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Rangers practice at 1:45. Until then, here’s the transcript of Peter DeBoer’s presser this morning.

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An Interview with:

Q.  Is this rivalry more heated than you imagined it to be?
COACH DeBOER:  No, I think it’s exactly what I had heard it was and what I anticipated it would be.

Q.  Can you take a stab at kind of describing why your team is able to lose a game and then come back and win the next one, is it leadership, confidence, the right players?  How would you describe it?
COACH DeBOER:  I think all those things.  I think that we’ve got a group here, a nice blend of experience, guys who have been there before and won, and youth, guys that are trying to get there for the first time.  And I think we’ve got a group that believes in the system and what we’re doing.  And we have a very clear picture of what works for us.  And when we lose, it’s usually because we step outside of that box.
And when we win it’s because we don’t.  And I think we easily track ourselves back and regroup to where we need to be.

Q.  Did you feel the need to defend yourself or your players last night?
COACH DeBOER:  I think emotion takes over.  Again I don’t know the word “defend”, but took offense at what happened on the ice, and that was my outlet, right or wrong.

Q.  How would you describe the state of the series now?  Obviously it’s 2-2, how would you describe the momentum or the state of it?
COACH DeBOER:  Again, I think the one thing we’ve learned with these Playoffs is momentum hasn’t played a role, I don’t think, in either team’s series, when you look back over the three rounds.
So we just want to keep doing what we’re doing.  We feel that if we stick to our game plan, that whether we play on the road or at home, that good things will happen.

Q.  Yesterday Martin Brodeur said it’s important for the young guys and the newcomers to learn to hate the New York Rangers because this is a really special rivalry.  As a newcomer with that team, do you feel like that you’re learning as well to hate that team?
COACH DeBOER:  Again, I don’t want to use words like “hate”.  The rivalry is what I expected it to be.  I’d heard about it.  And it’s lived up to its billing.
I think the most important thing for us is the young guys learning to manage their emotions against a rival like the Rangers, and I think we’ve done a very good job of that.

Q.  On Sunday, after practice, you said we have to do some adjustments because we were shut out.  This morning, when you come to the office, you have a complete other mindset.  Are you thinking about what they are going to do or thinking about what you need to make sure that you will be able to do tomorrow night to get that first goal and get something going offensively?
COACH DeBOER:  For us, it’s about our game.  And there’s always things we can improve at our game.  The process we go through is we watch the game and we’ll sit down with our players and fix some of the things that we think we can do better.
So you never play a perfect game.  We did a lot of good things.  But we know that this level — this series is going to go to another level and as a group we have to be better.

Q.  As you say in English, if it ain’t broken, you don’t fix it.  So can we assume that you will have the same lineup tomorrow night?
COACH DeBOER:  You know what I wouldn’t assume anything right now.

Q.  Can you compare this rivalry with a rival you had when you were in Kitchener?
COACH DeBOER:  I mean, sure.  I mean, every league you coach in there’s rivalries like that.  We had rivalries with Guelph where my Assistant Coach Dave Barr coached and Dale Hunter coached half an hour up the road from where we were.
So the type of emotion that’s involved is the same.  The only difference is you’ve got ten million people here.

Q.  I think a lot of people coming into this series would have given the edge on defensemen to the Rangers but it’s been close.  I’m curious what about your defense play have you liked, and do you think they’re getting better as the postseason has gone along?
COACH DeBOER:  I think our defense has gotten better all year long.  They’re a group that’s gone about their business.  They don’t get a lot of press.  They don’t take a lot of bows.  They just get the job done.
And I think they defend and contribute offensively by committee, and they’re doing what they’ve done all year.  Just nobody really noticed.

Q.  Is there any way you can describe the impact on Zach Parise and how big he is for the New Jersey Devils?
COACH DeBOER:  I’ve said all year he’s the heartbeat of our team.  And I can’t describe it any better than that.

Q.  Do you think that some of your players had to convince themselves that they can score against Lundqvist?
COACH DeBOER:  I think we felt we could score.  I know we scored during the season against him.  He’s a very good goalie.  And they defend very well.  We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I don’t think there was any point where we didn’t feel we could score.

Q.  Do you think any of the stuff that happened yesterday, the non-hockey stuff, will that all disappear as this series goes on, or there will be more of that?
COACH DeBOER:  You know what, I don’t anticipate any more of that.  I think the stakes are too high going forward here for any of that stuff to show up.  But you never know.
Q.  I know you remind your team all the time but does there have to be another reminder of the importance of staying disciplined as stuff like that happens?
COACH DeBOER:  Yeah, that’s a daily reminder for us.

Q.  Can you just talk a little bit about the mental toughness of the team bouncing back from two shutouts, and then coming back and winning each game, what does that say about the mental makeup of your team?
COACH DeBOER:  Our group has been confident in our game from day one.  Even through the shutouts.  We felt we played well.  We’ve created chances, and that we just had to stick with it.  So I think because of the way we were shut out, I felt our confidence never wavered.

Q.  What do you think of the mental makeup of the other team?
COACH DeBOER:  That’s not for me to comment on.  That’s your next press conference.

Q.  Have you ever seen anything like what’s going on with Bryce Salvador, as far as a guy who is not known for offensive production all of a sudden is getting points like this and he does all those other things so well, but he’s not known for offense and all of a sudden he’s got ten points in the Playoffs as a defenseman?
COACH DeBOER:  I think there’s someone like that every year in the NHL Playoffs, whether it’s a forward that gets hot or a defenseman that comes out of nowhere or a goaltender that shows up that no one’s heard of.  I think that’s the beauty of the NHL Playoffs.  And Bryce has been outstanding.

Q.  Would the extracurriculars would you have guessed would have occurred if it was not, if the game was still tied, if it was not three nothing?

Q.  Is that a danger in this league that a team may get free shots?
COACH DeBOER:  That teams what?

Q.  May get free shots.
COACH DeBOER:  I don’t know.  I’m not here to fix the league.  If you would have asked me if it would have happened if the score was closer, no, it wouldn’t have.

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  1. That press conference was awful….Torts would of summed that up in 3 words…”Go “F” Yourself.”

  2. Torts’ press conferences are so much better.

    This DeBore guy is a clown. You can tell during games he’s the ultimate clown. Torts needs to put him in his place.

  3. Rangers need to focus a lot less on causing distractions and a lot more on not getting their asses whupped. They’re a good team, but Hank’s stellar efforts aside, they’ve lost all these games in actual play.

    Time to get stiff, and maybe a little more creative. I know this team has a tried and true “system,” but perhaps adjusting a little to an opposition that is dominating you isn’t the worst idea.

  4. next game there’ll be SIX synchronized fights when the puck drops – Torts and DeBoer are gonna dance the electric slide out at Center Ice also!

  5. I heard the strobe lights for the electric slide are going to be in orange and black to represent Flyers colors.

  6. Carp is a fan of *no momentum* , Pimp. He is therefore a fan of whoever supports his position.

  7. LMAO at the troll in the prior thread!

    And, yes, I’ll admit that Avery is missed in a game like last night. Would we be here if he played all season? Probably not.

  8. I have tix to Friday night – I have mixed feelings – Great seats from what I hear. A gift from someone – I’m taking an FBI agent and a Cryers fan – My question to you all – do I sell the tix if I get a good offer? The Cryer Fan will be wearing his USA sweater. I told him he can’t go if he doesnt wear at least something blue.

  9. And, after last night, I covet Zach Parise even more. Wow, what a player…easily the best player in the game…

  10. 4 Games = 240 Minutes.

    The Rangers have won maybe 40 minutes of those 240. Thus, they have been dominated for about 200 minutes.

    Thus, I agree with Chris F. They might want to make some adjustments. Like the ones I keep screaming about. Keep a forward high and stop sending all 5 players down low to backcheck. Send less men into the corners and force turnovers! Get odd-man rushes. Take THEIR game away from them

    And another oldie but goodie…if the Devils have taken the walls away in your zone you need to make quicker, shorter passes and get our of your zone with some speed on your side.

  11. Tell that Cryer to wear blue AND to swallow his pride every time the Rangers score on the team that they couldn’t even compete against.

  12. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    I was BANJing

    Afternoon ILB and all!!

    best of luck

    keep on keeping on (or pants off)!!

    great review! Thanks!

  13. Pimp – The Cryers couldn’t compete against EITHER team that this fan will be watching.

  14. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    I loved it when bernier charged rupp after the “superman punch” to fatso and rupp sent him flying!!!

  15. nyrfan- hed probably have taken kreiders spot and wouldnt have done anything but piss off everyone including his own team. hes still over there twttering though. he’ll always be here. i do miss him though. funny as hell

  16. miami- we havent looked like worldbeaters against them either. just picture space monkey in net for us. we’d be done already

  17. I admit it. My real name is Tom Gulitti.

    Sammy, no he wouldn’t. and we don’t talk like that here.

  18. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Q. How would you describe the state of the series now? Obviously it’s 2-2, how would you describe the momentum or the state of it?
    COACH DeBOER: Again, I think the one thing we’ve learned with these Playoffs is momentum hasn’t played a role, I don’t think, in either team’s series, when you look back over the three rounds

    Carp: If the player’s name happen to be Momentum….and he scores or posts a shutout….then can we say Momentum played a role ?

  19. Though I do openly and completely agree that there is gigantic momentum during games. The momentum that doesn’t exist is from one game to the next. and these playoffs have been exhibit A.

  20. Shutout Win. Loss. Shutout Win. Loss……….

    (that’s my Proof for the *No* Momentum argument)

  21. i think whatever momentum u can create between games is long gone at this point in the year and everyones working on adrenaline. but, yes, teams build momentum through the season dont they carp? confidence and then winning streaks maybe? whatever u wanna call it

  22. ilb, Stanley is letting me rub her belly today and play with her. I feel like a billion bucks!! Next mission, Leo!!!

  23. We actually could really use the ^Hobbit Wizards^ ability to pass. It might help us break out of this Full-Court-Press-Forecheck the Devils are implementing so effectively against us.

  24. the only thing u can say about that manny is momentum is a fleeting thing, and should be treated like an ex gf with gonnorhea

  25. If everyone is coming back healthy, here’s my lines …

    Gaborik – Richards – Hagelin

    Callahan – Boyle – Dubinsky

    Anisimov – Stepan – Kreider

    Prust – Messier – Matteau

  26. Dore33: REAL practice w/ Contact

    @stevezipay@ -Mats Zuccarello- ^Hobbit Wizard^ and Brandon Dubinsky on ice for full practice w/ NYR

  27. Kreider should be playing above Hags, who can’t convert to save his life. I like Hags and his speed, but he needs more muscle, or aim, or something.

  28. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Why wouldn’t anyone want Parise on the Rangers, if for nothing else than to get him off the Devils.

  29. now, a hockey joke:

    A guy sees an empty seat at the Stanley Cup finals. He asks the guy seated next to it why, and he says, “It was my wife’s, but she died.”
    The guy asks, “Couldn’t you have invited a friend?”
    The other guy says, “They’re all at the funeral.”

  30. Per Djoos, too much money, when we already have x $ of salary cap allocated to Rich, Henrik, Gaborik.

  31. on Rupp, 2 things:

    1) i think brodeur is still flopping around the ice after that shove (which, btw, was less severe than anything his ex-wife, current sister-in-law gave him on his wedding day to his former sister-in-law current wife)

    2) i can’t believe NO ONE is talking about Rupp in King Kong-like fashion tossed off the devils player who jumped on him like some attacking monkey going after the last banana!!!!!
    please tell me someone creates a gif for that!!

  32. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I ate at Dinosaur BBQ last night right next to the pebble. Amazing food. I highly reccomend it

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “do you think if you walked into either room and said, ?This is your only shot? they?d change a single thing?”

    If i walked into the Rangers locker room i’d get all giddy and ask them to sign my NYR dolls…

    If i walked into the Rangers locker room i would just make sure that *I DON’T STEP ON THE EMBLEM* … I have about 5 inches, 35lbs, and 15-20 years on Torts, but that is not the type of graying beard that I want to be in the alley scrumming with.

  34. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    If the Debbies win 2 if the next 3 games, will anyone care?

  35. Carp

    I think you’re starting to sway us with your view on momentum. Could it be your argument is building momentum? If so, will it carry over to tomorrow?

  36. Brendan Shanahan on

    The stick to the stomach of Ryan Callahan was just that. It was not a spear. Since Mr. Kovalchuk is not a repeat offender, there is no justification to believe he would do something like that.

    There was:
    1. No injury — Mr. Callahan got up and was not lying on the ice for minutes
    2. No repeat offender
    3. He did not leave his feet. Actually he was lying on the ice when he used his stick
    4. No phone call from Lou Lamoriello.

    This is the official explanation from the NHL. Thank you.

  37. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I think there is momentum during games, but not so much between games. How many times these playoffs have the rangers won a big game – like triple overtime – or goals with 7.6 seconds left, only to have the opposing team regroup and win the next game.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How much momentum is gained by the team when Jeff Woywitka refills the gatorade bottles with cold fruit punch flavor as opposed to “room temperature” when it’s been sitting on the bench at 10′ C?

  39. czechthemout!!!! on

    According to SNY, it doesn’t sound like practice is going very well. Apparently, Torts kicked the team off of the ice. Just practice but, no good. Also, game one of the finals starts Wed of next week with game two the following Saturday. So if they can take this series, they will get a good rest and should be fresh enough next series. It is so close guys. Come on, let’s beat these clowns from Jersey.

  40. Matty"WinWednesday"Boy on

    You know, folks, we are tied, 2-2. I know it’s disappointing because we would have thought after game 1 that we would win the series in a sweep or 5 games, but GETTING REAL, 2-2 is pretty good.

    I don’t think the boys are tired. Beat up, yes. Tired, no. They just need their backs to the wall. That is now the case. Tomorrow we will see a different team.

    First goal is so important for a team void of offense. We must score first. A two goal lead changes everything.

    Let us not forget, Hags almost scored. He did clang the post. If that went in, the game changes big time.

    We need to pressure Fatty. We can do that. I know we can. We have the best goalie in hockey. They have a flopping blob.

  41. “i can’t believe NO ONE is talking about Rupp in King Kong-like fashion tossed off the devils player who jumped on him like some attacking monkey going after the last banana!!!!!”

    Bernier and that was about the only time I smiled during the game.

  42. I think that the Rangers play better vs the Debbies when there is some hate and emotion lifting them. That is why Rupp did the right thing for the next game, and that is also why they were successful when Avery played the Debbies, he provided the antics to get the teams fired up and you need that vs the devils because their m.o. is to put teams to sleep with their trapping.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How much does this team miss the clutchness of Chris Drury?!

    Carp, did you know that he won the LLWS for Trumble, CT? Learn something everyday.

    Yes, you’re quite right about me checking in more and watching games now :)
    I’m glad that subtlety didn’t go unnoticed.

  44. Matty"WinWednesday"Boy on

    True Fan, I do not miss Drury in any way. He sucked and was a waste of money. Period.

  45. The rangers are going to play angry tomorrow. The rangers are going to win tomorrow.

  46. duckBill PLatypus on

    Mannye, i do believe there is a touch of Jonathan Swift to True Flans Bleeds R&W Cola post.

  47. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Larry Brooks says Brad Richards is Chrisr Drury, but only from Tampa.

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    As Drury might say, I said that puck-in-crest or to the layman tongue-in-cheek fellas

  49. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Rupp dd the right thing. He tried to fire up his team. If the Rangers didn’t take all those penalties in the third period, they might’ve gotten something done last night.

    Torts kicked those guys off the ice! Ahahhhhhhhh!!! That is awesome. They deserve it. They’re mentally tired and a little beaten up, after playing 18 playoff games, so you know what? Give em a little tough love, and break whatever mental rut the team is in right now. Good for Torts.

  50. the finals will be a Wed-Sat-Mon-Wed-Sat-Mon-Wed

    from May 30 to June 13

    all games at 8 p.m.

    games 3 and 4 on nbcversus, all others on NBC

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