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  1. Do we really think that Torts is that vindictive that if a player yells at him then he benches him? I doubt it. Torts wants to win more than he wants to be king of the castle.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    What are the odds the Rangers score more than 3 goals in a game from here on out? Think it will happen?

  3. Re-Post, sorry…
    Funny…If Gabby scores in the next game, everybody will say that Torts move to bench him was genius. Been there…heard that…Byfuglien ridiculous!
    Don’t get me wrong. I do believe he did and is doing tremendous job this season to somehow motivate and force this bunch of underskilled and, usually, mostly underachieving players (save few) to overperform amazingly, which sometimes looks unreal, unbelievable and unexplainable. This alone makes him a very good coach, already by default. However, his emotional instability and lack of self-control, (selectively with players and constantly with press corp.) is very annoying and bothers me and IMHO, preclude him from become a really Great Coach.

  4. And my favor(u)rite:

    “If it has wheels or a skirt, you can’t afford it.” – No Fear

  5. If Tortorella and Gaborik did shout at each other like the friend of a friend of a man who spoke to somebody who wrongly predicted something about Boyle says…then this is surely the first instance in sports history of a player and a coach shouting at each other during a game.

    Which means the Rangers are inexcusably imploding. Sens in five.

  6. I highly disagree, Lev. Everyone should block shots. Doesn’t matter how good you are. I don’t care who it is, you have to buy into the way the team plays, and do everything you can to help the team. If you get injured, hey, that’s hockey. Can’t cry aboot it.

  7. ORR – but what about WHERE Gaborik is on the ice. How is he supposed to expect that the Devils players behind him have excellent positioning and that Hank can’t stop a slapper from the blue line?

  8. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    What i dont understand is that in these post-practice interviews and post-game interviews after a loss, all these players are saying “we have to be better” and what not – this statement IMO should not even come up. If every player isnt giving every game their all, don’t you see a problem with that? This is the ECF for crying out loud.

  9. But….what if Gaborik blocks that shot from an upright position (which he didn’t because the Devils player intentionally shot wide) and then he gets a breakaway. Isn’t that better than if he’s laying on the ground while they regather the puck and throw it at the net again?

    I just don’t see the issue being the BLOCK. As was pointed out earlier, Gaborik had some weak work on the boards and there are other players out there that deserve blame. It’s a combination of allowing a team to get great positioning on you and some lucky deflections.

  10. To me, you can’t just say “oh our elite sniper scorer didn’t risk his body at the blue line” and therefore a goal was scored.

    Remember how Ovechkin blocks ONE shot and it’s headline news?

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Back to disagreeing starting now…

    It’s a 2-1 game, you just messed up defensively, you do everything to keep it 2-1 until it gets out of the zone. That’s every hockey players mentality and especially on this team where guys like MacD are putting their Twigg and Carkners on the line 10-15 times a game. He hasnt bought in and if it’s a 3-2 devils lead at that point, your logic carries weight.

  12. That’s a good point, Bleeder. If it’s about protecting a lead then it’s a different story. I just overall feel like Gaborik was way too far out to be THE GUY that had to block that shot. I will watch it a few more times.

    Let’s just remember that it was 4th line vs. our 1st line (at home) for some reason and our first line got completely owned on positioning.

  13. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    On the third goal NJ scored, Bickel was following around zubrus like he wanted to see what color his eyes were, leaving Clarkson all alone in front. MDZ has his man, but maybe couldve done something about Kelly Clarkson behind him? Not sure, they only lost by a goal – so i am comfortable with it being 1-1 after 2.

  14. I agree with True Fans post. If they’re down, then you get desperate. But, with a lead, especially that late in the period, your main focus should be getting the puck out of the zone, and doing everything you can do so.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Its the whole play manny. Weak on the puck to start the transition, fails to get it out, bodied around and out of position, and when it comes back to his point he’s floating through doing the ‘flamingo.’ they didn’t need him to block a shot and turn up the ice to score a goal. They need him just to buy in and make sure that puck doesn’t easily get past him. His desperation to recover from his gaffe was transparent, at best. Like I told you, if I’m in that spot I feel like I let my teammates down when I fail to clear. Your mission then is to just make up for that mistake, get it out, make a change. As a professional athlete he’s also smart enough to know there’s ‘100 seconds’ left in the period there (or roughly so) and going to the Locker room up 2-1 to the start the third in front of a jacked up home crowd is pretty big… Especially given how the rangers dominated the last third period.

    Gabby was so dumb and irresponsible on multiple levels during that play.

  16. Knuckles Nilan on

    Lorenzo – “You know why Del Zotto was so great?”

    Cologero – “Cause he was italian?”

    Lorenzo- “Well thats part of it….”

  17. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Gabby could of hurt his shoulder picking up that Christmas Tree from Whole Foods

  18. Knuckles Nilan on

    Gabby should have gotten that puck out of the zone, never mind about the missed block shot. He needs to chip that rubber disc out, even if it means taking the body to do so. That was the whole issue. Gabby has responded to torts before and played better and will again. This started as a 7 game series, which then turns to best of 5, and then best of 3..and more then likely a winner take all game 7. that being said, averaging only a little over 2 goals agame is not going to get it done. We need more even strenght goals from the role players sooner rather then later.

  19. Bickel following Zubrus up the LW Half Boards was pathetic. I brought this up the other day but in Game 6 or 7 of the Caps series Bickel took the safe play of staying at home and allowing someone to carry the puck up the boards. They skated to open ice and took a shot that went through his legs and into the back of the goal. I was wondering if that play affected his pursuit of Zubrus into no-mans land.

  20. Funny I saw Gabby’s fail on the wall and as it happened I started yelling, knew it was bad. When the goal was scored I was so angry I wanted to run down to ice level and rip him as he was coming off the ice. Then I looked at the bench and saw Torts doing it so I felt better. :)

  21. There has been a lot of Rangers swatting their sticks at pucks and either missing or whiffing. I assumed it was just “bad ice” or whatever.

  22. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    mountains out of mole hills…..

    back to the grind tomorrow, play the right way, have the best goalie this season play like the best goalie, play the best 10 forwards and 4 defensmen
    and win game 3…..

    then carry all that momentum into game 4….(jk)

  23. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    i really think that when a player gets yelled at by a coach, it resonates to everyone. People sitting to the left and right of Gabby hear coach torts yelling and hopefully use that as a boost also.

  24. Knuckles Nilan on

    I wonder if torts gave the 24/7 line when they played the blues in st louis…”I asked you all to play some f%$#ing defense”!!

    We need some good puck possesion too. Keep it in the devils zone more…..I’m really not worried though…I think we are going to be fine, even if we lose the next game.

  25. Knuckles Nilan on

    “A bruise on the leg is a long way from the heart you candyass” – brooks to mclanahan…or torts to gabby..whichever one.

  26. The next few games are career-defining for Gabby. He has the opportunity to be a difference maker and we are all hoping he will be that player.

    Or he is at risk of being Mike Gartner, a prolific sniper but the type of non-impactful one a team may be just as well off without in pursuit of the cup.

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    40-45% of the twitter quotes are Fire and Ice (nauseating) banter. Please consider removing. THank you.

  28. Knuckles Nilan on

    Yes that was a good one ORR!

    Another great part was when the video equipment failed for a few minutes in florida…i was waiting for torts to throw the projector across the room

  29. hey u how many lifetime u got?

    The last one lasted a lifetime I think you’re done.

  30. Knuckles Nilan on

    Yes, i hope gabby does not get the gartner syndrome (gartner was a nice guy though, i caddied for him, beezer and james patrick once)….this is gabbys second conference finals too!…his moment will come

  31. True or not, you all have to say that Torts/Gabby blow-up story does sound entirely possible. At first read, you could absolutely see it going down that way…and that’s why I think there is some truth to it, unfortunately.

  32. Carp: True fans @ 4:11PM.

    Also. Please -consider- remove Avery from the player feed since he is irrelevant in hockey and I do not care about his music, fashion or movie tastes.

    *NEW POST*

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