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  1. Czechthemout!!! on

    On the bright side, how good was Kreider tonight? Virtually every shift he took resulted in a scoring chance tonight. Good move by Torts putting him in fron of the net on the power play. I would like to see a lot more of that. The kid was the best Ranger on the ice tonight by far.

    Also, like I posted earlier, this is about the best the Devils can play and yet we only lost by a goal and had two bad periods because several of our top guys had a bad game. I have to believe that we are more than capable of taking one out of two games in NY/NJ.

  2. NYR, that’s a good point!

    “Torts gets the most out of these guys but sitting Gabby when he’s one of the few legit scorers? This ain’t the preseason”

    I thought it was a great move benching Butt-Chin. Four goals doesn’t cut it. He took it like a man, and now he’ll have to respond.

  3. REPOST (with a little addition):

    Gaby should be hogging the puck; he is an underrated passer. Gaby is NOT a threat if he doesn’t have the puck. Richards is not very good at carrying pucks. Neither is Hags. Gaby is a superstar and he should have the puck on his stick when he is on the ice. He shouldn’t be waiting for a perfect pass from Richards.

    Dump and chase is the way to grind out wins. But, great teams have true game breakers that step up and score skill goals. It’s that simple.

    Gaby needs to be that guy.

  4. Kreider was the guy who let Kovalchuk get to the net for that wide-open deflection that Lundqvist gloved … just saying.

  5. Holy crap relax with Kreider having as many goals as Gaborik these playoffs. If Stralman (4 goals too, no?) doesnt take that shot the puck isnt anywhere near the net. The kid is good but holy carcillo take it easy.

  6. Thisyearsmodel on

    Mad at themselves. Pretty funny. 7 wins from the cup and guys don’t bring the necessary effort. You can’t make this stuff up. How about reporting for work and putting in the effort. How about the guys who were MIA showing up? They were outworked tonight and squandered a huge opportunity. Now I have to avoid NHLn and NBCSN for the next 3 days.

  7. Rangers are now up to 10 straight games where the team that scores first wins the game.

  8. I thought Kreider was excellent tonight. Shooting, passing, checking, skating….kid is a special player and he hasn’t even sniffed a dozen games yet….

  9. Hagelin hasnt done anything whatsoever, Boyle post-concussion is non-existent, Prust is just there (what happened to Prust of last year?), Anisimov has a chance with Dubinsky hurt to make a name for himself and stay on the team and have Duby off the team come playoffs and takes some stupid penalty, Callahan, plenty of blame to go around. Not a good effort overall. But of course it’s all Gaborik’s fault. and if not his then Richards. at least Bickel played! really took Clarkson off his game.

  10. True about the first-goal stat, but in most of those games, the team that scored first was tied or trailed in the third period and won anyway. Including tonight.

  11. that should be come next year not come playoffs. i dont think both are coming back, one of the two. If Parise/Nash/Iginla come i dont think Dubinsky is back. Although Anisimov isnt really making his case to stay.

  12. Here we go with the finger-pointing based solely on goal-scoring, which is patently ridiculous with this team especially. Boyle scores=Boyle great; Boyle doesn’t score=Boyle sucks. Etc.

    Just such a weak argument.

  13. I didn’t mind benching Gaborik either. No player should be exempt from that if the circumstances are reasonable (failing to clear the puck which leads directly to a goal on a shot you may have blocked in Game Two of a playoff series certainly fits that description if you ask me). And it only lasted half the period anyway. While I do agree that he needs to be better, Gabby has never really had that star persona or prima donna attitude and I believe he is invested just as much in this team and Torts’ system as everyone else, and vice versa.

  14. I don’t see why Artie is getting shyte. He’s been fine. You can make the argument that his penalty was smart. He prevented a potential scoring chance, unless I’m mistaken.

    He’s done more offensively than most of the other forwards.

  15. that’s not true at all Carp. Boyle was noticeable doing all the little things, even during the regular season. I love the guy. I want my son to be just like him. I dont judge him on whether he scores or not. I just dont see the same Boyle Ive seen all year (scoring or not scoring). Gaborik is judged by most here on whether he scores or not, and that’s not right either. Come playoffs you need secondary scoring.

  16. Lev:

    There’s no doubt Boyle hasn’t been the same player he was early in that Ottawa series since getting the concussion. He’s been excellent on faceoffs, so that certainly counts for something. But I do think he’s been less of a factor elsewhere and it’s entirely possible the head injury is part of why.

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