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THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Tortorella.


Q.  John, can you just look back to yesterday’s game and tell me some

of the positives you saw from your team?

COACH TORTORELLA:  To be honest with you, not many.  I thought we

played some minutes in the second period, found a way to score some

power-play goals; but other than that, we didn’t play enough minutes.


Q.  Historically you’ve rewarded players that play hard with more ice

time and more responsibility.  And conversely, players who don’t do the

things you want see less of that.  What is the importance of sending that

message not just to the individual but the entire team?

COACH TORTORELLA:  I think all coaches do it.  You’re trying to put

players into situations that are going to try to help you to win games or

help you in certain situations and momentum swings.  Conversely, some guys

when you just don’t think it’s working, they don’t see the ice or they

don’t get the minutes.  So those are decisions that we make every game.

You guys like calling them benchings and all that stuff, but as

coaches we’re trying to find a way to win a hockey game, and we make

decisions accordingly.


Q.  How do you address your team’s recent trend of not being able to

capitalize on those strong Game 1 wins in these three series here?

COACH TORTORELLA:  We don’t spend too much time.  You have a

short-term memory come playoff time.  Playoffs are a whole different

animal.  We don’t spend too much time talking about streaks.  We just spend

time trying to make corrections in our game, trying to be better in the

things we think we need to be better for our next game and go about our


Q.  Throughout the three series it seems that it’s been one up and

one down for most of the time.  Do you think that’s because there’s so much

parity among these teams?

COACH TORTORELLA:  Well, when you’re in the playoffs, all the teams

are good teams.  If you want to use parity, use it.  Again, as I said

earlier, you throw out the seedings.  These are good hockey teams that are

playing this time of the year, especially when you get to the final four.

The teams must be doing something right.  We do play against another team.

We want to try to win a couple in a row.  But the other team doesn’t want

to lose a couple in a row.  You play and each team is trying to find their


We didn’t last night.  We moved by it.  We learned from it, and

hopefully we’re going to be a better team come Saturday.


Q.  How much at this point when it comes to bouncing back from a loss

is Xs and Os on the part of you and your coaching, and how much of it has

to happen in the hearts and the minds of the players do they have to just

do it like you’ve been telling them and do it better, or do you change the

game plan to any extent?

COACH TORTORELLA:  Well, at least this team here feels we like the

way our team concept is.  We have a way we like to play.  I think in

situations it’s different.  If you’re asking about Saturday’s situation, I

think it’s both.  I think there are some corrections in our game we have to

make, but I also think at this time of the year I know everybody likes

talking about adjustments.

But it simply comes down to a little bit of will and a mindset.

Going into Saturday’s game, I think we fall into both categories.


Q.  Which category is it more so with Marian Gaborik for you?  Is it

will or executing a game plan?

COACH TORTORELLA:  I’m not going to get into individual players.  I

think as you go into Playoffs and you go into the momentum swings of

winning a game and losing a game, it’s not one individual guy.  Certainly

in last night’s game, it wasn’t one individual guy that we end up on the

wrong side of that.  There are a number of things that we have to be better

at as a team, and certainly, as you said, the two perspectives there.  The

Xs and Os and the mental part both come into our play come Saturday.


Q.  You’re not going to talk specifically about Gaborik, but when a

guy like him, a goal scorer gets robbed the way he did by Brodeur.  In your

history with goal scorers, does that stick in their mind and affect them

later on in the game?

COACH TORTORELLA:  It can’t, and I don’t think it does.  I think

that’s the greatest thing about these games in the playoffs is handling the

surges, handling situations that don’t go your way.  I think the teams that

are still involved in this handle those types of things very well or they

wouldn’t be here.       So I don’t look at it that way at all.  I speak for

our group.  I think our group handles the surges and situations that happen

in games. Whether it be within the team or an individual very well, or we

wouldn’t still be playing.


Q.  Everybody knows that hockey is a team sport.  But when you look

at the playoffs every team has a guy that goes on a hot streak.  You guys

have been playing some good hockey collectively, but are you looking

forward to getting, especially on the offense, getting somebody that could

get to the other gear and get something going on a more consistent basis?

COACH TORTORELLA:  I think as you’re involved in the playoffs and the

further you go in it, you’re looking for big plays at key times.  We have

found our way.  One of the most important ingredients for us to be

consistent and to be able to play at this time of the year is really to

play as a team and not have any one specific guy be the guy.

Having said that, you certainly want big plays at key times.  I think

that’s what’s going to — I think that’s what determines a lot of the

winning and losing.  Who made that big play.  It’s not always an offensive

play, it could be a defensive play.

So to answer your question, I think it’s not just one person that

we’re looking to get hot.  We’re looking for the group of them to continue

to play under our team concept, but also someone step up each and every

period or each and every game or a key time to make a big play, and I think

that’s where you find your way.


Q.  Would you agree with me that you basically got those big plays at

big times on your defensive side of the game?  Your defensemen have given

you, most of the game, some great plays at key moments, and it’s more on

the offensive side that you were not able to get it?

COACH TORTORELLA:  Well, I think consistency-wise, yeah.  I think

we’re looking to get more consistent offensively, at least with our

forecheck to develop some offense going into these two games here in the

series.  I think a pretty important play last night is really a defensive


I thought the second goal they scored at the end of the period to tie

it up was a really big play in that game, and that’s not an offensive play,

that’s a defensive play and we get hurt there.

So it could go either way.  But certainly, as you play in these close

games, would you like to get a couple of goal lead and all of that.  Both

teams would like to do that.  So you’re certainly looking for some

offensive people to make big plays at key times.


Q.  When you were reviewing the video of the game last night, you

talk about not playing enough minutes.  How much credit do you have to give

to the Devils for taking some stuff away.  And how much was your team for

not giving you that next gear?

COACH TORTORELLA:  I coach our team and that’s all I’ll speak on.  We

look for what we do, and we didn’t do for a number of minutes.  I’ll put it

to you that way.  We just didn’t do for a number of minutes in that game,

and that’s something that needs to be rectified.


Q.  I was wondering when you get to this point in the playoffs and

the focus of the entire sport is on you and three other teams, I was

wondering if there were any additional measures you took as a coach to

block out distractions either for yourself or your players to make sure

that your voice is the only one that they hear?

COACH TORTORELLA:  I think it’s very important that we’re concerned

about our locker room and what goes on in there.  It’s not just listening

to me, it’s listening to some of the experienced people that have been

through some of this stuff.  A lot of our guys are new at this as far as

playoffs, let alone playing in the third round.

So I think it’s very important that they listen to their teammates,

whether it be in between games or within the game itself, in between

periods.  So that’s what we try to do.

We’re concerned about our locker room.  We’re trying to close that

down and just take care of business ourselves there.  We really don’t spend

too much time worrying about what you guys are speaking about, and that’s

certainly not trying to be disrespectful, but we certainly don’t.

We have a lot of things that we have in our room that we have to fix,

that we have to deal with, and really block out all the other stuff.


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  1. Carp
    did you transcribe this already?

    can i hire you to do my interviews?
    a weeee bit longer, like 20-45 minutes but still what a turnaround!!!!

  2. btw,

    are those rooting against their own team
    and think that we’ll get a top 10 pick in the draft again?

    Prust sayin’

  3. Please go back and watch the GTG. Gaborik got a terrible pass from McD, which was more of a pass to the Devils D man. He does his best but loses the puck battle and it gets deep again. Puck then gets back to the Debbie D man his is supposed to cover, he is w/in 3 feet away in the shooting late, attempts to block it standing up like most people do when they are already in position. The shot goes around him and deflected in.

    2 other points:

    1. If he lays out, the D man skates right around him for a clear open play.
    2. If Gabby manages to block in his shin pads, he is off to the races.

    Benching Gaborik had to substance in my opinion and hurt the team’s chances of coming back. He nearly scored twice earlier…

  4. REPOST:

    How do the numbers not prove it? 162 top 6 goals vs. 142? The Devils top 6 scored more than the Rangers top 6 (I’m not even including Zajac’s whopping 2 goals since he didn’t have much of an impact at season’s end).

    Plus just looking at the names on paper, who would you rather have as your set of forwards in regards to goal scoring?

    Parise – Zajac – Kovalchuk
    Elias – Henrique – Clarkson


    Hagelin – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan

  5. It was on purpose, ilb! We were all in the middle of a heated *hockey* debate for once! Not even arguing about Ben & Jerry’s or Blonde, White, Female Models! We were talking about *hockey* and now it’s all over….

  6. Statistically, whoever wins Game 3 will have a 68.75% chance of winning the series.

  7. No way Matt. No way does Gabby get a pass on that pathetic effort to clear the zone. No way.

  8. Agree with you on the shot blocking part Matt, but disagree on the clearing attempt and the benching.

  9. Jonny- Allow me to translate your lines

    *NJ Devils*
    All-Star-All-Star-Elite Scorer
    Goal Scorer-Calder Finalist-100PIM, 30+ Goals

    *NY Rangers*
    Rookie-Conn Smythe-40G’s
    Super Rookie-Sophomore-Mini Dustin Brown / David Backes

  10. Gabby’s failure to block is debatable but beside the point, it was his soft play in failing to clear that is indefensible. Poor execution can be looked past but lack of effort cannot. Benching was appropriate.

  11. Wow! Another late goal.

    Looks like it’ll be SVK v CZE and FIN v RUS. Two good rivalries!

  12. Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk. I don’t think we really have anyone that can match either of those guys.

  13. I thought they didn’t play with enough jam last night. It was disappointing. But, this team has earned my faith. I believe they will come out Saturday and we will see a much better effort from this team.

    I was one of the people talking up Kreider before he got here. I had the good fortune of seeing him play in the 2010 beanpot tournament. He was so impressive there. I truly believed that his game and skill set was better suited to the pro game; because the kids he was playing with couldn’t really match his skill level. So far, he has been impressive. Thought he was the best forward out there last night for the Rangers! just amazing that he is playing at this level in the most pressure packed of situations. Just LOVE that he is getting power play time.




    RANGERS IN 6!!!

  14. Let’s go ahead and rank the top 6 forwards on each team.

    1. Zach Parise;
    2. Ilya Kovalchuk;
    3. Marian Gaborik;
    4. Patrick Elias;
    5. Brad Richards;
    6. Travis Zajac;
    7. David Clarkson;
    8. Ryan Callahan;
    9. Adam Henrique;
    10. Derek Stepan;
    11. Carl Hagelin; and
    12. Chris Kreider.

  15. Manny, everyone knows that that is there strength. Rangers will win with D and Hank and getting timely goals.

  16. Manny, Im sorry, but today’s Patrik Elias aint better than Richards. And Kreider has more talent in his left testicle than Clarkson could ever dream of having. Also, Zajac, I dont know what exactly he’s good at, if anything, but he is not better than a healthy Callahan.

  17. I didn’t say the Rangers wouldn’t win. I am the guy screaming Rangers in 5! But in the last thread we were arguing who had better top 6 forwards. Obviously you can see who I think has the better 6.

    I still think we will win because great defense stops great offense. Oh and we also have the best goaltender in hockey.

  18. Tiki – Kreider has not played 1 regular season game. He hasn’t even played in the entire playoffs. You simply can’t rank him higher than last yet. He doesn’t have enough of a body of work.

    Please re-order the list! I was trying to get the debate going.

  19. Manny, I disagree. He’s already shown what he’s capable of, on the biggest stage. And he certainly has more talent than a lot of those on that list. And he’s been almost as productive, if not more, as Gaborik these playoffs. David Clarkson is a two bit bum.

  20. … who apparently scored 30 goals this year.

    In what universe is a piece of crap loser David Clarkson allowed to score 30 goals???

    I must be having some sort of bad dream

  21. So go ahead and rank them. The debate is super fun.

    Clarkson had one heck of a year. 30 Goals and 138 PIM. That’s quite a combo.

  22. Zajac is above an all-star. He’s an elite all-star scorer. Also he hosts that Wheel of Fortune show.

    I guess I over estimated his actual production.

  23. I really like Zajac but … yeah. I’d have Callahan 6th on your list with that being the cutoff. Every guy below that line is flawed and you can start making arguments on potential and on-ice uncalculables and stuff like that. But I wouldn’t find a bottom halver I’d argue over a top halver.

    (Clarkson is a “30 goal scorer” like Cheechoo is a “50 goal scorer”. Yes, it literally happened, but it was in the 100th percentile of his 100th percentile projections. I’d be pretty confident betting any part of my anatomy it won’t happen again. And that more of Clarkson’s goals went off parts of his anatomy than his stick.)

  24. Yea I completely understand what you’re saying. I agree with it. I just ….I don’t know…..wanted to spark debate about the sport of *hockey*

    So if we put Cally in the top 6 then we have 3 and 3. A Tie!

  25. I have no idea when this whole debate about top 6 started at all. I was merely responding to Jonny D’s statement ( last thread, 2:13 pm) when he said: “The Devils are must (much, he meant) better than the Rangers when it comes to scoring”. The truth is, as a team, they are not. The Devils scored 228 goals vs 226 Rangers. What does it have to do with splitting it between forwards and D-men, or top 6? From a point of view of team scoring, it’s irrelevant. The goal scored it’s just that. It counts as the goal scored by a team at the end of the day, no?

  26. I think we were just trying to take it a little bit deeper, ilb. Because we are all horrendously bored and wanted to discuss something because *hockey* games (that include our boys) are not until Saturday.

  27. So ilb is ignoring my post proving the Rangers scored more regular season goals than the Devils? Chico fan…

  28. Don’t you start with me, Latona…I ain’t no Carp!

    Admittedly, I may be able to read, but….

  29. I saw it, LW….Even from my simplified point of view (puck crossing the goal line, and it counts), the difference still was negligible, 0.88%

  30. And, again, the teams are tied 1-1. Rangers scored 5 goals, the Devils 3. Why would one not count an EN and the goal scored by a defenseman (in that case it’s 3-3), is puzzling. It’s still 5-3. Why don’t we discount a goal scored by Kreider too (rookies don’t count)?. Now it’s actually 3-2 Devils.

  31. I think I’m going to take my wife to some good restaurants in Essex County over the next few days, maybe I’ll see a couple of NJ players so I can jinx them too.

  32. 1. Chris Kreider
    2. THE Kreider
    3. Mats Zuccarello
    4. ^hobbit wizard^
    5. Jerry York’s Golden Boy
    6. Jesus Kreider Superstar
    7. Frodo From Modo
    8. Little Italian Kid From Norway
    9. Jesus H. Kreider
    10. Lord of the Rink

  33. Maybe its me…but isn’t it amazing how much we talk about Bickel- when he plays so few minutes-(a lot happens in those few minutes- mostly bad)- but I got the feeling that Torts put Bickel on Clarkson to try and instigate a fight on the faceoff leading to the winning goal- Clarkson would have none of that (he probably has the numbers of the players he WILL fight written on his wrist and Bickel’s wasn’t there- its a short list both literally and figuratively) Perhaps next time you might want to put him out as a forward with such an assignment- especially in a tie game. Gaborik got what he deserved- I can’t imagine playing that soft-giving the puck away- and not doing everything I could possibly do to prevent a goal-if I’m supposed to be one of the leaders of the team. Compound that with giving up the goal to the fourth line- well… Game 2 isn’t the worst time to send a message to the whole TEAM that no one is going to be a passenger. If I can see the play watching on NBC sports net (where nothing is easy to see)- surely every guy on the bench saw it. Continuing to play him sends a message as well too…just not one you want you’re young kids to learn.

  34. Love that torts tge jackwagon was the story today and not the thuddd of a game the boys played last night. Still thuddd and all they almost won. When we see the utter domination at the rock Saturday we will all breathe easier. This reminds me of 97 when the rangers got thumPed game one in Philly, eked out a win game two and then got exposed game three and four in Philly. Of course we all remember what happened to the phlys in the final against Detroit that year (nyr being phlys in this case).

  35. Except games three and four were at msg– hence the devils being the home team is like us in 97

  36. Uggghhh neither of those two comments were particularly uplifting. Man I am still totally bummed from last night

  37. Apparently, Tom Renney is available. Rangers PR anyone? I think he would be very forthcoming with the media, to be quite honest with you.

  38. JimboWoodside on

    Well, Torts seemed to answer a lot of questions in that call – I guess he just wants to do things on his own terms, and not when he’s ticked off after just losing a game.

  39. JimboWoodside on

    I’m still bummed today too, PBR – losing to the NJD is always aggravating, but losing to them at home in the playoffs is even worse. Especially when we had a lead in the game, and winning last night might have shortened this series, though there’s no guarantee of that.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re right. Renney was a great PR guy.

    However, the last time Renney was associated with anything that is New York Rangers, Nigel Dawes kept a job much too long, Petr Prucha’s career was frozen more solid than the box of Bubba burgers I just picked up (mmmm…) and Kevin Weekes was the starting goalie *three times!.* Yes, two separate injuries, and Renney insisted Weekes was “My guy” when he came back despite glistening stats posted by Hank in Weekes’ absence.

    I don’t know how much I can handle anything Renney associated with any part of this organization

  41. Id take Renney back in a heartbeat. Not saying to get rid of Torts though so dont crucify me.

  42. i understand that the writers are looking for some quotes to put in a story
    and/or blog entry
    i really can’t blame Torts, especially last night when he was asked
    such obviously dumb questions from all.
    c’mon Stan!!!

    yes, he was probably trying to make the story on that and not the team
    at the same time he’s as angry about the game as we were
    as far as being professional
    would the media have give him nothing but praise if he ripped into Gabby?
    same w/ other players?

    which i think is basically what some of them wanted.
    not the REGULAR media who have been following the Rangers during the year
    and know what’s not worth asking and know that they’ll get more interesting
    quotes from the players (as it should be)

    as far as fans needing to know
    i would have liked someone to ask Cally
    why is it that the team doesn’t seem to get up for devils games as much as the
    devils get up for Rangers games?
    seems legit to ask based on last night and past games.

  43. i’m not gonna get in the middle of the whole forwards discussion
    i will say this
    that our guys NEED to step it up.
    end of story

    we keep running into a gritty forward making that playoff type of score in
    neil, chimera, clarkson
    we NEED to be doing that on a more consistent basis.
    as much as i’ve appreciated what they’ve done this season
    i know what they’re capable of
    and hope that they start making life more difficult in the devils zone
    and making quicker and better decisions in their zone

  44. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    a quick hell? well, at least it was fast jpg :)

    hockey talk? hockey talk! oh my!!!!

  45. JimboWoodside on

    Good points, jpg – some reporters seem to only poke at Torts with questions that might get him to badmouth his team or the league – he’s done it vs. the league a few times, and it has cost him a lot of bucks.

    I’m glad that he doesn’t badmouth the team or individual players that might not have had such a great game. He protects his team and its members – it’s not his job to provide juicy controversial quotes for the press corps.

  46. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Manny are you seriously saying Clarkson is better than Callahan? Are you on drugs?

  47. From the talk on here and other places you’d think we were down 0-2 or on the brink of elimination.

  48. “Apparently, Tom Renney is available.”

    What about Pearn & Pelino? We need to reunite the Trifecta of Mediocrity!!!!

  49. i don’t know who did say that clarkson is better than Cally.
    i’m not and i won’t
    unfortunately Cally
    like other Rangers needs to step up a bit more

    i’m thinking that the extra day of rest should help.

    if it is a broken finger
    i’m wondering if it just keeps breaking each time he plays
    why they don’t put him in a hyperbaric chamber to possibly
    move things along a little quicker
    (btw, i don’t know if that would work with bones or other parts of the body
    but i do recall that either the stars or canucks used it and felt it helped.
    any port….)

  50. jpg it is supposed to speed up healing . . . . so I would think it would help with bones but I think it is something done in repeated visits for a few hours at a time so they could be doing it already. . . or it could be to short a time frame to see a difference.

  51. exactly! Jorek

    don’t know if other teams started doing it
    but unless there’s information to the contrary
    i can’t see why they wouldn’t be doing that
    especially during playoffs
    when banged up players need to be “healthy” asap

  52. Renney = Nice man. Not the worst coach but definitely not a guy with the stones to take a team to
    the promised land. Much, much more focused on being liked and admired than winning.

    And let us not forget, the biggest proponent within the or-gan-EYE-zation for the Hugh Jessiman pick, which was the equivalent of walking into a whorehouse (that 2003 draft) with a fistful of hundred dollar bills and finding a way to NOT get laid.

  53. “which was the equivalent of walking into a whorehouse (that 2003 draft) with a fistful of hundred dollar bills and finding a way to NOT get laid.”


  54. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Latona, we will be playing Last Dance when we send the Debbies home.

    Nasty and Carp…LOL!!

    Miami… are such a pimp :)

  55. Johnny"embarrassed to believe"boy on

    Anyone see the people standing during the game to clap? Save that crap for Carolina or Florida, we don’t need that stuff at MSG !

    Rangers in 6…still!

  56. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    oh my goodness. I can’t worry about this now, but ultimately I may boudreau…..There are so many reasons why this ticks me off…..but I can’t worry about this now…..I am following the Yev way….

  57. Just had the pleasure of seeing FiveFootZero again at our daughters gymnastics. We were talking Playoffs when some guy came out of nowhere and goes on to tell us that he hopes both the Rangers and Devils lose and that he is a Bruins fan.I wish I could have Carpd the guy as soon as he opened his mouth. After he walked away I asked her if she knew him. When she said she didn’t, I went on to say what I really felt about his butting in to our conversation. We had a good laugh about it and both agreed that the Rangers still got this series.

  58. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    It cracks me up to no end how you guys finally figured out who you were…..I think FiveFoot could have, and should have taken him on…..but not in front of the girls, I guess…..:)

  59. I think she should have as well. The guy was a Grade A, D Bag. No other way to put it. He wandered from group to group the whole night making each of us a little bit dumber for having listened to him.

  60. Ilb, I was talking about forwards, but you do make a good point. I just feel like you can rely more consistently on forwards scoring than d-men.

    Also, torts doesn’t talk to the media because they are going to spin his words anyway. Carp isn’t guilty of it, but plenty of other guys (Brooksie and Gross) love to take what he says and spin it negatively anyway just to get a story.

    If he says nothing, it’s up to them to find a way to make it negative. I know I’d be pissed if I was him too. You try to develop a relationship with these guys and no matter what, they throw you under the bus.

  61. the garden had a diff feel last night then game 1. something was missing right from beginning.

  62. Devils fan at work looked smarmy today. I don’t think that win means what he thinks it does. By the way by devils fan I mean he is the one devils fan. Can the rangers just steamroll the next three please?

  63. Carp, don’t you think it would be more efficient to just say “elsewhere”? Such diction may be too sophisticated for you, however.

  64. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Hospodar’s point was colorful and right on the mark. Jessiman was a mistake, now in hindsight.

  65. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    I know some folks out there get ticked by the Report language rules, but I for one love it!
    if you don’t….take your hartnelling carcillo elsewhere!

  66. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    ORR, really? Don’t go there on the Kennedy thing….horrible story….

  67. czechthemout!!!! on

    I don’t want Renney the hyena anywhere near this team. I don’t want his influence on anyone. He was a brutal brutal coach who had no clue how to develop young players.

    Said a whole lot of nothing without saying anything in 1000 words. His worst moment was when after the Rangers lost like 9-3 to someone, he said in his post game press conference that the Rangers gave that team something to think about. It was laughable. He was the worst snake oil salesman I have ever heard .

  68. Like the ranking of forwards but honestly Manny if you’re going to go with “Clarkson has been better than Gabby in this series” then everyone is right not only should Kreider be higher on the list he should be #1 as he leads everyone in scoring. Also you are ranking Clarkson ahead of a now injured Callahan but when both are healthy Cally is a much, much better player and probably still is right now . Based on the regular season and the playoffs:

    1. Parise
    2. Kovalchuk
    3. Richards
    4. Gaborik
    5. Elias
    6. Callahan
    7. Henrique
    8. Stepan
    9. Clarkson

  69. FiveFootZero on

    What Nasty said is true…total weirdo. I have never seen this guy (and my daughter has been going there for 3 years). He comes up to us like he knows us and says “so you guys are probably talking hockey”. Turns out hes like the Bruins…weirdo.

  70. I’m looking at the Kings and I just don’t see the Rangers passing this round, unfortunately. The whole “finding a way to win” deal will only take you so far, IMO. At some point or another, gonna need some skill. This is a sad realization.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    Poor “Rangers west” – they can’t seem to do anything right in this series..

  72. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    The Rangers are going to need some rest to beat the Kings.

  73. JimboWoodside on

    Wrestling, ORR? Pro or college?

    Alyssa still looks very good! Always a hottie!

  74. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    That last three minutes by LA was just something else. That wouldn’t happen to the Rangers would it?

  75. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, ORR – OK – that’s the only kind I ever watched (the other one creeps me out – looks too much like they’re groping each other!) but I never saw a “DDT”…

    Amazing playoff performance by this Kings team..

  76. Anybody seriously believe this team would be where it is right now – seven wins from holding Lord Stanleys cup -without Torts at the helm?

  77. JimboWoodside on

    OY!!! ORR – *too much information!* I didn’t need to know that!

    Ah – “Jake the Snake”..I do remember him…

  78. JimboWoodside on

    Correct, Matt – he did say something there, though – but he couched it in empathy for the officials, not being able to tell a real offense from embellishment…

  79. JimboWoodside on

    Seems like the whole league has been watching Mary-O Lemieux tapes and tricking those wascally wefs! (as Lou LAM would say..)

  80. Torts is the Billy Martin of Hockey. Young players accept his screaming and criticisms (for a couple years,) bust their butts and improve – wealthy, talented fat cats either tune him out or won’t even sign here. Richards was offered so much money, he would have played in Iran for that paycheck.

  81. >>So, LA will have a week off to watch the eastern conference series.

    That’s what happens when you have the talent to take care of your business early.

  82. >>I hate these two days off…

    I hate how American television gets to dictate when matches are played.

  83. JimboWoodside on

    Is it specifically *American* television? I’m not disputing the statement, I just don’t know the answer.

    I’m bummed out that they have to play on Saturday afternoon – I have two commitments to get through on Saturday afternoon, so I won’t be able to see the game. :-(

  84. I think Torts is the Torts of hockey. From what I’ve read there seem to be a lot of players who would like to play for him. I’m sure their are players who hate or would hate to play for him–but that just like anything else. It takes all kinds.

  85. No matter what you all say, if they don’t do something about their horrible passing game, it’s gonna be end of the line.

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