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Three quick notes:

• The Rangers fell to 0-7 when presented with a chance to earn a two-game series lead.

• The Rangers failed in their bid to set a new NHL record. They entered the game having tied the previous mark of allowing no more than three goals in their first 17 games to begin a postseason.

• When asked about the team’s slow starts this series, Henrik Lundqvist said the following:

“I don’t know. Ask the coach. I’m just the goalie.”

Henrik Lundqvist:
[audio: lundqvist.MP3]

Derek Stepan:
[audio: stepan.MP3]

Marc Staal, part 1:
[audio: staal1.MP3]

Marc Staal, part 2:
[audio: staal2.MP3]

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  1. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I’m still angry. What a horrible game.

    But not unexpected.

  2. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers win odd games for the most part – I will take 5 and 7 and bring on the kings.

  3. TGfireandice Kovalchuk said was not concerned about any possible supplemental discipline for his *apparent spear* of Callahan

    What a tool. This hack disgraces my local newspaper.

  4. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    *BIG* disappointment – we knew that the NJDs would not easily get put into a 3-1 game deficit, but for God’s sake, where was our compete level in that first period!? That was just a horrible display of “will” tonight, especially early in the game.

  5. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Latona – and we have to have his tweets here on our blog – I guess we’re just destined to have to live alongside of our enemies. Devils, Islanders, whoever – we can’t have our own blog site, our own TV coverage and radio personnel…

  6. I really wish MSG would eliminate all these interlopers, Jimbo, but money talks..

    Wait, aren’t we supposed to root for our rivals?

  7. Boston Bonehead on

    Awful game all around. Time to re group and get it together for game 5 back in the real MSG. However, gotta love the fire and ice guy throwing the word “apparent”in front of spear on the widget there. Clearly he wasn’t watching the same clip NBC showed…

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    They embarrassed themselves tonight.

    Totally unprepared for something they new was coming at them. Four straight games without a any adjustment from the coaching staff. Just unacceptable. How can you come out for yet another game without any passion?

    MdZ was awfull! And yes, his grandmother passed away three days ago so he was was not at his best emotionally. Doesn’t mean that was the reason for his pathetic play tonight and most of the series. If he wasn’t emotionally ready to play tonight, he should have been scratched and everyone would understand why.

    Rupp took a shot on goal. Big deal! Have a parade like Stuart said. For the first time since the playoffs started, I am starting to have doubts whether they can win this series. This is based solely on their play,and the inability for the coaching staff to make any adjustments to the Devils.

    I don’t like Hanks comment. No reason to say it publicly to a reporter. But I get his frustration. He has kept them in this series and every now and then, needs some help from the rest of the team.
    Way too many passengers this series so far.

    Every game this series it’s the same old story. Hank,Kreider,McD, and Girard, and Staal carrying the team. Not nearly acceptable and certainly not enough.

  9. boyle has been horrible since he has come back. i do not want to hear nay health excuses else do not dress him.

    he has been horrible, end the story.

    bottom of the roster has done nothing at all… stepan and hagelin zero goals….hagelin has looked good at atimes but you have to score on occassion.

    the rangers will win the series but there inability to close things out and score conssistently is troubling. they are going to have to win the series by out defending them and the king..

    dubi will help he cannot score like half the time but he is a much better player then mitchell or rupp etc………

  10. the rangers 4th line plays in slow motion so does, emminger, boyle, and bickell. this guys are skating in quick sand….

    the lines should be ; gabby, richards, hagelin.
    cally, stepan, and kredier.

    dubi, AA, and boyle

    prust, feds, and whoever.

    torts needs to adjust during the game and play whomever is strong on the puck, active, and aggressive on shots…….

    sit mitchell, rupp, boyle, or feds. 2 of these 4 need to sit…..end the friggin story….

  11. This team is pathetic. They tease you with a run to the semis and then … comes this collapse against their most-hated rival.

    It’s unacceptable and will hopefully lead to Torts being fired.

    I’d also trade half the clowns who only show up when it doesn’t count. Send these no-talents to the AHL.

  12. Miami, are you referring to the clowns on this blog who jump ship and trash everybody and embarrass themselves whenever something goes wrong? Then come back after the next win like it never happened?

    *new post.*

  13. If Avery was in the lineup, we’d have won this already.

    Should have kept him just in case we played the Devils.

    No, I’m not kidding.

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