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Some quick notes:

Ryan Callahan snapped his season-long six-game scoreless drought with an empty-netter. “It was good to get that last one,” he said. “Now I just have to try to do it with a goalie in there.”

Henrik Lundqvist had his second shutout of the series and sixth playoff shutout of his career.

Dan Girardi scored his third goal — and third game-winning goal of the playoffs. Defensemen have half of the Rangers’ game-winners (5 of 10).

Chris Kreider (5 goals, 2 assists) set an NHL record for the most points scored before playing in a regular season game.

Peter DeBoer on Brandon Prust’s hit on Anton Volchenkov: “Headhunting. Plain and simple.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

[audio: lundqvist.MP3]

Dan Girardi:

[audio: girardi.MP3]

Ryan Callahan:

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Ryan McDonagh:

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Brad Richards:

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Chris Kreider:

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Peter DeBoer:

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  1. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just got back from the game. First thing I have to say is that the Devils fans are a bunch of classless buffoons! On to my impression of the game.

    We were terrible for most of the first two periods of this game. Nothing worked. No decent shots,passes. Nor did we win most of the puck battles along the boards once again. Once again, most of the forwards played terribly. The horrible play was led by Mitchell and Rupp. These clowns are AHL quality players who do nothing game in game out. They both took stupid penalties which could have cost us this game. At this point, I would rather play JT Miller for Rupp and hopefully, Dubi comes back and replaces Mitchell. Just awfull!

    Now for the positives. The King is simply a star! He was absolutley amazing! Kept us in the game until we woke up in the Third.

    Gabby needs to get his head out of his ass and play like the star player he is paid to be.

    Richards played ok but also took a stupid penalty.

    Stepan was better but we still need more from him.

    Cally with a bounce back game. Uncle daddy robbed him in the second as well.

    McD was great! What else is new?

    Girardi was shaky early. Made a horrible giveaway, but came on in the game and got a big pp goal.

    Staal was solid.

    MdZ was terrible. Especially on the pp. he needs to stop shying away from getting hit.

    Boyle looked really slow out there. I hope he can get his game back soon. We need it.

    Prust got away with a stupid head shot. No need for it.

    Chris Kreider has been a god send. What more can you say about him? NHL record holder now for most goals in the playoffs before ever playing an NHL regular season game. Great defelection again. This is what happens when you go to the net. He also set up a few good chances for the point men but we all know that we have issues shooting the puck with those guys. It’s been a long time since the Rangers have had a home grown blue chip prospect.

    Now we need to take it to them Monday and finish them off, Wed.

    We stole one tonight.

  2. Lol, CTO, looking at your assessment, except Hank, McD and Kreider, everyone else stunk. How they scored 3 with the SO is a mystery! You didn’t think that Mitchell all but created second goal? With the great play while alone, waiting for everyone to arrive?

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