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  1. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    The call is long. Maybe Torts just doesn’t like your stupid media faces.

  2. seriously, that is part of it … there are certain donkeys in the pressers that he knows are going to ask stupid or obnoxious questions and that doesn’t help ease things. Especially when Stan always, always, always has to bark out the first dumb one.

  3. Im pretty quickly changing my opinion about Torts. It’s become more about will John answer a question today or wont he, taking the attention away from the team. Attention that the team deserves for the kind of year they’ve had.

    About Gaborik- he’s not a shot blocker, never was, never will be. Pretty ridiculous to expect him to block that shot. And if he blocks it he probably gets hurt. Then all you geniuses are crying about why is he there blocking shots? Benching him was pathetic. Kind of want to see Torts bench another one of the stars on the team in a Game 7 and then see all the crying here.

    Hey at least Bickel played.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Serious question – Does Stan do it intentionally or is it a Ginkoba issue?

  5. dont know if this was mentioned before, Valentenko has signed in Omsk. no more V-tank.

  6. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    True Fans: neither. He just doesn’t know carcillo about hockey.

    Didn’t Gretzky say once how dumb Fishstick is?

  7. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Lev, no surprise there. He wasn’t going to make our team.

  8. will Torts hit the mute button on his phone for the length of the conference call?

  9. BTW Carp, if you think Torts is bad, you’d hate doing any sort of reporting for English Premier League Soccer, especially at Man Utd. Getting Sir Alex to answer a question he doesn’t like is absolutely impossible, and he’ll have you banned from the media room.

  10. all is fine people…one shift at a time…played bad and we were a bounce or two away from winning that one…lets get to MSG 2 and take game 3. BTW I guess my wife’s boss didnt get the “blue out” memo. Gave me tix to his suite for game 6. 3 more Ranger fans there!!

  11. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anybody think that on the players days off, they play nhl12 as each other and dominate the computer?

  12. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Dore, and we were a bounce or two away from losing game 1. So it’s not as well as you make it out to be.

  13. -Future Ranger- BOBBY RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yeah and we lost…get off the ledge…this is nothing new…this is how this team has played for over a month now…there are no Crosby, malkins, Toews, etc on this team…they are blue collar and this is how it will be done…enjoy the ride…doesnt happen often.

  15. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I’m not panicking. I picked the Devils in 6. Our team is just worn out and really hasn’t played all that well during the playoffs. We have had the fortune of playing some less than stellar teams.

  16. Actually while there are no Crosbys or Malkins here I would submit that based on what we are already seeing I would not be surprised if Kreider winds up being a player of that magnitude.

  17. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I know that isn’t Stan because Stan wouldn’t be able to figure out the computer.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Stan would have also gone with grandson I think, the social context having been lost on his generation.

  19. I didnt say you I was just saying to all the people that ARE panicking…I’m amazed at the negativity, like this is the first time going through this…they are fine…this is one really ugly cup run…just takes some breaks along the way…all we have to do is go 16-12…

  20. Maybe I’m imagining things, but didn’t Fischler have some sort of feud (maybe that’s a strong word) running with Gretzky? I vaguely remember that when Fischler was doing games for the fishsticks, he was constantly saying how people should run Gretzky. I also vaguely remember a very uncomfortable final press conference with Gretzky when he hung them up. Fischler was asking some bizarre questions.

  21. Kreider i think will be a very good player…Malkin or Cindy? Although would be nice…I dont think so.

  22. I dont know how insane I am other than that its too early to tell. But he sure has a sick skill set – 6’3″ 230, the fastest guy out there, and can snipe. He should’ve had another one that hit the post last night as well. I think he is the real deal.

  23. The one thing I think Kerider needs to learn (and will improve on) is that he seems to get bumped off the puck somewhat easy along the boards.

    With his size, people shouldn’t be taking the puck away from him so easily when he’s battling along the boards.

  24. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Carp, you say Torts is being a jack-wagon and unprofessional but if the media already knows he isn’t going to answer questions about individual players especially when he benches Gaborik why do they ask it? Someone asked the same question today in the conference call in a different manner, asking about why does he bench some players in certain situations instead of asking why did you bench Gaborik and he answered it. Torts answers the questions that he is comfortable asking — does that make him unprofessional?

  25. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Peter, because the sample size is 14 games. Relax a bit. He looks like he will be a good player. That’s it.

  26. Why is Stan still hired to be in the room? What value does he add to any media organization?

    At some point it became exactly like Helen Thomas was in her final years at the White House: the old, senile reporter who once had a glorious career and reputation becomes just an old, crotchety reporter who asks stupid questions.

  27. I swear, this sports obsession is NOT good for my health. As if the Rangers weren’t enough, I have to sit here and choke on air over the IIHF.

    Kreider > Gretzky


    Stupid Koivu!

    Please Review. Please kick.

  29. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Evan, but Fischler doesn’t even have those. He’s always been a joke.

  30. Doodie is the player personnel genius who was telling the world he would
    trade HL for Carey Price a few seasons back, so if I were he I would ease up
    on the arrogance….

  31. Then why is he given the role he’s given? I know he’s written 80-90 books and he won the Lester Patrick Award so someone has to think that he’s done something but he’s just a crank who takes up really valuable oxygen in that room by asking idiotic questions. For him to ask about a post-icing TO like he did after Game 1 is just ludicrous at this point.

  32. “Relax a bit. He looks like he will be a good player. That’s it.” — Hockey God (Zeus’ nephew,
    once removed)


  33. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Hospodar, I wasn’t talking straight up. And Price is turning out to be a pretty excellent goaltender as well. So, it’s not as crazy as you have made it seem.

  34. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I also said I’d do it for J Quick and some other parts. Looks like that would have worked out pretty OK as well.

  35. I blame the Kings terrific run for the USA loss. Howard just wasn’t up to the task! Great job, Devils. Where was Parise when we needed him? Where was Ryan Callahan. I HATE YOU RANGERS!


  36. On the GWG, Cally has Clarkson, then leaves to cover the point with Stepan. As covered thoroughly I’m sure – one of them should have stayed (whoever was playing C, I can’t keep track of the lines). Bickel released from his man at the perfect point – right around the hashes to come back and help out. Stop hatin’ on Stu!

  37. You are as clueless as all the rest of us are on many aspects of the game. No sin
    in that. But your tendency to Francesa-size others on this board is laughable.
    Especially when at the first sign of adversity in-game, you are leading the
    doomsdayers and panic-stricken.

  38. Blogmama Go Tony!!!! on

    Good afternoon all! This was supposed to be a day off. It’s not. Hartnell. And it is sooooo nice out!

    LGR! LGBT! LG Torts!!

  39. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Hospodar, surely you must realize that during a game anything panicked I say is in jest. Game over, season over? Fire Torts? C’mon man.

    I take a pretty long view on the franchise, not one game or even one season. I don’t panic.

  40. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the rangers were abominated last night. They will have to alterate their game to win this series”

  41. Meh …. if you say your hair-on-fire, we’re-all gonna-die posts when the Rangers are losing are
    in jest, then you are not a funny man.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Please, please, *Please* consider removing fire and ice guy from the twitter feed. It doesn’t benefit us Rangers fans at all. I know others have posted about this too, i will agree with them.

  43. For a team, The Devils, to not get one in MSG after the layoff they had, against a Rangers team that has had no layoffs and two 7 game series’? I wish some of us would just relax.

    It looks to me as if the rangers are gassed. we’ll have to see if they get their legs again like they did against the Caps.

    Devils play an entirely different (putrid hockey) than the Caps, and the Rangers need to adjust.

    Thought both games (aside from game 1 3rd period) have been poorly played hockey, and I blame the Devils and their talentless hockey team. It’s poor hockey out there. On Kovulchuk’s goal, Girardi was basically “boxed out” and prevented from getting to the other side of the ice, no call.

    Rangers are held, hooked, slashed and interfered with and only some of the infractions are called. But that’s what teams who have no talent and have no expectations can get away with.

    Rangers MUST begin to start taking the play to the Devils in a much more physical manner. get the face-shield gang off their game by instigating and antagonizing.

    I’m sorry, at this level, the Eastern Conference Finals, a team is supposed to play hockey, all I see from the Devils is a football team; it’s poor.

  44. It doesn’t matter whether Butt-Chin is a known shot blocker or not. This team plays a certain style, and everyone has to buy into it, and he wimped out.

    The *fact* is, he’s not been that good. He’s not the only one, but he’s the only guy on this team that scored 40 fuggin goals. He needs to step it up, and if a benching is what it takes, then I’m all for it.

  45. Peter – you are crazy haha. I am a huge Kreider fan, but Crosby and Malkin are once in a generation type of players. They don’t come around often. Kreider can be a very good player, a star in the league. But he’s not going to be a superstar. Guys like Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, etc were all highly touted immediately and made immediate impacts in the league.

    Kreider will be very good, but he’s not a once in a generation type of player.

  46. Let’s see what Gaborik does for the rest of this series. He had *no* space in the other tow series and it was absurd to expect him to be a one-man show because he’s not that kind of player.

    I still contend that he didn’t really screw up by not diving on the ice at the blue line to block a shot when he’s a sniper and could have turned an effective standing up shot block into a nice breakaway opportunity.

  47. I’m with you vogs, the only real thing the Debbies have been doing is tossing us around like ragdolls. Yes we get our hits, in the form of Callahan and Staal and Girardi, but seriously, we’re losing every single physical battle on the boards the past couple of games. And probably 4 or 5 out of the last 8 or so back in the Caps series. I don’t know if it’s physical fatigue, mental fatigue, or just lack of motivation, but this team is much bigger and stronger, and should be winning more battles along the boards. There’s no reason we can’t get out of our zone when the puck is on the boards 75% of the time. When just about every line was out there, you knew you couldn’t take the puck from us on the boards during the regular season. Cally, Steps, Anisimov, Hagelin, Staal, Girardi, McMonster, Prust, Boyle, Feds, Rupp – ALL strong guys on the boards, and last night I think i saw maybe 3 or 4 scrums total won by the Rangers where they got a good breakout.

    I’m just hoping this extra day off gives us our legs and strength back, because a fully recouped Rangers team should be dominating, and this series shouldn’t go more than 5 games. But this is playoff hockey, and only the strong and best conditioned survive. So if we can muster up 1 more month of a grueling schedule and keep surviving, we could have a cup. It’s up to the team though.

  48. And just wanted to remind everyone that Gaborik is 2nd on the team in points behind Richards. I was actually shocked by it, but he has 10 points so far and had 7 in 7 games in the Washington series.

  49. Torts may have overreacted…I don’t know if that’s the best time to sit your 40 goal scorer…..

    Yet, then again, Gaby really hasn’t been getting the chances he should be getting….maybe it was a wakeup call….

    Better to do it now than Game 6 or 7….

  50. Agreed with True Fans – the guy actually comes across as a total homer. Making a big deal about how great Parise and DeBoer are in contrast to Tortorella, the guy really comes across as Chico Resch. I thought this this AM too but now its just out of hand. If you, Steve, Andrew, Larry and PAt can all be unbiased and impartial, he certainly can too.

  51. Gabby has blocked those shots all year by standing up like that. That shot was purposely sent a little wide so it could be tipped. If he blocked that and they went on the breakaway and scored, everyone would be saying how great of a play it was.

    Also, the Devils are a very talented offensive team, must better than the Rangers when it comes to scoring. The Rangers have a much better defense. Special Teams and Goaltending have been a push so far.

    Devils dominated the puck possession, much like the Caps did, the Rangers just need to keep doing what they’ve done and be opportune on their chances.

  52. Jonny – Kreider has 4 goals and 2 assists in his first 14 playoff games, two of them game winners and all of which were impact goals, and in several of those games he barely played. I think he is making a pretty immediate impact.

  53. Yeah, he’s having an impact. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be the next Malkin or Crosby.

    Crosby had 102 points in his first NHL season (in 81 games). Malkin had 85 in 78 games. Crosby was younger and Malkin was the same age. I don’t see Kreider coming out next year and putting up more than a PPG. I don’t even see him breaking 60. He’s going to have to grow into a PPG player. But he’s not going to be a Malkin or Crosby if he isn’t putting up a ton of points every game and completely dominating games (which he hasn’t).

  54. NYR_FAN. Totally agree, if there was ever a time to bench your star scorer in the hope of getting him going, Game 2, when you’re up 1-0 in the series is a time to do it…

  55. And I should say he’s not having a huge impact. If he was, he wouldn’t have been benched so much already either. Don’t compare him to 2 of the top 5 players in the league when that’s completely unrealistic.

  56. I hope we’re not heaping Crosby/Malkin type expectations on to Kreids at this point.

    If he can be a 50-60 point second liner next year, that’s a huge upgrade over what we got this year out of Dubi or Arte…

  57. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    I think the talking heads spewing about Torts should listen to this conference call. I thought he was eloquent and addressed every question.

  58. Here’s my gripe with the torts benching of Gaborik, You know what you’re getting with Gaborik, he doesn’t go down to block shots, never has never will. Yeah he gave the puck away, but what about Del Zaster? He gave the puck away, he’s partially to blame for letting Kelly Clarkson over there get the tip untouched, he almost got Henrik killed, he had awful neutral zone passes (From a guy who was bulls-eye passing his rookie yr). Why wasn’t he benched? Or Hagelin? He had a few giveaways, Stepan? List goes on, many Rangers had giveaways, and on more than one occasion we failed at blocking shots. Why weren’t those guys benched for Gaborik. I hope this is just some sort of motivational tactic that he uses with Gabby and it works. B/c if it doesn’t, those are things that potentially cost people jobs in the future.

  59. I think Graves09 was saying that laying out to block a shot isn’t his thing. You make his point by saying that Gaborik blocked 40 shots because he did so by not going down to the ice but by being positionally relevant.

    Anyone remember where Gaborik was when he “didn’t hit the ice to block the shot”? It was pretty flipping close to the blue line. If you’re going to let those in then you shot blocking isn’t the number one concern. That was shot for a deflection. If you noticed it was Devils’ 4th line against our 1st line so the Devils got pretty decent positioning with size.

  60. Gaborik has been fine. his “benching” was more a message to the rest of the team. What’s the point in even playing him if it’s going to be a football game out there?

    Rangers need to adjust.

    Personally, I am spending the day with my wife on Saturday and not subjecting myself to the torture that is watching the Devils.

    I’ll tune in for the finals against an LA team that likes to play hockey.

  61. I’m from all over – I’ve lived in every borough, three countries and now Westchester

  62. Yeah, not to say he doesn’t block shots, anyone standing there could get credited with a blocked shot every 2 games. I mean I don’t expect him pulling Ryan Callahan sliding, diving, anticipating, penalty kill blocks out of his arsenal. He shouldn’t go down to block the shot out there anyway, or maybe pull the AA – 1 knee block out to possibly get a breakaway from it. I just want Torts to bench the right guys and hold those who really deserve it accountable.

  63. Whatever 2 people created Pierre Maguire need to go to prison on a life sentence.

  64. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    I think that there will be no more road wins in this series and the Rangers bow out in 6.

    It’s a disappointing finish given how the playoffs unfolded, with early favorites like Pittsburgh bowing out early and with the Devils being the ones who dispatch the Rangers and get to play for the Cup. But if you told me before the season that the Rangers would make it to the Conference Finals I would have called this season a huge success. So in the end, it’s a success, with much hope for the future, but some mild disappointment as to what could have been.

  65. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I live in New Jersey. Been trying to increase ranger pride here.

  66. Sorry, posted this on last thread too…

    Sabres fan outside looking in and in no position to judge, but…. if your coach does that in front of the cameras what is he doing behind the scenes? I couldn’t believe the way he was screaming at your bench after the Kovalchuk’s goal… yeah maybe mistakes were made but you start off screaming your head off and berating guys right off the bat where do you go from there when the poop is really hitting the fans? it was only halfway through the first period, and one goal…cut the team some slack for pete’s sake! He reminds me of the parent who screams at their kids constantly… the kids tune out eventually!

  67. Devils in 6 is certainly not impossible. But I have seen them play enough this year to know
    that the flaws in their makeup are real and exploitable. If the Rangers skate as the Rangers can skate, they will win the series. The chances of Brodeur holding up without a stinker like the one he
    threw in the Florida series are slim. It is in the hands of the NYR. New Jersey is not the superior team.

  68. Jonny D- are you sure you’re a Rangers fan? Because some comments you make about tge Devils make me wonder. “Much better than the Rangers when it comes to scoring”? FYI, the Devils scored exactly *TWO* ( that’s _two_) more goals than the Rangers did during the regular season. 228 vs 226. If my math is right it’s less than 1% difference. “Much better” doesn’t really apply in tgat scenario. The Devils, btw, let in 22 goals more.

  69. Doodie there will no more road wins in the series because the Rangers are playing
    on home ice no matter where they are!

  70. Devils in six could easily happen (just like Sens in five and Caps in six -did- could have), Doodie, but still amusing when you write about in the past tense.

  71. I agree that Butt-Chin should have dropped to one knee, at the very least. It was just an overall amateur attempt. And he had his stick in front of him, which I don’t understand at all. He made it so easy for Salvador to shoot for the deflection.

    “Only guy that never gets benched is Boyle”

    Yeah, because he’s pretty reliable when he’s not scoring.

  72. Sorry I found the link all by myself. Jagr isn’t paying but Petr Prucha is playing!

  73. ilb

    Your math(s) is wrong. Those totals include the awarded “goals” for SO wins, so the Devils actually scored 216 goals compared to the Rangers’ 222.

  74. Buffalo, yeah, they’ve really tuned him out with those 60 wins this year.

    Broadway, and Richards, Callahan, Girardi, Staal, McDonagh, etc.

    give me a reason why Boyle should be benched.

  75. ilb – yes I’m a Rangers fan. The Devils offense is much better than the Rangers. I’m talking about the forwards specifically. They had 3 guys score 30+ goals and Zajac only played 15 games this year as he was recovering from injury (he is a potential 30 goal guy). Rangers had 1. The Rangers defense is better as they block more shots and scored more goals than the Devils defense.

    All I’m saying is that the Devils forwards are much more dangerous at scoring than the Rangers are. The stats prove it.

    Goals by position
    Forwards – Devils 203 (162 from their top 6), Rangers 191 (142 from their top 6)
    Defense – Devils 13, Rangers 28

  76. No one would question Gabby’s impact as a sniper but as a playoff-impact player is it unfair to ask if he is more Mike Gartner than Mike Bossy? I sometimes wonder what Mike Keenan thinks of him and if Gabby was on this team in 94 would he have been leaned on or traded?

  77. People also forget that this is the Rangers first real run in the playoffs with this group. It will serve well in the future. Disappointing because it’s the Devils, but if they lose, it’s been a great season and a huge jump for the growth of the team.

  78. Sheesh that was rough. I really don’t think we played poorly, though based on what I’m reading I’m in the minority.

  79. I gotta say, I’m 39 and therefore the ’94 run came when I was 21…

    I’m not nearly as nervous, as obsessed, as on-the-ledge as I was back then. In ’94 we all knew that this was it, their one and only shot to end The Curse.

    So every loss felt like a tremendous body blow. The sky appeared to be falling. Every victory brought sunshine.

    I pretty much expected the Rangers to put forth a 50% effort last night…and actually got less than that. They are tired, and they don’t have the horses to bury an opponent. Not to say they can’t (and SHOULD) win this series…but the Rangers don’t play lights out hockey.

    And when they have margin for error in this playoffs, they take their foot off the gas.

    When their backs are against the wall, they are a ferocious bunch.

    It’s gotta be baffling to the coaching staff, though, how a team in the THIRD round can put forth an effort like they did for most of last night.

    I expect the Rangers to bounce back…and fully expect another 2-2 series coming back to MSG for Game 5. The Devils are good, but Marty isn’t nearly the wall we dealt with the previous two rounds.

    It’s just funny how while I’m disappointed in last night’s effort and result, I’m not letting it completely consume me.

    Beautiful freakin’ day out….sucks to be at work

  80. Something that amazes me is that if Torts answered the questions brought before him would they be a bigger story than him actually acting like an A whole? Seems to me that him being that way IS the story and gives the media something to write about…NHL on XM yesterday was horrible…Boy did they rip the Rangers for shot blocking…but in the same breath they complimented guys like Craig Ludwig for being such great shot blockers…OK so one guy does it and its an art form, 99% of the team doing it and its a epidemic and needs to be fixed?? REALLY??!?!?!?!

  81. Thanks Manny! I bring the stats! My friends jokingly refer to me as Pierre. I hate it, but it is kind of funny. I’m going to start referring to players by where they went to college…

  82. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    In the first two rounds the rangers played 2 OT games a piece. Anyone taking the over/under for the remaining 5 games going to 2 OT?

  83. Atta boy, Jonny D. Er…I mean Pierre. Wait until CTBlueshirt is back around and you two can have a field day with the stat stuff.

    For now, I tend to agree with you. In fact, I assume every team we play has more offensive fire power than we do. I would like to see Gaborik use his speed and skill in this series since he has so much more space. *Especially* in transition! They put three guys behind the goal line. Come on boys. Send one less man in there and get the puck out towards a high slot where Gaborik should be able to beat their D-Man, skill-wise. Snipe! Come on!

  84. Would some of youse guyz PLEASE stop reading me the eulogy on the season? We got this. I know alot of this talk is you just mentally preparing to handle losses, and that’s OK, but leave me out of it. I’ll prepare myself, thank you, if it comes to that. Right now, I’m still claiming lampposts and mailboxes to stand on all over lower Broadway. Stop trying to crush my dreams of a day off in the sun

  85. Jonny D- I’m sorry, but your stats actually DO NOT prove it, statistically speaking, the difference remains negligible. While the perception is there, the numbers do not prove it.

  86. McB, I don’t think you’re in the minority, it’s just that those who do make up the minority make a lot of noise during adversity … fortunately, the players for whom they supposedly root, handle adversity much better than they do.

    And some of those don’t even come around until things get rough, some of them rooting against their own team so they can blame the coach because he kicked their favorite player to the curb. You never hear from them after a win.

  87. Well the perception is that the Devils forwards are outplaying the Rangers forwards right now. Do the stats back that up? I am pretty sure puck possession backs it up.

  88. Well let’s go ahead and take away ENG’s. Let’s also look at other factors besides goals because Hank is way, way better than Brodeur. What is the time of possession for the Devils? I bet it’s pretty flipping high. What about Shots on Goal? What about Chances?

    It’s not a bad thing. The Rangers can get out played and win! I think they will win this series in 6 or maybe less. I am just saying. Jonny has a valid opinion. One that we should all take seriously because our boys need to play like their life depends on it.

  89. 3-3 if you eliminate goals from defensemen, ilb, and I’m pretty sure the Devils have had the puck more than the Rangers.

  90. Carp, you mentioned that Torts is being deliberately mean to the media because he wants to sound like a jackwagon. I happen to agree, he wants that. Can you speculate why?

  91. I thought we were all well aware that we have gotten this far because of our defense. I thought we were also saying, “the Rangers better find a way to score more goals if they want to compete with the Devils.”

  92. It puzzles me why we are eliminating EN and the goals scored by defensemen. The goal is a goal, no? I was merely questioning his statement from 2:13 pm where he said the Devils are much better than the Rangers when it comes to scoring. What does it have to do with defense? They scored exactly 2 goals more than the Rangers.

  93. are those rooting against their own team
    and think that we’ll get a top 10 pick in the draft again?

    Prust sayin’

  94. How do the numbers not prove it? 162 top 6 goals vs. 142? The Devils top 6 scored more than the Rangers top 6 (I’m not even including Zajac’s whopping 2 goals since he didn’t have much of an impact at season’s end.

    Plus just looking at the names on paper, who would you rather have as your set of forwards in regards to goal scoring?

    Parise – Zajac – Kovalchuk
    Elias – Henrique – Clarkson


    Hagelin – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan

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