Rangers-Devils Game 2 in review



1) I gotta tell you, I’m really torn on the whole sitting Marian Gaborik thing. He was ineffective on the wall, pushed off the puck a couple of times in front, failed to clear and did the unforgiveable flamingo on the game-tying goal, on a team that sacrifices everything all the time. That said, sitting him, down by a goal, for a power play in the third period, then sitting him at the end with the goalie pulled, smells like Mike Keenan sitting Brian Leetch in Game 4 of the ECF in ’94. John Tortorella has said that playoffs are not time for sending messages, yet he sent a message while his team needed a goal. Again, I’m torn on this. Nobody is above the team or the commitment. I understand that totally. But maybe the point could have been made verbally between periods?

2) This whole shot-blocking issue being made by people who don’t like how the Rangers play, or who didn’t like the Washington-Rangers series, is really beyond stupid. It reeks of people who don’t know what the hell they’re watching. And to even suggest that shot-blocking could be removed from the game is beyond moronic. Go watch another sport.

3) Who would figure that the Rangers have twice scored two PPGs in a game (Game 4 vs. Ottawa) and lost. How does that happen?

4) Speaking of Gaborik … Ilya Kovalchuk was very, very dangerous with the puck, but he also coughed it up a bunch of times and was a nightmare away from it.

5) The rests of the Devils forwards were much better in Game 2, though. This is going to be a very difficult series for ya boys. But then, that’s what they expected. And they don’t mind playing difficult series or difficult games.

6) The kid, Chris Kreider, had another big game. The post, the goal, bunch of chances, some hits. He made one bad play, when Kovalchuk got in behind him and Henrik Lundqvist made that glove save that had Kovalchuk shaking his head. Kreider knew it, though. Put it right in the memory bank, I imagine. Good that he didn’t get burned by it this time.

7) The ice was woeful, even by World’s Most Famous Arena standards, and how about that whole scene when the penalty box door wouldn’t open? Why they didn’t just put Travis Zajac in the other box immediately and worry later about what would happen if a Ranger took a penalty during Zajac’s two minutes, is beyond me. How about some thought, Mr. Officials?

8) Gotta tell you, the more people ask stupid questions, the less I mind Tortorella being curt during his pressers. I expected him to be short last night after some of the crap he endured after Game 1. I still think he’s being a jackwagon sometimes, though. Like, why not answer a couple of questions after a tough loss? What about that accountability? What about being a professional?

9) I’m really having trouble picking out forwards who played well in this game. Carl Hagelin was good in spots. Kreider, obviously. I didn’t think Brad Richards or Gaborik did much. Callahan did his usual bashing, but I’ve seen him play better. Derek Stepan, too.

10) Martin Brodeur played well again, but certainly not unbeatable. Kreider beat him and hit the post, Ryan McDonagh beat him on the Matteau/Graves wrap-around and hit the post. There were some rebounds. He knocked one into his own net. The Rangers have to find more pressure on him.

11) Told ya. I thought this series would be 1-1 after two. And I expect it will be 2-2 after four. And I don’t necessarily think the winner of Game 5 will win the series, but it will sure be a gigantic opportunity. How’s that for top-notch analysis? Getting way ahead of ourselves, though.

12) Boy oh boy do some of you show that you don’t even have a remedial understanding of what you’re watching when they lose.

13) Special thanks for NBC for this unnecessary two-day break. Guess with all the travel the teams need an extra day.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Chris Kreider.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Marc Staal.
Mitch Beck’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Chris Kreider, “Monster-worthy” game.

2) Marc Staal, solid defense and a bounce goal.
3) Artem Anisimov, created and assist on Kreider’s goal.
Alec Berg’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Kid Chris Kreider.
2) Henrik Lundqvist.
3) Marc Staal (for the hit on Clarkson).
Josh (age 26) Thomson’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Chris Kreider.
2) Ryan McDonagh.
3) Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. hope you get a chance to visit Mr. Titleist
    soon since the next game isn’t til saturday

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some how, jersey is still less scary than the last two. I think that knowing we can score on Marty masks the deficiencies we have elsewhere by comparison.

  3. Said on an earlier post that Torts’ behavior after a loss is unprofessional. There are also stupid questions asked after wins, but he handles it a lot better. Getting all bent out of shape with the media after a loss just comes off as immature.

  4. WEll there’s one thing that I know and that is their dump and chase game has doomed them before and it did again. And Lordy their passing game stinks to high heaven. Sloppy, mis directed, any old way……..and keeping in mind that they played almost the entire first period in their own end of the ice.

    They honestly looked like they’d gone out into the streets, dragged a bunch of the first
    bunch of guys they found, suited them up and told them to go out an play the game.

    But things are looking up…they can’t do much worse than this.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    These media guys throwing hissy fitz over the Torts media conferences has become laughable. Carp, I don’t mean you. I think you get it and air your opinion in an organized manner. But this Tom Giuliutti Fire and Ice guy is whining like a 12 year old who just got their first menstrual cycle (medically speaking).

    OK! He doesn’t talk! Most of us don’t care, and we get it! How would you act if you got fined 50,000 for telling the truth?! You’d be asinine to go back up and keep telling the truth. It’s ridiculous and I don’t blame him.

  6. Zsa Zsa Gaborik on

    Torts should not do the press conference. He should send out a look alike midget.

  7. onecupin72yearsandcounting on

    It was obvious in game one the ice was poor, it always has been in MSG.

    I agree with you in #1 , you need a goal play him.

    The tying goal seemed to take the life out of the NYR , all night long they had trouble clearing the zone.. seemed like they were afraid of icings, better to ice the puck than hand it to them.

  8. Montreal blocked shots at a faster pace than the Rangers in the playoffs two years ago. Never heard a peep. Montreal, the Islanders, and Minnesota are the shot-blocking leaders in the league not the Rangers. Of course if the Rangers were a shooting gallery like those teams with so many opportunities, they probably would be.

  9. I agree with you on number 1, I don’t bench Gaborik for that play, but if you’re going to do that, why is Del Zaster getting the important ice time still? He was out there for both the tying and winning goals. And to boot, he didn’t exactly make a bee-line to the point, or cover Kelly Clarkson in the slot to stop the deflection, and don’t get me started on Del Zaster along the boards. Be consistant!

    And as for the presser, I know he’s trying to give the NHL a backhanded slap with not talking. Probably because after losses he’s more likely than not to give Shanahan, the almighty disciplinarian, an excuse to go into Torts’ pocket. He’s given truthful pressers and has gotten fined, and this is his revenge. I don’t blame him for that.

    All in all, not many rangers had good games. Boyle was invisible, Feds looked slow, Rupp looked awful, DZ, Bickel – attrocious, Richards, Hagelin, Stepan – Lackluster at best.

    Another thing i’m wondering and maybe you guys could answer me. We know we can trust Tim Erixon just the same as Stu Bickel, and he’s a better skater and all around player, offensively and defensively, and if you’re only gonna play him 5 min/night, why not give Erixon the shot? Or if you’re looking at a stay at home Defenseman, Dylan McIlrath fits that bill, and I can promise that Kelly Clarkson over there isn’t open in front of Henrik.

  10. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Point 12 is as true as the day is long.
    Torts gets in trouble when he does a press conference and gets fined for being honest and telling it like it is. So…now he says nothing and I don’t blame him

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Most troubling aspect of game was inability to clear our zone. Basic hockey, dump it in and let the D play the puck with forwards crashing down. Our centers have to play a more prominent role in that play and, frankly, it is NOT their strong suit.

    Cally has got to be hurt. Not only has trouble controlling puck, but also lots of problems staying on his skates.

    Another tight series…here we go again…I’m just glad no team has *MOMENTUM* now

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I first sided with you on the benching but I re-watched the play this AM and I think it’s the right move.

    Gabby was weak on the puck at defensive blue line, he fails to clear it, gets bodied out of position so then the puck rattles around 5-10 seconds in the zone. It gets back to Gabby’s point and with the slapper wind-up gabby shows 0 desperation to cover up for his defensive gaffe, he doesn’t go down. Good on Torterella. If you can’t score, you certainly better not be a liability… I don’t think gabby quite gets it yet. Weird, but that’s what it looked like to me.

  13. I like how some writers are suggesting those in attendance should stick it to Tortorella by either not showing up for pressers or not asking any questions.

    Which would bother him _how_ exactly?

  14. Good morning, Carp.

    I’m gonna stick with my Rangers in 4 prediction. They’ve surprised us all year – why stop now?

  15. A lot here were wondering when the larger sports media would start noticing what that other Garden team was up to…well i’m hearing Torts has no respect for the game, and the way the team plays is ruining the game.

  16. hysterical term, Carpy……”flamingo”!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    And that’s exactly what it looked like.

    He had a horrible shift to end the second. After his first mistake, Gabby could have redeemed himself by going down or using his stick….for Christ’s sake, EXERT yourself a little bit. He let the shot that was deflected in go right by him.

    I sit right where he also could not clear the puck. He was using his stick only and, while it all happens so fast, I remember thinking, “why doesn’t he use his body?”…..The odds of your stick hitting the puck is quite small.

    He made 2 major mistakes that led to a very hurtful goal. Torts sees things so well. He has benched guys all year who do crap like that. It was a lazy prima donna play. He should be benched.

    I do hope Torts does what Hunter did and puts him on the first shift Saturday.

    Lazy, lazy, stupid, stupid play….

  17. Staal and McD took booming hits in the second and third. Both seemed not to be the same after them.

    Staal sat on the bench a good amount with his head down. After the big his (I didn’t see who the truck was), he came back out and mishandled the puck badly twice. I immediately thought concussion/shoulder. I believe it was Zajac.

    These guys are such warriors. I hope both are ok for the rest of the series.

  18. There was one shorthanded shift where Prust lost his stick and ended up shadowing Kovalchuk. It was brilliant. No score on this one.

    He was one of the few Rangers that came to play last night. He had a great game.

  19. I don’t ever want to hear about fatigue anymore because the fact is if the Rangers had any guts or a killer instinct they would win one friggin Game 2 and not have to play every series to the end. It’s so frustrating watching them constantly lose these game 2’s.

  20. This two day rest comes at a perfect time for our boys. All the mistakes and lost battles were due to mental and physical fatigue. One bit of proof? Kreider was our best player and he should be further back given his inexperience especially at this time of year. It will be interesting to learn about injuries whenever our season ends. It’s difficult and unfair to judge the efforts of players without knowing what they’re dealing with.

  21. About the shot blocking, I was listening to XM on my drive home from work and they have the Laughlin/Tom Watters show on. Two guys who “supposedly know what they are talking about. They were going off on shot blocking like this is the scourge of hockey and it’s going to ruin the sport. C’mon guys, like the trap and every other defensive scheme out there, offenses will adjust. But they absolutely HATE it. Now if Toronto had done this and had some success, I’m sure they would be singing it’s praises. There is a clear anti-Rangers bias with these guys. I don’t know if they just hate NY or if they don’t like Torts, but whenever I listen it’s always about the other team and how they will beat the Rangers. And thy keep going on and on how Quick WILL and SHOULD win the Vezina. C’mon, do they even WATCH hockey? How can you give it to Quick, and yet Hank is also up for Hart and Lindsay awards. How can you NOT be the best goalie if you are one of the three best players in the league according to the voting and Quick is not in the running. Makes no sense to me.

  22. I expect us to come out and play our best game of the series on Saturday. We’ve pretty much been outplayed 4 periods to 2 thus far. We have played well on the road, and I don’t think we will stop now. I am sure they will watch tape, have a good practice and get a win in the next game.

    Carp, I saw you on the post game last night, trying to reach over some redheaded girl with your mic.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Avery was still on this team you’d get no whining from 99% of these media children.

  24. Good morning, boneheads!

    Boy, was last night’s thread filled with dumb remarks. And, as opposed to Carp, I stopped getting upset or responding to those because it won’t change anything. And, also, I do understand the emotions and frustration, especially if you are a die hard fan. The reason I decided to bring it up is because same people also get upset if someone else disagrees with them, or tries to stay positive. “Hey, remember, you can’t say negative things on this blog”, or “Hey, don’t say that, you will upset the PPs” Nobody ever said you couldn’t post what you think. But, at the same time, allow other people to disagree with you too, and call your posts dumb and ignorant if someone feels that way.Two-way street, no?
    No effort, everyone sucked, so and so is useless, out- this and out- that, I forgot what it was. How about you try to understand that they aren’t playing an AHL team. This is EC finals, folks, they are playing a solid team. And sometimes you look as good as your opposition makes you look. Give Devils some credit (I know, barf), they came out desperate and essentially never relented. Don’t you think they knew if they lost last night it would be all but over? And if you do not think the Rangers will respond Saturday, you haven’t watched this team all year.

  25. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I thought the Rangers would play better. They came out flat in both periods 1 and 3
    They have regrouped from bad games and bad outcomes all year long, I expect they will do so here as well.
    I think you cannot bench your top goal scorer for a defensive blunder, in a tie game when you need a goal.
    I do not think there will be any lingering effect from this Torts-Gabby thing. It happened, its over and done and they move on.

  26. Kreider showed one more quality last night that we may not have been aware of- do not look now, but this team may finally have a player who doesn’t only have size, speed and a world class shot, but also can screen a goaltender, *AND* knows what to do with the puck in those situations.

  27. A team should never give less than 100% effort at this stage of the playoffs the way the Rangers did last night. Inexcusable, and they just made this series much harder on themselves. I still think they will win it in 6, though.

    As for Torts, I have come off the fence and think he is being completely unprofessional, which kind of undermines his ability to demand that his players act professionally. Those saying he got fined twice for “speaking his mind” and being honest, look at each incident: One was questioning the integrity of the league and its officials. While he was kind of baited by a reporter asking about the league wanting the WC to go to OT, he still should have stuck to just criticizing the officiating and the calls on the ice and not the integrity of the entire league. The other fine came after two profanity-laced interviews. Yes, he criticized the Penguins, but I think the suspension was a result of the cursing. So Torts knows not to insinuate that the league is dishonest, and not to curse. You’re telling me that prohibits the guy from giving a proper interview? I don’t think so, and every other coach manages to do interviews within those parameters just fine.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m thinking that taking one off the, ahh, gr.. ta.. yea the perineum and redirecting it off that sensitive area was a bit of luck. I see what youre saying but last nights goal was quite a bit of luck. I think he’s just going for a screen and ends up not only scoring a goal but also staving off impotence issues in the future.

  29. I am very calm during this series so far. And I hate the Devils more than any other team in the league. By a healthy margin. To me- I am watching bonus hockey. I said to myself, and on the blog, that I thought this team was good enough to go into CF this year, and on their way they’d play a few hard fought series, thereby giving our young players invaluable experience. After they played two 7-game series, that was accomplished. But now I see them being able to prevail in this one too. And I hope I’m not blinded by my hatred to NJ, but I think NY is a better team, and I do not think the Devils will be able to sustain the same level they showed yesterday for every game ( see period #3, game 1), and I feel that the Rangers certainly have another gear hidden in them. And, at the end of the day, our goaltending is still better. Enjoy the ride, folks, this is special.

  30. Once again, I couldn’t care less about Torts’ behavior towards the media. Sorry media guys (Josh and Carp). His non answers gives everybody just as much to write about as his answers. Who cares.

    What I do care about is only getting two odd-man rushes against a team that forechecks with that intensity. What I do care about is Stu Bickel being Behind the goal when Clarkson is in prime position to make some EuroPansy Finesse play on the puck. Can we clear a crease please?

    And get over it about Gaborik. The Flamingo style block is a great idea for him. If he makes that block he has a breakaway and no one is catching him. He’s a goal scorer and it would be nice if he scored a few.

  31. Lol, True Fans.

    I’ll take that luck any day of the week. I don’t think we had that luck since Adam Graves.

  32. Good insight ilb, especially about the fact we’re not playing chopped liver in the ECF. Devils, like ’em or hate ’em, are a great test. What we’re watching our club do is special, even on nights when we’re not at our best. No matter how this turns out, we’re going to look back and be very, very proud of the 2011-12 NYR. Don’t want that to sound like a eulogy … I still think we are going to get this done.

  33. FiveFootZero on

    Hey Nasty…see ya later!

    As for the game? It’s game 2…move on…Devil’s have won nothing yet but one game…they have to win 4…we will take this series…nobody said it would be easy.

  34. MattyBoy at @8:00 AM was spot on. Prust had a terrific game. That no stick shadowing thing was legendary. That was so unreal when I watched it and I was blown away that he was able to shut someone down without a stick and not let them get a shot off!

  35. Carp,

    My question is who was supposed to be with Clarkson on the winning goal? He was free for a few seconds. Callahan came down late, but don’t know if Clarkson was his responsibility.

  36. Nice recap Carp. Agree with a lot of what you wrote but a few things really rang true with me.

    – Tortorella has to give more in the press conferences. He comes off like a sore loser in a loss and isn’t much better after a win. Agree that some of the questions are moronic (they need to reign in Fischler – he rambles a bit). However, you guys have a job to do and he needs to respect that.

    – Gaborik played like he was in quicksand. Some nights it really looks like he’s not interested. That said, he has to be out there in the last 2 mins with the goalie pulled. I also think Callahan needs to be a bit more vocal with these guys. It’s one thing to lead by example but another to get in someone’s face.

    – Kreider – what would the Rangers do without him? They’d be out be now because he’s one of the few with jump.

    One thing you didn’t mention was the timeout Torts called with about a minute to go and the Devils had iced the puck. I know his guys were tired too but I think the advantage of a tired D plus the extra skater should be a pretty big advantage. I think he let them off the hook after a bad icing.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Survivor Mike is right!!

    Carp, someone blew the opportunity to ask about that time-out! :)

    Ilb, have a good day bud. Glad to contribute a little humor around here. I can’t stick around for those in-game running posts because they get byfuglien nutso, but you should be rewarded for hanging in there as one of the sane ones.

    Good day, heads!

  38. love torts press conference not letting the media clowns get to him.

    great game by bickel. he is awful

    richards not himself last night.

    don’t understand how they start the third with no pop. just brutal

  39. heres my take

    when you have guys like mitchell rupp prust feds 0 goals in 16 games. hags 0 goals in 12 games boyle 0 goals since concussion thats 5 of your 6 3rd and 4th liners not including arty. when you get zero offense from these guys i dont think benching gabby in the 3rd per is the right move in that spot. if its not richards kreider or the d chipping in no one else is getting it done then gabby needs to play in the 3rd per. torts messed that up last night.

    also for the 3-6 mins bickel plays a night nothing goes right for him. if its not a bad icing or penalty its a goal being scored like last night with clarkson. he was in no mans land. one shift one goal against in 3rd per when he was on ice. del zaster was just as brutal.

    i think the shipped has sailed on putting eminger in now because he has sat for too long. he should have replaced bickel a long time ago.

  40. The problem is there are those in the media who break out in cold sweats during the middle of the night if they have to write a story without getting quotes from the coach. Let the media walk out on the Torts press conference. Guess what, he would love it.For all the grief Tortorella gets, the media need to look inward.

    No one comments when they ask dopey questions like “Why did you call that timeout” after the Rangers ice the puck after being pinned in their zone for a couple of minutes. That has happened in each of the last two series with veteran reporters asking the question.

    Earlier in the playoffs someone asked him why he only had one assistant behind the bench. Combine these questions with the fines he has racked up, can you blame him for being curt with the media?

    As to Game 3, the Rangers definitely need to get tougher on the boards when the puck is near the blue line. First goal came indirectly as a result with Boyle’s penalty coming after they couldn’t clear it and the second goal, enough said.

    The other thing I would like to see them try is a couple of more wraparound attempts. Marty has has a problem with them from 1994 with Matteau. McDonagh had him beat and I think Prust (?) put a good scare into him as well.

  41. Stranger Nation on

    The Clarkson goal was a Cally – MDZ mistake, not Bickel. Bicks had a forward tied up going to the crease from side boards after the redirect. MDZ left crease to play goalie in no-mans land and Cally was late coming down to support.

    Kreider goal – ‘luck’? hmmm…need to disagree on that one. Not sure where the puck went off him, but the skill and talent on that play was in screening -Farty- , -Fatty- , -Marmy- , Mammy so he had no idea where puck was and the shot for by Stralman which was on goal (ahem MDZ)

    Please no more Girardi on PP – enough already

    Staal hurt in 3rd??? Maybe, but ask Clarkson who jacked him in the third along boards late in game – wow – might be hit of the series so far considering the two players involved.

    Can we see a replay on Boyle penalty please? After the Hags BS call, guess Toronto didn’t want a replay.

  42. Clarkson left his feet on that hit on Marc Stahl (prust sayin’).

    I would love to see more of Strahlman SHOOTING.

    Bickel was in no mans land as Eric said. Maybe it’s not his responsibility but he’s the big body and in that situation he needs to pop out and clear that darn crease!

  43. The Rangers NEED the two days off, they’re gassed and they sucked bad last night. Cally and Gabby have been horrible the last 10 games, Cally worse than anyone.

  44. Let me get this straight. There are people that want shot blocking made illegal, but Gaborik is being lambasted for not blocking a shot. Ummm…..OK.

    Come on. Not every player can be a Callahan or Girardi and give up life and limb to block shots. That’s not Gaborik’s game. He’s a goal scorer. It’s why he’s never used on the penalty kill. I don’t see Richards going down to block shots, but I don’t hear any criticism of him.

  45. and dubi’s foot, broken.. but the crack media reporters haven’t been given an injury update EVER. i think i saw sauer wandering in the east village with a big gulp and no shoes

  46. These playoff rounds have been so grueling, that I no longer know if I am confident or not. We played terribly and still almost won…but it sure seems like the Devils have alot more energy. Their forecheck is impressive, best we’ve seen so far. The puck always seems to find them along the boards and they are fantastic at finding the open man to clear their own zone. And the big hits seem to be going against us over the past 10 games. And yet, here we are, still favored to win the whole shebang. I have no idea anymore. I do think that Torts should come out naked in the next presser.

  47. What else is there to say?

    This team played trash-league hockey. They were bush-league and amateur-hour and Mickey-Mouse wrapped with a bow.

    A big ugly bow, the kinds of which you only find in tacky, tourist-trap gift shops near the cruise port in Cozumel.

    To go up 2-1 and then lose on a deflection goal in which the Devil stands unimpeded in front of the Queen in the third frame (of all frames) is beyond absurd. Was that Fickle who missed his man? Glue his sorry, no-talent behind to the bench … and then make him skate on the off day.

    Gaborik? Where was that clown all night?

    The only useful player on this team is The Kreider. The kid is fast, goes on the backcheck, and scores to boot – something that the other clueless pedestrians on the team refuse to do (namely because they have stone hands and small balls)

    To prospect of reaching the East Finals and then losing to this ho-hum NJ team is beyond remorse.

    These two-bitters better wake up or else.

  48. Right on, Charlie. Right on.

    If Gaborik blocks that shot in an upright position he has a breakaway. Weren’t some people on here, during the season, calling for more upright shot blocking so that we could move the puck more effectively?

  49. On the winning goal. If you’re a Devil’s fan you say it was an awesome play by Clarkson. If you’re a Rangers’ fan you say it was a lucky play by Clarkson. I wonder, if that play happens 10 times, how many times would Clarkson pick that puck out of the air and deflect it perfectly into the goal like he did last night. I’d say probably once – and that once happened last night.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Do you play? The fact that he was credited with the goal was luck. Actually, theres a replay (I had the Canadian feed) that shows if he didn’t redirect it just a bit it hits Brodeur in the arm. Sorry man, lucky goal.

    It’s a heady goal in that it takes a smart player with a nose for the net, but luck is luck. And luck is better on your side than any load of talent any given day. Thats not to say he doesn’t have his share of skill either.

  51. I don’t care whether Kreider scored from luck or skill. As far as I am concerned HAVING luck is a skill. Some of our players have NONE of it.

    You know who this team is missing? The ^hobbit wizard^ (NYR?)! We need one player who can backcheck and then make a quick pass to the point to take advantage of this stupid Devils’ forecheck. We should be able to capitalize on it and scare them into playing a different way.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only thing this team is really missing is morning tweets from Sean Avery. Come on, Sean!

    Seriously, more Papa Drury’s coupons for free knots and 2-liter Diet Coke would go a long way game days too.

  53. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – you are right again. 1-1 after two.

    Kreider was the best player on the ice again last night for the Rangers. One more goal and he will have the post season record for goals by a rookie, with out playing a regular season game.

    Rangers in 6. That means the Devils have to win a couple along the way, last night just happened to be the 1.

    Have a Great Day Boneheads……. now back to work!!!!

  54. Callahan was an MVP type player for 89 games this year, so I am assuming he must be injured now. He typically possesses the puck a lot more than he had in the Washington series or either of the first two Devils games, so I’m guessing an arm, wrist or hand injury.

    Speaking of possession, the Rangers D’men fed the Devils pointmen last night more times than they successfully broke out. The Big-4 are simply playing too many minutes. Bickel was on the ice for a Devils goal last night, but I didn’t think he played a bad game. If the Rangers are to advance in this round & be able to go toe to toe with LA in a long series, the time to go six-deep on D’ is now. And if Bickel can’t play 10 minutes, maybe Erixon can. Unfortunately, Torts’ track record suggests he’ll be staying the course on playing time.

  55. Yeah right….Zuccarello is the answer…. please. He’s a marginal NHL caliber player on the best of days and in the playoffs, when the refs let players play, his size disadvantage will be even more pronounced.

  56. Alright I just watched the Clarkson goal again. I know it wasn’t Bickel’s man that scored the goal but COME ON. He went WAY to high up the Left boards. Way too high. Then he spun around and raced for Clarkson but couldn’t make it. I am telling you, that guy has no luck. And he needs to make better decisions. That might be hard since he doesn’t get many chances.

    Guarantee that Torts is going to discuss that play with him.

  57. speaking of luck – I once worked sie-by-side with a CEO who was literally crushed with resumes all the time. I was in his office helping him get organized and he suddenly took a newly-neat pile of about 500 resumes and tossed them in the air. When they scattered on the floor, he scooped up what looked like half and tossed them in the garbage. I said, what the byfug are you doing? He said, I don’t want to work with anyone who is unlucky. My life was changed forever.

    this whole tournament is about luck and timing and bounces off of a sliver of bad ice or a millimeter of skate blade that should be sharper but makes you slip or getting distracted for a millisecond by a camera flash beginh the glass or off of Pierre’s head…all stuff that leads to luck, but would go unnoticed in the regular season

  58. That toss-resumes-in-the-air thing is what Sather did back in the day and he came up with: Gomez, Drury, Redden, …

  59. Stranger Nation on

    True Blue – yes I play and what Ive learned is the goalie has a very hard time stopping the puck when he can’t see it, correct? So the skill involved is positioning yourself in front of goalie so he cannot pick up the puck, correct? In watching the replay last night Mammy had no idea where puck was and as a result the puck went in the back of the net. Kreider was the player screening him and the puck caromed off some body part or possibly shaft of stick. You are calling that luck and I do not agree.

    Many on this blog have been criticizing our forwards for not heading to the net to screen goalie. Last night we have a perfect example of why and you call it luck…

    Let me guess…you are a goalie…

  60. carp you forgot the lucky save on gabby by fat boy also. he hit the puck out of the air with I think the back of his right leg. total lucky save.

    carp boyle has been in slow motion since coming back.. prust fianlly showed up. rupp and mitchell do almost nothing. miss dubi.. another fast, big body who cpmpetes. if they had sauer the whole playing time for d men would be totally changed. sit bickell and play emminger. 4 or 5 innefective minutes a game does not matter.

    thought mdz was avg last night, richards invisible.. need to forecheck much much better.

  61. Stranger Nation on

    Cmon let’s not play the post loss blame game on the GWG. 5 guys on ice and all share some blame as a defensive unit.

  62. boyle absolutely slashed the stick on his penalty. he went lazy man on us………

  63. Good grief. Millbury has no credibility, he is the worst GM in NHL history. This is not a schtick. This is how he wants to coach.

    Why should he give up the rangers game plan and criticize players for the whole world to see? Maybe he did that during the regular season, but he surely won’t do that in the playoffs when every game matters exponentially more.

    Sure I would like to hear more of Torts insight on the game because he sees things nobody else does, but I don’t feel bad for the media who have to pay attention to the game instead of being spoon fed articles. The only people it hurts are Rangers fans that invest so much in the team and benefit from his intelligent viewpoints.

  64. Fat Guy – that sounds vaguely reminiscent of that Henry Miller book, Tropic of Capricorn (which sucks).

  65. Even though I think Torts should be more professional and give an answer other than “No” what’s the difference between answering with that or giving a rehearsed non-answer to questions.

    Is there really a difference between “no” and, “We just need to play better. They took it to us tonight and we have to come back stronger the next game.” There isn’t any more information in the second sentence than there is in not answering the question. However, it does show more professionalism and maturity to even give a canned answer than act like a cry baby.

  66. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on


    What time is the USA game today?

  67. Sorry guys, gotta vent. I know some/most don’t care about Tort’s press conf but I think it is disrespectful, not just to the media (which again, most may not care) but more importantly to Ranger fans that have so much emotionally vested in this team. Again, most say just win and who cares, but I don’t believe winning and courtesy have to be mutually exclusive.

    I’d love to hear someone ask:
    John, as the coach of an original six team, with such a long history, with such a devoted fan base, do you feel you have some responsibility to the fans and to the game itself to share your thoughts after such a critical game?

    John, with the way they play, the sacrifice, the commitment, the hard work, this group is such an easy team for the casual fan to root for. Do you feel you’re diluting that by the way you handle these pressers?

    Don’t bother. I now the answers will be No and No (or far worse!).

    I just think he’s unecessarily tarnishing the great coaching work he’s done here.

    Sorry for the rant.

  68. SN, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Bickel’s play on the winner. He is chasing Marek Zidlicky behind the net and all the way up to the LW half-boards. I am not saying that is the wrong play because I don’t know how the coaching staff wants him to handle that play, but I would rather see Bickel turn the Zidlicky check off to a forward while Stu gets back into position.

  69. Honestly, putting Bickel on the ice is not a good move for this Ranger team during the ECF. Talk about a marginal NHL player. The guy is only satisfactory when he isn’t giving up a goal or odd-man rush. Clarkson completely schooled him on that goal and got him way out of position.

    Like Orr said last night, I’d also like to see Erixon get a shot over Bickel…. but that’s a risk, too. At least there is more upside offensively with Erixon.
    Manny, vibin’. This team is always better with ^wizard^.
    Too many failed clearing attempts last night. I wonder how much the ice had to do with that…

  70. Gabby’s inexcusable play was soft play in failing to clear the zone, moreso than his failure to block.

  71. AnythonyM + Manny = Vibin’

    That is what I said earlier. Bickel is WAY too high on the left boards. Come back down and maybe do something useful?

    NYR = Vibin’, Mon.

  72. Truth be told …

    If I’m El Cristiano Kreider, I bail on these clowns and fly across the pond to play with Team USA.

    At least they’ve got a shot of winning something.

  73. Carp, really enjoying the Devils commentary in the Twitter feed above. Maybe we could sprinkle some Islander fans in there? How about some Caps/Senators opinions as well?

  74. AnthonyM – to follow up that point, in Game 6 or 7 (Caps series) Bickel made a play where he chose to not attack the man with the puck and to turn around and make the safe play by staying low. The announcers killed him for it and I wonder if Sully showed him tape of it and said, be more aggressive or something. Maybe it just sticks in his head and he didn’t want to make the same non-mistake again?

  75. hysterical term, Carpy……”flamingo”!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!


    welcome to “Hockey 101”

  76. I was surprised Torts called time out with a tired Devils team out there after an icing. That’s taking the “we only focus on the New York Rangers” mantra to an extreme. We know he recognizes the risk of having a tired group out there taking a defensive zone draw.

  77. Ok Cuz, even the gorilla was asking me, “Where’s Gaborick?”. For a 12 year old, even he gets it. The post was definately Marty’s best friend last night. Still calling for rangers in 5 or 6. Is Zook ready yet, and in seeing the effort last night, who gets benched if he comes back?

  78. We were tied 1-1 after Sens and Caps but the difference this time is the body of work over the 2 games favors the Devils, whereas in the previous 2 I still felt we were better overall. The Devils look fresher, stronger, faster. No knock on our boys they’ve given it their best all season and through 2 grueling rounds.

  79. Jees, are we gonna have to make the ledge bigger? Don’t worry, da boyz will finish off jersey and move on.

  80. Picked the Rangers in 7 in this series but based on what I’ve seen so far I don’t feel good about it.

    By the way I’m 6 for 6 in picking EC winners these playoffs and 0 for 6 in the WC. Go figure.

  81. erixon is not playing in this series. it is bickell or emminger.

    on the winning goal mdz was not in position not bickell.

    the clears killed the rangers all night. rangers sucked all night and still lost by 1 goal…the rangers will win the series too bad they cannot enjoy prosperity…..

    pressure the debbies d they are not that good…….

  82. Carp – as I said in a previous post, why don’t you guys have the regulars ask questions first, then let the idiots who he doesn’t deal with on a regular basis ask questions last so we can just ignore them and leave? You know he’s going to get pissed off by those guys, so it makes no sense for them to ask first.

  83. I don’t think the body of work favors them. They just forecheck and hold the puck. We have had BY FAR the better goaltender.

    We just need to flash a quick forward up high to intercept their forecheck to D-Man passing scheme. Take away their strength and dictate play.

  84. Did anybody talk about Marty’s save before the Rangers 1st goal? The one he made on Gaborik when he chipped the puck, Marty dove to poke check then flung his leg up in the air to kick it out? I haven’t seen anyone talk about that on TV, yet it was probably the save of the year. Had the Rangers not scored a minute after, they probably would’ve shown more than one replay, but instead they pretty much ignored the fact that it was absolutely incredible (which I hate since I want him to fail miserably).

  85. I agree with a couple of the earlier posters that the one great wild card in our favor is Brodeur. Rangers MUST get more good shots on him, then they will win.

    While he’s still capable of making the occasional big save, overall he is not good and frankly there were a few oppties last night in the first and second to make him pay for mistakes and bad positioning on shots but we missed.

  86. Stranger Nation on

    OK just watched GWG again and the break down was not Bick, though one could nit pick he was too high on boards (*not vibin*)

    Cally on Clarkson in front of goal as Zidlicki comes behind with Bickel on Zid

    Zid continues up side boards, Cally and Step both leave front of crease and Clarkson to get point

    MDZ is not in front of Hank with 2 Debbies forwards and we have our *THREE* forwards in the slot covering their *TWO* men at point. Step gets to point first and Cally is left in no mans land.

    Puck is passed across to henrique with Kreider coming to play puck. One Devil forward moves away from goal with MDZ in pursuit leaving kelly Clarkson all alone in front of hank as Cally tries to find a man and Bick hustles back to crease.

    Every player is between a Debbie and Hank except for one – Cally. Soooooooo if you look at the tape is was a breakdown on communication between Step and Cally who was covering point which left a man alone in front.

    Or we can just blame Bickel – whatever is more convenient…

    Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same,

    I’m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!

    (very apropos Mr. Plant)

  87. I actually just watched that again Jonny. That save was lucky as all heck. That play by Gaborik is the difference from him getting praised or killed. That puck doesn’t hit Marty’s skate in the air and Gaborik is a finesse-soft-touch-goal-scoring genius and the heck with Ilya Kovalchuk.

    That’s the difference between Gaborik and Krieder. One has luck on his side.

  88. Manny, other than Hank vs Brodeur, which I agree is in our favor, do you really think the body of work in the 2 games favors the Rangers? I give the Rangers the 3rd period of game 1 and about 10 minutes last night.

  89. Yea I guess you’re right Matteau. It’s just that I think stopping the Devils at their own game and dictating play shouldn’t be a difficult adjustment to make. We should be able to cut off their forecheck. Also, they aren’t going to get two unreal deflections every single night. But yea, the pace of play and etc. has been dictated by the Devils. We have done a great job though at scoring when we need to.

    We were a skate blade save away from being tied or winning last night.

  90. I never meant to blame Bickel. It is more of a question as to what does the coaching staff want a d-man to do on that play. If they do want him to pursue the puck, then one of the forwards has to rotate down low to help out on coverage. Frankly, the Rangers did not have a good not as far as their defensive rotations go. On Kovy’s goal, they were slow to rotate as the Devils moved the puck. While we did score twice on the PP, I hope the boys took note of the quick puck movement on that goal. Also, hope Gabby took note of Kovy moving to open ice for the shot.

  91. Anthony – just above I was pointing out that Bickel made the opposite play, not pursuing the puck carrier, against the Caps and it led to a goal against. I wonder what he is being told or if he’s just horrified out there and trying to make safer plays but being confused.

  92. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    One thing i am feeling positive about is that the Rangers didnt play well last night, yet it was only a 1 goal difference. Kreider’s and McDonagh’s posts and the stupid save by Marty on Gaborik still illustrate that great chances were still generated. Keep your heads high Ranger fans.

  93. Manny I hope there is a switch that can be turned on to enable our boys to dictate play but based on what I’ve seen so far I’m skeptical. Combination of being beat up and the Devils being much better than the last 2 teams.

    That being said if they can get some good shots on Brodeur I still like their chances, he’s really bad. Another guy to exploit is Zidlicky, man is he awful defensively.

  94. GCBlue May 17th, 2012 at 9:50 am
    Sorry guys, gotta vent. I know some/most don’t care about Tort’s press conf but I think it is disrespectful, not just to the media (which again, most may not care) but more importantly to Ranger fans that have so much emotionally vested in this team. Again, most say just win and who cares, but I don’t believe winning and courtesy have to be mutually exclusive.

    I’d love to hear someone ask:
    John, as the coach of an original six team, with such a long history, with such a devoted fan base, do you feel you have some responsibility to the fans and to the game itself to share your thoughts after such a critical game?

    John, with the way they play, the sacrifice, the commitment, the hard work, this group is such an easy team for the casual fan to root for. Do you feel you’re diluting that by the way you handle these pressers?

    Don’t bother. I now the answers will be No and No (or far worse!).

    I just think he’s unecessarily tarnishing the great coaching work he’s done here.

    Agree with this 100%!

  95. The switch is to flash a forward, preferably a fast one, to the point. Send less men into the corners to pursue the Devils’ forecheck. Intercept or break up those passes to the point and turn them into odd-man rushes.

  96. I would not be surprised to see Torts gone over the summer, regardless of how the rest of the playoffs go.

  97. Gabby should not be scapegoated — the whole team out from hank was pretty mediocre last night. Gabby needs to step it up, because he’s an elite talent, but still.

    Not sure what Torts could say that would actually be informative. Do we not know what he thinks? I think we do.

  98. Why the hell would they fire Torts? He has a bunch of kids playing to go to the Stanley Cup and making the Dolans millions? That’s insane. He may piss off Carp and Larry Brooks, but he’s not Isaiah.

  99. FiveFootZero, yes you will see me tonight, with my rangers sweatshirt on, and my grizzly mountain man lumberjack beard. This team is going to show up big on Saturday. Mark my words!!!


  100. Bwahahaha. Fire Torts! Laughable.

    *WHO CARES* how he treats the media? 99% of the media sucks. It’s like Brett Lawrie getting suspended for screaming at an umpire who was 100% wrong twice in a row. The ump is the idiot.

    All Torts needs to do is keep being Torts and keep coaching and keep on trucking. We are the last remaining #1 seed. The rest are GONE. Teams played horrible. Great job in the second round Ken Hitchcock.

    Also, for all you Emrick supporters (what a professional, GAG ME) can someone please tell him that Hank is a Vezina FINALIST not a “Nominee”. K? Thanks. I know he’s such a pro and has been around the game for a while and does his research but that is just plain idiocy.

  101. Manny – It is as if you are listening to me as I mumble during games :-) I am dying to see a Ranger forward jump one of those d-man to d-man passes to spring out on a breakaway. I know the team has been so successful at packing the slot area, but it leaves the point so wide open – to a fault.

  102. Manny – It was luck, but it was still skill as well. To have the presence of mind to put your leg up like that. Don’t think for a second he wasn’t trying to save that with his leg after he poked and missed. You can’t take away the fact that it was an incredible save.

    I mean you can say that about a bunch of those crazy saves where the goalie reaches back with the stick and saves it. If the player shot 2 inches higher it was a goal. Same thing here. If Gaby shoots a little to the right, it’s a goal, but it didn’t go in. Gotta respect that save.

  103. Let it be said that as a *die-hard Rangers fan* I have *NO* right to know what the team is thinking, doing, feeling, planning, strategizing, etc… I just watch and enjoy. I would love to know more and be on the inside but come on people. This is why 24/7 is so cool. A look into something that we normally get zilch of.

  104. Jonny – it is incredible. The point I was trying to make is that some players do things out of instinct and luck helps them accomplish that task. Brodeur and Kreider have luck. Gaborik has negative luck.

  105. Manny – Please be careful where you are vibin – you’ll get it all over my carpets

  106. Regardless who is to blame for not picking up Clarkson in the slot, speaking as a player who’s been on the ice for over 40 years that was one of the most beautiful deflection I have ever seen. I must have seen it about 10 times through the various replays and each time it took my breath away. The other Debbie tip wasn’t too bad either.
    The issue is not a single play but the full body of work that’s unfolding. The Devil forecheck and subsequent prolonged puck possession are killing us (as well as losing nearly every blue-line battle, including the one’s Gabby was not involved in). If they are to spend that much time in the zone, no matter how well we play defensively and regardless that we have the better goaltender, bad things are going to happen.

    On the offensive side, I was expecting great things for Kreider, but to think that he would be our biggest threat does not bode well. I think Richards needs to be more fully engaged mentally. He’s just not making good decisions in the zone as to when to shoot and pass. I don’t weant to make excuses for Gabby but his game is more exposed to criticism if he is not supported by his linemates as was the case last night.

    As it has been said so many times in this thread and all season long I truly expect da Ranger to bounce right back, but as much as I want the Blueshirts to win, there is no clear-cut dominance here where anything other than luck will decide the outcome.

    If you do one thing the rest of the post-season, don’t forget to take ILB’s advice of sitting back and and enjoying this special time of year, whatever happens.

  107. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone feel that the Rangers should put Erixon in for Bickel. In my eyes, its a waste of a lineup spot to play bickel 5 minutes a night. I dont care if Erixon only see pp action to give girardi some rest. Opinions boys?

  108. Kenny- YES. They are both a liability but Erixon has the much higher upside. PP and Offensive Pinch.

  109. Neil, Chimera, Clarkson…seems to be a recurring theme against us. Big snarling forwards with talent. Clarkson is the best of the bunch and has kiiled us (and the whole league) all year. I’m looking forward to us having a few of dem dare guyz, too.

  110. Don’t worry, Kenny. Most people who post on a blog never bother to read other posts. It’s par for the course!

  111. That is a great point, Fat guy. For that brilliance I will keep my vibe’s off your rugs

  112. no worries, devils played there best, didn’t think the rangers played that well and the rangers lost by a goal. The rangers will prevail in this series.

  113. Put in Erixon? What? Not everyone can be Kreider. I think his performance may be skewing people’s perceptions of what rookies can handle in the playoffs…

  114. Tom, exactly!! That is a huge positive IMO. The Devils have thrown their best at us, and still we managed to win a game, and almost win a second. We have played 2 good periods of the 6 played. I am fully confident in this team, and expect a split in Prudential Square Garden, if not to take both games. We’ve done it to them before in the playoffs, and we can do it again.

  115. How about Canadia getting bounced by Slovakia? How about the Russkies dominating Norway. Let’s go U-S-A!?

    IIHF? Anyone?

  116. Torts would rather take the attention away from his team. And when you look everywhere today, it is working. More people are talking about him than anything else. I have no problem with that.

  117. If you believe our biggest defensive need is getting the puck out of the zone, then both Emminger or Erixon might be a better play. Both have a better all-around better defensive game than Bickel. Emminger is right now the a more confident skater but Erixon may be less prone to errors since he plays a more conservative style at this point in his career.

    The Debbies have switched up their D in the previous games with positive effects. This is one area that scares me, since Torts, although he will switch up his lines and D combos within a game, has a tendency to stick with a stock team lineup. We’ll never know about his true intentions with Kreider since his entrance was forced by Hagelin’s suspension.

    The cumulative ice-time for the other D-men, I think, is starting to catch up with them as far as getting the puck out ofn the zone. Getting a little less ice time could help keep them fresh but not sure if the 23+ minutes per game in 2 long full-out series+ can be turned around at this point.

  118. I think every visiting team coming to play at the Rock should be spotted one goal at the start of the game, just out of respect for the players that agreed to risk their lives to get off the team buses in Newark. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, PEOPLE!

  119. I’m with you Kenny, Let Erixon play for Bickel, he’s a better hockey player with better speed at the very least. If he plays like crap, it’s for 5 minutes a night, can it get worse than Bickel?

    Nobody brought up this point, how about having NO continuity with defense pairings. I know it comes at a price of playing 5 D, but seriously, I see MDZ out with McDonagh, they get pinned deep, MDZ and Staal get pinned deep, Staal and Girardi got pinned deep, I mean, I know Girardi and McMonster are out there a lot together, but that’s the ONLY D-pair that sticks together… It goes to the point of bringing up Erixon, make him earn his shifts, yes, but if he does, maybe he can work up to 10 min/night and then get some continuity with either DZ or Staal. I dunno, just throwing it out there.

  120. >>I just think he’s unecessarily tarnishing the great coaching work he’s done here.

    I doubt as many Rangers fans care about Tortorella’s treatment of the media as you seem to think. I know I’d be perfectly happy if he never gave another interview. The man only has to answer to his bosses and players.

  121. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Props on the goalie joke, nicely done. And no I don’t.

    I appreciate your commending of his innate hockey sense and ‘nose for the net’. We need more guys with that skill set or to even get there and be that smart about it on those plays.

    We will forever fail to see the same thing on the rest of that play from last night ands that fine too. No additional blog chatter necessary to recognize that.

  122. I agree too. Torts don’t owe nuttin to nobody. I think he should stand backwards at his pressers, a la Jim Morrison. Whatever he is thinking gets reflected in the players he chooses to put on the ice in the next game. If most of the cub reporters aren’t observant or hockey literate enough to understand how he feels about situations, clashes, calls, pressure, strategy etc. by just following his decisions, then maybe their high school papers should have sent someone else to MSG to cover the game.

  123. True Blue Mike (Del Zotto's Swagger) on

    Torts is a genius. There is virtually no talking today about how the team played last night. Its all about Torts.

    Also, what does the media expect when you have guys like Stan Fischler asking why he took a timeout during an icing? Everyone and their mothers know that its because he had tired guys on the ice he couldn’t change. God some of these reporters are stupid. The only people I think ask decent questions are Gross, Carp, and Leonardo. What about the moron who talked about stealing sticks from BC guy or some carcillo, while he was asking the question im like what is this guy even saying?

  124. That we’ve “seen the Devils best and only lost by one goal” are false comfort. On what basis do you conclude we’ve seen their best and that they can’t play even better?

    To me, based on what I’ve seen in this series, the only comfort is in a very beatable Brodeur. But first we have to get in good position for some shots.

  125. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Q: How do you get a bunch of *europansies* to go into the corners?
    A: Start a fight at center ice.

  126. You got it, Doodie. I took over a board room here but it’s really far from my phone. Dilemma!

  127. Stranger Nation on

    Re Erixon – this team is a DEFENSE first team. IMHO torts would rather suit Aunite Em, but the guy is not in game shape and last couple he played before shutting it down last time he was hurting, could basely lift his knees.

    Love the idea of Erixon on PP point over Girardi, hell – put Bickel on point over Girardi on PP

    Cally- man, what is up? Feel for the Capt – hope he is OK because hand injury is now affecting skating ability or maneuvering in traffic on boards – counted at least five times he fell to ice. Cannot use stick to help balance and if you cannot apply pressure on stick, may cause spills? Not sure, but hope I am wrong…maybe his homage to Dubi

  128. OK, a few comments on your comments:

    Jackass. Idiot. Moron. You guys can figure out to whom I’m talking.

    And please, don’t give me the argument that “I don’t care how Torts treats the media.” of course you don’t. But it is part of his job, and part of showing some accountability and professionalism. I honestly don’t care at all if he answers questions with a “No” or a “next question.” but he’s doing it in order to intentionally be a jackwagon. That’s unprofessional.

  129. Manny – you make a good point about 24/7. I think that is why many Rangers fans want to see more, because we felt like we got to know the team really well since we saw them off the ice and in the locker room. I agree that we aren’t owed anything about what their strategy is. The only thing Torts and the Rangers owe the fans are wins and a quality performance.

    I personally hate when people ask questions like “so why didn’t you play well tonight?” I mean what kind of question is that? Don’t you think if they knew why they played poorly, they wouldn’t do it again?

  130. Carp – that’s true, but that’s because there are so many idiots now that are asking dumb, dumb questions. During the season when it was just you regulars, he was fine. He only had a few rants where he went off (Pittsburgh and the guy from Philly that asked a dumb question).

    I think he’s sick and tired of answering the same dumb questions by the same dumb reporters over and over again. I’d be fed up with it too. If you were him and you kept having dumb Canadian journalists that “know” hockey ask you repeated dumb questions, you wouldn’t eventually get fed up with it too?

  131. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    “You guys can figure out to whom I’m talking.”


  132. We are in real trouble here, Doodie. That call was horrendous.

    Carp – say it to my face!

  133. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Soft goal from Howard. But no denying that the Finns deserve the lead at this point.




  135. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Seems like that goal was the kick in the pants the US needed!

  136. I look back to the Anisimov “simulated shot heard ’round the rink” as the basis for Torts’ post game brevity.

    He kept Arte away from the media and took the heat on himself.

    Carp, who has a job to do as a journalist, will say that Arte should have been available to the media, but Torts chose to protect him and I think his team appreciates that and it has been reflected in their performance on the ice.

    I also think that you have guys like Brian Boyle who will answer any question that is asked of him so it should balance out Torts.

    I know that us punters aren’t around the team like Carp but from the product that I see on the ice Torts’ management style seems to be working.

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Its Yin-Yang, the Universe has balanced after 4 years of Avery! Something had to give.

  138. Im pretty quickly changing my opinion about Torts. It’s become more about will John answer a question today or wont he, taking the attention away from the team. Attention that the team deserves for the kind of year they’ve had.

    About Gaborik- he’s not a shot blocker, never was, never will be. Pretty ridiculous to expect him to block that shot. And if he blocks it he probably gets hurt. Then all you geniuses are crying about why is he there blocking shots? Benching him was pathetic. Kind of want to see Torts bench another one of the stars on the team in a Game 7 and then see all the crying here.

    Hey at least Bickel played.

  139. Bad game…it happens, this 2 day break is perfect timing…take a day get back to working on things, we got em right where we want em.

  140. Sabres fan outside looking in and in no position to judge, but…. if your coach does that in front of the cameras what is he doing behind the scenes? I couldn’t believe the way he was screaming at your bench after the Kovalchuk’s goal… yeah maybe mistakes were made but you start off screaming your head off and berating guys right off the bat where do you go from there when the poop is really hitting the fans? it was only halfway through the first period, cut the team some slack for pete’s sake! He reminds me of the parent who screams at their kids constantly… the kids tune out!

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