It’s Go Time!


Rangers-Devils Game 4.

The Rangers enter the seventh game in these playoffs in which they’ve had a chance to go up by two games in a series … and they have yet to accomplish that.

Brandon Prust will serve his one-game suspension for elbowing Anton Volchenkov to death (he didn’t actually die) in Game 3. Defenseman Stu Bickel is expected to be subbed into the lineup on the wing, though John Tortorella would not confirm that change. Brandon Dubinsky declared himself not ready to return after the morning skate.

Here’s my thought: The Rangers seem to respond to adversity, and they might be able to use the Prust suspension to their advantage. But, honestly, I don’t think they need more incentive. What they need to do is execute better against the Devils’ early surge.

The Devils make a lineup change after being shut out twice in three games by Henrik Lundqvist. Jacob Josefson replaced Petr Sykora.

Let’s Go Tony!

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  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets gog ogg gog og ogogog gogog!!!!!!


    6 more wins to the CUP!!!!!


    Hey , Devils , stop floppin all over the ice you CLOWNS!!!!


  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets GO!!!!

    Lets do this!!!!


  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    LETS GO!!!

    LETS GOOO!!!


    You bet Carp!!!!!!

    Evening Mickey!!!!!


  5. Can somebody please explain to me what Torts means about “illegal picks” on face offs? TY.

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Devils are in our way…GET OUTTA THE WAY you dam Devils!!! It is our time to win EVERYTHING.


  7. Marj . . . . . when a player skates in front of another meaning to block them from playing the puck/ the man they should be covering . . . it is common in basketball and known as interference 2:00 minutes in hockey. . . unless you are in this playoff series and wear red and white jerseys

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Marji , When they are in our zone and the puck makes it to the point , Our defenders can’t get to the lanes because these MORONS from NJ are blocking us and causing interference so we can’t get to the lane that they are shooting , We try to block the shot but the devils are using interference ( picks) to stop us from getting there. Cheating!!!!

  9. Marji, No we can explain this late in the yr. Come back next preseason. No time

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LW3h , gogogogogogogogogaga!!!!

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  11. duckbill platypus on



    MickeyM-Greg ZzzZZ-LW3h

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  12. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “this is virtuality a mandated game for the devils. I expect them to ambulate their game

  13. ducky!!!!!!!

    LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!


    So close, yet so far!!!!!!!!

    We move one step closer tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GIVE MY HEART A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TONY is watching on plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 more wins til immortality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Did NBC just insinuate that there were doubts earlier this year that Hank is Rangers top goalie??

  15. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on


    MickeyM-Greg ZzzZZ-LW3h

    that is all!™

    A *lot* of us have been Prucha’d! :-(

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Right on Im centering the 4th line SWEEET!!!










  17. duckbill platypus on

    HAHAH JIMBO, those are starting lineups….everyone on the bench, and this is HOCKEY!! EVERYONE PLAYS!! ANDATE AL DIAVOLOS A FRANCULO!!!!

  18. Before you hear it 10 times from Emrick, #24 is now a father and the captain. LGR and go Cally.
    Im still not sure how official these rankings are on #1 & world’s greatest dad though.

  19. Theres no turning back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just one life to live, no time to waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Do the Devils realize whats really going on here…there are merely stepping stones.

  21. duckbill platypus on

    MICKEYM, this is an Eli Whitney team…interchangeable parts!!!! Without one part the system doesn’t work!!!! ALL men/women are created equal, ‘cept some are more equal than others!!! -George ‘Clooney’ Orwellian.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  23. as carp would say fully expecting this to be 2-2 heading home.

    surprise me boys do the unthinkable and win two in a row. it can happen. lets go

  24. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – ” the rangers have been calebratedly in their shot blocking”

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs , Isn’t it a rush!!!!???

    Hank is ELITE now , and winning it all will be his seal of approval , his STAMP , we will all become CHAMPS!!!!

  26. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on




  28. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Eric old buddy, Carp did *not* say that this time – and I hope that is significant!!

  29. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “torts should not hesitate to juggulate his lines for more scoring”

  30. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Brodiva with the fat trick!? He’s been having those for years now!

  31. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good evening all! LET’S WIN TONIGHT!!!!

    Greg, why so subdued man?

  32. EVERYONE, TUNE IN NOW … MCNUGGET is about to come on and give us his excellent pre-game analysis:

    “If Lundqvist plays well and the Rangers score some goals, they’ll take this one”

  33. Brodeur’s only hat trick is the one where he manages to smuggle 15 double chocolate muffins under his baseball cap when he’s backing up Hedberg.

  34. my bad jimbo

    as orr would say time for butt chin to show up and score. we will need him too to finish this devil team off

  35. Bizarro Eric on

    Hey, guys! eating some seaweed sushi whilst laying on my yoga mat doing a quick tibetan monk chant. Feel like this game will be ours, and may even get to that extension to the family room during intermission that we have been thinking about. May also play a powerball ticket as I am feeling exceptionally lucky and positive tonight!! I am a conduit of positivity!! OMG!! like OMG!!!

  36. good omen

    we are 2-0 in playoffs when dan o rourke and chris rooney work together. game 3 in wash triple ot and game 7 wash

  37. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>a broduer hat trick? does his wife have another sister he can sleep with?


  38. High Desert Roberto on

    enjoy the game good people..should be a good one. putting the debbies on the brink

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS gametime is…..NOW!!!!

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  41. >>Before you hear it 10 times from Emrick, #24 is now a father…

    Which means he hasn’t slept in days. He’ll be sleep skating.

  42. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    C’mon, Gabby – do your thing – make like you’re playing the Fishsticks!

  43. While NBC is showing you Elias getting his shield wiped, Callahan and Clarkson were screaming at each other.

  44. Change the fuggin icing rule to the college/jr rule-it would speed up the game

  45. Need to keep the puck away from FATSO! He can still handle that puck.. for a fat load..

  46. idiotic the no touch icing. if the offensive player beats the dman to the puck it is no icing and a scoring opp. why would anyone want to get rid of that?

    the euro pansies can keep it.

  47. Leetchhalloffame on

    Here we effin go again. This team just won’t make things easy. Also, how aboot somebody smacking Clarkson away from the front, just one time.

  48. iDoodie Machetto, get well tony on

    That goal was as soft as the pastries brodeur ate before the game

  49. Once again, a game isn’t starting the way the Blueshirts wanted. Hopefully it ends differently.

  50. Rangers don’t look awful
    but we’re not doing enough in the devs zone

    i liked skating puck in more than
    shooting it in
    see they abandoned it for now.
    hope they go back to it….soon

  51. game over this team cant play from behind. no shots 11 min in only way we survive thi series hank steals 2 more

  52. Are they kidding with that Coors Light Prometheus tie-in? That seems like an SNL skit.

  53. This no wit moron Emrick said the Henrik chant was for either their loser named Henrique or a mock chant. Hey, loser piece of carcillo Emrick, those were our fans you dirty sack of carcillo. Criminals like you oughtta be dead!!!

  54. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    LaGreca sounding hopeful on the radio feed – he’s a Devs fan, after all….

  55. Pierre should just ask the coaches “So what do you want to say to the cameras?” because they sure as hell don’t even try to answer his questions.

    Come on, Hags, finish.

  56. jeeeeeeeeeeebus freeeeeeeeeeeeeekin crimes!!!!
    how do you deal with a on 2 on 1 that freeeeeeeeeeeekin

    is Renney back in town with the sliding carcillo?

  57. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    This really sucks – why, why, why the inability to ever come out strong??

  58. Wow, this is ugly.. What the heck is up with this team. Why can’t they put back to back good games together????

  59. and that’s why McD being out hurts the rangers. more Del z=bad mistake on that one.

  60. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Jimbo, he really meant to say Aristophanes ….

    I’m as lost as our boys seem to be tonight, Mama…I’ve no idea…

  61. Sadly, this is how all the games have looked. Only difference is Hank hasn’t been able to bail ’em out here.

  62. rangers look like theyre just dead to start no energy. outplayed . every single game so far. are we that tired or just devils this good?

  63. The team has NOT played good this series, but Devils have blown some leads in these playoffs. Stick with it boys.

  64. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Torts is gonna be a proctologist between periods – gonna be ripping a lot of new ones..

  65. guys lets face it this is who we are. we have occasionally good periods and for the mot part we are dominated. hank could only take us so far. this is now 7 of 10 per we were outclassed.

  66. Wow…the Rangers should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve come out tonight…but they came out just as bad in Game 3…and just as bad in Game 2…

    Is there something wrong with them that the just have no idea how to start a game? This is ridiculous. Sorry…Aristophanies!!!

    Depending on Hank to save your ass every time isn’t strategy

  67. iDoodie Machetto, get well tony on

    I think they are jet lagged from the flight from laguardia

  68. Just so I have this straight, did Doc say in the pregame that it was Mitchell’s fifth year in the organization? Fuzzy math.

  69. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Farking great – no Prust to help on the kill…..not looking good tonight at all..

  70. Thoughtless play by Boyler. If they go down 3-0, Torts should put in Biron. Scare this team out of its stupor.

  71. no Prusty, Boyle in the box. Man, would Dubinsky being back be huge for this team on the PK

  72. Could these announcers sound any more gleeful when they say “2-0 Devils”?

  73. They sure seem able to be motivated to play in the third – why never the first!

  74. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Still plenty of hockey left all…..get back inside and close the window

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Someone send word to the Rangers locker room that the game has started.

  76. “We have to match their desperation tonight”

    This entire playoffs, whenever the Rangers say that they follow up with a weak effort worthy of a mid-December game.

    So disappointing. Only thing in our favor is it’s still early.

  77. This team is DONE!!! They have no right being 2-2 after 4 games. The Devils have by far been the better team.

  78. Now watch a PP work and no comment will be made about our genius. Here OT comes

  79. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    These announcers seam so pro-devil it’s unprofessional. All they’re discussing is what the devils need to do, what the devils are doing right, adam oates’ adjustments, etc.

    They even said something like the Devils are the type of an opponent the Rangers haven’t seen in these playoffs!

    This is making me sick.

  80. High Desert Roberto on

    The Fonz is going to lose it on the locker room. They just have to win the next 2 periods

  81. well Carp
    hope we see better in the next 2 periods


    serenity now!

  82. It would be cool if the best plays the Rangers were making were not the ones they have to make to bail each other out of disasters.

  83. Game 4 of the Conference Finals and they STILL have to get yelled at by the coach to wake up?

    That’s scary to me

  84. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Del Zaster will get the GWG tonight.

    This is making me mad — game ain’t over yet!!

  85. are they waiting for hank to get embarrassed before they start pushing back? worst period i’ve seen this season. they look done

  86. These things that talk on NBC are the worst of the worst of the sick of the sick. They had to mention Boston College 32 hundred times. Openly cheering for the other team. Sickening. Why cant that puck just find Pierre Maguire once and impale him. Id pay to see what little brain matter he has splattered all over.

  87. once again…………..SO FAR
    the Rangers are showing
    that they talk the talk
    aren’t walking the walk
    SO FAR!!!

  88. Ok I am the biggest pollyana on the board but what the…… Argggh! Seriously? Just seriously? This game ain’t over but cmon guys get your heads out of your assens.

  89. We are this far on sheer desire n will plus Torts n Hank. We have to have that desire back, so hard every night. I know we are close to the ultimate prize, but we really could use a top 6 forward and another real D man

  90. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Per Dj, do yourself a favor – put the radio feed on – these bungholes on NBC have a burning hatred for our Rangers for some reason..

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Tort takes it to our boys in the dressing room , they WAKE UP , but seriously the Devils are playin hard . What ever.

    We come out in the second and get one early and tie this thing up. Our team is good , ya don’t always come outta the gate strong..we came out FLAT. Period done , things will change. So no worries everyone.

  92. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Sit del Zotto and play whom? Bickel?

    Isn’t going to happen.

    This game is far from over and the players know it. The rangers owe it to themselves and to hank to get back in this game. This team has bern too good under adversity to turtle in game 4.

  93. Per Djoos, they do this with every team we face. Its always what the other team has to do to be successful, yada yada yada. The only team playing in this game according to these broadcasting rejects is the Devils. We dont exist.

  94. no doubt biron gets in for 3rd down 5-0. ive come to exepct this from this team so cant say i am surprised just puzzled how they are dominated consistently

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Grabby , we look done!!!??…oh yeah NHL GAMES are decided in the first period. Right.

    We look flat , the other team is at home and are down….duh sounds like a hockey game to me. ALL IS GOOD , relax everyone it looks foolish panicking.

  96. Let's Go Rangers on

    Devs have figured out a way to negate Kreider’s speed, just interfere with his skating room and the refs won’t call it

    What is with the linesman jumping on McD and pinning his head to the ice? WTB?

    Del Zaster has to hit Parise and Peter Penguin has to play the pass and not make ice angels.

  97. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    looks like the boys want a night off…
    fishsticks in disguise

  98. czechthemout!!!! on

    as i have been saying all along. Mdz is iconsistant and is more bad than good. for every good game3 he plays, he will play 4 bad games. he has been horrible tonight and for most of this series.

    Torts was only too quick to bench Kreider, lets see what he does now.

    this team is once again asleep, playing a pathetic game so far. This is just the exact same garbadge I watched in the first period of game 3. Very disapointing!

  99. Henrik’s push off on the Zajac world was weird; must have gotten his stake planted in a rut or something. Can’t blame him for anything that’s happened in this series though. He’s been amazing.

    Wake up! LGR!

  100. we are that guys who sees the enemy that just attacked him lying on the floor and walks away only to be shot in the back. zero killer instinct

  101. Enough with sitting people…..MDZ Gabby ect. Keep pushing. Marty still sucks he has one maybe two bad goals in this game.

  102. LOLOLOL…sky is falling police in full force I see.

    Mind you, I now suspect carp does it to get the opposing forces yammering/spitting/fighting/etc with each other because it ups the traffic on this blog.

    Kinda obvious….but that’s cool – whatever strokes your boat.

  103. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Jimbo —

    Those hacks “Doc”, Pierre, and even Eddie were discussing what the Devils need to do etc., before the game with no Representation of the Rangers perspective. This bush league garbage started before the puck was even dropped and has continued through the end of the period.

    Sick. Shame on NBC. What a shame

  104. czechthemout!!!! on

    lets not sit MDZ. instead, lets increase his ice time give him a pat on the back for that wonderful period he played. At a minimum, he should not see anymore powerplay time tonight.

  105. These loser Devils lost a 3-0 lead to the bum Panthers. We can come back and win this game. Theyre jokes on humanity.

  106. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    We all knew that NJDs were gonna come out hard, but jeez, you’ve gotta push back a little. I expect a better second period, but these game-starts have been very disappointing…

  107. well, the rangers are a 3rd period team. we’ll see if they can pull out another big 3rd. but they need to get it close in the 2nd.

  108. Per, if the Rangers were down 2-1 in the series, they’d be talking about what the Rangers needed to do to win.

    So I don’t get your point.

    I’ve already moved onto game 5. This is a recurring trend. They don’t seem to bring it unless they are tied or losing in the series.

  109. czechthemout!!!! on

    And with all my negative comments, I still think if they get the next goal,they will come back amd take this game.

  110. even you optimists are too much. the ranger scoring 2x means they need to have the puck. lets start with the puck first before we could get 2 by fatso

  111. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    We definitely have time to bounce back – need to regroup quickly, though..

  112. On the plus side, the Rangers certainly didn’t expend a whole lot of energy that period…oughtta be well rested for the second and third.

  113. Listen folks, as bad as that period was…..the Rangers could very well be tied right now, or at worst only down one. NJ got a seeing eye goal that went through half the players on the ice, and meanwhile Hags hit the post. Game of inches.

    That being said, next goal is huge, obviously.

  114. Since the Rangers don’t want to show up, Get there butt on the bus now and go home. The Devils are playing with the passion needed to represent the East in the Finals. Disgusting effort this series. To work this hard all season and then play like this will leave a bitter taste in everyones mouth all summer long.

  115. And I’m not saying they won’t score some, but based on trends, they will have moved onto game 5, where they will play much better.

  116. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I’ll try the radio feed and see if I can deal with the delay.

    I am angry – very angry. I want to see the Rangers come back and shut those garbage announcers and Derbils fans up real bad.

    The Devils have blown 2 goal leads in these playoffs and in their history. Time to rock the pebble!

  117. Their game fives have probably been two of their best games all playoffs long. I know we lost the first one to Ottawa, but we dominated that game.

    LGR! Two periods, let’s get it done!

  118. it is time for gaborik and Richards to start earning the big bucks they demand. they both have been too much a non-factor for a couple games now.

  119. >>..the Rangers could very well be tied right now…

    The reality is, they are NOT tied! Devils got their goals because their offence was taking shots and generating chances. The fact that Rangers have been badly outplayed for most of these four matches is not an accident.

  120. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Jonny D – they could have also discussed what the Rangers need to do to win the game, too. But they didn’t.

  121. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The Rangers new to stop dumping near Brodeur. Dump in the corner, or carry the puck in.

    Make the adjustment, boys.

  122. Plenty o time left boys-we ain’t gonna lay down and die but it is kinda baffling as to why we often start so slowly

  123. Ted Sheckler on

    Actually, Carp said he thought the series would even out at 2-2 a few days ago. Has he amended that?

  124. It’s good to see consistent accountability. Gaborik, your best player, makes one “mistake” and sits for 13 minutes. MDZ, your 4th best d-man, makes 3 mistakes, and keeps playing.

  125. Problem with sitting DZ is that who else is gonna play D? Bickel? Eminger? C’mon, get real folks

  126. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    You’re not winning games by benching players. thank God you bozos aren’t anywhere close to running this team.

  127. Crappy d-men that have had better games than MDZ. I personally wouldnt have sat either one of them. Im just saying….i thought no one was above the “law”

  128. ThisYearsModel on

    Eminger and Bickell out as a pair…..setting NHL defenses back 25 years.

  129. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Rangers are starting to get their legs…

    Game ain’t over yet.

  130. Looked like Gaborik could have carried the puck a little further and went short side. Fatso looked to be slightly out of position but Gaborik shot it back into him.

  131. i have zero problem with benching del zaster at this moment. sit him for 2nd regrop 3rd

  132. Per – why would you discuss what the Rangers need to do when they are winning the series. The Rangers had the “momentum” in the series, so a bigger story is what the Devils need to do to get it back. That’s the bigger story.

    Every national broadcast does that for any team. Do you think they talked more about the Kings or they Coyotes before their game 4?

  133. In other important (and increasingly redundant) news, I’ve just realised the Rangers have a shot at playing against Greening, Green, Greene and Greene in successive playoff series.

  134. Anyone else see the twitter stuff that DZ’s gramma passed away over the weekend? Sad stuff for him and his family :(

  135. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    OK – showing a little more desire in this period – we get a goal, and we’re back in this game!

  136. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Cally needs to score a goal for his new baby – c’mon Cally!!

  137. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Jonny –

    They could give balanced reporting and discuss what both teams need to do to win the game. Discuss the impact of the devils adding josefson, the new line changes. Discuss what the suspension of Prust will have on the rangers.

    And as Carp says, and I agree, there is no such thing as “momentum.”

    But, you’re right, probably to report a “story”, the hacks at NBC would rather talk up the Devils, Rather than the game at hand from both persoectives.

  138. I am not a giver upper but is this how it has to be? They look a bit better this period. Puck is in the devils end more often.

  139. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tell MDZ that if he doesn’t play better, we’ll kill grandpa too…

  140. My TV has been on mute since the second goal. I can’t possible get frustrated by those NBC talking heads.

  141. Carp
    you gotta admit that what’s really sad is that
    the Rangers are NOT playing with any snarl.
    only Cally did when he got speared


  142. Rangers need a couple of ugly nasty boys on the team. They have way too many nice pretty boys right now.

  143. ThisYearsModel on

    When did the definition of slashing expand to include spearing the opponent in his onions?

  144. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Thw Devils are starting to reach for the jugular now…

  145. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Yes, Doc, this is when strong hockey IQ is needed… when you gonna get some?

  146. only thing interesting ilb is if del zaster sits rest of the game. this one is history

  147. that might have been a bad guess, Matt. Should have stuck with my usual, it will 1-1 after 2, 2-2 after four games.

  148. Better but not enough, anyway after 35 real yrs. of watching hockey you always learn something…..spearing in front of the ref, not really a big deal. Wow next goal wins

  149. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Would have been nice to get one late in that period – there’s still time..if we can get an early one in the 3rd, we may still have a chance..

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    Plenty of time left… All the NN’s should start heading out to the parking lot to beat the traffic.

  151. ThisYearsModel on

    The difference between Saturday and Tonight? Henrik was not able to bail them out of not showing up in the first period.

  152. Kovalchuk should not be allowed to play for the rest of this series. And I’m not talking about a Shanaban, if you know what I’m saying.

    Seriously, hasn’t his back supposedly been bothering him? Would love to see a few well-placed cross checks to that area by someone like Bickel or Eminger. Then Shanahan can issue a 10 game suspension and it wouldn’t really matter.

  153. RangerSwede on

    So maybe it’s worth watching the 3rd, if only for seeing Kovys face stapled to the glass by Cally

  154. Don’t bail?!

    There’s absolutely ZERO chance this team is going to win this game. ZERO.

    This team is garbage that can’t score on garbage.

    If I’m Torts, I forfeit the game to send a message.

  155. Marz

    i thought that too about kovalchuk…….a few well-placed cross checks
    or heavy hits to him to make lifte a little more painful
    for the most part
    we’re playing with all the snarl of a lion that’s had all its teeth pulled
    and all four paws tied up


  156. how you holding out Tiki?

    me, already had a blow up midway through 2nd period.

    probably shouldn’t be online now

    all i’m doing is sending angry fb and twitters messages

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We need a goal, gotta get a goal, must score , big breakaway or something, slapper from the point, gotta bust loose and freak out on this team here, must score , have to put one homesky!!!

  158. Some of you guys make me sick – all of the this game is totally over non-sense. This team has proven time-and-time again they know how to come back. I agree this has been horrific to watch but I have to question are some of you even Rangers fans?

  159. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I mean, *right in front of the Ranger net*, Kovalschmuck spears Cally in the gut while being down on the ice, and they call it a “slash”!? It was a *spear*, and spearing is a major penalty, subject to review.

    How is it possible that the officials did not see what everyone else in North America did? I refuse to believe that they’re that incompetent – it has to be something more than that.

  160. Exactly MATT, we can’t even score on that piece of garbage (read: Farty)

    It’s pathetic.

  161. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    let’s see if the rangers get a late period goal and then scramble all around the NJ net a come up short .. sounds familiar ?

  162. I agree Matty. If all else fails, just get that frozen disc past that fat dirtbag. Most overrated goaltender ever, IMO, and a disgusting human being. Not to say that he still isn’t one of the best.

  163. This is gong to be a shutout, I’m afraid. Then NBC will spend two hours post-match talking about how great Fatso is.

  164. RangerSwede on

    Got a feeling Fatso will give us a goal in here, question is if we can score two more.

    But whatever happens, make sure to send a bruising message.. Ping Bickell, Rupper, Mitchell…

  165. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Great – LaGreca has Chris Botta on during the intermission – all the media fans of other teams in the NYC area get interviews on Ranger playoff games.

  166. Brodeur pitching a shutout where he’s barely been tested? It’s the 2003 Cup Final all over again.

  167. murp 511

    what have they shown u in this series that they can play from behind. they trailed early in game 2 in 3rd and didnt have any quality scoring chances.

    they are 1-6 when opponent scores first. that must mean something. trust me dont question how much of a fan i am i would cut off a finger to see another cup

  168. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!

    LETS gog gog gog gogogo ggogogo!!!!

    LETS DO THIS < NOW boys , lets put away some PUCKS!!!

    score must score gotta score have to put one home….

  169. jpg, I’m definitely not pleased with the general lack of intensity, especially in the first period and even the first 5 minutes or so of the second. When was the last time this team established its forecheck, which is its bread and butter?

    I don’t normally advocate targeting another player with the intent to put him on the shelf, but after all the bullcarcillo that’s gone on in these playoffs, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Kovalchuk spears Cally right in front of several officials, and they take both players off. Come on now. I would say send the tape to the league, but we all know there’s no way Kovy even gets a $2500 fine.

  170. shutout, shutout, shutout, shutout

    there, I jinxed you Fatso. you won’t get one now.

  171. >>best of 3 why am i not surprised

    I’ll be surprised if they don’t lost this one, AND the next two.

  172. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    hahaha he aint getting squat….Our boys are going to catch a break and put us within one measly goal…just one..

  173. “Chernobyl Diaries” is in good taste. Was it too soon for “Fukushima Chronicles” to be made?

  174. Let’s go Rangers, Fatso is shot. We score and get back in. They score, then it’s Old time hockey, like Eddie Shore!

  175. if its not kreider and the d scoring occasionally then who

    rupp 0 in 17
    hags 0 in 14
    feds 0 in 17
    mitchell 0 in 17
    stepan 1 in 17
    boyle 0 since concussion

    richy looks shot and gabby has no space and cant create on his own

    tell me how do we get 2 goals

  176. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Why are all you Sunshine Ranger Fans even here, if the game is lost?

    What a bunch of whiners…

  177. 22, it’s like this team has done absolutely nothing at all the way people bail on them. Embarrassing, really.

  178. johnpgatta

    you wanna see the ugly come out?
    welcome to it.
    mostly music, some movies, some politics
    bit of sarcasm here and there

  179. We’re not pathetic. At least I’m not. Ok, maybe. But I just don’t see us winning the series. Devils are a much stronger team. And the games we’ve won – have been games “we’ve found a way to win”. That’s not going to go far.

  180. Carp – statistics show in the playoffs this year, they don’t play hard in the games where they are ahead in the series.

    I fully expect them to come out hard in game 5, but this one has been over since the first puck was dropped.

  181. Marz

    i’m not saying do anything illegal or dirty
    players focus on things like that
    i say
    why not

    kovalchuk is a nasty aaasen player who deserves what he gets
    and he should feel the pain

    if we’re going down tonight then at the very least
    make the devs cry themselves to sleep cause they’re in enough pain

  182. Nice call oh well best two out of three. Play rough n nasty the rest of the way.

  183. I bailed on this team from Day One.

    Finally the garbage is aired. Don’t say I didnt warn you guys.

    Bush-league at its finest on display. Sweet dreams, tonight.

  184. ah, they finally got their pp goal.

    i guess the Ranges were confused and thought that parise
    was already on their squad so they left him alone in front of the net

  185. sorry Carp
    at some point
    Scoreboard Hockey matters
    as in
    your opponent has 3 goals
    you don’t even look like you’re capable of scoring even 1

  186. This can’t be happening……please tell me I’ll wake up in a cold sweat and this will not be happening

  187. Reginald Dunlop on

    Well the nhl got what they wanted……………….a longer series and stick it to Tortorella every chance they can……….the inconsistency is sickening……………how many times do we hear toe blake talk about how the team stuck with the philosophy???? how about we stick with the lines that make sense……..john mitchell should be playing 4 minutes a night but we elevate him??? think he scored in January last ???????? good strategy………..

  188. Rangers have had an ugly habit in this, postseason of coming off an emotional win and not bothering to show up for the next game. Losing you can deal with, but just mailing it in like this repeatedly is poor form.

  189. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>Don’t forget spearing is ok

    *NOT* if a Ranger player does it – anything we do, we get disciplined for.

  190. So, how will the Rangers come out in game 5? Wouldn’t it be nice to see them for the first time in like 17 PO games outplay the opposition in the first period?

  191. Oh, well. Another weak effort with a chance to get a two game series lead…you can set your watch by it.

    Damn disappointing how they came out tonight.

    Best 2 out of 3…

  192. This series isn’t over yet, but it very well can end poorly if they don’t pick it up. This is not the Rangers team we are used to seeing.

  193. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I’m not gonna read anymore of this carcillo. I’m going to watch the rest of the game.


  194. Boyle has been awful since his concussion.

    They have gotten worse each round except Henk

  195. Gonna win game five. Absolutely en fuego. I am
    Like the onceler. Get me some resist truffula trees to chop down. Oh here’s the fisticuffs

  196. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Just as I said – here are the fights!!!



  197. Great to see. Rangers getting outmuscled and just beat. Get saucy.

    Torts kicks ass.

  198. >>Wow.. I just don’t get this team…..

    If Lundqvist doesn’t have a stellar game, they don’t stand a chance because the offence is anaemic.

  199. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Good work by Rupper. His best game of the playoffs.

    DeBoer = Egghead

  200. LOL! Pierre looked like such a dweeb between the benches with Torts and DeBoer yelling.

    Go Rupp!

  201. If Rupp was going to cheap shot Brodeur he should have at least got his money’s worth.

  202. This is a game we deserve to lose. That play by Rupp was awful. He should be benched for that stuff. We complained when the Sens and Caps did similar BS and here we are doing the same. We should not win this game. I love the Rangers but hate poor sportsmanship. We have been a classy team all year and this has just not been a classy game by us.

  203. N.CountryNYRFan on

    None of that fracas would have happened if the refs didn’t call a BS penatly on Rupp. For what checking a Devil?

  204. I don’t mind what Rupp did.

    NYR need to be MUCH better, though. They’ve been outplayed four out of four games.

  205. JRP – what class? It was just once incident, brah. Just Rupp smacking those cheeks around. Everything else has been clean

  206. This game is well over, get your chippy shots in tonight. Get under Kovalchuk’s skin permanently. This is the time to do it.

  207. So they started to call the game now… Wow… Who pays these refs? Fatso in doughnuts?

  208. N.CountryNYRFan on

    JRP37, what?? What was awful was how Brodiva over reacts to every little shove his whole career and now he’s infected the entire Devils team. Go away!!!

  209. WUTWUT Boyle had a stupid penalty. Del Zotto has been Del Aster again. Just not a great game. And NBC has been extra crappy with camera work tonight.

  210. The camera work by NBC tonight has been BEYOND horrendous. Small point…but annoying.

  211. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I have no problem at what Rupp did. All he did was throw a clean hard (legal) hit and then shove Brodiva. Kovy spears Cally in the balls and only gets a roughing call after Cally reacts.

  212. Ok, what the hell Rangers? Did you all forget how to play hockey and what discipline was? SHEESH

  213. High Desert Roberto on

    man i will be at the bottom of the grand canyon on friday night…been planning this trip for over a year. don’t believe i am going to miss a potentially decisive game 6

  214. g-damn this is pathetic. stop taking stupid penalties. if you are going to take one, make it count and take a run at someone

  215. Doodie Machetto on

    They have come totally unglued tonight. Gotta put it behind them and move forward.

  216. While I hate Marty and the Devils as much as anybody…that was a stupid, bush-league move by Rupp.

    Torts and the team have already given up this game. If they don’t respond in Game 5 and win I really don’t think the Rangers can win two in a row.

    The biggest question I have is Why, oh why, OH WHY does this team continually put forth weak efforts when they have a chance to take a commanding lead?

    Torts and the team need to look themselves in the mirror tonight and ask themselves if this is really all they’ve got. Because the Devils, as much as I hate them, can easily beat us in this series unless we lift our game a couple of notches.

    Poor Hank…gotta feel for him.

  217. Ok devils the diving is pathetic. Just all the more reason for the huge bounce back win on wednesday

  218. so, the refs know only one call….penalty must be on Rangers, cuz the poor widdle innocent Debbies never do anything illegal or unethical…like spearing for instance

  219. I’m of the same mindset now that I was when they were getting shut out by that hump Holtby. I don’t care if the Rangers lose 7-1, just put a damn puck past fat ass

  220. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I gotta say – they miss Prust more this period than any other – chippy play, penalty kills…

  221. Scott From LA on

    CJP, they are clearly tired. Torts can pretend that fatigue is not an issue all day. Bottom line is that the team is gassed…

  222. leetchhalloffame on

    Rangers making Torts look like a horses carcillo tonight. What an embarrassing non-effort.

  223. “i will be at the bottom of the grand canyon on friday night…”

    Somebody has found a _really_ big ledge to jump from.

  224. Reginald Dunlop on

    chris rooney is the best ref in the league…………just ask him……………

  225. i like feds a lot just wish he had some more offense to his game. hes a solid 3rd line player

  226. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Exclusive lockeroom interview with Mike Rupp: Why did you shove Marty?

    Rupp: I thought he was choking on a donut. I was just trying to help.

  227. Doodie Machetto on

    Prust, Rupp, Bickel, Eminger, and McD=0. Not saying they haven’t done good things, but if they all just scored once the Rangers would be in a much better place.

  228. Glad it was a terrible goal, too. Brodeur has had as much to do with this score as Emrick

  229. >>another dive by a devil

    The Zubrus one? I thought he was dead for a minute there. He must have used up five of his lives already.

  230. That sound you hear is hundreds of non-hockey feature writers scrambling to replace their lazy “Legend Brodeur’s SO difference in the game” stories.

  231. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    My mother won two playoff games in a row once. Once!

    (sorry, couldn’t help it….I still believe! Just frustrated!)

  232. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, McD wasn’t even at full stride and he pulled away from sprinting Zubrus.

  233. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone needs to throw some mud on Gaborik so he doesn’t have to worry about getting his pretty white jersey dirty.

  234. Doodie, how the hell do you include McDonagh in that? And Mike Emingewr has played about 30 seconds since March.

  235. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, as I said, they are not all the same, but everyone has to score one sometime. Eminger is the only fair one to leave out since he has barely played.

  236. Yeah, Doodie, including McDonagh in that list is ludicrous.

    Kevin Clark is that loser PA announcer’s name, Carp.

  237. 4 terrible first per we survived half. what else should we expect. they cant play from behind period by 2 or more goals

  238. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    Bat Fastard gets an assist – of all the miserable things to have happen..

  239. Just not their night. Gotta bring it from the get-go on Wednesday is all. I just hope they can..

  240. >>Someone needs to throw some mud on Gaborik so he doesn’t have to worry about getting
    >>his pretty white jersey dirty.

    Will he still be able to keep one side nicely tucked inside his pants though?

  241. Reginald Dunlop on

    1 pp for the whole game????????????? joke…………….. well I am sure they both will be told what a great game they called

  242. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The only way we can destroy these Debbies if we lose this series is by signing Parise away from them in the offseason..

    That game was garbage.

  243. Brodeur’s sole.contribution in this game was a secondary assist on an empty net goal.

  244. Good night folks. Not gonna bother hanging around for the post game and seeing Chico slobbering all over Uncle Fatso.

  245. CBC praising Brodeur for not saving a shot that didn’t need saving because it wasn’t going in. Barf.

  246. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Rupp didn’t punch you, you fatass, if he did you would have splattered!

  247. >>So pround to have Rupp on the Rangers. NOT! What a tool.

    Oh please! Your anger is misguided.

  248. olga

    this is the calmest ive been all playoff. after the 1st i knew it was over. easier to take when u feel like your getting blown out even though its 2-0 end of 1.

    listen did anyone really think this team will make it easy

  249. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I’m not on the ledge….but I just wish….Tonight I feel like one of my favorite movie lines: That’s not rain, it’s God peeing on my head!

  250. I wish Rupp would have sucker punched him. Like I said, to get tossed out of a game and put your team down a man for a shove is pointless.

  251. >>Torts should be fun tonight!

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to Carp’s audio clips.

  252. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I can’t even stand to listen to the radio post-game, with fifth-columnist LaGreca coyly gloating like he did back in 2006, when Gomez suckered Jagr into blowing his shoulder out, and the Rangers lost the series badly.

    He was doing our post-mortems, but he sure didn’t sound too disappointed in what had happened..

  253. yeah, let’s replace Rupp with another europansy who will cower in the corners and never fight back.

    oh sure

    good job Rupper

  254. Parise got two really easy ones, and had a real easy pass to Zajac on that two on one. Can’t blame the guy at all for capitalizing, but I think it was far from a dominating performance by him.

  255. Rangers should really clean house and see where it gets these teams. Drop Swamp Rats and Fishsticks coverage, remove any former enemies from the organization. They’d be dead in the water without MSG’s support.

  256. OK, what Rupp did wasn’t especially clever (funny as it was), but it was hardly the most disgraceful act perpetrated on an NHL rink. Doesn’t deserve all the hand-wringing it’s getting.

  257. I pray to god no one claims Parise was a force in this game. Rangers didn’t bother to show up. Their best players were fourth liners. I think Rupp’s had a nice series, but you don’t win games when Mike Rupp and John Mitchell are your best players. I would be worried about the Gaborik suspension if not for the fact that I’m not sure he’s played any of the games in this series anyway.

  258. >>…after the 1st i knew it was over.

    Same here! I was quite calm watching the rest of the match. I just wanted to see if they’d show some anger and nastiness.

  259. The Rangers embarrassed themselves in so many ways tonight. Effort was awful and how they conducted themselves in the third (from what I hear) was a disgrace.

  260. del zaster grandparents passing away cally having kid. do we need this at this moment. like we dont have enough to worry about on this team.

  261. Lou, Lou, were you ok with the officiating, Sir? Anything I can do for you, SIR?

    Don’t worry about Hagelin, the Repeat Offender. Prust is now a Repeat Offender. They have enough repeat offenders that we can suspend someone before game 7.

  262. Jonny:

    Rangers made a rather impotent attempt to goon it up in the third. I wish they would have invested similar energy in actually showing up for the game.

  263. Remember, if you are a repeat offender and a Ranger, I will get you. Especially if you leave your feet and lead with your elbow, like Ovechkin. OMG, I didn’t meant to say that.

  264. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I don’t get all the people on here ripping Rupp? What do he do that was so bad? If the refs don’t call a bull carcillo penalty there on the hit, nothing happens. I’m sure Farty yapped at Rupp and Rupp shoved him, big deal. Except Brodiva acts like he’s been shot.

  265. Newsflash: If you like “Mickey Mouse” then you’ll love “The New York Rangers” – otherwise known as a band of clowns who played Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals as if they were competing in a Brazilian, over-80 women’s rural evening tournament.

  266. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    I’d love to see it, Latona, but there’s money involved, and our boy Dolan isn’t going to turn away all that business, so we seemingly have to put up with all these “moles” doing our games.

  267. What really matters his if you injure the opposition after leaving your feet while being a repeat offender. Just like that Hagelin is. Even if he wasn’t.

    It really doesn’t matter because I knew he was going to be a repeat offender.

  268. Braunschweiger on

    Kerith Burke@KerithSNY
    Huge smirk on Prust’s face, then he ducks when he catches us looking at him :) all the non-playing Rangers liked the shot Rupp gave Brodeur

  269. Lloyd, look, I know the truth aboot you, and I know you have some sick obsession with me, and you’re in love, and you want me to come out as a Devils fan so you can do the same, but it’s just not gonna happen. Be a man, and do it yourself.

  270. N.CountryNYRFan:

    I’m only getting on Rupp because he didn’t take the opportunity to really lay that fat lump of crap out. If you’re going to take that penalty, make it count.

  271. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    did anyone notice Zubrus lying face down in his end in the 3rd when NY had the puck and play was stopped ?

    awful meltdown by NYR .. they have to play 60 minutes of good hockey not hang there and and maybe win.

  272. bvd, because you’d see that one of the four or five guys that came to play tonight is missing.

  273. But, as far as I see it, Chris Neil is not a Repeat Offender because he has always been let off the hook. He’s just a nice guy. I mean, really, Chris goes to church all the time and he is a prince of a guy. How could he be a Repeat Offender like Hagelin is.

    I knew Hagelin would repeat. I knew it.

  274. Stranger Nation on

    Well if the refs aren’t going to call interference when our forwards are impeded going into the zone, it is time we apply the same technique. Time to stop turning the other cheek and playing the ‘right’ way if refs are not calling the off puck interference.

    Our D has a guy in their mug as soon as they touch the puck. Debbies are just dump, chase and forecheck which prevents our puck possession game in the O zone.

    Really hope we score first next game

    Was Torts asking LeBoor direction from the pebble so he doesn’t get car jacked in Newark.

  275. >>Wishful thinking, obviously.

    Doesn’t MSG have some sort of gathering for season ticket holders each year? They should bring up that subject. This sharing of Rangers broadcast with Devils and Islanders people is quite revolting.

  276. Orr:

    The thing is, I’m not kidding. You love Mike Emrick and you’re in here cheering on Zach Parise. Go somewhere else.

  277. Hey guys and gals, just made a great dinner for my wife (homemade pasta w/ eggplant and goat cheese!) and wanted to know how the game went!!! Did we win or is it back to even???

    (I watched every second. I told my wife she could decide if we ate at the 1st intermission or the 2nd intermission and that was the only option. And I should have added a little more pasta water before serving. We look really tired. Not “I’m really tired” tired, but “my legs are dead, I’m trying and its not working” tired. Scary. Also, are Elias et all ok? Some of those injuries looked really serious.)

  278. Is Lloyd doing his “call someone else a Devils fan so he can later expose himself as a Devils fan routine” again?

  279. No denying the Rangers didn’t show up tonight. My only gripe, why did Mike Rupp get 2 minutes for body checking? I mean seriously, the first 2 minutes of his 4 minute penalty wtf are they calling him on?

  280. the ranger dmen do not pass to each other enough. they just throw it up the wall and give up possession in the neutral zone when breaking out. and in the offensive zone at the point, they again force the puck down the wall instead of passing to their d partner to get an open point shot.

  281. I would be more pissed about this loss if they hadn’t got their garbage goal. But since they managed to put some crap shot past fat ass, I’m ok with the loss. They’ll show up on Wednesday and win. The problem is that they’re incapable of showing up for two games in a row, apparently.

  282. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Without Hank we would have been swept alreay, he can’t stand on his head every night. Our big guns need to wake up and the rest of the team needs to chip in. We are only 6 wins from the cup. LGR’s time to regroup and kick some butt!!!!!

  283. I’m not a season ticket holder, JBytes, so I don’t know anything about that. But it really is revolting.

  284. >>…Parise was a force in this game.

    1. He made a 2v1 pass that Girardi could have easily intercepted had he stayed upright, instead of going swimming.
    2. He had a goal on a rebound that Lundqvist should have done better with.
    3. He had a lucky empty net goal.

    Did he get his points? Yes. Was he this force you’re talking about? Not by any stretch!

  285. Dolan controls the TV feeds for 4 NHL teams, Rangers, NJ, NYI, and Buff

    talk about collusion

  286. the people who say Parise was a difference-maker are the same morons who’ll be wringing their hands awaiting Dubinsky’s return. screw them.

  287. yeah that’s exactly what I said you Devils fan. find another blog. surely some ham radio station in New Jersey runs a weekend Devils fansite or something.

  288. Any Ranger fan who condones what went on in the 3rd period isn’t a Ranger fan. That was embarrassing crap you’d expect from the Flyers or Penguins.

  289. I’m still shocked that the Rangers have not capitalized on getting under Kovalchucks skin more. He gets easily irritated and would take stupid penalties if the Rangers focused on him like they did Karlson in the first round

  290. Did you agree to compare urine streams or are you holding out until the finals?

  291. rupp had a good game for im that being the key measurement. he could not score if there was no goalie on the ice.

    mitchell, boyle, rupp, bickell, and eminger are almost a total waste. stepan and AA especially stepan have not done much.

    need dubi back and sit rupp or mitchell.

    fedetenko scored a goal, have a parade. bad goal by fatty fed has 1 goal in 18 games he has sucked also.

    mdz obviously had a bad bad game. richards has been invisible most of this series……

  292. Smalls,

    Kovalchuk is one of the players I fear starting trouble with. I would prefer him be disengaged rather than getting angry and exacting revenge upon us..

  293. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    What is this green stuff that the players drink post-game?

  294. BroadwayBlueShirts on

    Smalls May 21st, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    I’m still shocked that the Rangers have not capitalized on getting under Kovalchucks skin more. He gets easily irritated and would take stupid penalties if the Rangers focused on him like they did Karlson in the first round

    They don’t have an agitator.

  295. Jimbo (Win It For TONY!) on

    >>>I’m still shocked that the Rangers have not capitalized on getting under Kovalchucks skin more. He gets easily irritated and would take stupid penalties

    Well, he speared Cally in the gut right in front of the Ranger goal – if they saw that and then called it “slashing”, and only after calling one on Cally too, what makes you think they’re gonna call anything else on him?

  296. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    a wicky…..before I get Carp’d….just watched the video replays of Rupp with Marty…..I’m not one to bitch about our players, but that was insanely stupid…..If anybody had done that to Hank we’d be calling for that player’s bickels and head…..stupid.

  297. Blogmama,

    I dunno about that. I doubt that Hank would have flopped like he was hanging out with his sister in law on that play. Rupp didn’t push him that hard.

  298. I’m actually calmer than I thought I would be, all things considered. Look, it’s just 1 game. I’m still confident that the Rangers will win this series, and I’ll believe that even if they lose on Wednesday. Maybe I’m thinking with my heart instead of my head, because the slow starts and 2/3rds of the top line being invisible almost the entire series is concerning, but there is no reason to bail on this team. Not after the season they’ve had.

    They’re not playing the ’85 Oilers here. They’re playing a team that has as many weaknesses as they have.

  299. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Latona, LOL!!!!! agreed….it was not a “punch” at all…and Hank wouldn’t have flopped, he would have flipped out……but still…..

  300. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Then it couldn’t have hurt that much Latona….kovalchuks = tiny acorns. They have no equal to prusticles etc…..

  301. I had no problem with what Rupp did. Im shocked fatso didnt break the net when he flopped backwards an unnecessary 2 feet.

  302. I already have a really good feeling about Game 5 though. So much so that I’m going to try to get tickets for only my third game at MSG this year.

    I agree, Mama. Exponentially smaller than Girardi’s.

  303. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    So you all would have no problem then if someone did the same thing to Hank? Come on….I hate Marty more than what a bakers’ dozen of his favorite donuts would do to my aasen….but really? I don’t mind that Rupp swiped him, I just think it was stupid.

  304. Id probably have more of a problem with it if there wasnt so much flopping going around by the Devils the past few games. Mama, you loved Avery, didnt you? Did you have a problem when he hit Tim Thomas’ head with his stick from behind?

  305. I disagree. When Kovalchucks gets picked on he throws tantrums, he’s not like Ovechkin who becomes a monster when poked.

  306. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Lev, did I have a problem? In the same way I have an issue with Rupp (and I happen to like Rupp, unlike some of you all)….Thought it was grand…..but STUPID!!!!

    Christmas trees…..everyone goes so nuts when our goalie gets snowed… included…what’s wrong with saying we shouldn’t do the same thing….beat Marty….that’s what I want…let him tip over a golf cart by end of next week…..

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