Post-practice interviews


First, Brandon Prust had his hearing with Brendan Shanahan via phone today, said he was able to argue his case for his elbow to the head of Anton Volchenkov, and then went out to join an optional skate, not knowing if he would be suspended.

Some gamesmanship going on, too, as John Tortorella first accused Volchenkov of staying down trying to draw a penalty, suggested that maybe his team should do that, said his players have been instructed to get up if they’re not really injured (and indeed, Brian Boyle, for example, skated off after his concussion; and came back to play another shift). Tortorella also brought up some hits by the Devils that were up high, and added that the Devils set illegal picks on faceoff plays, especially on the power play, to get Ilya Kovalchuk open shots.

Tortorella and his players all defended Prust as an honest player who has never been suspended, and who doesn’t have a single elbowing penalty this year, and all were annoyed at Peter DeBoer’s accusing Prust of being a head hunter.

Also, Stu Bickel very probably will be the fourth-line right winger if Prust is suspended.

John Tortorella:


Brandon Prust:


Brad Richards:


Marc Staal:


Brian Boyle:


Brandon Dubinsky:



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  1. Probably cause NBC didn’t focus/replay them and the Rangers just keep going about their business after being hit

  2. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “Prust’s elbow doesnt warranty a suspension”

  3. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    The LA Kings are thinking of hiring John travolta for massage coach

  4. Joekuh - 6 more.....GBTaMP! on has video of the parise hit. still looking for the zubrus one online. luckily i dvr’d the game so i’ll be looking 4 it today…

  5. beautiful sunday.
    time for a walk
    and graduation party
    and hopefully the coyotes can win one today

    enjoy watching hockey minus the high stress level

    have a great day!!

  6. Gotta say wow! Didnt even know Chelsea won til just now. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Gotta love them, so happy for Roman Abramovich. Guy has wanted that champions league more than anything, so happy for him. And di Matteo, what a guy, what a job. Fa cup and cl! Torres sticking it to former team, JT and Frank get their cl, and most of all, what a man Drogba is. Ive long been a fan of the Drog! And his leadership and excellence led them to this. Whatever changed in him, bravo! Droggy for life!!!!! CCCP!!!!!!!!! I have their whole FA Cup run and CL run on DVD, so ill be sending that to u soon!!!!!!

  7. Nice job Carp as usual. I am enjoying your coverage and wish I could make the live chats.


  8. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Can we please stop the talk about Parise being a ranger.

    I would rather pay that money to a bigger, more rugged player.

    Parise will be like gomez and holik. a zero outside of their system.

  9. boxcareddiehospodar on

    The parise hit when he ran over delzotto and did not get a penalty?

  10. +FACT+ – Anybody who compares Parise to Gomez/Holik is completely delusional.

    Did anybody see Kreider’s reaction to Cally lightly tapping his head on the bench after his goal?? So funny! You’d think Cally punched him.

  11. boxcareddiehospodar on


    let’s see.

    pay Parise a ton of money and he like all the previous devils will disappear in crunch time.

  12. I do *not* want Parise. I don’t want any silly bloated contract. We have too many guys to sign and keep in our future.

    I want one person, *Iginla*. 1-Year left so I don’t care about the money.

  13. boxcareddiehospodar on

    My guess is a few years ago everyone said,

    gomez,drury will be the difference maker.

    Manny hit it on the head. Let the devils pay parise a ridiculous amount of $$$.

    sign our own and oone big brusing forward.

  14. Lloyd Braun on

    yeah, I want nothing to do with Parise either. as I said a few weeks back, whoever made the Gomez-Parise comparison totally convinced me. I’m done with undersized Devils forwards no matter how “tough” they supposedly are. save the money and go after a guy who cracks 6′ with skates on.

  15. boxcareddiehospodar on


    based on what?

    did gomez compete every shift n NJ?

    let parise rob someone else for once..

  16. boxcareddiehospodar on

    The devils forwards are tough after the whistle.

    When they go into the corner they always end up on their a$$e$.

  17. Lloyd Braun on

    Orr is such a closet Devils fanatic that he wants anything to do with his beloved team to wind up affiliated with the Rangers organization.

  18. And you’re secretly in love with Doctor Emrick. You want to have little Doctor Emrick babies that squeal at night while you cradle them in your arms. Don’t deny it, Lloyd. I’m not against your -weird- love for him!

    Box, Gomez is a floater, he’s weak. He’s everything Parise is not.

    Manny, what are you willing to give up for Iginla?

  19. well, you guys are entitled to your opinions, but the guys who will be signing that check want him. and pretty much every GM in the league. And I would too. He’ll be the No. 1 UFA this summer.

    the guy competes kind of like Callahan, has first-line skill. so I don’t think because Gomez and Holik didn’t work out will be a good reason to not sign him.

  20. You really think he’ll be number one over Suter, Carp? D-men are harder to come by and he’s first pair on any team on the league.

  21. boxcareddiehospodar on

    If Nash is still available I’d take another at him before parise.

  22. Lloyd Braun on


    How much money do you think it would take to lure your favorite announcer out of semi-retirement to do Rangers games? Do you think we can we get them to toss in your second favorite announcer Mr. Resch? Reunite the dream team and have the absolute pinnacle of sports broadcasting helming Rangers games 82 times a year. What do you think?

  23. boxcareddiehospodar on


    IMO they win the board battles because the rangers run around in their own zone and are out of position.

    I would take nash any day over parise.

    Nash and parise are the same age.

  24. Lloyd, you figure it out, you’re in love with the guy. Why are you always asking me for things? You ask for my permission to rub one out, which was really creepy, then you ask me if we can compare urine streams, which was also weird.

    You need therapy my friend. Doctor Emrick, perhaps??

  25. High Desert Roberto on

    ok and espn say it’s 1-0 kings but the nbc scoreboard reads 0-0…can anybody shed some light

  26. Nash is going to cost you prospects, young players and draft picks plus money. Parise just money.

    that’s why Parise is Plan A.

    And yes, Parise over Suter.

  27. boxcareddiehospodar on


    how about the following:

    dubinsky,anismov,and one of the following delzotto,sauer,staal,

  28. boxcareddiehospodar on


    I agree but I would still rather have nash going for a puck or standing in front of the net than parise.

  29. well, yeah. I’d rather have Steven Stamkos than Carl Hagelin on my first line, too. But it’s apples and oranges.

  30. Nobody costs just money because you’re going to have to lose other rosters players to make room for him and his salary. But yeah, under the circumstances, I wouldn’t even consider Nash and his hefty trade price with Parise on the market.

  31. they’re not trading Staal or Del Zotto for Nash. Sauer’s damaged goods. They’d want McDonagh, too, and Kreider. And a first.

  32. Lloyd Braun on


    if you were Columbus, why in the world would you want Brandon Dubinsky? the hypothetical trades invovling him a few months ago were laughable then, now they’re downright insulting.

  33. Just money … so you clear out Papa Drury, Avery, maybe Dubinsky if you have to, certainly guys like Fedotenko can come off the books pretty easily. Voila, just money.

  34. Columbus would take Dubinsky back if the Rangers’ offer is sweet enough. They won’t hold out for Dubinsky. It would be more a matter of they’d take him if the Rangers give them more.

  35. Lloyd Braun on

    here’s the big question:

    if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup this year, do you stand pat (at least in terms of big free agent signing and trades)?

  36. Fedotenko coming off the books means that Fedotenko isn’t on the ice. Voila, missing player.

  37. I don’t think we would have to give up a lot for Iginla but I would be fine with a Dubinsky and WoyWhatever type package, ORR.

    Iginla or no one.

  38. Win cup=stand pat.

    Lose Cup=panic.

    Not my idea. Just what I think the truth is

  39. The winner of the Rangers Devils series will be a sacrificial lamb for the Kings. The Kings have played 1 game above the minimal and have 4 scoring lines with a great goalie. We have no shot of beating the Kings.

  40. Please. No Nash. No Parise. No Suter. No WWEber. Iginla or stand firm.

    Some of our players needing new contracts in the next three years (provided no lock out) are really good players.

  41. Lloyd Braun on


    You know damn well that Fedotenko is going to re-sign here (unless he decides to retire)

  42. Tony from AZ on

    Im enoying the outdoors with my family and boneheads! No birds have pooped on me yet.

  43. I’m just starting trouble with Carp, Lloyd. Don’t take any of my rubbish seriously.


  44. My theory on Iginla is that the Flames want to let him leave in glory and try to win a cup. Rangers would be a great fit for the old warrior. I’m sure we could give them something in a 2-for-1.

  45. Is this the same Mike who said the Rangers were done and couldn’t win a game in Washington at 1-1 in that series?

  46. As good as the Kings are, and they are, and their goalie is the real deal — as good as, or better than Lundqvist — they have met no pushback at all from Vancouver and Phoenix. I didn’t see any of their series against St. Louis but it sounds like the Blues kind of pooped the cot.

  47. bull dog line on

    you would trade Hagelin and Stepan for what? Parise already plays the way the Rangers play. he would fit perfect.

  48. Lloyd Braun on


    I’ve not really criticized Fedotenko much (if at all) during the playoffs. In the postseason, I think he’s acquitted himself about as well as a forward who never scores can. But I think it’s just time to move on. And it worries me that they’re going to end up overpaying Prust.

  49. Is it me, or has Quick let in a few *absolutely atrocious* goals in this series (but it hasn’t mattered)?

  50. That’s what I’ve been saying Carp. Kings are a very good team, but their opponents have all self-destructed as well.

  51. boxcareddiehospodar on


    sooner or later if columbus is serious about moving nash then their demands will need to come down to earth.

  52. bull dog line on

    I thought I saw you say you would trade Hagelin and Stepan. just not sure who it was you said you would trade them for

  53. I think they can use Prust’s underwhelming (IMO) postseason as a bargaining chip to lower his price, Lloyd. I’d like him back, but he isn’t worth overpaying.

  54. boxcareddiehospodar on


    my point was kinda of like sauer is in the same postion stall was in last year.

    however Crap is correct; Staal is back playing at this point and Sauer is not.

  55. The Blues did not show up at defense or in net. The Coyotes have horrendous defense and are standing around while their goalie gets hit repeatedly. The Rangers are not going to play like that.

    Also. Hank has been better than Quick in the playoffs. Just my opinion but in more games I think he’s been better.

  56. Lloyd Braun on


    well yeah but there’s a difference in lowering one’s demands and basically taking part in a practical joke. Rangers are going to have to give up a lot more young talent.

  57. bull dog line on

    I have been as big a Staal basher as there is. based on what I have watched this post season, I am not trading him.

  58. Chicago Blackhawks, 1992 (Mike Keenan coach, Jeremy Roenick star player, Ed Belfour and Dominik Hasek in goal) went into the finals on an 11-game winning streak. And got smoked in four by the Penguins, who had to come back from down 3-1 to Washington to win in seven, then trailed the Rangers 2-1 and won in six in the eastern semi.

    so, no, I’m not gift-wrapping the Cup to the Kings.

  59. Lloyd Braun on


    Definitely agree with that. I think it’s a smart move to bring him back but only if it the increase in salary isn’t substantial. I worry he’ll end up getting way more than he’s worth (especially if they win the cup) and if you’re an agent, you really only need to point to the Mike Rupp contract.

  60. bull dog line on

    I do not think you need Nash anymore. Parise is a free agent and fits the Rangers much better. keep your chips for something else. all there prospects are now 1 year closer to helping the big club.

  61. bull dog line on

    don’t think Hasek was the number 1 on that team. I think it was Belfour.

  62. If the Rangers win the cup I don’t really care who we overpay. i might still be in euphoria land when Richards comes off the books.

  63. Lloyd Braun on

    Mike Smith has been a fraud all season and it was a matter of time before that was exposed.

  64. CTBlueshirt on

    Smith isn’t as good as his save % suggests but then again the Yotes are a pretty dreadful Fenwick team. Imagine the first 40 mins of Rangers-Devils game 3 for every game and you get an idea of how bad the Yotes are at puck possession.

  65. Smith just gives up so many goals we would KILL Hank for giving up and he is a rebound machine.

  66. Funny that Carp mentioned Gomez earlier. Yesterday as I walked out of my neighborhood deli I literally walked right into him with what I assume is his girlfriend.

    It was just after the game and I was wearing a Rangers t-shirt. He took one look at the t-shirt and kind of made one of those patented Gomez smirks, snarky faces that he always had in interviews.

    I was tempted to ask him who he was rooting for or alternatively, what is it like to steal $7mn but decided to leave him alone.

  67. And I don’t want to say anything too controversial here, but…When the Coyotes collapse and block shots (a/k/a play like the Rangers) the Kings look MUCH less in control.

  68. CT, get out of here with your logic facts. :)

    How you been?

    bull dog do you remember the “save” he made on Mario at the blue line?

  69. CTBlueshirt on

    Little CT just woke up, right in time to see Quick begin his mean regression to a goalie that on average gives up more than 2 goals per 60.

  70. Just got home. Did i just hear NBC say Rozsival may be the most underrated player in today’s game? Is this real life?

  71. I completely agree with CARP! Parise has the heart and character of Cally with first line skill. I think he would be a great fit on our team. Have you been watching him this playoffs? He is a heart and soul guy..

  72. CTBlueshirt on

    Ray Whitney, crafty veteran. How ever did the Rangers reach the ECF without him?

  73. True Yev, but he’s also a $9M per year for 8+ years guy. We already have one of those.

  74. CTBlueshirt on

    Parise is also producing at a rate in these playoffs and running a goal drought that usually gets people starting their cars to drive Gaborik to the airport.

  75. Parise, in the Rangers system will be yet another 30 goal a season guy that doesn’t reach his “potential” because of the playing style. Not worth it.

    I personally think he hasn’t been that spectacular in the playoffs and has been a whiny little guy on the ice.

  76. Yes this is the Mike who said we wouldn’t win in Washington and I am so so happy I was wrong. And Carp I was born in 1971 and remember the series you talked about but I think the wear and tear of these brutal long series will catch up with us as the Kings just make it look easy with a ton of rest

  77. the other thing is, what’s the projection for kreider? because maybe they don’t need to get Parise or Nash this summer.

  78. Czechthemout!!!! on

    No to Parise. No more ex Devils! Nash will be available at the draft and for the right price I would look into that possibility. We need size and speed. He is a 6 year older Chris Kreider. Who will be damn hungry to win a cup.

    Oh and by the way, if Kreider isn’t signed by Sather like many on here were advocating, we are now playing golf. Is there any doubt about that.

    No to Suter. We have that already with our top three. We need to sign Justin Shultz. His offensive game and his shot is the cure for our ailing power play.

  79. CTBlueshirt on

    Well I don’t know if that system held Gaborik back from scoring a couple of 40 goal seasons. The argument could be made that the Rangers could adjust to a more offensive oriented system with Gaborik, Richards, Kreider and Parise, but certainly the concern with the deal that Parise most likely will end up with is the back end of the deal.

  80. As soon as the Kings beat somebody who pushes back and/or plays well, I’ll start cutting up their confetti, Mike.

  81. Czech, from what I gleaned today, it will be Bickel in for Prust. No other changes. I could be wrong. I don’t think I am.

  82. Nobody’s saying anything. Dubinsky skated today, took shots. It was an optional, no contact, no reason to believe he’s ready.

    And I have reason to think it will be Bickel.

  83. CTBlueshirt on

    There are three teams prior to the Kings to win 11 of 12 playoff games.

    2008: Pens

    1995: Wings

    1983: Oilers

    They all lost in their respective Cup final.

  84. Czechthemout!!! on

    Dave Maloney said it on NHL network. Also the Jacets asst. GM made what I thought were strange comments. You know the boiler plate cliche stuff and than he said “this is a business” and they have to do what they have to do. I thought that was very forthright. Also on NHL live.

  85. Lloyd Braun on


    re: Parise, exactly. he’s going to get away with grand larceny because he’s the highest profile free agent forward. no more small Devils forwards please. no more Devils period.

  86. McShanny (discp Czar) on

    CT very funny about driving Gaborik to the airport. He gets such Carcillo on this board. Don’t think he deserves as much as he gets.

  87. Czechthemout!!! on


    I still feel MdZ , Dubi,AA and a # 1 gets it done.

    Dubi, AA are legitimate second/ third line players. MdZ is a top four dman on that team. Number on pick can also be exchanged for JT Miller if need be.

    Nash makes the Rangers a repeat threat immediately.

  88. Any word on Prust yet? or link to the two other hits in the game by the devils?

  89. Lloyd Braun on


    Gaborik’s disappearing act for most of the playoffs is exactly the kind of thing that will elicit massive amount of critcism and I don’t think you can really blame fans for that. Richards got the big contract (that some dopes around here were still saying was a mistake up until a few weeks ago) and delivered down the stretch. He’s been the best forward on the team in the postseason, too. Gaborik’s getting outplayed by a kid who played his first NHL game on April 16. So, it’s not like the criticism is entirely undeserved.

  90. I’m always following the discussion here as most of the time it’s adult in nature and entertaining, informative, funny and thought provoking.

    All the talk about Parise sparks these questions: How likely is Lou to let him go to any other team (especially the Rangers)? And, this young man appears to be one with character, so how likely is his loyalty to the Devils going to affect his judgement about the money?

  91. CTBlueshirt on

    Don’t think CBJ needs MDZ when they already have Wisniewski and Jack Johnson.

  92. Lloyd Braun on


    Del Zotto is a tough one. After the increased physical presence he’s shown this season and particularly in the postseason, I don’t think I’d trade him. He’s a month away from his 22nd birthday and will certainly put on weight in the next few seasons. I also think (read: hope) his shot accuracy will improve. Given what he’s going to give you and his youth, I don’t think you part with that. To be honest, I’d trade Staal a lot quicker than Del Zotto right now.

  93. CTBlueshirt on

    Maybe Gaborik is taking every other series off. I thought being part of 7 of the 15 goals the Rangers scored in the Caps series was a pretty good showing, but his Ottawa series and the first 3 games of this one have certainly left a lot to be desired.

  94. THE KREIDER is already twice the player Parise and/or Nash is … he is a phenomenal player only rivaled in skill by Gretzky.

  95. Wonder how many Kings games David Beckham had been to before the last few weeks. Ignorant bandwagon Anglopånsy.

  96. THE KREIDER is even better than James and/or Wade in basketball.

    I wouldn’t even question his croquet skills.

  97. Obviously, Beckham can’t even name a Kings player … he goes because it’s fashionable.

    But so do a lot of other clowns.

    The bottom line is that Beckham has been good for MLS. Everything else is noise.

  98. Schweinsteiger is a moron. Nobody who stutter-steps on a penalty kick ever buries it.

  99. I think the Kings fans are pretty bandwagon. They seem to cheer at weird times during the games and there are far too many clueless celebrities. I think everything in LA is like that though…

  100. Lloyd Braun on


    Just to play along a bit…

    Nash had 3 career postseason points in his one postseason series.
    Parise’s career postseason high is 10 points (which he’ll likely tie and/or break this year) set in 06-07 after he played 82 regular season games.

    Chris Kreider has 7 postseason points and has never played a regular season NHL game.

  101. Im a bit surprised it’s taking so long for them to announce the decision on Prust.

  102. LLOYD

    and the only reason THE KREIDER only has seven points is that Torts the Clown didn’t play him on the first/second line until recently.

  103. CTBlueshirt on

    @LA offensive problems return, Southern Cal fans flock to the Kemp-less Dodgers and booing Pujols@

  104. Czechthemout!!! on


    Wisneiwski can’t stay healthy and is a head case. MdZ is a better player than him. He would be their number two with Jack Johnson.


    I wouldn’t trade Staal in a package because that would be giving up too much. I also think that Staal is a better dman than MDZ and is more important to how we play than MDZ is. I also believe that Shultz, if we sign him, will be the answer as our pp QB.

    Because Nash can’t force his way out of CBJ the way Heatly forced his way out of Ottawa.

  105. Tom Foolery on

    I’m sure they were waiting for this game to end before announcing any decision on Prust.
    Is it just me, or was there absolutely no atmosphere in the arena considering the Kings were 1 win from the finals? LA is a joke

  106. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think the longer it takes worse it is. I bet Prust gets two games.

  107. Nash ain’t proved that he is all that. I would not include MDZ in a deal for him, and Staal even less. If they want Dubi and AA and a top prospect, all ears.

    The Kings are a quasi-semi-kinda-fraud. Good team but playing way way way over their heads for a while now. Believe me they will eff it all up sooner rather than later —- it’s in their DNA.

  108. At this point I’m startign to think no suspension . . .I mean you got to get word back in a reasonable amount of time .. . Tortorellaand the team need time to prepare for the game they need to know who they will have to play the game.

  109. Who would have thought that besides Hank it’s been the PP keeping them in the series, ORR?

  110. “FACT – Anybody who compares Parise to Gomez/Holik is completely delusional.”

    Orr, I agree here. Parise will make whatever team he goes to, better. If I am the Devils I would be sweating this out.

    As for Nash…why? Kreider is going to be a beast. I don’t know who to give up for Nash. I know who the Jackets want…just don’t think I’d capitulate. Seeing that I have so much say in the matter.

    Also, what is the deal with the Kings? Everyone at, TSN, etc seems to think they will railroad the Rangers or Devils in the finals. Are they really that good? My impression is that the Rangers, Devils, Senators, Capitals and Bruins are better than pretty much all of the 8 playoff teams in the West. I would have included Pittsburgh but they just fell apart in the first round. Never saw that coming. Am I delusional?

  111. Lloyd Braun on

    Let’s pretend it’s the summer of 2007, I’d be curious to hear what the differences are between Gomez and Parise.

  112. While Parise or Nash would be nice additions, I’m sure everyone has realized that we are playing basically 4 D every game. Suter will get a lot of money but adding depth to the D is the biggest need.

  113. CTBlueshirt on

    I don’t know if they need to throw a lot of $ to find players that are better than Bickel and Stralman, certainly there’s a happy medium between those two and Suter.

  114. I think that’s more of a fact than an argument, CT.

    The results are all that count, ORR. Need to be better at even strength though.

  115. D the biggest need?

    Scott: There’s some truth to that, however, one or two journeymen, should be fine. There are always some decent 5-7 D-men in the UFA pool. Bickle is learning and I think next season his minutes could go up. We have Mac-Truck and Erixon who might be able to jump into the roster at some point next year. If Sauer, however unlikely it may be, gets healthy we’ll be pretty good.

    This team is sound defensively. Our top four D-Men are pretty good. Stralman is not bad for a 5/6 guy. Suter would be nice but if you do needs analysis, wouldn’t a little more scoring be important? I know he can add some blueline scoring pressure, but I think the D the Rangers have, have proven they can score. We need some pressure from our top two lines. Our bottom six is great, our top six is average in terms of offense.

    Gabs is not consistent. For the most part we don’t have any consistent offense. Whether via a smart trade, kids in the system or a UFA…the Rangers need some more goals.

    The only concern is, as Carp mentioned in a previous thread, it takes a certain type of player to play for this team. And goal scorers who play like 3rd line energy guys are not common place. That is why I think Parise or Iggy would be decent choices and Parise the better because he is young and will not cost us players. If we need to open cap space, I’d rather try to trade a player or two for a 1st round pick.

  116. Czech, why do you think howson would do that package for nash? and I wouldn’t deal Del Zotto for him … not when you can have Parise and Del Zotto and your No. 1 pick.

    What in holy hell is a Bastian Schweinsteiger?

  117. Lloyd Braun on


    Rangers badly need a power play quarterback, as everyone in the world as known since about 1995. And absolutely they need defensive depth. I doubt anyone is banking on Stralman and Bickel as being the right pieces but the question is, where do they go via free agency?

    here are all the UFA defensman:

    Suter’s obviously a great fit but he’ll cost a fortune. Not sure that’s necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s a factor. Is there anyone on that list you’d want?

  118. CTBlueshirt on

    Gabs is not consistent. For the most part we don’t have any consistent offense. Whether via a smart trade, kids in the system or a UFA…the Rangers need some more goals.


    Won’t argue the need more scoring, but I’d say the problem has tended to lie with the supporting cast more than the guy that’s basically been a point per game player his Ranger career.

  119. Maybe Shanahan is having a tough time picking out the right suit to wear in the video?

  120. Lloyd Braun: Not anybody on that list the Rangers should take for offensive reasons. Suter would add more offense and his contract whatever it ends up being is doable. Gabs has one year left. Dubi is expendable and AA might be too depending on how some kids pan out.

    I still think that if the Rangers spend the cash the higher scoring version of Callahan is the better option.

  121. I wouldn’t mind signing Brad Stuart from that list if Sauer isn’t going to be able to return. Same ilk, and Stuart has plenty of pedigree winning in Detroit playing under Babcock.

  122. That’s if we could get him for something around his current cap hit, which is unlikely.

  123. Lloyd Braun on


    Not sure on that one. Seems unlikely that he’d finish his career anywhere other than Detroit and if not, it’s kind of hard to justify offering a contract to a 42-year old defenseman who just came off the worst season of his career

  124. It was a joke! He’s staying in Detroit. And it’s pretty amazing that the worst season of his career is still better than almost every defenseman in the NHL. Lidstrom is probably my favorite player of all time, so. Just love everything about the man.

  125. I don’t have a problem with Prust getting a game. I think it was deserved. I do, however, still have an issue with WWEber and Ovechkin and Co. not getting anything.

  126. Lloyd Braun on


    I’d sign him for a year if the price was right; I just don’t think it will be.

  127. Yea that commercial is the worst. There is no reason they would be in a car together. None.

  128. Actually most commercials geared towards hockey fans are horrendous:

    Ice resurfacing 75 Years ago;
    The guy buying Coors Light and the Bruins are playing in the beer cooler and he yells “hit him!”;
    Corey Perry Car Hat Trick w/ Lidstrom;
    The Verizon one with the guy IN the ice – you can’t even see anything from under the ice!;

  129. Lloyd Braun on

    Corey Perry’s, “really?” at the end of that commercial could be the worst ever delivery of a line

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