Rangers-Devils Game 3 in review



1) I am going to start off with the Brandon Prust elbow to the head of Anton Volchenkov, only because there’ve been so many such incidents in these playoffs and I want to be consistent, since I’ve pretty much led with all of them throughout. I thought Prust reached out to get a piece of Volchenkov, and really caught the back of the helmet. Originally I thought his arm might have ridden up Vochenkov’s back before contact with the head, but now I don’t believe it did. All that said, we’ve seen much worse in these playoffs, and many worse that didn’t warrant so much as a hearing, never mind a suspension. That all said, your guess is as good as mine as to what Brendan Shanahan’s dartboard will decide. And that said, if others like Shea WWEber, Teflon Chris Neil and NBC’s own Alex Ovechkin had been suspended, these things wouldn’t still be happening.

2) Since Prust has a hearing today, I’m expecting he will get a game. It’s also a really easy call to suspend tough guys and third-liners. But there’s not a chance what Prust did is nearly as calculated or dangerous as what Ovechkin did, and they had no onions regarding the repeat offender Ovechkin, did they? And thank God in heaven that Volchenkov is OK. What a miraculous recovery. Because I thought he’d been killed there.

3) Now, onto the game. Through three games, I don’t know if the Rangers have figured out anything about the Devils yet. Who has? They forecheck harder than either Washington or Ottawa, and give the Rangers more problems on the wall. I don’t think they’re as mean as the Senators were (Games 2-7), and I don’t think they clog the front and block shots as well as the Capitals. But overall they are a more difficult opponent for ya boys. And will be going forward.

4) That said, is there still a question which goalie is better? Because I don’t think there is. Martin Brodeur has made some remarkable saves in this series, seriously good ones, and he will do that (it crossed my mind what some of you might have been saying about Henrik Lundqvist if he allowed a wrist shot like Dan Girardi’s goal to beat him, when some of you were all over him for the Ovechkin rocket last series). But start to finish, Lundqvist is much more of a factor than Brodeur … and on his team, he has to be. And he was. As he headed to the podium yesterday, while walking around a circular hallway from the lockerroom, a fire alarm went off. Then it ceased. I think Lundqvist stopped that, too. That was the lead to my story today.

5) At 5-on-5, the Devils have been much, much better. But the Rangers’ special teams vs. the Devils’ special teams has been a mismatch. The Rangers now have four PPGs in the series, the Devils’ one. The Devils have allowed 16 PPGs in 15 playoff games. Holy shishkebob.

6) You could say it was all Devils, and it was, but that first period set back hockey probably 10 years. Definitely pre-lockout. Maybe they should have another one and make new rules.

7) I thought it was funny when Brad Richards was saying on Friday that it was the writers who keep saying their power play is no good when, he felt, it has been decent, and John Tortorella shot that down, saying it’s been mostly crappy in the playoffs. Then Richards winds up on the second unit. And of course, Alternate Captain Clutch wins the draw that results in the game-winning PPG. Marian Gaborik, by the way, drew the penalty that led to the game-winner and had a stronger game still picking those splinters out of his pants.

8) The Rangers, outplayed as they were, shot themselves in the skateboot more than once, I thought. Artem Anisimov led a 2-on-1. Gaborik led a 2-on-1. Brian Boyle led a 3-on-1. All three passed. All three failed. Gotta think shot, then shoot.

9) Did you see that future Ranger Zach Parise snubbed the Devils’ media. The captain? I’m sure it was because of the story about his father, in which J.P. claimed his remarks were taken out of context. Well, I think his quotes were actually portrayed quite accurately.

10) Not sure about the Steve Eminger-for-Stu Bickel swap and whether that really had any bearing … other than Eminger got a couple more minutes than Bickel probably would have gotten.

11) The Kid, Chris Kreider, continues to pile up his playoff games-played bonuses (another $175,000 in the bank yesterday, for a total of $300G so far) and set an NHL record for playoff goals (5) and points (7) before playing in his first NHL regular-season game. His goal was such a smart, subtle little play, reading that Ryan McDonagh would keep the puck in at the left point and going to the net for the tip, after a couple of terrific plays by Captain Callahan. I also got to wondering yesterday: when Kreider was demoted to the fourth line after the two bad plays in the Washington series, if Brandon Dubinsky was healthy at that point, would Kreider even still be playing? Seriously.

12) That David Clarkson sure does a lot of diving and whining for a tough guy. And Kovalchuk sure does some basket-hanging.

13) And while I’m taking some shots in a western direction … there sure were a lot of empty seats for, you know, a sellout. Plus, I really dislike that carnival-barker of a P.A. guy they have at the rock. Embarrassing.

14) Guys like John Mitchell and Mike Rupp, who don’t score at all — and whose contributions otherwise I surely appreciate — can’t take penalties. They just can’t.

15) This is for all the idiot radio/TV guys who continue to talk about the Rangers or Devils gaining or regaining home-ice advantage. Road teams are 2-1 in this series and 41-34 in these playoffs. OK?

16) Hope nobody jumped off that ledge yesterday. We need all of you guys here, especially Monday when we plan to do a 12 noon Live Game 4 Chat, and the whole soup-to-nuts Game 4 thing from the Rock.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Ryan McDonagh.
Josh (age 26) Thomson’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Dan Girardi.
Brooklyn Rob’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Superman Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Dan Girardi.
Alec Berg’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Dan Girardi.
3) Captain Cally.

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  1. Carp, right on the spot, especially the part about the Dubinsky and Kreider – ironic thought at best. Let’s hope the Rangers can close this ugliness in five somehow, can’t stand on the ledge forever, right ?

  2. Tangers have been real bad winning the non-necessary games that would give them the chance to grab hold of a series. Ya think the law of averages would give us a chance of taking game 4 and forcing the Devils to win out,huh?

  3. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned with the timeout. The game turned once they started being the aggressor physically and bringing the jam.

  4. RangerSwede on

    I may be stupid, but I actually think we will win the next one and close out in 5…


  5. I hope you’re right RangerSwede

    Come on down spin the Shanahan wheel of Justice!!!! I bet Prust gets a game, but Carp right on about Neil, Ovechkin, etc.

    That being said, I think John Mitchell minus the penalty yesterday, has been very similar to Prust this series, he’s very very hard on the forecheck, he’s pretty responsible defensively, gets under their skin, and I think has been one of our better and more consistent forwards, along with Prust, Cally, Kreider, Hagelin, etc. I think you move him into Prusts role for a game and give him the extra minutes. Any word on Dubinsky yet? I know he got back to skating. Maybe he jumps in that spot on Monday.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only reason Brodeur has opportunities to make so many hilight reel saves is because his positioning is so poor and flopping so egregious. Hank just never is that ‘unsound’ in his technique.

    People bashing hank for those caps goals had/have no idea what the avg goalie performs like. We have been soiled for 6 years and I will continue to keep saying so much. LGR!!!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Some of you ledgies have been soiled for 6 yrs too.

  8. If Pruster sits…who dresses? Bickel as the 4 line wing or are we reaching into our Black Aces? If so, do we dress Erixson….

    We stole this one thanks to Hank..LGR

  9. Hank couldn’t stop everything yesterday including the entire row of Devils fans behind me whoose accumulated IQ < Kreider's IQ. One "fan" had a cowbell and yelled "shoot!" as soon as her team crossed the center red line. All became so bearable at the end, though, as I stood there with my Kreider t-shirt on. I was also very impressed shortly thereafter by the Marty chant.

  10. Glad to hear that Timay. It was clear while watching on TV how many rangers fans were present at MSG WEST! The cheering after the Rangers goals was VERY loud. On the goal replays, you can see MANY rangers fans behind the nets jumping out of their seats.

    Just love that! Especially in light of the pathetic Dev’s organization campaign to keep Rangers fans out.

    In 1994 on GAME DAY, I was able to get tickets for game six! They had tickets still available… God bless them, because I was able to see the historic game by our Captain in person.

    It would be so beautiful to eliminate them. But, although we are ahead 2-1, I think they have outplayed us for significant portions of the 3 games. Hope we can turn that around on Monday and win two in a row. We haven’t done that since game 6 and 7 in round 1!

  11. Brooklyn Rob on

    Actually we won 3 in a row with game 1 vs the caps and then 2 in a row again after caps game 7 and devils game 1.

    Sorry for the nit picking, but someone has to do it :)

    This team all season even when playing poorly bad a bend but don’t break mentality and it’s still here in the playoffs. I’d like this to be over in 5 ( I’m thinking 6) just to get some rest. Especially potentially being up against the Kings who might have the most rest in my 25+ years of watching this game.

    Team might not be mentally tired, but as Yev said we have been outplayed at certain times and at certain areas and have for the most part started a bit flat.

  12. Something I mentioned after the game yesterday…

    A lot of writers made the case that Quick deserved the Vezina over Lundqvist on the basis that he had much lower goal support and his performance was the margin between being a #8 seed and missing the playoffs, rather than playing for a more dominant #1 seed.

    Reasonable arguments (though more cynically, some seemed desperate to make sure there was no perception of a non-existent East Coast bias, and even more cynically, Quick is American, Lundqvist is European).

    So why don’t the same arguments get made where Quick is apparently the front-runner for the Conn Smythe?

    The Kings have been scoring a lot more goals than the Rangers in the playoffs and have arguably been winning several games without goaltending being the primary reason. Yet Puck Daddy has Quick #1 and Lundqvist #5 (!) in the MVP race:


    Makes no sense. But then David Clarkson is on the list and Ryan McDonagh isn’t, so maybe it’s not supposed to make any sense.

  13. They have jumped the shark on the fire and ice blog. Guys ripping apart mailboxes, killing cats, and starting fights with “raggot” fans were a couple of notable comments. Win game four who knows! Some dude wants to beat up henrik before Monday. Wow. Just wow

  14. Still don’t know what happens here going forward but have a feeling tomorrow is the night they finally take a two game lead in a series. Law of averages says its got to happen but Carp would be the first to tell us it’s 50/50.

    Two wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals!, Certainly never expected this in October, although I knew they would be dangerous with Richards.

    If the Rangers win the Cup of Cree Henk wins the Conn Smythe. Quick shut down the Canucks and Blues, now he is not needed to be as great ( wonder if he will still be sharp in the finals)but that does not make him less of a goaltender. And people who want to anoint him as the Vezina winner will always find a way to do that if they want, we don’t have to agree.

    What a year, what a year, what a year.

  15. I guess the Super Trooper guys are NYR fans…funny.


    Memo to dads: when trying to determine why baby won’t fall asleep, look no further than blaring hockey game on tv you’re rocking him next to
    15 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite


    Someone needs to develop a product that knocks babies out during Rangers playoff games. #boozeonarag
    17 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  16. Carp

    On #11 – You probably should stop calling him The Kid, lest you get a visit from Bettman”s Trademark and Patent Office. That name has alrwady been granted to the anoited one, the greatest lips the game has ever know.

    Perhaps if Kreider can learn how to whine, flop, slewfoot and run and hide, then he can share the title some day.

    No need to thank me, just looking out for you.

  17. FashionForward on

    Good point about the home-ice advantage, Carp. But I think that the Rangers have taken advantage of the Game 7s at home. I don’t see either of them going our way if we had been on the road.

  18. CARP: Spot on as always!

    In terms of Mitchell; I have been critical of the guy at times. I DO NOT think he belongs on the PP…EVER!

    But, he deserves MAJOR PROPS for his work in the offensive zone that led to the Kreider tip in.

    I am still drooling over Kreider. 6’3″ 230lb 21 year old kid who is one of the fastest skaters on the team. Has a strong and accurate slap and wrist shot with a quick release. Now has also showed a pair of very soft hands with two beautiful deflection goals.. HOLY CARCILLO! The kid seems to be the total package.

    When Prust gets his game, I will have to suppress the barf. I urge you to go back and watch Shea Weber take his gloved hand and shove Zetterbergs face/Head into the boards/glass. NO SUSPENSION!

    I am NOT saying that Prust doesn’t deserve one, but the inconsistency in the discipline is enough to drive one mad.

    Wouldn’t it be beautiful to actually take a 3-1 lead in this series… One can dream, can’t one?


  19. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Great morning all!!

    Carp, one of the funniest reviews ever! I think we take Monday, too. And here’s hoping the wheeel of justice is right, for a change. Here’s what I got:

    Hockey Play

    After a thorough review we can find no basis to impose supplemental discipline. This was a hockey play. In reviewing this play, we also took into consideration that it’s the playoffs. We did think about it though. We were very close. Like really close.


  20. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on

    i’ll never understand for the life of me why a team will watch someone skate circles into the offensive zone 1 on 5, a la JMitch yesterday. That being said, thanks for the gift goal debbies!!!

  21. Remember the time that our PP went 4/6 against the Devils’ PK? That was awesome.

  22. Chris Kreider through 3 games has as many goals in this series as the ENTIRE Devils roster!


  23. Have I not mentioned that I abhor Peter DeBoer (see what I did there?). These quotes about Prust head-hunting are just absurd.

  24. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Need to finish this one up in 5! Need some rested legs, or Kings will be skating circles around the boys…

    Great job by the fans in Blue at the rock yesterday, was awesome to be there and be loud.

  25. “If Chris Drury had not ruined his knees and ravaged his body with a relentless work ethic and disregard of his health after his arrival on Broadway, No. 23 would have been both the quintessential Black-and-Blueshirt and perfect leader for this year’s team.
    Drury was a Big Moment Kid before Brad Richards became one. Drury was a Big Moment Kid before Brad Richards became one. In fact, other than their relative health, the fundamental difference as Rangers between Richards and Drury is that one began his career in Tampa and one did not.” Larry Brooks

    Interesting….not sure I buy that….

  26. Love the Farley. Love the Gerard Butler (whoever he is). Mrs. Manny showed me that, I wasn’t just cruising People….so…..

  27. Step right up Prust and spin the wheel o’ justice…you all remember our past contestants; nothing for WWEber, Neil, Ovechkin, 3 games for Hagelin. Here comes Shanahan anddddd 4 games for Mr. Prust

  28. i dont blame Deboer for those quotes. Especially when Torts says the same exact thing every time it’s happened to a Ranger. Part gamesmanship part emotion. I really do not see how you can defend a blatant elbow to the head which is a clear violation of the rule 48 that i posted last night.

  29. It was pretty much the same type of hit that Giroux made on Zubrus. One game. nothing more.

  30. I don’t think any of us are defending what Prust did. As soon as it happened I said, “there’s a game suspension.” It’s just the inconsistency of Shanabanner and his wheel of justice that makes NO sense. If Ovechkin gets no hearing, WWEber gets nothing and Hagelin gets 3….well….Hagelin is also a Ranger and it also involved an elbow but no injury so I guess…Prust gets a game.

    Bickel will be playing 4th line RW come Monday night in place of Pruster.

  31. Touche, LW. Actually Mrs. Manny looks at it online. Americans don’t need to buy magazines anymore. That’s something EuroPansies do.

    Speaking of I went to a Deutsch wedding last night. Entirely Europansies.

  32. After he got rid of the puck, Volchenkov started to spin away from Prust , in anticipation of the hit. Not condoning elbows to the head but sometimes when you’re lining up a guy, and he turns at the last minute, the impulse is to reach out for contact to any part of the body so you don’t hit air! Prust hit his head and that’s wrong. Not called a penalty on the ice, he has no history of head shots, Volchenkov continued to play in the game; he should get a $2,500.00 fine like Weber did. End of hearing!!!!

  33. bull dog line on

    I think Prust gets a gams as well, but it was nothing like the hit by Giroux.

  34. I am just really excited for Bickel to play at forward! Bickel AND Eminger!? All my dreams have come true. Thanks, Pedro.

  35. bull dog line on

    Wellman is one of the 6 players called up, but he can’t play, Neil may catch him with his head down. PRACTICE ONLY!

  36. Lol. Anyone else see Steve Zipay’s bio on the left-hand side of his articles? I dunno if it changes with a subscription to Newsday, but what I see is:

    “Steve Zipay is an award-winning journalist who has covered events.” Lol.

  37. @KatieStrangESPN@ #NYR from Torts today: Doesn’t think Prust should be suspended, suggests NHl look at Zubrus elbow on Stralman, Parise/MDZ…

  38. And the best news in light of Prust’s upcoming suspension

    @AGrossRecord@ *Dubinsky* on the ice at Rangers optional. *Not* in non contact jersey.

  39. I didn’t catch the article but if that’s what brooks wrote he should also have a piece on how Avery could have been a contributor in this series of it were not for his off ice antics and lack of commitment.

    Brooks (may have) also Over simplified the Tampa point by failing to mention the fact torts was Richards coach there.

  40. @stevezipay@ Prust arrives for skate. Hearing must be over

    Time to hold our breath and hope………

    Who do you guys think Dubinsky would replace in the lineup if Prust isn’t suspended?

  41. Watching the game on CH.4 no choice. Watching Rangers Post game on MSG network SUCKS !! Seeing Sammy talking with that jerk Chico makes me sick. 10 down 6 to go Bleed Blue ,Stay True. LGR !

  42. 2 more we need to send the Devils home to learn to play some hockey. I said three days ago the Devils were picking off Ranger defenseman in order to free up Kovalchuk.

    If you watch the Kovi goal from game 2 you can see the pick on Girardi.

    We need more of Hank to win this for us and hopefully we match up better against LA.

  43. Thanks for another great write-up, Carp!

    Been out West (actually Pacific Northwest) on business for 2 weeks where the games were not to be found on hotel cable, or already played by the time I returned to my hotel room…but following on NHL.com video bits and pieces and Carp’s articles/blog.

    I’ll say it again, the Rangers have had amazing contributions from youngsters whom have had to fill-in for injured or suspended players (e.g. Kreider) [pronounced Kray-der as in supercomputer?] which is a tribute to the coaches and the players and the second-tier depth. Hank is their anchor.

    One positive…all the talk here a few years ago was that Marian Gaborik’s is injury-prone, and whether he would be healthy enough to produce for the Rangers…aside from problems last year, the answer has proved the naysayers wrong.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Just wanted to re-post the last string of twitter updates I read. The information being completely invaluable.

    More coverage of the
    New York Rangers

    TGfireandice Parise and Kovlachuk split up, Josefson on third line; Sykora dropped to fifth line: Devils coach Pete DeBoer ha… bit.ly/KSaryE
    56 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    TGfireandice Kovalchuk has been playing right wing since end of October, but played LW most of his career before that.
    2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    TGfireandice Adam Henrique appears to be in the middle. Kovalchuk on left side, Elias on right side.
    7 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    stevezipay Prust arrives for skate. Hearing must be over
    14 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    TGfireandice RT @AGrossRecord: Torts goes through list of Devils offenses, then says “There is some gamesmanship there.”
    14 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    TGfireandice Defense pairs are the same: Greene-Fayne; Salvador-Zidlicky; Volchenkov-Harrold; Tallinder-Larsson.
    14 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  45. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    Oh yes another decision for us to ridicule by the Shamahan! If Prust gets one game…Monday night might be a win, but if its something really assinine like 3+ NYR’s will play possessed on Monday. Result will be another Hank shutout.

  46. Game 3 win was the usual formula- badly outplayed, Hank keeps them in until they get the opportunistic goal. He is easily the most impactful player in the league, bar none. Vezina, MVP and Conn Smythe. Those “experts” ignoring this have their heads up their carcillos.

    But we should keep in mind if Hank gives one of those up we are singing a very different tune on this board today. I see little evidence to suggest this won’t be a long series and could still go either way.

    Let’s remember in ’94 we score in double OT in game 3 to go up 2-1 and then Devils take next 2 to go up 3-2. Obviously different teams and different time but point is let’s not get ahead of ourselves, long way to go. So far Devils have played bigger, stronger, faster, meaner.

    The big edge we continue to have is Hank vs Marty, as long as we can get good shots on him. He will make the occasional circus act save but that’s because he is unsteady. He is the Devils’ flaw and the boys need to exploit it but they need to get good shots.

  47. Who called the game on ESPN Radio if Kenny was in Texas doing baseball yesterday? And it sounds like Tolleson was calling Red Bulls.

  48. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think that Dubi will play tomorrow. He will either replace Prust or thankfully replace Rupp. It than gives Torts a chance to roll 4 lines. I also would like to see us play a game like we played in December and January. It was at that time in my opinion that we played our best hockey. Although we have played a few games in the playoffs where we looked good too, to be fair.

  49. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Manny… My neighbors kid got his senior class a trip to Hawaii , by selling ‘People’ and ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ to the Beutiful folks of Finland and Norway.

    Gonna buck the trend and say , fine only, for Prustie.

  50. Wicky© You better run mojito!! LGT!!! on

    thanks for the write up!! It was Epic!!

    I hope prust isn’t suspended (although I could see a game). I think he is far more valuable than his stat sheet.

    I, like the majority of you, am very concerned with the “flakey/flighty” nature of the “wheels of justice” and the nature of sybilahan’s decision making.

    LGR and LGT!!

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