger man while playing with a bad hand/finger/wrist/whatever.

11) On the rush, do the Rangers need an engraved invitation to shoot?

12) NBC did a fine job with the replays, especially the ones shot from Trenton after goals. Seriously, it’s like every game they do is their first game. Closeup of Patrik Elias getting his shield wiped by a trainer while Callahan and David Clarkson are hollering at each other on the ice.

13) Some of you clowns never disappoint me with your stupidity in the comments after a loss. I think I’m starting to understand. The Rangers won 51 games, won the East, reached the Eastern Conference final, are two wins from the Cup finals and six wins from the Stanley Cup, despite having only five or six players who are any good at all, and a goalie, and a dolt for a coach. Now I get it.

14) Another few thoughts about the Rupp-sanity in the third period, and again, I believe the Rangers started it very clearly. I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary in terms of what’s common late in a one-sided loss in the playoffs. That dumb “play to the end” and “send a message” stuff that never has any affect on a series. Maybe the Rangers figured they had to do it with 13 minutes left because of the recent legislation about instigators at the end of games being suspended? Or maybe this was a little bit of frontier justice (which I don’t condone, but also don’t mind too much) for perceived Devils hits that went unpunished while the Rangers’ lost a player to suspension? Or maybe they’re trying to force Peter DeBoer to dress some of his knuckleheads for Game 5, because they really can’t play at all.

15) Congratulations to the Captain on becoming a daddy. That’s far more important than anything that happened on the ice … of course, that’s not saying much.

16) Games like these, I hate to admit it, I miss Sean Avery.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Carl Hagelin.
2) Marc Staal.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.
Josh (age 26) Thomson’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Marian Gaborik.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Ruslan Fedotenko.

AM19’s Three Rangers Stars (with commentary):
1) Marc Staal (Was Rupp until that sideshow basically ended the game).
2) Carl Hagelin (Weak penalty calls on him, buzzing all night).
3) Marian Gaborik (process of elimination, everyone else sucked).

AP photos, above.


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  1. Nothing for u to be sorry for, BFF. Im the idiot.

    Jimbo, yeah, but we havent been blown out all postseason, and it sounds like we got blown out tonight, so I feel responsible, i didnt give 100% effort.

  2. you gave as much as a few of the players, tiki. ps, drop me an email when you get a chance. (it’s nothing bad … in fact it’s good).

  3. re-post:

    Carp May 22nd, 2012 at 2:25 am e

    Butternubs, you are probably the dumbest to comment on here in weeks. Hope you enjoyed watching your first hockey game.

    Carp May 22nd, 2012 at 2:26 am e

    Miami, all the best wishes and prayers with you, buddy. We’re with you.

  4. JimboWoodside on

    Naw, Tiki! It had nothing to do with you – they can’t keep coming out of the gate like they’re sleepwalking and hope to win games against fired-up opponents – I hope that they haven’t gone to the “will” well once too often during this playoff run..

  5. Jimbo, I dont think they have. They seem to have a pattern that works for them. Theyre not gonna run out of desire now. And Torts wouldnt let them anyway. The crowd comes out Wednesday night and sets MSG on fire, and all will be fine.

  6. JimboWoodside on

    Good writeup, Carp – Can the Ranger brass send tapes to Toronto showing that cowardly spear on Cally by Kovalchuk? That had me fit to be tied!

  7. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, I’m worried that some of our players are either hiding injuries, or finally have gotten exhausted to the point where they’re out of gas – I know Torts says nobody is worn out, but their play tells us something else. And Boyle must really be suffering from the aftermath of that viscious Neil hit that didn’t warrant a suspension, while everything our guys do gets us “hanging judge Shanny” rulings..

  8. They probably are suffering injuries, and Boyle is probably having after effects of the concussion, all teams are this time of year, but thats not gonna stop them from giving their all. Sometimes, their all may not be good enough. We have to hope that it is Wednesday.

  9. JimboWoodside on

    I hope so, Tiki – I would HATE to lose this series to NJ – that is too terrible to contemplate.

  10. I sympathize with you, Jimbo, and some other heads like ilb. Your hate for NJ is like mine for another team. I believe in us, I believe that no team can match our desire over the course of a full 7 game series. I have no intention of allowing us to lose, teams and us in particular dont get here very often, we’ve gotta take advantage and seize the opportunity. Nite, Jimbo!! Love ya, pal. Keep faith. Always believe.

  11. JimboWoodside on

    Goodnight, Tiki – I’m trying to keep the faith! last night was a tough pill to swallow, though.

    I’ll be rooting on Wednesday night! *LET’S GO RANGERS!!!* Goodnight!

  12. Who needs me when you have Rupp and Mitchell? When have I ever made a difference in a playoff series with the Devils?

  13. Avery, If I wanted too hear from you, I’d scrape you off my boot after picking up dog crap in Central Park. Carp! You need to be much more unbiased, stop being a “homer” the Rangers sucked in this game, live with it…….. move on..

  14. My word

    The only thing lacking was them playing Chopin’s Funeral March on the overhead. What a disgraceful performance…by just about everybody.

  15. Fact of the matter was, Del Zaster returned. The Rangers were down 1-0, just hit a post, were starting to get a little bit of a forecheck going, and an awful blue-line stand up by Del Zaster, and we’re down 2-0. Game pretty much over, then in the 3rd, stupid undisciplined penalties minus Rupp (He knew what he was doing), led to the demise.

    I have to say though, watching the 3rd period, this team didn’t look tired, this team just looked fed up with the Debbie nonsense. And maybe some extra stuff is happening off camera that we’re not seeing, but fact of the matter is our boys looked pissed, and our boys look like they were out for blood then, and maybe that’s a little bit of what we need. To be out for blood, because we seem to play better in games where we are out for blood. I actually for once have confidence going into a game 5 after that 3rd period. And if you watch Tortorella, he’s laughing at DeBoer when he’s yelling at him, and Torts’ presser afterwards wasn’t that of a pissed off coach, that was one of a guy who knows that his team may have woken up finally!

  16. Definitely have to shoot, especially the guys who really can. Fedotenko reminded me of Messier last night with that off wing snap shot. He used to beat guys all the time with it and it used to amaze me. And Brodeur looks so soft.

  17. Good to have Rupp on the ice…no guy is more valuable when losing by multiple goals.

  18. they also miss Dubi a guy with 10 goals on the season.

    rupp, mitchell, and others cannot generate any offense.

    rangers will win ugly and by brute force, nothing a matter with that.

  19. I think we need to get physically involved early. It’s no coincidence most of the time we won those games that started with staged fights and stuff. I’m not saying do that, but we need a shift by Callahan that’s Cally-esque where he hits everything in sight, get us into the game physically. If we start the game like that, get everyone physically involved, there’s no way the Debbies skate with us 3 periods like that.

  20. bull dog line on

    the Devils sure do stay down a lot. I felt like I was watching a soccer game with all the flopping around on the ice after a hit. the Devils game plan against the Rangers is a good one. they have the Rangers stretched out and chasing all of the time. the Rangers badly missed Prust. the Devils played tougher because Prust was not there. for that matter, the Rangers missed Dubi as well. did not understand not using Anisimov more( as you know, I am not his biggest fan). he seemed to have legs when most did not.

  21. Really have to get Dubinsky in there soon. We need some new legs, maybe even Zuker.

    I think Dubi is the only Ranger the Devils hate anymore. I know Clarkson does. Met him out one night and my friend whose a Devils fan talked his ear off and Clarkson said how he hates Dubi and always wants to get him to fight but he won’t.

  22. This shouldn’t be a surprise. They win one and lose one. We should have learned by now that any series they play will be a long, protracted affair.

    My son won his squirt hockey tournament this weekend, and they are now the Spring League champs. Pretty amazing stuff and team effort. After the game, he was asking if I thought the Rangers would win on Monday night. I told him that the most important team already won the championship and that it didn’t matter what the Rangers did. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and enjoy/remember/grieve the important things.

    This team was never supposed to be here this year. They still lack goal scoring (which will be the only thing that is their undoing if they lose). Enjoy it while you can. We haven’t had this in 15 years.

  23. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Good to see some rough stuff from our boys…..

    Carp, #13) didn’t see any of the blog last night, but good to see you don’t sh*t where you eat.

    #14) I believe that “dumb”stuff can go along way in the locker room. Rupp knows that.

    Thanks for the great review of the crowd and the arena….wtf.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Great one today, Carpy.

    Love the swag on 13.

    You said it! You miss Avery too! Aha!

    Good day, heads.

  25. The Rupp hit behind the net was as clean as they come. The refs were looking to break up the shift before it even started. Rupp never would have pulled those shenanigans had he not been called for playing hockey

  26. CARP:

    I agree on # 13, and last night was the first time that the blog really got on my nerves with all the negativity. This team has earned my trust all year long. Did they stink up the joint? YES. But, I fully believe they will come out with an effort that is much, much better on Wed. Also, There were many names posting negative things that I had NEVER seen before. As INSANE as this is, I believe Devils fans come in to the blog and pretend to be Rangers fans and are totally negative saying in essence “We Suck”. (That guy WutWut last night was a great example of that, unless he has posted before?)

    I am so puzzled by the bad starts? MDZ had the worst game I have ever seen him play. The kid has grown on me so much this year. I think he is a talented kid who has really matured. Sorry about his Grandma, sure it is hard to play through something like that. But, I totally expect a big effort from him on Wed. He is a proud kid and the talent is there.

    I actually thought Gabby had a good game! But, we need our big guys to pot a few!

    Can’t say I’m not worried… I am… BUT….




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  27. Hollywood, California> May 22, 2012
    MARTIN BRODEUR ASKE TO NEXT YEARS SHOW–Mr. Brodeur, although no longer a star, we do appreciate the art in your many flops over the years and your high leg lift on the love tap from Mr. Rupp in the third period of your game Tuesday night showed you are quite the dancer. Please consider joining our show next year. RSVP by July 3, 2012.

  28. Thanks, CARP, everyone … Off I go.

    Keep discussing the bush-league, I’ll be reading.

  29. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Anyone good at photoshop? That leg lift would rival any Rockette, and fit nicely in their line.

  30. the refs consistently suck. the devils flopping by zubrus and bernier.

    rupp if suspended(will not happen even with shanahahn and the moronic nhl) but if it did would be no big deal, the guy cannot play.

    add dubi and prust for game 5, increse the speed and forecheck a bunch…sit down bickell and whomever.

    this is how the rangers have to win, they just do not generate enough offense up front……..

  31. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good morning all! Today I am most definitely fatigued. Carp, I’m gonna have that last comment etched in stone!!!!!!

  32. Yev- on #13. I used to get as frustrated about it as you seem to be. Still am to an extend. I just think now that some people frankly embarrass themselves, I believe they need to read their own posts in the morning. Also, some new clowns show up after they lose or have a bad game. Cowards.

    Good review, Carp!

    Do not think for a second that the fireworks were not well calculated by the coach. And Rupp, with his experience, participated willingly. The fireworks included getting Deboer peed off and screaming, and Torts yelling expletives right back while standing over his teams’ heads. I think he figured that the only thing that could explain their slow starts is that they are not emotionally engaged in this series. Well, they are now. Every one of them. That includes Kreider. They play their best when they are either against the well or peed off. Wednesday should be some game. Fasten your seat belts, heads!

  33. If richy and gabby don’t hit the scoresheet on tomorrow the series is over in 6. The devs can win this series in 6 we the rangers can’t . It would take us 7. I truly believe the fact this team has played 100 games had taken it’s toll. If dubi could go he needs to be in. Some kind of fresh legs would help. We just look worn down. It’s not an excuse I just see the obvious. We should be thankful to be 2-2.

  34. LW- I, too, believe that picture of Marty is ripe for photoshopping. Are you working on it?

  35. “I believe they need to read their own posts in the morning.”

    I don’t know if its still done, but on a Yankees blog I used to read a lot more than I do now, there’s a guy who would save the most ridiculous of the quitter/whiner posts from the regulars during a game thread then post them the next morning. I’d like to think the shaming acted as some sort of deterrent.

  36. Mister D- I’m afraid that would took the whole thread up in am. Self evaluation, if it’s an honest one, could be a much better deterrent.

  37. I have a feeling that Paris has never been introduced to as many Russian expletives as it was last night by CCCP

  38. “Mister D- I’m afraid that would took the whole thread up in am. Self evaluation, if it’s an honest one, could be a much better deterrent.”

    “Would take, dammit….”

    Its working already!

    But really, if the offenders were going to stop bailing on the team during every single loss (and some wins), they would have stopped by now. I’ve been avoiding the game threads for that exact reason; I don’t need any of my frustration exacerbated by some superfan deciding to scorch the earth when the worst case is a tied Eastern Conference Finals.

  39. Just read back: Good thoughts Miami. Punch that cancer like Rupp punched Brodeur … except hard and with malicious intent.

  40. Ryan from NJ on

    Why can’t they sustain any offensive pressure? They can NEVER get the puck to the high percentage scoring areas. And if one more player passes up a shot for a pass that is most likely to be blocked/deflected I will lose my s***.

  41. You want some good news? The series is tied 2-2, they are going back to MSG, and the Rangers haven’t even nearly played their best hockey in this series. Not even during the games they won. I doubt that will continue. I fully expect them to play their best game tomorrow night.

  42. Peter TheBore is really getting on my nerves. I hope he gets on his own nerves and plays a bunch of goons in Game 5.

    I just saw Gerard Butler outside (that’s right, ladies). I only mention it because he’s a Rangers fan and made a smile at my Rangers hat.

    Let’s hope we can win a game with Hank being just well above average and not lights out. If we can’t, then we are in trouble.

    Great timing on Rupp getting suspended now that Dubinsky can come back (right?????)

  43. Carp – I was amazed and still am at the absence of Gaborik and Richards last night – they were non-factors most of the night. Gabby is there for his scoring I get it – but he really needs to win some battles on the boards – my God 0 i didn’t see him win ONE battle conclusively with the puck.

    As far as center ice pressure – there was None – Devs up to the old tricks of clogging up the Neutral zone so much that the Rangers could not get any sustained forecheck going. Agree Carp – the lazy dump ins have to stop – my god. Also – the blind passes are not working for them either.


  44. Dan – totally agree with your last point – they were not even supposed to be here at this point – so were enjoying some bonus coverage for the season

  45. Gaborik needs to start putting pucks in the net…plain and simple. Its simply not acceptable to have Kreider be a better player right now. How many times have we seen Gaborik gain the zone and just stickhandle into 3 guys and quickly lose the puck…how about more passes or quick shots?

    Henrique is lucky that McMonster didn’t really throw any punches at his face…clearly showed some of his brute strength with that lil takedown.

    As good as Marty has been he sure has given up some softies…can’t blame Hank for too much last night.

    Someone has to have the inside scoop on what Torts said to LeBORE…spill the beans!

  46. If Rupp gets a game and Kovalchuk isn’t even talked to about the spear, I’m going to say “man, that’s stupid, but it really doesn’t hurt the team”.

  47. “but the loss of Kovalchuk would hurt their team, and therefore, thats why no suspension occurred.” -Mister D

  48. Gaborik AND Hagelin need to start shooting more. The majority of goals BroDeena has been giving up are on wristers from pretty far out. So let’s keep shooting from those positions instead of looking to make a spin pass and then to a triple lindy before we score.

  49. “The majority of goals BroDeena has been giving up are on wristers from pretty far out.”

    Yup. And if there’s one guy I can’t stand getting credit for playing well when its really just a lack of chances, its that ZJ.

  50. Sally- what’s a kick ball? It does sound like someone should be in a lot of pain after losing 20-2 :-)

  51. This was a game that has been coming for some time. The Rangers inability to get going right away finally came home to roost. The bottom line, as much as I am loathe to admit it, is that the Devils have been better all series and we are lucky to be tied 2-2 right now. All is not lost however!! We can come back hard in game 5 and take it to them

    Does anyone believe Rupp hit Maartty hard enough to knock him over? how about saying he was happy he just didnt get hurt after the game. He is such a baby!

    The boys better get it going or its going to be a long summer!

  52. >>16) Games like these, I hate to admit it, I miss Sean Avery.

    I miss Esa Tikanen.

  53. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Does anybody feel as if the Rangers are pacing themselves this round? or is that just an idiotic comment?

  54. Last night was the rangers worst game of the playoffs, it happens. I think whoever wins game 5 will win the series so hopefully the rangers find there game.

  55. Matty"WeWinTonight,CarpSaysSo!!"boy on

    Brodeur is so outclassed by Henrik, it’s silly. This is what has gone on his whole career. The quality of shots he is seeing are much less than what Henrik is seeing. If we get to him, we will score. He is Hextall, Jr. at this stage.

    Oh, ok, that may be an exaggeration, but he is not Marty the Great, either!

    Get to the net, shoot. We will beat him

  56. Matty"WeWinTonight,CarpSaysSo!!"boy on

    My Devils friends (I live in NJ) are saying things like Kovies spear was a light tap, but how would you like it if someone sucker punched Henrik?

    Funny, you listen to Marty in the post game and he says, ‘it more stunned me’. TRANSLATION:it barely glanced him and was not a ‘punch’. Jerk. Crying jerk. Dancing with the Stars, Crying Jerk.

  57. Kenny

    I think they are getting outplayed and outworked by the Devs, bottom line. They have to get their emotions up quickly, and start controlling the puck because the Devils are too big on the boards to play D all night and think we can win, like they did vs Washington.

    I personally have confidence in the team but they have to prove it again on the ice!

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    If Rupp gets a game I would just sit back and laugh, because that would be really funny. The love tap on Brodeur didn’t deserve more than a minor penalty. The misconduct was way overkill. Unless Shanahan thinks maybe Rupp left his feet?

  59. Matty"WeWinTonight,CarpSaysSo!!"boy on

    Yea, Tom, they got it out of their system. Now, time for discipline and smarts. They can beat these guys. We get Dubie (yes, he is important) and Prusty (yes, he is important) back with fresh legs, it will help.

    Hank must be the better goalie and we need shots. We finished first for a reason. We can do this.

  60. CrashTheNet on

    I know it’s probably been said again and again (by myself and by others) but I think the team as a whole is just tired. It’s not really an ‘acceptable’ excuse but I do think it’s the case. If you think about it, they really haven’t had that ‘jump’ since early in the Washington series. These 7 game series’, the hitting, the pressure, etc, has culminated to this type of Rangers team. They can’t find their legs in the first. They sort of get them in the second. They find them in the third. But then it’s just about too late. I think in order to win this series they’re going to have to play nastier. They have to find their edge. They have to win with their brute instead of their legs. Because with all the clutching and grabbing the Devils are doing (circa 1995) the Rangers aren’t even being permitted to skate to open pucks.

  61. “Does anybody feel as if the Rangers are pacing themselves this round? or is that just an idiotic comment?”

    My only real fear right now is the opposite, that this team wasn’t the type to pace itself and the gas tank is on E. Last night was game that counts #100 for the season and this is a team that rarely took a period off, let alone a full night. That has to eventually catch up.

  62. CrashTheNet on

    Mister D – see my post right above yours. I think they are running on fumes.

  63. Also, anyone hear the rumor that Brodeur sort of lost his mind over the Rupp “incident” after the game last night? Went on this long rant to the entire team and coaching staff about no one protecting him and what he wants to see done to rectify the whole situation. Then, apparently, DeBoer went into the Rangers locker room, gagged and kidnapped Rupp and brought him back over to the Devils locker room with a huge red bow on his chest? Not confirmed by any national outlets, just something I heard. From Rod.

  64. Boston Bonehead on

    My Devils friends (I live in NJ) are saying things like Kovies spear was a light tap, but how would you like it if someone sucker punched Henrik?

    Exactly what the Devils fan I was watching the game with said last night.

    Mister D-Was DeBoer wearing a leisure suit when he kidnapped Rupp?

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    I can only assume Brodeur said or did something insufferable to deserve what he got. I don’t think Henrik is nearly as mouthy as that dumb whale, and thus wouldn’t deserve it if he got it.

  66. My biggest concern is that the Rangers haven’t really made any noticeable adjustments all series in the way they play, and it’s really starting to hurt them.

    The Devils have controlled the boards and the Rangers are having tremendous difficulty in clearing the zone. When they do get it out, they typically ice it, or just flip it out to the neutral zone, where the Devils take over again. The result? Insufficient time being spent in the offensive zone, so no chance to establish a forecheck or generate scoring chances. Which really sucks because Brodeur has looked VERY ordinary in this series.

    I don’t know if the problem is the Devils’ superior play, Ranger fatigue, or both. If it’s fatigue, well, things aren’t going to get any easier. But I haven’t seen the Rangers taking steps to counteract the Devils’ approach. As much as I like Tortorella and respect the overall job that he’s done since coming here, he’s never struck me as being a particularly adept Xs and Os guy. And I’m not exactly sure what Sullivan is adept at.

    Still think the Rangers win this series. I’m just not sure how.

  67. Recalling Avery would be like when the Syracuse Bulldogs recall all of the goons from the Federal League at the end of “Slapshot”. It would be tremendous!

  68. Ryan from NJ on

    Mister D: that sounds like “Christmas Vacation” when cousin Eddy kidnapped Griswolds boss lmao

  69. NYRanger4Life on

    Carp – great write up as usual. I was at the game last night, and here are my humble observations.

    1) I’ve been to 5 or 6 games at the Rock. (mostly playoffs) Though it’s a great place to watch the game (not a bad seat in the house) the amount of gimmick’s they have is ridiculous. The red flashing lights with house / trance music right before the gm starts??? I thought the old man sitting next to me was going to have a seizure.

    And what about the stupid parachutes with t-shirts they drop from the rafters?? Or the fact that the PA announcer has to tell fans to GET UP and wave the towel before the period starts?? Amateur hour.

    2) Devils fans, WITHOUT question, are 2nd to ONLY PHILLY as far as the scum-bag meter goes. AND I’M FROM NJ!! A bunch of wanna be tough guys everywhere looking to start fights. It was probably an 85-15 ratio as far as devils – rangers fans. I was in 107, and later sect 15, and there were people looking for fights w/ Rangers fans in each section. There was a group of 3 kids (17 yr olds) with their faces painted in RED & BLUE, and 55 yr old guys were making fun of them trying to goad them into a fight.

    3) Rangers need to get their acts together, quickly. This team is NOT good enough to take ANY periods off. They lack the requisite skill, and most importantly, the killer instinct.

    4) RANGERS IN 7!

  70. Ryan from NJ on

    NYR are simply getting outwitted. gaborik needs to stop trying to dangle around 3 red jerseys. Also he consistently loses the puck on the boards, if HAGELIN can win a board battle then he has no excuse.

    Also did anyone see Gaborik pull up on on a puck in game 3 because he saw a body check coming? Looked like a big wimp.

    Our 5 on 5 in this series looks worse then our regular season powerplay

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers are playing harder, but Debbies are playing smarter.

    Debbies’ forwards are purposefully skating ‘slowly’ (screening) in front of Ranger fore-checkers slowing them down, allowing their D to get puck and make an outlet pass without pressure.

    Rangers forwards are letting the Debbies forwards in the zone in full stride, placing tremendous pressure on our D with their D pinching up to red line to prevent the red line ‘pass’ to forward who chips puck into zone.

    Debbies also using -Farty-, -Fatty-, -Mary-, Marmy as a passing D-men when Rangers do get through screen/pick on fore-check. Marmy waits for Ranger forward to bear down, flips the puck to either D man in the corners and away they go out of the zone.

    Rangers fore-checkers may want to play passing lanes along end boards, wait for Marmy to play puck and not bear down. He has made some horrible passes with puck leading to some good scoring chances. If we cover D in corners, forces him to play puck up the ice in the middle and some good opps.

  72. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – no stars for me last night. Didn’t get a chance to watch the game, didn’t think it was right to send them in when all I caught was the fight and the highlights.

    When the Fighting Sioux players put up 3 out of 4 goals (Parise/Zajac) last night, it’s alright when the Rangers put up 4 to win. Perhaps the missing piece to this team is Parise. He has always been the hardest working player on the ice, and it shows. He just has a “will” about him, its almost like he can “WILL” his team to win. He can’t become a Ranger soon enough.

    Well looks like the Rangers are going to WIN in 7. Why make this series any different than the rest!!!

  73. The Rangers need a shakeup on offense. Boyle, Anisimov, and Stepan have been invisible for a while. It’s too bad that Zuccarello wasn’t healthy…he might add a spark. Dubinsky might help stir things up, too. The Rangers offense has been as inept as I have ever seen it…for the whole playoffs, not just against the Devils.

  74. @AdamRotter@ Tweet: No Supplementary Discipline Hearings For Anything From Last Night


    No one is getting suspended. Not even Gaborik for that elbow to the head.

  75. Ohh it hurts worst of all to lose to the Devils. It’s like the Devil’s staff was sitting around thinking, “all we have is a giant net plug, a few sharpshooters, and a few jackwagons….we won’t get far…and, speaking of the most over-rated player in hockey, how did that flopping walrus get his wife And her sister to lay still underneath him?” That’s when the Aha moment hit. Train the whole squad to cheat! Throw themselves on the ice and lay there until the whistle blows. Screw hockey smarts and skill, it’s too hard!! Grrrrrr. I had to vent! Otherwise,


  76. “It kind of stung me a little bit. I didn’t know what to do,” Brodeur said with a laugh. “It hurt me in my jaw, got me in the chest, his fist went up to my mask. It surprised me more than anything.” “Now at least I know I can take a punch,” Brodeur said.

  77. He’s just ridiculous. I punched my couch harder on the second goal and it didn’t even react.

  78. I really hope that the Devils focus on trying to retaliate against Rupp. That would be great for us.

  79. TheRangersDontWantIt on

    It’s simple. The Devils want it, the Rangers don’t. The Devils were up 2-0 before the Rangers even gained the zone (the one shot they had up to that point was off a defensive turnover.) Men against boys.

    Here’s my 3 scrubs of the game:

    3. Rupp-roh – This guy couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a shovel. He has a ZERO percent chance to score. Suprised he could land a punch, and not have his fist sail 10 feet wide and end up in the netting.

    2. C for Coward Callahan – Nothing worse than a captain who gets all the praise when the team wins and is untouchable when they lose cause he played his minutes. Look at Mess. Then look at Cally. Then look back at Mess. Is this what counts as a leader these days? Mope around for 50 minutes while you’re having your butt handed to you and then in the last 10 minutes muster up some false courage with a bunch of pansy slapping. It’s ok though, they got that meaningless goal, it’s something to build on. Where, oh where has the toughness gone in this game.

    #1 by a longshot. Tort reform – He’s a f’ing disgrace. He can’t get his team to show up, he benches guys and then wonders why they don’t play with confidence, he abandons the forecheck, the pressure, everything that made the Rangers win in the first place. He’s a useless cheerleader, and the worst part is the press and brodads eat it up . “We don’t change our game.” Well maybe you should since for the last 4 games you haven’t even competed? COACH THIS TEAM OR GTFO.

    Free Pass: Del Zaster – he either scores one or gives up one every night. That was the deal, you have to take the good with the bad.

  80. LMAO, Sally! That had to hurt.

    To the “Gaborik must put the puck in the net” crowd, thanks for that info. I’ll be sure to pass it along. He probably thought it was optional.

  81. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – LOVE the top Photo!!! You would think Marty went down for the count!!!

    Are the Rangers allowed to “flush” one game per series? If so that was the one.

    Bright side of Rupper – he was trying to wake his team up. They play better when they have more snarl in them. The Rangers needs to dial up the battle levels, and start outworking the Devils. It was their “style” all year long.

    No reason they can’t dial it up at home, in the Garden, with a house full of BLUESHIRTS!!!

    6 more wins to go!!!


  82. Kovalpuke spears Callahan. Normally, a spear is a 5 minute major and a game misconduct, along with a likely suspension.

    In today’s mondo bizarro NHL, it’s not an offense. Go figure.

  83. *Carp* – I had a question that got missed during the chat yesterday. But it’s a real question.

    When a guy is suspended, say Prust, what are they actually banned from? Did he have to watch the game at home?

  84. Sorry, Manny. I didn’t see that question yesterday. No, I think Prust could have been at the game. He was allowed to practice yesterday. He just couldn’t play.

  85. TheRangersDontWantIt on

    Carp, do you actually have anything to add to the conversation? The truth hurts, don’t it.

  86. rangersdontwantit, kill yourself. who are you, mike milbury in disguise? rangers got beat, along the boards, all over the ice. Why didn’t someone put Parise on his arse before he could jam the puck in the net. In the replay there were three guys standing around him watching! Gotta do better. Rangers in 6.

  87. No need to apologize, Carpster. Thanks. Just wondering about logistics of that stuff.

    Anybody know why the Rangers haven’t allowed a forward to remain higher when backchecking against the devils’ “vicious” forecheck? It seems like their defenseman are getting free shots over and over. Is this just bad strategy by my ametuer-hour-brain?


  88. I love the idea of some goof sitting at his cubicle and typing up his “Rangers don’t want it” rant, as if the real difference in sports every year is 1 team wanting it and 29-31 not wanting it.

    “Dear Marian(ne!), If you put half the amount of effort into scoring goals as I did into my presentation last Thursday, you would have already swept the Devils. Good luck next week, WHEN YOU’RE ON THE GOLF COURSE.”

  89. Rollin Dubious on

    “Mope around for 50 minutes while you?re having your butt handed to you and then in the last 10 minutes muster up some false courage with a bunch of pansy slapping”


  90. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    The Rangers will get a huge lift from the GardenFaithful….
    Henrik will be Great….
    The coaching staff will make some game strategy changes that will benefit the good guys….
    They will play game 5 “the right way”, which they have gotten away from in this series…
    Prusty will score a goal….
    Gabby will score a goal….

    The world will make sense again

  91. “I haven’t seen the standings today. can somebody tell me, isn’t this series still 2-2?”

    Yup. Devils lead the series 2-2, Rangers facing a must win on Wednesday night. If they lose that one, they play Friday night.

  92. Rob in Beantown on

    Oh wow, is game 6 really Friday night? That’s actually great news. I am not at all a fan of the Saturday matinee games.

  93. It’s all house money at this point boys. They still could win and probably will because that is still just what these guys do. They have B%lls as Torts loves to say and they win, and now that they’re angry, they will do that again. But even if they don’t, this has been the best season of Rangers hockey since 1994 and its not even close. What a blast.

  94. CARP,
    It’s 2-2 but it feels like 0-3.

    These clowns are going down in flames.

  95. In better news, thanks to all the good thoughts sent my way on this site, I was able to begin my second chemo treatment (undergoing it as I write this). THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

  96. It began falling in the preseason.

    Even back then, I had a feeling that these no-talents would finish first in the conference and get to the Easter Finals before collapsing like the clowns they are … in pathetic fashion.

    All a tease. This team is a farce if I’ve ever seen one. All this just to lose against our most hated rival. Brodeur will skate in glory come late June while our “team” will be practicing their putting on a municipal course.

  97. All this focus on a good start is beside the point, the fact is that apart from goaltending the evidence through the first 4 games suggests Rangers are playing a team that is quicker, stronger and a bit more talented.

    The boys can still win with their tried and true formula: Hank and the D shut them down and then we get an opportunistic goal. This seems to be the only way, as at very few points during this series have the boys been able to get sustained pressure or good shots on an otherwise very beatable Brodeur.

    That being said they came up with that game 7 against the Caps when they seemed similarly gassed in the 3 previous games. Maybe there’s something more in the tank? We’ll see soon enough.

  98. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    The series is over, right? Tomorrow they are just meeting the Devils to play golf and have a pancake social, right?

  99. Carp: Love the blog, you tell it like it is and don’t hold back, very refreshing, especially in the light of some of these “Ranger fans'” comments. MDZ has had a great year, that’s why his failures seem so BAD… he got the assist on the ONLY Ranger goal last nite, and he had a reason to be off his game since his grandmother passed away. What worries me more overall is the farcical officiating, they weren’t too bad last night, but the no-spearing call on Kovalchuk is mystifying, it met ALL the criteria:
    (a) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on a player who spears or attempts to spear an opponent. (“Spearing” shall mean stabbing an opponent with the point of the stick blade while ithe stick is being carried with one hand or both hands)
    It may also be treated as An Attempt to Injure or Deliberate Injury of Opponents under rule 603.

    Except if you are an “Elite Player” apparently, your move Mr. Shanahan… If it were the other way around (and it wouldn’t, Callahan is not a coward) Callahan would have gotten 10 days easy, and Kovalchuk would have been writhing on the ice for 2 minutes, but would have been ready for the next shift… It’s like the Devils studied Advanced Diving 101, using UEFA as a model…

  100. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I saw this awesome comment on YouTube:

    “Pierre McGuire reminds me if a sperm stayed a sperm all they way to conception and after?”

    I wish I had thought of that.

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    (lets see if this works for effect…)

    ____>>> That Tom

    I’m not sure that initial arrow did “The Tom” justice (142 comments deep)

  102. Rangers better get there early, Doodie, lest BroDina eat all the Pancakes and Syrup.

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Where am I?!

    Is this the Electric Daisy Concert? Sheesh, off the drugs people!!
    Well, just don’t do them here. Thanks.

    Ilb, I shouldn’t even go into my psych clerkship. I come here at 10:15 am :)

  104. And I do agree with the posters who say we’re playing with house money. I wouldn’t have felt that way if we lost against the Caps or Sens but at this point no matter what happens this was a great season and a great ride. The young guys are getting invaluable experience and there will be some changes made in the offseason to upgrade this team’s potential. This team will be built to contend for years to come.

  105. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I’m with you Matteau, although, I think our window is a lot smaller than you think, especially if they don’t sign Parise in the offseason.

  106. It’s never house money when you are playing THE DEVILS. We have to win. Everybody on this blog knows that. If we lose to THE DEVILS then everyone is going to go into an epic tailspin of debauchery and anger.

  107. CARP:

    As far as I know (maybe I am wrong) it is 2-2 and we split in their building. As Far as I know (maybe I am wrong) we still have home ice advantage.

    As far as I know (maybe I am wrong) this pattern is exactly the same as the caps series and we won that one.

    the problem on this blog is that I believe that alot of the idiotic posts that are made are by people claiming to be Rangers fans who are not! Yes, some of the regulars are negative nellies who post with their heart and not their head. Those type of posts I understand and forgive.

    But Asshats like that guy WutWut from last night are hard to take. Clearly a devils, Islander, Senator or Capital fan (maybe even a cryers fan?) who come here to be jackwagons!




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  108. YEV,

    I just KNOW you’re not referring to me as one of those negative nellies, otherwise I’d be up in arms.

    You’re just as cognizant as I am that this team is an amateur-hour disaster and disgrace to the city and it’s fans:)

  109. Marty on the Devils

    “we’re a team that’s put well together” ….excellent English lol

  110. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    i think gabby had a better game than some ppl seem to think. had some good chances, hopefully those go in later in this series. still say this series has 7 games written all over it.

  111. Amen, Pimp. I agree with you agreeing with me.

    We simply *cannot* lose to the Devils. CANNOT.

  112. Doodie I agree they need to add the top forward. If they do their window is 3-5 years. Hank can play at elite level for 3-5 more years, and McD, Staal, and Girardi, can anchor our D at a high level for at least 3-5 years.

    With the top forward- and we’re not talking top 6 or even top 3 but top 1- it will make the core of Kreider, Richards, Gabby, Cally, Stepan, Hagelin, Boyle, Prust, more formidable. And can take some pressure off the need to be built around shot blocking because I just don’t see that as a winning strategy over a period of years.

    If they strike out on Parise or Nash? I hope there’s a plan B!

  113. It’s somewhat satisfying now to read where some folks
    have noticed the phenomenon that has pursued Rangers for ( eons? now…or does it just seem like that?) I refer to the Dump and Chase technique that allows them to dump the puck in ( as opposed to skating hard and carrying in and setting up) a power play or other type of aggresive attack)…that allows them to keep control of the puck instead of having to fight off defenders before they can even think of mounting an attack..and it also wastes precious time).

    This dates back to the Renney years, and many have never gotten over it. Just watch other teams…they’ll dump and chase at times when situation calls for it, but they don’t make it their routine behavior pattern, and as a result generate far more shots of a deadly nature on LQ, then other goaltenders face against them. Think about it…a loose puck shot into the defensive zone, where most of the defenders are already deployed, and Rangers who are then forced to come in a grapple with them just to get control of the puck…it’s not only thoughtless….it,s a way of not getting smoked, and this is a defensive not offensive ploy. I’ve despised and crabbed about the dump and chase ever since the days of Roszival and Jagr, and we all recall how that fared eventually. ( Poor Rozy is STILL sneaking peaks over his shoulder looking for Jagr). Ahh well…if they do it again in the next game, look for it and be not surprised if it falters.

  114. Plan B is to lay down and whimper … much like what will happen tomorrow night.

    Once a Ranger, always a clown.

  115. Joekuh – 6 more…..GBTaMP!

    I agree with you. I thought that Gaborik was a lot more noticeable than he has been. He skated a lot better with the puck, made a few decent passes, etc. I thought Richards was particularly invisible last night, though.

  116. Fran, the dump and chase is particularly ineffective this series because of the way Brodeur handles the puck. He’s been sloppy at times, but more often than not he still acts like a third defenseman. The Rangers are having enough problems with the other two.

    If they want to dump it in, they need to either put it softly into one of the corners, or hard around the glass. I know, easier said than done. But dumping it in around the boards against this team just makes it way too easy for the Devils to break out of their zone.

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    re: our 3-5 year outlook

    Any chance some of our better young players price themselves over our salary cap restrictions over the next few years? I’m not exactly sure how these things work, but with our team consisting of so much skilled homegrown talent it might be a concern

  118. We cannot lose to the Devils? I hate them as much as anyone and want to see the cockiness slapped off their faces but cmon theyre a good team and we should be proud of where we are. Like Torts says we don’t worry about the other team we worry about the New York Rangers. And win or lose, some time will pass, we’ll assess the season, and we’ll all agree on this.

  119. Rob, it is a concern, but not as acute as some may think. BUT, not talking about the offseason until it’s actually is an offseason.

  120. Hey Pimp – as a 4 time cancer survivor best of luck to you and fight the good fight! Kick it’s @$$!!!

    Got em right where we want em!

    One shift at a time.

  121. “Any chance some of our better young players price themselves over our salary cap restrictions over the next few years?”

    Depends. If we add another high priced player, yes, its possible. If we stick with what we have now and fill in types, no. But even if we do add another piece, we have guys that can be moved easily enough to make it work. There won’t be a Chicago disaster here.

  122. What happened to Richards’ shoot first mentality? Why wasn’t that infective to the whole team, namely Hagelin, Gaborik, Mitchell, etc.

  123. My Uncle John called Rupp’s actions toward Brodeur “bush-league”….wonder if he knows Miami?? ;-)

  124. Miami, no link to the quote but it was during interview after game when Pierre interviewed Brodeur….u can probably youtube it

  125. face it folks the devils are a diff animal. there forecheck and style are vastly diff then ottawa and washington. if richy and gabby dont deliver tom night and give us production its wait till next year. i will let you guys be the optimistic ones. i will just hope and pray someone can make a key play at a key time tom night. to be 2-2 right now we should feel fortunate.

  126. Ranger Report Match Game on

    match the ‘fan’ with their statement:

    rupp stinks, having a parade because he gets a shot on goal is not something to celebrate…also john mitchell is not good any way you slice it.

    I hope Artie tells Tortorella to go f**k himself in the off-season and asks his agent to get him out of here

    And yes, his grandmother passed away three days ago so he was was not at his best emotionally. Doesn’t mean that was the reason for his pathetic play tonight and most of the series

    Richards has been at the top of the list as awful. He had so many non-connecting passes today, it was horrifying. I had to ask myself, is this guy a pro? Did he shoot his load last series? The greats keep plowing forward.

    Rangers making Torts look like a horses carcillo tonight. What an embarrassing non-effort.

    Torts and the team have already given up this game. If they don’t respond in Game 5 and win I really don’t think the Rangers can win two in a row…The biggest question I have is Why, oh why, OH WHY does this team continually put forth weak efforts when they have a chance to take a commanding lead?

    Since the Rangers don’t want to show up, Get there butt on the bus now and go home. The Devils are playing with the passion needed to represent the East in the Finals. Disgusting effort this series. To work this hard all season and then play like this will leave a bitter taste in everyones mouth all summer long.

    no doubt biron gets in for 3rd down 5-0. ive come to exepct this from this team so cant say i am surprised just puzzled how they are dominated consistently

  127. PIMP:

    I think we should start referring to you as “Sunshine” for the positive, breezy attitude that your bring. To call you a “negative nellie” would be BUSH LEAGUE on my part.

    Good luck with everything! Sending positive vibes your way…..

  128. After Game 4 against Ottawa, eric said “Anderson on staal we will remember all summer long”.

  129. “And yes, his grandmother passed away three days ago so he was was not at his best emotionally. Doesn’t mean that was the reason for his pathetic play tonight and most of the series”

    Given the season he had, it’s more plausible than just simple hindsight excuse making.

  130. torts and the players can say it all they want about not being tired this team is fatigued. richy may have let out his tank in wash series. richy gabby mac and danny g all played 100 games. im sorry its taken a toll.

    some previous things to think about.

    foligno goal in game 2 in ottawa series late in 3rd neil winner that doesnt happen short series.
    game 4 in wash the no EFFORT could have been shorter.

    not saying dubi will score cause he prob wont but if he is close he needs to play we need fresh legs.

  131. The Rangers tie this thing up yet? relax people. Who do you think you are? Rangers got this! Wait to you see henrik tomorrow. The injustices will be responded to.

  132. number 8 was me. correct doodie.

    to say you are not worried though then u are just fooling yourselves. some people are too optimistic and some people like me are too pessimitsic. thats the nature of the blog.

  133. eric:

    Rangers have done this exact same thing in every series. They get a big win and come out the next night like they’re playing a game of hearts at the local lodge. They’ve yet to maintain a consistent level of intensity from one game to the next throughout the playoffs so they’ll look great one game and crap the bed in the next. I’m sure they’re more tired than they were against Ottawa, but I’m not buying fatigue as an excuse when they’re simply doing what they’ve done for every other game in the postseason.

  134. Wow Ranger Match Game that must have taken you some time and effort. Glad I didn’t make the list.

    Are you that upset by emotional comments from fans that love their team as much as you do? Is it that upsetting to read posts critical of your heroes, even the comments which have some basis in fact?

    Let me ask you and the other optimist thought police- when you boldly predict Ranger supremacy and victory and berate those that have concerns, do you come on the site after a bad loss and admit you were wrong and clueless to have overlooked the flaws which sometimes are rather obvious?

  135. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Your point 13 is the reason I can’t do game thread comments lately.
    I gotta listen to people bitch all day at work…
    Can’t deal with NN bs during a game
    It is after only a game…

  136. It also has something to do with the opposing team, Lloyd…As the Rangers do, they come out with a much better effort next game after loss. This is playoffs, the best teams are still standing. It’s amazing how we disregard that NY isn’t playing Nicaraguan early evening, over 65 pick up teams, as Miami would say.

  137. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    eric, the lack of capital letters was my hint

  138. Game 5 vs Washington we tied it with 6 seconds left because Joel Ward is an idiot…that game could of cost us the series…Lets hope we can at least tie it up with 10 seconds left this time.

  139. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp May 22nd, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    eric, the lack of capital letters was my hint



  140. Rob in Beantown on

    If the Rangers score 4 goals in a game the rest of the season I will eat my hat

  141. too annoying for capital letters and correct grammar. i just write out of frustration.

  142. The Devils have done a good job of taking away the walls in their own end. It’s a nightmare for us. Either stronger to the net or SHOOT

    They have three forwards behind the blue line on the forecheck. We have to find a way to get a forward up high and create some turnovers. Their Defense is given carte blanche to set up and fire away.

  143. Actually, The Devils have become a scary cross-breed of the Capitals and Senators in my mind.

  144. All this talk about how the Devils are so different blah blah blah. We threw up a couple of stinkers against (pronounced ae-gane st) both the sens and caps – and now we find ourselves in the similar situation as before….series tied and we control home ice…..don’t give up the damn ship…..

  145. Thanks, ANF!

    I’m home now, back from the treatment session and ready to give you my best insights as to how (not if) these clowns will lose tomorrow night.

    All I can tell you right now is that it will be in embarassing fashion.

  146. Good news, Miami, get some rest. But do not hold back on the embarrassing fashion details.

  147. Hey Miami – hope your immune system is as bush-league and amateur-hour as these clowns we call the Rangers.

  148. czechthemout!!!! on

    As dejected as many including myself were after last night. It should be noted that the number one objective the team had was to win at least one game in NJ. They did that. Many of us wanted to or were hoping for more but at this point in the season, this team is what it is. If they go on and win the series it will be a seven game scratch and crawl to get the win. It will be the same should they advance to the finals against L.A.

    As for this being a lot further than many of us expected, that’s true. But that was before the season and the fact of the matter is that they are the number 1 seed. They are not playing Pittsburgh or Boston. They are playing a team that I believe is a level below us. We have the better goalie. We have by far a better defense. And our top five forwards are just as good or nearly as good as the Devils. When looked at in totality, we are the better team.

    There is clearly other issues that are impacting “how we play”. I don’t know what those issues are. It maybe fatigue. I maybe a lack of confidence with the puck. It maybe all those things. I just hope they can snap out of it. They have not played a good game since game seven against the Caps. Maybe they are due. I sure hope so. Because despite what is now in my opinion a successful season, you never know when or if you will get this far the next time. Injuries happen. Sometimes the mix of players isn’t right. You have have to seize this moment and beat this Devils team that they are better than.

  149. These clowns really do need to step it up. What the HECK were they doing out there last night.





    “Because despite what is now in my opinion a successful season, you never know when or if you will get this far the next time. Injuries happen. Sometimes the mix of players isn’t right. You have have to seize this moment and beat this Devils team that they are better than.”

    GREAT POINT. This is precisely my thinking (and others should be thinking the same way). Even if we are a better team next year, so many random things can happen (like you mentioned, injuries, fluky goals, etc) that there’s a realllllly good chance we don’t make it this far again. And we also know this from Rangers history that this franchise doesn’t often get this type of opportunity.

    So the time for the clowns to seize the moment is NOW.

    And for god’s sakes, this Devils team is so average. It’ll be a lost opportunity to lose to them. And the Kings? They are due for a bad series. STEP ON THE GAS, RANGERS.

  151. I’m going to take the hit for the way the Rangers have played. After Game 1, I have not been able to fully dedicate my time to watching the games with my Graves’ jersey and beer.

    I have also not had time to post “Win one for the Boyler!” on the appropriate gameday entries, and this has obviously had a negative on the team’s psyche.

    Alas, I was moving into a new house and things have been chaotic. They still are, but the team needs me. Heck, I need them.

  152. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    “And our top five forwards are just as good or nearly as good as the Devils. ”

    You had me until there. Their top five forwards are much, much better than ours. By the same amount that our defense and goaltender are superior to theirs.

  153. of course you never know when you will get back here. That’s sports. But that doesn’t change anything either team has done, can do, or will do in this series. That’s all platitudes.

    do you think if you walked into either room and said, “This is your only shot” they’d change a single thing?

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Cry me a river , BOOHOO, we lost and we stunk up the place , like the Rangers world has come to an end. Fan on this BLOG are passionate and they just want to play a decent game. Last night we didn’t and it showed. We lost and now come back to MSG to deliver a real game. I have full faith that our boys will get it done. So Peeps , stop whinning and whimpering about one stinking loss as bad as it was. We are the top seed and we are great. Not every night , how can anyone? LA KINGS lost there 2nd game of the playoffs recently by playing bloody well awful. Not every team , every game wins beutifully and sometimes great team loss down right ugly. NOw what make the good team great ,,,,? They come out next game and KICK SUM DEVIL AZZZZ!!!!

    Rangers in 6 , lets get ‘er done!!!!

  155. Good afternoon, Sally!

    There no way there should have been a suspension for anything that happened last night.

    where did our friend Rangersdon’twantit go? I rather enjoyed his skewed analysis.

  156. Personally, not that you guys care or should care, ive been most disappointed these playoffs with the play of Stepan.

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Good question Fat guy!!!




  158. “I took offense at what happened on the ice, and that was my outlet, right or wrong. ” – Peter TheBore

  159. we go as far as richy gabby and cally take us. hank alone will not be enough over these next 3 games.

  160. Rollin Dubious on

    “do you think if you walked into either room and said, ?This is your only shot? they?d change a single thing?”

    If i walked into the Rangers locker room i’d get all giddy and ask them to sign my NYR dolls…

  161. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    best of luck

    keep on keeping on (or pants off)!!

    great review! Thanks!

  162. It is not like heat become more intense, the closer we are to SC Finals, which keep me out of the kitchen, rather unbearable amount of cockroaches which came out from the all slots and holes, with their irrelevant but stinky sounds.

  163. “The Rangers won 51 games, won the East, reached the Eastern Conference final, are two wins from the Cup finals and six wins from the Stanley Cup, despite having only five or six players who are any good at all, and a goalie, and a dolt for a coach. Now I get it.”

    Bout time you got it, Carp. But make that a ‘sometimes dolt’ for a coach.

    They wouldn’t be in the semis without Torts, but he still loves to sabotage his own team at critical moments. Like when he benched Kreider, now clearly his best & most consistent offensive performer. Or last year, when he voted to demote Zuc and make Matt Gilroy a forward! Or should he keep Zuccarello in the press box for Game 5 while his team gets one decent scoring chance every period and a half.

    Because we must grind grind grind, even when we can’t.

    You might remember I was villified here for daring to suggest this team had little to no offense, called all sorts of names. Guess I’m still crazy.

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