Brandon Prust will miss Game 4 with a one-game suspension


Brendan Shanahan’s dart hit “1” on the dartboard.

I’m not saying Brandon Prust shouldn’t have been suspended, because he did after all elbow Anton Volchenkov in the head (and I wonder if they’ve managed to scrape Volchenkov off the ice yet).

I am saying that what Prust did was not nearly as malicious as what Chris Neil did to Brian Boyle, or what Alex Ovechkin did to Dan Girardi, or what Shea WWEber did to Henrik Zetterburg.

And in fact, I wonder if Glen Sather has or will complain to the league that now two of his guys have been suspended in these playoffs — both of them with no priors on their records — while every time one of his Rangers gets clonked directly in the head, it somehow gets forgiven.

Also, I brought this up earlier, if some of the head shots had been punished with more than couch-cushion change fines during the season, and some hadn’t been blatantly ignored during this postseason, maybe we wouldn’t still have these issues.

I will post the official announcement as soon as it is available.

I have reason to believe that Stu Bickel will move up to forward for Game 4 tomorrow night, barring an unexpectedly quick return by Brandon Dubinsky, who skated in an optional (non-contact) practice today.


From the NHL:


NEW YORK (May 20, 2012) — New York Rangers forward Brandon Prust has been suspended for one game for elbowing New Jersey Devils defenseman Anton Volchenkov during the teams; Eastern Conference Final game in New Jersey on Saturday, May 19, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

The incident occurred at 2:31 of the second period.

For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video,please click on the following link:


A couple of things. First we will have a Live Game 4 Chat tomorrow at noon, where we can discuss the suspension, John Tortorella’s gamesmanship, Henrik Lundqvist’s mastery, the Rangers’ failure to have a two-game lead at any point in these playoffs, future Ranger Zach Parise, or any other topic you want to bring to the table. So be here. Or else.

Also, I’m going to be a guest on NY Sports Exchange tonight around 10 p.m., with host Derek Wasiak. You can listen via radio at AM1240-WGBB, or on your computer at (which is the better option unless you live on Long Island). Give us a listen.


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  1. “Corey Perry’s, “really?” at the end of that commercial could be the worst ever delivery of a line”

    Can only be second at best behind Peter Laviolette’s delivery of a line with Sestito and Rinaldo on it.

  2. Mrs. Manny is urging John Tortarella to play Michael Scott (a/k/a John Scott a/k/a Scott Johnston)

  3. Knew it, called it, and it was fair. I know it’s hard to say anything is fair with these idiots running, ruining the NHL. Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.

  4. 4generations 4 cups on

    Seriously, I just think the hit was fully embellished. I dont know why Ovechkin wasn’t suspended. I dont know why Weber got away with it. I dont know why Hagelin got 3 and not 1. There is no real logic, and it was sort of a strange play. To say it was on purpose is just ridiculous. I feel sad just for this player because he plays heart-and-soul hockey. Even if it is fair, it isn’t fair because it seems like the axe only falls on the Rangers.


  5. So who bets that Mike Sullivan will be the next coach of the Edmonton Oilers? He could be pretty good with that darn good young talent.

  6. Great idea Latona. They love our “sloppy seconds” so why not. Avery and Sully for Renney and Brent Sutter (assuming Brent gets the Job there first).

  7. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    So .. the new NHL with Bettman is what ?

    Selectively protecting and punishing certain players in the NHL in accordance with NHLPA ?

    Bettman should view some old videos of the playoffs
    where guys kicked the crap out of each other.

  8. Manny, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hedberg plays before this is over. Marty has been lucky and bad so far.

  9. The hit that Torts is talking about is the one we should be yelling about. It’s the Zubrius elbow right to the kisser

  10. Mrs Kreider on

    Memo to B Prust:if you are going for the headshot, try the head vs turnbuckle maneuver next time instead of the Flyin Hawaiian or whatever that was.

  11. I am in NY. GOing to watch the game manana in a Manhattan bar. Prust suspended 1 game no suprise from the NHL. they are clowns……….

    anyone have any ideas on good hockey bars in NYC????????????

  12. It would also be nice if the yokes could actually win a game on home ice against the Kings. No?

  13. Ummmmmm around the garden is a ton . . .I like Molly Wee Pub . . . just went to Blarney Rock also Flying Puck is good. .

  14. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “Chris KREIDER can inverse the puck as well as anyone in today or yesterday’s game”

  15. Damn Carp, everyone’s game has to step up in the playoffs, and needs to get better the longer the dance is still going on… and I assume you thought that meant you as well. Been so much fun to read man, and I hope this tango goes deep into the night.

    This business of suspensions has gotten a little ridiculous and I can’t wait to watch Brenden Shant- i-han’d out suspensions explain this one. Cant use the Ovechkin excuse of the player not leaving the game…

    Also, I hope if Dubinsky does return its not just because its Bickel and Emminger as the alternative. I think its best to be sure he’s ready to go if they do make it to the end of the dance, they’ll need him.


  16. As crazy as it may sound Prust is my favorite player. That being said, i think its fair, the other bullcarcillo rulings not withstanding. On its own it’s a fair ruling. Several of the others were just wrong. Prust scores the winner in the clincher. LTG RANGERS!!!!!!

  17. “Look for a while at the KREIDER cat sunflower,
    Proud walking jingle in the midnight sun.
    Copperdome bodhi drip a silver kimono,
    Like a crazy quilt stargown through a dream night wind.”

    Long live Jerry. Long live the NYR.

  18. Totally agree Hedberg. You might see some real ice time. Marty has been very, very beatable.

  19. I know some of you are trying to sound objective, but I really don’t know what is this “fair” thing you’re talking about. Fair is not whether or not Rangers players get fairly punished. Fair should mean having opposing players punished for the same fouls that Rangers players are being suspended for. I’ve seen a lot of things in these playoffs, “fair” is not one of them.

  20. leetchhalloffame on

    Shanny is a joke. Hope he doesn’t get any invites to Rangers alumni events.

  21. True JB . .. fair should mean a player with a certain history delivering a certain type of hit should get a certain punishment . . . . injury, star status, and team should not have any effect. . . . . Unfortunately it does in the NHL. SO if the NHL acted fairly I think the type of hit delivered by Prust should result in suspension . . .namely one game. That also means I think Ovechkin, and Neil and Weber should have been suspended. . . the NHL messed that up. Just because they don’t act fairly doesn’t mean I and other fans can’t assign a value to fair.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly, 1 game was warranted and deserved. But it’s the exact same thing that Hagelin did, same thing Neil did and got away with, same thing Ovechkin did and got away with. Round and round we go on the Shanahan wheel of justice.

    Carp, 100% right, maybe if they either stopped with the couch cushion fines, or actually institute a guideline? Much like the NFL. 1st time, maximum fine, 2nd time 3 games (1 playoff), 3rd time 5 games (3 playoff), 4th time 20 games (12 playoffs). 5th time, 1 calendar year. Not open to interpretation. Plus you get one judgment of accidental vs. intentional. Aka, if say Brandon Prust’s elbow the other night was deemed accidental, no fine, no suspension, nothing b/c of no priors. But that’s limited to 1 time. If it happens one more time, then no matter what, whether it’s accidental or not it starts with the maximum fine, etc. Takes it out of Shanahan’s hands almost completely.

  23. Shammy’s video hasn’t gone up yet. I guess he and bettman haven’t decided how to explain Prust’s suspension and ignoring Neil, Weber, Parise, Ovechkin.

  24. But they will never do that Graves cause they wouldn’t want to risk losing Ovechkin to a suspension.

  25. William —

    “Thought I heard a baby Kreider this morning
    I thought I heard a baby Kreider today…”

  26. not shocked by suspension. happy only one game thought shanny would hit us up for 3 games. agree with carp no hearing on neil ovechkin and weber is just beyond a joke. what a disgrace shanny and the league are

  27. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Well said. And this, too: Even if it is fair, it isn’t fair.
    Big hartnelling sigh.

    Said my see ya later to Tony and the AZ family today. Sob! Gonna miss him and Rose terribly but am thrilled the big guy finally gets to head west, as is he. He’s promised to work really hard on recovery and is already arguing with Rose about coming back here in June…for the parade of course.

    Miss you already Tony!!!!!! Work it!

  28. seriously if dubi cant go playing bickel for more then 2 mins at forward would be a colossal mistake. play 11 forwards. keep eminger back on blue line

  29. I know Jorek, that’s part of the reason the NHL department of player safety is a joke.

  30. Yup Graves. . . Shanny was one of my fav all time players . . . now I can’t stand him very sad. . . . .

  31. Who’s closer to coming back? The little italian kid from Norway? Or Dubinsky? If Dubi is 75%, i say play him. He can still kill penalties, and won’t be a defensive liability, and should be able to play 8 min or less tomorrow. If Zucc is more ready and Dubi isn’t anywhere close, play Zucc, can’t hurt the PP. Just move Mitchell up on that line, give Zucc some 4th line minutes and work him on the PP. I just don’t think putting Bickel or Scott there is the answer. Actually, maybe use Bickel and play 7 D, and just rotate a double shifting forward, like Cally, Boyle, Feds, Hagelin, etc. That way our D may get a little rest from the overlogged minutes, 2 guys who play 5 minutes/night take maybe a couple minutes off McD, Staal, Girardi’s ice time.

  32. Hospodar, I could never top that last one! LOL

    “My name is August West and I love my Chris Kreider best more than my wine.”


  33. watching russia vs slovakia, how come they spell the names different on their jerseys? semin is spelled syomin?? why doesnt he use that spelling in nhl?? cccp or ilb? 4ever? u guys would know this

  34. i hope so jorek. but carps been dead on. plus, were gonna miss prusts grit and energy. all this means is more minutes to other forwards. at least bickel is a d man so shouldnt be a liability if he plays. i dont remember he played fwd few times or just eminger?

  35. i guess shanny was told that the Rangers pk was too good
    so Prust had to go for at least one game

    still waiting for Torts to be fined for daring to besmirch the
    good name of the pickmaking, embellishing, flopping devils

  36. grabby because Americans cant pronounce it the right way, this way it’s easier. in syomin yo represents a letter in the Russian alphabet.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    TGfireandice @NHLShanahan said in suspension video that Prust’s previously clean record and Volchenkov not being injured were taken into account.
    4 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t have enough energy to explain what’s wrong with that entire post there. Sheesh.

  39. boxcareddiehospodar on

    can’t wait to hear boomer tomorrow morning.

    also can’t wait for the rangers to win the cup and the garden chants:

    betteman sucks!!!

  40. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    What a joke this league this. Just a joke. OV doestn get suspended for nearly killing Girardi, but a guy with no prior record does. And they cant use the excuse that they didnt want to ruin the Conf Semis without one of the best players on the ice, bc thats not fair. Thats 4 suspensions/no suspension that have gone against us this postseason. Joke. Bias.

  41. barankas playing fo slovakia. what happened with him? thought we loaned him out, but he just never came back. another europansy i guess. ;)

  42. That was me above. Anyway, said goodbye to Tony and fam today. Truly inspirational and amazing person, he is. I hope when he gets fully better, he visits Bettman and Shanacriminal and sticks his boot so far up their aasens, his boot comes out their mouths.

  43. “Kreider comes riding up on a Quasar…”

    The china>rider one is the best because it would actually come out to be Kreider>Kreider

  44. boxcareddiehospodar on

    After this recent debacle how in the world are the zubrus and parise hits not being reviewed?

  45. If Prust was gonna get a one gamer for that embellished elbow to the head….he shoulda hit the guy with a brick instead.

  46. Going on the radio now.

    boxcar, the word I got is that they were reviewed, but that the replays they had available weren’t good enough for a hearing or discipline.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    Never had such a good time
    in my life before
    I’d like to have it one time more
    One good ride from start to end
    I’d like to take that ride again

  48. I’m sickened by the call on Prust. You want to suspend him? Fine. You want to be ‘fair’? Fine.

    Then all the others that did similar and worse things should be retro-suspended.

    He did not leave his feet, was not a repeat offender, and the faking Debbie defenseman, Volchenkov, was not hurt. It looked worse than it was. But his acting job was good enough to fool the big fool in Toronto. We have seen much worse in these playoffs be nothing. Why this?

    True, a member of the old boy network, one of Lou’s coaches, PDB did complain, and Lou is part of the Montreal/Detroit old boys network. He is a ‘good boy’ and Torts is not. This is someone’s career you are playing with. A teams fate you are dealing with. It is absolute bull**#*#(

    With all the other names mentioned by previous posters add to it a vicious slash by Mike Smith on Dustin Brown, a crazy head hunting hit by Derek Morris, both of which had NO review, even, and both were MORE dangerous and this is a farce. Both were penalized and both were in this round.

    Yes, it was a high elbow but not of strong force. It is bull*$(#) that this is enough for a suspension. It is also bull $*($( that so many others do worse things and get no hearing, including Neil. What Carkner did in jumping Boyle was much worse.

    All I think is this is perfect for the NHL because it potentially helps to extend the series, because as thin as the Rangers are, it will hurt. So more gate and TV revenue and drama. Plus, they hurt Torts, the coach that doesn’t’ do press conferences and gets fined every time he speaks the truth. Perfect.

    Where is the equity? Is this just because they hate Torts that much? Fall in line, John, and maybe your boy won’t get suspended next time. Total bull #*#**. Despite all the ridiculous harsh calls against our team, we still are doing ok. Screw them all.

    We will overcome. We will overcome. Use it as a rallying cry and win one for Prusty!!!!

  49. boxcareddiehospodar on



    Although I am a Ranger fan I watched the hits again on my TIVO and they were blatant with intent.

  50. boxcareddiehospodar on

    If I didn’t know any better Shanahan’s prior life must have been the ref in game 8 of the 1972 Canada vs. USSR series!!!

  51. bafa!

    trying to listen to Carp and it wants me to install a windows plug-in to listen
    i do it
    and it still won’t add volume to the broadcast


  52. duckbill platypus on

    orrsie, if the rangers pull a hangover does that mean there will be shemales involved?? this blog gets crzier by the guys are bonkers!!! I love every one of you!!! xoxo ily ily

  53. It would be pretty interesting to see all of your reactions if Clarkson did the same thing to McDonagh.

  54. GregM_section403 on

    anyone know how i can listen to Carp’s audio clips on an iphone or ipad (without jailbreaking)?

  55. Anybody have a clip of the Zubrus hit on Stralman or at least know the time of the game that it happened?

  56. Lev, Ovie did worse to Girardi. I was pissed off.

    However, the fact that a repeat offender LEFT HIS FEET and didn’t even get a hearing is even worse.

    Fair is fair. If you suspend Prust, you had to have suspended Ovechkin. That was FAR worse. Not even close.

  57. boxcareddiehospodar on


    I watched Kovalpuke do it to McDonagh in the 1st period>

    I don’t need to see it happen again!!

  58. I hope Carp talks about his amazing predicting of all the Ranger’s series. He has been dead on games 2 and 3 and 4. Then again, games 5,6,7, too.

    Pretty good feel for our team, how they will play and how they match up to others.

  59. Anybody catch Tort’s comments after yesterday’s game where he said, “I don’t know where we are headed from here…”.

    That was the first time he did not allude to us playing till June. (“there’s a lotta hockey yet to play”)

    My immediate thought was that he KNOWS the guys are tired and that unless Hank plays like yesterday the road ahead could be questionable.

    Anyone else ‘hear’ that and have any thoughts?

  60. LOL that was glorious.

    I got on the air and said “THE KREIDER” at least twice. Love it.

  61. Thanks, Carp. It’s the lack of equity and uniformity of the rules. Hagelin left his feet and hurt Alfie. First time offender. Ok, smack ’em with 3 days.

    Don’t tell me Ovie, Mike Smith, Weber, Morris, and on and on and on…. gets nothing and Prust gets suspended. .

    Pick- and -choose- who- you- want- to- penalize- and- when. Then new NHL.

  62. I dont think Shanahan wouldve understood what Ovechkin would mumble to him with his broken english toothless mouth if he had had a hearing.

  63. Hartnell…..! Missed Carp… it was grand. Buddy, I’ll take that prediction of yours!

    tiki, stop posting as me!!!!!

    Allergies = Europansies….hahaha, get it…pansies, Euro….eh, fuggedabootit.

  64. there is no momentum in the playoffs…..

    prust being suspended 1 in this nhl is no suprise… ranger players getting hit in this nhl means no penalties or suspension but when thugs like Hagelin or Prust hit someone fughedabboutit….

    shanahan should be quiet instead of talking so we can hear and see that he is a joke………

  65. tares

    can you offer a few things Carp said

    couldn’t get plug-in to work for online listening.

    MANY THANKS in advance

  66. Just read about some Kings fans saying that if they continue their recent play they don’t think they’d be able to beat NYR.


  67. Just saw ‘highlights’ of PHO — LAK game today. Nice game by Captain Doan, a good leader. Seems ‘Yotes ‘D’ was good, too.

    Let’s be serious, however, Did LAK try?

    Can only imagine the pre-game locker room, Sutter in a low monotone voice says, “guys you got two choices. Lose today, so we can play in two days to keep us sharp. Or, win today and I will gut the hell out of you in practices the next 8 days. Your choice.”

    In the meantime, if this really was the true Kings, even Eric can come out from under his seat!!!

  68. I did think Torts comment was a little peculiar for his typical response.

    Devils will play tough tomorrow, I’d be surprised if they don’t, but I also think the Rangers will have more than 20 good minutes as well… can’t wait


    “Kreider…. Kreider on the mountain”


  69. High Desert Roberto on

    how far along is dubinsky? could he play 4th line minutes? i rather have a beat up dubinsky than a healthy stu “travis” bickle

  70. You can’t convince me that Bettman doesn’t have a hard on for the rangers. Whether it’s Dolan or whatever other reason. The rangers get screwed by the league and the refs. If they win the cup somehow this year it would be a amazing accomplishment considering how the league tries to screw them in every way.

  71. If not Dubinsky, Newbury needs to play, and play at least 8 minutes. You cannot have Bickel be a winger for 3 minutes. We need fresh legs that can play minutes, and Torts has to play them. Rangers look tired … give some ice time to fresh legs

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